The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 15, 1886, Image 4

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Saturday mavis,
or Governor,
Of Multnomah.
For CoiigrpsH,
Of Tulk.
For Supreme Judge,
ft. S. STB A HAN,
Of Linn.
For Secretary of State,
. Of Wasco.
For Treasurer,
Of Umatilla.
For State. Printer,
Of Juckscn.
For Supt. FuMic Instruction,
J, R. N. I'.ELL,
Of Douglas.
For Judgo 2il Judicial District,
Of Benton.
For Prosecuting Attorney,
Of Douglas.
For .Senator,
For KopraseiitutWei,
Fur Slicrifr,
Fur Clurk,
For Treason,
Fur Coinuiiwioneri,
'Fur School Superintendent,
For AaxiiiKor,
For Siirvcyur,
fDlU J. W. MA HON.
For Coroner,
ilU. A. W.-rilATHER.
Our Simula id Smrcn.
The tnanJfofc.1 blunder -of tlic laid
JLeint;!a'i:ry and tho incotrvmiiimoo and
'UrtcrBftiuty -rS to thn-lpilto)r.of tm act
wmwU " HiHiifntqMiru c -mat at
Ttomo legal- Miiowiiuigfl ami gfimrai im
lur Mhould' trun"l tlm lwura, iu-
cliontfl nrwtsurea hy liitt vHcrt bh Cm-
ernor. 'Accordingly lor ium allien me
Democracy of Urwou pmeutfii ike
name of ENNMfcR,'
Sylvestnr JVnnoynr w a nativo of
Wcntfvn New York, ahout 50 yeara of
tg He is a graduate of (tie Harvard
university law uclioul, a pioneer of 1854
anHn ottteiniively ugKed in manu
facturing lumber in Portland. Fur
tiwo-Jiu was editor of th Oregon
JleraKl, and proved himself an apt
and versatile writer. Whatever other
objection may I mi urged against dim,
4iiafthility ami honesty ant unques
tioned. And it nmy h said of him
with truth that lie hug consistently
ad abeaAfaatJy a: all time opposed (lis
tinjirt aggressions of corporate power
ml fought nil attempt!) nt ring rule.
For tlio otlico of Congressinan
J!. U liUTLKtt,
Of Polk county u named. Mr. But.
Ir in a lawyer in lino practice. He
received a . collegiate education, and
it an eloquent ami instructive, speaker,
a our citizens will find who listen to
liiin from the stump. Wo judge that
if elected, ho would do morn work for
the stats than the present, ini-uiiiU'ht,
although he wouldn't advertise ly tel
egraph so much. No man is lietter
known to tho people of Lane county
our nominee for Supreme Judjjn, In
him (he Slate will have a judge learned
and impartial, ami the people tirni
and faithful friend. He will not prove
to tit) one of those judgea on the hench
who are comtituiioiully inclined to
think everything uncoiihtituticnal ex
cept themaolvea. He in the popular IIWD
on the ticket in this county.
H. P. UlliWNS,
Candidate for Secretary of Slate,. Ims
again and a ti:t Uu elected Clerk
of Wasco county, and the t- htimony of
th0H ho know hinw i tliAt he has
the htht tpjaliSoatuvn for In plat
' donesty and capability. If you want
ft bill pa-uetl, without In-ing scratched
torn, mutilated or loat, Mr. (Jili.-oiia
is the man you will vote for, if you
know your own intrrent. To juaitl
tho Stale's money is a most
important trust and the convention
displayed unusually good judgment in
o. w. vtiuv
Of UmntilU county. .Mr. WelHia an
active husineM man of Pendleton, and
has Wn county treasurer of Umatilla
county many tin.ea An honest liuti
neas man, he will intrcxluif huaineaa
principles in adininiafriiig the adair
. rf the State. II i opponent is aaid toj
its own printing office, but since ft does
not, there is no letter man for the
position of State Printer than
Of the Jacksonville Times. By energy
persev. ranee and shrewdness lie his
made his way until he own the hest
paving newspaper in the Btate outside
of Portland. A thorough printer, a
man of anility and fine liusiness quali
fications, the people of this Stit'6 tould
find no better servant fr tho place.
There is no mere important office
to Ite filled this election Uian Superin
tendent of Public Instruction, and lak
ing this into consideration the sonvem
tion presented
j. 1 t.,
Of the Roseburir Review. As writer
and speaker Mr. Bell rank high. He
is finely educated, ana Ims unnounueu
enthusiasm in the cutlsh of education.!
