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farla Showing- Thut Kclonro Wrung
When It Declare That One Mutt ICat
to Live.
The modern fasting girl U tlio oppro
brium of science. The lu'tr insNtg
Jiat she can not live without eating nnd
Making. She as Htubburnly pmistt in
living without eating md drinking.
When Dr. Tanner mudo his experiment
cltnce was Ktaggercd, but that little
episode was a trille to the feat of Kate
smulney, who is said to have lived thir
teen months without eating, and most
f the time without drinking either. In
;ases of tills kind the usual and much
ihe easiest method of explanation is by
flat denial of the alleged facts and tb s
I facilitated by making sundry import-
in I assumptions, a; that sueh and such
4 thing is opposed to natural laws and
therefore could not b& Thus it is an
txiom of medical se'enco that life cttu
not be sustained beyond a few days
without alimentation, and cert:in'y if
physiology alone is concerned in t!'e
matter the soundness or this view mint
. be admitted. It is true that there are a
fjw well-attested cases in which life
wai sustained without the possibility of
alimcntat'on, the most notable being
that of the Indian fakir who waj wal ed
up in a vault at Lahore, and who two
weeks afterward was disinterred and
found alive! In that case, however,
there wa-i a minimum of waste of vitali
ty, the subject beini in a trance. Kate
bmulscy was not entranced, and din ing
the greater part of her feat her body
was in incessant motion, according to
the reports, so t'int there must have
been an abnormal expenditure of vital
The physicians who attended her dif
fered widely as to the nature of her
complaint, but we believe they agreed
that she really did not cat or drink.
Her parents and friends maintain most
earnestly thit deception In the case was
impossible. This assertion will not pro
vent contrary statements being made,
but when there is a consensus of belief
in certain facts among a numlcr of in
telligent and reputable people, and
when these have taken paim to sub
stantiate their belief and to exclude error,
it is diflicult to regard the usual denial
of the facts as an adequate explanation.
If the laws of physiology were as fully
and minutely understood ns might be
inferred from the dogmatism of men of
science, there would be no exeuso for
the teeming failures of medicine. The
verification of one such case as that of
Kate Sraulsey, however, would neces
sitate the admission of psychologic
hypotheses in such cases, since it is evi
dent that physiology does not furnish
the solution of them.' Considering the
extent to which the study of mental
conditions, and their influence upon
physical processes, Is being carried at
present, moreover, the broadening of
the scope of inquiry here suggested
should not seem either inadmissible or
irrational. In practice, every successful
physician-acts opon this view, and there
can be no sound therapeutics without
recognition of the interaction of mind
and body.
In the fasting girl case? the old-fashioned
Alexandrian fashion of severing
the Gordian knot is falling into disfavor,
because it is folt to be an evas'on and
not a determination. In tha cflect the
indications are that some venerable the
ories regarding the conditions of vital
action may have to bo discarded. The
facts appear too stubborn to be dealt
with otherwise than scientifically, in
- short, and when this is realized it is
quite possible that modical science may
hnd itself upon the threshold of new
"and important discoveries. N Y. Trib
Horn Interfiling Figures Itetatlns;
Their Distribution.
Almost all the South Tn States have a
nearly equal number of each sex. In
Massachusetts the females between
twenty and fifty years of age exceed
the males about the same age by about
14,000. In seventy-eight cities the ex
cess of females is 148,090. That illiter
acy prevails more among women is duo
probably to the foreign population.
Women contribute less to pauperism,
the proportion being 31,000 to 36,000.
The ration of - prison inmates stands
5,008 women to 64,190 males. Women
lira In avua.'l omnnnr ihrt Incnna In p n in
excess among the idiotic, blind and deaf
mutes. The proportion ol women wno
engage in occupations outside of the
household is smaller in the United States
than in foreign countries, but in no
country is the proportionate number en
gaged in superior industrial occupations
equal to that in this country. Of the
2, i47,000 women in occupations 695,
000 are engaged in agriculture, most of
them colored women in the Southern
Siatas: 632,000 are in manufactories, of
whom about one-half In New York,
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania; 282,
000 are milliners, etc.; 50.000 are tailors.
