The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 21, 1888, Image 4

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....JULY 21, IHHH
Democratic Ticket.
Fur l'redidcut :
GKOVEIt, CLEVELAND, ... Of New York.
For Vice Prcaidrnt:
For ProHuk'Utiiil Elector:
W. II. EFFIXGER, Of Multnomah.
E. R. SKirWORTII Of Umatilla.
W. R. BILYEU, Of Linn.
Encouraging to Wlii'itt growers.
India in thrciitotn d with a failure of .ita
crops through lack of khikoiihIiIh rain, hut
owinK to the construction of mil i oadn in th
various provinei-H, there iH littlo daiiur of
any great loaa of life from fittuine, although
aerioua uiobamtHHiiieiit may be piveu tlif
authorities to supply food, owinp to preKHinc
upon Indiiin fitmncial renourees for Hhhp
purposeH. The I'uhlio Works Department in
prosecuting railroad .building with great
aaxuiility. l'rivati conipanieH are iiImo hiiIj
Hidiied to build ruilroails. W may, ther
fore, disriiias from i iir winds tho prolmliilily
of a (reat fiiminu Mich as dovastuted Iudia u
few years ago.
The point of greatest importance to us is
the probability that India will not only not
be able to compete with the United States in
the supply of bread studs to England, but
that it will itself bn a large buyer this season.
This is an encouraging outlook to American
graingrowers, who will probably liuvo a
short crop nil over tho country, but who
should make up for the deficit iti yield by in
creased prices.
It must be borne in mind, however, that
KuBsia, and Europe generally where wheat
is raised, have prolific crops. Australia and
New i nland havo heavy crops, and Chile
has a largo store of grain. Tho knowledge
of these facts should deter from wild specu
lation, while in no amine impairing the rea
sonable probability of higher prices for our
breadstutrs. S. F. Examiner.
Iu July, 18H2, General Harrison delivered
a speech in tho Unitad Stales Senate on the
tariff question. Iu it he said:
Now, into tho (aril) discussion I shall not
enter, for two reasons, "I do not know
enough alxmt its dotails to discuss it profit
ably," and It is not proposed by nuybody, I
think, seriously that we shall now go gener
ally into tariir revision. I como, then, to
say that in supporting this measure from
our Finance Committee we are reducing our
internal taxes to these three articles (whisky,
beer and tobneco), which by common con
sent should romaiu "at least till the inili li
uite future" upon our IUt of products upon
which excise taxes nru levied.
That was aix years ago. He favored tax
, ing spirits and tobacco. Now he wants them
made free, and taxes retained on the neces
saries of life. Why?
"Who dat, Hallisou? Mm likeu him heap
niuchee. Iliiu glet much hleap hair on his
facee. lliggo man, like Chinese God. White
man no llkeo him. Him wantce alleo Chi
nee coiuee hero. Mo for liilll. Whoop!
Hullah! llullce man. llim gittee outeo job
go China, him gittee hn Maudalinoe. Chine
man no lik Clevolau'. Him no lettee
Chinee oome here heap niiichee, like Hull!
on. Hullah, ChiiiPeman can't voire, but
he can whoopee liko hellee for Hallixou.
Wheti Hallisou, bullee man, get 'hejled, him
let all ( hinneo vutu. 'I hen Califome him
all go Lepublican, give Deinocliit no mo,
chance," -Sum Wall in Louisville Courier
Journal. About Cirovor Cleveland, the Minneapolis
Tribune, a Republican paper, has this to
"lucre, is n certain amount of manly
strength about Grovcr Cleveland which nec
essarily has its inlliicnce upon tho imagina
tion of men, Hohas first, the courage of
his conviction, and whether those convic
tions are right or wrong he never lacks tho
courage to proclaim them.
Again, he is a most consumate politician.
Hu has u sturdy independence
of character."
Iu the Presidential election of 1 S7 J there
were eight states which voted the Democratic
ticket; in lH7li there were suveulccu Demo
cratic slates; in IHhO there were nineteen
Democratic states, and in 1881 there were
twenty. In 187J theio were thirty states
voting the Republican ticket, or rejected or
stoleu; in l7t there were twenty-one thus
categorized; iu INSU there were iii'neloeii.and
in 1SM1 there were eighteen. This is the
inarch of destiny. Louisville Courier-Journal.
