The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 23, 1888, Image 7

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    ijlTV AND COUNTY.!
Kyc, Tar und Deformities.
. lvw.. vi.i...i.iiv ..ri...
l)r. T. J" r'u' ' ' , " ' 1
fill mnrlllUrj U IIIIUltllliptHIH, ti 111
Visit F.lliri'll''
City, Tliursduy, Fi l-
jay mnlSiiHinluy, ')' t". b'lh and
-tli. liooimut lloll'inaii House. And
at Albany from July 10th to 11th.
i)r Futon linn lor 1 in pusi ittemy-nvc
,rn Viilf b specialty of the eye, ear aud
1 f .rrnitltJf, and U"" siruiguteiieu more man
I tbou-uud eross iy - A" ""I'd and
01 vt.,iule cnreJ iinli-m disorguuizu-
lion 1
Illl I""
ilu, iijoiv cincieni tuices Kir me
,i crooked limb, club feet, spinal (lis-
HlSfS, etc.
Tllg following reference to Dr. Eaton is
taken In1''1 'r"IU tuu ilt'a'e'1 Art'llt t the
iMhiust: . 1
i-On Saturday I we wtii Hwt.d ,,u oper-
.,:., upon eros-- 'e ,,v 1,r- K,,lou '
h iu tin- t-.ti.imu lli.ul. Tbe
,, l,i,cl wiii 1- ve"r 01,1 ujughter ilr
Hun kir, a resident of thin tow 11, who bun
Lm 'item h.-r I'i'lli alllietml with cross-cy..
u ,rne without patu to the little girl,
trlii) (lniit'3 tlie opi'f'il'ou 00 the eye, suiil.
iu 'ly iiiiswcrtu 1,1 '"l""' """u
. Doctor mid omself. Minnie Hunsit
v r tbe subject in tins case, after the opera
lion Hrp111r.1l a l-rilit. pretty Intl.- girl und
iQiileJ gratefully while thanking tbe Doctor
fur trrutiiiK b.-r no Undcrly au.l stibj, ctnig
v i little niiiu.
Tbe following necoiiut of a remarkuble
,nriciil operation performed by Dr. Eaton,
it (ukcu from the El Paso Ttuws of the lUth
ultimo: .. a n ci
'Iu company Willi Laptiiiu l. blocuni
a ..,,n,il to we Mis" Jennie Slocmn, the
Tt)U11(!rst ilunlitcr of tbe taptuin, who litis
r.fD iu El l'""0 ,1,u1' r tlie l'are of I)r-Eat""'
We rciueinbir to have "ecu thin young lady
( few motitliH ngo ut the ranch, with her li ft
foot twisted until it win at rinht angles with
the other foot. To-day the left foot in ax
itmiiiht anil natural an tbe right. Wo cou
.mlnti! the vouii!! My and n-joice with
her fiith.-r in thin succcKsful pcrforiiianuce
fl)r Eaton. We were skeptical until we
witnessed tUO result, nuni un Hiuisneo.
of the promises of the doctoi . In these in
itsncesthey were verified."
A remarkable case was brought to our no
tice yesterday, being that of a fifteen yeir
old daughter of Mr. E. P. Gilpin, a subsinu
tiil fanner, furmorly of Columbia, Missouri,
now living ucar Coiisburg, in this county,
who bad been totally Mind from s.rofulu iu
tbe eye for fifteeu months. She was treated
by Dr. Eatou, who is uow iu this city, after
one personal examination, by Mail, with the
gratifying result of restoring sight complete
ly. Tbe Doctor und his young pa
tieut are both receiving congratulations.
Gainesville Hesperian.
t City Transfers.
SusiinOdgm to S A Odgeii, 2 lots iu
Shaw k Patterson's addition; con, $1.
S A Og.len to II C Humphrey, 2 lots iu
Shaw ,fe Pattf'son's addition; con, $1S(I0.
W T Shsfl'er to W 11 Taylor, lot in Scott's
addition; con, $500.
D II Coleuiau to Ellen Geary, lot in Pack
ard's addition; con. 4"i00.
E M Warren to 11 C Humphrey, lot in
Skinner's addition; con. 7lKl
W J J Scott to Lizie M Miller, 2 l"ls in
Scoti's addition: con,
W .1 .1 Scott lo Janins S Baker, lot in
Scott's addi ion; con, $150.
W J J Scot, to P J McPhersdn, 2 lots in
Scott's addition; con, $1U0.
W J J Scott to J It Sloan anil It 11 l or. st,
2 lots in S"ott's addition; con, $152.
H It McDonald to nriv;u liristow, iy,
lots in Ellsworth's mldition; eon, !?."('(). .
G M Weider to J II Weiiler, lot in Pack
ard's addition; con, $:I00.
H J Day to F W Osbum, lot in Donis'
addition; cou, $1:5.
C A Meriau to Chambers & Son, lot iu
Shaltnu's addition; con, 100.
F M Freeirnu to C F Houghton, lot in
Sheltou's addition; con, t'MU.
M V and and A J Pntchett to Emma
Pritchelt, lot in Packard's addition; con,
Lizzie M Miller to AF McNecce, lot iu
Packard's additi' n; con, :)().