Of the forty-four occupations recorded
as "personal service" foriy find wom
en in them. The 525 femiuo surgeons
of 1870 have increased to 2,473; the 7
lawyers to 75; the 65 clergymen to 165.
The numherof laundries have increased
from 61,000 in 1870 to 122,000. and of
the latter 108,000 are kept by women.
This large increase shows a great light
ening of the housewife's labor. Chi
cago Ilera'd.
m m
Shirts of Mail.
It seems that an officer of the Bengal
cavalry had a remarkable escape during
fighting in Egypt the other day. He
owed his safety to a shirt of ninil which
he was wearing under his uniform. An
Arab speared him, but the blow glanced
hi rmles-ly oft". Tnh is news for the
poor red coats with only s"rga or fun
nel covering. 'Glanced l.annl -s.-ly
oil:" (Jarsteu will set the fashion, mail
of proof eome out from the a:id the
dim past, and the armorer nga'n liads
work to do. A uniform oT which tha
Arab spear gianees harmlessly is cer
tain to be a hot favorite with a soldier
that has seea squares broken and the
best men throwii into pell-mell confu
sion bv the fury of the Arab advance.
Tho tliirtof mail is the sensation and
the consolation of the time. N. V. ,
A new fentnre in iethetic decora-
uo Ihey Become HHnd-Some Interesting
... .
v line walking along the wharf at
Cleveland, O., about fifty years ago.
I was asked by a man if I d d not wish
jo buy. two pet rattlesnakes. I replied
no. J he question was so novel, how
ever, I turned bask to see what he had
in a box some two feet square. He with
drew the slide on ton and through tha
glass were seen, coiled up. a Hxittol
rattlesnake some three to four feet in
length, with six rattles, and a black
rattlesnake two to two and a half feet
long, with three rattles. I bought them
to settle a dispute then being discussed
in the papers whether they went blind
in August. I paid the price, live dollars.
and sent them on one of my canal boats
to L-ircieviiio, v., where 1 resided.
some oi my menus sum the man
claimed to be a snake charmer and
followed it as a business to take them
for sale. He seemed a qu'et, modest
man. His only reply to my inquiry as
to the modus operandi was that he
could take them with impunity wherever
he found thera.
On my return home I caught a mouse
and put it In tho box with the snakes.
It remained a few days uninjured and I
Cave it the freedom of the warehouse.
Those pet snakes remained from some
time in April until September, over four
months, without drink or nourishment
other than the dust of the warehouse,
Some time in August a lilmcameover
the eyes of tho snakes, which Increased
to a heavy white scale. Their skins be
came dull and rusty. I do not recollect
now long they remained in this condi
tion. I think, however most of the
month, when I discovered they had shed
off tneir old skins and had bright ryes
and an entirely new dress. 'J his last
operation was completed most likely in
one night. If it had been gradual it
would have been observed, as they were
in sight of several persons all the time,
It was conjectured this snake-charmer
years ago I was stiown the skull of a
Avfriii.tnfl thA f-infrd in uimfl wnv Nnmn
rattlesnake oi enormous size dv ut. Ka
nell, of Humboldt, Kan. It had been
killed in Western Kansas during the
war by some one of the Union army, of
which he was a surgeon. It had,
think he told me, twentv-eight rattles.
It was an old settler, and of such im
mense size that the doctor preserved its
skull.. On each sido of the upper jaw
was a row of fangs decreasing in size
gradually until not larger than a needle
Nature provided for this means of de
fense so that if the larger fangs were de
stroyed others were ready in turn to
supply their place for years. It settled
the question that tho snake charmer's
means ol handling snakes with impunity
was not dv removing me iangs.
As a contribution to natural nhilosonhv
I can certify that rattlesnakes can live
in good health lor over lour months
without drink or food ; that in August
they go blind for some time, their eyes
covered entirely over with white scales,
followed bv the sheddintr of tho entire
old skin of their bodies.
. . . . y
Having accomplished my object I pre
sented the box of snakes to a young
fnend of mine in V lrginia. ihe slide
was secured and it was sent to his friend
in New York, "Glass with caro.