The Loudon Star, Paiuell's oigan, is be
ing ouuled by Republican orgaustliroiighoiit
the United States as favorable to the Demo
cratic party. Of course, the ignorant are led
to believe that the Star is an English, in
stesd ol an lrih paper. It is a matter of no
difference anyway, us tho p. .Inies of the
United States reler to this country alone, and
haven't the slightest connection with those
of auy other ronutry.
With the industries of the people, (hero
have beeu fretjueut interferences. Our com
merce has been degraded to su inferior posi
tion on the high stss; manufactures have
beeu diminished; agriculture has beeu em
barrassed; wild I lie industrial classes demand
that these things shall bo leformed.
Thomas A. Hendricks.
Pin Van, au educated Chinainaii of India
uapohs recently suid:
"I kuow General Harrison very well. I
hnva Im1i til his limit,,il un.l I.
always treated me kindly. He said to uir I
one day that be alwayi liked the Chinese, I
that they are a great ileal better people than
the Irish." j
I did vote w ith the great body of the Ro- j
publicans in the Senate agaiust'the Chinese ,
restriction bill. llenjumiiio Harrison, Re
publican candidate for President, iu a letter
to Rev. J. V. Ursudt of St. Uuis, Mo., i
dated Feb. 2'MU.
Mr. Moitou was very indiscreet to lit the
Republican committee who came to notify
him of his uouiinatiou know that his coun
try house is worth three quarters of a null
iou. His assessment will be higher.
- '
The only Missouri Democrat who list
bolted is Mr. Scott Harrison of Kansas City.
He it lien's brother, aud has alwavs bien a
Democrat, a their faiher was.
The log cabin of ISiO has given place to
the Chinese wsshhonse. Ranker Morlou't
bar'l may make the innovation presentable,
but it will never become popular Alia.
Revs. Dr. Cuylr and Dr. Storrs, life hmg
Jtrpublicaua. have joiurd the Democratic
ranks. They are clergy uieu of national r. p-
lain not ani nKWumn; lam a DeuiiK-ral.
I resident tllivtt ol Harvard I'uivmity.
Religious Papers on pending Isiiph.
The Christian Union, in a well-considered
article ou " The Political Issue," points out
the folly of the Republican policy, which, in
the face of a surplus of fclg.j.OUti.i IW and its
annual increase of JiiO.Oi.'O.O'HI, fairs to pro
vide against the menace of hopeless bank
ruptcy to the country induced by the accum
ulation in the treasury vauhs of money
which commerce needs It thus places iu
parallel columns the contrasting pioposi
tions of the Republican slid Democratic
Rep. Dciu.
Tax ou tobacco. . .Abolish Modify.
Tax on alcohol lieiluce abolish Rutaiu
Tax on raw inater'l Retain Abolish,
Tax on ueces'rs. . Retain Reduce.
Tax on luxuries Retain Retain
Object of tax Protection Revenue.
Expenditures Liberal Economical
We know of no fairer or more powerful
argument than that expressed by this little
table. Nor is there auy stronger commmt
to be made upon it than that expressed by
the Christian Union itself, iu the following
"We believe that it has vital relations to
the future of our county. We believe that
tho coming election will be likely to settle
the trend of national life for some years to
come. Nor havo wo any wish to conceal our
personal predilections and prejudices. 'I hey
are iu favor of economical cxpenditiuci and
a lower tarill."
It is hard In see how any fair minded man
can conscientiously consider the issue thus
clearly made without favoring the conclusion
of our religion! contemporary.
The Chicago Standard uud tho Advance
likewise publish editorials expressing the in
dignation of the moral sense of the country
against the Rcpublicau platform, and espec
ially the "free whisky" resolution. The im
moral course of the "party of moral ideas"
respecting finance as well us regarding tem
perance properly evokes the reprobation of
religious journals on whoso support it has
heretofore relied.
A New Division.
As the campaign progresses it becomes
morn evident that the tariff issue will forco
a new division of tho voters.
