The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 01, 1886, Image 4

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    -A. V "v
V4 - V
fc.VIUKDAY...., ...MAY I
For Senator, .
t Representative,
L BltYEtr, & C. THuMPSOX,
, For Sheriff, '
'' For Clerk,
,1s en. F. DOKRH
Fur Treasurer,
J. J.
Fur Commissioners,
A. N. Kit LEX, GEO. DAY.
For School. SuperinU-ii'leiit,
For A"M"rf
. ., Fur S irveyiir, .
, Fr Cormier,,
lilt. A. W. rilAT.IEU.
Thn Deotocraey of Lanp county have
nominated a tjcknt that will grow in
utrength every day frpm now until the
election . JU, composed of men well
known for honesty and capability. In
flvery case the defeated aspirants are
husily at 'work tor the entire ticket
and wn prediet a victory for tho1 Lane
Democracy oh Mon Jay June 7th. Our
apace will uot permit of an extended
notice of each candidate, hut still we
feel it incumbent on , to give each a
brief introduction to the public. For
tho important otSee of
The familiar nawe of Ilobt M. Veateh
of Cottage Grove is presented. Mr.
Veatch is a farmer aid tack rawer, a
igentlmu cf lroad views, able and
honest, llu is a gradaaUi of tho State
Agricultural College, and a firm friend
of the fur,njiii element to which he is
jiroud to bejoug. lie has already
reprtmeuted Lane county iu the I'i-t
llatures '"of 1883 and 1884
and greatly dint a jtiuK 'd Mimelf
iaa a Hit brilliant and effective
speaker and his vole and liii
powerful influence may always be
counted to be en the sidu cf tho peo
ple. His naiue is a toiler of strength
i and wo arei confident ho will Uo elected
ly a large majority. For
'Tho convention nominated L Jilyeu
of North Kugeue, H. (, Thompson of
Willamette, C. Iv Uale of Chesher
.and V. P. Cheshire of tpriiiglild.
.Mr. Pilyeu is a successful lawyer, and
iposesses to a marked degree the conli
deuce and eateem of the farmiug and
.laboring element, uhicli he has l
vaervedly won by his untiriug etforts in
their behalf, lie was member of
the last Legistulare and as partica
larly aotiie iu behalf of the lull for
the regaJaiiou of freight and passed
Ijer lares on railroad and in securing
kid to (hi University. He does not
believe iu faltering monopolies in any
aanor. Nr. liilyeu is an eloquent
nd incisive speakor aud iu the last
wion ranked among the leader of
rtlie House. He is very near the pop
ular heart and be r lected. Mr
Thoiiipson is a farmer huving fullowcd
ihat occupation all his . life.- He has
.also had legislative experience having
represent 'Wasco, Crook and Lake
-counties in the hi ate Senate for a term
o( four years, aud made a tine record
He is '.well known throughout Lane
county.iWing' t brother of the lute
lamented John M. Thompson. He is
conservative, honest and. reliable. Mr.
Hale ia'iltso' a farmer and has lived in
Lane county far the past L'5 wars. 11"
id a gra'diiate of too Oregon Stiit t l!ni
versityj' and will make a representative
of whom our people will juVtly feel
Jiroud. Ho poN-iesses tiuci oratorical
.abilities, nnd will we prediut m ike a
4listinguislied recerd both on the stump
;and iu the next Legislature. Mr.
Pressley Chewier is also a tiller of the
oil. He is one of the. pioneers of
the Slate having come to Lnue couniy
with hipareuts in 1 S.13. He is a imm
of gooji business aeiise, iiidomitable
will ami an euergetio ami liUtral spirit.
No corrupt job ill ever show its
head but that it will be hit by Mr
Chesher. He will truly answer the
JcQ'tTsoipan tent.
The nominees for County Commie
ioii'r are A. X. Civen of Chesher
jind (leo Day of Creswell. Mr. Day
js a farmer aud Mr. Green a mw mill
man. . Doth are good buiiness men,
nd we believe they will give the
county the best management of the
finances and alfiirs we ever had. We
Mieve there are uo other n en in this
county better (jualilied for these posi
lions than Measrs Day and Green.
