The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, February 18, 1888, Image 3

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Everything of General Interest In a
Condensed Form.
Staggers among horsps is prevailing
along tbe foothills in Marion county.
Wild animals are getting away with
good many sheep in the vicinity of
There were fifty marriage licenses
issued in Grant county during the
past year. .
A Methodivt Episcopal Church has
' been organized in Albina by Rev.
0. M. Pierce, with 39 membere.
Eli Johnson, of Quartz valley, Lake
county, has succeeded in killing eigh
teen deer and two large cougars tnis
winter. j
In the trisl at Corvallis, Judge Bean
held that the M. E. church south had
no interest in the college farm and
could not maintain a suit for it.
Postmaster Roby, of Portland, has
fifty-nine persons on his pay roll, in
cluding thirty-one postal clerks, and
he disburses monthly the rum of
Dr. William H. Watkins, while at
tending the customary Thursday ev
ening prayer meeting at the Taylor
street (Portland) Methodist Church,
fell dead of heart disease.
On account of the case of scarlet
fever in town and the unpleasant
weather, the directors have thought it
best to close the school at this place
for a short time, says a Joseph paper.
Near Crawfordsvill, Sylvester Coch
ran killed a large cougar while out
bunting deer. He saw a deer lying
down and was just in the act of shoot
ing it when the cougar jumped out
of a tree on to the deer.
Governor Pennoyer has determined
to Btrictly enforce the rule of the ex
ecutive department to the effect that
no personal solicitation or importunity
will be considered in reference to ap
plications for pardons or commutation
of sentences.
James Brown raised eighteen acres
of broom corn in Goose lake valley
last season, and while the corn is not
490 long as can be grown where the
seasons are longer, it is of good quality.
The corn was raised nearly 5,000 feet
above the level of the sea.
The little 2-year-old daughter of
Jack McCullom, of West Yaquiiu,
fell into a tub of boiling water during
the temporary absence of her mother
from the room. The little one sat or
fell into the tub backwards, and was
scalded tbe entire length of her body.
In spite of all efforts she died two days
State Superintendent McEIroy has
decided to appoint Dallas, Polk coun
ty, as the place to hold the next teach
ers' institute for the Third judic al
district, embracing Marion, Linn,
Yamhill, Polk and Tillamook counties.
The institute will open Tuesday even
ing, April 3d, in the new city ball at
that place, and continue for three days
adjourning the evening of April 6th.
The little steamer Gleaner, Captain
Captain Peter Jordan, plying between
Astoria and the mouth of Deep river,
was capvized near Astoria. Seventeen
persons in all were on board the craft,
and all but four were saved. The vic
tims were Jacob Rennell, of Salmon
Titer ; Miss Mary Holt, of Astoria, and
Miss Wilma and an unknown wood
ohopuer of Deep river. ' The steamer
sank in 25 feet of water and it is
thought will prove a total loss.
The State Board of Land Commis
sioners, at its last session, reversed the
rulings of Jormer boards in one very
important particular. It ruled in the
ease of an applicant for a deed to 1,280
acres of State land lor which certih
oates had been issued for four other
parties, who made an assignment of
fiuch certificates to the party applying
for the deed, that such deed could not
be issued to him, as under the law the
amount of State land liable to be pur
chased by any one party is limited to
oJf) acres.
A German boy about 12 years of age
was frozen to death near the farm of
A. N. Brown, in Rye valley. It seems
that the bov and his father, who is
employed to watch the property in
the Gold Ridge mine, had been to
Express and were returning borne
when they were overtaken by a fearful
snow storm. Becoming bewildered
they both left the team and wandered
around in the snow, the boy freezing
to death as stated. The boy's father
made his way to the ranch of Mr.
Brown in an almost helpless condition,
and on learning the particulars Mr.
Brown at once took up the trail and
after traveling a mile or more, found
the lifeless body of tn boy.
At Independence, Miss Symmie
Antle was mortally stabbed by her
stepfather, Wm. Landreth. The mur
der was as fiendish in conception as it
was horrible m execution. With
14-inch knife the inhuman wretch
entered the girl's room, and notwith
standing her screams and desperate
resistance deliberately butchered her
by striking fourteen blows upon the
body and head. Any one of four of
the wounds would have been fatal.
