The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, January 05, 1884, Image 5

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Leap year.
Regular Webfot weather,
Hee ue advertiieiueuttiu aunthercolumn.
Net .many New Year' call male thi
Eugen Eagin Company gave a drill New
Yean day.
llor shelving 1 being pot Into Wilkin'
drug store.
The btcycliiU (ailed to put in a appearance
latt Saturday.
E H k L Co will meet lo their liall next
Monday evening.
Job work executed with dispatch at the
Odabd office.
Dry ioraethii(j4ievr. Call an I I)
them at Friendly'.
McCornack k Collier have had a neat
how window erected.
There i full et of Mre Holme' novel
t MoCoroack k Collier'.
A Hoe line of silk pluthe in all thade
and grade at F B Dunn'.
The only place where you can always tell
year chicken b at Bettmaa'.
A full assortment of ladle, misses and cbil
drtnuadsrwar at Bettraan,.
A postoffloe key lost .Will the finder
plea leave the (anie at this office.
Freshest and finest groceries, cigar nd
eaodiee at Swift k Co'. Try them
j Prepare for rainy Sunday by getting
good itory at McCornack k CullierV
. Mr-NJ Taylor, the dentist ha moved
into hie sew room iu Walton' brick.
If you want g"od tewing machine at re,
enable price, call on K R Luokey k Co.
McCornack And Collier have just received a
arge invoice of tchnol book nd school sup
plle. The eiroulati in of the Gcakd i rapidly
increasing. Advertiser thould make a note
of this.
Mr Garrett Bogart ww the onlr charter
member nf Spencer liutte Lodge present, at
the installation,
The largest and finest lot of gont, Uy
Aid entli clothing and underwear, just
received at Friendly'.
Mr 8 H Friendlv liao Jos, received the lnr.
(rut invoice of carpets ever brought to Eiweue
Citv. Give him a cull.
Mr Henry Mulkcy hn returned to Ores.
.ntCitv, but intends telling bis interest
there and moving to this ennntv.
limn l-eautiful t w 'nt nice'v located
. er Male cheap. Call early and get a bargain.
, Geo M. Miller,.
Real Estate Agent.
. The Gi'ard office intend adding etcam and
power press by .Tanua-y 1. '885. " hop
all our subscribers will respond promptly thi
year, to that ir will b able to buy the needed
machinery and pay the cavdi therefor.
A vers Chnrry i reim-nnie'id ' bv
physicians of the ifieateat rniini'm,e oh lit'
id of the Atlantid. thi !- ridi-ih'M
remedy for cold and coiikhs, and nil im'
monary disorders. If affords prompt r"ti
in every esse. No family should ever Ik
without it
Health il impossible when fie bln'wl i
impure, thick, and sluggish, or when it is
thin and impoverished. Under such 'Au
ditions boils, pimples, headaches, reuralgii,
rheumatism, and one disease after another i
developed. Take Ayer Sarsiniri'l, and it
will make the blooj pure, rich, warn and
vitalizing. '
Having latsly issued a circular desenpt v of
Lane county of 15,0X1 onpie,i, I can furnish
the tame free to parties wishing to lend them
East to friends. They furnish more informa
tion, such a the immigrant wants, than you
could write in a letter of 20 page. I am also
operating with E. J. Haight & Co., of Port
and, Oregon, the moat active, energetio und
thoroughly advertised firms on the Pacific
Coast Parties having real estate to sell still
find it to their advantage to place the same in
my handt, at I am constantly Increasing my
advertisements, and am fully determined that
Lane county thai) have her iliare of the immi
gration bound westward.
Gko. M. Miller.
Ecok-xi, Dec.28 , 1883.
Wheat-91 to 92 ct on txwnl ear.
Oat 50 cU nett
Hops-18 ct per lb.
Shoulders- 8 'jl0.
Butter 3.VS.4a
Eggt 40 ct per do.
Pen anal.
Mr J L Karoey U in town!
Mr Geo Thaatoa paid Eugene a visit on
day thi week.
Mi Irene Dunn ha been visiting rela
tive and friend in thi city during the past
week. -...
Mist Laura Goltra, of McMInnville, passed
New Year in this city visiting relative and
For good dentistry go to Clark .
Bring your chicken to Bettroan'a.
Swift k Co. will pay the highest market
price for chicken.
Go to Swift k Co.' for frah California
candies, crackers, to.
