The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 06, 1889, Image 6

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i. u cAHraiLU
Sum. Tht Will A mux u Wll IMrfl
ih (Inlnokm.
An Interesting home-made method ol
natural decoration consists simply In
taking s glass or goblet and pliu-lriir In
the Interior a little common alt and
water. In a day or two a slight mUl
will be neon upon the t'las. which
hourly will Increase until in very short
time the glass will present a very
beautiful appearance, being enlarged
to twice it. thickness and covered wilh
beautiful aalt crystal, parked one
uMin another like some peeulhW fUUfttl
or animal growth. A dish should Is
placed beneath the glass, an ttM OrW
tills will run over. The color of the
crystal may be chaiufod hy placing in
Hie wilt and water some comu red
Ink or a spoonful of bluing; thin will lie
absorbed and the white urfao.t covered
with exquisite tint. No more impl
method of producing IflCiaMMlVC or
beautiful ornament can le Imagined,
and by using different haH of vaei
and shade an endleaa variety of beau
tiful forniH can be produced. The ftaM
should he placed where there 1 plenty
of warmth and sunlight.
Another clontl He experiment whlclt
may lntorel ome of the older u well
at the younger member of the family
may lie made hy iispcuding from the
ceiling a thread which him prevlnualy
been soaked In very null water and
then dried. To ttiln Tauten a light ring
anil announce that you are about U
burn the thread without making the
ring full. The thread will burn, it
i hut the ashen it leaven are coin-
piated of crystal of unit ami theli
heslon Is strong enough to 111111111 the
light weight of the ring attached to
the thread.
Another form of the mime experi
ment I to muke a little hammock ol
umslin to ln suspended by four thread,
ami after having onked thi In alteil
water and dried it a before direct, d,
to place in it an empty egg-hell. hot
the hummock on lire; the muliu will
be consumed and the llHine reach the
thread Which hold it without the egg
fulling from it frail upHirt. Willi
great cure you may succeed in er
forming I he experiment with A full
egg In place of an empty hell, taking
the precaution, however, to have it
previously hard ladled, tliut you may
ecaH an omelet In cane of a failure.
Another ourtom experiment in tlml
of putting 1111 egg Into u bottle without
breaking Hie nhcll. Soak the egg,
which muni Imi frch, for neveral day
in strong vinegar. The a'iil of the
vinegur will cut the lime of the nhcll
no thut while Ihe egg look the name
it In really very soft Duly a little
cure i reiulred to pre the egg into
Hit) I.-. When thi In done lill it
half full of UnH wnlcr iiud let it sliind. '
The aliell will nhnorh the lime and be
come hard tigiilu, and lifter the lime
water in poured off you have the curl
oil npectaclc of an egg the iihiiiiI ai.e
in a small-necked bottle, which will be
a great puzzle lo tho wlio do nut
iiiidernland liow It 1 done. (hl.itgc
Hon i Inn Uplilrr I. Csufht Hy Tour-
11. In I'alllornl.
The imale of catching the larautula
I novel, lie inhabit an exiuliU)ly
coiintructcd upartm"nt, cloned out
wardly by a circular, many-woblietl
inonh. varying in diuiueter from two to
four inche. To Hie accuntomed eye
thin weh betray the. npider'n den UB'
ininlakably. Directly underneath il
one comen upon 11 tiny dvoulur door,
generally 11 Utile larger tlian a silver
dollar. Thi door 1 wonderfully made
of iilken weaving, finished on Ihe
outer ide wilh bit of bark and leaven,
mid turning on it hinge whoso perfeel
working an aceomplinhed mecliunic
mighl envy, oienlnglnliia nllken llninl
pannage about a fool In length, the
lion I the gutter. Tarantula limit
ing 1 the porl of the visitor at
heiilth court near Teinploton, whence
gayly uttired parlle nally (orlh, urmcd
Willi long vtickn, lmirt I trimmed
with knot of rlblaiu. They carrv lurge
iHittbw of water. A tarantula hole
reaehiMl, or a tarantula town, for Ihe
1 real uren are gregariou. Ilm weliaiid
diair are town away and waler in pound
down the hole. If the spiilcr la at
liiime he will runh out a rant a bin
clumsy legn can carry him. With dex
terity and nerve, he muy Imi aoOOBM
Into a can quickly covered, or may la
allowed to fasten on Ihe end of the
walking llck. whence he muni be
tumbled lulo the trap before he tum
ble for the caplor. 1 have it (rum a
wcll-trave hd I'aliforiiia phynlcian llmt
a muncularlaranliila can clear fourteen
feet at a jump that he ban , 1, The (emine defetulanl ill a caiw
done. Fortunately such agility i alto- I at Korkford, 111., a bv a
gelhor exceptional. Well cared for, I woman lawyer, probably the first 111
Ihe bite i not mnvnnarilv fatal Call- 1 stance ol the kind 011 record.
J 1.. . . . 1 1 m. .
loriiia Miter in .. I. r.veumg
I'llnt. I
A Pertinent SuiBltion.
Il wa in the gnawy ur. "Ulve '
Bie a Miutid of i'hteae." said au elderly
man with blue npei-laela on.
Yt, sir," said Ihe MMr, and ha
went In work with hi knife.
Jut then a bOTM hitched in fiiml of
the store tet'itme uuea-y.
'Whoa'" houted 'he grocer.
"1 beg our pardon," said the man;
with blue spectacles, who bad Ihsjo :
giulug intnnlly at the cheee. 'Did '
you remark whoa?"
"Yaa. sir; to Iha horse ouUlde."