Posetuiing both brains ahd culture, vlth
good address and the Quality of inspir
ing others he is the mart tortile po-
sition. ,
Mecond JrtJIclAl tllatrlet;
The Democra':ic Stat'o Convention
nominated for tho Second Judicial
ii'o.v. joiis fluniiETT,
forjudge. Judft Burnett is person
ally known to a large portioh of the
people of Lane county. He is hon
est, energetic and competent. For
over thirty years, he Ims resided in
Benton county, and he liears ft name
that cannot be successfully nasniled.
At dill'erent times he lias held the offices
of Circuit Judge, County Judge( Rep.
resentative ami Senator. If be should
ln elected to this office he will till it
with credit to the state ami to himself.
For Prosecuting Attorney the conven
tion named.
of Douglas county. This was a ro
nomination that was well earned by
hard and meritorious service. He was
first elected to tho District Attorney,
ship in 1880, and was re-elected in 1881
by a nuning majority, although Ire
District was Republican by several
hundred imynrity. Tlie people do
not want to try another experiment in
tilling that office, and wo are reliably
informed that if they do it will lie a rep.
ctitionof the last blunder, ast'ie Re
publican candidate has no qualifica.
tions for the place. Mr. Hamilton, as
all know, is a fine lawyer and able
speaker, and no indictment drawn by
It i in is ever thrown nut of court.
There are altogether too many tears
being hhed by cert lin men over the
fact that Jeil'erson Davis is making
speeches at the unveiling of Iho monu
nient to Ben Hill, who wau the last
Union man in Georgia before, the war,
and the first after. They are huhed
to silence when they learn that more
Union flags and decorai ions were never
seen before in any city, Northern or
Southern, of the aviio size, that the
speaker counselled his hearera to sup
nort the Government. The new south
with its marvellous prosperity, how
ever, is not the outh ot twenty years
a?n. it lias moved forward and the
old mun mourns at U-ing left lonely,
Of the vast umlere who welcomed
hint the chief denire was the natural
anil ever comnvniluole reverence lor
the dead who hud fallen for the South:
but they marched and cheered under
the 11 g of the U:ion ami vpnerated tin
ex-lrehid"iil of the lost cause as a sin
cere, but hoeies relic of the past that
the South r embers in the sacred sen
timent of manly men, but )m outlived
in every manly action that rrlate.s to
the present. Only tlione habMing
warrion of peace, who, m General
Grant vvell said, 'didn't burly warm
up to the war until it was over,' and
they welcomed the Dnvi f.uly to give
them excuse for making fixi of Ihem
AelveM. The men who a licit at llii
late day, w ith law, order and ol d
ience to the laws of the Union su.
premo in every section of the land, to
f'ar tho foolihh prattle of Jelferson
Dav is about issues fought nut and set
tled nearly a seneration ao, must, be
either Uiiomiixj iiliofn or ill balanced
knaves. The people of all partien and
sections understand that the war is
over; that its issues are settled beyond
dispute; that all but J.-Ilernon Davis
in the Hoiith, and here and there a ItM
exiUiDiiU" foul in the north, give no
heed to those who prate of the section
al passions wliirb perished long, on'
ago, and that w hile north and south
honor the equal heroism of their peo-
plea, Imild monument to their
ibieftains and cherish the memory of
their dead, they all low to "LiU rly
and Union now and forever, one and
i I, i i
A'feut twenty live yrars ago the
South went on a strike under (J ran I
Master iVivis. Then 1'inU Sam struck
ami the Southern strike afi -r years of
sull'i-ring was ended. It not plena
nt for iw o refer ro that ureal strikr
for we took part in it ami lost a father
and brother and a fortunt by it. We
only refer to it now to warn the f-l
lows who go on strike
with Unele. Sir. Tley
ot to collide
may take a
brush wiih tlm Governor iwiw and
then and not g't hurt very badlv, but
if Ui Sam ever geta after them in
earnent they will wish they hnd ivv.-r
gone 04) a strike against bin. Vicks
There ia litiln tit it ancient history .
connected, we Ulieve, with an attempt
to tax foreigi capital. In order to avi i I
passing the bill, the clock wn luine
ahead one hour and the President of
the Senate, a Republican, with a name
something like the Republican candi
date for Governor, adjourned that
holy sine die. Some Republican
The trtth.
