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    'tiie euoene; cm "ctabo.
.UKCJCM IlKK 26, 1835.
' - v' lllie RrgKtrjr Law.
Th';fravi5ipiivii tho new retjiatey
. Ja'w'uresulmtantisyf.ljTullo -
. Tjie County Cburwof tlm different
.counties, at their first meeting iu Pan
.o Jmll nnnoint iu J '' ' ail'l clorku,
"; " rr .
for tho next zener41
election, and tlio judge p if K)ii)tii
sli'ull act aH.a regihtratiori hoard In the
various precincts. Tliey tJiall meet,
attended J tlw cVrks, at tlio usual
polling places in each precinct on the
first Monday in April, and continun in
en wiwioii fcr three, days to receive.
)plic.ition for registration from' all
who are legal votcra-.-or who nmy ie
such at the next general election. To
each of such pcrsos LhV judges hfmll
give a cortifioata . In cases of sickiioKs
or unavoidable, ahsence, wWh- must he
stated upon oath ly the applicant, the
chairman of tlio registration hoard may
issue certificates up to April 25, hut
under no circumstances whatever, at a
later date. It is provided that the
judges of election and iiien.hers of the
registration hoards, Khali not I, all of
them, of the name- political party, and
it in the expectation that in Republican
counlie two of tlio ' members will he
Republicans and the third a Democrat,
and in Democratic counties two Demo
crats and one Republican. These are
Iho main features of the new registry
law. Its main object is to prevent
fraud by "repeating,! and in large
cities will probably worV with lieneticml
effect, but 1 ini the sparsely settled
districts of tho State it will work a
hardship upon those who have any dis
tance to travel to the polling places unci
-will very likely greatly reduce the
numlier of votes at tho next geneiul
Whethir the new provision will
affect the relative strength of the to
parties in this State depeuds, of course,
upon the interest taken by their
individual tneiubeis. It is of the
utmost linnortance teat all who are
entitled to a vote at the next general
election should take interest euougli in
the administration of uffairs to comply
with the provisions of the registration
:act. The Democrats of Lane should
every one register. If they will, Lane
will elect the Democratic couwty tveket.
Thai i'hli Lntldcr.
And now it is talked plainly, openly
-and above board that tho fish ladder at
Oregon City is a fraud, a swindle and
no good. It is sail that Mr. Clark
-took the contract for excavating the
way for $1350, and that the rest of the
work did not exceed t$G5f, making
2000 in all expended on the works.
"This, if true, leaves t8000 unaccounted
for, and divers rumors are passing from
- place to place that no. vouchers can i
hown by the State .official to skuw
where this money was paid out and
receipted for by workmen eiNpUyed on
the ladder. Personally e kuow
nothing about it, but we do kuow that
j talk is going tho rounds that a cross
t swindle has been perpetrated. Perhaps
it would be Well for llu State oiTiuuds
1o look a little after this nmt'.er, ami
.1iusli,,t.he tongue of calumny by nmkiif.'
- pubWc exhibit of the expenditures.
f Allmny Bulletin.
According to tho New Have
. Regfoter tho President is to be congrat
ulated upon " the brevity of Ins Mew-
sage under the circumstances." Ytiv
.the provocation was gr-at to prolong it
end the material at hand was abu ndant
As '.the' first Simon pure Deniociatic
Message to Congress iu' tweuty-Hve
years it was compelled to cover a great
deal of cround. It might' have been
made longer and continued ns n serial
..i. .... - -l .S .1... ..-i. '........ .1...
w wir.nniir hi. ii lusLiiiif tun Liauuuun ui Mir
- a i
2 .lMll.tltf ....
- .