"O. lo the horse. WVIl, hadn't ou
better say il aratn to tha cheesor"'
Mrrvhaul Traveler.
Tha dcooi) of ten goat and tbe
work of several men for half a ear are
raqulml Ui make a oashuiera ihawl
a yard and a half wkte.
"Will you vow lor my blnf in
quired the lobbyist of Oie lgUlaUr.
"No. sir," replied tha latter; your
bill I. a swindle." -Why. man. you
must have the wrong bill n mind. I
maan thin fifty dollar bill" "Well,
tela appears to be a food bill." d
tha legislator, after examining it crit
ically, i n yote for h" fnafc
A Dapoalt of Zinc lire Cut Rata on
Fralabt-Murderera Lynched -Tbe
Flooded DUMote -Lady
Baltimore ha 4000 huIooiii.
Chris Buckley is in Chicago.
One death from sunstroke reiorte at
Kittie Brown won the sla-days' bicycle
race at Denver.
John Oilbert, the great a. lor, died in
Boston on the 1 7th.
At the South this acaaon Iian Is-en the
coldest for many year.
The preaent iennanent tabulation of
Oklahoma ia about NyOOO.
The warm weather ia thinning out the
office-seekers in Washington.
Ninteed horse started in the American
Derby, at Chicago, 1.1-1 Sun. lay.
Berkeley Spring, W. V., DM recovered
from the elici t of (lie lute flood.
Tlie New York laaslle Aldemian case
will l trieil at Suraloga July tub.
Braditrcct's calculatea the entire Iohh
by the I1oo1a at aliotit M',0tl,0K).
The International TvgrBphlcul Union
will meet at Atluuta, (ia., next year.
Two murderers were hanged by a mob
in Kcotl county, Tenneaaee, recently.
rrohihilion in I'eiuinylvaiim wus do
Icated hy an overwhelming majority.
Trunk-I.ine Commissioner Kink, with
headquarters al New York, baa rcaigned.
The total llil 1ohch of tlie lVnnsyl
vinia Railroad arc slated ut f i:t,UO0.OOO.
OWI il talking alamt building a 100,
(XXI soldiers' monument at De Moinea.
Rose Coghlan and her IiuhIiuiuI, GUn
teu J. folgcrly, have soiairated tcmir-
The teat of the puematic gun carriage
j at Aiuiapolia, ltd., recently, proved satis-
The next conventinti of the order of
the Myrtle Shrine will In' held in San
Ronton ia icportcd n leading America
with il educational exhibit at tlie I'aris
The schools 11 Wollaalon, Mam., have
bfM flojnd, owing to the prevalence of
The GOTtnunmt luia remuned opera
tiona at KIihI Ki k iiiiprovi'inenlH, Hell
(iale, N. Y.
The hay crop of New York Slate thi
year ia UQBCMd 'e almoat ulipnne
denlly large.
A deiniHil of lino ore of workable qual
ity ha been discovered in Marion
county, Ark.
The debris at Ihe alone bridge btJOW
JohnitOWn, IVnn., WM acton lire on
the 1 tit It inrt.
The Roard to gelcct a site for the navy
yard on the Northwest coast, favors Porl
Orchard, W. T.
j It is said that an elfort is being made
In form a trust of all the big dry goods
stores in America.
The battlelields of (icttysburg and AH
t iotiiii . are now OODlMOted by the W estern
I Maryland Railroad.
The meiuln'ni of the American l'har-
maceutical Convention, to la' lield at Sun
' iv 1....... a..i,..i
. 1 4, 11, i 11.,,, . , 1 1 1 , 1 .
The crops throughout Indiana, and
also much riparian proTtv, was severely
damuginl by nn ent rains.
Missinniiry Nnlies are delighted wilh
Hie WMUMKMBt of Mr. Huntington's
Congo Railway enterprise.
,1. (. If Anion and R. M. Fowler tOOtfbl
a street duel at Fayclle, Mo., on the lath,
and Inith were fatally ahot.
At the funeral of a young man mimed
Rice, at Shamokiii, IVnn., lour young
' ladies wen' the pitll-liearers.
The tliMnl in I'cnnslviinia
the Prohibition campaign endwise and
the Slate has gone "wet."
The Trenton R.n k Oil Company, the
oldest company in the Ohio ndd. has
. bfM sold lo Ihe Standard.
Howard ol HMtrk Sugar fume has
been found guilty of .v iii l larceny in the
llrst degree at New York.
Ikiiiham, Texas, ii rejoicing over tlie
discovery ol oil at a depth of SMI feet in
the northern part of the city.
Cut rates in freight are made between
New York and St. I'aul. The war has
lecn opened for the summer,
Forty indictment were found hv tlie
j Federal (iran.l Jury at UtdlMMpOUl (or
violulion of the Motion laws.
A gas well lias bttB drilhnl in at Fin.l
lay, Ohio, with a cacily ol over seven
teen million cubic feet ier day.
Minnesota i ooMhMrini ihe
tion to put the ctiiivi. t to work making
landing Iwim
tocmiiuivcnt the
The Mormons who are (lin king into
the northwest of Manitotia are said to
claim that they have a right to practice
polygamy if they want to.
Attorney -lieneral Miller ha accepted
the resignations ol the I' State
Marshals for Florida and South Carolina,
and of Distri.t-Attornev Cetera, of Ctah.
Sinvial Treasury Ai'cnt Crow lev and
Mulkey have tieen ordcrtnl from San 1
Kranciwn to Cort Towns' ad to iuvimti-1
gate frauds in the customs service there.
