The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 22, 1889, Image 3

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r il tWMH ot Our toil
I r-.hit nl 'ii i imw
described by Duvld Ackeroon, In
i-ii. iblagtoo bad k large, iMeh
, Md ii aa trerj red that day,
rirlng we the hapraaaloa thai lie ui
...4 wi moderate in the u-n or Honor iix
i i.. i... I r ,i ..i..
he W;S siippo-1 i i" ,,.,,,, uurr-
wni thai 'i W1U " papdlariljr. BU
..... ............ t i.i
tin- UU IO nun , ,u e.-i in u rum
lit mm itaodlng paar a small
evidently laat in thought
mill nnkiiiir mi effort lo krf warm.
II,. ,,-d ix (o t iiml u half in height.
w a S t'red H aa IndiM, ami did not
fur a
ii "in auittwj
. .. ...... t ...!!.
Wiuhtagton'i eaeet height trai six
f,. .jihii inches in Mi boot. Ho was
ill. mi a Itttla lama Cram striking his
:a .: j, i i-t ii tree, in eye was hi
rra that
it;. i almost white, ii ml
lie had a troubled look on his colorless
(. He bad a piece of woolen tied
round hi throat and waa oultO hoarse.
IVrhnp" 'ho throat trouble from which
lie linally died hud its origin about
Washington's boots were enormous.
Tjiay were No. 1& Bla ordinary walk
lD2 abooaworoNo. 11. Htahaada wen
large in proportion, and ho could nut
buy a glow I" tit him and bad to have
hH) gloves made to order. His mouth
a his strons; feature, the lips being
ilwswstlfhtly oontprojaed. That da)
they wore compressed to tightly us to
t,.. painful to look ut.
At that time he weighed 200 pounds.
there was no siirolus llesli I
lie was Iremendouily muscled.
n0 we iwnw i
..very where. Hll largo tent, when
wrapiied up wln the poles, was so
heavy mat Hreiiuireu iwo men lopiace
it ii, tno camp wii'.'on. iMisniu-ion
unnld lift it with on.-liiin.l and throw
It into the wagon as ens'ly as if it were
nU af sud'llo-bars. He could hold
. muskcl with one hand nnd si t with
,,,,, .. ...
I . .
.,, v lis o ler men i Ii
with a horse ptatoi. ins inaga ware
his weak point and Ills voice was never j
He was nl that time in the prime Of
life. His lialr waa a ohettnut brown,
his cheeks were prominent, anil his
head was not Inrge in eontrnst to every
Other part of his body, which seemed
large and bony at all points. His
finger joint arid wrists were so large
us to le geauiae curiosities. As t i
habits ut that perlbd I found out much
I,1, a! might be interesting. Ho was mi
taormoua eater, but waa content with
bread and moat, if he hud plenty of it.
l!ut hunger teemed to put him in a
rage. It was his custom to take a
drink of rum or whisky on awaking in
the morning.
Of course nil this was charged when
be gWri old, I saw him at Alexandria
j year before bo died. Hit hair was
rery gray and his form was slightly
hent His chest was very thin- Be
ha,! false teeth which did not lit ami
pushed his under lip outward. Al
bany Kx press.
Some Tiiliiu Wllleh Hi - t'l l.rntlioiiin
II. , I'll, ler. tililil.
Vhen der Amerioant gel so audi at
King bbeorge dot dey Oan't shtand it
no longer oaf, t ypo ly goes py Boston
'larbor und throws some tea imferpoard
more ash four hoonered shests. Dot
tOO vims nil waated in der water, but
ler principle vhas shust der samo if
Jer people take it homo und drink it.
t can't understand rby dey don't.
Washington goei across der Dela
ware ttlver py u skill. It vhas a coldt,
lark night, und more ico vhas around
Inn you can put in fcefly rcfrigertors.
If I vhas Washington I wait until some
ibtaamboM come along, or somepody
builds a bridge. I doan' take all dose
hanoes mltout any accident insurance
on my pody.
Washington goes into camp at Val
ley Forge for der winter, und she vhas
10 cold dot eaferyeody sulTers like he
has in Chicago. I don't quite see how
It vhas. If 1 vims a batriot und light
ing for my country I go into camp in a
brick house healed by steam, und I haf
fried oysters mid sliicken pot-pie cufery
Jav of mv life. It looks to mens if Bhen-
aral Washington makes a big mistake
ahoudt dot. It vhas no good to freeze
to death for your country- Hot doan'
lick der British.
,"'11 Sheneral Whtngton gets dot
l.orrt Cornwatlbi In :i box at Iforktown
be vhalks nop und down mit great dig
nity mii.i doan' gll oven one yell. If
dot vhas me I gif some whoops und
veils i. ml screams thump oop und
down- I paint dot place so red ash
nefer vhas. I vealk oop to dot Corn
waills mid I aayi
How vou 'like it so far ash you
went, hev! Raype imw you like logo
home und pehare herself! I haf got
tnme bubje on you. und now you De
bare himself or I make it party hot!"
Pal Paul Shonos vhas a good lighter,
nut I can't quite make oudt about him.
If he goes into a light mit a bigger
ship und gets licked he doan' tell no
pody. He shust keeps Rgbtlng right
along, und he tells der men eaferytlngi
vhas alio. K.. und by und by dot big
ship pulls down her Rag nnd says she I
rhae soseek she can't light no more.