Ben. V. Dorris, who is well and fav
ora'ily'kiiowu throughout the length
ntl breadth of Ltne county ig our noin
iiipo for county cleik. He was a mem
lier of the State l-gi,lature in 178,
ni made an excellent record. Ho is
tinner by occupation nml is now en
gaged in that InisiiieMi iu Kuno. His
clerical qualifications are excellent and
he is entit'ed to the voi-e of every Dem
ocrat in the ctu lty.
The present iucumlH-'tt of the oftic,
J. Ii. CanipU-ll was re-no ninated for
Mieritt. lie was lioni and reared III
ine county auu neeus no imroiucuon
t our haipjs.
for lltfl ollicfl of Treahurer we liav
th ntnm of Mr. J. J. Walton, Sr. Mr.
Wnlton hoi! Inwn a resident of the
county for many year, and no man
Itear a Wler name or in morn w
ipoctcd ly Inn neighbor, Jliit clean
record a:id hi fine and especial quali
cationH for tlii. office) will give him the
office with hardly a content. In addi
tion to thin ' Pap" ban IiohI of friemla
and in immensely popular; lio will get
many KenuMwan vote and will hold
h own party vote, and note our pre
diction, Jm will make one of tlie
liest Treasurer Lane county ever flee
ted o rdlice.
For tliin highly important oflios tlie
honored name, of Dr. A. W. Patterson
is again oll'ered for the, nuU'rage of the
peoj le. Dr. Patterson hau served two
tenim in Iiih present odice, and
Inn worked with untiring zenl and
with all his undoubted al'ility in hehalf
of the advancement of education. He.
has i liWul education, and if just the
man for tlm otlico and I he people know
this and will re elect him to th" posi
tion he. ho worthily (ills.
For this olfioi! is prriionted tlm name
of a native Orejnnian, Mr Chun Huff
man. Ilf has resided in Line cou-ity
for 31 years, ln-ing only three nionths
old when his parents moved hern from
Portlund. For tlm past few years he
has lier-n rnuaged in teaching school
and farming, lie is a man of intelli
jjence, is well educated, Hiid is esp'c
inlly adapted for tho office to which he
nan lieen nominnted. He is deservedly
popular and will 'hi fleeted ly a hand
noma nmjority.
Tim Democratic nominee for survey
or, Dr. J. W, Malum, of lying Tom
Precinct, has resided in Oregon for
many years, is a competent and skillful
aurveyor, and is held in limn esteem iy
all his acmiumtm.ces. lit) has the
finest mental (pialilic.itions, and will In
elected li) a good mnjority.
For this ollioo the name of l)r. A.
W. Pruther is oll'i red. Ho is a gent In
itial! of attainment!! and of tho highent
standing in his profession. During
the late civil war he served Ins cnun
ir valiantly as an Union noldier.
His first ollicial duly will lie to hold an
impiest on the Republican county
ticket on the bih of next June.
Such is tho iVmncratia ticket.
Composi'd of men who are both honest
and capable, who are of the people and
for tin people, whose, every sympathy
is with i he toiling msHscs, it invited tin-
support of all, especially of every Dein
ocrat. Their simulant U-arprs in this
county arn worthy to curry forward
tne ii.umers on which are eimraveii tne
names of Franklin, JellVrson, Jackson,
McClellan, Hancock, Tililon ami Cleve
land, and it is now llm time for har
monious, and active work.
There is a rumor that the President
has been making one of those careful
and laborious (studies, to which he is
ciien. of the laud question, unci that
he has become no thoroughly acnuain
ted with the viistni'M) of the land
frauds and the misuse of the prereir
loud laws for land grabbing by sytidi
cules and corporal ions, nnd of the ne-
oeKsity of a thorough reform of both
the laud laws and land administration,
that lie will presently Hend n special
messign to Congresd urging immediate
action iu the way of reform and the
repeal of the bad laws to help him in
saving the remaining land for home
steads for (lie people.