Trustees of Uaptist Church to tho First
Baptist Church of Eugene City, lot in Eu
gene; con, $1.
Local IViarket Report.
EruENE, June 22, lHSa
WHF.AT--(i7(iC8c. ,
I'.Krlfy 4tl cts per bushel.
Ejjpi-20 cts per iioz.
Itl'TTta 1." cts per li).
I.Allli 11 ets per Hi.
Potit'ies let per II).
Flock 1st urade, .SI per bbl.
Bacon Sides 10(..' ll'Vjsnouldcrs 8 to It cts;
hams, p.'ifn M cts.
Wool i,y 10 cts.
Hopj-0 cts.
Letter List.
Letters for the, following persons remained
uncalled for at tho postollico in Eugene City,
Oregon, Jnna 22, ltS:
Etheridga, Mrs J Helm. GW
Fields, C E Hynu-r, Geo
Smith, Mis" Adam.
A charge of one ceut will bti made on each
letter given out.
Persous culling for the above will phase
ay advertised, giving date.
F. W Osdi ks, P. M.
On account of failing health I have been
obliged toabaudou the practice of medicine.
All persons knowing themselves indebted lo
nie will please call at my old office at as ear
ly a date as possiblo and Bettle the same. In
ease of my absence from the oflice Drs.
Paine and McKeom y are authorized to set
tle accouuta and receipt same in my name.
Db. A. W.Pkather.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Bbjr was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When ah was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Mist, the clung to Castoria,
Whta she had Children, she gare them Castoria.
Marshal's Notice.
All residents and property owners are
h'-reby notified to dean no the streets and
.11 7 . t:..:..:. :.u IT. , II
orjs unjoining tueir premises, uuu
". twill tur tune til tuts lion, r. u v
of Common Council.
H J. Day, City Marshal.
Eugene City, June pi, 1h-h8.
k For Salk. At uui-tio i ou Sutu: .Tn'y
' 11)33, my bo ise nLd k't on comer of Sev
enth and Oak street . M. U. Smith.
The Conitlicilecminl ii.. o. .
University will clone Thursday with the ex-
eriMK. dnf t).u .1:.. . 1
" . UH"- iu -i.ih
ui me tuiiowmg numbers: Stark
; J r.. IIIIWU a. iiraus'ii, John II. Put-
,"V'' ,r V,ou,"r' 1 MeCor
" jioor. tun lollowiuu la
MOKMNll 1( o'clock.
M.,,";--"-slfiiig ilh fairy foot return.
I'ray. r-Hcv. C. M. Wire.
Slunic "Kun up the mil;" Trio.
I'raiiou-Mark J. liailry, Jr.; "Material.
1-111 01 fcilucalioii."
uratiou iiazin A. lirattaiu; "The Lever
mai jiuvrn tlie Worlil."
JliiKic "Le Torrent de Montague;" Mis
nan nun.
urutiou-Arihur J. Cullkr; "Xutiouttl
i rogresn.
tsmiy Lealbe C. MuCornuck; "Aug
t.ij;ner Krult.'
.Music -"The Parting;" Cbornn.
Arr;i;xodN 2 o'clock.
Music - IiohI T'lliti'u Daughter;" Chorun-.
Onition -Etta E. Moon.; --The LamjuiiKO
We Speak."
Oration John It. I'attisou: "The I'nitv
of Nature."
Music "Veui Mico." vocal Juelt: ti
Mis-iv Strui'-ht.
Viilcdicliiry Mark Iiailey, Jr.
Music "La Ilurpe Acoliiiue," (liiiuo solo;
Miss Mary (.'leaver.
Cutifcriint; of degree!
Music "The day hath spun its busy
round." Chorus.
lieuedictiou Huv. W. D. Hiitnphrcy.
Mrs. L. (i. Adair is visiting at Ashland.
Geo. Sifl and wife nro stopping at the
ioiu spnugi.
Prof. .T. 15. Ilorj.'r, of llosibui;,', was
Eiu;i-iiu this ttcok.
Chas Nelson has been at Florence this
week ou business.
It. l! Cochran is foreman of the U. S.
grand jury at Portland.
Mrs. .1. I,, race, has been visitinc relatives
land ft i-uds ut Albany this week.
iM. C. Close, the enterprisina rnl estate
dealt r, of Cifsswell, was in town Thursday.
Mr. Marion Martin, Jr., of Cottage Grove,
gavo this i llice a pleasant cull last Thursday.
Miss, s llessio Day and Mary Young have
returned 'roui a visit to Guuriu Day ut Vie
to. iu, H. C.
Trof. Johnson returned Saturday from tbe
Satitiam soda springs considerably improved
iu health.
Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue T J
Nelson was in town on official business tbe
first of the week.
Messrs. Jack and Jos. Hampton and the
hitter's wife came in from Paisley on a bus
iness visit last week.
Mrs. Louise Russell and Mrs. Maggie
Miller have been visiting their parents, Air.
and Mrs. J. G. Gray, this week.