Don Mr. Phonos gnos aboard und says
in- vhas boss, iiml dot vhas one more
v etory. ilnair Ii 'lit tint viiay. n 1
' - . tel
Mm- h- cpt tint ht'ttU' II. Ullil l ut'uur IIOI 1 gll oop.
,.,.,!.. If .1.... ...1 I..,- mil,
If der od U r man
vhas de biin'ost I dsan' light at nil.
Hot Commodore l'erry vhas a queer
man. He likes to light so vhell dot he
shtnys oop all night. He goes down
In l'ut-iu-Hay und picks a fuss. Hi
doan1 haf tO, but dot vhas his vhat.
II I vhas going to haf a light 1 should
put otidt my arms und shpeak:
' Hey, boys, knock derstuMing out ol
der middle of last week, or I cut yo ir
wages down one-half."
Iu parry goes ahoddt like a lamb,
nnd he th miles a teedle shmUe. Bad d!
be lays rtaai
"Boys, I like you to wboof) 'er oof
for me."
I 'ml dose kwys vhas whoop, und del
' sm ,. i nn., let loos !, und der lo-li ol
Miserly ring- out dot we vhai on top
der whole crowd. -Detroit Free rr.:s-
-fi-s IJencon Hill. 'i can not
marry you, Mr. Brighton. Our fami
lies ure not sufficiently eipml. Mine
were .miong the first settler! in Ameri
ca " Mr. Brighton -"Ko owe hae bet
ter reason Ut apfweciat ' that fact than
I have. Ml-s Beacon Hill. One of my
ancestor was the Knglish sheriff who
iperintended your fumily a embarks
ti in. " Chicago Journal.
ine tute slary L Booth, as cele
brated a translator at h was. SCW J
""t speak a word of French or Oar
W...n,n Thin, ,1,. ,,,, ,,,.
u Anirr i.i, m,.i,.
Th.. i..,. i. - ,.
. " nustan. .irennine
days wonder, und irt much talked of tpaaa of lilU() btll it Uw
INM Boat thirty who a.v th.. most
'I'oivsting in America. Thev mm t0
....... ,.. ,u, , eternal youth, and tit
hay uiv ,,-,, ugnnjahie looking than
tbe women of any on,,,,, country.11
lliislan's observation will surprise
people whose Mil,, km.wle.liro of fash gooltty It derived from the
ehfOBWah of atftmrter or hall , tun
hack, lint I., ill..
- . ' i as we a to
thafi i,r ....i... u .
- . ' .i in (inieni mill
, ...ere i a great puyslcal change in I ho
Amarloaa society women u exempli-
, fled iii New York. Thoy hold their
age in nn astonishing and mprece-
1 deiiteil manner and seem oot to at
tuin the zenith o( their beauty till
a oint boynnd which ' they
( vara oace hopelessly pw. Men any
that iho women of to-dny are at thirty,
live no older than they formerly were
at tweniy-tive. mid that there la a MIS
responding difference all nlong the
line: that, consequently, thoy dress
i younger without incongruity; and that
: beyond and bora nil this they have
learned to grow old with Brace, which
; nionns that thoy have at least r000fl
I uized thai it is futile to sham youth
. and have set themselves to develop
! wit, stylo and Other attrihutes which
are permanent and may grow instead
of lessening w ith time.
In the time of our mothers nnd
grnndmtlliors. if the society chron
iclers a iv a guide, a woman was con.
aid.-rcd od after twentv-live. If she
dlJ , lmm.y in h,,p H,n
Wtts celled a -relic" and made to feel
, ln th(, Wiiy A1(l
there was some
i f( . .,
HrtwtM'N UI6II ami nw two Mltg4
i have lmpMMH'tl. Health has beapine
A I t 1 I L &
, ,,,M"""' a,m 1B '""Xal ,or PntHion-
. ..,rti ........ r. .' i .. i i i.i.
" iitmuiii. nan- muii..
Datura color, linn muscles, bright
eyes and elastic steps are now the order
of the'day. and a woman who w as once
as transient as snow his become us
permanent as her husbaid. Thai pre
tension lo youthfiilness ii not now the
common weakness is evUeneed by the
fact that the humorous wipers, w hich
once found this the mo-t fruitful sub
ject for jests, have turtle their atten
tion to other foiblos. Will this change
men's taste regarding wimen seems to
have altered somewhat. Where once
he admired the beauty ol youth alone,
and was satisfied with dtmb response
to emotion, be now demands a
great deal more. The woman of
to-day must make hotel f agree
able, not passively, hit actively;
she must bo brill limit ant witty, pos
sessed of tact mid able to entertain:
must have the art of (petting, the
knowledge of men, the wt of flatter
big, must be in short a wancn of the
world w ith the liberal edejation which
that implies. The day of the doll has
passed away; the dohuuntc is in no
flurry to get married and bo yearling
pasture is not tho wife meket it was
It might bo supposed ihat women
who keep up a oontinuos round of
dinners, operas and ballswould look
dragged oul and weary mi old before
their time, but in reality hey are in
the most splendid phvsici condition.
I'hey are up, it is true, tt tho small
( hours of the morning, driking chain
pagiie.tlaiieiug.oonversingind flirting;
but this is their sole occti)tion, and it
1 does not begiu bofora foui o'clock in
! the uftornoon. The remailer of their
i time is spent In the pursu of health.