The incident reported in the Wash
ington dispatclicN of the meeting be
tween the IVi-sidi-nt ami Senator Ed
munds lit the White House reoepticn,
and the friendly greeting passed between
them, illustrate a peculiar cliarr.eteris
tic of American politics. Partisan rain
cor never tinne with bitterness social
a uenitics.' Politics is one thing, and
social courtesy
dillereut thing.
another aud quite'
Secretary Lamar has continued the
ruling of Land Commis inner Sparks,
which holds that the Atlantic and IV
citie railway company has no legal
claim to the lands lying along its road
net ween Sin rraiieisco mid Bueiin
Ventura ami has ordered their restora
tion to the puUio domain. The amount
of laud thus returned to the mihlic do.
m lin has been J.4.H.200 acres. More
Democrat ie blundering.
If we are to judge by "aggregate
results" what will you sav, brethren
of ihe prosperity of tho Mormons in
the last 2.i year! According to the
rule laid down by you, we must con-
dude that the "aijreiate results" of
Republican administration is favora
ble to the iu.Tease of tho .Mormon
- - ..... .
The registration board at Denmark,
Curry cou ty, not having heard that
'.lie reiMt; law had been held Ulicon
Kliuiiouul by the Supreme Com t, pro
ceeded to register the voter of that pre
einoL The whole nuinU-r registered
wasM, while U voters in the precinct
did not register.
The Philadelphia letkeri ar- striking
for shorter hours, and lhy ought to,
they work eighteen bouts day and
gt only one day off in a year. We
would hate to eat Itread made by such
a sacrifice. How can mm on such long
hours msk" short pie erusit
Do the people remeiiiber the
bi jot ry
ill the
aniMuph ity ot nmuniy
The BfpubllfBti Sidle Ticket
The Republican State Convention
which met in Portland, has completed
ia work and the result U victory for
the Portland ring politicians, who have
governed thin State for the past four
years. Excepting one or two names
the ticket is tho poorest ever offered
to the people. Here it is:
Governor T. It Cornelius, of Wash
ington county. . ,
Congressman Dinger Herniand, of
Secretary of State Geo. W. Mc
Pride, of Columbia,
Treasurer H. L Marston, of Uma
tilla. Supt. of Tublic Instruction E. B.
McElroy of Benton.
Supreme Judge J. B. Waldo, of
State Printer Frank C' Baker,
of Multnomah, '
A prairie dog trap ia ingeniona.
Place a headless barrel pvr the prajrii!.
d ig's hole and half fill it with, .tpifi.
sand. The little burrower will soon'
scratch his way to the top of th same.
But the tine sand falls into the hole
and (ills it up, and it cannot dig anoth
er iiole through the half fluid particle?;
neither can he climb up the sulrs of the
barrel. All he can do is to reverse the
familiar lines of Virgil and exclaim:
"Tho ascnt to the upper air is, easy,
but to recall ones steps nnd reenter
Avemus, how hopeless the attempt!"
This is without doubt the way in which
the prairie dogs in Central Park were
A strong point made by Secretary of
State Bayard on tho Chinese question
is that in which he shows the large
preponderance of privileges enjoyed by
the Chinese in this country as com
pared with those to which Americans
are restricted in China. Here they
multiply as immigrant by the tens of
thousands, till their number is now
e.timated at 150,000 and have Is-en in
the habit of going where they phased
and ensagiiiK in any sort of business
that suited them. This Americans are
not allowed to do in China, but have
certain Wwdnries assigned to them,
outside of which they are admonished
not to po if they set any value on their
lives. Tunes.
Utah's new Governor as
tho world knows, is named West.
Now it is proposed to appoint as Sec
retary of that Territory Col. Huyhes
lust, Secretary of the late Vice Presi
dent Hendricks, The Mormons may
know no North, no Smih, but they
will gel acquainted with Etst anil
Went. ,
All the laws on the statute- bonks
reluting to riiinncc, except oiv, are He
publican measures, for which of course;
the Republican party must im held re
The States most heavily in debt in
this Union ure the South-ru States,
mid they are Democratic. And their
debts to the last one were made under
Republican rule.
Three years ao a heay duty w as
pliiDcd en luinW, and since that tiuu
the priee of hmiher has declined. It
is a sure tiling that protection doesn't
protect in some cases.