Messrs. Dorris, Dav and Rice returned
from the Blue river mines Thursday. They
had a disagreeable trip on account of the
llobt. Miller, a incmbe; of the last legisla
ture and also a member elect from Jackson
county, was iu Eiifccue Thursday. Hub will
fed lonesome ni Sid. ni.
Marshal Day has been wrestling with a
full crown attack of measles this week aud
has finally succeeded in getting the best of
it. He is able to be about again.
Mr. Geo. Gibsou. formerly a resident of
S iiitliti-ld, but now residing in Crook coun
ty, iirriveilhere by way of the Military road
Wednesday, bringitig some horses with Dim.
Mr. E. K. Wheeler and wife leave a week
from next Monday for Pulouse City, W. T.,
win-re ho will engage 'n the hardware busi
ness with bis brother. Dr. Harris, of Cot
l.i'o Grove, will taku his place in Wilkius'
drug st.ire.
Mr. Geo. Millican is baik from a trip
across the mountains to Crook county. lie
reports the road in fair couilitiou.
Grass is very short iu that county, and grain
will not be over half a crop, ou uccoaut of
the long drouth. Hay was selling at 30 a.
ton at l'rineville when he left.
On account of poor health the partnership
heretofore existing between myself and Dr.
Paine has been dissolved. I have disposed
of my interest to Dr. E. D. McKetiuey, a
physician of twenly-one years practice, re
cently from Old, Nebraska. Ihe business
will be continued by Drs. Paine aud Mc
Keuney. I take this opportunity of thank
ing my friends for the patronage they have
given 'me and ask a continuance of tho Bame
to my successors whom I can heartily rec
ommend to the public as thoroughly quali
fied pbysiciaus and gentlemen.
Dr. A. W . PnATitKi:.
Ass.'.rt.inn and Rouukd.-Thursday night
whi!" Mr. Dobmn, a plasterer, was going to
bis h inn- in Christian's addition, he was
assaulted nt the Beiitley corner, on Eleventh
stive! by two (out pads, one striking him on
tho bead with a brick, and under the eye
with his fist, rendering him dazed for a few
minutes. When he recovered possession of
his faculties he foiird himself with a sore
mid bloody head, and minus $37. Ho says
one of the parties wore a cap. As he
had chau ;ed a $20 piece, and exhibited
another 20, in a store a short time btfore,
it is likely that local talent, knowing bis
route home laid in wait and did the job. The
night was very light, aud men must be des
perate wbm they do such work.
Cakb. Having decided to withdraw from
the grocery business aud go upon his farm,
C. U. Cottle oilers for sale a half interest in
tbe store kuowu as the "City Grocery." Or
should the purchaser desire, tbo entire stock
can be bought. Parlies desirous of engag
ing in grocery business should cull and get
Cottlk & Howard.
Rack. The horse race at Junction, one
quarter of a mile single dash, Thursday,
between Gray Jake, Mule Digger and the
Sirotnc mare, was e.e-ily wna by G'ay Jake
by thirty f;. t, Stro-no second. A large num-ls'-rwe".
pr.s tit and considerable money
changed hands. The race was a surprise to
everybody, 1 ' th I -vorltt s being beaten.
Pi:osmc:ino Attolnet. Official figures
give J. W. H imilton 40 majority in this tli
tiictfor Prosecuting attorney as follows:
Majorities for Hamilton: Douglas 1 10. Cos
131, Curry 11. Hufford: Lane 220; B. titon.
22. Total majorities for Hamilton 2-52; -or
Huff .nl 212.
FLOWKKS--Mrs. A. S. Patterson has a
Urse assortment of cut and other tlowers
for sale
lliev are an oi ine uuem
standard varieties. Residence, ou corut-r ci
Eighth aud High Streets.
Picnic Postponed The picnic which
w n to
have be. n held Oil Mill Creek on me
tl. ',! mid nostnoiied OU ac-
count of the weather untd Saturday, June
30th when it will be held.
Wild blackbi rrien ripe.
School books at Collier'.
Go to PrcBtou'g for your harness oil.
Ladies dress goods a specialty at Friend
ly 's.
Huckeye mowers and binders at Pritchott
A l'orku.-r's.
Coinniencenii nt exercises at the Universi
ty next week.
Candies, utits and fancy notions at Kel
8i)ii - lnj;erMoir.
Eugene will not celebrate the cowing
Fourth of July.
Henderson, Deutist.
Take your produce to the Pacific Tea Co.
and get the best prices.
See Preston's buggy harness.
Heudersou, Dentist.
The highest cash price will be paid for
wheat by F. i. Dunn
Mr. G. Pettman lias enlarged the show
windows in his store.
Portland held a citv election lust Moud.iv.
It went ltepublicau as usual.
School books of all kinds at George Coi
r's. Trice them; buy them.
A fine line of silk plushes iu all shade
and grades at F. U. Dunn's.
Go und see Preston's single harness.
For fresh fruits, oranges, lemons, bananas.
etc., go to Nelson A Ingersoll's.
Hot and cold baths every dav iu the week
at Jerry Horn's barber shop.
A uumbcr of Eugene peoiilo attended tho
race at Junction hist Thursday.