Kansas will harvest the largest wheat i
crop, this mason, that haa Iwen produce.,
in that Stale lor vears. It ia rtmuUed j 111 Kngland with a view to entering eLLt Hill . ," advisable to grow these crops whore
that the yield will Is' (ull thirty million 1 the Women's Medical College, an.l pur- "L fro,,, KxTmrn In , I. n, i,,JJ dov" anl ot,l, r -r;1!- f' are more suit
bushel., suing a omrse of study there winch will Zt luZ bma from the Li' 1'"t ""W Ias is
Mrs. Haves, wife of ex l"reident
Hayea, diml 'at t aV o'. l. k last Tuea.Uy
morning, 2Mb inst., at her home, in Fre
mont, Ohio, after an illnew ut sever..!
The convention ut the American In
atilule of Mining Kngineers commenced
at louver on the IWh
There ia a prolwbilitv that the Indian
apolis paatmsstei w ill ! clianginl at an
early date.
In the St. Unjll Cathedral at New Or
leans, last wk, Hex. Father Thomas
1 1, si . in- iu consecrated Hiahop.
An attempt it lieing made at New York
to sttarh the insurance, $12R,iW, on
Tuaklaa, Singerman A Co , of SratUe.
T1m New York Kremng Coat haa hren
HiraMeni 4 with a bid suit for .-.,'i
Mormon MlAsionans In LlvrPool-Th
Proaecullon of Boulangar -Anarchy
In Cret Kallroada
Building In Africa.
The King of Kpaiu ha jurt entered on
hi fourth year.
Corke, Ireland, has railed irJOO for the
Johnrtown lufleren.
The Spaniah war-ship i'ar liai fouud
ered of! Ca Trafalgar.
The French lenale adviaea the iinme
diate prwocution ' Roiilaiiger.
1'riineaa Malteruich il revisiting I'arie,
and great attention is paid to her.
Russia threatens the Hhah of I'ersia if
he makes concessions to Knglnnd.
Complete anarchy prevails in Crete.
Outrages and mur.len are frequent.
A dog tax ol France gives the Stale an
annual revenue af about $1 ,500,000.
The sailors' strike at Knglish and Scot
tish ports is 011 the eve of eollapiing.
In England check MUM are now en
tirely out of use, l'iiig forbidden by law.
There are three leprosy easel on Cape
Rrciiton, N. W.. two women utid one man.
Smoking during service is said to lie
customary in some of the rural chun liPo
in Holland.
BlMtttd and Ireland are overrun with
Aiiiuricuiis traveling in parlies of from
forty to 400.
William Walter I'hclps has sailed from
Kuril)' with the Suinoan Treaty in his
A plan to connect the Silierian rivera
hy canals is projected hy the Russian
Another woman bus h, , n murdered in
one of the 1 ompurlmciits of an Knglish
railroad train.
Kaid McLean, 11 Scotchman, is Commander-in-Chief
of the Army uf the Sul
tan of Morocco.
In rniHMia the State railroads make
special con. essioiiB ill favor of poor hjo
plc in ill-health.
Rutl'alo Rill at I'aris, recently, gave a
benefll (or Um OMMntntb offertM. and
$L1XJ0 was rcaliml.
Mr. Maybrick luiB been Committed li
LrjodOD, for trial, 011 tlie charge of, mur
dering her li'ishaod.
Ollicial reiairts concerning tlie pros
H'. ol the BuMUU) wheat crop this sea
son are unfavorable.
Tho niericans are suaiiected of rob
bing a jewelry store at lcipzig of goods
valued ut 7.1,1X10 mark.
ikiwuger Augusta of (iermany
lias nbtctibtfi I'ssi marks in aid of the
IVniisvlvaniil HiiU'erers.
Cna'ti'diligs will la coufililied against
tlie friends of Itolllaiiger, who were ar
rcsbnl in Angotlleme, France.
The CariH b' TenipH asserts that (ier
many is negotiating with llclgiuin to lay
a cable I rum (Intel to lortlun.l, Me.
The great industrial exhibition at Ham
burg, (iermany, which has te'en in pre
paration since 18H7, will shortly be
Tlie policfl at Curia have seized a Bom
ber of letters front Oenerul Boalanger to
the Boulangiat National Committee in
the hoUMOi Mine. Bonlnu.
It has been dmidml in Kussiu tliat
women muy In physiciuns ; hut they
ntMt conlinu their services to children
ami udults of their own sex.
Tlie has la'stowed a dowry of
1,000,000 rubles on Crincess Militia of
Monlencgro, who has l'en l3trothed to
(iran.l Duke Ccterof Russia.
'I he watcr-imwer of the Rhine is alut
to In-utilizinfto work electric dynamos,
which will distribute electric-iniwer and
light over a ru.hous of hfteen miles.
In I'arin, the Saccharine, or sugar made
from coal, has Uvn unaniniuunly con
deinntnl by the iniHlicul profeesion, lie
cause il seriously trouble digestion.
Rents iu Scotland are getting lower
and lower. Four farms recently relet in
the South for the approaching term,
brought lens than half their former rent.
It is In'lieved that three uf Lieutenant
Wissmnn's steamers have Uvn lost on
the African coast. Four QORDU war
ships have Ikvh diat. hml to look them
The Russian army is to Is provided
witli breech-loading ritles which will
carry a distance ol (XXX) feet. Noiseless
Ki.ler will also In' tiled in the future by
the army.
