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Various Phosos of Woman's Work
.-Family Hints and Helps.
Stray Common Hrime liltrhen Rer
Ipes lieroratlve Hugj;e.
tlonn-1'atihlon Items
Bill Arp s Talk.
Atlanta Constitution.
The trouble with mort of tho eirls is they
are in too big a hurry to get married. When
tbiy get through school or college they begin
to look round for a feller, and ns fellers of the
right sort are scarce they kill tiu.i for a year
or two and then mate with someoouy wiey
don't waut exactly and the union Is not
happy. A girl had bettor not marry at all
than to marry badly. Most of our men are
poor and thoy can't afford to marry. The
girls and the boys are all on a strain to keep
tip w ith society. But if a girl can support
herself sho is Independent and can take her
pick when she dot marry. Mr. Whitner
told me tuat bo hod to send to Michigan for
girls to work in his office, tlint he could not
find thera here and he was now paying one
tm and another $1,KX). That is a bad sign
for us. It Is a reflection elthor on our girls or
our system of education.
There are many inviting fields for girls that
are not yet occupied. The world Is full of
picture cards and Christmas gems, and they
ought to make the designs, for new patterns
are wanted every day. Photography is an
art that would just suit their taste, and
there ought to be a gallery attached to
every female college. How nice it would
be to adorn the walls or fill portfolios
with lovely likenesses of every class that
graduates and every teacher and distinguished
visitor. How nice it would be to see a lady
in charge of a gallery in every town. How
much better she could arrango the dress
and the position and how kindly the children
would take to her genllo voice. I know she
would get tho iiatronago of all tho young
men and could have a trunk full of hand
some pictures to look at on Sundays if she
wanted them.
Southern girls are teaching now all ovor
the land, and that U a good sign. Before the
war we used to get all our teachers from New
England But then they didn't teach very
long, for our young men and widowers mar
ried them, and they made good wiviw and
good mothers and they raised up good rebels.
They don't come now, and our own girls have
monopolized the business. There is a nice
young lady teaching uot far from me ami she
hassixty-live scholars. Another on has started
a school closo by and my little cbnpsare going
and now I have to hear their lessons overy
night, for they are1 in the cautious state and
don't want to be kept in at recess. A little
boy tickled Carl on the foot yesterday and
he got a mark for cackling. Ho says he
couldn't help it, for it just tickled itself bo
fore he knew it. I like these country schools.
My happiest memories are of the years that
I wnlked two miles to one of them and car
ried my dinner in a basket and played on the
road, and at recess and noon, aud stood up
in the long class and sjx'lt the hard words,
and sometimes got head and told my good
mother about it and received her approving
smile. Those smiles and those tears. What
a World of love was in them.
Xew JtuniiM'BM for Women.
Albany Journal.
TVithin a year a new art has been de
veloed calculated to relieve tho pressure on
the embroidery and painting business. High
art has been introduced into the preservation
of fruits aud the baking of cakes and sweet
meats. This, too, has become a popular em
ployment with people who are able to acquire
the skill necessary. At the various art rooms
now you will find canned fruit aud fancy
bake stuffs on exhibition, made by ladies for
the most part who do it to employ their leis
ure time. These goods command the highest
prices, being bought at rates which dealers
in .these stores would not dare to ask. The
ill-success of so many people in making their
preserves make this business supply some
thing of a want
Cake-baking, too, is an equally profitable
venture. I see advertised in the Albany
papers the wares of a lady resident in a city
in central New York, who supplies cakes to a
vast number of customers. She made her
self famous by baking what is called "An
gel's Food." She is a member of a family
who were once immensely wealthy, but are
now reduced to straitened circumstances.
Her business is worth $5,000 a year to her at
present, and is growing all the time. An
other cose is that of a lady who puts up canned
fruits. She is the daughter pf an ex-congressman,
and is married to the son of the greatest
diplomat America has produced in recent
years. There is no need of her applying bor
skill in this manner, but she was induced to
make a business of what was a pastime by
the urgent solicitation of friends who ate her
preserves.. She now gets a very handsome
revenue from the work.
A Jllsfortune Itather Than a Fault.
Chicago Inter Ocean.
