The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, April 07, 1883, Image 5

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Cbtrry Day, undertaker.
For food deutUtry go to Clark.
Brtag your chicken to Bettman's, '
Jot. work a peciality at the Gcard olBce
or .
Cb-cuK Court .on week from next Monday.
All kind of grais seeds for sale at A Gold-
Mjfefc . ,. . 4
Horssmtn, doiot fail to see tin Sir Walter
.. i ' . ...
'Cheapest tuoaeto'fn town et th Yakut-
' V V !.
Ta highest cash price paid (ur wheat ly
r ... J .
The State University give it regular April
vacation next week.
I? to Swift 4 Co. ' for fresh California
'andfat, cracker, Ao. . ,
r. 8eUaivrtienvin"f Kentucky Jubilee
riingtrt in another coluuir . a
the C oar v hai the largest circU;.tir.n of
aiy paper in Lane county.
A floe line of (ilk plushes ia .all shades
and grade at F B Dunn'a. ;
Ths only place wW you can always ,iol
Jeur obickeiu U at Itettman's. '
A full assortment of Mitt, misses 'anH thil
firea ttnderware at Drttman,.
freshest and finest groceries, cigare and
tYn'die at Swift i Co'. Try them.
Swift k , CoVgoorlj are all new and boiiglit
'or Mh, and ari sold'cheap for cash.
Hide, fun, chicken and all kind of
'Hue bought for cash at -V Goldsmith's.
Swift 4 Co. sell canned 5 l, put np W;t
year, ai cheip at :a-i be bonght in town.
A GoAjtn correspondent U wanted in
very preciact in fane County. Scud us li t
BOWS. ' ' '-
i .' ' '"v 11
J. A. Winter 18 (vihn special attention to
making caliiuet photo with scenic back
ground.' I will guarantee every pair of boot and
bee that is gut of me.
WollKINliMAN'll Stohf.
, A nice anrtmntit,of cut .patterns,-fur l.v
(ir and children' clothes .it ft (i Callisnn &
Co.', at New Yin-k rate.
Seven cans tomatoes fur one dollar, and
other canned good cheap, at Swift & Co V
This year' put up and fresh. .
Jnst receive! at'i. Hunt', the finest lot
til ladie' shoes ever brought In Eugme, fur'
ale cheap as the iilicnieit.
lr 8 VH Friendl will pay the fiiglms
i'sih market price or wheat. , Givu him a
fall bofore selling youryrain c'.Sewhero.
, "See Ilia new advert?emnt of Mc'lnng ft
Johnson in anothc column. Thoy fully mi
dantand h riiin thw v rn,T.i(;d tn, aa 1
will gm anlire mir.Vu'tHin tn patnniK.
f riairif excolltnit h"D Ua.d for sale in tr.i't,
trm 13 acre bpwr'l. Price (mm $-S t fl2
V aero.
Ck M.
, A toVlinit)i Iim jwt arrlvol from M'Viaro
llh an 1m nvii' Ktock of fi e-dl gMcertM
and a fiu Vel5 "uVv-u'vari', which he will
1jl cVA'por tnin nnynnf in K ijrvn ,
li yon want bargains in lwot and hoe. c.ill
ground and ri 'ur ynunelf, m I do not wjint
tiy of then i?v h In my new liuildiixr next
fitprar. rt'orkiiy-Mau' Store, opp.wite the
, Mm. Paw-ll An I Fnt in wish to iuform the
ladie of Kiifene and I liiity that they will
ttlway he found at their romn, readv to Ul.e
girder for dreiwmakinjt. !oon above' th
Craa Store, 2d di'u 1111 th riht
St the adrertUwHNit t Mr. .T. '.V. (lenvi-r
b another enlunm, K, Vfvvi ' Mnlaof ar
'ienltunv! macicr'?', wtiich hi pnuai.- hcII
f. at the loKjjet poisihTjiijicfs, Clvehima
call if you wisfi anything in tho machinery lin ".
Call at my office and (t 'me nf tlno
cireular descriptive of the country and end
Kait to your friend.. Tliey contain inure
inforniatiiin, tuch a tho iiiiinigraiit ivante,
than you can writ 1 in a letter of tenty
lge. ' Oeo. M: Maim.
. tthe VARiRTt SrJK, for aids American ;
dollar, r on can bit elt!wr9 ih aofTc. 14
ri , Ifllln ?r, lh." tea, H Itw. Barton'
aoila, gftod randies 8 en tonnti, 100 nut-
RZrf anj'tliin'f vti wnt wUH be ordered di
JVH frrm San F.a I I- a Very mall com-
mission. T. J. Chkshibx, Manager ,
, .The following is an a 1 artiw ment the ?e
attle Pot-Int.lligencer : "I will give a good
old religious coup! reit 'ree in th prettiest
eotUge in Seattl-. if they wiJJ Ukr core or a j
-mnu panor lor m;Tn use. i ary ,
u na an J iy, an 1 not quai reisniue,
and th woman mtixt b oil enutigH to be my
They Run the Gauntlet..
