The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, August 01, 1885, Image 3

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August Int.
Nashville Students August lit. i
urcus una wee it irum H cdiiesday.
Tliero are now 410 ii;.ne patents i:i tire
Tlie Nashville Students will ray i:i this ;i:y
On August Int.
The Lake County Examiner has been pur
chased by Beach Bros.
Goldsmith's btore looks much improved since
bepaiutiiiK' the name.
i it us s. Lambert, the new tinners, make n (
Iecialty of well iliiv iny. j
See the advertisement of the. Na-hville Sai- '
deuU in another coluinii.
Eugene Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 meets J
next Miinilny evening. I
Remember the lecture on the Tabernacle in !
the1 Brick Church Suu.lay evening. I
Dr Geo II Flett, of Uoseburg, has located in I
Eugene for the practice of liia profession. !
The G A II Post met last evening to make ;
proper arrangements for memorial services. I
Osburn 4 Bclshaw are the s iL'agetits f-.r the '
"Tanaill'd Punch," the Havana-filled .V. Cignr. j
Farmers, are hereby n..tiiied that the St. ;
Charles Hotel will nerve first-class meals for
25 cents.
Iielva Loekwooil arrive 1 in San Franci-co
last Wednesday. She will lecture in this city
August 7th.
Grant Osburn laid the corner stone of his
hew dwelling Thursday morning with proper
The Laying of t!ia Corner Stone.
Last Tuesday, the day s.-t fur tho laying of
the curlier stone, was a hiaulifcl one. The'
trains, brought u fair iiuiiibu' of vi.itor", while ,
several inn Ircd cam., in vehi.-l.-s.
At J:l!'.l 1'. M. the Gr..ud Lodged Ougo,, !
lard, on amount of his liberality toward tin I STATE APPORTIONMENT
Universit; (i 11 IWris.
5ii. Copy of Alumni poem of University for . i . .,, , , .
.Ini., u-riu,,. , .i r..i I.e. I N (o.ltra. I 0; Inte-eM on Irreducible School Fund,
e.a-s ol
;;. C
."s. i
late Ci'
Kl: I' M Wilkin and wife.
lip fioin the foundation t.f Egyptian
1' M Wilkins aiul wife.
i- ti 'e poi-m of Ins.1, wrl.t-n by tlie
l 11 II Pierce, of Vi-iieoiner Barracks, 1
i nil t at llhineh.ut's Tlict-r and was opened ill i J X Gollro. I
iminle t..r;ii. OJi.'-rs present: T. (i. Kennies. 1 pr.'piuvy ut t'.e Mate l mversiiyj
(i. M., .1. C. Fullc-toii, D. (I. M.; ('.
as S. V., I. C. Clark us (i.
tiny asG. T, T. J. Bahcnck,
He!!, G. (; U. 1!.
ilctruo as t!
The Portland printers did nut arrive last
Tuesday, but will probably come up on next
Tuesday's train.
"It is the bss," is what smokers say of
"T&nsill's Punch" 5c Cigar. For sale by Os
burn k Belshaw.
Geo. Thurston intends building an addition
to his house. Alexander & Davis have the
contract for the work.
Dan Bass, a gradiiato of the State Univer
sity, is now helping .Jeff Kenton survey the
boundaries of the Siletz Indian reservation.
I have three nice residence lots that I will
ell for 8140 to $100 each: .J0 down: balance
in three years, interest payable annually.
t i to. M. MlI.I.KII.
The temperance meeting were discontinue 1
last Sunday evening. Over 7"0 signed the
pledge during th meetings. Alhiiiiluugh is
now lecturing at Salem.
One day last week Mr. Win. Killiu g.wnrth, i
of East Portland, had one of his lingers broken I
while trout fishing on tlie Sandy river. It w is I
not done by the strength ot a lisi., but by a J
boulder falling upon it.
I will sell on Willamette street, on Saturday, j
August 1st, at 1 o'clock, one stop organ,
nearly new, in tine order: to he m I without
reserve to highest bidder for cash. )o not fail
to see it. (i. V. Kinskv, Auctioneer.
Dr. Taylor's 7 Oaks C'.mpinml, purely veg
etable, taken internally, positively cures rheu
matism, neuralgia, tooth i, I'e. chills all I fever
and csiiinp olie. Sold by il-boiii-ft Co.. Eo
cene. Agents, Midi, JI"Iimiii Woiulwar
Portland, Oiegnn.
Messrs Win Zii.'iiiiei'niaii and l!d lVvm, both i
well known in Mie.'i in1, lef; rimiMd ie mi a tiio
with a s'nnv, in the shape of a sletv. pliean j.
'I'h'y eXie.?t to trav. l tl.roii-ii Sooth, ro a:,d '
Kiistern tlreoo, i 'all.'nrni i,, I "t il i ,
Idaho, Wns'dn-.'toii ninl Montara, taking about
line year's tiinr for the entin; nip.
Jeff. D. l'ellti'll ;.i;-i !.eel: anvointed Deputy
lnit"l Elites Nirfvir, mi... r urev
tral t ! it i-in . mid wll !eau- ?.!oiid:iv for tlo
rillet. Irsen avoii, vIot h" ;:o.-s t
M. V,
('. lh.ckm.i-i
J. w.,.J. ;.
O. S.-j ; i:.-v. .1.
tiilfry a- (i. I i
M..C. lloihsasi;. S, I)., i;. II. Stansiiury us
(i. -I. I'., II. J). Harris, (!. Mewaid; d. II.
Lewis as (i. Stand lie i:vr; I). 1!. MeKlroy as
id jiearer; II. S. II ran I Tvler.
