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SATURDAY REIT. 28, 1835.
1 Sorlbero Outrage
' Tha Oregoulan's attention is called
to a telegram of the 20th inst, part of
which appeared in it columns: "Third
Auditor Williams did something lant
week that no official of United Slates
Treasury before him ever dared to do,
said a gentleman who is hijjh in politi
cal circles. 'He found a colored man in
his department working as a clerk when
lie came into his present position. Will
iams, seeing that tho man was capable
and efficient, placed him at the head of
one of the divisions though there
were a lot of white clerks who thought
they should have been selected for the
position, though they are all Republi
cans and, therefore, supposed to Ihi in
favor, of giving the colored man an
equal chance. There has leen some
growlingover General Williams' action,
ilr. Sherman has been talking of the
Tights of the colored people in the
Ohio canvass, but nobody ever heard
if bis promoting one of them to any
important position while he was at the
head of the Treasury Department, and
this act of justice was left to be done
by c Democratic official. Two years
go, when the colored voters of Cin
cinnati asked that one of their number
be placed on the Republican Legisla
tive ticket, the request was refused
and the nomination given to a while
man. Tliero is a vast difference be
tween preaching and practicing among
Our Republican friends, I can tell you.
'lhe Sun Francinco Examiner, with
its characteristic enterprise, has se
cured the exclusive right to publish on
the Pacifio Coast, Ileury George's new
work on "Protection or Free Trade,
and will run it as a serial from week to
week, the first two chapters appearing
in last Sunday's Examiner. It is writ
ten in admirable style, strong, pointed
.and able in thought, and is as interest
ing as a novel Mr. George in this,
.-as in his other works, claims that the
progress of civilization, depends upon
tho prosperity of the workingnmn which
in turn depends upon high wages, and
ito secure this result he favors absolute
. freu trade. He says that protection
is supported by tho ignorance, passions
and prejudices of the masse?, just the
Kainn as the thrones of despot are up
held by these qualities, and that inves
tigation and education will yet achieve
tits downfall in every form. Whether
one agrees with Mr George or not, the
boo'c is one of great merit, and will
attract world-wido attention.
i Iowa paper: "Now that the colored
voters of Mahaska county have some
.of them dared to vote the Democratic
ticket, the Republican manager;
Lave commenced systematic efforts to
i prosecute and intimiduto them. Upon
i a trumped-up chirge of alleged voting
several of them were arrested and
would have been jailed, but fcr the
tfact that Democrats came to their res
.cuo and furnished bail. The HepuMi
can party is the great friend of t he
colored man, as long as ha votes the
Republican ticket
Ten years ago a standard carload on
all first class railroads was 20,000
pounds, tho weight of tho cars boinq
.20.500. In 1881 the load on most
roads had increased to 40,000 pound
but the weight of the car had increased
to only zz.uuu rounds. 1 lie master
car builders of the Pennsylvania road
Shave now adopted cars to carry 60,000
pounds, while the weight of the cars
will be very little increased. The sub
etitution of steel for iron rails has
made the change possible.
The Panama Star and Herald of the
14 th, says: "We shall see in the
month of OotoWr the first section of
the Panama anal opened in its full
Jencth, breadth tod depth. The first
section will comprise a water way from
Colon to near Tiger bill a distance of
twelve kilometers," or about two miles.
Dr. A, IX Adams, associate editor of
ithc St. Helens Coluuibiuu, was arrest
ed last Monday on a charge of crimi
nal libel preferred by E. II. Flsss. ed
itor of the Mist, the opposition paper.
Jn iU last issue the Columbian stated
that Flagg got drunk in Portland and
bad to soher up in the city jail.
State elections will be hold this year
as follows: Ohio, October 13; Vir
ginia, November 3; Iowa, Minnesota,
JCew York, New Jersey, IYimsylvanin,
Massachusetts, November 3; Conneo
ticut, November 3.
Cov Moody has appointed Gen.
John F. Miller, of IJnkville, delegate
from Oregon to attt nd tha meeting of
tho National Live Stotk Association
which meets at SU Louis next month.
Hon Ira Davenport has U-eii nomi
nated by the Republicans of Neur York
as their canJidat for Governor,
A little speck of war appears on the
European horizon, but the prospect
that it will not c,row much larger.
