The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, March 10, 1888, Image 1

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NO. 43
, i . t. v. .
Zt iSuijciu (L'itti (Guard.
; i.' il oamHwll, $
Juli,ile ! Sroin'i(tor.
lll'TICK On the East side f Willamette
iret,letw,;aa Seventh Eighth Streets.
) er annum
Six Months
Ihree months....
? 2 IM)
, L25
, ' .75
Advertisements inserted as follows:
One square, ten Hues or less one insertion $3;
each subsequent insertion $1. Cah required
'Vmie advertisers will be cliaryit at tiie fol
lawing rates:
C;ie wiunre three months u JHJ
(Me square six months 00
One square one year . u w
Transient notices iu local ciluiun, 20 a nts
per line tor each insertion.
Advertising bills will be rendered quarterly.
AH job work must be paid ton on nrxivERY.
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law,
V of the Second Judicial District and in
he Supreme Court of this State.
Sptcial attention given to collections and
matters in probate
-Attorney and Counsellor at Law, -
L this State. . Will give special attention
to collections and probate matters.
()KKli'E--Over Hendrick k Eakiu's bauk.
Washburne & Woodcock
OFFICE At the Court House. 1vSra3
a w. COS DOS.
AUoriicys-sit-Irfiu, -
OFFICE Over Robinson & Church's hardware
"ceo. m. filler,
.Lttjrnj and Cciinslor-at-Law, and
Real Estate Agent.
OlTice formerly occupied by Thompson &
Special attention given to Probate business
and Abstracts of Title.
Omen Over Grange Store.
Physician and Surgeon.
Wilkin's Drug Gtore.
Residence on Fifth street, where Dr She'ltou
onnerly resit led
V idence when not professionally engaged.
Kesldence on Eighth street, opposite Presby
'wu Church.
Courts of the State.
Special attention given to real estate, col
ectinsy, and probate matters.
Collecting ail kinds of claims against the
United States Government.
Office in Walton's brick rooms 7 and 8.
Farms, Improved and Unimproved Towu
property for sale, on cay terms.
Property Eentsd and Rents C:llected,
The Insurance Companies I represent are
among the Oldest ami most Reliable, and in
the Prompt ninlEtjnTAn? r. adjustment of th-ir
es Stand Second to None.
A share of your patronage is solicited.
Office up stairs, over the Granv'e Store.
Merchant Tailor.
Street opposite the Star taker?, when
h is prpwt to do all kind .f work uffered
in his line.
A Urge st-ck of Flue Cloths on hand f
onstninrr to select frnin.
On, of our i.ilti, i the cnttin; and
a;ui nf Ladle 'l.vk,
Repairint and cle.uiiii; done uroniotly. Rat
Isfacti.iD (riinintwL
Eo2i Sox. 6, lit.. U
Day & He n dersqnv
House iu Eugene. Corner 7tlrand-Wil. Sts
e " ( i. i vy
X i! . ii
hW V
McClung I Johnson
Sob Agents for
Jwi We are still at the old reliable "Umnt'8 Store,"
1"m andean sell you anything that you want to eat
Jj'j or wear,
Cheaper Than
Wmm BB0S.
Have removed to
Marx' new building.
They have a complete dock Of
Watches, Clock, Jewelry & Musical Instruments.
A larsc invoice of ('hrisliiaas goods.
MS BARKER. Expert Gun
bmith Stock of Guns and Am
munition on hand,
E I'd! EXE - - - ORECOX.
C. Marx.
Barber Shop and Bath Rooms,
Hot and cold baths always ready dining
(ha week.
T f Yv o e. iat ,re 'retf ul Peevish,
AjVWjWT cross, or troubled with
Windy Colic, Teething Pains, or
Stomach Disorders, can be relieved
at once by using Acker's Baby Soother.
It contains no Opium or Morphine,
hence is safe. Price 25 cents. Sold by
Onburn & Co, Eilu'ene.