The largest stock of carpet, oil cloth and
matting jast received at Friendly'.
Married. In thi city, at the residence of
" " Walton, Jr. Jaa Z, 1884, by Ker WG
Simpton, Mr Chta Cole, of Portland and Mis ,
Iula Walton, of Engene. A large auinber of '
the bride' relatites were present After the ;
Barriag eerrmny was perfumed the Lvpy !
couple left a t'ie north bonnd train for Port. 1
land, where they will hereafter reside. We
wish the yonng couple a Ion; and pleasint
matrimonial lift. Cmolimmti received '
Masquerade Ball.
The masquerade ball given by the KnigliU
of Pythias, of thi city, Monduy evening,
was largely attended, and proved a very en
joyable atfair. The following i list of the
Mr Melson
, Slur Kquestriau
Fanny Croner
ny i
0 L Johnson
A Withrow : ,.
Belle Steven
Lenna Mornt
L KCook
K Huff
N Luukey
Hattie Sloan
Alice Davit
0 A Forrest
I Cheshire., ..... . . , ,
Hattie Parlous
Clara Seavey
Maggie Jrtiir . . . . .
Cena .loldsniith
A O'Brien
E A Coleman
Lillie iVyatt
M K Gray
Nellie T unpkina
Old Lady
White Page
Circassian Girl
, ., Domino
. . ...lanilH-urtne Girl
Tainbourine Girl
Sailor Girl
Fire Girl
Queen id Rose
, Moonlight
, . . . . Dniiiiiio
I lllillll
, Domino
...Red, White and Blue
, School Girl
. .Bed, White aud blue
I rost
Uirbara Hyinau
Minnie Duraot.
J Hum
Minnie Moore .",
'Kitchen Girl
Lucy Long
.Schisil Girl
Mr Onincr. Domino
Louise Gray Circus Girl
L K Hay field... Evening Star
Altia Hick .' Cousin Tilda
(J W Nelson.... Ballet Girl
Belle Hainmett tiaiety
L Luukey
Fannie Huitt
Ella Gray
Hattie Johnson
M. it tie Dickenson. . .
It D.ivts...
Haiti Smith
Spanish Princess
.....Indian I'rinciS'.
Belle if the -Hull
Sch'xd Girl
Peasant Girl
Queen of Clubs
School (iirl
S Kenshaw
Liildi t MuMhee
.1 H i'.hiitehirt
Minnie Abram Karirer
Or McCary
Julia Simmon. . , .
..School Girl
Allie Norumn Old Woman
Emm Hemlirei..
Ilat'io Dickenson.
Old Wumau
.Queen of Diamonds
, Old Lady
S 0 Tavlor
Klint It-own
L Kinciid
Osie Walton
Peu Wiper
Jus Ahrams. . .
I Kli.ce
(i S Kincaid. .
Kit Lu key..
.1 S I. ii 'key...
V Sioiili . . . . .
lurry Horn.. .
it s Hicks...
r'.mik Stow.irt
' it Day. .
K Uiiver
CI at N'.dflou. . ,
Frank Di li..
.1 W Chirk....
, Demon
. . Hrothur Johns n
Boot Black
...Mulligan Dude
Stage Driver
, Soldier
( 'has Brady
W 11 Alennd.r Ni
S mi Guliliimtli.
Aaron l.iircli . . .
I'll.. l.nckry...
A P Churchill.
W McGlie.i I . . i .
V (! S.iavt-y. . . .
Da.. Linton. , . .
Lewis IU'IhIhiw.
It. .lit IHoll . ,
ir.iut O-litii'ii...
Ff reman
I'aiglish I'naclimaii
Bae lial.'ist
E li & I. Co
Dandy Negro
Chris Ivaeule
, Domino
No's lioiuiy
.1 I. W ill kins. ,
J. din lumclma'
II Korrut
'I C tin upl.i-ry
V II I'HiSoim
V K Bi'lshaw
r .) Smith
A'altur Brown
tiro Siuitti.
. Kuuune Dude
Cliff Cleaver. .
. ..Mulltgnti Dude
las Hhhii , .Mulligan Dude
ien Melsou Old Man
I 0 Fletcher SpaiiHh Desperado
W V Hei.d. rsi Haji Ali
It Wvntt .Fireman
M S Walli :.Dud
.1 D Kenton ' Eugeue Guard
Jus Mol'laren Visitor
Jot Nolaud Summer Coon
C L Winter English Couchnrw
Cottage Grove Items.