'i'he procevs-oii was funnel at P. M.
under command of Sir Knight Ceo. S. Wadi
biirui", liraud .Marshal, i'l the following order:
Iv.igeiie I! ::id; I'. i;en.t City Lodge and Chap
ter, together with i Siting brelhivn, U'.i sti g;
Ivanhoe Coinni ui.lery, No. with a detach
laent of thi gon C i.uiiiandery of Portland, in
full unif. mi, strong; the Grand Lodge;
Hoard of llegeiits; faculty, und ciii.Mis mi
foot and in carriages, 'I'll,, rout-, of procession
was tlie Kim.' as publi-he I last Week.
Upon reaching the grounds the colunm was
halted, and ui'h open r inks the Grand Lodge
was cseorte I to the platform undent finely
decorated arch. The following exercises Were
then had:
Music bv the band.
Invocation bv liraud Chaplain Bell,
for 1885.
OmiT. Si'lloni, Srrr., )
KiciKNK Cut, July '-'7, ISW. j
The amount let oil to this county and
now in the hands of the Treasurer being
(Higinal arti l,s of incorporation f ;U77 V.. niui there boiii 410.1 of
! Union University .ssocietloi-; .1 .1 Walton. ! school nge in the county, entitles each to 7"
I 01. Copy of i he election and names of the .. .. . .
. . ! .... ... I. .. - i-.:.. i-..: .... ;LLI""-
Ills;. 11, Mill n lor-eiois Ol UIOII L III . L- .-Ib.v , . , ,
Ass.H.i.ti..n; .1 .1 Walton. I IhstS, I lcrKS,
Cominiiiiifutioii of charges by the Grand
Master tliroiigh the Senior and Junior Grand
Music by the .-hoir.
lo ading iit of deiosits by Grand Secret.!! y
as follows:
LIST ok iutusits.
Xo. 1. lhigrossed iii piichnient: "This :tone
was lHi.l July -.'S, A 1 ISs:,",, , rSo, by the
M W Grand Lodge. V A M of Dregum
'1 hos G lieames ct Jacksonville, Grand Mas
ter. Kxecutive Coininittee, under whose iin
mediate directions this b-iihling was construct
P'l, T G ll.ndrieks, It S Bean and Itodney
Scott. Architect, W II Williams, of p,rt.
laud; eontraetor, W 11 Ahrains. of lhigene;
Supeiinteiideiit. LX Itoliev, of Hiigene."
'J. Copy of act locating State University at
L'ugene: deposited by T Vt llelidii ks.
;t. Copy of act, appropriating money fcr
building: L Bilveil.
4. Copy of lion M P 1) adv's report to Gov
eitiorns 1're.idi'iit of the Hoard of Ii'e.cnts for
years en-ling June id, lS.s;l ami June oM. lfiSI:
f. Coii-iitiition of the Mut ixiai! S iciety,
with list baiter members; Ma Hendricks,
in behalf of tin i ty.
(i, ('opi s of the original correspondence con
rerning the In. ing of the corner stone, between
the Hwcutive Committe and Grand Master 1 to headquarters and dispersed. In the evening
I .aiues ol l-.xeen'ive
j li'.. IIilorv an I org.mi.ation of .1 ttearv
Pint No 7, li A 1!, IVpaitmeiit of Oregon; J
i D Mvers.
i :. List of all graduates from 1S7S to 1.'
and programme of eve.viscs for 1SSS; W 1
SI iter.
I 01. A large photo,raph of first University
building. V A lankiu.
O.V l.i-t of olli. ers of Oregon from first elec
tion in is 1 1 to the piwut t iin.-: G M Miller
j 0-i, Photograph of the graduating class of
! l.sX'i; T C .ludkins.
07. Grant memorial edition of the San Fran
' cisoo Chronicle; duel MeComack.
f.S. " ,p,nt di Salon," composed by Celia
GoliUluitl,; bv author.
i ..'.I. Mi iiKXK Citv lii AKD, Vol 1 Xo '23; J B
711. Copies of the I'.l i:rXK CiTV Gi Alin ot
dai. s No.' 11, ls70, Nov L'.'i, ISM, ami July '!',
1Ss."i; I 1, Calllpnell.
71. Lit of oilicers and members of Ivmihoa
C.'iinnanih ry No1.', lv T; K B Dunn, K C.
7-. A '.'."i cent piece carried across the plains
il. 1S.';I by depositor, lluoch Moult.
7i!. liecord of J W Gtary lieli. f Corps Xo
4, 1 ep,iitinent of Oregon; Mrs 11 Fry.
71. Oregon Daily Statesman of July 20,
l.wi; li .1 llelldllciis.
75. S;iani-h coin SI years old; J 11 Ellison.
70. Pebble pick- d up near tomb of George
and Martha Washington; Alberta Shelton.
77. Programme f Commencement e.rerciscj
June I I, ISSii; T W Shelton.
7S. Ancient coin made 00'.) years be
fore Chri-t, dug from the catacombs of Home;
J M Hudson.
7'J. Specimen of marble from Washington
monument: Dr T W Shelton.
I Ml). Sliver medal from the World's Indus
trial and Cnttn Kxposit.on at New Orleans;
Miss Alberta Shelton.
til. Specimen of Obsidian from Yellowstone
Park; Mm T W Shelton.
Mi "hip of marble from Girard College;
Mrs T W Shelton.
Depositing casket by the Grand Treasurer,
with music by the choir.
Testing quality of the stone, by Grand of
ficers. Bedding stone in cement, by Grand M ister.
Consecration of stone with corn, wine and
oil. by Grand Master, with final proclamation.