After a noon breakfust, hey drive,
twice a week, to tho Tiuish baths,
and aro steamed, poimde, plunged
, and showered, shnmpooedaud mani
cured, and turned out as i new made
from the hand of God. No other
creature, unless it be throughbrod
racers, havo such care gion to their
i bodies as these women wine business
! is society. Whatever sclece and art
have discovered and invemd, or nat
ure allotted, togivo healtuftd beau-
; ty, is commanded by then until It is
now beginning to bo saldcuiiously,
! t'.iut the women are oulsting the
The society woman depids greatly
I on luxurious bathing tovnew her
strength. The Turkish bh must be
taken outside the home, bu tho bath
rooms in soino of tho wealiy houses
1 give evidence by their Rainess and
beauty of the part they lay in tho
daily economy. N. Y. Ma and Kx-
The Sunbeam of Exisnce.
Cheerfulness is the sunbci of ex
i istence. It penetrates inttlie small
est crevices. It drives awsthe dark
est mists If ever a maniime into
the world with a destiny, tl cheerful
man Is that one. It is his lission lo
preach uncoiisciously the etrine of
happiness. He Is a tn aostle.
C'heerf ill nets is the active pnciple of
nhvsicnl us well a moral fe. This
active principle lies dornit within
a i : . . ; II 1
every mau unions nn - rnj
, .... si,. 0rllV0. II mm
' . , . 1.
livalioi, m&o it bear fit It is
better thuti money because eun not
be lost. It is better thaneurninif.
because learning opens tlubook of
life und convincos us that o never
can ace but an iiinnitoslmusegment
of all that is to be known, 'he phi
losopher Goethe, with all h inspira
tion and erudition, on his ath bed
-ried for "more light" "mi light."
But cheerfulness satisfies. !hecrful
ness irradiates the deepest om and
alone makes life worth liig.- De
troit Free Press.
Here was a private slier who
would have made a good jge. He
would have known how toronstnie
the law," as the phrase Is, (is to get
i justice done. Two men weioking
a fat fowl at their cam-n when a
' a corporal suiffed tbe uamstomed
odor. -Hello, boys! wherdid yeu
got that chicken? " "O. we . ..-aled
him for talking treason." Talking
treason! What do you mBsoi'hickena
can't talk." -So, but theyn erow:
and as sure as you live, icwujjht
this rooster, this rery afterna. crow
ing with all his might for J4)via."
The corporal passed on. Vo.s Com
panion. I
hpsarl ujaawtam la vti,i,ii . garh'i
.....I,, lla.l,rt
Tlie rich hacheloi-a of New York aro
'.o m mind the most comfortably und
luxuriously housed meu in the world.
I do not know exactly how lo account
'or it. It e, ins to me a condition of
!hings which exists only in Xew York.
I'he London bachelor may bo a tremen.
ioua swell if he is rich, but in nine
ascs out of ten he Is satisfied with
inlet chambers in Jormy u street or in
i locality that is tuallarily near the
:lubs. while tho larger uirtion of his
income is expended for guns, dogs,
horses und a house or shooting box
lomewhore in the country. In Paris
the apartments of bachelors are nearly
always pretty and tasteful, but seldom
tipenslve. Tho Frenchmen have a
great fancy for t 'reton hangings und
white paint well gilded. The pictures
in their rooms are invariably good, but
the decorations do no' disply anything
like the magnificence ,at prevails in
the homes of New York's unmarried
men. I think that this is largely bc
IMUUM there are very few confirmed
bachelors in Paris. F.vory roan in
Irenes looks upon marriage as his
fate. It is largely a business trans
action, and he simply waits until he
can make a good bargain. Ponding
that time ho lives comfortably, but
does not Invest fortunes in his sur
roundings. I had breakfast once in
Paris with a man whose reputation as a
vtveur is more than national. His name
has been associated with those of a
umber ol famous women, but aaida from
this phase of his life he is a promoter
of cable companies, a mun Of title, a
member of the jockey club, and a
Parisian to his llnger-tips. He waa
just the sort of a man. in fact, that out
would expect to find housed In mag
nificent fashion. I found that lie lived
in uu apartment on the first floor of u
big house on the Boulevard Haussmaii.
His stable w as in Hie roar of the honse.
There was a dm wing-room, a dining
room, two or throo bed-rooms, and
then a long passageway, at the end ol
which were the servants' quarters and
the kitchen. 1 he dining-room w as the
most pretentious room in the apart
ment. We took breakfast there at a
table that would accommodate about
ten guests. The decorations wore in
blue and gold. The table was oval, ti
match the room; the chairs WON oak
and the hanging! neither no, able nor
particularly valuable. It was precisely
like the Interior Ol any one of five thou
sand flats in New Y'ork City.
Yesterday, on the other hand, 1 met
a mnn on Broadway us I was walking
up toward homo to dinmlt whom I
knew slightly, und who insisted upon
my going into his apartment for a glass
r.f sherry as an appetiser. He Is tha
manager or junior partner, or some
thing of that sort, in an Importtnf,
house on Worth street. His ago it
about forty years, his habits are stocky
and methodical, and he is not particie
larly attractive. I had not seen bin
for two or three years, and ho evi
dently hud mi abundant fund of gossip.
We turned into the Metropolitan open
house building, went up in the elevator
und entered his apai'.mont Tho re
ception room was neutral tinted and
every thing was perfectly harmonized.