OF1ICE: At Conrt Honso, CouulT Sur"
Tiyor's room. "
I o:Ter for H-i!e 4'xlW feel biivinrss proper-
ty on Villiim tie stteet, on which the buyer
can double his money aitliiu two years.
Geo. U. MtuJCB.
A 1
Eugens City,
the Cheapest.
K. It. Cochran & Son,
Real Estate Agents.
i:u iic City, Oregon.
Will nttend to gfuerul Real Estate business
such us buying, Belling, leasing and renting
faruiRKiid city property, etc. Office on suulfi
side of Ninth street.
Land Omce at Rospburo, Oit, 1
.fan. 31, 1KK8. f
i.1 thefiil!owin(( iiauied settler has filed no
tice of his intention to make final proof in sup
port of his claim, and that sr id proof will be
made before th judi;e or clerk of the county
court of Lane Co., (Jr.. at Kuen) City. Or.,
on Saturday, March 17, 1HH8, vii: Enos .Ioubs,
Homestead Entry No. -Hi79 for the S W 1-4 of
ec. 6, Tp. 13 .S, K 1 West. W M.
lie nmnri the following witnesses, to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, via: James Uallve, Kliiah
Gum, Chris (!roscr, Squire Cain, all of Jas
)er, Jne Co., Or.
Chas. W. Johnston, RttiKter.
H. F. McCornack, M. D.
Delinquent Tax Notic;.
i Notice is her bv given to all owing tsxes,
now delinquent, tint (he Comity Court ut its
late session -red fie to collect the smiik
.forthwith. Tins in then fnre to noti'y nl
, cone rin d (lint if they wi-ta ti save rosi.
tliey luu-t cuinu li'ruar.l ht nice and puj
the same or 1 will bo oliijcl to proceed
agiiBAt them b nlly.
J. M. bixiAif, Sheriff Lane Co.
Clminplnii Short Hanil U'rltrr.
ilr. A. fc. White, the well know n author
of " Whito's rbonograpliy," famous as
the Champion Shorthand V'riter of the.
World, received tho first pHes in the in
tomationsl oontcata at London, EdinburKh.
Paris and Berlin ; he came near being per ,
manently disabled by rheumatism. His
recoTery by the uso of a remedy infallible
- in curing rbfuinai win and all btood disc isra
Is told iu a letter from his" efllfiO, .02 Wah
bgton st, Chicago, dated Juno 20, ltftj.-
lie writes: . ., .1"
Your remedy has done -woridnrftd er ,
ico for me. lor the past five vesxs l ,
ihaTo been troubled with rhcumalio pains. ,
"My riht huud had become alinet mho- "
less and 1 was gradually losinfr speed nn a
hnrthand writer. A friend of mine, Dr.
Dcderirh, advised rue of your remedy. I
used a dozen bottle of S. S. and am now
entirely recovered. I shall never ceae to
commend your excellent medicines, and
wish you much success.
"Yours truly, A. S. White "
And here is another witness:
"Benton, Ark., August, a.'nh, 1887.
" Last spring I was dan-forously utllicted
with erysipelas, and my life was despaired
of by my physicians. As a lust hope I
t tried S. S. S. and soon fuund relief, and
in twoweks was able to nttend to my
business. 1 used five bottles.
"S. II. WiTTiirtnsE,Ed. SniineCytiw
Treatiso on Blood and Skin. Diseases
mailod freo. Tin: Swift SrLcu'ic Co,
Druwer 3, Atlanta, G.i.
vVhat Is It?""
That produces Unit beautifully poft com
plexion and leaves no traces of its applica
tion or injurious effects? The Answer, Wis
dom's Ilobertine accomplishes all this, and
in pronounced by Indies of taste and refine
ment to be the most delightful toilet article
ever -produced. Warranted harmless and
matchless. V. II. WilkiuH, agent, Eugene
Delays are Dangerous.