Oration by Prof. J W Mernt, of Jackson
ville. The address was well written, and deliv
ered in line style. We requested a copy from
the gentleman, for publication, but lie courte
ously declined.
The procession re-formed and marched back
Committee of
lio.inl of lo.'g' Uts. architect, contractor, super-iut-n
h ut. and contract p:i . of building.
S. I.i-t ol m -ii:!. r.s of tin- Hoard of Kegents
and oili vrs of the Cniversi y.
0. r'iliv cent gi'h! c .in, in, ide in California
mint in I.SVi; Ciiarles r.
10. Coiisrituti'C and by-laws and li-t of of
ficers am, m-ml
a reception was given at lihiiiehart'sllail,
the i which was numerously attended. The com
mittee of arrangements are to be congratulated
lor the able manner in which they managed
the whole alfair.
For Sale.
Nov ii, l.v
U Copy
& X ul ting.
. j II .1 in.. I.'.l
! t"r I'l M Lain r,
J...;. I......1.....1 n.,.l r,rti..fA .km, nf Oiw.
f the I Umvan Society of ' lnr -.Wmlll .j,,,), ,ul, ,,, 20 acres rich
botlnm prairie land. Lies 4) miles north of
Kngcne and - miles east of Irving station
Will be sold together or in i!0 acre lots, at
from SS to f l.") pel acre. Payinunt can be
the I uiveisitv of Oregon: W S Shaw.
11. Impressions, on lead of the seals of the
Coiui'v and Circuit courts of Lane county
W li .MeCornacl;, Depu-y
12. Copv of i-oi'-titntion of Oregon, adopted
Il I' Karh irt,
f Slate High!;
f Li'-ertv Hall mid bell; Mas-
1 1 1-v of State, i untile in cash, iiart cash with approved notes
Democrat; Stites I at one or two years, or will tike wheat ai
market price. Lnqiiire of O. M. Mtl.i Kit or
T. J. Smith.
1"i. Iiiipn
! I' K thai
10. Cpy,
:id 1SS ,s;
si' -n of thf -:f Orcgt n on lead:
f Cuive
;.) Y.I,
atahigu-'S for 1177-'7tt
hi, I'resi lent I'niver-
17. I. 'st
to ine
is. Copv
!l . I. c,
and tu o
' i 1 1 ! i ii I i.-i -r r
l:i. I'rog
follill a e i ..!
yoverument, coir ie'. IVnmg ,ns a'Meiic-II. i .. ' ,'
M l .1 - ,..; ;.. .. . . .1 wiiu.-n hv
1UI1MI.J ri.i)ii, " - I .ill t ci in I k' I.Lt"li
We t ike the foil,
of of'.h -r
hislc. I.
o cons:
copy i i
li,'.' s. ,; ..; ,,' j
i I! Mil:. ii. .1
r.iin.u" of li; si. r.i
itv, t ig 't v r with
T-1 I i,e-',i ,., -.
.11 M i' Dei iy; I.
For Sale.
The Moor.-s farm, miles from KuRenp,-
isoll'eicd for sale on easy terms and in tracts
i to niit purchasers. Contains 1700 acres of
of Lri- ("Hiiitv from K.1
i i.
ta I i:i mi j be laws of M 't'" '"'st L'l'iiii, bind in Lane county. Inquire
s a:, d ue of oiv inizatioii ' ' ' B MonilKS, .Salem: or (iliO M Mll.l.KII,
a lu:
s an I li-t of I
if o eiciip illy.
iin: '
iss tl-. e :i 111,
."ii addli'ss to I
l ean, member
U- nu a San V
i' ramus
Caples i i con.l'ie
cable cars. 1 1- h is s:i'
going to take a course
College aboi.t . ugi. st 1
learn that Bob has "i;
fcorresp iiiili'iic-. to the Sum! tv .'d'i"ut v:
ol the al.irket stre.-t.
his money and is
the Hastings l.uv
" We are ;. leased to
1 '!" at last.
is. Ill'
ot das--
"!'. Copy of a.'t mi! In ri.'i'ig tin- eonslriiclion
ai: 1 Inn,. -! ing an . ii: ,;. -.. hi-;lding f..r
us.- ol I,!,.- I'niv.-isity ol Or,-,,.,,: U !' Maihart.
'Jl. List oi oille. 1. 1 an I lnembi r.s of Lug- lie
Kngiu Co o 1; , o :..(.kwilh.
List o,r county oIliiM.s of Lane county:
.1 Or
Store your wheat at the Kugeno City Mills:
The Ugliest cash price paid to farmers, and a
1 1 om San Pi
Mr Thoui. s. a geatleinaii
Cisco, was taken very sick
Hotel last Wednesday. He was a member in
Rood standing of the G A li. and the I'o.-t
here hearing of the Paine, immediately pro
vided two irses and rendered every assistance
possible. The sick man is now thought to be
beyond dagger.
, Rev. I. D. Driver -'"Hve-ed a very able ser
' mm. in the M. K. Church last Sabbath morn
ng on "Faith." Few ministers in (he United
States possess the power of illu-'i'etion that
this able divine does. He has a faculty, most
Commendable in a preacher, of giving some
thing original with every sentence, in such a
manner that his sermon is remembered after
another one is preached. Albany Democrat.
The editor of the Oregon Denn cra'ic Jour
nal was in Portland n few dayi aga, where he
met several friends whose acquaintance he
formeil in lSiM-l. soon after he came to (ire
Ron. Among this numbec he mentions Judge
Strong, who appeared 'Vh-'erful, (onlial, and
genial as ever:"' Dan llo!i"ii, "polite, dignified
and cordial;" Colonel ,lo.. Teal, "an nurompro
mising Democrat," who used to furnish juicy
Rteaks to the old fort at The Dalies and to the
O 8 X Co; and Gov Wl.iteuker, gentleiinuly.
frank and outspoken, the sain- as ever, whose
hejn,honors rest easily on him."