Through fault of discipline when the char
acter w as forming, women who happen to
come within the charmed circle of moneyed
plenty are predisposed against work of any
sort that is more serious than pertains to the
toilet, and do not have the joyful experience
of life that comes of a useful relation to life.
Girls are not subjected to the formative pro
cesses that strengthen and qualify their
minds, develop their handicraft, or fructify
their talents, so that they generally step into
womanhood totally unlit to be helpmates to
men, and quite without a practical knowledge
of means by which to maintain themselves.
The lessons of their lives have been con
fined to the cultivation of social graces, not
extending to the acquisition of principles of
domestic economy or home exaltation. They
become mothers before they have learned
what it is to be wives, and consequently let
their children follow the same unpurposef ul
way themselves have straggled along, unless
those children are blessed enough to be boys,
and come more directly under the paternal
The lives of a large proportion of vomen
are so entirely devoted to dress and amuse
ment that it is a question if they are aware
that matters of greater importance concern
other people. It is the misfortune rather
than the fault of most of them, the result of
a foolish notion that it is unnecessary for the
girls of wealthy parents to know more than
how to entertain agreeably and appear to
good advautage in the fashionable world.
Concerning Wall-Paper.
Clara Belle in Cincinnati Enquirer.
Rooms are being beautified or made hid
eous, according as the tastes of the family
boss vary from good to bad. The results de
pend largely on the selection of the wall
paper. The use of paper for decorations of
the walls and ceilings is increasing. Ceilings
are rarely now frescoed, but left plain, that
rich papers, harmonizing with the other dec
orations, may be used. Manufacturers fre
quently make special designs to order, or
prepare paper from designs submitted to
In the cheaper grades of paper there has
been a marked improvement in the last few
years. A few years ago, during the Dolly Var
den craze, there was a demand for bright
colors, without regard to any recognlzwl
form or design. There was a reaction to dark,
heavy colors. Tho sty hi for the fall seasons
are light colors, uot dinlis and grays, but
light and warm colors, arranged in small de
signs. The dado style of finish Is Mill used,
chiefly in rich furnishing aud hall decora
tions. When a room is decorated in the dado
style, they run a light molding of ash,
mahogany, cherry, black walnut, or some
other wood to correspond with the furnishing,
around the wall between the base and the
field. Then aliove the field they put a frieze
with a molding of the same sort of wood that
is usjhI below. The uper moldinj is, how
ever, heavier, aud they often use a kind
from which pictures can be hung.
How FqmIiIoii nay siring- (alet
Chicago Times.
Fashion, omnipotent fashion, promises to
do what centuries of bootjacks, fire shovels,
cuspidors, and other utensils convertible into
missiles of distinction have failed to accom
plish. For countless ages such household
articles have been aimed at howling midnight
cats by victims whoso sleep was banished by
caterwauling. Cats have been hit aud the
breath has temporarily left their bodies, but
it is uot on record that midnight cat meetings
have ever been broken up through denuding
a bed-chamber of utensils that might be
hurled at the feline foes of sluuilier. The
next night the cats Invariably reassembled as
if by request
But, unless fashion should suddenly change
her mind, relief would appear to be at hand.
Kittens' hxadg are extensively tised by fash
ionable milliners in Paris for the trimming
of ladies' hats aud bonnets. Ho large has
become the demand tluit Paris back-yards
are nightly Invaded by cut-hunters, ami the
breeding of kittens for their heads hus become
a regular business, Paris sets the fashions,
and this demand for kittens' tuvnU must ex
tend all over tho world. The cat with a litter
of young ones will be unable to send them
out into the world to imitnte her own dissi
pated career. They will have their little
heads chopped off, and tho self-same, little
heads will be used to adorn the millinery of
the fashiounble lady. If this fashion should
hold out a year or two nocturnal caterwaul
ings will be hoard no more, aud asiuglo boot
jack may last a man a lifetime,
Reformation First.
Chicago Herald.
I was invited to a wedding the other even
ing, but could not go. The invitntiou was
extended by the groom in person. He camo
in, and, having acted shyly for a moment,
asked me to step out in the hallway. There were
noother persons in the room, but I consented.
The gas was burning and he turned it down.
If I hadn't known him as well as I did, I
should have felt some misgivings. Thus
shadowed he stated his cose at once. He
said he was going to bo married. He hod
known hor a long time, ami thoy hod both
outgrown their foolishness. He had no doubt
about her. But he hod been practicing to be
good himself.