One cut penetrated almost through
the head. The mother and two of the
boys were aroused and interfered, but
too late to prevent the murder. One
of the boys (Wilburn, aged 13,) picked
up a loaded shotgun, and while
eirnggle was in progress between his
father, mother and brother, watched
his chance to shoot the unnatural
father. Landreth fled, and the older
brother disarmed Wilburn before he
could accomplish his purpose. Land
reth was captured, taken before a Jus
tice and bound over, without bonds, to
await action of the grand jury, which
meets in June. He is now in jail at
Devoted Principally to Washington
Territory and California.
Near Lodi, Cal.,
fatally crushed by
J. Phillips was
a rock falling on
Pat Riley, an old time miner, was
found dead in his cabin, at Park City,
It is stated that as high as 125,000
apiece has been offered for some of the
iron mines of Cle-Elum, W. T.
Jean Dorado, a Mexican, was run
over by a train and killed at Los
John Kramer, a section man. was
killed by falling off a coal car, at River
side, Cal.
B. II. McElhenney, a collector, was
struck by a dummy of a Sutter street
cable car at San Francisco, and died
from the injuries received.
At San Francisco, Geo. Herman,
years old, while playing about a
kitchen stove, was scalded to death
by upsetting a kettle of boiling water.
The people of Pocatello, Idaho, re
cently held a meeting for the purpose
of petitioning Congress to throw open
2,000 acres for town site purposes.
Alexander Black, once a wealthy
merchant of Stockton, committed sui
cide at San Francico. Sickness and
discouragement are supposed to have
been the cause of the deed.
An old gardener named Thomas
Brohany, was found at his house in
San Francisco, burned to a crisp, a
coaloil lamp having evidently exploded
and set fire to his clothing.
Police Judge Lawler gave a decision
finding Mayor Pond and acting health
officer Gale guilty of misdemeanor in
maintaining a smallpox tent on the
plaza, at San Francisco.
John E. League, postmaster at
Townsend, Montana, died from poison
by strychnine accidentally taken from
his hands or clothing, he having spilt
bottle of the drug over himself.
R. Seaforth, an English laborer at
the Cascade tunnel, was killed. He
jumped on a rock train going out at
the east end of the tunnel and made a
misstep and fell upon the track. Four
loaded cars passed over his body.
The late severe weather killed at
least one-half of the oysters on the
bay, says an Olympia paper. The
beds are bare during extreme low tide
for a period of three hours or more,
and during this interval the oysters
The Supreme Court has decided the
local option law in Washington Ter
ritory unconstitutional. The decision
released some twenty-eight persons
held in King, Kitsap and Skagit court!
ties for violation of this law. and will
possibly affect many other places in
the Territory.
The queen of the Cowlitz river tribe
of Indians died near Freeport, W. T.,
and was buried with a grand Indian
pow-wow. She was over 100 years old.
This is the remnant of what was once
a powerful tribe of Indians. There are
now only a few left. Some of them
are very old.
At a rabbit drive which took place
in the vicinity oi uanersneia, uai.,
about seven thousand jackrabbits were
corralled and killed. Many thousands
escaped because of the impossibility
a v. nit
of maintaining the hue of drivers un
broken where tracts of bushy ground
Detective Hume, of Wells, Fargo 4
Co , has prepared a statement of the
company s Josses by train and stage
robbers during the past year. Ironi
seven stage robberies the highwaymen
obtained $295, while in four train rob
beries the com Dan v lost $13,210. Iwo
robbers were caught and sent to the
Two bents of the uncompleted bridge
serosa Yakima river, between North
Yakima and Moxie, W. T., were swept
awav. with two horses and two mules,
An ice gorge broke suddenly and
caused a rise of ten feet. An old lady
cooking for the men saved her life by
clinibiue a tree and remaining there
several hours in the cold, baiefoot.
A Territorial Bar Association has
been formed at Olympia, W. T. The
officers are as follows: President,
Judge Dennison, of Vancouver, Secre
tary, N. S. Porfer, Olympia ; '.treasurer,
W. Robinson. Olympia; Vice rresi
dent, nrsi aistnci, jonn d. aucu,
. t .J; Tl n ill .
Walla Walla : second district, T. C
Sears of Tacoma : third district, Thos.
J. Humes, of Seattle : fourth district,
George N. Foster, of Spokane,
Thos. D. Ayers shot and killed Eli
Joseph in the woods twelve miles east
of Kelso, Cowlitz county, W. T. Both
parties were hunting, and Ayers seeing
what he supposed to De a neer in ib
brush, fired his Winchester rifle and
sho- Joseph clear through both hips,
The latter died in seven hours on the
soot where he was shot. Immediately
after the shooting Ayers left the
wounded man with a companion, to
bo after help, and sent a man living
close by, since which time he has not
been seen.