The U.-pulliian party iu Marion,
Itenioii, Multnomah, l)ouglas and
Wasco count iea are torn to pieces !y
frartioual ipiarrels aud the tun siyns
of disintegration crop out on all sides
Seventeen million acres of land are
owned in Oregon lv corporations. That
is only one fourth of the actual area of
the N atl- What pirtyis rcsponsihlo
for this, we worn! r( ;
The city of Philadelphia is in fleM
72,0011,(1(10, and worst of all lias not li.
leg to Hliow.for the debt. Jho.vtey
government la not Democratic,' either.
The Democratic State' Con vcntloh
will iin'et in Portland next Tuesday'"" '
Keynota to Health.
Health i wealth. Wealth lno:in in'lciwn-
diiHM. The keynote is l'r Hiw.mki' ('nn'li
snl I.hii.' Syrup, the Iwnt Cnuh Syrup ill the
world. Cures t'oiiglis, Oolils, l'.iim in tie
I'nmt, lirmieliitH Mil-1 1'riinary l'nnniuuitiin.
ri.uiH uives ivlief in everv csw. Tk no
nther. l'rii-o (10 centt and 91. Samples free.
Sold by 0lHrn A Co.
A Reliable Article.
For f uternria. pimh nd a deaire tn srfl
ineh g m iw will L-iv tin trails MtUfoo m.
i i-liurn . I'd th linu.v'i't ll M cmnisiti-
tiiMi. Tliey U lr lloiuuiko'i C,ii:h ami
hunt; Syrup, lcitiiM it's the htt Mtlit-iiie
on tne market, for C-ouuhi, Olda. Crnup and I
j'rinmry i imninipuon. i'rlca iX' oenti ami
j $1.00. iSiunploa tree.
Bucklen't Arnica Salve.
Th bMt iilv in the w rid for Cut, Hrui
tn; Siren, l'l. r. Salt Khvnm, Fover Sunn
Tottor, CbpH-d Hanihi, ChiHil.uim, t'onn, nnd
'I kin rrnplioni, ami pimitivrly enn-a piln,
or no pny riuitvl. It it mmrntov.l toui
perfect Mtifm'tion, or money rfmimL Vr
aid by K It I.nckey & Co.
Dr. Taylor ' 7 Oa.. Conipmind, purrly ttg
tta'oli , Htitiely eum rhaumatian.', neuralgia,
tooth,'hi, tti-k hNulauhf, rrnup colic, cholera
Hiurliiit, l oinplainu leotillar to frftiMaa, I ,y
piia, ddd er ootuih, Hive, CbilU and fa.
vrr, jwina aroun-i tli heart, eryniirU,
phihuic. Gkokm Taylor.
For th benefit of nthn, I totifv ti thertfect '
of 7. OAKS. I ,av horn atbict,! f, yMrt ;
wn Kairio irminiMoi uia atouiarii mi. I
vast ,4 th. t,ni uffrrin at
time. Dd I timl 7. OAKS to he an ant. i...e.
Inch 1 canuot Kive Um mnrh pni-. With
rix-t, mh. i.-haki. Ha-NKix .
f hilomath, Itentott Co., April 3. '8.'l
I hav. Iv en troubled m-ith
ht' tKir f,T two
years an. I fin I 7. OAKS inr fH. nd. i;h
re-U. .1. l lUvmr.
Philomath, Ponton C.v, Aoril 3, 'Ni.
Sold by Ifcbura & Co, drtvsp.i, Eugene,
, (Opposite Baker's Hutel.)
Just opened, will sell you more
Glass Ware,
Crockcy Ware,
Cigars, Etc, HClc.
Fr yiur iniaipy than any other house in
Country Produce Wnntcd.
OiHids delivered to any port of tlie city.
Wmtiw u mi
Vi I I r1 I X I I I I irt
Plastering, Stone
Brick Work.
Tacoma and San Juan Lime,
, American and English Cement,
New York and Californa Plaster,
' Plastering Hair, Fire Brick, lath,
Marble Dust, Etc, Etc.
F. F. P. tters:m & Co,
OrriCE With I eikwi i, & Sun.
oregq mm umi
.Wilhscetta Valley to San Francisco
via Yaqui:a,
Train JeBvp I'urvsllis Tiieml.-iy, Tlmrmlay,
nml Satihrdiiy, ut II A. m.