'One year ago," he said, "I just concluded
not to drink nor run around town at night
I never took any oath or anything of that
sort It got to be kind of natural to mo
after that,aml I didnt want to knock around.
Thon I concluded I would go to church. I
hod not l.n in one for fifteen years. I hap
ieued around one Sunday, and sat down
just as quietly aud naturally as a deacon.
When they got to singing I found out that I
had joined the chorus. I've kept It up, atid
without restraint We're to be married to
morrow, and the little home is already fixed
up and furnished." He went away, and I
stood watching him. There was no need of the
the sidewalk for him. His heart was so light
that it might have buoyed his body above
the earth. There was a genuine reformation
that I wouldn't be afraid to tie to.
A Three-Year-Old's Prayer for Fa
Boston Traveler.
One of the greatest little witches that ever
lived was the3-year-old girl of a wrtain Meth
odist D. D., LL. D., prominent alike for
vigorous preaching and stern practice, but
whose ideas of duty do not extend
to the restraining of his children nor the
holding up of his wife's weary arms. Hence
when his little "thorn of his flesh" became
too troublesome and troublous, he would
withdraw to his study leaving her to the
mother, and she, often with an audible
prayer for strength, would persevere. One
day Grade was left alone for a moment
all prepared to make a visit with ber mam
ma, dressed in pure white. In a few mo
ments she was missed from the room and
search was made. Up stairs, down stairs,
and in "my lady's chamber," passed the
weary mother. At last she entered the
kitchen and saw the child playing in some
soot, and black as the substance itself. When
she saw her mother in the door looking at
ber more in sorrow than in anger, quick as
a flush the little one dropped on her knees,
clasped her grimy hands, and lisped "0
Lord, dive us patiouce!" No jest was it nor
family speech, only the prayer that had
often been the plea from a weary, true
mother's heart
Wondrrrul Ueit ((.nllts.
Press Items.
A Georgia woman has just finished a silk
quilt containing 2,400 pieces, aud over 1,000
yards of thread.
Miss Allie Martin, of Lusby's Mill, Ky.;
has a quilt containing 4,S!i3 blocks each three
quarters of an inch square.
Mrs. M. Baker, of Lone Tree, Iowa, has a
quilt upon which she has been at work seven
years, in which is worked the solar system.
She made a trip to Chicago to view tho
comet and sun spots through tho telescope
that she might locate them accurately.
Miss Allie Martin, of Lesley's Mills, made
a quilt containing 4,803 pieces, and the local
editor challenged the state to beat it Miss
Allie Gborain, of Paris, came to the frout
with a composite bed covering constructed
out of 7,048 individual bits of calico, aud she
is now the champion.
Parent and Child.
Rev Win. Kirkus in N. O. Times-Democrat
Children are human beings. We cauuot
dismiss them from our homes and our hearts
as cats can scratch away their grown-up kit
tens, or birds turn their fledgelings out of
the nest We must retain our superiority.
We must, indeed, supersede law by advice,
discipline by good example and high per
sonal honor. But we can never become
strangers to our children. The time never
comes when we can say: I have given you
a good education, I have supplied you with
money, I have set you up in business, and
now I have done with you. We must retain
our high position, so that the first thought of
our child shall be in joy or grief, success or
failure, virtue or sin "I will arise aud go
to my father."
A Plea for Meparate Beds.
London Lancet
Mora nuarrels arise between brothers, be
tween sisters, between hired trirls, between
ai'hnni rirlt between clerks in stores, between
hired men, between husbands and wives, ow
ing to electrical changes through tueir sys
tems by lodging together night after night
iitvW tha asms bedclothes, than bv an V Other
disturbing cause. There is nothing that will
so derange the nervous system of a person who
isellmlnative In nervous force as tolieall night
In bed with another jieixm who is ulwoibent
in nervous force. Tho alworbur will go to
sleep and rest all night, while the eliiuiuator
will be tumbling and tossing, restless aud
nervous, ami wake up in the morning fret
ful, peevish, fault-finding and discourage I. No
two (lentous, no matter who they are, should
habitually sleep together. One will thrive,
the other will lose. This is the law.
M liy Women ;o Wil t.