A recent novelist tells a touching
story of a faithful wifit. Her husband
enjoyed or years a prosperous business
and large income, and lived lavishly.
She practiced a careful economy in se
cret, and when ruin suddenly threat
ened him, and he revealed to her his
despair she brought down from a se
cret drawer in her chamber a large sum
in gold and laid it on his table; and
this sum of $50,000 saved him! The
clover writer has forgotten that gold
weighs something, and that the wife
must I ave struggled down stairs under
a weight of 250 poundsl So.newhat
similar blunders are not infrequent in
romances describing the hand'ing of
coin at the gambling tables of Europe;
so that a few exact figures on the huI-
ject may he interesting. Except a few
of the very rare substances hardly seen
out of labratories, gold is the heaviest
and the most precious metal we know.
Thus, a cubic foot of pure gold would
weigh 1,024 pounds, or more than half
a ton, and would lie worth $331,131.
All the gold injthe possession of the
human race might be stored in a cellar
of moderate size. It is supposed to
amount to about 15,000,000,000; and
pure gold to this value would just fill
a room fifty feet long by twenty seven
feet eight inches wide, and twelve feet
high. Thus, the vastest accumulations
of capital known in th.H world may be
conceived of as packed in a very s nail
The Republican press is striving to
persuade Gov. Moody to call an extra
session to elect a U. S. Senator. Our
opinion is that he can manufacture as
good a Senator as the present Legisla
ture can turn out, at a saving of
over (30,000 to the people of Oregon,
a big item tlWe hard times. The Gov
ernor, if an extra session is called, must
be held responsible for their action as he
well knows the history of tha rein ark
able body. The individuals who assert
that need'd legislation demands an ex
tra session deceive no one not even
themselves, assuredly not the Gover
nor. The piping voices of these little
statesmen would never have been heard
had the Legislalure been Democratic,
and if they knew that a Democratic
Senator would be the result of the ex
tra session, no hint would have retched
us of distress for want of law. We
simply want to protest against the un
necessiry and profligate waste of the
people's money. If the Governor calls
an extra session, he will find that he
has paid dear for his whistle. From a
partisan point of view at would be em
inently satisfactory to us.
Smuggling from Canada to the
United States is not only very brisk,
but the smugglers are bold in avowing
tneir ousiness. 1 lie tallowing auver-
tisemcnt appears in papers along the
border: "For sale A farm within
two miles of the boundary line at La
solle, Province of Quebec, on which s
row of buildings hns been erected es
pecially for trade purposes. No other
house within two miles on either side
of the line. Coal houses, under sheds
Btibles, hay scales, etc. The stand is
well known to the Americans, and all
kinds of goods, such as liquor, butter,
horses, gruin, nay, etc, li'iil an easy
channel into the states at all times. A
good, active business man can clear his
$100 a day, or night, trasides making
on an average slO.OOO a year of net
Announcement was recently mad
of the discovery of a vein of gold
bearing in Michigan, The Detroit
Free Press says that this gold boom is
no hoedletuj clamor of inexperienced
men. The men who are backing it ore
aiders of experience. I here is plenty
of rock with plenty of gold in it.
It is reported that over 11,000,000
changed hands in various ways during
the recent yacht races tor the queen s
cup at New York. A large portion of
this sun was expended by sightseers,
who endeavored each day to follow the
contestants oyer the course sailed.
Rufus Hatch has written a letter to
the New York Sun in which he asserts
as his belief that wheat will bring a
good price this Fall. In case of neces
sity lie advises the farmer to sell
half his wheat and hold the balance
for better prices.
Nothing that tho Fresidant does, or
refrains from doing, suits the Iler ubli
can organs. If he performs a good ac
tion, which he is every day doing, they
are sure to hint at some bad motive for
The hop crop of Puget suund w ill
bo about 3,250,000 pounds, or 1,C25
tons, allowing a yield of 1,300 pounds
per acre.
It is likely that the Chinese Govern
merit will claim indemnity on account
of the Wyoming uiasacre.
Mis Cleveland's book has netted her
$7,230, so fur. She is now
engaged in
writing a novel.
An Elegant Substitute
For oil, aalta, pilU and all kind of bitter,
naumous metlioine n the very agreeable
liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Fig. ISecom
nitrcdej hy leading l'h)ician. Manufac
tured only by the California Fig Syrup Co,
Kan Frani'iaoi. Cat. for tale by 8 Lee.
uncion City: F M Wilkiua, F-ugeu City.