A negro clerk in the auditor's office
of tho treasury department has been
promoted to a $1(500 position. Not
withstanding the pretentions of the
Republican party of caring for the
colored brethren this is the tirst clerk
of that race 'given anything like a
respectable position in any of the
Washington departments. The admin
Miration's unfeeling way of doing
HXttotly what the Republican organs
and politicians said it would tint do
must Is very trying to Republican
' The San Francisco Post, (Rep.) siys
Stanford and Evarts chatted together
in their seats in the "subarbs" of the
Sonato Chandler on . Monday. They
are in the rear by reason of the fact
that they are both new mWs. Yet
eilhcri)f thso two big-brained men
may possibly I the nomine .f the
Republican par.y for President in
188. " , .
.', ?7il,000,000 Vuttd-
. SecretarO.f the Navy Whiiriey, has
the following to say in regard to the
wasting of seventy millions of dollars,
since' the year 13GS, iu lie- alleged con
struction of a n.ivy. A whole sermon
ia contained in the. same, shoeing the
rottenness of the Republican party :
At the present incim-nt it must be
Uvuia'd'd'ilml we have nothing wlii.:h
'Jsd-'Vs to b called h navy. llie
-r. . ... - t , i
country Ims expended since jniy i,
IPG!--more than Hire years
qiienl to the clone of the late civil war
over seven y -live millions or money
on the construction, repair, equipment
and ordnance of vessels, which sum,
with a very slight exception, has been
substantially thrown away, the exevp-
tion Is ir," a few ships now in cours-i oi
construction. I dv not overlook the
loops constructed iu 1S74, and costing
threo or four millions of dul.nrs, and to
avoid discussion' they may be x'-epted
also. The fact still lemains that fur
about $70,0:0,000 of the 75,000,0'JO
which have Uen expended by the
department for tlje creation of a navy
we have practically nothing to kiio.
It is questionable: whether wir Imve a
single naval vessel, linished and afloat
at the present li ne that :oufd be
trusted to encounter the shipa of any
important power a single vessel that
has either the necessiiry armor for pro
tectiou, speed for escape or weapons for
Comment on this is needles, and
could add nothing to the force of the
statement. .Seventy millions of dollars
wrung from the people, and that, too,
in years of Imsiness depression, when
the rich man whs struggling for
solvency and the poor man for. fbread,
stolen or thrown flw-iy ! Keventy
millions nf dollois worth of hun.nn
labor and in it-rial wealth wasted,
making the whole world that much
poorer! This single phase of Republi
can misrule has cost the American
people a sum far great-t than tho loss
by the destruction of buildings in that
most teri'i'ile of modern conlhgrations,
the burning of Chicn-go.
, Buy JIaywarJ LaaJ cn-uacles. , , .
'.. Fr koI dentUtiy i; t-,Tylor A Elrly.V
The bilieat anil price will I paid fur wheat
by F II Uuun,
AaWyoiir (Iru'itt fur a packag of Oregon
Kiduey Tea. , ' ;
l'liuto(;ritjli tinisliml ocatly abd artit.
ti-!lly at Wiiitor'a. ;."
A tine line of silk plashes in all shaile
(nil (jra-lei t F l Duon'ii.
The l)et camliei and nraiiKee can lway
lie fiiund al) K Ijijum' eoiifectiniiery atom.
If yiio are in want of agricultural inai.liiii
ery nt any kind, rvineinber that Mr J Al
Hemlricka keep s full aoinrtnieiit.
MrS If Kriumlly will pay th bilieHt
Mali market price or wheat. Oive him a
call before selling your grain elsewhere. -
Faiiukss Takr Notice. A Rood dinuer can
hailut linker's Hotel f. r 25 cent.