Tbe Juuctiou flour tho best Hour on the
market. Only $1 per sack at P. T. Co.
Mr Geo 1 Craw has the sole agency fr nil
brands of the celebrated Tansil Punch (,'uain.
Krausse & Kleiu have a genuine Tblo
goat button shoo tor $2.00 in nil n'wst from
I1, to 7 E. E.
Two brothers of Dr. Saubert, both of
Michigau, weut to Florence last .Monday.
They are both experienced mill rmn.
Moore's Revealed Remedy regulates and
builds up nil the organs of the human h.vs
tem. Sold by Eugene Druggists.
Nelson a Iugcrsoll keeps tbo best assort
ment of cigars and tobaccos in Eugene. Sole
agents for the celebrated Monogram cigars.
Bcttmnu will take all kinds of produce,
eggs, bacon, butter, chickeus nnd everything
at better prices thau anyone else in towu.
For jour infant und children shoes go to
Krausse & Klein; they have them in all
kinds und styles, and prices that will sur
prise you.
Davis, the tailor, has just Teceivcd a larce
stock of imported und domesi ic goods of the
latest hprtng and Summer styles. Call and
examine bis stock.
L dies call at liettmau's and see his fine
a.sor u'ent of kid glove arrived direct
from the factory. Latest shades will be
sold ut a great bargain.
Studeuts, go to Krausse & Kleiu for vour
fine dress shoes us they have more fine shoes
to select front than any Louse iu Lane
county, aud at all prices.
Last Sunday morning's tra in arrived at 8
p. m., and was ouo of tho heaviest trams
that ever passed over the load. There were
eleven coaches and they wer all crowded.
W T. Kaysor, Luue County auctioneer.
batistaction. ptiaranteed wittier by jot) or
coniiuissio!. Address at Euyene or call at
my resideiwe six miles west of Eugene. a2li
KrnnsHo it Klein bav just received the
finest $ I kid. shim over brought to
Eugene. Ladies call and soe them. We
have them iu Opera aud French toes.
Prof. C. E. Limbert, formerly connected
with the Slate University as a professor, re
signing to iierform ministerial work, is now
hil's-'m! teachinc ut Fruit Vale, a suburb of
Oakland, Cul.
Hy using only the best materials t.o be had,
and having had years of uctual experience
under the best iutttrnetion, enables Hender
son. Dentist, to obtain the fiuest results
known in Dentistry.
"Old Kinc Cole was a jolly old sonl," so
are those who buy their spring suits of East
land & Wilson. Their prices ure the lowest;
their goods are best. In a cueap or nigu
priced suit they can accommodato you.
Mr. Jo. Davis reports a small cycltmo at
his place at the Upper McKenzie bridge liwU
Sunday. It crossed the river, raising a col
niun of water as high as the top of tho
bridge, dropping it on the bank making a
report like thunder.
St. John asks the question, "Are you for
the saloon or the home." The answer given
in "you bet your lite." But when you are
asked whnro you can get the best goods nnd
p rices on tea, coffee, groceries. On sale at
tlie Pacific Tea Co., Cor Uth and Oak streots.
The Churtcr Oak is tho best stove manu
factured. It is the pride of every house,
hold. Messrs. Starr aud Vandonburg have
recently received from the manufactory at
St. Louis a car loud of them, which they are
offering at very low prices. Call aud exam
ine them.
School report of District No. 33: Those
not absent during the month commencing
May 7th and ending June 1st were, Villa
Taylor, Maud Howard. Nellie Howard, Mat
tie Fountain, Charley Taylor, James T'iylor,
Frankte Taylor, James Drips and Jessie
Fountain. Iula Bradley, Teacher.
A conple of rope walking fakirs held out
on tbo street iu front of Matlock's corner
Tuesday afternoon and evening. Tbey be
came abusive because the citizens refused to
put np, and in the evening took down their
rope before giving an exhibition. Such
performances should not bo allowed ou the
The folowing is a correct mport of tho dis
trict school iu District No. 85, for the month
ending ending June the 8th: Louisa Sitckow
Us; Minnie McPberson 97; Lizzie nber-
z. t(el!8J: Lester Mcpherson HO; Georg
Suckow 'Jy, ; Bertie McBee 91; John Hab-
erzettell 95; Alva McPhersen 9C, nnd Elmer
McBee 90. Maby Lo retz, Teacher.
There is some talk at government head
quarters of having all the land oflice bus
iness that is now done at the offices of the
clerks done ut the land offices themselves.
Shonld such an order be made the proving
up won Id have to be mud at the Itosebnrg
hind otlice. instead or at the county clerk :
office in this city. But as to that nothing 1
definite is known as yet.
The r-iipening of tho kindergarten the"
com ini( isii, win tiepenu on tue amnnnt oi
ntroiiitc;e that Can be secured in advance, j,'
in fore July 1st, 1HS8: Tuition in tbe kin-?
dergarteu. morning se- ion. f 3 per mouth. (
Tuition in the primary school, afternoon us- j
sum $1 er montn. l't rents and others in
teregte l, w ill phase adi lre the nnderigm d t
before the above date. II. L. Earns, (
Eng. no City, Or.