Photograph tiuialied
neatly and artie-
ically at Winter's,
Sheriff's Tax Sale
i.1 by virtue of warrant fur the collection
of delinquent Uxn fur the year 1881, 1882,
1863 and IBS I, issued out of the County
Court of the State of Oregon for Lane
County, by the Clerk thereof, and to me di
rected, on to-wit: September 11, 1885, com
manding me t make the sums therein
named oat of the personal property of the
tax payers therein named, ana if none be
found, then out of the real property a set
forth in laid lists. Now, therefore, being
nnable to had any penonal property, I have
levied npou the mortgage! or lec-nrity for
nch mortgagee belonging to aaid delinquent
tax payers aud real property ai follows, to
witi American Mortgage Company, mort
gagee-Seo 2tl, T 13 9, K 5 W,
recorded ia Vol t, page 137, .
mortgage recorda for Lane Couo
ty, Craig Hayes mortgagor; tax
for 1883 and 1884 $ 16 00
American AUrtgage Company, morU
gage Sec 2, 3, 10 and 1 1, T
1'J 8, It 5 W, Vol O, page 160,
J L He.therly mortgagor) tax
for 1883 od 1864 64 00
New England Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Sec 20, T
18 S, H 2 W, Vol D, page 633,
Alonzo V Shelley, mortgagor;
tax for 1883 aud 18S4 96 00
New England Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Sees 26 '
and 33, T 18 b, K 2 W, Vol D,
page 647, Caleb Davis mortgagor;
tax for 1883 aud 1884 64 00
New Englaud Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Heel 21 ,
and 28, T 18 8, U 4 W, Vol l,
page 634, Chas Calloway, mort
gagor; Ux for 1883 and 1884. . . 67 60
New England Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Sees 29
and 30, T 17 S, Kb' W, Vol D,
page 631, Geo Shultz, mortgagor;
ux for 1883 aud 1884 80 00
New Eugland Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Sees land
12, T18S, K4W, VolD, page
661, O M Whitney mortgagor;
Ux for 1883 and 1884 64 00
New England Mortgage Secuiity
Conipuuy, mortgagee Sees 26,
27, 34 aud 33, T 16 8, K 6 W,
Vol I), page u'0'6, A Montgomery
mortgagor; tax for 1883 uud 1S84 1 IS 40
New Engluud Mortgage Security
Compauy, mortgagee Sees -J9
aud 32, T 13 S, it 5 W, Vol D,
page 607, Ilois 4 Morrison mort
gagor, tax for 18S3 aud 1884. . . 33 20
New Englaud Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Seo 18, T
17 8, Kl W, Vol G, page 4, Al
mira Haibin mortgagor; tux for
1883 and 1884 17 60
New Euglaud Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Sees 2 and
3. T 16, aud Seo 33, T 13 S, K 5
V, VoKi, page 41, W HaudU
W Soothworth mortgagors; tax
for 1SS3 and 1884 1G0 00
New Englaud Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee See 6 and
7, T 17 8, K 5 W, Vol U, page
33, J W Gross mortgagor; tax
for 1883 and 18S4 32 00
New England Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee Sees 10
aud 24, 1 17 8, It 2 W, Vol U,
page 86, J M Dick mortgagor;
tax for 1883 and 1884 70 20
New England Mortgage Security
Company, mortgagee See 7 and
8, T 18 S, It 4 VV, Vol U, page
630, A llumbree mortgagor; Ux
, for 1S83 and 1SS4 '4160
American Freehold Laud Company,
mortgagee See 0 and 1G, '1' 16
S, li 5 W, Vol D, page 701,
Naonie Shulton mortgagor; tax
for 1883 and 18S4 64 00
American Freehold Land Company,
mortgagee Sec 20 and 29, T 16
S, It 3 W, Vol D, page 731, A
It Vanghan mortgagor; tax tor
for 1883 and 1884 185 CO
American Freehold Land Company,
mortgagee-Sec 31, T 17 S, K 4
W, Vol D, page 733, C W Powell
mortgiigor; tax for 1SS3 and
l&ttt 134 40
American Freehold Land Company,
mortgagee Sees 32, 33 and 34,
T 15 8, It 3 W, Vol I), page 740,
Polly Mahon mortgagor; tax for
1883 and 1884 201 W
American Freehold Land Company,
mortgagee T 16 8, It 3 W, Vol
D, pagj 743, Melville Taylor
moitgHgorjtax for 1883 and 1884 120 00
American Freehold Laud Company,'
mortgagee Sect 7 and 8, 1 16 a,
It 3 W, Vol U, page 745, Jest
Simmon, mortgagor; tax for
1883 and 1884 86 40
Aruerican Freehold Land Company,
mortj.'agee-Secs 12 and 13, T 17
S, It 7 W, Vol D, page 749, 8 Me
Conncll mortgagor; Ux for 1883
and 184 16 00
American Freehold Land Company,
mortgage Sec 1 and 2, T 17 8,
K 5 W, and See 31 and 36, T 16
8, It 5 W, Vol I), page 767, J M
Andrew mortgagor; tax for 1883
andl4 140 80
American Freeboll l-ond Company,
mortgagee- T 16 8, K 5 VV, Vol
D, page 770, C H Siewell mort
gagor; tax f or lsH3 and 1H84 27 SO
American Freehold I .and Company,
mortgagee- T 111 S, K 3 W, Vol
1), ;iage 7 A VV H Baber mort
gagor; Ux for 1883 aud 1884 39 40
American Freehold lnd Companv.