Jau. 2, 1 884.
Happy New Year to all.
The coyotes are (till killing thenp west o'
There .were qnite a number 'of Crestwdl
folk here Christmas.
The ball was largely attended Christmas
night, to we are informed.
Mr J A Babb lectured here Tuesday and
Wednesday last, in the evening.
Mr C E Byar Wat yititing friend in
Siuslaw during the holidays,
Mr J M Medley it down near SpringKeld
hewing railroad ties for Whipple Brot.
The Water was at it highest the 23th, the
railroad track being washed out below bore.
Mr E W Whipple hi been confined to
bi room for teverat days on account of ill
1 The high water brought the salmon up.
and quite a number have been canght by qur
citizens. .
The e was a prty at Mr E.I Cathcart't
Monday night to ease out the old year and
welcome the new.
Mr C B Allen arrived here from The
Dalle list week. He left The Dalle at
midnight and arrived here at 3 o'clock the
following afternoon.
i Jtrzx.
Christmas Tree. A Christjga tree was
presented at the Spencer Creek school house.
It it said that the tree contained about $300
worth of present. Mr J P Calloway acted as
Santa Claila, A very pleasant evening was
To Creditor. Notice it hdvea that all ac
counts owing me oiutt be tetthd by Kebl,
1884, at I intend closing out my bnriilete. All
account unsettled at that time will be given
an attorney for collection.
J. W. Matloce.
U Married. At the residues of the brid.1.
narents. neir Euiene Citv. Da SO. 1W3. k
Wm Houston, Mr Joseph Wooley and Mist
Minnie Heiulire.
. . . .
To Salem. County Treasurer Gray took
to Salem last Thursday flfi.OOO to pay on i
'" county' taxee due the State, leaving
but $3,500 due.
To if. W Dun.ari.
Tear Sir: Your proposal for a contett
of which r.iset the best wheat, yl r my
self, is tluwis .ami too inooh cmipiicated
with HiilleM nU I bat sis to etcr make a true
and satisfactory contest to both parties Per
mit me to rxplaiu wh it would betni In
the first place one of tht flouting mills might
have a large percentage over the Other by
having more new and Improyed machinery
aud lwter ftcilitlei throughout (of making
better flour, hencf jfiU will tee at once the
test f the wheat in that ease wuuld not be
equal. Further, it world be tery doubtfu1
if a Portland biker onttld be engaged to take
that trouble Without considerable pay. Now
thi contoat nf which h the b-st wheat can
be made very lirfd All expert a judges
and buyer of wheat most understand the
beet grades; therefore the flouring process
naturally belong to (he miller god the
bread making to the baker, hence whenever
expert buy whest of llrft quality, they con
aider it the bett wheat for all flouring pur
poeea. Now if yopr wheat wat considered
as good for flouring purpose a the Wil
lamette valley whett, Portland buyer would
pay as much for it, but wt frequently see it
quoted in the Portland psper at from even
to eight cent per cental lower than the
Willamette valley whMt, which prove it
once that it it not to cohtidered and that i
where the shoe pinchet the most No, if
yon are willing at the present time to make
a fair and sqnar exhibit against my woeat,
I am ready and willing at any hourr and I
will give you a much greater privilege- than
you allow .ne, U t yon tajr In yok? ceterauni
cation that the wheat most be gruwtl by me;
while I will aay to you, if yob belief that
your owu raising it nut good enough fof the
contest, I will give you the privilege of get
ting it from any part of the world, fof 1 am
well aware that you bave ioue in your
county lit for the contest, for I hare never
seen what I would tall a good lamp's o'
wheat raised east of the Cascade monhttlna.
