The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, August 20, 1887, Image 2

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    nu mm city guard.
A Game of Bluff.
In the following article the New York
Herald show bow tlie Republican are play
ing a gwna of bluff. The Herald aaji:
A ceutlt'Muu writel to ask if the Herald
will Cclp tit in out of h pc rpU'Xity. Hu say:
Cim yen txplnin this Hi, Loin muddle? I
liuve upp(iMi'il Mint tlm Republicans went
into tlii' war iiiiciiiimi (iii'V wt re iletorim ii
that all Aii.i licuiiH sliutilil rulislitliUouo in
pie aud ono mttiou. And now when tLut
desired result hue been reached they ieem
equally determined to kocp the North and
Bouth apart. What in the name of common
sense don this wean?
And iu reply to the above query the Her
aid proceed! as follows;
Well, it. means politics, and very poor pol
itics; that is all. There ii no common aenie
in it, much less is there any patriotism, but
at a piece of deroaKogio strategy it baa ita
vnlae to the Republican lenders. You netd
not be alarmed about it. It bag no signifi
cance and will produce no results. The peo
ple already aee that it is simply a game of
bluff, whose constituent elements consist in
equal part of very loud talking, three little
palsiea, bloody shirt, which bus at last
outlived iu usefulness, and a few threat of
personal violence because the President in
sist that the cruel war is over.
The organ of the Itupublican party have
onle oue motto, aud if you keen that in mind
you will understand all the tine rhetorical
trapeze work which they are now getting in.
The motto is, "Whon the bloody shirt goe
to to the laundry, we go to the cemetery
So far a the administration of the coun
try goes, the Democrats are firmly filed in
the driver's seat, the obedient and willing
team goe at a good, honest rate up bill and
down, and the pussengera are enjoying them
selves thoroughly. T he natural coach is be
ing driven without the financial iolt of the
last twenty years, and the mud bole are
carefully avoided. Republican like lilaine,
Sherman, and Foruker see this and are al
most frantic. In 1H81 they borrowed the
trumpet of Gabriel and blew a blast through
out the land to the effect that if Demo
cratic coachman was allowed to handle the
rein there would be in the near future the
most awful npset and the most terrible ag
gregation of bruises and broken bone aud
other disaster that the human mind could
eonceive. Imagine their horror, wbon they
awoke to the fact that the finest coachmen
in the country are Democrats that the peoplo
are convinced of thi fact, and therefore rel
egated the Republicans to reserved scat on
the inside for the indefinite future.
Of course, the Republican party wanta to
get back to Washington. That is perfectly
natural and perfectly proper. If tbey have
anything to ay to the voters of this conutry
which is worth listeuiug to the people are
ready to boar. For, after all, what the great
body of Americans want i a itublo, an Ion
est, an economical aud peaceful government.
They do not euro a pin's worth for a party
as such, neither tlio Republican nor the
Democrat lo, but they do care good deal
fur their commercial interests, for general
prosperity and for everything which goe to
make us atroug untiou. They invited the
Republican leaders to step down simply be
cause their trading propensities were too
fully dovelopod. They discovered that pub
Ho olhce, which should be a public trust,
wa prized a a bartender prize a lemon
for the juice that can be got out of it; that
there wero numerous political ring which
were robbing iho people of tho national do
main, using the Tension Office to buy vote
with and apetidiug score of million on
.navy which was somehow all "in your eye."
In a word the people were "tired" and iu
November 1S81 they said so.
Hut now, on the eve of another Tresidou
tial elcotlnn, if the Republicans have any
thing to offer, why, the people are quite wif
' -Rug to look the goods over aud pas judg
ment on them. Tlwir cry i that they want
to si ve the Union, but whon asked how they
propose to do it thev fruntioally pull out thi
ragged old shirt ami three wriukled palsies,
Ih patent for which lini beoeu applied for.
If you oak again how they can save the
country with a shut aud a few palsies, w
answer that w don't quit see onrselve.
Still, so far as is known, these are the only
assets of the Republican aaviors.
President Clevclaud baa in two year sign
ed BU3 private pension bill which ia 378
more than Grant approved in eight year,
6I1U more than lUyl gjgnpj j nj, four
years, and J 27 more than wore signed by
Garfield aud Arthur comuiued. Cleveland
bai signed three general pension bills, which
have given new or increased pensions to
WfiM needy veteran or their widow aud
orphans. More money ha been paid out
for pensions this vesr ilmn
More penaioui have boon granted during the
I jvat iitnu iii any preceding year in the
ulatorv of Ilia :,......,..,.. ti ...