Already fioin many parts of the country
come reports of Republicans who are repell
ed from the support of the candidates of
their party by tlio platform adopted at Chi
cago. Similar accounts mo published id
Democrats who will desert the parly because
of the policy promulgate! by the President,
adopted by its representatives ill Congress
ami indorsed by the National Convi nlion.
It is natural that this should bo so. The
theory of party organization ami party gov
ernment is that men who think alike and
whose interests ar identical should act to
gether. Why should a citizen who believes
in a freer trade, lower taxes ou necessities
ami the. prevention of a surplus, vote agaiut
his convietious because he was u Republican
ou the slavery question or in support of the
war? Why should a man who believes iu
perpetuating the war tariff, even if whiskey
aud tobacco have to be freed from taxaliou
and a policy of extravagaucu be adopted to
get rid of the surplus, votu with Democrats
who uie directly aud openly opposed to his
views? N. V. World.
The Democrats of Indianapolis, Harrison's
own home, had a uiaguitlc. lit rut ) ion on
Saturday evening. There weie ."itHMI men iu
line, (lov. Gray ami ex-Senator McDonald
made speeches. The following were some
of the transparencies:
"Cleveland and Thurman, the People's
"lilue Plood and Hoodie- Harrison ami
"Tho Germuns are Solid Against Harri
son." "The Chineso Must Co Thin man. The
Chinese, Must Come. Harrison."
"Tobacco is a Necessity .1. G. Itlaine."
"What About Plaukets?"
"Republican Platform: State Pride, Free
Whisky and High Taxes."
"ludiana will give Cleveland and Thur
man 15,011(1 Majority."
"Harrison Voted Fourteen Times in Fa
vor of Chinese Immigration."
Harrison on the Chinese.
Washington disputch lo San Francisco
Chronicle, Juno 1H, iss.8.
General Harrison took the most radical
position on Ihe subject (Chinese immigra
tion i, and argued that there would be pre
cisely as much justice aud propriety in ex
cluding Germans and Irish as in excluding
the Chinese. He criticised in the strongest
inannei the actions ami sentiments id the
people (d the Pacific Coast in their opposi
tion to the inllux of (Mentals. The club be
fore which this was read was composed of
the most prominent people in Indianapolis,
and many of them heard the address, which
was an aide and polished effort.
A Kepnhliciin Dimmer.
With the German press swinging into line
for Cleveland must como the question lo the
Republican managers, how they roposo to
do without tho German vote thev will lose
this year. It must bo a very solemn ques
tion lo llicm. The Cleveland Aiieiei is
the latest recruit, and in New York City i
the former German Republican leaders have
come over to Cleveland. It is, indeed,
a political revolution. Iu the wide extend
ing use of the term Geiman newspapers rec
ognize iu Harrison the Knownothiug, and
iu his parly Knowiioihiugisin.
The campaign eulogist in telling how Levi
P. Morten helped to save the I'nioli, state it
comprehensively iu mying that he "rendered
valuable services lo the Government in
helping lo tloat its bonds." Which means,
being iuterpiv ted, that he bought theiii
when tin y were cheap, held them until they
were high, and drew the interest on them iu
gold. It is the old story of the well-known
patiiot who nut an empty bar'l at the seiVice
of his country ami got it tilled (or his patriotism.-
St. Louis Republic.
The United States exports $7lHI,OMV0OO
worth of products, l cause after twenty
eight years of high protection wr are forced
to M iid abroad more than ever UdofV. The
idea that we should seal our ports to foreigu
commerce i worthy of the Chin se Hallisou
oigaus. China, the consummate flower of
protection, pursued tins Republican policy
for a.ixill years, the highest kind of protec
tion, ami the result does not appear highly
SlUVI ssflll.
The New Jersey Uuionit seut inquiries to
representative Iibur lenders iu that State
as to their views ou various mutters of poli
tics. Of thitty-two answers received, only
lo ere "for prelection aa it while
thirlv were "for tariff revision of some
sort,' and ue are g.ung to have it by elect
ing Cleveland and Thurmau.
An t o. r c ut. t inlT sutViced for our "in
fant induMrics" in Hshinglou'a time, aud
even that "father of Protection," Heury
Clay, ilc. ui, d a pi r o ut. duty adequate
sixty-tour years ego. Rut uow auylhiug
b s than a 47 pir cent. tantTis called "Free
j Tb.v are calling it the "tj" tieket uow. Itl
to I hiueae, you know. Alta.