I am aware thi it laying a good deal, but I
mean just what' I say, and if you believe you
have wheat on baud now (the amount for
the contest), or can get it, I have a peck
already deposited at the Gcakd office, in
Eugene City, which 1 intend thall Itaud
there as the bent wheat agaiint your and
against all nations; and I propose the con'
test shall be as follows; Whitest in color,
inside and out; thinost bran, largest grains,
more even in size and better filled it takes
these Nix qualities to make No 1 wheat
and limit be so considered by the examining
committee, and the sample having the great
est number nf tliesn six qualities (hall bo
i misidercd theliest wheat, and 1 am willing
on my part of choosing but one of the judge
and giving yon the privilege of choosing tho
other two, and yon may choose your father-iu-liiM',
Mr U'allot, if you wish, or any other
f inner you in ay deeubeit, provided they
are exmru m tliu U.Hineix. Ifyoa are tint
prciimvd to in ike th contest at the present
time, t will incut ).u at toe Ortgon State
Fair next Fall with one-loilf of a IiuhIicI, to
decided up ni by t'i-CoinmitleappoiiitOl
for that pnrp we, niid.r the same lulingl as
above iilciiiioneil, nud the committee must
put their kigmiture to whatever Aheia decis
ion may be, nt ejthcr lace of ccntett. If
you will make the contest at the present
time in Kitgone City, nt the Guard office
where my wheat is deposit jd, I will pay
the freight bill on yours so that it (hall not
coat you a cent; and if in your opinion your
when tot last year is not go enougn lor tue
present contest, I will give you the privi
lege of uotMiig jt anywhere in your owu
county, and if you wish more scope, 1 will
give you all the latitude eatt of the Cascade
you waut. but you mut tay where it wa
grown. Now, Mr Dilncaii, i mean business,
and thit is a fair a propitsition at I oau
inakei if it due not suit you we will say
nothing further in regard to ti.e matter.
Very Respectfully,
Geo. Belshaw.
J i' notion City, Or., Jan. 1, 1884.
Editor Guard: A the time is near at
hand when we will again be called upou to
select our county officers, we thould begin to
look around for tuitable persons to till the
various itutions. If candidate! for the
different placet could be pointed out and an
examination of their qualificationiand record
made in time, unworthy aspirants would sel
dom, if ever, be brought out With tbit
short introduction, permit me to present for
thn consideration of the people and the Dera.
ocratio convention, for the office of Couuty
Commissioner your distinguished follow
townsman, Dr Abram Sharpie. Heiiunque'
tionably man of broad intellect and wide
information, and a thornughtly potted ou
the question nf political economy at any man
f knowledge V Idle not partisan, in the
strict tense of the term, yet he it in hearty
accord with the Democracy on all national
question!. Independent of all citizeoe Mid
of all politic, to a certain extent, ha Would
iu the office of commisaioner be the right
man in the right place. Firm and reanldte
in the practice of equity ami right, he is
broadminded enough to do exact justice to
friend and foe. The hitherto' prevailing
upinion that the en nmisd niers should life
in the country is nonsense and bosh. Men
of capability who have interests at ttake ate
the men we want, no matter where they are
domiciled. At a financier, the Doctor raukt
among the first men of the county, and with
anch men in position! of honor and trust the
taxpayer may feel assured that the hard
earnril money wrung from them in the way
of taxe will not be squandered for partisan
The MuRTGAfti Tax ww.-The Dundee
Mortgage Trust and Investment Company
ha entered suit iu the United State Circuit
Court against school district number one
and eighteen, Multnomah county, aud the
Sheriffs of Multnomah, Benton, Clackamas,
Clatsop, Columbia, Douglas. Lane, Linn,
Marion, Polk, Umatilla, Union, Washing
ton and Yamhill cnuutiej, to restrain them
from collecting ali taxes on mortiraires nnder
the new mortgage tax law. The defendant
are also ordered to show cause why a per
t petnal injunction ihnold not be granted.
8mlthfield Items.
.SMmii iKi.u. Due 31, m.l
Free7.lii! coinlilrlioed.
Danes nt Am KicUurdsoit Chrls!iu wa
a pleasant aftdf as uuul.
Mr Dwight Carliu of Fern Kidge cut hi
tout vry bad with an axe; wuod scarce.
The glass 111 contest lirt ou the 2Dth Instr
wa a livaly affair; tners wire KfUen contest
ant for th three prizes. Each contestant
plaotd on dollar in the bx aud priie were
divided as follows) Oue balf of all to the beat
shot or lata breaking the orratest number of
holla; two-thirds of bWuu to the next and
balance to the last S W H and Cha
Bale tied es second aud thirl; th tie wa
(hot off, Bait Winning second prix, Tho
Duckworth, Isaes Kent and Tho Gil won were
chosen a referee. T M Gibson alio acted
a scorer; i'm Bryan trap puller and a good
on too; Henry Bale trap loader. Several
bet of cola were made that no person would
break ten balls In succession. All being re ly
th scorer called the first man to th score and
the eoutest began witness! by many of th
citiien of thi vlolnlty and by a good number
of ladle. AUtbe dog in tb neighborhood
I think wr there; if there are any more
bring thsra next time, boy.