We went up from there into the draw
lug' room, ami for a moment I win
astonished. There wore i0,00t) ol
70,000 worth of paintings on the
walls, nud the room might have served
fittingly for the ante-chamber of the
Czar. Indeed, 1 doubt If the Czar Inn
so cozy and beautiful un apartment U
either of his palaces. Tho room WBI
octagonal, and la the middle of it wnt
a plush lounge or settee precisely the
shape of the room in minnture. Th
back n e to a mnrble base, which WBJ
surmounted by a superb bronze watei
nymph, life-size und wonderfully grace.
fill and perfect in Outline, There wor
several smaller bronzes aboul the room,
and all the divans nnd chairs were buill
so that they fitted into certain niches in
the wall or corresponded to the general
contour of the room.
The dry goods man lives alono in Mill
magnificent place, indulging his fun
eies w ith a lavish hand. 1 do not cure
to marry," he said in the course of out
short talk. "It is much better Hill
way." X. Y. Cor. Philadelphia Times.
Prevention of Seasickness.
A fri I of mine was talking to Lieu
tenant Craven, U. S. X., in New York
the other day about seasickness. Said
Lieutenant Uravens "When you u
aboard ship take a broad towel mid tie
it about you in such a wuy as lo com
press the abdomen, generally with tol
erable tightness. Wear this bandage
during the voyage, and I'll be bound
you will not suffer from seasickness.''
The gentleman to whom Lieutenant
Craven gave this recipe said to me: 'i !
believe thr.t a bandage applied as .Mr.
CnfVOO suggests it an excellent pre- j
Vetttlve. I bad generally been u very
bad sailor until the last sea trip I made,
Wbell I wore for the first time au elec
tric belt. This belt wus fastened alsnit
me u- the bandage should he. In suit
ef tbe fad that the voyage from Ber
muda was excessively rough, and near-
IveveiM, was sick, I passed through
theonli-nl wttfw w" - ''. "
The crown of diaries II., made In
16CO. is the oldest existing in Kngl.iml.
- The monastery of Molk. In Austria,
lately eelebiat.-d the eighl-huildreth
anniversary of its foundation.
Some of the handsomest shops In
!,; i,,-.. now ilevoted to the sale of
Japan-.,- wares, an 1 are wholly con
ducted by Jais.
Holland roclaiins an average of
eight nefes jht day from the s'a. and
the -all water ir no sooner crowded
out than eabliage is crowded in.
Queen Victoria objects to the gen
eral us-of electric light at Windsor
Castle, because il is loo strong for her
eyes, and it is then-fore restricted to
a few localitii--
Ineluding policemen, post-office
officials mai kt'a; o and women, care
takers, hospital nurses, and newspa
per writers and printers, it is estimat
ed that fully one hundred thousand of
the inhabitants of London are night
The KiftVl Tower is now declared.
,. . ,j 1 1.. .. bo (eared that il would
be unsightly, to hsve a -light and
graceful appearanc io spite of its
lifaotic size, and to be an imposing
monument, worthy of Paris
Bol, ll.irl-li Ulfss Sasss i Ml, iIm4
AdvtSS lo tuung Maaf
My son. your btsif is doodad; some
thing ha. hupMMiod that didn't and
doesn't agree with you. Wen you
neglected in the Invitation.? Didn't
you get on any of the committees,
Were you overlooked In the conven
tion? Hasn't the secretary written
you a personal letter asking your ad
vice upon the campaign? Have you
been coldly passed over for men of less
ability? Do you feel that a a iutetlon
al slight has Is-en put upon yotlf Can
you see clearly that every thing It
going wrong because you have not
boon OORSultedf Have you lieon di
rectly nobbed by inferior people, I
thought n niuoh. At your tune ol
life such things are vo-y liable to oc
cur They used lo happen w .th me now
and then. You w ill grow w is r as you
grow older, unless you take the other
chute; then you will grow more fool
ish, and there is only one cure for an
old fool, my boy thut is, death. Or
dinary death won't cure him. cither.
"Though thou shouldest bray him in a
mo tar among wheat with a pogilo,
yet will not his foolishness depart
from him. " BOO bOW awfully dead he
has to bo killed! Smiishlng him ottlj
makes him worse.
But now, if any or all of these slights
have been put upon you, listen to me.
my tender Telemnclius. Don't show
your so os. Oh, don't show your -ore-.
They are not pleasant thing, lo look
at. nobody w auls to see them und the
will heal much more rapidly mid mil
orally and healthfully, if you dou t
expose them. Keep them eovored,
Don't show them to any body but yoill
surgeon, and don't show them to bin
unless you hare to. And, don't look
ut them yourself. Leave them elont
under the healing plasters of lime ami
the cool compresses of forgetful noss,
and you'll be surprised some da) when
you do hapHui to think of them, to
find that they have healed by the first
intention without a scar. Don't tell
people when vou are hurt; don't tell
every body how keenly you f,"e!
a slight when. s-rhaps, there
wus no slight intended. Don'l
get yourself snubbed by people
who never see you, and who
don't know you and never think
of yon. And if you reully aro hit,
anil hit hard, it bell tie. your manhood
and it drives away human sympathy
when you lift up you r voice and howl
on tho st eets. Kivp quiet about it
Don't whine; don't yell, Ono day, at
the investment of Yicksbiirg--it was
on the liieniorub'.e iid of .May- during
a In I in the desultory lUrmiahiltg
that preceded the assiiiilt, while 1 was
lying close to the surface of the great
round globe which wo inhabit, and
w ishing I could get a little closer to it,
we beat da tremendous howling und
shrieking, ami down the dusty road
from tho front came a blue-jackoted
skirmisher on the trot, holding one
hand up in the other, and the hand he
was holding up had no thumb on It.