About 1870, wlien the Oregon Cen
tral Railrocd was building, the stalio'n
of Corne'ius was established midw-ay
Iw-twen the thriving towns of Hitft
bot'6 and Forest Grove on the farm of
Col. Cornelius, which is about thfpe
miles distant from either place. The
company, in oraer to aia Vjoi. yornen
iur to sell his worthless town lots .ut
terly refused to stop their trains', Wit
ran them through those pfa'cea
full speed. Thus for years Urn jpeoplo
of Hillsboro, and farniers adjacent,
passed by their hdmes I'd tlio abode of
the great anti triortopolifir, ftb'd were
compelled to take d carriase Tor home.
Equally urtlllcky the Foreet Drove peo
ple traveled three n iles by carriage par
allel to the railroal. It Was a serious
llicdnveniertcn td tlm farniers who could
hot Is! forced td trade at Cornelius, as
well as to the pV'npIri 'of the towns, hut
we believe Col. Cbrticlius sold a great
many town lots.
For many years to the best of our
remembrance, ho was the'Vice Presi
ident of the Oregon Central railroad,
the iliost thiserably managed railroad
at that liriie in the world. In or
der td keen possession of the road for
a pfHod the trains were tilled will
Portland rounds, armed wild uuns to
ride over the rights of swindled stock
holders.. In addition td this he never
cast a Vote in the Oregon Legislalilre
agninst the railroad; he was always
their devoted liehchman; lie veted
agaihst a niemrifial asking Congress to
abrogate the Bur'ingame treaty. .
This is Col Cornelius' public record,
which retired him frOm public service
for twelve years. It is that of an open
and avof i monopolist, it is all the
record he has made, and in consequence
of which he was nominated. In the
Republican county of Washington
where the facts are known, he will be
left at home by Republican votes with
great enthusiasm,
There is no Democratic law on the
statute books of the United States,
and there can he none so long as the
Senate is Republican. Tlm infantile
murmurs that the Democrats have not
repealed this and. that Republican law,
thus answered that the Senate
bein? lleuublican blocks the way. The
President does not make or repeal laws
he simply enforces them, and can fair
ly be criticized on tho way he enforciw
them. Most boys of ten know this,
some Republican editors of 50 are una
ware of it.
The law that brings $75,000,000
yearly surplus into the U. S. Treas
ury is Republican law. the law under
which the commerce of the world has
Isen surrendered to England is Re
putilicun, the Iw under wiucli our
shipbuilding has declined steadily for
twenty yeais is a Republican law, the
laws under which 2ll,()0O,"U0 acre of
land liuve Wn given to corporations,
and 40,000,000 acres of land to for.
eigu tsyndicatea, are all Republic, the
lawg which exempt luxuries from tax
ation nnd tax the necessities of life, are
Republican laws, the Ir'uties-tSat jiye
the Chinese a right here were negotiat
ed by Republic! Aslmimetraiions,
thelaw ileihiMwrig silvtr whs a- .Re
publican law, tk law reduciivg the
tarill" on woolen goods and decreasing
it on wool is a further Republican
measure. On these matters- the Re
publicans were united in I heir paesage
and may I fairly nulled the Republi
can poiicv. j lie benale is tor Hi
these laws to day aul wouldn't tHBf al
one of them. .
See the way the Jaws hntfWiV ph-
forced. Olwerve your war nyy that
cost $400,000,000 in twenty yea,
useless as a tleet of llatboats for war
prpoaes; all, including the Dolphin,
good for nothing in the world. Do
not forget to rnn ember. Black Fn-
lav, Credit Mobilier, whisky bteals, I
Star Route and the html frauds.
To lay the blame and praise on
Cleveland that rightly attadiea is an
easy nmll'T. Is lie sincere in bis civil
service ideus, ask the men who paid
the big end of their salaries into
campaign 1 units, the revenue laws,
eiistom laws, land laws are being en
forced as never Is-fore, the telephone
monopoly fraud pushed to the mall, and
the Di'puitliieiita conducted ill a bus
ii.esH like manner, in proof of which
it may I staled the expense of the
Departments declined $l6,tHH,U0') ibis
year, iiiat tact aicne tarries refuta
tion of reckless assertions with if.
The Republican tariirm its entirety
is in force, die la which the RepuMi
can organ says makea "good timea."