Why yes T-Tea-T. We ask you to note ;
that we carry the Urgi it and best stock of 1
Tt a sooth cf Portland. We buy direct from j
the imort'T. We alliv yon lo ir, butt or j
I mi".U wb it yon buy, or will give you a nam- .
! pie lo let yon find ont just what kind you
want. All favorite and tried brands alwsys
m stock. I ner i ui v me uimn-ironi -j
cts np. hiu'wiutii mua uu iremi ki
of groceries, etc
Pacific Tka Co.
A marriage lieaoso was issued this week to
C. Strome aud Jennie Smith.
The show windows iu Krausse & Klein's
shoe store have been enlarged.
Several communications unavoidably
i crowded out; will appear next week.
Saiu'l Llvesly of Scuttle purchased sever
al car loads of hops here this wet k.
The O. A- C. It. R. will hereafterbe known
as the Southern Pacific Co's Lines,
Eugene will not celebrate the Fourth of
July. Go to Junction and help them out.
i The millinery store belonging to Mrs. N.
Fitch was closed under attachment the first
of the week..
F. W. Osbum will build a resident' on
Wilhime t street south of tho public school
building this summi-.
A portrait of Emery E. Burke, enlarged
from a photograph, is ou e'.hiliitiou iu
Peteis' show window.
Horace Knox w rites to a frieud that he is
not totally blind but almost, and bus been so
since last fall. I le hopes to get better.
Hon. B. J. Pengra, formerly of this enmi
ty, will deliver the Fourth of July oratiou at
Big Meadows, Crook county, Oregon.
Krausse ,V Klein have the finest old ladies'
shoe, just the th'ng for tender feet in glove
nnd kangaroo, kid in luce und congress.
Farmers, if juu want a good working
boot or shoe go to Krausse A- Klein, as
they are selling them at prices to suit the
The O. It. & N. Co. intend operating tugs
at tuo mouth of the Columbia river at onto.
Tbe present chatges will be reduced fifty
per cent.
Any person having the Pacillo Blood
Horse running rules liclougiug to the Agri
cultural Society, will please return the same
to the Secretary.
A Colfax paper savs that IF. F. Stratton.
of Furiuington, W, T., has discovered a sand
stone quarry iu that Motion which will be
worth much money.
Krausse & Klein carry tho largest assort
ment in ladies, opera and Oxford ties and
button slippers of any house in Eugene at
prices from !M)c tip wants.
Florence will duly celebral the Fourth of
July. S. W. Condou will deliver the
oration. An excursion ou the bay aud a ball
iu tho evening will be features of th oc
casion. We have received a copy of the American
Encyclopaedia of general information from
Mr. J. B. Hill tho ngent. It is replete with
valuable information for the farmer, me
chanic and laborer.
The people of Junction City have made up
liberal purses for a shooting match at chiy
blackbirds ou the Fourth of July. Un
doubtedly the sportsmen will bo present and
compete for the championship.
W. F. Matlock received a telegram from
Cass Mutlock,' Saturday, which stated that
Repetta had won that day at Kansas City a
three quarter mile dash, time 1.15',', with
the betting two to one against her. E. ().
Avoid the use of calomel for bilious com
plaints. Ayer's cathartio pills, entirely veg
etable, have been tested forty years, aud are
acknowledged to be th best remedy for
torpidity of the liver, costivencss and iudi
gestiou. ..
There will be no Kervices at the Baptist
church Sunday morning, th congegution
uniting in the seivices at the Uuiversity.
The pastor will preach in the evening on
"The Unturned Cake." Baptism at close of
Ayer's Sarsnparilla operates radically upon
the blood, thoroughly cleansing and invigor
ating it. As a safe and absolute cure for the
various disorders caused by constitutional
taint or infection, this remedy has no equal.
Take it this mouth.
The GihhI Templars met iu Portland this
week with a small attendance. Tbe follow
ing grand officers were elected: J. W. Webb,
W. C. T.; J E Knox, G C; MrsE J Robin
son, G V T; Iter W G Simpson, G Sec; W
S James, Treas. The next session of tho
grand lodge will be held at Salem.
Mr gie Jacoby, a daughter of David Jaco
by living about twelve miles above Eugene
on Ihe Middle Fork, war thrown from a
horse Tuesday of last week, while returuiug
from school, unfortunately breaking one of
her legs above the kneo. Dr. Thompson
set the injured member aud the sutrurer is
getting along well.
Representative Herrmann has presented
to the postmaster goucirl a petition
from cit:zcns of Lane county, Oregou, ask
for tho establishment of a mail route from
Glententa, along the Siuslaw river, to Wolf
creek, nt which point, Mr. Hermann asked
for the establishment of a postollico and the
njipoiniiiu-nt of A, T. Coudray as postmas
ter. The Military Itoad.