That was the lost I heard of Uiem, for
which I was truly thankful, as about
the same time a valuable life was lost
marked by a present of a similar kind
. Mr. Wainwright, one of the most emi
nent idivsicians of New York Citv. re
ceived from his brother a lare rattle
snake, sent here from Savannah. He
took it to the hotel to exhibit to his
friends. On trying to get it back in the
box from which he had very un
wisely taken it, it struck him
on I lie 'hand, and doubtless on an
artery. He went home, and surrounded
by his family and many prominent phy
sicians, died in a few hours, sitting in
his chair. He described all his symp
toms and feelings until death camo.
nothing could be more intensely inter
esting, as well as horrible, than the ac
count contained in the papers at the
time. Death from this poison docs not
result from increased circulation, but
from its final suspension, from coagu
lation of the blood. Dr. Wainwright
gave an intelligent and scientilio des
cription of its progress from the extrem
ity until just as his heart ceased to beat
It produced very great excitement all
over the country. Southern papers
claimed that liquor in large quantities,
to have kept up the circulation, would
have cured him. A man of the South
took large quantities of whisky to avoid
the horrors of death from a snake bite,
and was cured. This is the origin of this
remedy, which is now generally used.
Chicago Inter Ocean.
e m
A r'Un for the Transmission of Mll on
the Pneumatic Proeeee.
A plan for the transmission of mails
between Paris and London by the pneu
matic process, devised by a M. Berlin,
is exciting considerable interest. The
following are a few particulars of the
scheme: The pneumatic tubes or sub
way would be laid down alongside tho
existing railways for convenience sake.
The total distance between the two
capitals is 475 kilometres, viz.: Paris to
Calais (rail), 297 kilometres; Calais to
Dover (Channel) 39 kilometres; and
Dover to London (rail), 139 kilometres.
The pneumatic subway would be con
structed of cast-iron pipes of thirty-nine
centimetres in diameter and four metres
in length, connected by means of India
rubber points. This arrangement has
the effect of giving great flexibility and
elasticity to the whole, and of making
it water-tight besides. The carriage
suggested is composed of a wire frame
covered by a sheet of asbestos cloth with
a metallic warp. This covering would
have a kind of metallic bnish coating,
to enable the compressed air to dilate
to a certain extent around the truck
nnd cool the latter, thus counteracting
the heat produced by the friction. A
track would travel the distance between
the two capitals in one hour, and one
could be dispatched every ten minutes.
An engine of from twenty-eight to
thirty horse-power would be sufficient
A'. Y. rot.
Eeautiftl Cards. A set of magnifi
cent Floral Cards, 4Jx6 inches, sent free
to all persons who have used lirown'i
Iron Bitters. State disease and effect
" ito your address, plainly. Brown
plcal Co., Baltimore, Md. 1
An eminent lawyer of the city of New
York, Hon. Jos. It. Flandkiis,' formerly
law-partuerof ex-Vice President Wheeler,
and for several Tears a member of the
N. Y. State Legislature, was called upon
by a Iteporter at his well-appointed olllro
In "1 emnle Court." and Interviewed in re.
Hard to his experience with Compound
Oxygen. "I found him," say the lie
porter, "disposed to engage in convema
tionlregarding his illnetw and his complete
restoration to health." His statement was
subatantlally as follows :
"For many years I suffered from weak
digestion and the dyttpepitia consequent
upon it. Mj neaun since 1 was twenty
one years of age was not at any time vig
orous. Gradually I declined into a state
of physical and nervous prostration, in
bility. In 18T9 I wis alt run down in
HiKvt uvrK wi me cu musi cm imvwn-
strength and sptnts. Energy and ambi
tion had departed.
"So I kept on until the summer of 18Si
Then I went to Thousand Islands, where
I stayed several weeks with friends. But
I found that the atmosphere did not agree
with me. I came away feeling that the
battle of life was nearly ended. 77i next
time I saw my old law-partner Vice Pres
ident Wheeler ht Md me that the Doctor
had said to him that he never expected
again to see me alive. When I arrived at
home In September, it was tn such a state
of exhaustion that I was unable to leave
the bouse except on mild days, and then
only to walk slowly a block or twe.
"Meanwhile my son had learned some
thing about Compound Oxygen, and wrote,
urging me to try it But I had lost all
faith in remedies. 1 had tried many
things, and had ne energy to try any more.