St Louis R publican.
It is jinrtly tine that women have gone
wiM on the subject of rlnties, and it is no
great wonder considering th kind of clothes
thy are wearing now. Civ toilets are tho
rule now, not the exception. Only every
tenth or twentieth woman tuevars in s.nnbre
hues in an inconspicuous bonnet
She is always the wife of the
man who exclaims against the folly of
extravagance, who may be found any Satur
day on Fourth and Olive, or Locust, loathing
tho pretty creatures who dross up for his
benefit and the other haters of stylo. Dios
any one suppose for a moment that women
would go to the extremes they do in buying
dresses and bonnets, all the new ribbons and
flimflams; if men did not congregate on tho
street corners to sea them go by arrayed in
all their new glory and millinery?
Women should be pardoned for their lovo
of flue raiment when a glance is given at the
new fall styles of dress goods. From her
baby days she has beeu tuught to discriminate
between good things to wear and common
ones. Her mother before her was a fanatic on
the subject of laces, and dross has been dinned
into her ears, and the love of unique attire
since she put off her christening robe Instilled
into her. Sho has learned that men admire
beauty aud art fiivt simplicity ami nature
afterwards, In their owti circles aud by their
own hearthstones.
There were never such pretty things worn
as now in dresses, cloaks or hoad-geur. The
new full silks are perfect marvels of beauty
and lustre, while tho velvets and plushes
drive even men iuto fevers and rhusodios.
A liood Ntomarh an an Aid to ltellglou.
Philadelphia Times
Carlylo prophesied tliat tho kitchon range
was to le considered a sort of throne aud
altar of tho future and that the gridiron was
to 1)0 brandished as a censor in tho coming
temple of humanity. Some theories look
very much as if the good time was coming
that way. The theory is that tho stom
ach dominates tho cousciouco through
the appetites, an 1 the way to save, the
race is to get it sound at the core. It
is held that religion cannot act on a liod
stomach, the result of poor cooking. That
science only touches the head and cannot got
it right without savory food. That stimu
lants and a thousand panaceas thut men look
to are only whijis that fail on a long run.
All these rids seem to argue a deep-felt need
of aid, and having tried many things it is
only fair to give the kitchon a good, honest
probation, though perhaps it may bo well to
remember as a hint that men never will get
right ou bread or even on the bust cooking
Hota Iionhenr'a Advice.
Chicago Tribune.
Rosa Bonheur is 01 yean old, but is said to
be still full of energy and in excellent health.
"I went," says a young artist, 'to see Rosa
Bonheur the other day, and enjoyed myself
very much. One thing I thought strongo,
considering her own apnront indifference
to the world's opinion as to hor habits, and
especially as to her dress. She said: 'My
dear, you can't afford to Ignore the opinion of
the world, even in small things. If you do,
you are sure to suffer. It doesn't pay to be
eccentric, eveu If your eccentricity helps you
along in your studies. You must remember
that all studies are a moans to an end, and
you are to sacrifice nothing, nothing what
ever, that can defeat or hiudor that end.'"
The Meeret of It
The Household.
An old farmer being axked why his boys
stayed at home when others did not replied
that it was owing to the fact that he always
tried to make home pleasant for them. He
furnished them with attractive and useful
reading, and when night came and the day's
labor was ended, instead of running with
other boys to the railway station and adjoin
ing towns, they gathered around the great
lamp, and became absorbed in their books
and papers. His boys were still at home
when the oldest was 21. while others
had sought city life and city dissipations
as soon as they were 17 or IS.
Cabbage and Onion.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
If onions which are to be boiled are put in
salted water after thoy are peeled, and are
allowed to remain In it for an hour before
they are cooked, they will lose so much of
their distinctive flavor that they will rarely
remind one hours after of what he had for
dinner. Onions that are to be eaten raw may be
treated in the same way. Both onions and
cabbage should have the flint water poured
off after they have cooked fifteen minutes,
and renewed from the boiling tea kettle.
A Crnzy ((ullt.
Blocks for a crazy quilt may have different
shapes and styles of fans on them. These
blocks and, in fact, all those used In the quilt
gain iu effect by having a framework of block
velvet ribbon. This cun be brightened as
much as you please by the use of embroidery
silks. Brocade silk can be made more effect
ive, if of one color, by having the figures out
lined with gay silks.