The Supreme Court of California
affirmed the decision of Superior Judge
Sullivan in favor of Sarah Althea in
the Sharon case. The court, however,
has decided to reverse the order grantr
ing counsel fees. The amount of
coiintel fees originally allowed by
Judge Sullivan was $55,000, and the
amount of alimony was $7,500 addi
tional to the annual allowance of
$2,500. The Supreme Court fixed
alimony at $1,500 and an annual al
lowance of $500. Judges Thornton,
Sharpstein and McFarland filed dis
geuting opinions, finding that Sharon
and Sarah Althea were never legally
married. It is supposed Sarah Althea
will receive about $10,000,000 in alL
Epitome of the Principal Event
Attracting Pablic Interest
A Bold Bobbery.
Limestone, Ind.Ter. Four masked
men, all heavily armed, entered the
Citizens' Bank, and presented a pistol
at the head of Caahior W. T. Reynolds
and demauded that he hand over the
While pretending to comply Rey
nolds slammed the door of the safe to
and turned the lock. He was at once
laid out by a bullet from the pistol of
one of the desperadoes, which killed
him instantly. The bank was then
ransacked and all the money in the
cash drawer, some $2,300, was taken.
An attempt was made to open the
safe, but in this the robbers failed, as
the sound of pistol shots wts heard,
and sevoral people came rushing to
the bank.
In a few moments the towu was
aroused and twenty or thirty armed
men hurried to the bank. Tbe robbers
were just mounting their horses, and
a hot fire was begun, in which Thomas
Evan, a ranchman living near the
town, was killed. Iu the melee four
of the citizens were wounded, but not
fatally. The surviving robbers then
rode away with the booty, followed by
posse, which after an hour a chase
caught the desperadoes and took them
back to Limestone. The leader was
found guilty of murder and Strang up.
The other two were placed in charge
of a strong guard fend started for Fort
Washitt, where they were turned over
to the United States authorities. The
stolen money was recovered.
Fire In a stable at Fort Leavenworth
suffocated thirty-six hcrses belonging
to. Company I, First cavaliy.
By an explosion of gunpowder at
Brest-Litovski, Russian Poland, eleven
persons were killed, and thirty severely
Wm. Durre. a wealthy farmer, in
sane, living near wisner, eo., com
mitted suicide by cutting the arteries
in his wrist
Sixteen youths of Dromore, Ireland,
have been sentenced to imprisonment
for one week with hard labor, for
lighting a bonfire to celebrate the re
lease of O'Brien.
President Aeassiz has decided to
send twenty-five tons of concentrated
ammonia down the burning shafts of
the Calumet and Hecla mine at Calu
met, Mich., to put out the fire com
pletely, if possible.
At 8nowden, Pa., Christian Feick,
recently discharged pit boss of the
Snowden mines, shot and killed his
wife and himself in the presence of six
children. Poverty of the family was
the cause.
At Plymouth, N. C, Jack Blount,
Matthew Blount and Patterson Spru
itt. the negroes who murdered John
Dawson, a peddler, were removed from
the jail by a mob of masked men, tied
to a tree and shot to death.
Otto Purcell committed suicide with
poison, at his Brooklyn (N. Y.) home,
because" of loss of work. His 18-year
old widow was inconsolable, and she
killed herself with poison. She left a
note saying she took her life because
her husband had taken his. '
The boiler of the tug Zouave ex
ploded in the harbor at New York.
J. Connelly, engineer, Patrick Healy
and John McKenny, firemen, and
Bernard Booney, steward, were all
shockingly scalded, most of them
A Princeton. Dakota, special says
a Swede living twenty miles from there
killed his wife and seven children,
cpopping their heads off with a broad
axe. A boy of 14 jumped from an
upstairs window and escaped. When
asked by the neighbors what he had
done, the murderer replied, "What I
have intended to do for a long time."
Warden Brown, of the Utah peni
tentiary, has been removed for, it is
aliened, inhuman treatment of a con
vict named Miller, by confining him
in a "sweat-box" for thirty-six hours,
with the thermometer several degrees
below zero, causing his feet and limbs
to be badly frozen.