A collide tif Knihti, while a' trading the in
stitution of the new hlgs at Kugen. went Ui
e,te sight in tht henitiful city. They
to a bmlding, on which wa a lr;re canl,
"jiMnt flrerf.fa adrolltel." . A opo aA Uot
was iremaii, tliey uhneruloniouiiy W.ilkc'J
in, and lo, and behold, Eugene's new hand en
fin was before them, in all its unfledged
heanty. They stood appillod for a moment
and then started for th d.wr, where they Were
Confronted by a long, lank youth who pointed
la ghostly style to the card. One of tliero
ntutteretf something about their not being o
Bihty afraid of their tire engipi in Albauy
Ad th parsed on. His thotuht that they
are afraid aim onSj will carry th .nirlo off
nndarla eeat, juuj so are keepCig gtiard of it,
AJbauy "Democrat . j .n
.tV'e would state for the benefit of our Albany
brethren that the notioe is merely aviated in
the building fer the purpose of keeping the
hoodlum boy from mtdilling with the engine,
ad th parens who took th autVfity nion
!ff t?Sfj tSfii wT ihi aoiiotH uiu w
Without authoilty, and th f.ra boy are anx
wusly idqdirin; for the officious Individual.
Tlaitor art always at liberty to Inspect our
fiw apparatus.
An.nv..H n ; . J .L.l
itbsua. L rumor j m ,
M. W.u. .... . . . . , .. -r .1. I
. , ui supenntenowni w me .iorio-
tj.-ic. ' ..... , n 1
-juo wosirucuon, nas uirasa over au .
Ida WL. ...1 1 -ii
nia Dook and papers to a sucotwr, and will !
went an offer of $1000 a month to take char.
the eor-tructhv, on the Oregon and Ca!ifor.
Ulr?d: . J the Prwftt Tr-
:T"S " ". 6tv cnane
miZ r" ,u. 00 !,e Lmu'7"' ,
of tU rua.L and the completion will be ,
Pad forward with al' speeJ this
e,iag UBmtr. ,
Circuit Court Docktt
Th following 1 the docket for th next term
of th Lane County Circuit Court, which eon
vne Iter th lGlh t
,4 KtaU of Ornn v John ,Ro and Frank
Wilktoiion; nialiciou killing of an animal, the
property of afiother.
State of Oregon v Henrr Carter and Wm
Dreedlngj amautt with danneroua weapon.
8UU of Oregon IL W, Abram: inurder.
SUteof Oregon J. U. Gouiper; Tarceny
imni awvlling bouse.
C F. Clough v Mary dough; iiiit for di
W. B. Tuckvr France Yicker: suit for
.. . ' if ..1 .
. J! OarJner W uu P. Gafduer 5 suit for
BobtMclioI v EllaKicholj uit for di
I Munouri Evan v ; Jasper Evan; uit lor
J. WVoldridge va E. Wuc'dWSe; suit for di
Mary A. ili'll ' Kobt Hall; suit for di
. . - u i-
.Sarah A. Strange vs Jno. F. Stranve: auit
for divert!.
8. 11. r liciidly v Guo. T. Camnbull :
for foreciiwurrj.
Mulviua J. Hay v Joel A.'ritney etal;
qit lor iiartition.
, C. K. ChriKinan v J. K LnileVwood et 1 ;
auit for foreclcwure.
A. M. yinae r ). J. Adkius'; to recover
School (?ouimuioneM v Wui. Hollaud
worth; suit fur foreelonure.
B. Drenncr n A.sAVachenhe!dir and Damon
Smith; to recover money.
May A Send.:r v V, T. Vm;han;'to re-ovu-
r. A. Chexiowcth Thoa. Murray et al;
uit for foreclonuro,
Is. G. Hendricks va Jno. Bower et al ; for
leave to usue execution.
. "li. (.'. SluckUn v M. Jf. Foley; to recover
W. H. Bubw V4 F. G. Vaughan; to recoyer
f. S. McFadJcu and J. MclAuxhliu t
Ellen Murray et al; auit for partition.
J.vper Kvau v Missouri Evans ; suit to set
nid deed. '
Samuel Hw Crn-v et al v Lou Salomon et
al i ir.ilt 'for'i'ttUitioit ti , . , .,.
Wesley (irave v Wm. ud W. R. Kays;
to recover mnuey.
Maty A. Iivii vs (lidoon Cantonwiuu; to set
H.iiilo deed
J. P. Cheither vs C W. Waiihlurue; to re
cover mouey.