Cheap Curtains.
llnter Ocean.
Cheap unbleached muslin curtains are
made to look very picturesque by drawing
out the threads a space of two inches on the
sides and at tho lower edge; hemstitch the
same with French -cotton and trace with em
broidery cotton at regular intervals over tho
rest of the draery clustered loavos, and give
to the outer edge a finish of plaited lace,
which may be had for 5 cents a yard.
To Clean the Teakettle.
Corres. Housekeeper.
To get lime off a teakettle, take it out of
doors aud find a creas3 iu the lime where
you can put the point of an old limber kuifo,
and if the kettle is tin, push the knife down
gently so as not to harm the kettlo, and you
will bo surprised to see how cosily it will
come off, how much more water it will hold,
and how quickly it will heat
linked Apple. ,
A delicious way to prepare baked apple for
tea is to cut out the core before Ixiking.
When reaily to send to the table fill the sjiaee
left in the apple with sweet cream with a lit
tle powdered sugar in it Quinces nro also
excellent prejMired in the same way. Iu these
better may take the place of cream if more
Hand-Painted China.
Inter Ocean.
A Philadelphia bride received among her
wedding presents a few days ago a dinner
service of hand-painted china, two hundred
and odd pieces in all, that cost, so the goHsi
say, tl,M). It took three "hand-painters"
six months to do the "decorative art business."
wasi "iin ii Hill .'" .-Jl
Tho Strongest and BestI
THOMAS PRICE. Anslvtlo Chemist, pronounces
thi'liUM' 1IAK1NU l'uWI'KIt iinirly oue-lliird
stroiuj.r tuau any on the l'scinc (Vwt
m.s Krasi'Iki'O. Ni pti'tulKrH ISSi
H. E. BOT1U.N, l'MlUeiit Itothln M'f'if O:
J:ak Hm:-AftT oarvful ami cnmi'l.te chemical
analysis u( a can i( (ilant Hakiui" i'uw.U-r. imrcliaaril
by ua In open market, we tlml that It does uot emi
talualiitu, aclilnhoaiihate, twin .11 or any Injuri
ous suUtaiiast, hut la a luirv, healthful (.'ream Tar
tar Hakim IVwdcr, ami as auch can reoouiiuriid It
to consumers. vv.M. T. WKXZKIX CO.,
W concur Analytic Chemists,
J L. MKAIiS.M I). Health Officer.
ALFRED W. i'KRKY. M l).,) MhiiIkti of San
W A IMH'ULAMS. M. 1)., Francisco llourd
AL U. ALKIts, M. I)., J of llualtu.
Miinufnrf urrd by the
17amll!M ilnRtrwt, Ran FrauclMO.
Tho nccesslth
for prompt and ef
ficient household
remedies is doily
"rowing more iiu
.lenitive, unci of
I heso llosteMer's
Stomach Hitters Is
the chief In merit
niwl tin. nmut milk.
.. It.v ........
..- uliir. irregularity
of t he stomach
- , i i i..
linn iHint-in, iiuiiit-
'ji riul fevers, liver
(7 complaint debill-
fty, rneuniaiism
hiiiI mlnnr Ail-
incuts, are tlior-
w otignly conquered
IVv TOMACrCaM.flT' by this Innmilxir-Hllsa-MaOI
aide family rcstor-
"wl 1 11 w'7 iitiveonU iiieillcin
" " ul stifi'Kumil, and
It Is iustlv rcKiirded lis the purest anil most coir
preh'ensivc remedy of its chins. For mile hjtoll
brugguitg and Dculcrs gcucrally.
From these sources arlao turoe-fourtns or
Cio Ulsoases of the human rase. Thosa
symptoms in rUcato tholrexistenoe : Jmu or
Appetite, Dowel costive, Sick Head
tube, fullneaa after eatins, aversion to
ciertlon of body or nilnd, Krnctatloia
of food. Irritability of temper, Vovf
spirit., A feeling ofhnvlug nejclected
nme dutf, Iliilueaa,FlntterlnKt the
Heart, Wots before the ey.,hlKUly col
ored ilrine, CONSTIPATION, and do
tnandthensoof a remedy thnt actsdlreotly
on the Liver. AsaLlvermodloiuoTCTT'8
PILLS hove no equal. Tuolr aotlonon tha
KldneysandSkln is also prompt; removing
nil iinpurltlos through those three "scav
engers of the ystem," producing appe
tite, sound dlBOBtlon, regular stools, , a , olear
Skin anda vigorous bod v. TCTT'S PILLS
cause no nausea or Kripinff nor Interfere
with dally work and aro a porfeot
PoldeTervwhere.arSo. (Hiiro. 44 Mnrniyrit.,N.Y.