Tlc attention of th business men and the
citizens of Eugene has heretofore been called
to the condition of the Military rood, loading
from Kugeaa to South-eastern Oregoj, and
tho necessity of doing something to aid in
its inijiioveuio'it. With a good road, a large
sectimi iof ontntry across tue mountains
wouM 'nivjine tributury to Eugene, and even
with the rir&d irf it is, thousands of dollars
of trade come here yearly. Tun-could be
multiplied if the citizens would place the
road in u sato und passablo condition. Afler
leaving the Big Prairie there is a stretch of
hIm nit thirty miles of road, with no settlors
to keep tho same in repair. A few hundred
dollars economically expended would repair
g rades and bridges so thut travel would be
reasonably accommodated. A resident of
"Paisley who is in Eugene this week pur
chasing his years' supplies, amounting to
several hundred dollars, informs us that this
is the Inst time he will come here unless the
road is repaired. He will tuke the longer
route to the railroad iu California before
risking the Military road. Eugene cannot
afford to lose the trade she gains from thut
section which cun be largely increased, for
tbe sake of saving a few dullurs.
The attention of tbe business men and the
Board of Trade of Eugene is called to the
condition of this road, and the necessity of
prompt action in procuring means to repair
that section where no settlers reside.
University Music Department.
The music department of the Uuiversity
ol Oregon will hold the graduating exercises
Monday evening. Misses Rose Midgley and
Aii-t tu Kindlon, both of Eugene City, ar
th grsduutes: The following is tbo pro
grn ;:i nit-:
iitb-t 1st Symphony, "Adagio Mollo, Alle
Con Brio, Andante Beethoven
So'. "VuUe Brilliant"' Ah M.ij.Moskowski
Miss Sukltoh.
Toad Solo "When the Heurt is loung . . .
...Dudley Buck
Miss Katr Dokbis
c . (a, Aux Bonis du Gsnge.. Heller
(b, Nocturne. Op. 37, No. 2. .Chopin
Mws MnxiLf.Y.
Duet "Trust in God," Melnotte
Vocal Duet "A Night in Venice.".. Arditli
Mi-sn Kate Doums and Mrs. S. W. Condom.
. I a. Polonaise, Op. 40, No. 1 .Chopin
fc '" ( b. Gondoliers Liszt
Mis Khkitok.
fvj'.i. "Le Dernier Soulier,".. .Wul'.eLhaupt
Miss Midgut.
The Celebration at Junction.
The patriotic citiaeus of Junction propose
to celebrate tb coming 4th in appropriate
manner. The oflicer ar as follows:
President, Hon. J. A. Biisbiull; Vice
Presidents: Hon. U I. Caldwell ot Junc
tion, Hon. Allen Bond of Irving, Hon. R.
B. ('oehrau of Eugene, Hon. 8. G. f liomp.
on of Monroe. Hon J P Schooling of Har-
risburg, Hon. J. E. Butler of Smithtb ld;
Grand Marshal, Col. F. W. Folsom; Aides:
J. P. Milhoru. II. S. II laud, 1. N.Edwards,
and F. T. Morris
Orator lion. H. Y. Thompson, of Port
land. Reader Airs. G. S. Washburue, of Eu
gene. r noon a mm it .
The proccssiou will lie formed at 10 A. M.
sharp on Greenwood street, right resting on
Sixth street. Order of procession 1, Tan
gent Brass Butid; 2, President and Orator;
3, Chaplain and Render; 4, City Council;
5, Lilierty Cur; fi, Cilienson foot; 7, Mon
roe Brass Band ; 8 Ladles on HorseWk.
Line of March Up Greenwood to 4th, (nun
4th to Front, down Front to Avenue, theuce
to tho Grove, Exercises 1, Prayer; 2,
National Air by Glee Club; 3, Reading Dec
laration of Independence; 4, Musio bv
Band; 5, Oration; (I, Music by Bund; 1,
Basket Dinner; 8, Toasts and Musio. After
noon's Amusements Sack Racing, Fat
Man's Ruce ami horse race.
Plug iiglies nt 4 p. m . A grand ball will
be given at Buber's Hall iu the evening. Re
duced rates ou railroad (are from Albany to
Eugene and intermediate points.
The tinging of the flrebell and the cry of
"fire" aroused our citizens hist Tuesday
morning at hal,' past one o'clock. Before
any one could arrive at tho scene of the fire,
th house occupied as a resilience oy Chas.
Nelson, on tho corner of Sixth aud Oak
streets, was entirely iu (lames, so that
it was impossible to save any of tho house
hold furuuure. Th tire department was
on hand, not very p'tmiptly, however,
but the (lames had gamed such headway
(hey could render no assistance. The house
was owned by Harry Perriuo, and was insured
for $500. Nr. Nelson had $500 insurance on
household furniture wh'ch will not cover his
loss. Mrs. Nelson was absent on a visit to
Easteru Oregon, and Mr. Nelson had gone
to Florence, slart'iig ou tho stag Monday
morniug. The fire was undoubtedly of in
cendiary origin, as thero hud beeu no tire
used iu th house for several day previous.
The first parties at th fire found on ot the
back door open. They succeeded in sav
ing a chest of tools from (he woodshed.
Coltaye drove Items.
June 20, 18M8.
ltonds muddy iu June.
Wild blackberries are beginning to ripen.