It hurt like tho mischief. 1 huvo no
doubt, but it w as only a thumb after ull
and how the fellow was howling aboul
it. He was a brave man or he wouldn't
liaveb'cn where he could havo lost
thai thumb But you would think It w as
tho only thumb in the w hole United
States army and that no ono else on
the skirmish line had been hit that
morning. So the soldiers saw only
the fund sidu of tho picture, and s
perfect chorus of bowls. In vociferous
imitation of tho man's own wai s,
went shrieking up from tho sarca.tic
lino of the mon who we e waiting
their turn to face death. In a minute
KHOtber soldier came walking hack
from tho skirmish lino. He was walk
ing slow ly and steadily, never a moan
fell from Ills compressed lips, though
they were whiter iliiiu his bronzed
face, nnd he held his bund against hi
breast. The silence of the death
Chamber fell upon the line in an In
stant, us the figure of the soldier
moved along the road with the air Ol
a cicqiiei or. 1 In' f a dozen men sprang
to his side, Tcnder.y they laid him
down in the sliudow of a great oak;
hit lips -i led to spunk a mes
sage to some one a thousand miles
away, and the line was slee t one mun
for the coming assault He died of his
hurt; but ho died like a king. Oh,
my boy! don't yell the lungs out ol
you over a madied thumb, when only
three files down the lines a soldier sa
lutes hi. captain before be faces aboul
to go to the rear with a death bullet in
his breast You can't help getting
hurt. There isn't a safe place in the
w hole lino. There aro cruel people in
th? world who love to wound us; there
are 'houglilless, heedless people who
don't think; there are people who don't
care, and there are thick-skinned peo
ple, who are nut easily hurl them
selves, und they think mankind is a
Ihick-bided race; in fact, the air is
full of darts and urrows and singing
ballets all the ti ins, and it's danger
out to be safu anj where. But w hen
you do get hit us hit you certainly
will be -don't "holler" any louder
than you have to. (irin and boar it,
the best you may, There are some
peop e so biully hurl thoy must moan;
do you forget your own hurt in look
ing after them. - Bnrdette, in Brooklyn
Almond Chsess lakes. Line pat.
ty pans with pa. try, and drop ins
mixture of the whites of throe egga,
one-foiii-lli of a KMind of powdered
Oiajnar, juice of one-l. . of a lemon,
one-half of a pound of blanehisl and
ehopp -d iimoflds Bake in a mod
erate oven, (iood Housekeeping.
Education h tbe great safeguard i
ti .- Msiple. miu thni euucitlon whir!;
affords the ts-l pieoaralion In? the
r iiatlpal duties of life la utdtepeasaibk
!ien the h gh.-.t success is In b at-
- Tbe American Kduoationul Aid As
sociation helps women to secure
. h, ilars hi m and spec al favors in in
s itiillona of learning who have no one
on whom to deeiid lo get a aelf-silp-M.rling
In the prapaaed Wdliamson Indus
Ir al vhis.l. the col system with a
central organization buililing will
prwawMf be adortd. The trustees
are now examining imo of the Met
ororaiiiTit n-I.iniIs of the country, la
order to get y'jfe.t.ous.
l,. U,i.i; tlMllll III W.l ntll'Sl NtUgM
In ll ! lopnirnl.
The search for materia! ended, the
work of inity begin. Two
lup Scute copies of the cartoon ait.
Ilrst made. (Iu oMrutlon suffices lo
accomplish this The cartoon Is laid
nn a largo table, and beneath It aro two
diets of similar paper und two shoots
if ordinary black transfer pnBH ar
ranged alternately. By passing a
tmall revolving wheel over the ouU
lines of the cartoon, tho t nclngs are
.piickly and accurately made. Kuch
ipacc is then numbered corresponding,
ly on both tracings, and one of them
is cut up lo make patterns for the
hiss-culler. An ingenious dissecting
Instrument is used tor this purpose
It consists of ii pair of diuibl deed
.hears, which, In ciittiag, removes u
strip of paper just tho width of the
cad which will separate the fragments
af glass when they are finally ImiiiihI
together. In this way ouch pattern i.
areotsely the i.o required, When the
jlilss is ready to be put together in Die
window, there i very Utile coaxing to
he don,, to gel it into place.
The picture w Indow has now reached
'.he mo.) critical stnge in ils develop
Bent, I'he paper patterns are lo find
llitilblo counterparts in glass, and
upon the nicety w ith which this siilv
itltUllOfl is aOOOmpllsbed depend, the
I (Feci of the Satire work. Nothing i
left undoOS that will assist the glass
utter in forming correct c.lor jodg
neuta. Throughout tho entire proc
ess, nud ho o partloulariy, the won,
progresses under precisely those con-
lltlons thai are best calculated to
make surprises and Incongruities Im
possible when the whole shall lie com
pleted. A sheet of pain glass, the
lite of the cartoon, is laid over the un
u). sec tod tracing. Outlines of the in-
Minded lead baud- are then painted on
he uleaT gtaas in black lilies of ci i re--ponding
width. On the model thin
prepansl the paper pa. terns are stuck
by means of a little wax. It is now
ivnih to be taken to the Bgnreroom,
who e it Is placed directly ill trOUt 61
a large window, and the slow work of
-nbsii tilling colored gluss for paper
Begins, Prof. C. H. Henderson, to
Popular Science Monthly.