You say, well, 'tis only a slight cold, look
out, it may lead to an inflamation of the linint'
ing of numerous air cells of the Lung this' is
Pneumonia. Or to spasmodic contractions of
the fibres of the air passages, which is Asthma:
or the inflamation of the lining membrane of
the throat and tubes which pass through the
Lun'H, which in the first stnge is called Bron
chitis, ami may lead to consumption. Santa
Abie is delicious in flavor, certain and perfect
in its result. A few doses will relieve, a thor
ough treatment cure the above named diseases.
Kvery Imttle warranted by all druggists.
Fon Sai.k. A lot of nice abow-caKes. as
good as new, at
K. R. Luckky. & Co 8.
Lambert & Henderson are the solo agents
for the celebrated Superior stoves. Take
your wife mid look at thera.
Santa Abio soothes and bonis the . mem
branes of the ll roat and lungs when ' poison-
oned aud inflamed by disease. It prevents
night sweats find tightness across the chest,
cures coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia,
whoopinc-congb and all other tbront una
lung troubles. Ho other medicine is so suc
cessful in curing imsul caturrh ns Califor
nia ( at-11 Cure, llio enormous and urn-casing
demands for theso standard California
remedies confirm their merits. Sold and ab-
sc lutely guaranteed by ull dnig;;ists ut $1 a
package ilireeloi ?2.!jU. .
harm for bale.
I have for sale 220 acres of land know u as
the Gilfilaii farm: 25 a res good timber and
the remiiiiider all prai ie. All nndor fence;
good hoiine and barn; good orchard and
other improvements. The place has an
abundance of good spring water and is sit
uated one. fourth mile from the Pleasant
Hill Hch'iol house, one of the best school
districts in the county For further particu
ai-s apply to T. O. Hkkdbioks.
t .
Day and Night
During an acute attack of Bronchitis, a
' ceaseless tickling in the throat, and an
exhausting, hacking cough, ulllict the
sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great
prostration follows. This disease is also
attended with Hoarseness, and some
times Loss of Voice, It is liable to be
come chroiyc, involve the lungs, and
terminate fatally. Ayer's Cherry Pecto
ral affords speedy relief and cure in cases
of Bronchitis. It controls the disposition
to cough, and Induces refreshing sleep.
I have been a practising physician for
twenty-four years, and, for the past
twelve, have suffered from annual at
tacks of Bronchitis. After exhausting
all the usual remedies
Without Relief,
I trfed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It
effected a speedy cure. O. Stoveall,
M. V., Carrollton, Miss. '
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral la decidedly the
best remedy, within my knowledge, for
chronic Bronchitis, and all lung diseases.
M. A. Rust, M. V., South Paris, Me.
I was attacked, last winter, with a
severe Cold, which grew worse and
settled on lny Lungs. Bynight sweats
I was reduced almost to a skeleton. My
Cough was incessant, and I frequently
spit blood. My physician told me to
give up business, or I would not live a
month. After taking various remedies
without relief, I was Anally
Cured By Using
two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
I am now in perfect health, and able to
resume business, after having beeti pro
nounced incurable with Consumption.
8. P. Henderson, Saulsburgh, Pemu
For years I was In a decline. I had
weak lungs, and suffered from Bron
chitis and Catarrh. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral restored me to health, und I have
been for a long time comparatively vig
orous. In case of a sudden cold I always
rettort to the Pectoral, and And speedy
relief. Edward E. Curtis, Rutland, Vt.
Two years ago I suffered from a severe
Bronchitis. The physician attending
roe became fearful that the disease would
terminate in Pneumonia. After trying
various medicines, without benefit, be
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
which relieved me at once. I continued
to take this medicine, and was cured.
Ernest Colton, Logantport, lad. ft
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prepared by Or. J. C. Ayer k Co., Lowell, Has.
Bold ky all DrogfiJU. Price V, all boUl, .