Ware, Cl-r
'.'.'I. Copy of the pi'oi'.edings of the Gran 1
Lodge A F .V A M of Oregon, held June !).
nt the St Charles I ,HV' l-Mi-cliim of .smvention -f Loyal
ami Select .Master, l,e,l .'l, INS.,; ! J Jlal,.
cock, Oi .in I Secretary.
'l. List, of cit.- Ollieers, tl 1 1 ' 11 , 1 IP I'M of Colll-
for all
i milling w inter wheat.
Oi'aimiI .Nsini'. 'Tlirougli her attorneys,
Mary Hays lias presented to the county
court a petiti hi, asking the removal of Ger
trude DcLli, from the piiardianshil. of the
person mid estate of Marv Teresa Metier, a
I minor Judge Moreh.ud has made mado an
order directing the parties interested to ap
pear at thu court house on the flth of August
to show causo why thn petition should not
la r
.1 1'Calluoii n:
C V Fitch OS
C M llaiiiilton 47
J F. Fi nton 574
M J lhllcgas 19
Il X Calef 53
Thomas lluley oil
Win Welch 'JO
T Beiishaw 311
J F Kuk. OS
K I' II ay Held 53
FO Ihnciaon 'J'J
J W Matlock 70
M M Kcclcstou J7
W II Spaugh 31
(i W Kobe, is J7
li W Turnbow 73
Win Tucker 44
J S Churchill 118
J 1 Stewait Jl
J C Jennings 49
J M Gearhart 40
Allen Bond 30
(ieorgi. Sears . 73
J 11 Sharp 75
F. I' Bediuid 3J
J W Mollct 30
WWXecly JO
P N Shelley JO
B S Hylaud 33
Jerry 1'iper 11
G W Hale 01
M F Chapman 30
S S Stevens.
H U'iogard
J S Douglas
Jesse Soveru
D (i Palm
G L Gillrey ......
1! K Walker
Sydney Scott
George Smith
W W Hintoi,
W W Cat heart...
S Handsaker
I N lleuibro
W 11 Martin
Kit Whited
J P l ay lor
W G I'lirkerson . . .
WJ Kill
S G I.indslcy
J It Crow
S G Thomson
J W Cox
F.iigenu Finn
Charles lla llcy .
J (.' Iiinian
J T Dow ualdson. . . ,
F. Geer
XV F Smith
A XV Mo., re
James" In h i,
C W Davis
Mis S I'l String
J M Dick
A I) Hylaud
Ill IVrkius
W II Walker
P M. ssey
Jus A Walker
S W llarpole
W II Hill
J II Whilimire
J W Toiler
1! K Kilsav
Jas II u kins. .......
J T Hunt
I'hilo Wilcox
S I, Bond
Palmer A) re
J T Montgomery. . ,
A F. Whitakcr
II l'ost
Thomas l'oie
T 11 Ferguson
A. W. I'.m:nsu,
. 31
. 30
. 4.1
. JS
. 74
. 31
. 30
. 90
. 37
. 4'J
. JO
. 4.1
. II
. 3J
. 30
. 47
. J3
. 39
. 48
. 34
. 37
. J7
. 51
. 3J
. 17
. 44
. 37
. 30
. 30
. 30
. 27
. 31
. 40
. J.I
. 23
'. 2
. 2.1
. 40
. 27
. 17
. 2.1
. 20
. 13
. 40
. 31
. 31
. 20
, 20
. 10
. 20
J 02 25
51 00
35 J5
430 50
14 J3
41 25
39 75
15 (HI
24 75
51 HO
41 23
21 75
52 50
20 25
23 25
JO 23
50 25
3.1 00
S 50
15 75
30 75
HO (Kl
27 (HI
50 25
50 25
24 00
27 00
19 50
19 50
20 2.)
8 25
45 73
JJ 50
40 50
38 23
27 (HI
32 23
Jl 00
55 50
J3 25
22 50
07 50
27 75
9ti 75
31 50
15 00
32 25
9 75
24 00
22 50
33 23
17 25
29 25
30 00
25 50
27 75
20 25
38 25
24 00
12 75
3.1 (10
27 75
27 00
22 50
22 50
1 17 (HI
20 25
2.1 23
III) (10
17 25
18 73
10 50
21 (HI
17 25
.10 (10
20 25
15 (HI
12 75
17 25
19 50
U 25
31 Ml
2.1 25
2.1 25
19 50
15 (III
12 (HI
19 50
Cottage Grove Items.
riioMot n i'Kri.u:oR;,.riiiNir.dT.
July W.1H8.S.
Born, to the wife of Mr. Stryker, July JOlh
a sou.
Miss Addie Medley returned to Engine Sat
Dr. Hoard's family has not been here, as
stated last week.
Mr. John Topp, of Oakland, was In town
yesterday and to-day.
The picture gallery is a thing of the past.
It has gone to Boschurg.
Miss Helm Adams' term of scIuhiI on Silk
creek ended last Friday.
Mr. J. J. Coinstock is confined to his bed
with a disease of the kidneys.
Mr. Johnsoi JWhile died Monday at An 'clock
I'. M. Was buried Tuesday.
Farmers commenced heading and threshing
grain in this vicinity Tuesday.
Mrs. Xancy Ctrtwright, of Siuslaw, is vis
iting at Mr. L. Ward's, of this place.