Ill.tiirv til 1 1. Orla H "I Hi I , i"---
ii, ii i, r iy Creek."
The de-truclion cau.ed by the fire
of London, A. D 1606, during which
WnW thirteen thousand two hundred
bouses, etc., were burnt down, in
Very many casm obliterated all the lury-iiiarki requisite to de
lOrtnlllc the extent of land, mid even
Iho VOry sites occupied by building,
previous lo this terrible visitation
When the rubbish was removed and
he iaiiii cleared, the disputes ami en
tangled claims of those whose houses
had been destroyed, both as to the po
dtion and extent of their properly,
i ro noised not only Lntsrminabls ooou
lOtlOn to the courts of law, but made
the fur more serious eyil of delaying
M rebuilding of the oily, until these
li.pntes were settled, inevltabe. Im
petted by tha necessity of coining W II
nore speedy settlement of their re
I pOCt I VC claim, than could be hoped
for f,- in lojal process, it was de
HWmined that the e aims mid interoits
d all per, ons concerned should bo ro
'e; red to the judgment and decision of
two of th, most experienced landsur
eyors of that day men who hud
e. ri thoroughly acquainted wit i l.on
Inn previous to tho lire; and. 111 o dor
lo escape from the numerous and vast
evils which more delay must occasion,
'hat the decision of lAOSO two arbi
Ira tors should be final ami blading.
the surveyor m. pointed to determine
he rights of the varloui daimunis
Acre Mr. Hook ami Mr. ( rook, who,
by tho justice of their decisions, gave
general satisfaction to the interested
parties, nnd by their speedy determlr
Uon of the different claims permitted
ho rebuilding of the city to proceed
illhoiii the least delay. Hence arose
ho saying, ill Hook or by Crook,"
usually applied to the extrication of
persona Of things from a ulffleulty.
X. Y. cdgor.
A Very Unkind Question,
"Miss Belle IVppertou Is a very sn:'
aslic young lady. Isn't she?" said
ins De .lay lo one of Ills friends.
"I have noticed some tendency Hint
my in her. What bus she lsen sny
ug to you?''
"Why, yesterday evening I wuscall
llg on her, und during the evening I
emarked that if she wished 1 would
.ii her u little Incident, analog thai it
i. id just crossed my mind.''
"What did she :, ?"
"She merely looked ut me und re
narked: 'Did It havo fur to travel,
lr. Do .Jay?' "
"That wus unkind. Did you make
Wy reply?"
No; but I looted Teal grieved M
Merchant Traveler.
1 urina Dumplings. -Use quart of
n ilk. too ounces of farina, three eggs,
me and one-half teaspoinfiils of
inking powder, a teaspoonfiil of but
, h:r, and one-half pound of flour; let
he milk boll stir in Iho farina and
.oil until well done; allow the mixture
o cool, ami add the melted butter and
leatOO eggs, and last add the Hour,
taking powder and salt; drop with
ahlespoon into salted, boiling water;
. hiiI alsiut fifteen minutes, till (hay
i isej remove with skimmer und serve
v th fruit MOM
A WastfsasROO Territory farmer
wit. digging a po.l hole on the banks
of Nnokc Kiver when be unearthed a
'mi richly dressed in old -fashioned
j clothing. Th tat was ,- i , tine
and was lulorned with velvet collar
and . u If", ' be place where the skele
ton was found hail been used an horse
.rial for the past fifteen years.
A clever horn thief who hsd been
I stealing many animals In (jueens
otmt). New York, wus srr,-tisl, when
e..nsid.-rable difficulty waa experienced
in ideiitlfj ing I. i ill . Witnesses stated
that w bile trying to dispose of his
lot n hnrsiM he had two eyes. When
1 nrn-slnl he had but one eye. A glsss
' eye was found in his clothes and w hen
placed lo the socket every pemoo
I tcognizqd him.
sin(uUr iii.i nan ol io. in ne i"e
ur Our i ,. ., i,. . -
At Queen's College, Oxford, tho first
dish brought to the table on Kastcr
day used to Is) a red herring tiding
away on horseback, tbi Holy Saturday
evening In some parts of Ireland great
preparations aro HWdo for the finish
ing of Lent. Put hens anil pieces ol
bacon arc put in the pot by the colter's
wife about eight or nine o'clock, but
wis- to the pel., ,n u ho dares to touch
it before the 006n crows. The peas
ants rise at four o'clock on Faster
morning "to see the sun damn in
honor of the re.urrorlion." At i'w ick
enbani there was an ancient custom of
dividu.'two great cakes among the
young people. In llit.'t Parliament,
looking upon it a. a superstition, or
de ed Iho custom iihnudoiicd, and that
loaves of broad should lie Isuiglit will,
the money for the poor of the parish.