The almshouse and an adjoining
dwelling, located in East Village, near
Munroe. Conn., was burned to the
ground. Three persons perished in
the flames. Numbers of the paupers
who were forced to flee from the build
ing suffered severely from exposure,
they having bad no time to don proper
At Buffalo, N. Y., John Cullen,
drunken ship calker, brained his
moiher with an axe while she was
eettine his supper ready. After kiss
ing the corpse he went to a saloon,
told of the crime, and did not resist
arrest He gave as an excuse that he
did not wnnt his mother to go to the
The steamer Marcos, which arrived
at New York from Havana, brought
the crew of the bark D. Chapin, of
Boston, which sank at sea. After hav
ing been in their boat ten days without
food or water, and losing by starvation
and exposure Capt. W. C. Hall, the
cook and one seaman, the rest of the
crew were rescued.
Three thousand men, women and
girls employed in shoe manufacturing
were locked out by their employers at
Cincinnati. The wages of twelve girls
were kept back by ene firm, on the
ground that by a mistake in figuring
out their work they bad been overpaid,
Fellow-workmen took up the girls'
cause, and when the firm refused to
see a committee, struck. The manu
ftcturers claim that by the agreement
they could only treat with the general
committee on wages.
Legislation Pertaining to the Interest
of the Pacifio Coast
HE 31 ATE.
Mitchell introduced a bill which pro
vides that hereafter any mining com
pany incorporated for the purpose of
mining shall be allowed to lease,
prospect and develop mines in any
portion of any Indian reservation in
the United States upon such condi
tions as may be agreed upon by the
Secretary of the Interior and the
miners, but tjat no prospecting or
mining shall be carried on until per
mission has been given by a majority
of the adult male Indians in the reser
vation, and that all revenues arising
from fees, rentals or sales shall be for
the sole benefit of the Indians on the
Also, a resolution, which was
adopted, instructing the Committee
on Commerce to consider the advisa
bility of inserting a provision in the
river and harbor bill requiring all
work to be done by contract
Dolph introduced a bill to give the
State of Oregon townships 28, 29, 30
and 31, in ranges 5 and 6, east of the
Willamette meridian for a publio park.
Crater Lake is situated in these town
ships, and Dolph wants to preserve the
lrnd adjacent to the park to be im
proved by the State of Oregon.
Also, giving to Moscow, Idaho, land
for cemetery purposes.
Also, to establish the Sun Dance
land distr'.ct in Wyoming, and autho
rizing the leasing of school and uni
versity lands in Wyoming.
Among the bills passed were the
following :
To authorize Dalles City to construct
a bridge across the Columbia river in
Oregon and Washington Territory.
To grant a right of way through
publio lands for irrigating purposes.
To increase the pension of the to
tally helpless to $72 per month.
A joint resolution proposing an
amendment to the constitution pro
viding that the term, of office of the
president and the nltieth congress
shall continue until the 30th day of
April, 1889, at noon ; that senrtors
whose existing terms would otherwise
expire on the 4ih of March, 1889 (and
thereafter) shall continue in omce
until April 30, succeeding such expi
ration ; and that (he 30th of April, at
noon, shall thereafter be substituted
for the 4ih of March, as the com'
msucement and termination of the
official terms of the president, vice
president, senators and representatives
in congress.
Hermann presented a petition from
citizens and taxpayers of Siuslaw bay
and Lane county, Oregon, asking tor
the establishment of a life-saving sU'
tion at Cape Perpetua, for which Her
maun introduced a bill in Congress,
and which will be submitted to the
life-saving board for report
Hermann also submitted resolutions
passed by the Eastern Oregon, Nevada
and Idaho Wool Growers' Association,
he'd at Winnemucca, Nevada, pe
titioning againt disturbance of the
existing duties on foreign wool.
Whitthorne. from the committee on
Naval Affairs, reported a bill for the
appropriation of $175,000 for repair of
the U. 8. steamship uartlord.
Davis, from the committee on Com
merce, reported a bill to reward native
Esquimau for acts of humanity to
shipwrecked seamen.
Campbell introduced a bill fixing
the salaries of Supreme Court Justices
and of Cabinet officers at $15,000 per
Fancy roll, f lb
Inferior (Trade la O
California roll ,
do pickled WJ (9
Eastern, full cream 15 (9
Oregon, do ,
14 &
Eggs Fresh
Dried Fruits
Apples, qrs. sks and bxs.
do California
& 27
Apricots, new crop 18
rescues, unpeeiea, new .