Dr. J. W. Harris basset up a drug store in
II. 11. Chance's new building.
Mr. Hugh Hoi en has been in town visiting
his sister, Mrs. Scott ( busman, of lute.
Mr. Akeley, who has been traveling lor his
health for a year or so. is among ua again.
Mr. L.iwson Stable, of Colorado, arrived
hero Tuesday on a visit to his aged parents,
who reside in this vicinity.
0;uue a number of our citizens were at Eu
gene Tuesday attending the laying of the cor
ner stone of the new University buildinR.
Messrs. Henry Damewnod, Henry Hawley
and 1!. W, Veatch left hero Saturday for La
fayette, whither they go to work at harvesting.
Mr. John Kennedy, of Empire City, who
has been visiting her brother, Mr. Hugh
Thomas, of this vicinity, returned home Tues
day. We hear of the Coast I'm ken in the neigh
borhood of House's mill being greatly excited
over a moving ligjit that loo been seen tliero
of nights. Some say it is a ghost.
Mr. Brooks and family parsed through town
Monday on the way to their ranch on Howe
river. They have si Id their place on the sum
mit near the Siuslaw neul to Mr. Xathan
Mr. J. F. Spray started for Eastern Oregon
one day hist week, accompanied by his wife
and father in-law, Mr. li, Itivding. tho latter
returning to his homo and family there. Mr.
Spray intends locating east of the mountains.
This part cf the county was visited with the
heaviest thunder storm we have ever known in
our residence in the State of nearly eleven
years, Sunday. Bain fell in places until the
water !un In gutters the depth of several inch
es and hail lay on the ground three inches deep
after the lain reused. This was up the Coast
Fork it few miles. Monday ovening was the
worst at til is place, Tho lightning and thun
der vvs fen: ful, but only a moderate fall of
rain. Veritv.
Mohawk Items.
July 27, I8S3.
mon l milieu, and seal ot Lugeiie City on lead; bo granted. l ortlauil Standard. I Ins is
W S sh. w, City B, colder. i the. little orphan girl of the Into Mrs. Midle r
25. I.i-t of ollieers and members of Eugene of this city. We hope that the person de
City Lodge No ll A F& A M, for ISS.-,; Alex i c.lar,.,l the guardian will carefully husband
I ockcrliue ..... , , the property of tho pareutlcss child.
Jo. t opies of the Oregon Slate Journal of 1 1 3 1
Nov J!, l.sili;; Feb pi, 1S70: May 28, I,s70; ,. .,", .. .
Jut- ih l.'vV,, and June 2 h 1:1111 K a d I"""-" - 1 bnkir.K lirm of Hovcy,
27. Photograph of Faenlt v, pan of Board of I Humphrey k Co. has been dissolved by mu
tual consent, Mr. W. T. I'cet retiring. The
remaining partners will carry on the business
as heretofore. Mr. Peet ,1 family will
leave shortly for Minerva, Olii", where they
will tako up their permanent residence, Mr.
Pert having purchased an interest in a bank
in that city. We are sorry to lose Mr. Peet
from our community, as he is a man of in
tegrity. Thn loss of tho gentleman and
i family will be pirticul ir'y felt in our social
nt m, and views in and about Eugene: 0 L
J--. Ilugeiin City i;.gi- r, Vol 1 No 1 and
Vol 1 No 42: Hudson A Yoran.
2.1. I'li'iti eraph of the l.i'e WM Bristow,
one of th" I niversity's early friends; his sou
Darwin Bristow.
.'Id. S imples of Oregon wheat, hermetically
sealed in .;h:ss with a one and two cent postage
stump: I'atte.-s' ii, l'.'lii. ,V Co.
31. Oipvof tic State Journal of June 0,
Iris.',: II l; Kia.-a'.d.
3J. Lnpn-snii of seal of Eugene City on
K- ul: W S Shaw, City lie. order.'
33. Ciei.stituti.ii, and by-law'i ritual, death
notice, application for Incmberddp, beneiieiarv
I'Ttifi'Mt'., list of lodges, and Pacini: Coast
W.-it .-iim.i.'i of A i) C W of Ou-gon; ; B Dor
ris. (Iran I M,i-:er Workman.
3t. Impression of seal of Uniiersity rn lead; I The place was foiim
l.l n alt. in, ."secretary of l.oanl.
3."i. "Pen Pictures of B-'preseptative Men of i
iliegin; i lank K li'idgkin, Assistant iSecre
tarv of Slat-.
IK'..- I'h
Dor ris.
Illicit Distillkuy. - On Monday last an
intimation of illicit distilling was brought to
the ears of the revenue officers, and T. J. Nel
son was dispatched to bring tha offenders in.
about forty miles south-
' - ' J U..u.Se..r.-t..ryf Board. ' east f IVtland. where the work of distilling
Honor from fruit had been done year. The
i parties wero tint put under arrest, but their
graph of Geu Jos"ph Lane; (i B j business was broken up. Tho mutter has been
1 1 a. i.,.r... i. it g r :.:
. . . t, T, , ., OlOUnlO' l"i"l III1! . ... . . Illllllissii.lirt IIVIT,
oi. "1 v of tin. Portland Daily News of I , ,, ,, , ,
July 'J I. I' s"i; V.'iMie Jauies. : who will investigate it .n full. -Standard.
IIS. ( ..j.y of original order of Be ard of Com- -
mis'-i,.!!, is for the rale of school lands and! BrilM'.li. The Baker county jail was burned
management of the fern!.-) arising therefrom, ! last Tuesday rmrning, and tho following pris-
iuiy 2.-., j -.ii, a Ti-puiig L niversity i
bni! lirg an 1 sit ; .1 .,' Walton. I
..... 39. Copy of deed of .gift to University fiom I
' -.. H.-nrv Villard of :.'5'J,lKit) for endowment fund; j
House Back. Four gcntieiiie7r"i,.,Jjiai T G Hendricks.