In September, howevei, my soa came w
New York and Dersuaded me to visit Dr.
Turner, who is in charge ot Dr. Starkey
& 1 alen s olllre in Sew York. 1 went,
not because I bad any faith ia this Treat
ment but to gratify my son's kind impor
tunity. When Dr. Turner examined my
case, be thought 1 was so far gone that he
hardly dared to express the faintest hope.
"On the teventh or Uctober 1 com
menced taking Compound Oxygen. To
my great surprise I began to feel better
within a tctelc. In a month I improved
so greatly that I teas able to corns to my
office and do some legal work. I then
came to the ofllce regularly except in bad
weather. On the nineteenth of December
a law matter came into my hands. It was
a complicated case, promising to give much
trouble and to require close attention. I
had no ambition to take it for I had no
confidence in my ability to attend to it I
consented, however, to advise concerning
it and to do a little work. One complica
tion after another arose. I kept working
at it all winter and into the spring. For
three months this case required as con
tinuous thoucht and labor as I had ever
bestowed on any case in all my legal ex
perience. Yet under the constant pres
sure aad anxiety I grew stronger, taking
Compound Oxygen all the time. In the
spring, to my astonishment and that oft
my friends, I was as fit as ever jor nara
"Mu present health tssuch that I can
without hardship or undue exertionattend
to the business of my profession, as of old.
Sly digestion is good, my sleep is as nat
ural and easy as it ever was, and my
appetite is as hearty as I could desire.
"My oonfldence In the restorative power
of Compound Oxygen is complete, as also
it is in the ability and Integrity of Drs.
Starkey & Palcn, otherwise I should not
allow my name to be used in this connec
tion. J have thus freely maae mention of
the hixfnrv of mu case as a dutu I owe of
rendering possible service to some who
may be as greatly in need of physical
recuperation as I was."
Diis. Starkey & Palen, 1109 and 1111
Girard St. Philadelphia, will send free to
any one who will write for It tholr Treatise
on Compound Oxygen.
Orders for the Compound Oxygen Home
Treatment will be filled by II. E. Mathews,
Ml. . . f ' . . L ' 1 f
uuu DiuuiuiMiierj oirecu Dan c i auuiHcu.
A ras-nlcker at Pittsburgh traded his
son lor a yeiiow aog.
Ot either sex, however induced, speedily,
thoroughly and permanently cured. Com
plicated and obstinate cases of blood
taints, ulcers, obstructions, unnatural dis
charges, exhausted vitality, premature
decline, nervous, mental, and organic
debility, varicocele, hydrocele, diseases of
prostate gland, moneys ana niaaoer, piles,
(1st u las and rupture.all permanently cured.
btalT ot twelve expert specialists in con
stant attendance, constituting the most
complete organization of medical and sur
gical skill in America. Send history of
case and address for illustrated pamphlet
ot particulars, worms Dispensary Med
isal Association, Buffalo, N- Y.
After July 1st letter postage will be two
cents per ounce.
CATARRH A New Treatment has beea ills-
covered whereby a permanent cure is effected in
from one to uirce appucauona. I'arucuiure ana
treatise rree on receipt oi stamp, a. n. 1'ixoN
fc bote, Sua King tit, west loronto, Canada.
GET THE BEST Abell Sc Son's Fho-
tograoha. Take the elevator- 29 Wash
ington street Portland.
The capital of West Virginia has been
remoyed irom wneeuag to Charleston.
Unless caused by lack of sleep or from
over-eating, is a symptom of disease. If
it be accompanied by general debility.
headache, loss of appetite, coated tongue
and sallow complexion, you may be sure
that you are suffering Irom biliousness
and consequent derangement of the stom
ach and bowels. Dr. Pierce's "Pleasant
Purgative Pellets are a sure cure for all
aliments of this nature. They cleanse and
purify the blood and relieve the digestive
More than SCO deaths from measles have
occurred in New York city since Jan. 1.
Try Grrmka for breakfast
Fortify Um iritem.