Pears, machine dried....,
Pitted cherries
Pitted plums, Oregon
Figs, Cal., in bgs and bxs
M. Prunes. French 8 M
Oregon prunes 10
Portland Pat Roller, t bbl $ 4 2i
Salem ' do do 4 2
White Lllr at bbl 4 v5
Country brand 8 60 8 75
Superfine 2 U) B 75
ttti . im inn n.. 1 opt a 1 on
do Walla Walla 1 1743 1 W
Barley, whole, ctl 1 124
do ground, f ton 20 on Z5 UO
Oat, choice milling 9 bush 47 6U
da feed. rood tocbolce.old it a
Rye, 100 0s 1 1U 1 25
Bran, tf ton 16 00 17 00
Shorts. f ton IS 00 felfl 00
Hay. it ton. baled to 1 8 00
Chop. ton ?3 00 25 00
OU cake meal ton 82 00 gi)3 0C
Fresh Fruits -
pies. Oregon, f box 90 1 25
ernes. Ureiton. IT arm...
Lemons, California, Ifbx..
4 00 4 50
Limes. 100 1 25
Riverside oranges. f box. . .
Los Angeles, do do . . .
Peaches, If box , 9
Dry. over 16 ft, tf lb U 3 12
Wet salted, over 65 lbs (4
Murrain bides 7 ft
Pelts 10 1 25
Cabbage. lb 1
Carrots. sak 1 CO
Cauliflower, at dos
Onions 0 1 25
Potatoes, new, w bush ....
Wool 14 a
East Oregon, Spring clip.. io A
Vallev Oregon, in .. IB ti
raw r aisles Whl.h No School of I'hll
oeophr Can Solve.
This Is a sort of topy-turvy world.
No one seems to be satistiud. One man
is struggling to gut justice and another
s flying from it.
One man is saving up to buy a house,
and anothor is trying to soil his dwell-
ng, for less than it cost to get rid of
One man is spending all the money
he can earn in taking a girl to the
theater and sending her flowers, in the
ope that he will eventually make her
his wife, and his noighbor is spending
all the gold he has saved to get a di
vorce. Smith is drinking imported ale to
put flesh on, while Johnson is living on
crackers and walking ten miles a day
to reduce his avoirdupois.
The laborer with ten cliildron keeps
out of debt on ten dollars a week,
while many an unmarried hank ofllcinl
with a hundred dollars a week can't
get along w ithout helping himself to
tho bank's funds.
Itobinaon takes sherry to give him an
appolite, while Brown, who has a wine
cellar, can't touch a drop of it on ac
count of aponloctio tendencies. The
octor tells Morrill that If he doesn't
stop work and take a rest he will go
into a decline, and then tells Blakely
that if he does not abandon his seden
tary position and go off somewhere and
work oh a farm he will die of torpidity
of the liver.
One man is ordered to eat eggs ho-
eauHe they are nutritious, and another
Is cautioned to leave them alone bo
causo they produce bile.
One man keeps a pistol to protect
himself against burglars, while his
eighbor doesn't keep one for fear of
shooting some member of the family
by mistake.
You will sometimes sco a man plant
ing trees about his plnco for the shade;
and, at the samo time, you will see
another cutting down all the troos
about his house because they produce
too much moisture.
One rich man wears poor clothes bo-
cause he is rich and can do any thing,
while a poor man wears fine clothes bo
cause he Is poor and wants to create
the impression that he Is not
One man is killed by accident, and
another tries to commit suicide and
One man escapes all the diseases that
flesh is heir to and is killed on a rail
road; anothor man goes through half-
a-dnznn wars without a scratch and
thon dies of whooping-cough.
The prize-fighter reforms and bo-
comes a preacher, whllo the theological
student loaves his university to become
a professional base-ball pitcher.
Tho man who can make twenty thou
sand dollars a year, as a general thing
can't save a cent, while tho man who is
thrifty and wise is seldom so gifted
that he can earn any thing avail.
We know a wealthy merchant who
keeps half a dozon horses, who rocently
stilted that his store was closod on ac
count of a "holliday;" and we also
know a proof-reador who can spell
every word in the English hinguage
correctly, and the only time he experi
ences any horse is when ho eats horso
Good people die and bad people livo,
The man who is fat with health can t
get employment, and tho man who is
makinir money hand-ovor-list has to
give up business on account of ill
Linguists are keeping peanut stands,
and monkeys are writing for newspa
pers. In a railroad collision tho danc
ing-master gonerally loses his feet, and
tho mathematioiau his boad.
The pugilist breaks his wrist, and tho
opera-singer contracts throat trouble.
The man with a colossal fortune is
usually obllgod to adopt an heir, while
the man without a cent generally has
a sufficient number of hoirs to satisfy
half a dozen capitalists.