Kuuene last week with some not stork from 1 4 Lut ' l';"". members "f l.aurean So
County Jsilpt.
Public Mot'l.'ng;.
At a public meeting of the citizens of Big
Praiiie, to tako into consideration the lu st
way to raise means to repair the county roas!
from A. D. Hyhnd's to J. II. Hill's, the fob
lowing persons were duly authorized to receive
subscriptions in money or work ami to super
vise tho work on tho mail: John II, Hill, A.
J, Loose and T. B. Cannon.
Jas. A. Walk Lit, Chairman.
Sam. AnilLf V, Secretary.
Any one feeling an interest in the matter is
respectfully requested to see one of the super
visoi8. New Depot. At last Eugene is to have a
new depot The contract has been M to Mc
Farland & Davis, contractors.' The old depot
will be removed and the new one constructed
in its stead. Tho building will be Go.tJO feet,
12) feet between ceilings, and divided into
oflices, two waiting room's, baggage room,
dressing room, etc. In the Center of the build
ing, next to the main track, will be placed a
bay window for the convenience of the agent,
who thusly cm. sea up and down the track.
The contract price is the noighliorhoodiif $1200.
Lake county, as they said, for the purpose 41 C, pi. s
of making a race with Hon. B. B. Hayes, 23 au 121, 1
Monday last they sent for Hayes to come to 1 12. (',
town, claiming they wanted to run his gray : lodges :
horse. Hick iuimnliately came in and pro
posed to run them 300 yards for any amount
they might name. After considerable tilk
he agreed to run them 40D yards for t0.K a
ide, they to carry 125 pounds and he t
carry 1.15 pounds. Wlun they came to put
Tip forfeit money they would not agree to
run the race in Lane county, but wanted to
run in Salem, to which Mr. Haves, sensibly,
would not agree. The gem r il opinion here
h that the professional In.rse rtcers from
Southern Oregon tried to "run a hlntf," and
being unab'e, made the s-J.-m prop -sitioi, to
cover their b?ck down, as th-y were aware
that Mr. Hues would not m ike a race to
be run outside of Lane county.
Darwin Bristow.
iv . iregouiau ot .inly
DlEli, At the family re-i lence, n.-ar 1. 1
am, Or"z,.n, July 27, lss.1, Lldtr Wm. J I
son Whits, aggd 41 years, 5 months and
B'T.N. In Jacksonville, J-.i.y l".;l , l--".,
!ie "if of Ss:rps ; M-si'oiipi-1, a -n-
f the I'
; Si -rim.' Hill.
v it imitations i-cnt to difTernt
lodges a:.d I' committee of anange
ments. 13. Fragment of Plymouth pock, Mass., on
whi -h the Puritans lam!- I; T C .ludkins.
!). Chip from Washington monument; TO
Jii !I;1i:s.
I'.. Fa''ror.i "big tr.-."Cal; TC .ludkins.
4d. Alas',;. U..s; j' 0 .1 ildkilis.
47. Elm l-.'.f froi. 1 gryiimis of Harvard Uni-ver-i:y:
T ( ' .1 i:dkin,
4S. United Slat's II) cent currency rot" is.
s-i-d 'ind-r act "t 0,, of March 3, lS'i i,
Mis I; S I V,m.
4.'. A 0 -hillirg c irr-ncy not is,inl y th"
.-l' i v . f N-w J. r-y on March 25, 1770;"II C
.''I. Li-t of State 1. hi er- f-r l.-s",; I.N l!-mey.
.".i. i 1 1 .peeiin. us fr.-n MrGM Whitney's
min- J. i I:-. mill"; Mi-s N'.-ttie Whitto v.
52. '.' pv -fO .lv p.i' l : Prof T F Campbell
and wife aud Katle'riie; Stutnp.
Li-t "f tnrit.b.-rs an I 1 res:jt ( fllcers of
M ig n-C;, . ; t r No. pi, l;.,y4 Arch Mason-:
1 ! B -tt'u in. Secret ,rv.
Pieof p r- w If.einl aboi.t 1 ) fe.t
m.,v s irfi-e of ii,-rrth "nth- farm of M
Wi'ii-s in Uir.e comity; KM Wi!kin and wif-.
"''. . t;i' ut t' the iniui'TV -.f Hcnrv Vil-
on.-rs were burned to death: Louis Miller, Gen
I Plumb, Sain Brown. Win Lamb, charged with
' larcmy, an 1 John Coob-y, for murder. Fred
1 Winkl.'inan, the murderer of Allen and Bivers,
I who no doubt was the incendiary in this case,
I is now coiilin -d in the Baker City jail, under
clos-: guard, for safe keeping. He was severely
' burned before being re-cued, and may not recover.
1 O.'.i'lT.u.HT-'. - A p irty of capitalists arrived
in Eugene by Wednesday afternoon's train, on
I a tour of inspection of the Willamette Valley.
Among the number were Hugh Lodgers and
' Mr. Mackenzie, of Portland, a ca-hier of a
New Y'ork national bank, and a hanker of
'London. 'I'l,- party l-ft for Oorvallis, bv
team, aliout 5 P M of the same day of their
' arrival here. They were highly pleased with
, the vall-y.