Beth Harpol 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1-7
Frank Prate 0 0 1 1 1 0 I 1 1 0 -6
Jaiue Bales 1 0 0 1 0 0 I 0 1 1-5
Geo Gilon 0 01100111 l-
J A Gibson 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0-4
Andrew A Gibson 001001011 1-5
Jaa ni.hsrdsoa 0 10101111 0-6
Nat Purkrson 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0-2
Louis W Gibson 1 11111111 1-10
Henry T Smith ..0 101001010-4
C W Bale 1 10 1110 10 1-7
Polk Harpol 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1-4
Dal Lingo 0 01100001 0-1
Geo Beck 1 00000000 0-1
Jason Uichardson 0 101001010-4
Dexter Items.
Dexter, Deo. 27, 1883.
The Misiei Handtaktr'a are at home
from school enjoying the holiday.
Mr Thorn Barbre ba betu quite tick,
but i recovering.
Uncle Din Hunsaker raised the two "bo''
cabbage head thi season.
Mr H LHannaaud wife, of Th Dalles,
are Waiting frieodt here.
Our Christina wm rather moist, but the
grata and grain is growing almost like
Tne Christina tree wa a luocei. Be
sidet the many present for old aud young,
with which the tree wa loaded, we had
vocal aud instrumental music, reading nf the
Christmas Banner, by th editor, Mr Tho
Hunsaker, which wa entertaining and
Died, on Sunday, Deo 24. 1883, of quick
consumption, Mr Anna Wilson, wile of E L
Wilson, youngest daughter of Unci Thomas
and Aunt Eliza Matthew, egad 32 year,
Only a few short weekt ago your correspond
ent hotioed their nuptial iu the Guaiid.
She wu beloyed by all.
M. A. S.
Latham Items.
Latham, January 2, 1881.
Happy .New Year.
Cold weather tint week,
An oyster supper at Mr Jerry Taylor'i
lust Friday evoning.
iter Miller, of Drain, preached at the
Ilebrou church lost Sunday.
Mr Leonard Perkins aii'l wife tpent their
Christmas at Drain, visiting friendt.
Old Mr Garoutte, nf upper Coast Fork, i
quite tick. Sent to Oakland fur Dr Sham
brook. Mr 0 R Bean and little Stella, of Eugene,
have been visiting at Mr Sharp'. They re
turned Tuesday.
Mr G E Wagner and family, relative of
Mr Henry Brown, ttarted Tuetday morning
for The Dalle.
- Mine Elzina Taylor, Ida Taylor and
Tillie Powell, left Tuesday morning for
Eugene to attend tchooL
Meisrt Elmer Emerson, John Taylor,
Johnny P well and a Mr Barklow, who
haye been ipeudiug their vacation among ui,
returued tbii week to their toholaitio duties,
. O.
Walterville Items.
Dee 25, 1884.
A happy New Year to all.
Plenty of rain, and mud, and snow.
Mr Smeed hat moved into hi ow dwell
ing houte, and feel quite comfortable.
Mr Eugene Finn ia improving fast, end
will be able to be around in a few day.
Mr and Mr Wilcox, of Camp Creek, was
on the McKemie visiting a few day ago.
Mr D J Cotxmhaver. who ha been quite
iok) for torn time, i (till confined to hi
bed bat i improving slowly.
Snow Drop.
Elected and Inhtlled. The following
officer were duly elected and installed by
P M, J 0 Campbell, a officer of Junction
City Lodge, No 58, A F k A M, oo the 27th
iutt, a follow; T A Milliorn, W Mj E
Van Vrankiu, L W; R M Mulhollaod; J
Wortmau, Tree; J C Campbell, Sec; W L
Lee, L Df J J Butler, J D; J T Kirk, 8 8;
Henry Moore, J S; It H K tward, Tyler.
Valce or ADVERTiama: In the issue of
the Guard of DeesrabeJ 29th, two estrar no.
tics wen published, and before a week bad
elapsed wonl wa left at this office that th
horse described had been found. On of th
horse had strayed nearly ten aiile east, while
th other had wandered nerrly twelve mile
northwest. Who says that tb Guard is not
a valuable advertising medium. .