One man won t touch bacon for foar
of getting trichina, and anothor swears
by Bacon bocauso some people think he
wrote Shakespeare.
We wish wo could find out why those
things are so, because it would sot our
minds at rest and make us happy.
The English 'National Dental hos
pital will hereafter admit women to bo
trained as dentists In that institution,
This Is a significant gain for women
for the English have not been so en
couragiug to womon In dentistry as the
Germans, who employ many in the
Central Market
Will keep constantly on hand a full supply Of
Which they will sell at the lowest
market prices
A fair share of the publio patronage solicited
We will psy the highest market price tot fai
caius, nogs ana sneep.
Shop on 'Willamette Street,
Meats sVeflvsre k any part e( the dty free
of eWga. jsstU
EUflENK IX) h. SO. a. A. T. AND A. It
MAa flnt and third Wednesdays in eaefc
MouU every Tueiuisy veiling.
f f 1ItW on the second aud fourth WedBa
days In each month.
XJ Meets at Mammlo Hull the second
fourth r'rldy in each month.
(I at Mammlo Hall the Unit and third Krt
dtyi of each month. By order. Command.
every Saturday Dlxht in Odd fellows'
U. N W.U.T.
J at the C. P. Church every ttunday after
noon at i:30. Vlsitois mails welcome.
Mali Train orth, 4:16 a. m.
Mall train south. Bui p. M.
Kutrune Local-Leave north 9:00 A. if.
KiiiriMie Local Arrive K:t0 p. M.
orricj hooks, euoewe city POBTomcx
General Delivery, from 7 A. M. to T P. af.
Money Order, frein 7 a. M. to S p. m.
UtvUusr. fm:n 7 a. m. tnA . u. ,
Mailt mr north clone at 81)0 p. M.
Mails fur south close at S.-eo p. M.
aMa by Local close st 8 JO A. M.
Mnllsfor franklin close at 7 A. M. Monday
and Thursday.
Mail for Alabol close st 7 A. M. Mondav sad
ugene City Business Directory.
BETTMAN, O.-Dry goods, clothing groceries
snrt iff serai mtrchan1le, southwest corner.
liiametle and Klvhth streets
CRAIN rJltOS.-realers In Jewelry, watches.
clocks and musical iimtrumcnts. Willamette)
street, between Seventh and Klfhth.
FRIENDLY, 8. H.-Doaler la dry (roods, cloth-
lux snd siuseral merchandise, Willamette
aueet, between Kightb aud Ninth.
GILL. J. P.-Physlclan snd sunrron. Willam
ette street, between Seventh aud Klghth.
HODR3, C Keeps on hand fkie wines, liquors.
C4t;srs sua s pool suit tillllard tatile, Wlllem- -ette
itrfcet, between Eighth snd Ninth.
HORN, CIIAS. M.-Ottnimith, rifles and shot-
tins, breech snd muizlo loaders, for sale.
tepalriiiK done in the neatest style aud war
ranted. Shop on Ninth street
LUCKEY, J. 8.-Watchmaker and jeweler.
keeps a fine stock of goods in his line, Willam
ette street, in Ellsworth s drug store.
T 1 UVQ ChnlAa U,l..n. 1nMn-
snd cigars, Willamette street, botween Kighth,
snd Ninth.
POST 0"FICK-A new stock of standard.
school books just received at the post otOo.
RHINEH ART, J. B.-Hoise, sign snd oarrlaira
painter. erk guaranteed arst-class si suit
sold st lower rat.w than hv snvnne in Kuvene.
Physician and Surgeon
culls day or night.
OrridE-UD stairs in Titus' brick: or can bo
found si K. It. Luckey ft Co's drug stare, Offleo
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Laughing gas administered for Daisies e
traction of teeth.
Justiceof the Peace.
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tended to.
Brashta, Faints. Ulaaa. Oils, LeaUU,
Physicians' Prescriptions Compounded.
Practical Gunsmith s
Fishing Tackle and Materia
Sewlflu MataMlteilesof All lull For Salt -
Repairing done lh tho neatest stylo and
Guns Loaned and Ammunition Forniihei
Shop on Willamette I
Boot and Shoe Store
A. HUNT, Proprietor.
Will hereafter keep s complete stock of
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Sim!
Sllppert, White and Black, Sandals,
nirx ED SHOES,
And In fact everything la the Root sad
Hlioe Jine, to which I Intend to deroto
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A.. Hunt.
Practical DrngEist 1 Gliemisi