Ncticr. Mr. It. II. Jinnes livln retired
from buinii and U'lntr deaimnn nf setiling
up, rt-qiu-i-U all th(we lil-lcliti'J by note nrao
count tit iininediately call and iak a settle
ment -He can be found at his office iu the
Court House, raly to receipt for ull duhts
due lilm. "I 1
I. X. L, Store.
Fish Makkkt. Mr J P Ditchhurn Jins just
Kt irte-l a tih nmrknt in this city on Ninth
Street, oiMwit- Day & Pratt's lilHckmiith
lnp. He will keep cmiHtaiitly nn hand all
kimls nf 6-h, nyiinr, clniim, imultry and
Kme, etc. 'l'he .-)ile shuuM give the gentle
man a tf'H'd suptMirt. '
Tax Nfjce.
that I will he at the umial votini! places
of the renpective precincts nf Lane County,
from 10 a m t" S p in of each day, f-ir the pur
IHwe of cnllectini; taxes for the year Visa, as
f'-ll-iwa, to wit:
Im Tom,
Bliencer, .
Crew well,
CottftiH (, '
MM-lle Fork,
Fall Creek, Vallev.
Pleaant Hill,
Cttinp (.'reek,
HhzIh Dell,
South KnijfnB,
North Kni,'eiie,
Taxpayers will take notice of the fnllon-iiii;
law, page 702, Section t4, Lawanf Orennn: "If
any person rexl-lin in auch prtcim-t sliall t.iil
t attend at Hiirh time and place ami pay hi
nr her taxes, Mich delinquent liiay pay the
suine within thirty day nt the County Seat to j
the Sheriff J and if he full fc pay within the
thirty days as ainresunl, and the Snerilf vimts
his renii l-iioe, tlm Sherili inay i-ollect nt such
ifmnn, for his own use, ten cenU pur mile go
iik' ami returning."
Sheriff nnil Tax Collector, Lane Co., Or.
Dated, KiKene City, Dec. 18, lsj. .
Notice is herehy given that all those In
ilehted to the I. X. L. Store are herehy noti
fied to cull and settle thb same at once, nr the
accounts will be placed iu the ham! of an at
torney f-ir collection. ' Fair waniinff to ull b
our in-it to.
Warshaieb Bbos,
Etuene, December 4, 18S5., . ,')
Keynote to Health.
' Health Is wealtlu "U'ealth" means 'fn-Vpeh-deuce.
The keynote is Dr llnsankn's Cmih'h
ami Luny Svrup. the liei-t Cmifh Svmp in the
world. Cures Cmi-b. Cold". PliM i the
Chest, PirmichitU and Primary I'unMimptinli.
One ilnee ives relief ill every case. .Take no
other. Price 50 renU and 81. Samples free.
Sold bv Unburn A Co.
Saturday, Jan 9, 18rV)
Mo.-.ilay, " It,'
Tne-Mlay,1 " 12, "
'JhiUHday, " 14,
Fri.lav. " 15. ' "
Saturday,' " 10,
Monday, , " 18,
Tnesdnv, " 1, "'
'J'hiirsday, " 21, "
Friilay. " 'J2,
Monday, " 25, 1 "
We.ines.lay, " 27, "
'Ihnrsihiy, " 2S, '
Fri.lav, . " 2t), "
Saturday, " 30, "
Tuesday, Feb 2, "
Weilnenlay, " 3. "
Friday, " -r. "
Saturilay, " 6, "
Monday, " H, '
Tuesday; " 0, "
Wednesilay, " 10, "
Thursday, "11,
Canon Furrar says frankly: ''I
perfectly destitute of any powers
oratory, and I liavs had absolutely no
training in elocution. The American
press, which is n marvel of perfect
fninkiies, has said that my wiice is
iniinomi ous an 1 that I do not know
what to do with my hands, mid with
i-ijual fraii'tness I nm constrained to
admit that what the press has suid is
The bill pensioning Mrt U. S. Grant
passed the Democratic -House of Rep
resentatives, with only one vote in the
nenitive, that of a Republican who
hailed from Wisconsin. If that fellow
had been a mean Democrat instead of a
menu Republican, all the organs of tin
(! O. P. would have been denounciii-j
the entir.i Democratic party ns rebels.