For S.W.K. On easy terms, 11 acres adjoin
ing lots of J. B. Harris, at S2J5 per acre; also
adjoining clove about 31 acres at $I.V)p-r
aT', nil on r ilth street, l.ugene. Une lunrt.,
Miss Celia Goldsmith. We have received
a piece of music for the piano, composed by
Miss Celia Goldsmith, of this city, and pub
lished by Wiley B. Allen, of Portland. It is
entitled "Newport di Salmi." Local musicians
are very loud in their praise of Miss Gold
smith's first attempt at composition. .May
success crown her eiforts,
To P.K Closed, The Postmaster General,
"in recognition of the nation's loss in the death
of General Grant, ud in participation of the
lamentation and expressing reverence for his
honored memory," has ordered all iostofhccs
of the Union closed between 1 and 5 P. M-,
August 8th. Wanted. .Mr S Nelson, who lives
on the old Bean farm, desires to purchase a
good sound horse that is broke to work
singly, of the following description: A gray
or bay, 4 to (i years old, and weighing at
least 1,100 lbs.
Noncr. Mr. B. H. James having retired
from business and being desirous of settling
up, requests all those indebted by note or ac
count to immediately call and make a settle
ment. He can tie found at his office in the
Court House, ready to receipt for all debts
due him.
Makhiei,. In this city, July 23, 185, by
Lev. O. Parker, Mr. Jan. G. Turner, of Mc-
bin n; balance on one, two and three yrs at : Minnville, to Miss Clara Pengra, of Eugene.
10 p. r cent interest. Apply to S. Nelson, Lu- The Hal,t)y C0U)1. lft fr their f,ltlirB j,me
" - : McMinnville, Wednesday morning.
GnorsK Jlcvrnn. Sheriff Campbell and
Messrs Geo S Kineaid and J W Chrrry, last KKli"CTlO!f.-Far.lers and others are hereby
Wednesday at noon, started on a short grouse ' notified that meals will 13 served at the St
hunt in the rieigh!.rh-.d of Wil, Own' Charles Hotel bercatter for 25 cenU.
place. in-v came riome 1 iiurcuy, naving
kill" I alwmt hlty turds. .V e si-knowledge the
re -, ;p "I a ve-y hr.e one.
Farhem Takk Notice.
, at Baker's hotel for 25 cents
ltlackhrrri6s plentiful
Fires have done considerable damage to
our forests this Summer.
Crops aro gcnorally looking fairly. The
rust has not ilono a great deal of damage.
Several Mohawkcrs attended the laying of
the corner st 1110 of the University on tho
Mr. James Scott, who has been sick for
some time, is still quite i'l. It is doubtful
if he ever recovers.
Last Saturday night between II and 12
o'clock tho saw mill belonging to Mr, Geo.
Whitbcck, located in t''is valley, including
about I5,(MII) feet of sills for his new mill,
was destroyed by lire. It was undoubtedly
the oik of nil incendiary, and parties' are
strongly raspected of the crime. If he, or
they, should be detected, there will be 1.0
use for u jiidgu or jury, except Jildgo Lynch.
Several other tires havo occurred in the
neighborhood, evidently tho work of an in
cendiary. Although tho loss bears down
upon Nt r. Whitbcck with unusual severity,
we learn he will rebuild the mill as soon as
possible; He has tho sympathy of nearly
every person in tho neighborhood in his mis
( art une, who will help him all in their power.
Cresswell Items.
July 25, 1SS.5.
Two weddings in the near future.
Boys, look out, most nil the threshers will
start Monday.
We had a light showor of rain Sunday
Mr. William Milliorn has moved to his
farm about three miles above Cresswell,
A groat many of tho people of Cresswell
aro attending tho campinoetiiig up tho river.
Miss Mollie Howe's sister started for her
homo Monday.
Mr. Rolnnett will build aucvr hotel in onr
little town this Full.
Our Sunday scho-d is largely attended
now, and the little folks are pleased when
Sunday comes, JouriK.
WiiKAf Shipments via Yaql'sa. Mr.
I'rasllvld and wife returned from the valley
last Saturday, says the Ya'piina Post, where
he went to see what could be donn towards
inducing shipments of wheat over theO. P.
II. B. to S.ii, Francisco, and thinks that with
proper clfort shrpmvuts could be secured in
abundance. The matter should be worked
up at once, as grain shipments, to the fullest
capacity of the Mad, this season, would ad
vance the general interests more than any
thing else.
MoT.NTAix Paktt. A party consisting of
Lev. C. M. Hill, Messrs. J. J. Walton, Jr..
T. C. Judkins, Sterling Hill, W. I. Vawter
snd J. N. Goltra started last Wednesday for
tlie mountains to ascend one of the Three Sis
ters. Mr. S. B. Eakin will leave for the same
destinr.t"on this nmrniiur, eipecting to over
take th party at the Bridge.
Filt.sT ScaI P. --The first scilp presented un
der the i-- law was handed into County Clerk
Wr Wednesday by Mr. James Snyder, who
lives on the Siuslaw. It wan the scalp of a i operate It in connection with his railway b'jsf
t...... ....4 ,...,.. I.n.. .u..l.....l 41.. ..II ..... ., .
A. Stinlt has returned.
Mr. M.J, L'nger has returned (mm Cali
fornia. Miss Bertha Goldsmith is visiting friends In
'. Gov, Ckadwick passed northward on th
train Tuesday,
Mr. Gabe Chrismsn and wife have returned
home from the Springs.
Andy Titus left for the Foley Spring, last
Wednesday morning.
Miss Emily Bristol has returned home alter
quite a visit to Oregon City.
Mr. A, C. Barbour, of Lower Siuslaw, gave
this nlHce a call this week.
State Siiicriutendrnt McElroy was in Eu
gene the tirst of the week.