I.f ave Yaipiii'ft Mumlay, Wednesday and
Friilny, at 8 A. M.
The fif.c A I Steamship YAQUIISi tails
l'Xi'M Y.M,"l'tN .
SuihIhv, April 'J.!,
S'imiIhv, M i !),, j .y -JO,
Wed'y, in in- -J,
Mimilay, M,iv ,'!,
,.Sa'tu.l.., ,iliy
; ' I urday, Miiv '2(i,
Wed'y, June 0.
The (' iii :ii,) reMRrvm tl
ailiij il.iv's.
Fakm t'ahin, $M; Ste.
at reiliiued ami inoder.i'e r
.pivot K..f the W.: ..
ie riglit to clianye
r''je. s; ireilit
i.iivet at
I eri.-il'i; l.-.w '.i - I in-, ,
V"l' till ;lT l.,.'l i1'.'!."!','1 : J,f to
'. i'' l!i.;l
' A (;. I'. A I'. ,v;'t, Coir,,!!,.,
Hedtoiif aud Tomb fininhrd in American
or Iulhin Marble.
Stons Work and Cemeterj Encloses
' .
and American
Ciranite Monuments.
Persons at a distance ill be fnrni'lied
pricen and lei--'iis to select from
on application.
All work warranted.
Tleane caII and examine mv work and get
prices M',,re pin-hitii! rlsewliere.
runnsneii at nmnnlactiirer prio,-- I.)
Ship ou 8;h street r ?iir S' w' Stable,
.ent f r th ln-iiranrrComiiantea for-
n.erlv l.el 1 by Mr t ha- Uuer, and are ps
t., innuv vonr 1
. ', . ,
Hozs:. Ears. wh:at. Wxl, Etc-. Etc.
aaint o hv tire, and can tiie voii choice
,,f some
f t!l, l'ptT Co.rMKS oX YHK COAHT. .
.'v aed willing t py ,,s ppn,pt!v.
e..r me nt-rai p.itrohsj; eit.nded
Hispbich & Eakis. '
n or
& AiiAi All 1i II A
i i
To the
A Jj
Cheap tor Gash.
Gents Furnishing Goods a Specialty
J. W. CHEERY, Pro.
Continue to Exchange Merchandise of all
Kinds at the Lowed Cash Prices for Cash or Merchantable
Produce of ani) kind at the Highest Cash Prices.
Give them a trade.
Continue to furnish Lumber, Lath and Shingles
to order at the lowest current rates, delivered at
the Mills, on board cars, or at Eugene City.
Leave your orders with J. M . Hendricks, Agent
at Eugene City, or send to the Mills direct.
Continue to pay the highest price
in Cash for wheat at their Mill, and.
to furnish flour and feed at the
Lowest market rates for Cash.
typechtt attention to Exchange and Custom Grinding.
nr hi I k,
Stevens' Patent Clothes
Dryer, Wheel Barrows,
Wooden Bowls and
Vooden Ware.
Price of f.irrti feecin; rnr ; from I." to C."
cents h-r nl, lo turn all kiri'la of utoi-k.
I'nc twry. V.nnt M!i t ,
For Sale.
t:ilgeii, Or
I xtX eal ut t'rosswt M,
1 1 mile, koitih of
I Kilv-eiif, coiitiiiniiiL' (ibtl Here. I now oiH-r fur
s.ilo at a luri: on. Tint i a fine h.nuiini
with i;iod irnpf" - net.tK, wi-ll adapt d t
both tit'k raising .mil far nni..
l,OM'"K A N'lX,
(. rowt- l, Or.
iy I he iinil.-rii:iu d hua bi n
bv the
Conni four nf Line Comity, Oiev'nn, duly
appointed adniini.trator Uji'h the mil no.
nexed) of the v ite ot Andrew J Doak, di-
ceaeii. All per-mia liaving c'ainn ajj.nt.tii
said est.ite arts here'y notilieil to present the
same, duly veriied im by law required, w ith
in ix niniitha fron tho date hereof, to the
umlerMjiiied at the law office of Bilyeti &
Co her, iu Kiiene City, Ijne County, Ore
goo. Dated April 16. ISSfi.
InrissTnx M. Doak.