Di trrloration of Wheat I "
It has been said that wheat in Oregon is
deteiioratiDg. Geo, Belshnw shows con
clusively (hat this is due to impot feet cul
ture, and Marving the plant by impoverish.
Ing the soil not to sowing the same kind of
wheat.'' Wheat, like stock, is improved by
proper sslectiou of seed and by strong feed
ing or enriching the anil. We give our read'
era tho following, biksn frun the Farmer
and Dairyman: . . rl j '
' Now for a practical proof of tin abovs, I
have about twenty varieties that, I have been
growing about twenty years; fifty' more
about ten years, and thirty more about five
years. - One-half of these are wiuter and the
other, spring .varieties.. . Two-thirds are
white, (he others are red iu color. ' These I
have obtained from different jconutries and
other localities, but few of tbse ; mail a
good sample short of 'three )nrs' growth.
These wheats I have raised on the samo
fields the whole time, and they are now
what we might pronouure as perfect
wheats, and those persons that saw them at
the lute State fair ut Salem would believe
this to be true. Again, at the) last World's
fair held at New Orleans in 18W these same
varieties grown upou the same soil for
twenty years gained the first premiums fur
tho best spring and wiutar wheat of any
class or locality meutioued; also the same
us to those for which diplomas were sent
me, making seven entries on wheats and
taking first premiums on the whole. Again,
at the two world's fairs, Philadelphia and
Paris, same kinds raised on the same soil
drew the lirst premiums and gold nmdal over
all others. The grains of these sunie varie
ties are larger now and huvfi been improving
in size and color for several years. Why is
this? Because they are now butter adapted
to the soil and climate, the more perfect the
wheat matures, the better the yield, hence
more, and a better gradt of Hour is made to
the bushel. Tho Willamette valley land and
climate is probably better adapted to raising
a superior quantity of wheat than auy other
country. Twenty years ago it was counted
nothing uncommon to raise twenty, thirty
or forty bushels per acre, and what is the
average now? '1 ha last four or live years
from sixteen to eighteen bushels; inking the
average of all the statu is only ubout twelve
bushels per acre. And the average of wheat
in England is from twenty eight to thirty
bushels;- why is this difference? ' Because
they keep the soil up to its proper richness
by a better management; while we, in Amer
ica, let it go down by raising wheat after
wheat without any rest, manuring, rotation
of crops, or fertilizing; hence the wheat and
llour deteriorate. Look all aronnd to our
lauds in general, how they produce to what
they did fifteen years ago; many fields one
third cockle and wild outs, hardly auy of it
merchantable until run through a good
clenutr; straw Bhort, heuce the heads and
grains diminished in size, and, of course,
the flour affected in quality and quantity. The
farmers have been changing seed continually
for years and their wheats to-duy are not as
good as fhny were twenty years ago. I have
lately received twelve new varieties from the
exhibition at Chicago, raised iu the adjoin
ing States for premiums at the show, and
not one sample is equal to the screenings of
my wheat raised here for twenty years,
Wheat will not deteriorate providing the
soil is kept up to its proper richness, but
will improve by being acclimated.
Marion County Suicide.
Tuesday afternoon a young mau mimed
Simmons committed suicide ou Howell prai
rie, Marion county, in a novel manner. He
was plowing in a tio acre field and some time
between 2 and 4 o'clock, just after starting
on bis return across the field from the
eastern boundary, he unhitchi d two of the
three horses, lied one end of a halter strap to
ihe doubletrees and the other about his neck
iu a slip-noose, und ufter wulkiug a few
steps, Jelibenttely law down and allowed
himself to be dragged to death. 'The aul
was seen by no one, and the discovery of the
commission of the awful act was first made
by two young men, Preston Wood aud John
leffersou, who were passing ihiougb an ad
joining pasture in search of oattle, aud
whose attention wus attracted by the ap
pearance, of the horses iu the middle of the
field, while the other horse and the plow
were near the fence, 000 yurds uudant. Life
was extinct. Neighbors were liiiuicuiutcl)
notified, mid the body was removed to Sap
piiigtield's, and Simmon's folks, living
threu miles north, were informed of the
tragical fate of the young man. ,
.lljklt'finui llcrmil.