A Republican larilF and K-nii.icaii
Presidents to enforce it did ma prevent
the panic of 18719 nor the dititruc.
tion of t3,0uO,U00 of property and
many lives at Piitslmrg, Pa, in 77,
and the greatest strike ever known.
No one denies that the law is enforced,
under Cleveland as well as under Ar
thur. ihn reim-dy our Republican
IrieivU Is-lieve would Ite to double the
tn ill. But do they not know that
Lane county now pays at least tCO.HOO
into the United State Treasury. Why
not ilouUe our county taxes and enjoy
a golden poriisl of grasl tinSn, 'S levite
and dignify Ameri.-an lalmr, etc etc"
O r farmeta are rich; by sending their
inoiiev to- the mil innaiiv iinniiriN nf
pauper laUr, they fit iu with good time.
i rean e,,t eia..d jat Nk. had
. -u.ui oi uowers CttneiVU
from tlm rnuum hotao conwrvaiorv and
aent them ith a aymputlietic note to
ex IVeaident Ariliur. A few hour
later a reply was received at th whitn
hou written I.V General Arthur. Tin.
- r'orJj."!lLy. "''"'ed no iigtu c its authora
Democrats of Lans county should o
on the alert and exert every means to
carry Ihe State and County ticket. In
o'tiier counties much work is being
'done fcnd by a strong and long pun
Lane county can i cnroneu on m
side of Cleveland and Demociacy.
Tl. fr.tal net caill HI Federal rev-
nue for the fiscal year is ?,' 00,00UU.
The total decrease in Federal expendi-
'turesislG.0U0,000;iotal net gain to
the Treasury, $2.1,000,000. in.8
thing seems to be running all right
The Knownoihing sentiments of ori
organ this week is very timely and
appropriate, indeed. Supporting n
Kiiownothing candidate for Governor
and defending the pig headed bigolry
and stupidity of the last Legislature;
is entirely consistent.
Suppose the organs drop National
affairs for n minute and tell the peo
n' whv it is that a fish luibbr that
cost the S'ate fclO.iOU was
- . .1 .. C!.-.. tr. Tr
built for
11700. A very profitable
joii inat)
and tots of stealings for somebody.
. The Republican manngen nre fear
ful , lest o jJemncfa'.H carry the
Slate and break tile illig rule. Demb
irats of Lane4 be up nluldoiilg and help
actomplish this work.
"Col. Cornelius is tio montiprdist,"
exclaims a Republicui organ. Then
Jay Could is not either. Possibly,
Col. Cornelius in only a Kiiownothing.
Mr. Cornelius of Cornelius keeps a
small store In the deserted village of
Cornelius. That is his occupation, and
nothing et(P,
. i
We would liketousk the Reimbli.
can papers if they are very proud of
their last, Leyisliitnte. And if s' , wh1
mm FAciFf : mm
ViHamefta Valley to' Eii Francisco
via Yaquins,
Trains leave O.riJlis Tnwilay, Thnrsil.y,
anil ntJrily, at it A M;
bfiiVe Yannlna Mcinlnv, WcdiiMilav and
1 Alav, at 8 A. M.
Trie fine A 1 Steamship YAQUIM tails
nio.1l TAQt'l.NA.
r.toM r.n ;i:Axcice,
Mi.n.lny, May ",
Sunday. Aiir.'l 2.
3linila.v, Ma 1 1.
Tlitfr-ilav.-Miiy 4
W.l'y, Jime 8,
-s'aiunby, May W,
.''linr-il.-iy, .ln"H ),
".Vtfil'v,-.fhritj 17-1
The t'eiiipuny reserVe. the right tn clianjje
sairfna rfsys.
FASKs-rabin, $--SterrkL-e, $1? frt iglu
at rednced' ami m.nli-M'e rate.
I!ivet litmts nu the Wilbmt-tie connect at
Cervallis Low fare nml rates.
Fir fat1nr iiifiirDMtioii apply M'
C. C IMKiSlT.'
A 0'. 1. f..rmlliac
r.&is in
HesdstMiiri ao.l Tnmhs finUhcil in Axericaa
or Itilian M irl.Ie.
Stcna Work and Cenel.er7 ZadcszrcJ
Scotch and American
iranite Monuments.
Prannat ailistann will 1 fumi-M whh
prices n. (U-i.'i t. r!n-t fr..ra
en )i.ii-Htiin.
All work warranted.