Thanks Th committee on entertainment
from the Engine Company desire to express
their thank to Prof Gonu, Mr Clark )
SpringKeld, and the quartette, who to kind
ly assisted in the entertainment on Thar-
day evening.
Died. In Imt Val'cy at the reeilcwo of
her father, T Matthews, Darcraher 23, 13,
Mr Anni Wil in, aged 'fi year ami on
A column devoted to' the fnterMt of the
Lmirwtii and K.itaxian Literary Sodetit, and
t!w Sftt University.
AXt I'AffVK!..
. KiiiT'.a.
By (bO recent election of th Eutaxlan the
honor iff editlhg tH column ha been be
itowed upm us. In assuming id duXiet w
ennteat it is tkt without tome mtagitlftgs, at
thit it our loiMulory ttep. To enUrtlti read
ers with iWms of Ifrtemt, peruWrtf to-the
University, may rstjillf other abilities than
w posset. But w will ttf wtliht aJtaWlrtg the
effort, it wlllb our alifltx bl al getteral a
possible and a generous al ftttf bei Mhcb
naturally come within th tooptt The growing
proierity of our Stat institution, the able
dlschsiy of duties by It professors, attd not
th least the exemplary deportment of those
in atteudanc.
W conceive ourselvee to be a little army of
oo laborers in the fond pursuit of an education,
immersed in our care and our sympathies, our
hops and our responsibilities. Wthave our
reciutloni t prepare, our reviewt to make and
other duties to perform, not without dne interest
and profit to all. Thta w hare our varied rela
tion tnd usual Incident connected with our
ocietisa, our sham trial and eur regular de
bate, our slsctioDS and our reunion. All In
all, are we not truly a little republic, isolated
from th busy world around, and not unlik
It, chmidcl our vuts and prtpar th newsy
column for reader.
These are soma of th viswt ntertaiued, and
In conjunction with the Laurean Editor, aome
of tb duties that seem to devolve upon us.
With due courage and oonaiitent car, w
inter upon them with a hop to Interest all,
while w receive th usual Kind indulgence of
Brief Items.
What did Santa Claut bring you?
Carrie Walker hat finished hsr sohool and
returned to her home in Springfield.
Debate wa postponed at the last meeting ol
tb cociety on account of election.
Edgar MoClure, principal of th Junction
school, visited his home during th wek.
W notice th marriage of l)r J C Whltea
ktr of the clan of 78, to Mis Fanny Reeves,
of Jefferson.
Lena Holt and Eva Shtnn signed' th con
stitution at the last meeting of th Eutaxlan.
Prof Lambert's resignation wa not accepted
by th Board of Regent. H continue as
The Eutaxlan have a membership nf forty
fiv and a regular attendance of thirty mem
ber. Mary Wallla, who went on th Pioneer'
excursion, stopped on her way horn, at Berke
ley, California, to take a course in imtiio.
Albert Wright an old time student spent
the holidays Iu Euirene visiting hie sisters, who
are attending the Uuivenlty.
We accept the olive branch of pesos extended
ut so kindly by th Laurean Editor, and
would return him our sympathy if w thought
he needed It
W II McGhee, a prominent member of the
Junior class, ha been obliged to give up hi
studies on account of ill hsalth, ahvl ha re.
turned to Th Dalle. '
William Shaw ha returned from California
where he has been attending a business College
for the past year. He will toon inter the law
office of Geo S Washburne.
Among those who cam to Eugene to tpend
the holidays we ntl ie tffe face of 8W Con
don, Wallace Mouut, Johnn Fletcher,' Stella
Whiteaker and Elina Lock wood.
A S MoClain, a graduate of the alas of '80,
paid Eugene a visit during laat week. Won-
dor it th fcport that a oertaln former Eutax
lan was th cause of (jt visit, Is true.
A candy pulling, which afforded much
amusement, wa held during th holiday at
the residence of Mr J McCornack, An un
usually pleasant evening wa (pent by all
Emm Cornelius, a graduate nf laat year's
class, having completed the eours at the
business college in Portland, hai been offered a
position in that college. She I at present
ngaged as book-keeper In the firm of Beck k
Son .