mortgagee i 18 and 19 , it 1
VV. VolD. ml' 781. J I Barbre
morU'siror; tax for 1883 and 1884. 43 20
American Freeho'd Land Company,
mrtKKe-Sec 12 and 13, I 15
8.KSW, Vol D, page 790, 8 M
Farley morttrairor: tax for 1883
and 1884 105 60
American Freehold I And Company,
mortgagee -Set 20 ane '!, 1 16
8. K 4 VV, Vol D, page 785, VV B
Bladder morUaiMr; Ux f-r 1883
and 1884 176 00
American Freehold Land Company,
uiortiraiiw. Sec 21, T 19 8, K 1
W. Vol O. lasr 20. Thna lUrhree
mortLrai-or. Ux for 1883 and 1881.. 64 00
Dundee MortgBiel,onipiiy,tnortt,'arei
-Sec 21 and 22, T 19 8, It a W,
Vol L1, pace 200, LaKan Saunden
mortviufor: Ui for 1883 and 1884. 54 20
Dundee M nrU'agv Comny, nxtrU'ak'e
- Seo. 26. 27. 34 and 3. T 17 S.
RJ VV, VolD. page 2W. W H
Odell ami wife mortgagor; Ux
fr l-83 and 184 80 00
Dundee MrtKaveCotnny.mnrtiage
-Sec 17, T 21 8, H 3 K, Vol 1),
pae 414, B J Penirra mortgagor;
tax for 1883 and 1884 16 00
Dundee Mortgage (mranv,mortKe
T 16 and 17 8, K 4 W, Vol D,
pave 736, Sternberg k Sendt-r
morttratrnn; tax for 1883 and 1884. 138 60
Dundee Mortiratre Company, mortgagee
-See 15. 16 and 19, T 16 S, K 5
VV, Vol 1). pair 793, Benj H viand
mnrtiragnr; Ux for 1883 and 1884. 25 00
Dundee Mortgage ftmpanv.mnrti-a.'e
Sec 23, T 15 S, K VV, Vol O,
pajr 13, O H W et al mort
tragim; Ux for 1883 and 1884 35 90
Dundee Mortiraiff ( 'orai any, morfc.'a?ee
-Sec 10. T 15 . K 3 VV, Vol U,
pap 23. R M Slam nio.fa.or;
Ux If list-J and ISM
80 00
Dundee M rlg.-r 'omiwi y mirt-i.e
T 1 J 8, R 2 and i W, Vol G,
pag y. linwMe Knox mortgagor;
tax for 1883 and 1884
64 00
Dundee Mortgage Company, mortgagee
-T 16 8. H 8 VV, Vol'U, page 343,
F O Vauehan 'mortcauor: Ux for
1883 and 1884 112 00
Dundee Mortgage Company, mortgage
T 17 8, It 2 W, Vol 1, page 34,
D H (lagar mortgagor: Ux for 1883
and 1884 48 00
Dundee Mortgage Company, mortgagee
- Sec 9, 1 16 S. U 4 VV, Vol D,
baire 741. K V Howard mortvairori
Ux for 1883 and 1884 96 00
Dundee Mortgage Company, mortgagee
-Sec 19, 25, 30 and 81, T 19 8, R
S W. Vol D. bag 473. Koaooe Knox
mortgagor; Ux ior 1883 and 1884. .. 48 W
Dundee Mortgage tympany, mortgage
Sec 20, T 16 S, R 4 VV, Vol D,
page 670, P II Couch mortgagor;
tax for 1883 and 1884
Dundee Mortgage Company, mortgagee
T 16 8. K 5 VV, Vol D, page 575,
D R Hill mortgagor: Ux for 1883
64 00
and 1884.. 73 60
Dundee Mortgage Company, mortgage
-f 17 8, R 4 ami 6 W, Vol D,
Dae 585. VV li Purkernon mort
gagor: Ux for 1883 and 1881 1C3 20
Oregon and Washington Mortgage Sav
ing Bank, mortgagee Sec 16, T 17
8. It 4 W, Vol b, page 638, J H
McClure mortira'or: Ux for 1883
and 1884 20 80
Oregon and Washington Mortgage Sav
ing Bank, mortgagee Seo 21 and
22, T 16 8. R 3 W, Vol O, page 31,
Hnlings Miller mortgagor; Ux for
1883 and 1884 96 00
Oregon and Washington Mortgage Sav