AU who haro experi
enaad and witnaiaad
tbe effect ot Boaiet
ter'l Stomach Blttan
upon the weak, broken
down, deapoodtngrto
tima ot djrapepata,
llrer complaint, tour
and afue, rheumatism,
nervosa debility, or
Era mate re decay,
now that in tbii
upreme tonlo and
alterative there exluu
a ipecino principle
which reach the
very eouroe of the
trouble and effecta an
ebaoluW aad perma
nent cure. Vox aale
by all UnoliU and
Deakri generally.
Man and Beast.
Mustang Liniment is older than
most men, and used more and
more ivery year.
A tnn ear f, jih,,,!, Blmllnf. Itchlni md UW
.ll IiIm ku In iliKmwnl l,i Dr. ilin (an in
aian Keiimty) miIm! Dr. WIlIWi In.lUa 1-ila ulnl-
m.r 7 "'' " " crxl Ilia voiat climnto saM
Uf Or XI Inn !,,. kit nl .... ... ...
utca afur 'I'l-lyliif ibia aouilrilul mn(IiIm nntllclin.
' n lixllaa lllr uul uirnt alwwlia Ilia lu
niora, llyi tlia InlmM Itclilnj liarticulaily at mxlit
rut i-aiuuf Kami la ial), acta aa a puiiluoa, i lu
"''' il ia prrpami only for rilM, Itchinf ol
" "Y . I" , Will nw witum ViWB.
HmA hat thr II. m J M tv,itinl,r f n...l..l
an "ou Dr. Williaia i Inllan 1'ila Oiuimant: "1 bata
uawl aooiva ut HI, t'uroa, awl ll aflunlt nit plnuura to
aay tbai I bar nam fuund aiijUmij l,l, h n.r aiirh
biiuiwliala and Brnnanrnl rtlitf aa lw. WilTianii In
dian Oiotawna. f. aala T all drungiala and mailed
on raael4 uf prica, 11.0 K. a Ho., t.'I and iJ
wro, aunicr viay. oau r raaaaoo.
killed himself with a target gun.
When Baby was alck, we Rare bar CA8TOR1A,
When aha was a Child, aha cried for CASTOR1A,
When the became Ulaa, aha clone to CASTCftUA.
When the had Children, sue garo thaw C ASTOIUA
THE OXLY STRICTLY flrst-class Tho-
tograph Gallery in the Northwest Abell
& Son's, 2U Washington street Portland.
nr-AK H'. Ra..ll.l T.uVa.1 .A
VL'illnlv L-nnivn Mm ait arlt,lrl,l Mni.,1. fn.
- - ....... ..v ii a. M m. bui. llllvuj IUI
Uronchltii, Hoarseness. Coughs, aud
Throat troubles. Sold only in boxes.
There are over 8000 Indians ia Nevada.
When all so-called remedies fall. Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy cures.
1 A one-wheel skate has been patented.
ink, water colors, crayon or oil. Send for
price list. Ahki.l & Son,
zu Washington street Portland.
luuters the ajretem from nnkamowai
eaieuwa, at all awaaona.
Shatter! the NerYi-e, Impairs bljoatlOB, sad
KBieeDirs uta acira.
itil 1 U THE
Qiili-ily andoomrJeferyetirM tleinrln.and Chills
and kevrra. tor Intermittent Kerena, I.av
ailnde, Lark of .nerar, it hu no equal It
anriohea and purinaa the blond, atiinuiatea the ap
petlta. and atranetbeni toe nninclee and noma.
It doee not Injure the teeth, caoaa headache, or
produce onnetlpaiion all otkrr Iron audo-iaM do.
Fatbir T J., the patrintio and acholarly
Oatliulic DlTtna, of Arkanaaa. ear:
"1 ha need Brown'. Iron Bitten with the (mat
et eatiafaction for Malaria, and aa a prevantlva of
lihilla and like dlMaea, and will alwayi keep it on
hand aa a ready friend. e
. Oanuine haa ahnra trade mark and nrnaaed red tinea
on wrapper. Tnke no nlhrr. Mote only by
T LaDiu' Hand BooK-nanhil and attractive, oon
iaininc liat ot prisee for racinna. information about
eoina. etc, riren away by all dealera tn medioine,of
ntailed to any addreaa on raoeiut of So. etamn,
Wholesale AKenta, Portland, Or.
A Remarkable Core of a Horse.