The watch-party given by Prof and Mr
Bailey Wat largely attended, and a vary
pleasant time was had. Th departure of the
old year wa duly noted, and th aew on joy
ously welcomed a Leap Year.
The young gentleman who lost th young
lady whom he wa escorting home from a
octal gathering last week, ha (applied him
self with a lantern, ao that he will not again In
another lik emsrgency be obliged to strike
match to find ber.
Th College Preparatory student bald their
first exercise in th auditorium Just before
vacation, Thty all aoqultttd thmttlve cred
itably, and the nereis war an improvement
on those of the higher class, being very short
and unusually Interesting.
A very pleasant social gatbring wa hsld
last weak th residence of Prof Straub, The
genial recaption extended by Prof and Mr
Straub, made it one of the most pleasant affair
of th holidays. Th lighting of a beautifully
decorated Christina tree wm on of th
fature of th evening.
Prof A Gantenbeiu, ton of IUv GanUnbeln
of Portland,!) been elected to fill th vacftftcy
cause J by the death of Prof Bitrk. After a
college course In this country, he Went to
Europe and graduated also at Stuttgart H
reeided for torn time in Pari to ewnpUt a
oour in French, and eooies highly reeom
mended as a scholar. He enter upon th dis
charge of his duties at th beginning of Ibis
At their last meeting th Kutaxian sleeted
the fiillmviiaj offWre to s-rvs the next te m:
PresiiWat, Susie Mfvf Vld) President lillie
Porter; Secretary, Lr Mitrch: Treasurer,
Mary Potter; Marshal, Lena MoCoa-a; Editor,
Anna Patterson.
Friday Denmbe 21st, studies were tue
peodrd at th University until after th boli
dsys. Most all th itudent cot living in
Eugen skirted th n-'Xt day for their respec
tive home Jau 3d studio Wei resumed and
new classes were organized, and the student
bas no ptnspect of another vacation until next
i. a a .
. The public installation aud supper given i
Sencer Butte lxlge wa out of th most
jnyubl entertainment of th kind fur mtj
year. There wa nothing occurred te aj
th harmony, and every thing wa a parfet
a it could possibly be mad under th L
cumatance. There Is only on thing w i
tioed that w would hav different and th
was a larger hall to accomodate the brother
and their gunts. 1 here were about two hu
dred persons present and the hall cannot ao.
cbro'modat mor than 150 and seat thta eoei
forubly. It wa patent to all present that'
Speifc'er Butt Lodg ha outgrown th eapao
l.v of their nstt and piesent littl hall, aadth
sugrftwifcin naturally present iUelf to (Uurfno',
oiif gnvid brethern must arouse thmslvt and
build a more commodious Mil After the audi
e)rtc bad assembled tb Eugen City String Band
discWlfwd some most excellent music At th
pnrjwtlme the installing officer were ad'
mltted) Wed th officers of the lodge Were Ally
installed Irttrt fespe'ctlv cbatr accordlag ta
tb usae of the order Tb o1nm, lafprca
iv oral inatructlve Installation osremony wg
performed in a very creditable mannr bow
ing that th brother of Spencer Butte Ldg
er well up In the work. At the eoBolusioei
of th Installation osramoa' th audisao wm
regaled with a most beautiful song, by th
choir selected f th occasion sophrano Vy
Mis Andrew and Mia Andrew and Mia
Mae Uaderwood; alto by Mi Ireae Duaa
and Mia May Tot; tenor by Mr h O
Adair and baa by Mr Gore and Mr Xakia.
An address wa then delivered by W O Simp,
ton, on Odd Fellowship, and w mutt eay it
wa oat of that gentljman' happiest fforta.
It wat short, compact, ohast In Ian
Ktiage, elotpient and to th point At the ooe
elusion of th address Mis Mary Test tang ft
most beautiful solo, which wa immediately
followed by a charming doubl quartette by
the choir. 8upperwa then announced ead
about on-third of th audience wa marshal!
to th St Chart, whir one the finest lua
cheoni wa ipraad that w bar ever witaa4
in Eugen. Tb participant did ampl justice
to th dellolnu viafVit Juat a the firtt sev
enty foutd that it wu impossibl for thm te
carry away all before them of the good thing
in their liuiiWd stomach capacity, tb chair
man announced a toast Mr Sam Friendly eras
first called on to give a suitable toast. Sam
wat almost too full for utterance, with eye
starting from their sockets, for want of room (la
that little body) aud beaming with klndn
and bonhominie in a neat and well timed In
traduction proposed "Friendship" the first link
in the triple liuki of the order, tit GW A
Dorri wa called on to respond, which he did
in a most hapj y manner. "Llttls" George
ha a most folicitout way of deceiving people
both at th table and delivering yeeeb We
ran remember only one saying that will convey
a proper idea of both capacities and that is,
multum in parvo.