A Lksixw fob Oiiitoo.N. There is a short
sermou for Oregon iu the news that conn a
from Marvsvillo, Oil. The ib ui reads thus:
"On .Saturday thMar,vavi!!c Fruit Company
shipped a carload of fit sh fruit to Minne
apolis, via Portland. r This is b. !:e..l
to be the beginning of a large and important
trade in fruit shipments from thiji place over
the Culifomia and On gen lino lo points ni'
Northwestern states and territories, A quan
tity of grapes, nectarines and pein-hea was
also shipped to Portland via express last
night, by the Sutler Fruit Company." If
California fruit growers can ship fruit
through Oregon with profit to themselves,
cau not Oregon growers, who are severnj
huudrod miles nearer market, do the same?
The anti-Chinese cry raised by the lowest
grade of Democrats will die out beforo the
election. Philadelphia Ilulletin, Hullisoii
Land (Mice at Roskiii'ho. Ok., 1
July IKS. I
11 the following-named settler has filed
,.f l.lj it., u.Oi,, ii li. ni:tlf" filial til-mif in
II1.LM (J 1', III. lit.,,,- - - , -
support of bis claim, and that said proof will
lie maoe lietore rue juuue, , nr in in. aos-iiee
la-fore lli citric of the County Court of Lane
i .. I.. .. l,i,,i..n ( 'itv III- nil K.itlll-.
l'lllll,'l.,l.l. "II
day Sent. 1. 1SHS, viz: William Morris, II e-
.... . ... 1 .1 LI I f.,,-1
stiiel I'.utrv Io. H.i, lor iiih n J in .-sr..;,
See 1(1, ami N J of N E .(, Sec l, Tp 17 S, 1(
11 west. W M. lb-names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon
ami cultivation of said land, viz.: William
liailey, Isaac Condon, .lames Slaver, O W
Sutton, all of Florence, Lane Co., dr.
Cham. W. Johnston, Register.
One of tho Seven Wonders:
10 Cent Counters
Special Attractions.
We Have Come to Stay.
Furniture ni bm Furnishingg
Parties desiring to leave the country can get
highest value in cash for their household goods;
and in turn we will sell to new comers good out
fits at great reductions from first prices.
Call and see us, opposite the Hoffman House,
Eugene City.
And Implements!
Having purchased the entire
slock of
Belonging to Pritchett & Forkner,
we shall sell the same at
Bedrock Prices !
A share of the trade solicited. Op
posite "Guard."
I m ,ko a sju'cialty both for quality of jj.nuls and priei's to
suit tho time. Country orders solicited. Lihrral discount
lor cash accompanying orders. Orders promptly attended to
I oth by mail or telegraph. Nutitfut'tioti (iitiui'asitccul
mm .-.mwW
Call and see me. J. R.i33AM.
Cortii r Willaiiietle and Seventh Sin't tJ", Eugene' City, Or.
Lam. OmiE at Rosfbi ro Ok., I
.1 til V I""". I
the following named settler has hied
notice of Ids intention to make final proof m
., rt of hi claim, and that .aid proof will ,
,.- lde la foretl.e Cletk of til Count V I om t :
of Lane conntv, dr.. at Eiiii Citv, tli...
on Saturday Sept. 1, 1KS, viz: W ilha"'
Hailuv, Pro eiiiptimi Drf No .Vu4, for the J
of N E J. and N J of S K , Sec I'J, 1 1 i 17..
1(11 we-,j v ai. lie names in" i"ii."mi
witucsM-s to prove his continuous residence
i ,.iti, iln n of .ill l uel. viz: Isaac
Ilium niei in, " ...
i Coll Ion, Sallies Shiver, William Morris, O
! Sutton, ad of Florence, Lane county, Or.
I ('has. V Johnston, Rerfistc.
' ulnr of Fiiml Srllli'iiifnl.
l A.I Crnziin, administrator of the estate
of Wm Do.l-on, deceased, his tile.l his ac-
I count of filial settled t of said estate, and
i Monday, Septt-mliiT !ld, lrXS, has been set for
hearing the sane! by order of the court.