Eight years ago a handsome man of digni
tied beiii ing and refined appearance pussud
through St. Helens, Columbia county, und
took up his abode in a deserted cahiu ou the
.iehulem, says the Astoriau. Ho lived like
h hermit. A beautiful dog which accom
panied the btrunger into the woods; died
about five years ago, and the fashionable
clothes which the recliifca wore when he made
his tvtrtat we're replaced by coarsegfabrics
and strong conntry shoes. Twice each your
the hermit was visited by a woman of grace
ful form and eusy manners, who always
dressed in black and was thickly veiled. No
ou knew who this woman was or whence
she came. She remained with tho hcrmil
about an hour, and for three or four days
after her departure the recluse remained
within his cubiu. When at last he appeared
he locked much sadder and more sged than
before. Last Tuesday nioruiug the cabin
was fonnd in ashes. The hermit was not to
be found. His mysti-rious visitor called on
him about a week ago. He may have burned
with the cabin, but iheru is no trace of him
to be found. '
A1 Ciir.on Epiiupti.
Here w un
nn epitaph
by aril: '
discovered In St.
Paul's churc
First Codsik to Uuhkk,
Comuiouly culled ' The Sublime,"
liluud, passionate und religious.
She also painted in wattr color.
"Of such Is the kingdom of heaven."
London News.
School Books. Parents buy your school
books of Mr. George Collier, formerly Mc
Coruuek & Collier. He has the largest stock
and sella at low prices.
Frtillng Fowl (or Flavor.
Farm, Field and Stockman.
- We are glad to ace that some sellers of
poultry are discussing among themselves
why some birds are delicate in flavor, juicy
and fleshy, while others are strong, or else
insipid, with little muscle, nlthough, per
haps, overloaded wiih fat. The same is
found in eggs. The reason is slmfilo. Fowls
fed upon variety of food and kept in clean
quarters will have good tk"h, and the eggs
will be delicately Hsvorod, while those that
hare to get their living from garbage ami the
mnnuro pile will be soft, th flesh will de
cay quickly, and the eggs will be strong in
taste aud disgusting.
' It is well known that birds especially enr
ry the evidence of thuii lyed in their flesh.
All animals do mure or less. , The meat of
distillery-fed cattle is nr.t fit for food. Hogs
fed ou garbago aud city swill carry flesh dis
gusting, and often dangerous to cut.
- In relation to biids, the advantage of par
ticular foods we need only refer to Hie fact
that water fowls feeding on fish are unfit for
food. The canvas back duck gets its delica
cy of flesh from Ihe wild celery it feeds on.
The grouse of Pennsylvania is sought by
epicures far und wide, from the flavor it ac
quires from the mountain berries ' the birds
ft.d on. Thus we will find that the flesh of
not only birds but animals is influenced by
what they eut. Cattle und sheep eat oulv of
clean food, grass, hay and grain, The hog
is also cleanly in his feeding if allowed so to
be, The same is trne o fowls, although
they are what are called omniverons feeders.
Nevertheless, like swine, (bey will eut the
most disgusting subslaucea if forced to do so.
It is within the bounds of rensou that the
man who feeds poultry specially and cares
for them properly other v?aya, onco the rep
utation is made, uiuy get enough more for his
fowls and eggs to more than pay him for tho
extra care and tronble. '
Salmon Fitliln;.