Four hundred Silesian lace-makers
have Is'en at work (or live weeks on a
magnificent veil for the Mister of the Her
man RrnprOM, who is almut to marry
Crim e Leopold ol Crussia.
The Hclgradc correHHindent of tht LoPr
dou Daily News upholds the accuracy of
hil Statement that Russia bus proixised
the imminliute conclusion of u miliUiry
convention witli Servia.
Mormon missionaries uv circulating
broadcast from the Millennial BteT offlOC
iu Lirorpool a summary of Congressman
springer's reH.rt iu favor of tlie a.liuis
sion.if I'tali to the Union as a State.
Iu sunny Italy the Uoval Family suffer
from chest diseases. Tlie King has never
w holly got over the attack of congestion
of the lungs to which h nearly succumb
nl a few years ago, and the Crown Crim e
has a tendency to consumption.
ljirge subscriptions are reported to
ward building a railroad In'tween Ixiwer
Falls, on the Congo river in Africa, to
Stanley Cool, almut two 1. and
sixty-two miles. There are almt three
thoMMM miles of navigable water aUive
Stanley 1k1.
Tlie Uelgium (teveniuiont is adopting
every means in its power to frighten the
enlightened and wealthier class from sny
dlapOOttioa to yield to the jnipular cUnior
Ml universal suffrage. This was shown
in the recent trial of men arrested for
conspiracy at Mons.
Hukhmalmi. the Indian whose re
fusal to live with her husband, to whom I
she had Iwn married when an infant, i so mud. interest in India, haa ar-,
eiuime nor 10 oniAin me in., saury .(tuHi-
neat ions to practice iiHnticine.
"U's Kuffalisldn
in Cars now means
Ihe fair dames w ho crowd so frequently
to the great Hill.
"Light or, lark blue, gray, brown, lot-
ttegreon purp.e mid lilac1' dross coat
are wining in rage in London, wilh metal
or brass buttena. ,
Z ...
The Can Kxpoailion is a peat siaj.
111 niimln r, at l.-a.t. Ret wmi three and
lour hundred teoueaml ,.ple v,Unl it
in one .lav rwvntlv.
PR ri INTS KF.MKKV It lh only aatl.Wxr
MklU.I 111, luflllrlKs f telaxss, whnh lh.
S&3ZaCVmwtt r" I
VER. W. T,
Hhlpment of New Wheat A Wild
BtMr Cores a Chinaman -Tha
Datrt of Los Angeles A
Desert r Droned.
Tlie California honey crop is ihort.
Lsj Angelei has rejs-ale.1 thedoghix.
The Carson mint la-gins coining July 1.
Spokane Falls il to have a paid lire de
partment. Loa Angeles will haves kennel show
this week.
San Diego has arranged for a cheas
Camping irtiea are numerous along
Nile Valley.
Id C. Wheeler, Mayor of Fust Cort
land, Or., is dead.
Wallu Walla, W. T., wants to get rid
of the Cenitentiary.
The Clatt Alger Alaska party has start
ed from New York.
The joint worm is injuring wheat iu
the San Joaquin Valley.
Spokane Falls' new water system was
inaugurated on the loth.
Everybody at (iranite, M. T., is jump
ing land on the townsito.
Firea in the griin fields on Roliert's
Island have ! n r iorlcl.
Several cases of diphtheria have been
discovered in Virginia City.
The creameries in Oregon and Wash
ington ban proven failures.
A wild steer gored a Chinaman ut Col
usa, last week, and killed him.
The walnut crop in Southern Califor
nia promises to be very heavy.
San Diego is raiding physicians who
are practicing without licenses.
The Rankers' Association of Washing
ton has beta formed at Tacoaiu.
A new Territorial University is almut
to I A established at Moscow, 1. T.
John Mover, ex-Recorder of Cla. er
county, died from purulysis 011 the loth.
Bernardo Ganatino was killed hy An
sel mo Alexandre at San Jose on tho 1 0th,
Ih nry Villard, while in Cortland last
w. i k, would not talk to neweptper men.
A forest (lie is reisirted neur the Yolo
and Ijike county line in the mountains
The entire business portion ol Vancou
ver, VY. T., wus burned lust Friday night.
The mole cricket lias apia-ared in the
wtuto atclies at Burliauk, bs Angeles
Cort Towusend sent fclOOO worth of
provisions to Seattle the morning alter
the lire.
The ( iregon Cionoers held their seven-
in nt: aiiiiUAl gathering at Cortland on I
the lath.
A oonti.letioe gang is reported to Is?
working the trains tietween Fresno and
Iis Angeles.
(jeorge Winters, a highly esteemed
citizen of Redding, died at Ked Bluff on
the 1Mb inst.
Charles Nelson, John Ceterson's bosom
friend, has run away from Fresno witli
.Mrs. Peterson.
I '! .- Uoth is sning his wife for divorce
at Los Angeles for deeerting him on liis
wedding night.
Smite Ana real ostete has much im
proved in value since the election divid
ing Lo Angeles county.
I luring the recent hot sjn'll, the ther
mometer at l'akima, V. T., registered
1 10 degreee iu tlie sluide.
Fraiikljiutero.the indicted Los Angeles
ex-Deputy Auditor, for forgeries while in
ottice, lias (led to Mexico.
To get clear of its debt, IxM Angeles
county will rmpjire a tax of $40 for cadi
person within its borders.
Sacramento has prohibited the build
ing of wooden sidewalks. They must be
ui cement or patent stone.
A stage upset while racing near War.l
ner, l.laho, lust week, and several prom
bMfl iktsoiis were injurtnl.