I A. .1. ( 'III zan, Adiur.
j I'lL-eiie Citv. JiilyJj.JHSH.
Lank Okkice at Roskiu-kc, Oil, 1
; July 11". Uss. I
l the following named settler has filed notice
,,F his intciitiiin to make commutation prisif in
siiniiort of his claim, and that arid proof will he
1 . . .1 , M . I. f .1. ..t
lliaile lielore ine VieiK oi ill viioiivy i i v m
! l.une Co., Or., at Eugene City, Or., on Satur
day Sept 1, 1SSS, viz: .lames Shiver, lloine-
stvud Kntrv N ",-:tl, for the N E i of S W L
; S-e 7, Tp Is S, R 11 west, W M. He names
' the followiiiu' witnesses to prove his continuous
I resilience upon ami cultivation of said land, viz:
' William liailey, William Moiris, Isaac Con
! dun, O W Sutton, all of Florence, Lane Co.,
I ()r. ('has. W. Johnston. Register.
for Infants and Children.
"Cantor! is so well adapted to children that I CMtorU r.:" '"nllc CoMtlpatlnn.
....unimenditM.upenortoanrprescripUon gjJJJ dt
owo tonic." IL i. Aacnm, M.D., I ermmn.
Ill So. Oxlord St., Urooklyn, N. T. 1 Wlthtiut injurloua modication.
Tiik Centaur, TT Jlurray Ptn-i.t, jf. y
Why all who want Bargains go to
Is that you enn 15uy more Goods of First
class quality for less money than elsewhere as
our large
Of Ladies, Misses and Children fine Shoes and
and Slippers have arrived and u'e are prepared to show the
public, the LARGEST ASSORLMXr ol' Eoots and Shoes
ever brought to Eugene City.
Custom work and Repairing neatly and promptly done.
NO trouble to Show goods' Call and b convinced.
v. ....up i , -lifT.F
. , ! ' . i- . . - r...r:i.j?.. Vfc.
nishing Goods.
a few minutes I will try and in
terest you in the way of
I have a large lot of !5oot. and Hioes for less money than any
one in town, and every pair W arranted.
Clothing for .Men and IWs a low as $1.7'i per suit. Hats to
I have just received a lot of Spring and Miniiner dress goods,,
the nicest I ever had. Girls they will h.w off your smiling:
countenances to perfection; just the thing tor leap year, and only
Lr cts per yard.
My stock is complete and I am
anxious to sell. If your pocket book
is over burdened bring it down here
and I will clean it out as slick as
David did Goliah.
th iiu.lfiki!t.. lum lit-.-n iluly i,inUil
iluaiii..:r:it..r ..f ttic ft-it- i.f tiinre Krum
rrv,, l.v tin- iwiulv i-,'iiitof I.ii.e cnuritv. ;
On'-.nn. All ."r.ii ha- in.: i-!.iim i;nii..t ;
ui,t r-ttt nr.- hi-r, l.v 11.1t ti- l t i rm-i:t th"
uie tn inf nt my nt.irf in K".vi'f t'itt, Iinf
t iiiiiitv. i)rf-, ii, ix r.i 'iitlin fnun tli
!! I.rni.f.
I'nUj the 7th il.iv i.f .Iiilv, lwS
O '- I. M .VTI.lK K, j
Co.nih.n 4 Diiunis, Atty. A.liuiiiitrt..r. 1
&. K
IT IT , i
I ,!! .p iir i..
4 i 1 - ...... . .
.01iee (o Creditors.
V'I'"!- Is. I'KKKl.Y niVKX THAT
.Maf.lifW V:;i ti. I. vn iKiintil
iiiini-tr.ti,i i.f tl.f rotate i f W illiam (;;iinry,
I'l.-.- .j. t. All -!., r l a-. ii.- clajinn tuin't
n.-ii l f::it. are Ijttvl.y ni.tiricil t irefnt the
.ini-1 1 tl f a.'n.iiiiftriiti.r t tli 1 trie "f Gtn.
II. l,-ii. in Kiim-ii Citv., within nix
ii., ii.!.. fp-in tl.e i if nf thin n'.tirr.
Matthut Wallh.
July 7, lVi. AJiuini-.tratiir.