PleaM call anI HAniinf mv irork an.l prt
iritt Mot nirrli-ii..- riM-whrre.
FurnithrJ at ni.innf.uTturer' ric to my
rnt-inrn en!y,
Shnp on 8th tret near S'nan' Stahle.
enl f"r th IiKuninorC'.-mianini !...
lunrly h'M by Mrt'liw Ijnr, nnil are pre-
wtu it. iii!iin. j.uir
Ho:s3. Ban, Whrat. cd. Etc, Etc-
,. t l,v lir. a,I
can Live Vim ih.iie
if me nf tho l:tT t'oiiFAXiea ox Tills Toast. ai'.l willing tn y l-wt v.
Wfck f--r the liljr.J tno.-e exUndeJ
td Mr Laner.
EM)RllK & Eakix.
MrS H Frien.lly will py the hj;he
sah market price for wheat. Oire him
Who's to be our
lis Still in doubt, but Democrats,
publicans, rroniDiuomats, x-ioneers
and Immigrants agree that the big.
gest and best General Merchandise
Store in Eugene is
Thb Lowert Prices. The BEST
Goods, and the politest Clerks.
Cheap for Cash;
Gents Furnishing Goods a Specialty
J. W. CHERRY, Pro.
Continue io Exchange Merchandise' of all
Kinds at the Lotted Cash Trice's for Cash or MerchantaW
yroduee of itmjkind at the Highest Cash Prices.
Give them a trade.
Conrfinue to furnish Lumber, Lath and Shingles
to order at the lowest current rates, delivered at
the Mills, on board cars, or at Eugene City.
Leave vour orders with J. M : Hendricks, Agent
at twgene Uity, or sena
Continue to pay the highest price
in Cash for wheat
to furnish flour
Lowest market
Special attention to Exchange ami Chrfom! Gtmdini
!i k. S k,
Stevens' Patent Clothes
Dryer, Wheel t3 arrows,
Wooden Bowls and .
PHcM" rf UttH ftncinj rnrri from 43 to to
ctatj (st risl. to turn all kiuilt of Uck.
Fatctcry, Knf Wth M,. Fngen.njr
For Sale.
MV FARM.-S'ITUATED tVO MlbEft ol I'renVii ell, II nulci neuth nf
Enrn; tfni.taiiiTMjj (9 acre, 1-anw oHVr fur
le at a liarVni. 't'lui is lii.u l..;,
with u'w imtie.Vinei.t", well nl.iuteil tu
both .lock raisiliaiiii furiniiiC-.
UokcoE Ksox,-
I resvvull, Or.
11 th.
tllH Bt.(1i-riL.fivfl- lia kwi'ii l.w l.u
Ceonty r..rl t.f Une (Vjntj?, (ie"h, duly
pM.rir.i nuinriii-iriiiw fwim the will an
tnn) of the rutate of Amlrew .1, :
cta.'eil. All -rrei, h.rn.g c'aiin. aiiiat
itl t.tate re hen-hy rinlihV.I In ureseiit the
anie, ilnly verti. il hy Uw rttjuireil,
in ix nientli frn the date l.eivi.f, to the
nileriiiiF.I at the Uw oUioe ..t Bilyen 4
l tier,- in KaKene City, Lu Cuanly, Ore
g". Dated April 16, )S8fi.
THCKMiej M Doak,
Arlminitrater, with will annexed.
Biltec ft CnLLUR, Atty'a f..r Ailin.
Orricl Waltnn". Pn.k.
f i
..T"! t the!
I... . oraner lor f SO,
M 'a I I I a
to xne ivims atrect.
at their Mill, and
and feed at the
rates for CaSh
(Opposite Baker'. Hutel.)
Just opened, will sell you mon
Glass Ware,
Crock cf Wart
Cigars, Etc., IHc
Fi ynur nioaoy than any other !
Coimti-y I'rotTuce'WAiift.
Good. ik'IIVefed to anv nart of tK rty
Plastering, Stone-
Brick Work,
Tacoma and San han
American and English Cetnefj
New York end California
Plastering Hair, Fire Brick, A
Marble Dust, Etc., t
F. F. Patterson & 1
Beckwitb 4 S a-
A.k ynur urujip.t fr a packS
Ki.luey Tea. .
A Hue liae of silk plashel i "
nd gradei at F B Dunn'i.
r. r. rATTTRsoa. w. r. rAi"1