I). Hakes of Sante Kosa, has hired
tweniy-five girls to pick his mepberry
ciop that covers MVMlteen acres.
Herman Meyeis of Fresno, chnrge.1
with killing a boy named Hroiiuugh in
February lust, has been acquitted.
The llinn' days' shiHiting tournainent
of the Bportemen'a Associuti.m of tlie
Northwest, opened at laooma lust week.
Paul Harry, an Indian murderer, bus
boon cni.turcd on the C.i'ur d' Alone Hen
ervntlon by sheriff Martin o( Rathdmm,
Thomas Edwards killed Hichard Qun
dr at Candelaria, Nov., lust week. Kd-
......I ...,M .1,M. ...I.. ..1....J.I .......
mil, 10 nno o.i.'d.s,,,, iw.iwk-m iioiii I
Tho old Citv Hall at Bammento I
threatens to collapse and jurors n-fuse to j
serve in tlie Police Court on u.wunt of
the ilanger.
San Joaquin county hay-growers find I
it takes 40 per cent more Kastern-inadei
roH' to bale a ton than it does with Cali-1
' . ,
Mother Alphonse ( osteite, Udy Stipe- j
rioross M the I'rsuline Academy in Santa 1
Kosa, died 011 the ltlth after it long illness !
of consumption. j
A Chinese leper was discovered in the
S.ti fl'iii'llti 1 lull litut U in It uhm
from Fokim for twenty .Uys for reluriag
to pay poll tax.
Tencarloada of new wheat from tho
Man'us.' ranch in Sutter county, Culifor- j
ma, were shipped to Sun Fmnoiaco from .
Maryavilleon tbe 14th.
Untie Ui', aged l.'i, has obtaintnl iiskl
aged l.'i, IC'sXI
in a damage suit against Oeorge Wash- '
"on Shcphenl, aginl isi,
Ui are colored wple.
A mtAtd llillhwilvll.1,n ,
, . . , '
. nul" M-
lJr- : Hanling haa Wn found guilty
L Z;. i' .
v.v ..iiimihn ....-,11,1.1 iMSIOI
Willow baskets which nave MMM
oiM or diaeolore.1 may be made very
ornamental again i.y l.ronung or gilding
thm; Tlie rwwder niay 1? purohase.1 at
d stow. It should I tiiixr.) with
N"1 wh' varmah and he applied with
. small an.l rather toft brush
u' 1 , 1
"Y L Tn Z ol I i 'l"mm
anouM 1 often examine! (or thin pUcnj
. T-- , ni
up with fine .Urning .tuin, tlie tame aa
auvkinga and great rente pwvented.
Una. Butte. One rammJ of white'
agar, whites ol sii tm, and volk. of
&ZrLX l:iTTZ
Mining all Im Urn. '
Top-Drealng Wheat In Bprlnil
and Hungarian Oraas Dairy
urest-Earfy Umba Bee
Culture-Farm Notea.
There is a time when it is safe to prune
most vuriti.-s of deciduitis fruit ttces, and
that time is when Ihe w.l is ri'and
while the tree is iu 11 dormant condition.
In removing crops from (he soil we
hike away plant food. This is the duel
cause of soil exhaustion. Uck of fertil
ity is comiaonlv due in a large part or en
tirely to lack of plant final.
Cotton-seed meal will not do for hog
feed, us the lint balls in the stomach, and
cannot l voided. This objection to cotton-seed
meal is not applicable to domes
tic animals other than the hog.
Bread for Soup: Cut slices of stale
bread into small su.iares, throw in boil
ing lard mid fry till brown. Skim out.
Irani, ami put in soup inn-en isw.m.
ingthe soup. For oyster oii
i-riHH-.l in tl veil arc nice.
If the sMice In'tween rows of gnitf
riOMM occupied by straw Is-rry plant
currant bushes or weeds, do not wonder
tliat the grain's do not riK'ii early. The
Hull's ruvs 11. list reach the earth und keep
it wurm'if early rfpninf is desired.
If het-ts or carrots are not 1111 it may he
that the ground was too cold when the
seed wus put in. It is bettor to replant
than to lOM the BTOD, They should be
- -1 -ii nmucreo .oio-x-. - "'ii ,
grown a shs k f.xid, and as a large j iel.l Mato, Cos'a Rica 21 'aSic,
can 1 secured ll.ey will pay well. I n.)., Arbuckle's roasteil L'5c.
Old ewes may be sold if the lambs are , provisions. Only strong, vteorodl BWOfJ Oregon Imm l'tWl-, breakfast 1
shou'id Is- retained. Sclm t tliose that , con Lie, sides 1 1 'j,.', shoulders !k Flust
yieldeil tilcntv of milk for (he lambs for ! cm ham 13(.13 V. breakfast Iwcon 13
bnedblg porpoeee, and sell oil' the rams
in order to utilise new lilinni 111 me qdob.
If you dissolve bones by Iniiling them
In a atomic oof ash lye and then use dry
earth or leiieiic.l ashes as an BJMOrbeflt, ;
you get a fertilizer or compost, rich in
botil ihosphoiicuci.l and potash. It will
contain uixo most of the nitrogen which
WM in Hie Ikiiics.
The liquid manure is more valuable
than the solids, and a liberal use of nb
snrlamt materia! will aid in urn-sting its
loM. Il ibould 1' saved carefully, and j
a drain ut the rear of the stalls should 1
con.lui t it to Home kind of u receptacle
from which it may be pumped over the I
manure heap.
The early lambs are now in demand.