Mr. Ben Kueuy left for Portland ou the
18th inst.
Messrs. W. H. and T. M. Medley Uft
hero on the llth for Albany.
Several of our citizens attended (he Ma
sonic Grniid Lodge at Portland last week.
Miss Anna Houck, of Albany, came to this
place lust wek. She expects to give les
sons iu instrumental musio fui a time.
Mrs. Win. Bogart und Mr. Geo. Myrtle, of
Coburg, were visiting at Mr. Abe Bogurt's
near Royal Saturday und Sunday.
For Sale.
An Osbum twine binder wood frame, for
sale cheap for cash or will exchange for farm
stock, at Springtie Id Oregon.
June 15-41- John Kki.i.v
Accidknta lly SiioT. Mr. Ed. McBoe, of
tho McKenzie, while hunting with a party
on the summit of tho Cascadn mountains
last Saturday, had the misfortune to acci
dentally shoot himself iu the lower right
arm shuttering one of the bones. He had
placed his rille under tbe wngon la I'le neu
clothing, nnd while) arranging tho bed the
gun was discharged. Ho did not get home
until Thursday, when Dr. Hhelto.i dressed
the wound and hot the bone. He thinks the
arm can bo saved. Had it not bcn cold
weather, most probably Mr. McBee would
have lost his life.
Died. Willie, aged (wo and ono-half
years, son of Mr. and Mrs, J. D. Matlock,
died last Sunday of diphtheria and was in
terred in (ho Pleasant Hill cemoleiy Mon
day. Three mote of Mr. Matlock's children
are sick with (ho same disoase, two of them
convalescing, the other ono at this writing,
Friday noon, being dangerously ill. Air.
nnd Mis. Matlock have the sympathy of (he
entire community in their nlllictiou.
New Hotel.--Mr. A. W. Haskell bus
leased the hotel formerly kept by Mr.
O'Brien, opposite the Gl'aiiI) office, and will
In tbe future conduct it uimur tlie name oi
the Minnesota Hotel. Mr. Haske'l has
thoroughly cleaned aud renovated the house,
naiuting und repairing the same. Ho will
furnish substantial board and cleanly lodg
ings. A MrsTAEE. It has been reported some
places in tho county that diphtheria is prev
aleu( in Eugene, This is a mistake. There
is only one fi.mily u'llicted with it, and 'but
family is strictly quarantined, and no fear
need be enterlumed of the disease spreading.
riiirn A aim nf Tlf. TT V. llil Mrs. F.. C
MoCorjsck died in Eugeuo City, Saturday
Jan. 10, 1888, aged 1 yiur auti 7 months.
j. tie interment took piacu air mo siusonic
cemetery ilonuay.
Robbed. A trunk was robbed of 111.25
in the resilience of Mr. vY, B. Goodman one
afternoon the first of (he, while the
family were iu another room in the house.
No clue to the robber.
Married.--In Eugene City, June 20, 1888,
U... 1." I" 11,,, ..!..,.,.., lr n Stroma
aud Miss Jeuuie Smith, all of Lane county,
VoTicc There is no noinmiiniction
whatever between J. D. Matlock! s store and
resilience, and no fear need be entertained
of the disease being spread.
Henry McGinn, Prosecuting attorney of
Multnomah county, assunltod Rev. Uiskell
in Portland lust week. lie was arrested and
fined $10 aud costs.
Since cherries have beeu ripe, the students
that walk upon Ihe street see very familiar
beads and huts peeking out of tree tops and
dodging over the roofs of houses, sheds aud
shanties. Oil Willamette street we saw as
sembled npon one woodshed representatives
from every class, Freshman, Sophomore,
J union, und the white hat ot a Senior,
Wonder why so many of our students should
desire to Kit in such high places? May be
this is on enigma or s conundrum.
Ada Suari-les Editor
Mr. Anderson visited (ho Uuiversity last
Teacher: "What kind of a volume is this?"
Pupil: "Why a pyramid of coue."
Scene down town; ono professor starting
off with another's hat on. Tim other pro
fessor: "If yon have not go( a hat I'll buy
yon one."
The groups of girls thnt have been guther.
ing in the different halls havo eVridcd that
th heat names for the twins nro Bi uj.uiiiua
and Beiijatinn.
One of the Latireans did uot know it was
twenty minutes to ten, p. in., when ho weut
lo make a call.
Tho last two terms have bi en prosperous
ones for tho society. Our numWrs have
been slowly increasing. 'We fi el proud that
we were able (o give nil open session .
Last Saturday evening some of the stu
dents were pleasant')- entertained by tbe Y.
W. C. T. U at Lane's Hall. They ' tii.d to
march to Jerusalem but all fell by the way.
1st Enlaxian: "Are you goiug to be at
society in-day?"
2nd Eutiixiuii: Yes, but I shall have to go
home first, for tbe mail from the south has
just como in and I am expecting a letter."
She got It.