In the fall ot 1883 I had a valuable horae
taken with the pinkeye. rt-ultliit in blood
poison. Aftr nine niontha ot doctoring with
all the remedies to be found in home booka, I
despaired of a cure. Ilia right hind If K was aa
larfre aa a man's body, aud iiad on it over forty
running sores. He aa a most pitiable looking
object. At last I thought of Bwift a Epecltlu,
and commenced to use it, I used fifteen bot
tles. In AuKUat last all aymptntnaof thecMscaae
disappeared. Thera have been no aliens of a
return, and Ihe horae has done a mule's work
on my farm ever since.
Jamks L. Flcmino, Augusta, Oa.
January 9, 1886.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
Tin Swift Bpccinc Co.. Drawer S, Atlanta,
Ga or 168 W. m BL, N. Y.
The beat Mood Purifier and Tonlo Alterative la oaa.
It quickly cures all IMaeaeta orifinatinf from a dia
ordered .tale of the blond or Urer. Khaumatlatn, Neu
ralgia, Blotches, Boll Pimplea, Scrofula, Tutnort, Salt
Klieum and Mercurial Paina readily yield to lla purl Mi if
prnpartlea. It leave, tha Hlood Pure, the and kid
neye healthy, the oompleiion bright and clear
EstabUshed 1861. P.O. Box MU.
Orala, Produce and. General
Hes.813 and 3IS Iarls Htreet
(Member of S 1. PMduee Eichanfel. Oonaummenta
and orders will reoeire prompt attention. Cash ad-
Miscll Gall MeSalM
mmvm bbii. AJtrarst ae
. -bbb
Faetorr In tne sttate I
sxBjUAUBTte .a a.
I hare a poaltWa remedy ( r Hie above cleaaas ; bi IIS
aea th..anJ.of eu..ol In. worel kind and of long
taadloa tiara baen cured. lint."t.oilrnna;l.niyf.lih
lallaemeary.lliatlwlcl eendTB'O BOTTLKS XMS,
tonttharwIlnaVil.CAOI.KTKKATInBon tliladlaeaee
lean! auUTer. Olraeinre...nd I. O.addr,-...
' KlLf. A.SlXrClM.lMl-.arlat., H.wTorkJ
Magnolia Balm
is a secret aid to beauty.
Many a lady owes her fresh
ness to it, who would rather
not tell; andjyo cant tell.
1111 uu
Troval nsa'jit NJ
Absolutely Pure.
Tills powder never varies, A marvel of snrltr,
streiutth and whelosomrucaa. More economli-al tlinn
tne ordinary kkiila, and cannot lie aoiu in caniwu
Hon with ilia multitude of low teat, short wvbciit.
alum or plionihate powilera. Bold only in -ouia,
kotai, luaixa a'owun ux, tuo wau sireei, n. i.
Preservation of Negro Dialect Hymns.
An old colored woman of Atlanta
was asked how their dialect hymns wero
brought Into existence. She answered i
"Well, I reckon do spirit was a
crowin' nnd doy jess had to come out."
A pood deliuition of Inspiration, was
Anion) tho more Intelligent negroes
I rind a Mrunpo disposition to eschew
these wonder; n! sluve songs. Tho
young men and women ot Atlanta l'nl
vorsitv seom to shniv, in a measure,
this slightly contemptuous estimation of
the old melodic. 1 Btippo-ie it is bo
cause their awnkoning intelligence as
sociates them with the degradation of
their raco, and tlicy have not the ihmio
t ation to see that these wonderful
l.vmns embody tho very genius of their
1 t'oplo.
Another fact makes it hard to gather
togolhur a reliable collection ; the vari
ous hymns are sung illloivutly in diflor
eut localities so that froijticiitl v two
ver-iions ut the same piece would hardly
le recogulxed ns akin. This was the
inevitable re nil of the iUiterary of the
negro, whei-eby both words and musio
wei-e unwritten for so long a time.
It ia a matter of regret to mo that In
most of tho Southern city colored
churches an effort has boon made to dis
card these pliiutat'un melodies, except in
social religious mooting. Salt Lukt
hen a Finland girl wishes to leave
that country, according to the Curdill
Mail, she has to go lirst to her clergy
man and parlnko of tho sacrament mid
nrocuro a letter of rocommtmdat'on
from him; noxt to a physician and ob
tain ot hira, after an examination, a
cei'tlticate of permission to remain ab
sent a cortain specilicd number of years.