Mr Ben Dorrli wat next oalled on to give ft
toast Ben baa a reputation of having tb)
biggest inside capacity in proportion to hat
leugth and heart, of any member of Sptaear
Butt Lodge. But be assured that h I not
all hollow, which wa clearly manifest by th
beautiful remarks he mad In introducing tb
second toast "I-ov," th second link In the
chain. It wai truly a gem. Mr J X Goltra
was called on to respond. And, although being
a young man, modest and fair, and being
seated at th table with a beautiful young lady,
yet he bandied fhe tender wmd ami subject
decidedly well Nelson clearly manifested ene
mcst desirable faculty of the mind, and that ia
to quote Sorlpture. lion J 0 Chufcff waa
called on next and laat to offer a toast but
while th other totati and response wr being
delivered, John wa engaged with oommeude.
Ms teal Iu trying to fill a larg vacum, a thing
that the laws of nature revolt at and by th
time he got on hi feet it was too manifest that
he had succeeded, for then wa not even root
for him to apeak. tU succeeded fcswevetm
suggesting"! ruth," being the but link la th
mystic tyrabol of th order. Immediately
aros th tall, graceful form, with a rippling
mile playing over the beaming countenance el
George Washburn, to respond. The two tub
jecti, George and "Truth," being so hannanl.
oualy blended, th entire auditnc amIldMtk
delight George told the atory of the "littl
hatchet," and gracefully aoqultted fcrffcelf.
The second and third table wr marched
down upon and chaiyed on the rampart el
delicate viand prepared by mln kot, Mr
Watkln. with aU th vim of Napoleon' Old
Guards, but they were compelled kl fall back
a . i i i .1. . .
overcome. After spendinit an hoar in eoil
talk and listening to moat excellent mnaic, th
crowd dispersed, feeling that lift had lgtbn4
out many davt longer.
Brother of Spencer Butte Ixvlye, may yew
(hadnw grow longer, and your live fill np far
another "feast o( reason and flow of muL
A MiMiia,
f tigno Engint Company.
This organization gava very pleasant -'
oial MitertainiMnt at their ball Thdy .
abf , which wa atUadsd by tb meaher ef
E H- k L Co Ne 1, and aoda large aaabar
of Invi ed guett - The addra of welcota.
waa delivered by Mr Geo 8 Washburn, and
responded to by Mr Go A Dorri. Mr L
Btlyea proposed a toast to the "K F D,"
which wa responded to by Mr 8 H Friendly ;
Mr Henry Day proposed the toast, "Eugeae
Engine Company," which Mr J II Campbell
responded to; the toast, "E H and L Co" wa
proposed by Mr B F Dorri and th response
wa delivered by Mr W T Campbell. Short
speeches were load by Meter S M Yoraa
K B Cochran, G B Dorri and Mayor T It
Dunn. Th instruinsntal muaio for tke o
cation wu furnished by Mr J H Mcduag'a
lrohsstra and waa almirabl. ITie elaigiaf of
a quartette preaent wa splendid. But th
feature of the evening sntertalnroent WW
furnished in th oomie aonv 4 Mr R II Clark ,
of Springfield, who ia realry a star ka that Uaav
In the wonl of an Enghie cwtwpany Drmhr,
"h U immeusa." A Sfilenilkl luuch wa set
in tl Council Cbaiu'ter. Th entortaanmet
wa on of th ntt suovessfoj tociol iu
ever given iu the city, which is due nn gftwt
part to th lab i 4 the eonnaittee of amage
menti, Meuf Walter Cochran, Duacea Sloe
and N J TyV.
AcriiiE.'sl. We are iuforunxl that Mrs S
P Hinder, of thie cty who kae hel
visiting her daoglrter, Mr G H Thorite-, el
Portland, received a fall n the 23d alt,
breaking ber right arm near the wrist Her
friend will be glad to hear that h i doing
st well as could be expected, and hste
be able to return home within a week ? t