Prof. Straiib and family left Wednesday on
a trip to the Upier Columbia.
Mr. S. S. Train, of tho Albany Dissemi
nator, was in Eugene last Tuesday.
The Taylor-Bonuett party returned from
Foley Springs last Sunday evening.
Mr J T Gregg, of Salem, visited at the resi
dence of Mr Jetf Dimten in this city this week.
Mr. J. M. Shelly was in town several day
this week. He reports doing a fair business.
Mr Jacob Fleischner, of Portland, paid rel
atives and friends in Eugene a visit this week.
Mrs H X Crain and Mrs L G Adair leave
this morning fot a trip to the Eastern States.
C ounty Clerk Ware has returned home. Ills
family will stay at the Springs some time yet.
Sairi Goidltuith left for San Francisco yester
day morning, where he intends working in a
lieprcsentatlve Yoach and Dr. Whiteaker,
of Cottage Grove, wsre In town the first of the
Messrs Geo S Washburne and G H Chris-
man pai l Cottage, Grove a visit yesterday on
We acknowledge a pleasant call from Key'
J. It. W. Boll, editor of the Koseburg Review,
this week.
Mr. J. W. Hanson und family, of Cnrvallis,
are visiting relative! ami friends in Eugene and
Dr. S. Hamilton, J; C, Fullerton and Simon
Caro, of Jioscbufg, wero present at the laying
f the comer stone.
Mr. V. T Eakin, we learn, will also leave
for Philadelphia in a few weeks to take a
course of medicine.
Miss Lnllie Dunn and little sister left on a
visit yesterday morning to Mr Geo A Dorris
and wife at Astoria.
Miss Itachio King, of Pennsylvania, is visit
ing at the residence of her sister, Mrs. A. M.
Osburn, south of this city.
Attorney Noffsinger has returned from his
trip to Florence, on the Lower Siuslaw. He
reports having had a pleasant time.
Hon H II Gilfry and family visited relatives
and friends in E"'evro this week. They were
the guests of Hon T G Hendricks and family.
Mr. Chas. Lauer and family, Friday morn
ing, loft for the Seaside House, on Clatsop
Beach. We hope they may have a pleasant
Mr Henry Baxter diJ not go east of the
mountains, as expected, but has been sending
his vacation at the home of his parents in the
Mohawk valley.'
"Pap" Stroud, Deputy U. S. Internal Iter
enue Collector, smiled upon us last Tuesday.
His many friends in Eugene gave him a cor
dial reception.
Prof. Beck man was in Eugene last Tuesday
at the lcying of the corner stone. Ha will
leave Jacksonville for Sail Francisco about
September 1st.
Mr. U. 1). Holds is at present in Walla
Walla, W, T. He writes (hat harvest is in
full blast m that section, and that wheat is
turning nut well.
Mrs S II Friendly and children, yesterday
morning, started on a visit to Astoria, They
will also accompany Mr Chas Lauer and fam
ily to Clatsop Beach.
We noticed Messrs. K. P, MeComack, Wm.
Armstrong, E. McDonald, F. J. Babcock and
others, of Salem, in Eugene in attendance
upon tho corner stone exorcises last Tuesday.
Hons. P. Kelly, U.S. Marshal, J. F. Wat
son, U. S. Attorney, F. N. Shurtleff, Collocti r
of Customs, and G. Wilson, all of Portland,
were present at the laying of the corner stone.
Messrs. Church, Craln and' Peet returned
home from Eastern Oregonlast Saturday. They
report a pleasant trip. The party killed four
deer and caught an innumerable number of fish
Mr Alex Cockerline ar.d family left for a
short visit to relatives In Marion county yes
terday morning. Mr Wm Smith will act as
clerk in Mr Friendly' store during Ales'e ab
s.uice. Senator Enoch Hoult, of' Harrisburg, accom-
panied by his daughter Annie, visited Eugene
lust Tuesday. Mr. Hoult is one of God'i no
blemen, and is the "father" of the present rail
road law,
Mr Alliert Dunton has had several hemor .
rhagra of th lungs this week, and is still quite
sick. It is sunpotwfl that running in the hose
aces at the firemen's tournament was the cause
of the same. '
Mrs J K Fentnn, Mrs II C Humphrey and,
Miss Etta Wilkins loft cm a month' trip to
Yanuina Bay yesterday morning. Messm J E
Fenton and II C Humphrey will visit in the
same loc.lity in about two weeks.
Mr. John Cooper, who has been acting as
book keeper for tr. F. B.Dunn for some time,
left Tuesday morning for Lit Angeles, Cal.,
thinking a cha:v,"e might be beneficial to his
health, which has been quite poor for some
time. Wo hope the change will prove benefi
cial. We take the following from last Saturday'
Cnrvallis Ga.ette: "Prof. W. W. Bristow and
famljy hdt for Pleasant Hill, Lane county,
yesterday, where they go to visit relatives and
recrea.e for a few weeks. Thu professor will
sp.'iid a portion of the time in hunting bear
and other small game such a are to be found
in ths neighborhood of wheat fields."
W. H. Marshall, the popular agent of the
Chicago, Milwaukee and Sr. Taid railway,,
accompanied by his brother, was in Lane
county this week looking at a 450 acre atock
farm, listed on the books of the State board.
Mr. Marshall Intends to purchase a Ursa and .
bear, and tlie genileuiai. received the reward .. .,, i.. wiU bur in this county..
'I-L . 1 lt
Ag--l dinner can ! f, 0ffi- ,s cotnin-morative of the int , We acknowledge a pleasant call fr-'tn the geu
t si scalp. I tie nan,