ing Bank, mortgagee 1 15 8, R
4 W, Vol O, page 44, J a R Crow
mortgagor; Ux for 188.1 and 1884 . . 44 80
Oregon and WaaLinton Mortgage Sav
ing Bank, mortgagee Sec 24 and
25, T 15 S, R 5 W, Vol G. page 49,
V M Sundaor mortgagor: Ux for
1883 and 1884. 44 80
Taylor, PbareU-S 1 or Don Id cl of
Peter Sbelley, Not 64, T 18 8, R 2
W.ux for 1884. 8 85
Keeney, W D-Fract lot 2 ia fract blk
K, Mulligan' Donation to Xane
County; Ux for 1882, 1883 and 1884 t 73
Now. therefore, by virtu of aaid warrant,
and to aatisfy aaid sum, together with coU
and expenae of aale, I will sell the above de
cribed property at public auction, to th
highest binder, fer cash in hand, at the Court
Houie door in Eugene City, Lane County,
Oregon, on
Monday, October 26th, 1885,
Commencing said sale at the hour of 10 o'clock
A. m. oi saiu ony.
Dated Sept 25, 1885.
Sheriff and Tax Collector Lane Co., Or.
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Will be Ran Over the
Commencing Sept. 19, 1885, until this adrer-
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Yaquina, $3.
Children between 6 and 12 years of age, 12.
And 100 pounds of camp outfit free with
each ticktt
Trains leave Corvallis at 10 A. M.
WALLIS NASH. Comptroller.
Vice Pre. O. P. R R.
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r f. Agent. Snell, Ilciubu k Woodward,
Fortland, Oregon.
a n a a al
10 u mi
Twin Foes to Life
Are Indigestion and Constipation.
Their primary aymptoms are among the
romt dlitrt'm-ln of minor human ailments,
and a host of dNeimes, siH.-udiiy resultant
from them, mutually aggravate euch other
and assail at once tle whole machinery
of life. Nausea, Foul Breath, Sour
Stomach, DUzlnetut, Headaches,
Illllous Fever, Janndlre, Dyspepsia,
Kidney Diseases, I'lles, Itlieuinat Ism,
Neuralgia, Dropsy, and various Skin
Disorders, are anion;; the symptom
and multidiea rutised bv dcruu),Tmuut of
the stomach and bowels.
A Thorough Purgative
medicine Is the first necessity for cure.
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patient, and do not induce a costive re
action, as Is the effect of other cathartics.
Wlliml, tbey possess special properties,
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medicinal value ami
Absolutely Cure '
All diseases proceeding from disorder
of tho digestive and ansiinilatorv organs.
The prompt use of Atkk'8 fills to
correct the first Indications of costlve
ness, n verts the serious Illnesses which
Dcrlertof that condition would inevitably
Induce. All irregularities in the action of
the bowels looseness as well as consti
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stipation, Indigestion and kindred ilia
I have three nice resilience lots that I will
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ia three yean, interest payable annually.
Gio. M.