Admini-trator. with will annexed.
r-ILVkf CoLl.lm, Attv't for Adm.
C? AIr f A- yi -t
V J J J .
Attoruc) -at-B
OrnrE-Oprwit Walton's r.ridc.
iVburn can be purchased at the
tore if Pritchett & Forkner for
I!:iir n toi-:ilie iu the World l Hall' Kkxkw i:i:. It mrv nil diea.-e ot
llm M-;ilp, nnd fiilnul.iles the hair i.l:tiul
to hi'jltliinl iK-tititi. It lo the falliiiv nf
lli; hair; pn-vrnls 1: turning prnv; chit
luMn -. n;id rcslcves youthful color mutt
rrolini--' of iippearaiii') lo heaiN nlrcmly
whiie wii Ii ii :e. The foThiwini; uru a IuW'
ilUwniluiii.-. of wlwl In done by
Vegetable Sicilian
tf Mns. IlrxsRKRRr, 344 FranHtiH Ar.
HfmHin.A'. )'..aiur a scviro atlock tf r.rjr.
niHl;i In Hie hnwl, 'founil her hair nlrrwiv
("' Tillltiir ,(T mi r.ipiillv tint flu- mioii Ih-, tune
quite li.iia. line liotilv of Hall's Hani IK
NKWRII l.rolli:llt It t,;,(k .A 0l't, biuu ai,J.
Iliu-li un ln n tlic wns u fit 1 .
US' Mil. IvEsr.txn.nn old Tirmer. tipnr H'nr -l"l-
liiiil.scnnvly snv Imir It ft, siul v It.l.
hull- llu re wns ot it hml become i e:n Ij wliilr..
i'nc Imtiic of Uai.l's Hair Keneweu stuppi J
jotf.lhtncaiit,ai..l Rave lilm n thick, luxiiriaiiL
li.:i.l vl'hair,.. l-:own.uii frcahas be ever Iwd..
Jf" M.n.. Jt. T. Wall, CrtmtiM. Chuhirt,.
fit., writes: hsvc-funrl tliv jerx-tt Iwn.
.'i.l Iroin ll'ulise of 11au.'b IlAin KCNEVER. H
Irivimj rcsiorcrl my hir. whli-h wns mull) (.11- '
lii: oil', and n lunud Its ariginal aulor."
i- Pir-Kxu. Prtr, Wroir; Jirir., wrtlflfs
tlut "IlALL'a IIaui Kemkwek h excellrtu fir
hnir frrouliii.and gives tack tbi nalurai culur
to f.idid and gray hair."
$3" JTns. P. R. Elliott, GlrntllU. FI TV -s.iy:
"Oncbotiluof Uall' Hair KrxEwER
roion-d my Imir lo Its nulural, youthful color.'"
N"f hiiitrioiiH Mibntnncea enter Into llic
rninpixitliin of Hall's Haik Hexewkh..
nnd it is not s lve-. Itn vcjftfiilile iniriv
iliriifn rc :, ler It fiitlie highest dcirrce Im-iii-lichil
to li.e Kcaliran a prtMealiYe of tli
':im-. Its effect are BHtUE:tf vad hiitln;'.
mid It does not nmke tb hnir dry nmS
lii a-hv. like the aiM-alltdrcrttorativva coiu
ioiiintfd with skvbnf.
Buckingham's Dye
Is 111 f.nir reiportn. itieriorr ill other".
lt It will pi-oihnv n rich, untural
I'olo:-. brown or liliu k. its drtdird.
2d The culur so prodBceif''n'
Miitiot l- i ;ir.d off ami will not will ain
tlini with v hU h it cRmes In
;M H it a prcpHRition. and nmrc
eiimt-nfcnl of applicition tUmi any other
li:iiror whNkerdye.
4th It i-oiilitiiiH no deleterious InTre
ilunts ut do niiinv lireiiHi-atioiiM offered
tor like um
PiiEPAiir.n rtv
H. P. HALL & CO., Nashua, X. H.
Sold by all Dealers lit Medicines.
Ak your drm.T.nst for a packaga of Ori'
Kidney Tea.
A tine liue of ailk pluhe in all ho
aud grade at F B Dunn's.