GRAT Haiti or Whiskers changed In
stantly to a Gtossr Black by asinglo ap
plication of this DTK. Bold by Druggists,
or sent by express on reootpt of .
Office, 44 ilurrnv Street, New York.
citn ria..
in ci'himj
' n i r . T-...
"TfffjBAiwwnii railing
HV Sickness, Convul
sions, St. Vitus Dance, Alcoholism,
Opium Eating,
Scrofula, and all
.Nervous and Blood Diseases.
tlTTo Clcruymcn, Lawyers, Literary Men,
Merchants, Bankers, Ladles and all whoso
scdontary employment causes Nervous Pros
tration, Irregularities of the blood, stomach,
bowels or Kidneys, or who require a aerve
tonic. sPDCtlze ror stimulant. Samaritan Nor
ine la invaiuauio.
nrnididm it the most
wonderful luvlRor-
ant that eversustaln
ed a slnkhiK system.
t-1.00pertK)ttio. RICHMOND
t Hold by all llruasiste. (At)
For tpntlnioiilnlti aud clrculiira send stamp.
BEVDitnUN CO., Agents, bsa i'ranclaco.
uuinnr, aamanianjicrv
nllliinn 5.000 Nir ami Rocoml-hanil iMann
rlANIIX at half .rl". I'laii.uitlTft ami up. Ami
I milUU a..liriumiFaotry.aiai;KllliiSt.. a. I
Apple, Pear, I'e.tch,
l'liiui, Aiiprioot, Etc.
Root Gbakts.
Seedlings, Cuttings,
Seeds, Etc
8end us a lint of what
you wimt and we will
quote you a price for
the Knuie, boxed and
treinlit prepaid , to
any of the principid
ndlroHil tow-in in Cal
ifornia, Orriron, and
Wwdiiniftun. Territory
tW It you don't mint anything thii ymr ttndfur
J'rke Litt and gel potted or another icavm.
Kiagara Nursories Ketablivlied 1KI9,
Ifj? poaltlvtreiiietlf fr tli fttxjvs dlS4a; b It
thoaftMidi of csmi of tti worst kind and of inn 5
standing have ben cured. Inrtwd, anairnnirli mrfaUti
In Iu eitWf, Uiat 1 will aend TWO bOrri.KS FKRK, to
frnliinr with a VXLl'ABLH THKlTItHC on thli dlwiaM,ta
uftttlliur. OlveK(f"taritll'. O. ad'Ireia,
VH.T,Jl tjUrCLM, m i'ijafiou.NTorlt.
Gold Medal, Silver lledal and
U Finrt Freml'im! over others
Batches all kinds of Iff;:
All Hlzes. Trices from $12 ua
Sati)fa-tlon miarnntood. AiMrcus
I'KTAl.LJIA INL'l'BATuit Ctt, Petaluma, Cal.
rJTSemi lor Circulars. Circulars KrccTf 1
tlm. ana tfin bar. rMurn Malo. I man raji.
cal ror.. I ham mwlo tb. ulwatw of KITS, EPILElttT
or FaLUSOHICINL-lSa ll'.-lm; !y. I warrant my
rml to nrl tho -"r.t M B-t.uM mj.r. h. ;l
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"randy. O.T. Kiiva and FoM oac. M een Jv
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Wdiml Kr. U. O. BOOT. 1- Fearl St., KtwTork,
W.I I.TOV lIAOM. lir.MMll
I'laaiK, rllaiiilartHlrKiuia. !"' Mimic, amt Musical
Mi nhaiMlUt nf r ry ili-Kcritlliui at tli ItMlt-l Minn. VM tlnrkrl Mm-I, Kan I riiit.
rlaro. Bvuil ior our cataluyun "f lixwit luiuia.