This cei tilieate costs her about twenty
dollars. If sho returns promptly nt the
end of the time prescribed all Is well, but
if not her name is erased from the book in
which it has been entered, and 'she is
considered as having violated her con
tract with the Government and loses
her citizenship forever.
The bova of Turner. Me., unv tliA
Lowistou Journal, are noted for train-
Inor ilnnifwr.irY Animals inrfl. onlvna.
- n n - '
sheep and steers are broken to all kinds
ot vehicles. One day Kiirnie Morse
will drive by with a tandem team a
sheep and a calf. He may be followed
by Harry or Knlnh liearce drivinir a smtn
of merino bucks. Then a Hiring of
Jersey calves driven by a do.on boys.
Willio French has a nico Jersey heifer
trained to do all sorts of tine things.
African colonization has already
afleuted the price of elephants. An In
dia exchange quotes Asian elephants
six feot high at $2,003, tigers at V750,
and panthers at $47.'). Yet at recent
sales in England elephants have Ihvii
sold as low as $500, six lionesses with
cubs at $760, a tiger that bail devoured
two keepers brought only $2,12, and a
panther was traded even for a poodle..
In Morocco recently a man was ac
cused of having stolen a bullock from
one of tho local native authorities who
acted as judge in his own case nnd gave
orders that tiie supposed thief should
have his eyes cut out, which horrid
lenience was carried into effect. A
writer cites this as a sanipht of a scries
ot brutal atrocities continually occurring
In that country.
atrnirny awn rrve
.... J -Hllkaat
tall:Nenouaand fliyalnl
iKeblllty, to ot Vitality,
Weak need. Virus vecune,
(Jouilitlnna.ProataUtla, Kid
ney and ulaildertlomplattila.
tions, and alitheevUeffectS
of tuuliiful (ulllea and ev
onwndl penaanentlf re
venting all luvohratary
weakauing drains npon the
fly.U-m, however they oamr
rnatoriuc Lost Manhood,
Dleeaeed ol in.iiioKi,r.rup.
L . A..,. 1 1 11. t. ll ilia
etas may be. and where all other remeaiea hate (ailed,
A reimaawat fare AbaolntelysSnaraalfed.
... . a. M Still Clsnm
Prios (1 50 per bottle, or nve noroea ."TV"
npon receipt ol "","1:1,7; l. . . BAlMt
wrttiaslaraTllreel.lin lrrJi.aI.
" j-T ButllcMmt to aiiow Its
i .niuiuuuu. aUMur ouuJideutial bf latter ot at
elBoe, rata
For Men and Boys, to Order and Ready Made.
Cor. Montgomery and Gutter BU, Ban Francisco, CaL
MANN & BENEDICT, sncccor. to (J, C, EasillJ & CO.
Home Items and Topics.
"All your own fault
If y.
ou remain sick when you ran
hop bitters Uiat never-tail.
. The weakest woman, smallest child,
and skk est Invalid can use hop bitters
with safety and frreat good,
Old men totu-rlne around from Rheu-
niAtiKm, kidney trouble or any weakness
will be made almost new by usi-iR hop bit
ters. rMv wife and datitrhter were niaila
healthy by the ueof hop sitters and I
reooinnioiid them to mr nouilc Mvtho.
dist Clers-yman.
Ask any (rood doctor If hop
Hitters are not lbs beat family medicine
On earth III
Malarial fever, Ague and Biliousness,
ill leave everv neighborhood as soon an
hop bitters arrive.
"My mother drove the paralysis and
ncuralRla all out of her system with hop
blttflrs." i'd. Oswego Sun.
aMrKeep the kidneys healthy with hop
bitters and you need not fear sickness."
Ice water Is rendered harmless and
more refreshing and reviving with hop
bitters in each draught.
The vigor of youth for the aged and
Infirm In hop blttteralll
"At thechanire of life notlilnst equals .
IIop Hitters to allay all trouble incident
i llieroui." )
'The best periodical for Indies to take
monthly, and from which they will receive
the greatest benefit Is hop bitters."