-j .... .,,, iuin are
smy-iour more soldier employed in the In
terior department than' when Cleveland was
elected. There are fifty-four more soldier
aud their kindred iu the pension bureau than
when Cleveland was elected. For the first
time sine the war every penslou agent is a
I nion soldier and every pension examiner ia
a soldier or a soldier' widow.
John Sherman write that be is for Hlaiue
if be cannot aeoure tho presidential uomina
tiou himself. We have little faith in the sin
eerily nf the cold, severe Sherman. Heoould
have said nothing else at this time, aud if he
bad said lesa it would be ure to rouse the
enthusiastic resentment of Hlaiue' admirer
in and out of Ohio. Wily John knew rery
well that be must agree to upport lilaine iu
the event of that gentleman' nomination.
It would never do to proclaim himself a bol
tr before the eonveution meetF.-Saoramen-to
In an elecliou argument in Kentucky two
Republican lambs got the drop on two Dem
ocrat aud wounded them mortally. On
of the saints wo slightlv woanded, (he other
wafudlotheboaoiiiofToll.ycr, the Repub
lican leader in Rowan, who committed mur
der by the core.
P. T. Rarnum wa going to sell out for
tweuty-flve cent on the dollar if Cleveland
were elected. He ha not sold yet, but i
ottering f.Hl.Otsj for au authenticated sea
serpent. . r
It is rumorvd that the great Africa ex
plorer, lleurv M. Stanley haa been killed by
uative after having lu deserted by hi es
cort, '
Gov. Peunoyer has forwarded to the pub
lishers the new oode compiled by V. Lair
Hill, with hi certificate of approval, and the
state will purchase 1000 copies.
They are wituoming a novel spectacle in
irgima, where Riddleberger. United State
trustor, lain a comity jnii fur couu-uipt of
Tit Drfftiilonl
amis of lisrtford. Con... sivpckl to
...... "-"nrnj mi miians on the
- Hiaiiiw trwrvauun III Oregon.
There wetvuiHiir t!. .,l.i;. .u.u.
the New otk i ity Hoard iu 'M, aad they
twviv tan tnnMll ,
Why Put In the t?
From the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Republican asset Tuttle aud Fairchild.
Attkmptcd Si'iciD. Mis Bonnie Riley,
daughter of R. R. Kiley, an extensive prop
erty owner iu the vicinity of Salmon and
East Park, attempted suicide Sunday night
by taking cocaine. She waa taken hi St.
Vincent' hospital where Dm. Mackenzie ami
Oniger succeeded in reviving hi r, mid i-1i ia
now in a fair way of recovery. Vjiiic ye.irs
sgo the mother of 51 ins Ril y died, leaving
this unfortunate girl aiiuoit in cure ml at-
tei. tiou of a mother ul mi u ulien it ism hI
nocexsury. licing of a ficc disposition, her
oouduct was such as to bring discredit iiwn
her, aud her father sent ber t-itHt fo attend
school. Returning a few weeks ago she took
np her residence with a family on Moiiison
street, aud was waiting money from her father
to further complete her education. Hut on
laat Sunday the Mercury contained a very
nnjust article, the says, reflecting on hur
character, and along with the jibesand insults
of others, she broke down and sought relief
by snicide. She declares she will yet hike
ber life, and next time will rmke the aitcinpt
with laudanum. Surely the suffering of in
jured conscience and prido must be terrible
wben one so young aeeks reuci in dial L.
Portland Democrat.
A Bill 8. U. Pettingill writes a scathing
letter to the Portland News about the mis
management of the l'u get Sound Colony,
at Port Angele on the Strait of Fuca. There
are 300 people there and want and suffering
among them is almost certain. The whole
proleot is evidently a bilk. It is a sort of
you lean on me and I will lean on you con
oern. It ia an attempt to found a self-supporting
American settlement upon ideas the
reverse of all that bave ever yet had any
practical value. And, yet, there are few
section, where the possibility of building
up productive homes on plain business
proposition supplemented by thrift, econo
my, industry and other condition of pio
neer life are more abundant than in the reg
ion which is soon, it is feared will be the
Men of want and suffering. There people
1 who are going to turn the world upside
own and auustitute crack brained theorie
for well established rule of procedure, are
good people to steer clear of and let alone
The attorney for the Raker City school
district baa brought a mandamus suit to com
pel the (fate board to deed it for (31)0, school
property worth f oOOO, bnt appraised at $300
only by board The debt is $2I,0IK) loaned.