There were I brown from the steeple
to be sera III bled (or. In some parts ol
England there i. .nil the custom ill
eating a gain, mm of bacon at Faster:
this was founded on the nhhorromi
our forefathers wished lo exprcs. U
ward the dews for their purt in th,
crucifixion. One suerslllloil is ex
pressed In the following liner:
" Ot Ks.lsr l,'l vinir ttattOS Us ww,
(li Plsi Ik1 un' .run wiq II rue. "
A superstition long practiced on the
continent was to abstain from enllni
llesh on Koslor day, in o dor to CSOOPI
fever during the year, In Derbyshire
is a spring called "Dropping Tor."
lo this young men ami maidens re
oil. euch with a pound of sugar it,
one pocket and a cup in the oilier
Thoy lid the cup With droppings from
the spring, dissolve tho sugar in ii
and di ink it with anticipated inati i
monwl result Jidfinf from tin
QjiMotity of rugar, the notiolpatod re.
suits. If i cull., si, are sure lo be sweet
a yet stranger eastern was once com
mon umong a I classes in Kiiglmul and
still prevailed at the beginning of th,
present century. "On Kastcr Mon
duv," says the historian, "parties o!
six or eight women surround such
persons of the opposite ses
as they happen to meet, und, w ith oi
without their consent, lift them three
times above their heads, shoulirg lit
each elevation: in representation ol
Our Saviour's resurrection.' The men
In similar parlle. do the sumc on Kas
ler Tuesday, A cuitom huppiiy fallen
into disuse . that of wives beotln
their husband, on Kastor I'uesday, and
husband, their wive, on the day fol
lowing. Nidi customs, as well as that
of young couple rolling down Green
wlOn hill, ure proof of the rude mid
course manners which prevailed in
ear. ler Kngilsh life."
of the decorations of "poos aggi"
it is needless to iptak, Ivory Raster,
in the time of Louis XV.. eggs UtUi
ellllHilllshoi used t t Ih piled high in
pyramid, on the royal table at Ver
sailles. When the King hud surveyed
Hie pile of toy ho distributed them
among his courtiers. American Agri
In Itoino there are MO cardinals.
So bishop, l.llW priests, i.Slo nuns,
and k000 monks, frlurs, candidates,
-Dr. Picrson estimates tho money
annually ratted for carrying on Prot
estant foreign missions at about n.-
J. ,1 1. 1 II K I.
The income of the four groat mis
sionary sociollor of (iroat Britain
and of tho British and Porelttu Bible
Society is in amount cipiul to the
money spent on drink In lv g and foi
sixty day. If the :. iXNl. IMMI Protest
ant church-incmhcrs of the world
would give on,- cent each day of the
year over OHIO IKHI.IHHI would lie ill
the mission treasuries -i'he Christian
Tho city of Toronto, Out., though
.proud over a large area, permits no
horse-cars on .'umhiys, no saloons
open, no beor-gardetis or places ol
entertainment in the suburbs, i no
Sunday nowspnsrs. Il is believed
that the effect of not running the cars
on Sunday bus been In sculler excel
lent chinches all over the city. 10 thai
avory small scellou Mils good churches
- II ii -t rated Christian Weekly.
A James burg (N. J.) Christina
Bndeavor Society has opened n
Christian parlor for young mon and
Isiys. where reading, (pilot games,
music, etc., can he enjoyed. A sing
ing school, literary eutertulnnionls,
a library, etc. , are furnished, ami all
under the charge of dilterent moot'
Isu's r.f the society. . A savings ry-toin
'ins also Ihi.ii Instituted in connection
with the "porlOr" I UOO efforts us
this am being made by u lumber ol
the societies.
Baby I Sleeping Time.
I wonder if all mothers know that
baby likes lo bo turned over after he
has slepl for an hour or two on one
hie!1 When he slrotche and wriggles,
and filially, perhaps, cries out, try
turning him on his other side, or ul-mo-t
on his buck, und see if ho doe
not relapse into another sound nap
without further effort on your part.
Do not forgot to turn the pillow over
also soinctlmor. Tho one or two-year-old
who wakes In tho night and sits up
in bed, rubbing his little tl-ls into his
sleepy eyes, fuels, iierhnp. hut and
uncomfortable. Try turning Iho pil
low. If he ia like some children Iho
writer knows of, he will wait for the
out.d of the turning pillow, mid then
dr Hp back on il into a renewed sleep.
Remember also to keep a child 'sciothet
-month under him Drawing down the
rumpled night-clothes and smoothing
the cover has much lo do wilh quieting
the restless tossinga of tho littti
sleeper. Bub)houd.
UM of the chief features of tin
use of paper fabric for building pur
poses i. the ease with which it can be
worked into sheets of any required
width or thickness that will not be af
fected by changes of temieraturo or
- The Italian AdmlraBly. as the re
sult of numerous experiments, have
yiven orders that henceforth all ex-pos.-d
Jiarts of machinery ure to be
lubricated exclusively with castor oil.
while mineral oils are to be used for
lylinder and similar lubrication. .
A New Jersey man has nmJe n
lallol-box which can not bo Staffed.
Now Oil the onUOtr) wants Is a Miter
built in tho aamu way. Youkers
The girl who went to service for
Iho first time wrote to her mother
that her master ami mistress wore
very dirty, for liny washed their
hands over so lunny lime a day.