We had a good debate Friday. It was tho
evolution qiiestiou and to mako it interest
ing, tho speakes read Hcientiflii names and
then showed us tho pictures of tho animals
they were talking about.' The missing link,,
tho survival of the fittest and the like were
discussed; but for all that the president de
cided that wo were uot evolved from a inou
key. At last meeting of the society Ida Hen
dricks read Romeo und Juliet (altered);
Elvit Galloway spoke Flossy Lane's Mar
riage. Question: Resolved, That the Dar
win theory of evolution is proved beyond a
doubt. Affirmative, Fannie Condon, Anna
Roberts; negative, Melisss Hill, Nellie
Snodgrass. Question decided in favor of
The faculty, by way of deciding the ac
ceptance of an excuse a young lady offered
for her absence from recitation directed one
of the professors to inquire concerning the
matter of bis son. When be undertook to
interview the young mini ha was only told
the story alsmt tbe man "who msile money,
by minding his owu business."
As tho Eutaxinns were expecting visitors
to Ihe society Friday, they cleaned up Ihe
hall aud thus relieved the Lsureau Ser-geant-at-arms
of Ibis laborious task. The
neatness with which the room has been
kept for Ihe past (wo weeks shows plainly
bow weary he is. Wo hope not to find the
hall in the same plight when we meet to ad
journ for the summer.
In the catalogue for this year we notice
that the English course is to be called the
Literary, and th new course is lo bo called
the English, Also that th.' liiiine of Vena
E. Adair has been accidentally omitted. It
must bo humiliating to those students who
are able to recite with the advanced class to
see their name placed year nfter year among
the preparatory students, because they can
not arrange themselves iuto tho regular
We nro not going to mention any names
but "murder will out." We heard about a
boat rido Saturday. Two lassies (they were
not Eulaxiaus) and a laddie (a Luuresn.)
They evidently thought Ihe rainy season was
over, for they arrayed themselves in summer
costumes and marched forth lo meet the
laddie, who sat on the fence waiting for
them. They took Ihe rids but alas, it poured
and ere they returned they were . We
are uot going to tell any more, only Jerry
had to go np the back stairs for fear some
nun would seo him, aud Kate had the sore
throat. At parting they said, "when shall
we three meet again in thunder, lightning
and rain."
As nono of the Into w inds have come from
Ihe West, whence only tin zephyrs, bow.
ever gentle blow, we have failed lo have the
answer lo that said enigma w hispered in our
ear. Had Ihe Laurean editor deposited tho
key to his enigma with the clouds, we are
stirs it would no have missed us, or with
some of the gules or breeze that have been
coming from the south and south east, then
we should have hnd lo held our bieath and
listened to it. We have not intentionally
omitted the work on this enigma, nor meant
in any way to slight it, but as has beon
noticed in the Journal, we have been' forced
to use the time to secure our "hay" crop,
which this yoar has been immense. We
will now postpone the next issue of the col
umn until we have had time to solve it,
should it tuko 'till Fall.
On behalf of both the students of the Uni
versity and our society, In this the last issue
of the column for this year, wo bid adieu to
all thoso among us who are not again to as
semble as students in theso halls, and also to
the teacher who has guided and (ruarded so
many of ns in our beginning 'as students
heru through the most important step of all,
the first tu teach how and what lo learn. We
know we havo worn and worried hor and
thnt she has richly earned the rest she goes
to take, aud down in our hearts, we are glua
for her thut she can havo it, yet we shall
miss her sadly. The University can never
seem the same to those who have been the
longest students here without her. Whore
ever sho may go sho takes our kindest ,
wishes for her health and happiness. Our
seuiors, too, we know will nevermingle with
us again as students, as this has always been
so, we thought we were accustomed to it,
yet on Saturday last, when in the usual
urdor, it fell to our lot to gather greens
with which to deck the auditorium appro
priate to their leave taking, the fact that it
is so, was so apparent that it filled the Jun
ior class with sadness, At our banquet that
lay, taken seated on the ground and eaten
with the relish that only hard work gives,
we could not give th toast to the Seniors
that we had expected as we had no fire by
which to make it, so instead we consumed
largely for that purpose pulverized crackers
and cold biscuit, then drank to tbwir health
of cold water from one tin cup. Then the
song that we sang, was "Seniors thon art
mild and lovelv, gentle as tbe summer's
breeze," after which we finished filling our
lumber wagon with cedar and then, lame and
tired, got in ourselves and weut "rattling our
bones over the stone like the pauper whom
nobody owns," all the way home. Now
that it has come lo the last, we are lorry
that in common with all the other editors,
we have fall, n into the habit of picking at
the Seniors in order lo find matter with
which to fill our column. They are onr
honor class, and in the last year that we are
to have them with us, we surely ought to .
find some better wsy to show them our
respect, nor is it as hruve as it is safe, for
they have most of tbem served their time as
editors aud have lost thtir chance to fling at
us again. When we come to consider, it is
a thing thnt should , not be allowed, and la
order to atone as fur as we can snd make
amends for what we have done, we will
promise (though it be a thing most bard to
do) that dining the remainder of our oflice
e will let the Senior class alone even if we
do not have an item, and if our example
should induce tbe coming editors lo do Ihe
same, if only for oue year, we will feel richly
paid fur resisting this great temptation. .