The last session nf the legislature authorized
the present board to foreclose, the mortgage
and sell the property to the Baker City
school district at a price to be fixed by three
appraisers, the appraiser to be chosen, one
by the couuty court of Baker county, one by
the school district and both to choose a
A postmaster of the old regime, iu Dakota,
for a long time made false returns of can
celled stamp in order to increase his com
pensation. Wben an inspector detected htm
he oommitted suicide. A readjustment of
thi account show that by thi fraud he
cheated tho Government out of over $5,000.
Fob Sale. 135 acres of farming land. 1
mile from Eugene City. Price $30 per acre.
Apply at the office of Dr. T. W. Bhellon. in
be Matlock building.
Watch m Givin Awat. II. S. Simon will
live every man buying a suit of clothing for
or over. nickle watch; warranted a
good time piece.
Fob Salb, 150 lots In all parts of Huron
City with and without houses. Prices to auit
Farm and City Property
For a term of years at
Lowest Rates.
Storage I Storage I
Farmers are hereby notified that
s. ii.rmicMH.YX
Adjoining tlm O. & 0, R. Depot ia now
open for the Storngo of
Hops, Oats,
Wool & Barley.
,7 o
1 v.
f 6
Look at tlirtc Prices.
Winchester liijles:
41 cat. O. F., oct. hbl., iii(Kle-l73 . . $1 IX.')
U nil, C. F., round bbl., niodi-l-73. . i.tMi
(3d same uh 41 cal.)
40-8 model '(i, oct bbl 15.73
45-CO model '70. ocf 15.7.".
11C. F. oct bbl, Colt's Lihtiiiiij 10.50
All other goiU at bottom prices, and don't
yon forget it.
1 want the darker Gun Werk to to
the front, ami to do this I have to make prices
that will make a miser j.ti'ii, and that is jmit
what I en ii do, So coin- and see the lliirker
Gun W'oik-H when in need of anything in this
line. All kimU of repairing di ue with neat
ness and dupiitch, at Eastern prices. All
kinds of guns and aiiiuiuiiitinu on hand it all
times, ami I want you to undertauil if at what
I have xit in f,,r nUP all, I try to satirify
you in prices.
Located oinsMite El'nK.s'g ClTir Guakd
oflice, Eugene City, Or.
l.A.vii Oyru r. at ltoMKiinnii, Oh., I
July 2(1, 1K87. (
JA the following named settler has filed
notice nt his intention to make final proof in
siipixirt of his claim and that said proof will be
made betore tlie l lerk nt the l;oimty I nurt of
Lane ooiuity, Oregon, at Kuifrne City, "r., on
Saturday, August 17, 1W, viz: Mathilda
runke. preemption J), ti. .No. iM'M for the lota
1 and i and S. W. 14 nf N. E. 14 Sec. 11' ami
lou 1 and 2 and S. E. 14 of N. V. 14 Sec. 23
Tp. 17 H. 1!. HI West W. M.
He namrs the following witnesses to prove
Ins continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land viz: John Wisinan, Joneph Win
man, Clirintiau iiorger. of Deiwlwood, Lane
County, Oregon, and Manhy ThouipKim, of
Sea ton, Lane Co., Or.
I UAH. W. .Iohnsto.v, itegister.
Dr. Gill's Catarrh Cure.
I purchased a box of "(fill's CaUrrh Cure."
finding my nephew, ('. A. Mc.M.ihon, in need
of such medicine. I let him have the box. He
now tends for three more boxes, saying it is
the best tiling that was ever tried by him ami
hi friends. .1. A. McMAllAN.
Springfield, Oregon, Feb. 24, 1KS4.
Can be obtained at the dni.-ni-tx: if not there
of tho proprietor. J, '. (jll.L&CO.
ASK FOH 9?38a3
Standard White Shirts &
Boss of the Road Overalls
Thej are the Best. Take no other. To be I
of all First-Glass Dealers.
at'eiiU for the liisurance Companies for
merly hehl by Mr Cha Lauer, ami are jire
pared to insure your
House. Barn. Wheat. Wool. Etc-. Etc-
sitaiust Iocs by fire, and can give yon (choice
of some of tho Best Comfaniks ONTlltH Coakt,
readv and willing to pay losses promptly.