We do not know very much aboWt
tho ancient Kgyptinns, perhaps, but
the grand old Hphftg with its silent
woman's head shows that they wero a
very sarcastic people. Journal of
Affidavit Fditor -"Dearest Ma
thilde. can you doubt tho st ength
and sincerity of my love? ' Muttliido
-"Swear it, Aioaao iweu ill"
Affidavit Editor (absent-mindedly) -i
swear - wo havo the largest circu
lation in the West, and it Is rapidly
increasing. "America,
There is no 0X0US0 for tho use of
profane language." says an exchange;
mid this U no doubt correct, but if
there wero any the drug clerk who is
aroused at three o'clock in the morn
lug by u drunken man who wants to
look in the di recto y to find out where
be Uvea would soein to ppseCIS it.
A gentleman said to one of his
i, end- that for some years his wife
had persisted in saving that she wus
only twenty yours old. "Aline is
more reusonuble," replied his friend.
"1 have succeeded in making her enter
her thirties, hut I have failed to make
her como out of them. " N. V.
Booney -"Sure Oi can't see why I
niitshl Is- ii mimltcr nv yure Union if
Oi want to keep ir,a job! It's only u
week I've l).H'li over here, Oul 1 know
this is n frio counthry." Moonoy
(walking delegate) "But rominibcr
now, mun. that yure mi Amerikin, tin'
mushf pertis't yuresilf against Im
ported pauper labor!''
In a Book-store. "Have you got
the Blue hook." "Iho blue bOOkl
We've got iturtoa's Anatomy of
Melancholy.' That ought to lie blue
I'lioiigh.'' "No, no. ThM isn't it. I
menu Hie book With the list of offices "
"Wo haven't got It. But if you lira
after an office, you bad bettor take tho
hook on melancholy." Chicago Her
ald. A Useful Instrument Musical
Visitor "Whnt a handsome piano!''
Mrs. Tiptop -"Yes, I do not know of
a single piece of furniture 1 have Hint
I am more proud of tluin of my piano.
II was made lo order at a cosi of
a,-., 000." "Oh. I must - why. It's
locked. "Yes; I lost tho koy somo
months ugo uud havo forgotten to get
another." - 1 hlluuelpliiti Hccord.
Tho noise of a mini stumbling
recklessly ugulnst obstructions in the
hull und milking husly remarks In a
general way that sounded like a Mis
sissippi river steamboat mate making
a landing at 11 o'clock at night to
lake on n lot of pork burrols wus dis
tinctly heard In tho silting room,
"Children," exclaimed Mrs. Bmnbo,
hastily, "run up stairs und go to bed.
Your father, I judge, has boon paying
a gas bin." - Chloafo Tribune.
I , I . In , I i.e. I.f 111.- a I MllKlllHroitt
Hue., of Nut Iti- Anil, nil.
At the present time outside of the
National Purk, where about two hun
drod and sixty buffaloes ure now hur
borod, thorn ure not over thfc hun
dred, probiibly not us many, loft in Hie
whole United Sliiles. TIM survivors
of this magnificent ruoo of unimals are
scattered In little bunches In several
Idealities. Thee are about one hun
dred in Montana, or ut least there
wore u year ugo, some at tho bond of
Dry creek and the remainder at the
I.) nl of Porcupine creek. In Wyoming
thora urn a few stragglers from tho
Nutionat Purk, which, when chused,
run buck there fur protection. Ju tho
mountains uf Colorado lust summer
there wore two bunch,, of mountain
bison, ono of twenty-live head, the
other of eleven. Th.o huvo probably
been killed. There uro none in Dakota,
though eighteen iiionlhs ugo thirty
were known to be there. It wus
estimated In 18M7 that there were
twenty-seven In Neb aska. and about
fifty more scultored In tho western
purt of the Indian Territory and Kan
sut. Those iu Nebrusku hinu since
been killed bf Hi I MotUt Of the thou
sands Ihut once Texas, only
two small bundle remain. Thirty
two h.-ad ure near tho luton, in tho
northwestern purt of the Panhandle,
and eight In the sand-hills on the
Staked Plnlns north of tho Pecos
river. These wero soon and eon nted
on the 1st of April of last year. This
estimate of tho remnant of a great
raoo Is believed to lie essentially cor
rect. Il wus obtained from reliable
and well-informed persons through
out tho West, und in part from per
sonal observation during tho past
years. -Franklin Satterthwuite, In
Harper a Magazine.
The Faith Is Lacking.
"Doctor, If thorels no audi thlug aa
hydrophobia how does it huppen so
many persons who have boon bitten by
rabid dogs die afterward iu convul-
"They die of fright, air. They are
eared to death. Tho imuginution
sometimes exerts a power sufficient
to kill."
"Then why cant a patient who
thinks he has hydrophobia bo cured iu
the sumo wuy by milking him imagine
he la going to get well,"
"Because we can't inspire him wilh
any er -faith in oar medicines,"'
Tin essentials of a wnlering place
may be nlliterutively summed up thnet
S-a. suit sun, sand, shells, shrimps,
steamers, ships, tailors nud shingle.
A' mati in Milwaukee Was lately
convicted du toe charge of putting
sticks loaded- with ,'guniyjwder in his,
divorced, wlfe't wood-pile, He wanted
to get oven somqjiow.
"Where were you born, little girl?
askisd a philanthropist of a street beg.
gar. "I'm not sure, sir," was there
ply, "but l often heard ray ma say that
1 waa iWn In poverty." N Y. ledger.