Mothers with sickly, fretful, nunring
children, will cure the children and bene tit
themselves bv taking hop bitters dally.
Thousands die annually from some
form of kidney disease that might have
been prevented by a timely use of hop
Indigestion, weak stomach, Irrcgulari
Itles of the bowels, cannot exist when hep
bitters are used.
A timely use of hop
Hitters will keep a whole family
Ia robust health a year at a little cost.
To produce rent genuine sleep and
child like repose all night, take a little hop
bitters on retiring.
aMTNone genuine without a bunch of green
Hops on the white label. Khun all the vile,
poisonous stuff Willi "Hop" or "Hups" in their
Awarded Premium INNS and 1NN4
Ptat, Portland, Oregon. '
Mechanics' Fair, Kan Krunclsoo, CaL
btate fair, Sacramento, CaL
Most Economical for use; put up In six
dllterent alr.PH.- full STKEiNGTil AND
Prepared by
Kan Franrlero and Harrameuto. Cat.
O I fclNlf AT .Uaulor, luwuiah I'lanoa; Burrfeg
OruMia, hand instruments. Inroai ttoi-k el Hhte4
ktuale and Booka llamli .11- piled at Eaatern trloaa
IL (IRA V. ftm euat Street, Han KraiK-lieo.
moteale Grocers mi Commission KtMi
10 North Front St. Portland.
Baa Fram-leeo Offloa-l Proiil Hi
Handle on eouimlialon 1 heat. Wool, Hope, Reeds,
Furs, liiik-a, t'lilckma, IC'ira, LuinWr, liuop-polea,
Salmon, Will Feed, tlata, llarley, tlnluna, fotaioea
Kaouu, Ird, etc. Aooount aalea reudert-d en day ol
aale. Send for our market report. Uorraapondiinos
aud eouaUjuiueuW aullciti-d.
J.M. Halsted's
Iccubalors 1
Krum lf uu.
llroodf fnitn $o
up. HvMlfurmr-
Lorlllard'o Cllmai Plug
bearlna a mt Ha Um ; that Lorlllard'a
Nawr !lllna, anil that Lorlllard'a H nil lla. are
the beat aud ohaaueat, qualiUr eouaiuered ?
rtjtiHrT.Tor i
tor 'i fcuiU eiprMkjii; (or
thCUror drraiaaretfTis-nti
?t th m-ruiruUv oirHn.
her i no mukkc ikbool
Viit liiHnjmnl, h eD
tinuoui trim of fcLMJ
TltiClTV pmmiaifiiMi them to hMHIfr
i nd
ort'tirilUrafflrliitf I
Ht iKrU CO.. M W
No. 11 Kearny St. Saa Francisco, CaL
Tauts AU CHKome. Bi-bcial aks Pawn Dhsasbs
WITH WUKUSarva Bduuaea.
Is a certain eure tor
Nervotu Urhlllty, lout
Manhood, rrimtutof
l.. .,m! all the avll
effects of youthful lollies
and aioeaaea. and 111
drinking Intoxtcmdag
liquor. jn mmio,
a, hn la a rnnilar nhralvtan.
frraduate ol the II niter-
aitjr ol reniwyiranie, win
aitroa to forfeit ttX) for
a ease of this kind the llttminnLtivm Inn.
dor his special, advice and treatment) will not cure.
SI. CO a bottle, or four times the quantity Jft, sent to
,.i i . j i M ' n l. In nrlvate
name if doslred, by l'r. Mtatl. It HxmJrnj Ut.,
H. r, CaL Bend lor list of questions and paiuphlet.
wHlt ha aant to enr one arnilvintr by letter, atatinff
aymptoms, sex and age. Strict secrecy in rfard to
all bustneas tranaactiona.
ft, P. N. U. No. 79.-8. t. N. U. No VA
. ..
f " ' - " ij'-ular eontainina
R UU.U.I, "ifioil fiadway,
" MS USUI, , I "Oakland, Dei.
r a I ftrikm. lo n" rou-v1
0fl With KeoHri hi'ilM
VI I ft'lvartiHvd to cur Ml U
i I fnmi-dtotr Hi ft
ULlI th)NICHN-tfa (Mrtllik
itil In form I tan. riT'i r Viiiirnr