Feed tliose that are lint up to weight well
and push them into market as soon 11s
pOMrale. A daily ration of, two parts
ground outs, one part corn meal, and A I
6nU proportion of linseed meal will I.
excellent lor them. They should have a pan! arc
There is as much nrt in the work of
improving tlie drones of a hive us to en
deuvor o stvure better .pieens. Some
nrarma of bees are too Inbred to endure
hard winters. In tlie natural condition
Ini's are hnrdy, but when their cure is in
the hands of the In'o-keeinT his judgment
is iminirlaiit
und he can do much to add
vigor to the swurms
Chocolate Meringue Cudding: Itoil
one pint of rich milk, and u hull' tCACUJ
ful of butter, one teacupful of sugar and
,,,,,,, .,u r ,rviiul ,.1,uv.lata la, il
lmil,.n.l mh ,.,1 u.l.l ll. uldle- of
Ibur eon I nmr this ii, a pudding dish with slices ofsKiiige cake and bake ;
cover with meringue mid let it brown.
Kut with lemon sauce.
The dairv interests of the United
Btetea wpTeeent more than t8,0i,0fJ0,000.
The number of milk cows is estiinated at
24,000,000, which give an aggrig.ite milk
production of 7,35O,OO0,l00 gallons. Four
billion gallons are used for butter; 700,
01)0,000 for cheese and the balance for
various ptirHses. The annual prodbo
tionof butter 1 ,350,000,OIK) pound, and
61600,000 iMJiind of cheos. This immense
dairy herd requires 10O,H00,lHk) ucres of
pasture land to supnjrl it.
The uuiek germination and rapid
growth ol millet and Hungarian grass
permita the young plants to take posses- j
sion ol the soil, appropriate the available
plant food und starve out every weed that
ippron. In fad, as treed destroyers
bath crops are unexcelled, and should
any chance weeds secure places the mow
ing of the Hungarian grass cuts off the
weeds and puts an end to them. For
plowing under, as green tinir. uriitl crops,1
they are excellent, and tlie hav is usually
clean and free bom weed. 1 grown for
nor other piirisc than ridding a field of
weeds Ihe Hungarian grass crops is alone
Worth the lalnir bestowed upon it.
Tnp-Dreseing Wheat in Sj.riin;: It is
BOinetitucs 11 gisnl plan to top-dress win
ter wheat in the spring. It is l'!ter still
doubtless to do the work in the fall, but
w eat i tl, 're ,1 'Z'JJl T '
la .. ., .1..... ... 1... I... I .... I II .1.-
injsure it will pay to give il a further lift.
Ch.niso a time when tlie ground is either
frozen or has thoroughly dried so it will
not poach. Then draw the manure in a
wagon provided with wide tires. If the
surface is .lrv the wheels will not sink in
to hurt. The manure will greullv belli
the clover us well as the wheat. V
have known farmers to find I profit in
dri'litiL' in l.'iO imiiiii.Is of HUlHTfll lOdli) 1 1 .
.I.. ...1... i ! . .:
O), III, H Ileal 111 Spring. 1 he drill WHS
driven so that its teeth cut the ridges lie-
fr60- My rowa.made In driUtog the eeed
'"' previous full. In this ease probably
,,ri'1,k",lf tllt surface of tlie soil did nearly
M 1:00,1 as the fertilizer, as is
proven hy the benefit often received from
dragging wheat fields in the spring,
, . ,, , .
1( "'fP " lded.nd given attention,
a crop of millet or Hungarian grass will
lie invaluable to them. Mr Stewart, the
well known authority on sheep, states
that when the crop is "eight indies high
sheep may 1 allowed to eat off four or
five inches. Hurdles should lie need,
aml "''f1 ,lail.v in or,,er to uvjid hav-
nig tbe she.' eat Uxi close to the root
" 1,118 wav 11 wul so anew, and cover
e ground more completely than More. ,
It is estimated tliat a good crop will 111-
.luce aln.ut ten tons of grien fcsldor'tWr
aero, and inihture titty shei-p from one to
two months. It is advisable, for slu-ep
imsturc, to MM Hungarian grass, and to
Imrdle the sleep in blocks of ulmut
burdle the sleep in blocks of aliout
twenty-five. and horses are also
at Sacramento, 'end ol green hio.1. and as the final cut
1 ting may in- made late, a succession is
bad .luring tbe entire summer. It is not
uiat 01 tn'ing sown Iale and
growing I
rapidly, making tbeir crops in a sinde
season and during the warmest period of
"",""""" "ey ieiignt in wsrmth
an.l endure drought' well.
1 Private Kitasininons, at Miles City, M.
uui ma eyes an.l throw one of ;
,hwi1 v while insane. The other eye
remoyml from Ins cheek, whew it
as hanging. 1
n.. a. ...
1 ., wirv out 11 s
.V.T . ..' " "wner rom me Man-
"" " !5f"
eighteen mile
r.llu,uret was.irowne.1 almut
SSu'r. !
,..,,,. 0 v oil. 1 iu ,shu r run. 1a.n1
or Vori Costa. i
-1--. ,. . .....
mSTff dHLS ZZ Sft
.... ,,f ."Ut. i1. '
K!!?- 1 1-i-
. aiiswrnan wai they will ,
suo-wnl wittewtt SiUing Bull's i-ooaent. I
Provisions Flrm-Frulta of all Kind are
Plentiful and Very Cneap-Very
Llttlo Doing In Dried Fruit
-Freeh Meats U Utter.