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83 OO Per Ycur.
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ami C. Kmhir. Minloil Miuliamlm- lraii
Miwn, Hmnlln Si'liam-. K.'l.l.Ti, I li.w, 137 I'nntHt .rt t
ftwurk in )'mr i!i town. It-niis amlfjuutlii
frm A'trwwH Hi,i kttK'o.. I'orllmnl.Mfclno
Hint Ciiimli syrup. Taatipal.
Cm III Him'. Hull! by ilrinntiaia.
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outfit frr. Ail.lrwji Tu 1 4 Co.. Aiuimta. Malua.
C St I rVy watchmakimi. Ilrmsil Jiw. i.ircmiirs.
O U EJl J.S. lliacu 0o W lrSt.. X.Y.
rn e Tf Ann per itay at noma. Hamuli's worth ".I lrj
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Ktinw fcl'o..l'ortlainl,Maiiie
X. P. X. U. No. 5.-S. F. X. U. Xo. K2.
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nhaolutrly llratliiaa avw Inir Mafhlne la tho
wnrlil. Mrnlonlrliil. WarraiiUfd year.
Mead for lliiatrald Cau.ii a
II. Aarnla WanlfiU Til K I I.JMlSi Nr. w
AU II I.V,i I aicaio ar .in
The Greatest
Nervine known.
" ILiebigs nxtracti, ino
w Wonderful Nutritive and
I H fl Hi (Pyrophosphate), Tonic
I Kl I KM for the Blood, and Food
for the Brain.
. a 4. 1 alal .. ooa-nawwr lntotw itn-IMratl anil
told in 1'nrtUu-l, Drt'Bou. has bevn oiUinnWuly uwil In
thai locality, auu iiuriuruir.i ,hjij -
Aa a .-rvllie and Tonic It la unaiirpuMiHl. llio
oouililuatlon ul irn rj.imi i --
to n,wia wonderful ik.wm to build up broken -tluaru
..i ........ ... lu.lli ml, ul ami iMMlv.
couHtituiiona, auu ivow.iw , y i ia..,,iii.i
It In IIU etMIMItnWinoa "-'
K.riiiai I vliHtiHlion, Meleiti', erl;
uia. l..veri;iyl.;l
rowrr.i rinitrj minr.iiir..-.. -
. ..r i ki. Htluiuui aud aurtHMiula
Xuulc aud Nervine la rwiulmL
B37 Clav Street, San Francisco.
Norman Stallions !
H. W1L8EY,
Of tha firm of Fairbanks k T liner.
has lust returned f roui Frauce with a
cliuiie lot of Korniau Htalllons. The tlNLV lllKl.l 1
imK)rtera from Franco to the 1'aciuc Coant. BelecUul by
him Willi great care from the best stock in France. Hey.raJ
are ffoTemiiient npvroveil. Our Motto: tuick Kalea anil
Hniall Profits. TIiikh! in want of this clans of Horses, if
desirtl, can purchase them on one or two years time,
at rcasmablo interest, with satisfactory security.
i liu ti iiiutiti:tiin ii of
(lie Han Kruncmtxi WKKKI.V
ALT A, tMinif ilirmintxl
thut every fmnfly nlmll Im
Himblml to mini th bmt
wankly uftwapNir y jlilinttil
on tha I'lu'itLo Votmt. hitva
luaile nrruiitfttnifinta with tha
iiiMnufiu turni for tlftjr thou
tiiinl gnM uf tlilr aplfthiliil
imi iiu'iiKiiiitf tha jNtpulitr
iranl ltnfwn the Cmtntt
ItU'iftt VirtMt Kmjrlnj
iiUib), Idittir (44i, Hl
if, 0'"niW ami ALIA,
(Mtni, tha lifct-niiiutl tnau
tiful imn I mn ir KtMM'intlr ile-
Uinml nnl niu'fa tot thin
There will baa pen for ararymemlwrof thehnnhold
-timiit erttrr hiuul. Dili mituuilioent umtul tire
mium will Imi wiit, pmt iuld, VUKK to etry iHtram
wtmllng i '1 for one ywir'i ulwcrli-tton tot lie WKKKI.V
ALIA. Nw U tha time to atiWriha nnd vain for
your fnmiljr u-sa an Article lmliiiuMlile in avary
houanholil. Hr-menilwr, tothK'r up ' a club of
tWa, or mora, wa ntnl an atpml numtiar of bm of
(time flue im to tha fiilmori hara. and the wima to
iwtMiti, for cmimiuiuu. Kvary box coutoina onjc WLL
Ohoms or Pknn.