The Portland News has the following in
regard to salmon fishing on the Columbia
There is quite a difference between salmon
catching now at tl for cannery I Mats and
$1.25 for outside boats, and what it was
fourteen years ago, said John T. Flinn, tho
real estate dealer, recently. "At that time I
was boat puller for Win Barry, who is now
Astoria's chief Of police, aud we llshed for
the noble Chinook salmon in tho lower Co
lumbia. The price paid for salmon then to
cannery boats was Wt cents apiece and for
outside boats 25 cents. The cnlcnlution was
that one-third should go to the cannery
which furnished the boat. The outfit fur
nished is worth about f 1,000. The nets
eout (i00 and the boats $100 apiece. The
net only . last one season, while a bout will,
with repairs, last for ten years. The Usher
men' used' to make big wages then. The
a vera go was 2J5 fish a day. The boat would
be filled so that it could hold no more and a
number would be fastened to a line and
towed to the canneries. We used to average
$400 a mouth then. Salmon fishing was it
good business then. Now the fishermen
count themselves in big luck if they catch
seven or eight hsU m a day. iloly U-ho, how
the business has changed !"
Farming for Fun.
Faiinin' is liko rnnuiu' a paper in regard
to some things. Every feller in the world
can take and turn in and tell you how to do
it, even if ho don't know a blimio thing
about it. There ain't a man in the United
States to-day that don't scoreily think he
oould run nry one if his other business
hnstsd on him, whether he ktiows tho diff
erence between a new milch cow and a horso
liayriiko, or not. We had ono one of these
embroidered night-shirt farmers come from
(own bettr n three years ago. linen a toilet
soup man aud doue wi ll, aud so he came
out and bought a farm that hud nothing to it
out a laucy bouse aim a barn, a lot of med-
der in the front yard aud a southern aspect.
The farm was no good. You couldn't raise
a disturbance ou it. Well, what does he do?
Goes aud gits a passlo of sliiu-tuiled yellow
oows from Now Jersey aud aims to handle
cream aud diversified farming. ' Last year
(he cuss seut a load of cream over and tried
to toll it ut the new crematory while the fun
eral and hollcrcost was goiu' on. I uiuy bs
a sort of chump myself, but I read my pa
per anil don't get loft like thut.iiili .Nye in
New York World.
:.The Rfctiil Frrrzn.
'Alurgtr quantity of wheat aud out i was
destroyed by the freeze than at first sup
posed, says the Dallas ltemizer. The fine
weather has brought out the loss fully. Goo.
Smith, north of Divie, lost 2n0ucriso(
wheat und outs; Ed. Clark lost one-half his
crop mid the balance is budly damaged; Mil
lard White lovt 250 acres of wheat und oats.
Young Mr. McNury, of the same neighbor
hood, lost 100 acres of red chaff wheat, und
soon, it will come bard on many farmers
to re-sow, with seed wheat ut 70 oents a
bushel. . . ... .
i E. It. LUCKEY & CO.
, TIOKS. ,,, .
Purcsh Jlothor Tinctures superior iu
preparation to auy in the market.
Hydrastine Touio one of the finest com
pounds lor debility and lost vitality.
Homeopathic mother tinctures und Tritu
rations CO per cent stronger than fluid tx
t acts; prices the same as Eastern establish
ments. Special attention Is called to the B. k S.
tinctures. Be sure and mention B. & S.
wheu prescribing, A full supply always on
band ut E. R. Luckey dt Co's.
Reel Estate.
I shall continue to push the real "estate
business with all the vigor its profits will
justify reports to the coutmry notwithstand
ing. I shall continue to do nil in my power
to advance the interests of Lane cour ty. My
head office will remain at the old stand on
Willamette Street, Engenx City and Prof.
C. F. Houghton will have charge of the bus
iness io my absence, r., .-. .
Gio. U. UaxsB.
Having perfected arrangements with par
ties in Portluud, I am side now to find pur
chasers 'or lands, more readily than
heretofore. If you have land for sale, im
I proved or unimproved, yon cannot do bcl
t ter than to entrust your business with ns.
I Terms reasonable. Your patronage solicited.
i B. F. Dobus.