Consistency is uiii.iinwn in the Radical
The wid-iws of e.-lVesiih nu Polk,
(Jarlield and Grant each receive r.n
annual jtensiou of $5,000 from the
government. Mrs. Rulk is amongst
1 lin old'-st nieiiibeis tif In pension list,
and Mrs. Grant's name ws mlded by
llliailimous vote of the Con-jless nf the
United States Siilniday.
a.'.- V
my wife, Klizabeth L Scott, has lift my
I1-1I ami IhihiiI without junt cause nr provoca
tion, a in I the pul-lic is hereby cautioned lint to
credit her on my account, n I will not he rex
Kinnilil fur any delits contracted hv her afUr
thiK date. W. W. SC'UTT.
Dat-il, December 1, 188
Until Jan. 1, 1SSG,
I propose to sell all
kinds of GOODS at
fltlCESthat will as
tonish all. If you are
in want of anything
in my line give vie a
call and
llemember I mean
Badness. This is a
'Genuine Clearance
Sale. ,
"'BON.T FAIL - r
H" -V ST, A' 4 -v J -4- 1 -v ' mm j"!
jl u uttojiu tut; 'oriciua
Out Sale
' 1 i ,i F
. M
Springfield, Oregon.
filli fill fill - ill I EhV Ri.lESU
ni'tUT roiiiiiyn
Again at the Front.
m. t I.:
Call attention to THE FACT that they have
added a full line of staple
Dry Goods,
Boots and Slices,
and Groceries,
to thir stock of merchandise in the store, and to
THE FACT that they offer the sa.ns at prices de
signed to shorten the long face and smooth the
wrinkled brow of the most exacting Granger that
ever smashed a clod or whacked a steer.
r Also to The Fact
Are opening the largest and finest
ever brought to Eugene.
Beautiful Plush Goods in almost endless variety,
sllbutns, new styles, in plush, y2.o0 and upwards.
In, Silverware our stock is just immense.
Our show cases ai a piled with the finest GOLD GOODS:
Gold ivatclies, chid us', broaches, gold setts, Dlum'md
t ings, solid gold rings, rolled, gold goods, pins, ear rings,
bracelets, cuff buttons, Etc., Etc. ,
un our siiewes are vases, loue.i sens, cups ami saucers,
figures, ct in great variety uitditew dedgm:.
Dolls, doll cubs, child reus' dishes, tool chests and toys
without number-
.dlso in u sic goods, art goods, pictures, jicfure frames,
work and., hand baskets, .satchels, hand parses, jocket
purses, arid in fact, everything you want.
Call and examine, as vve cannot
enumerate our Stool:.
Come And See.
A largo portion of these GOODS are on
consignment and MUST he sold by .Tan 1.
Tlif Ui-pul'liwiu jirt-sa iiinl tlm, land
thieves nr after In scalp of Ci'iiiiiiis
Nioner Spurk-M, who in workina for tlif
pri-ncrvAtion of tlm puUio domain.
The crowd will li unsuocf.ful, hh Hit
Administration Htrrmgly Nupporm Mr.
Sparks, l-he tVirml f the pi-opk
It is olli-yd th H Hi-il, tlm Canadian
jiiRurgiMit, in Htill alivn, and that ho
who paid tlm pi-nalty of d-'iuh on Noy.
16th wh n gi-m rotirt RuliHtitutit m tlm
ptir.soii of (nm of tho condemned
prisoner.! in H'i;ina jail.
William Slmki'speart has liet-n ap
pointed lVtitiniwter hi Kalamazoo,
Miohiau. Wrt hhall exp-'tt to lmr
from the Of poina preiw tint lut was
once arrested for stealing veninon.
Iloston Transcript.
Dy a Iloiise tonciirrent resolution,!
both house of Coiigri-xs hav ailjourned '
until Jan. 5, 1((5. Tlm U. S. Senator
and Representatives will in the interval
enjoy a holiday vacation, s
New York Sur (Pern.): There are
nero Democrats. Yes; and their num
ber will increase. Education and pros
perity are. tlio advocates of Democracy
at tlm South.