We ak for the liberal patronage extended
to Mr Lauer.
Henphicks 4 Eakin.
Something Now.
WINTER, will make photographic enlarge
ment by the new
Permanent Bromide
process, finely finished in India Ink aod
water O olors.
11 A
.LJL stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries,
ooiignt iu tlie nest markets
Can offer the public better prices than any
otner House
Proiliice of all kinds taken at market price.
AND runs
If you want work done iu the barber line,
come to the
Opposite the Gcaiid ofUce.
(J. W. 1'lnsler.
From the Cheapest to the Best at
prices according to quality.
01$ i
From the Cheapest to the Best. All parties can
be suited either as to Price or Quality,
Our assortment is Complete, from, the lowest Price up to
the Finest; can suit you if you give us a call.
HKy-VrcKli, New and Stylisli..&j
Look us over; if wn tin not nave, you money, we will make some one fine
.hi 11 to vou lo
Land Ovrwt at Roaim'Bo, Oa, )
Ainr. 9. ltwT. f
. the following named settler ha filed
untie of his intention to niake final proof in
stipMrt of his rlaim, amt that said proof
will be made before the Clerk of the
Count Court of I aii. County. Or., at KupMis
Cit.0r., on Saturday, Sept '.'4, 1SS7, h:
H. . Carter, Pre emption 1). S. No. .WJO for
the 8 of N W i. N K i of S W , and It
I, Sw. '.M, Tp HI 8. U 1 East W. M.
He nainni the folhiwiiiK witnesses to prov
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of said land, vis: E I) Cain, E W Michael,
T J Itlakely, M L Lewis, ail of iA.well. Lane
Co., Or.
Chs. W. Johnston, Remitter,
r. B. DUNN.
That the CHEAPEST place to bny
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats,
Boots and shoes, Etc.
Has just received direct from Ne
York and Chicago, the largest
and best stock of
Ever brought to Eugene.
But call and price tlii'iu. lleincuiher the plmr; -The New Tlirf &
Brick, corner Willamette unci Eighth St., Eugi'iie City, Oregon,
fj . j
w ' k
(nL Sole Agents for Eug'.n City, n
Nwi We are still tit tliu ol.l ivlini.le "ilrane Store," I
I tjLJ ftnil can sell you anything th;t you want to eat I
Cheaper Than tlie Cheapest. 1
But tho jieople ilon't want that article.
Wlmt they do want are honest goods ut
Honest prioes, and that is just. -A lrnt the
People can get,
We almll not take, up you time with u
Long string of nonsense n'lout the l.est,
The cheapest, and the handsomest line of
Goods in Lane county, l,ut. we ,0 want
To ask you in a friendly way to come to
See us. If we don't sell vcm real live
Bargains you are at liberty to use our
Heads for foot halls.
And don't you forget that we will pay
You all the market will Hand. The
Same is true as to other kinds of
Country produce. Briefly Yours,
F. E. Beach, President.
J. K. Elderkix, Sec'y.
J. McCrakex, Vice PnJ
J. Lowendkro, Tri as
Land Orrict at Koskih ho, Or., J
Aus. 1.1. 1SS7. f
th. following nsmetl Nttler ha tiled no
ti of his intention to Disk, filial nroof in sun-
port of bis claim, ami that sai.i rf will be j
mL hefor tli. or t'lerk o( th County j
Court of Lan t'o.,Or., at Kuntt'itv, lr.,a I
Satunlsy, IMolwr tst, 1SS7, vii- K " Ath I
itn, HoiiiMtmul Entry Xiv fr th. X. 1
K. , 8s. IS, T(v 17 8.. It. 8 Wwt, V. M. 1
11. naniM th following witttMM i. .r.,v '
his oontinuou. KMiil.n.-x up;n, ami eultivnti n
-13 AT-
P. S. Have also just received
from New York City a large in
voice of LADIES' CLOATTR' nnT..
The Northwes
who) any
(."HAS, W. Juhnsto.n, ItrUUr.
ism Fire and Marine
Ho. 5 Washington Street. Pnrtlanfl: Or.
O -A. E I rs? JSi. I., 3 3,o o Q,0-0
""'. ist-ALii, p. EGGLKT.
A. V. I etets, J. F. Koliinsnn, J. H. McClnng, F. B. Dntn. J. D. MaUoek. S. H.
11. C. Humi-lircT, Osbnrn & Co.
WMoney to Loan on Apj.rore 1 Real Estate Jcurity..3