It ii currently rojiorted thut in several
sections east of the Cascades the exces
sive heat has severely injured tlie crops,
and that prosiHH'te of another bountiful
harvest are not so reassuring as 11 month
ago. The Colombia, rivir salmon pock
down to June 1 is given ut tt900 easea
less than last year; the run of salmon 011
the Sacramento has also bMfl short, so
that Alaska cunnerymeii stand a good
chance of making liun.lsonie profits. In
1 ti. (H.ui mcrchuiidise markets business
generally continues sutisluctor) , ulthotigh
in the midst of the usual summer lull.
All kinds of fresh fruit are now to Ik
found in the market ut cheap prices.
tCutem meats have a stiller tendency,
und provisions are linn. Tlie looal wheat
murket is very dull and inuctive.
u.n,ra 1 ,id, a, (f 73
I 111,1 n, . ...... .. v
. extra U ?o,
lrv granulated i cula-, crushed und
1 ni'.. ' . oxaw
Li'nc, sides Wlc. Ijird 9)fc for 10s.
Is Angeles oranges Il'.-T), Riversides
14.60) California lemons f4..r0(ii' jier
liox. Apricots $1.26, cherries (iOc.
Potatoes OOo, onions $1.75, rheubarb
8c, tomatoes per Iwx.
DAIBT rnoniTB.
Butter. Oregon fancy 20c, medium 15(t
17'.,c, common , 100120, Eastern 22c,
California 1820e.
Eggs 171Hc.
Chickens 0404.80, liroilers WMQ&t
ducks font 7, geese 7(8, turkeys I ".c
er B).
Valley 180)220, Eastern Oregon 813c.
Hops 1015c.
""t .VTr ,.- V Ti , ' 2i
Oregon 1.0o(S 1.0 1 . Oata 30c.
, . . . A, , -. , , , , , ., .
n.oi a.
Standard $4, other brands $8.6008.76.
IIavfl3cUperton, bran $13(14, chop
118020, shorts 14Ci!l5, Ijarley $20(3
Heef, live. :tc, dressed, ti(t!(fio; mutton,
live, 3 'Mc, dressed 6)Cj binibs 12.50
each ; hogs live 0c, dressed, 77)s'(' ; veal
Applee406c, sliced tic. pearl Be, Oregon
plums 804, Italian f-, silver 7c, (ieruian
tciii'c, plums nWic apricots 190 140,
PcUdlCB S(t 1 Jl', Ullllorllia UgS ,0,
$1.75(.2.26 ht Iwx.
-In London tlie windows of private
ouses arc washed by a limited liability
1 gompany ut the rate of eixht oeaM
The discovery of n bit. of gold in
ihe gfasard of n duck recently killed
ui a farm in Forfarshire, Scollund,
bus been followed by the tiniting of
gold-bearing quart! in tho sumo neigli
boihood. .....
me MM 1 nurcn ol Christ in
Milford Conn , will celebrate its two
hundred and fiftieth anniversary this
Von Hulow says that every pianist
should learn to sing and play the vio
lin, "as th'dr onrs would then hear
more critically tho sounds thoy pro
duce, and thereby teach them how to
phrase." Some pianist we have henrd
should learn to cook and to make shoes
and lei tho piano alona, -JNorristewa
A Itory That Munt Ha 'Im-. It Is
Voaehed For hjr a G00.I Ma.
It was some years since, in the Ozark
region, where 1 WM riding a circuit.
. .
" 1 " enjoy ii most sub
StanUal handshaking. Shaking hands
wus his peculiarity. He believed In
tho potency of a cordial .rriisp to win
men to the church. And though suc
cessful in winning souls, ho wus very
unfortunate in tlie mutter of getting
dollars. In fact, poverty continually
tired him in the face. He owned n
little farm and mortgaged it its long us
it would yield a dollar. The inort
gagti were fulling due, but there was
no prospect of paying them. Hut it
did not bother him u bit. He shook
Dandl more heartily thun ever. "I
have unbounded faith in handshaking
to bring everything out right." he often
said, until bis penchant came to be
the talk of town. At lust came
the 'day when the mortgages
must bo foreclosed tliat would
deprive him of his little home that
sheltered his family. On the eve of
that day it knock at tho door of his
house, which was n little way from
town, culled him. When he opened
the door u whole crowd rushed in ind
i,n ,, ..:. j ,
, ' , tR, word' ""'
K,,,,kl"- hanus. He feft something cold
1,1 t,u l"lllu of the nr"1 and when
'he hand was withdrawn it stuck to his
own. "That in th m,ui Ma.i
shake I ever oxnerioneod " k .
I 1 S iiv I'l , oV
he held up a to gld piece. But the
next man stepjied up and a silver dol
lar was left in the preacher's palm.
No one would say a word in explana
tion, hut pressed it on him as fast as he
could stick the meliil and bill into his
pockets. The house was not large
enough for the visitors, each one of
whom. leponitod from fl totlOin theout
stretehed hand. E.vh left the moment
his little errand was accomplished, and
""l "or" niiu oe Had in expluna-
two. except the last one, who. as ho
turned to go. remarked: "We wan teal
to . .. . .. e wanted
? W t l,t,le Jok -vou aml we
"ave. j ne veral "jokes ' netted
lust 7nl. Mi, hom ... mmmt .j -
-eat halaee u left beside. The m.
l8ter (aainhiined that he had eon-
cted a habit that night that for a
shook a hand
prompted him to look ii hi.
to se, a piece of
.uere. -.,. a. Thomas, in St
'-ouU (iloi Dentoerat
hrjr tre IIouI.iIm. ,,r
rasaiaaUa or.v '
Oerwiional Inquiries ,.