That their Closing Out Sale of CLOTH I NO and FANCY GOODS of all
kimls continues at prices lower than the lowest, IN FACT
At Cost! Below Cost!! Regardless of Cost!'!
Cash paid for wheat delivered at tlm Springfield mill.
Bankrupt Sale
Doorkeepers in the national Capital
get from S 1 200. to $20tK) for opeiiing
and hhuttinj; door nix hour daily.
The average cost of a cession of Coil
grcss is $3,000,000. . NewnpspeiH an I
BUtionary alon-5'otjt over $70,(K'0.
Good sold at our store inEugenefor
the same price as at the mill.
Gray Blankets Good value,
$3.50 per pair,
!Gray, Drow n, Dlue, Scarlet or White
All Wool, 4 points," $7.00.
Gray Blankets sold everywhere at $5.3 , . . , .'
H00 per pair. jVh Sc-aVl. t, Grtty, Rrown.' Eto,-
OrayiL-ii,' Brown or Blue Blanket! All Wool. Extra Lnr;-e Family,
All Wool, S5.50 per pair. ' SS.50, $9.00, ?l0.00.
We are closing out this line, and as, we have a large
stock on hand will offer special inducements-
Boys Alt Wool Overcoats, 5 to 1
years $0.00
Al! Wool Overcoats, 10 to 1C
years -S7. 00 to SS.00.
Henry Villard will soon return to
New York mid take up his residence
there. Tlm Sim wants him to enter
journalism a;nin.
Mom ihan $10,000 was spent in the
lute prnhiliiiion election iu Atlanta,
Ga, The Is-tt ting aureated $.')0,000.
7' N; UrZ W , T2 Complete line of Furnishing Gools, Hats, Etc, Etc
at tlm drst incineration service of the ""T""
Mount Olivet Creniat New York, '
Young Mens' All Wool Overcoats
10.00 to 12.00.
Mens' All Wool Overcoats, former
price gl5 00 ?12 SO. '
Having purchased the Bankrupt Stock of
forriicrly belonging to
Osburh'- .Belsbaw,
I now offer them for sale at
' Wmi Down' Prices.
& .- ( i
..... : ; I': -t!..'
" Give me a ci:!I and price tl!6 Goods.'
J. L. PAGE. .
New I
You Can
8V tim and money by cUing on
Brownsville Clothing House.
ml lettins him reriew your snbsrriiitinns fur
Dwrrs, story papfin snd nnursiints. t
almi kwp a ci-mpli-te stuck of Irn:.-zin, iu
cluilinK 'entiiry, Harp-', Llie tc. All the lilrrifs, Sr.idf. Ivell. SUmUril,
llunrr ml ithiTn la frt vntliiiiL- n-
I ally found in Ht class uew iWKit, F O liailit-
1 the onpiirtnernhin hernt-ifiirt exii-tn-g
Wtweeu Osliuni A Belnhsw is dissi-lveil.
Nor. 17. 1883. ly Ueo. B1maw.
I To hH Tho sre suffering from the errors and
indiucretirns of vouth, nervous weakness, -arly
dtc.iv, lii of manhood. Ac. I willsend sreeii will cure vou, FKKK OK t'HAKi.K.
Thisffreat remedy was discovered by a wis-
'nonary in Jouth Amerie. Send i self-sd
Ireiwed envelnpe to the Kev. Jodci-hI. Ixha.n,
Station D Nw Yot'i City. , . .
I Notice.
I will hive for sale, about Sept 10, 18S5.
12KX) split cediir fence posts. t my n ill in
lburj. l'he price will be ?12 per hundwd.
Cobuni, Auuiwt 22.
Osburn mowers con be pnrohssed at th
str.IFrithttroriejforM0. -