The old and reliable WKKKL ALT A. now pub-
Untied under a new manAtfeimmt n mix Indfpaudent
LMmooriitlo journal, ooiiUiiii tha moat complete nnwa
of any pii-r on tha l'acitio (Vxwt, and la aneoially
noted tor iiaoorreci ooinnierriaianu nnanciai iMiurwi;
hna tha latent nawa from every important centra iu tha
t'n ion, m well oa by entile from abroad. It U tn clean
family fMifXT o Am Fntnci.
lMtarminad toaparano effortaor aipenaeto aecnra
ttn circulation lu every fumily of thia (Vmat, thaaulv
tcriptiou i) rice hiu been placed at thme very low
rUrurea : HIukIb ubacriptlon, Itu'Iudtufr a premium
of one full roaa of extra Una, fully tlni)iHl iwna,
'2 00 per year every pen warranted. With every
club, of not leaa thnn tlve, extra boxea will be
mil to tha (rettr up of tha club, equal to tha num
ber ot uiMcnpuoH-. upon i
raoelpt of tha ainla tub-1
arriDtion price 2.U0) at our I
ottice, a box of thme auperior
nana will Im immmliiitnl)
fiinrardrd, and tha WKKK
LY ALIA aeut for one
year, making tha aubacrip
(ion In reality only U.NK
DULL A u iar year.
AddroM all oommnnlca!
tlona to theAlta t'alifornin I
Publlnhinir Company, 61 I
California troet, ban Frau-
oioco, uai.
Waltor Turnbull,
a Oi lr Year.
Healing Remedy
The purest nnil host In llio world. Itccmn:
iiifiuled by all l'hynltlitiiH. Hold Mednl Hwunl
ed in Franco for sniicrlorlty over all Kronen
For Bulo, In wood or (tlaga, by llio Aifont,
No. 118 MontKOincry Street, Sun Francisco, Cal.
0 a J
S HO,!
H 4'
pared for Immediate Bloom. Delivered
afely by mall iwaqiaiiltail po.tolueni.S"wn
diayarti;Ui,youroholoe,aUlabelxl,orl 12
for $21 10 'or S3) 28 for 14) 33(orS5 78 fur
SIOIOO(orSI3. WI CIVE aHindjome
Preientofoholoe aud valuable ROSESrree
wIUj every order. OnrNEvVOUIDE,acomil.i.
IVwtfM oa la. Hm. 76 TP- l'!"l( llMroll-rM
Boat Orowsrsr Watt Oravt, CbttUr Co Pa.
5.3 4i
I a 8g g 3
As -Is a
11.1 3 e
ah S 3
a 3
1 feani
From $20 up.
Henri for (Insert d-
live tirlcellst. etc.
Poultry anil f.KU.
1011 liroadway,
Oakland, Col.
This BKt.T or Rarnen
tor ta oiailo espromly for
the cure of dvrauKvinents
f tut trenerativa onrana.
' Is no mlsuke auouS
this Instnim.ut, the con
tinuous stream of II.KO
TK10ITY permoatlnir
tlirooRb th parts must
rvstors them to hmlthr
action, llo not confound
this with Elwtrto BelV
ailrtllto curosllllli
from head to to It la fill
Ir.fomiailon. aililmss Clwurul
or eln-ulars iflrluif lull Ir.fomiailon. adilroaa U
Ekiclrlo Hull Co.. 110 WaslilimtiiH bk. ClikuKo, IU.
Ammen's Cough Syrup.
The great remedy for
Colds, Coughs,
And all DUefucf of the Throat and
Buy a Dollar Bottle.
All Dealers In Medicine sell It
g Take no other,
Tika no other.
Colds, Coughs, Croup,
Bronchitis, Whooping Congh,
Bcknuwledifd tho txKt fur
and Lang Troubles,
llocommondcd by Clergymen
and Editors.
Prcacribml by Physicians.
Indorsed by all who use lU
Ammen's Cough Syrup.