what time the corn plant
topped, and also at what .0.. "", N
gro,wth tho leaves ,Ilv jj"""
from the stalk without iaJai 7
gjaii product on. That S?
have a most bnportant oniee to
form is onqueetlonable; f,.w
however, would entlt,1Hte
urea of the leaves o ,
plan as bigii as it i,us HM;n -t
bo by actual measurement Hith"?1
cultural Kxperimeni s,u,....
souri. In regard to ih,.
corn 11 may re siil.l ml .l ,
make Ihe heaviest growth (.... 1
pusn.d. an it were, tho ntuije o( .'"f
tile existence, or rather :,ftcr h
mudo during it ample pruvUi"?'
subsequent development by b d "
root growth, for which early pij?1!
and 11 cool spring are tbe lutani
As stated by Mr. .S'hwertzer ,J
chemist of the station, the lest i
corn iu vigorous plants iirearg(
doubtless the chief sent of produrc
of organic matter; their nm?
rennhee in this etlmste to nlxtejn
even eighteen, though under ,.''
conditions the lower ones die .iff 11
adtivity Is oonfined to perbapt 1,.
only. An examination wu mjm!I
July 9 of tho teal service of 1
plant believed to represent the av
ago development of com. though r
dor bvorable oircumstenoM Ihta,
suits mny lie exceeded, aswaitbtaai
with the general crop grown alii!
station, whose leaf surface thiw u
four weoks later hud ineasuntblt i
To make the measurement tht htm
were removed from the plaatatte
knots und after wilting spretaMta
sheets of paper, on which the atfC
wan marked by a bag of colored ehalk
The area was then measured In u
Instrument whoea accuracy hiui aw
tested by meusiirements of irregiiljr
surfaces of known extent
The total surface 01 the twely,. jT.
Ing leaves on one side was 1 Kir.
square inches, which, doubled fur h.,
hides ami milling tlie urea of the out.
side of the sheaths, makes tin. im.i
external leaf surface of this ni,..
:t.4M0 square inches or twenty-font
square feet, a larger value than hJ
been anticipated, but one .'ertainlT
that accounts for the wonderful pro.
ductiveness of the pluut. which bear
ing 11 thousandfold and more, is eanilr
the peer of all the cereals.
From the necessity of this km
amount of foliage for the hct tewlu
from the corn plant il may reuuilvbt
concluded that the depriving it ..( auj
considerable portion of ItsleaTWDN.
maturely can hardly fall to linve at
injurious effect.- N. V. World.
wn, ii- Washington's Favorite Htau US
1 in Name.
The unfortunate Duke of M.mramith
hud a private secretary naine.i Vernon,
a prudent, sensible man of business
who, after the Duke'- death, found
favor in Influential quarter! and.
under William III., became Seentay
of Slate. Ho loft a son. Edward, burn
in KWI, who, greatly ujjninnt his
fnther's wishes, entered the navj anJ,
serving with early distinction, km a
the rank of Admiral Vernon. In 17S
he wus returned to the House of Co
mons, and having, iu .Inly, 17311. de
clared there that Porto Belle niiytit '
reduced with six sail of the line, he
would stake his life and reputation on
the success of the expedition, he
was sent off with a squadron to do it,
succeeded, and gave his men fliM"'1
which had just arrived to pay the
Spanish troops. On returning home
he received the thanks of both b.m-'"
and the freedom of the city ol bowk
From that day. however, hisstvfc
Olined. An expedition to CurthtgMI
two years later signally failed. Il 1 1
in the land forces at Carthacenl that
Lawrence Washington, the elder
brother by twelve yours of GeMl
Washington, had served, and so hiftlj
did he esteem Admiral Vernon that hi
gave his name to the Washington
ancestral seat on the banks of the
I'ot.iinue and procured a midshipman
appointment for his brother (ieorp1.
Mrs. Washington, who had it W
given her consent to the acceptan.v.
Anally und determinutely decided
against it. Notwithstanding Vernon
disgrace and unpopularity in li"
life, 011 his death a handsome monu
ment was erected to him in WM
minster Abbey.
It wus Admiral Vernon who intro
duced the custom of mixing 'a"r
with the ration of rum. which got IM
name of grog from his hnhit ol wear
ing a grograni waiscout andheUMM
nickname of "Old Orog." There i
story told by Agle Taylor, thai sonx1
one in John Adams' presence spoke
Gaoage Washington and John A
"Stop, my friend," InMrruptel the
pompous Adums, "you should J
John Adams and (ieorge Washtol
for it was John Adams who ml
(ieorge Washington." Washing
estate was valued at S.tO.0"1 '
A young woman tried t" he
cratic and did not look at the MMf
he gave to the conductor of the llfl
but he meekly pave her back the
lozenge, on which was written:""1
never cease lo love thee," and said
was au orphan, wilh live little broth
ers tostipot't, and must lie eXCSM
Mr. Younplove-"Why. Mfdg
what makes you look so miepb'''.
Is there uny bad news in tho par1,
Mrs. Young!ove-"N-no, not esiM
bad news; but oh, (ieorge. don't
know of any of our relatives who1
in poor health? I never sa
bargains in crape in ail my born dsf
-Brown-"Where's that (Ivor II
on the table a moment ago?
Brown - You never expected to
that again, did you? " Brown
why not?" Mrs. Brown "I supf
you understood enough of parliaw
ary praeth-e to know that when a"
waa laid on the Uble it wa
heard of again. ' Harper - Weely-