I. Salomon vs J. A. Bushr-ell ; to recover iroiiCi ty. . , .,
f J. and A. T, Bouuett vs Isaae Yoikuit ;
action for lnm,.if us. , ,
SauiL Swift vt W. T. Grimiii et al: to re
cover money.
'i'. M. HauiiUoi vs J. jE. AtwUry; auit fr'r
IL C Humphrey Vs Aldeu Larrence et
K. V. Howanl vs V. Krati et al ; to settk
J. . Uiscruian vs S. E. McClure; to re
cover money. ,
Mary G. Itjt.vhsy et al v Josiah Craig et i;J 1 - '. 1
hmii. lur pnrilbl 'o. ( t liuer rt ftl vs Thus. MulhollMi ctal;
suit for partition.
Nelsou Swa',':irt vs .1. F. Spray; to set aside
(idfnent ' ' '
Our Knights go to Eugene.
Vi'c clip the followiu noiiue from, t lie flw
nj' Demacrat of Lut Saturday' j 'fiii 3'uesif.iy
twelve of our boldest Knights to-r.jt: Geo.
W. jVochjteJler, . J. Hcutiiu, V.,jr. Scott,
0. If. Irvine, J. J. Uubinillc, CapL E. J.
Ivir.nir.g, Geo. V Harris, J11. Fiwter, Jr,
IX-nvcr Hitokieluin, Louis Cttuipeaii, Jams
Hale and Mr. White, buckled on their armors
mid went to Kiciiie, whi-ro tNey distituto I a
new lo )),' of Knights of Pyhias that evening.
District Deputy Chaiirellor Hochst.-d-ler
had o.'irtrje of the oerem, wld.'h bejn
ut half pa&t six aud lasted. half past five
the utU iniu-nioii. . The new )olgo formed
itarL out with It rnembewhip nf twenty-one,
and i composed of ome of Kuec's bt
yninig men. It is tiamed Helmut Lode No.
15.. Athalf past twelve a frrmid .supper was
wrved at the St. Charles', one of the best, all
'K-rlsn-d, of which they had ever partaken,
Our Knight ipeak In unl:mitel praise of tho
splendid treatment wldch they received at the
hands of the Bew Knights of Eugene aid. boj.e
some ti ne to have, ai? opiwrtunity of returning
the f(lvora MteB Ud th.nt
C 0 bu rg I ta n 3 .
, . , . .
. Amu 5th, 188i
?Mm,n na ,(,y prarlos
fuf .ijyj.
The parties who purchased the sawmill cam
up on Monday, aud re making arrangeRrent
for sawing lmn1cr soon.
T.'ic niurods of Lane couuty might mi.Ve it
pleasant and rofitaUl t fhe.nbelve1, as wvll
as to th farmers, by coming on tbia siJo anil
scaring tlie geeso away, a they an very both
ersome. The I. 0. 0. F. nf West Point, No. 2, pro
pose to have a picnic at 8iores' bridge on the
20 rf p'ril. t'eryb'ody fa invited to at
tend, an I briuj alonj a basket of provisions.
At a regular meetlug of West Point Lodge,
Noj 6? f. Oi. 0.. F., held on March SUt, A. T.
Bonnet', and Jasj er Wilkin were duly elected
as delet.-s to attend th grand lodge, to be
hel l at Portland May 13, 1883.
E.;.rf a and Ki Cara'sxa Last Monday
evening Henry Boren, who was committed to
the county jail 'not week, elnded the vigiUo
of Deputy Sheriff Wallis, by making a ryild
mn while the door was partly open, when the
deputy took two shots at him, but tniswd the
prisoner both time. On Tuesday the prisoner
waa re captured and returned to ' the jaiL
Wednesday morning friends raUed the amount
of his fiao aud he wa.-. relaiiaed.
, n .
Gsascs Mri!(.-Lane Comity Pomona
, . n . v
Grange will meet with .Muslaw Grange, ro.
- , 0 . , . . ..
W, on tbe aooond featunlay ia ApnL AH
..... j
,n"uwr " ' iIiMtdr
Dlio Near Junction, April 1st, WilKe Hi
nm a , Ju. M1 An)ilI1k Wret, K 3
ye, 6 month. and 4 dayi
IViEf.-Kear Gosben, Apri', 1KS3. of lung
fever, Mr. 8uan I Dodson, gf &K yar.
Lowar Sluilaw Item.
Florkmci City, April &
Born, to th wife of John Camobell, a aon.
. Mr, J, A. MorrU ha purchased the Flor
ence hotel
Mr. Barney caught a sturgeon, no day re
cently, over 30 feet long.
Mr. A. L. Buttolph baa hung hi shingle
out We wish him success.
The ieple of, this vicinity, are rejoicing over
the late rain, at it wis much needed.
There is to he a large sawmill moved here iu
aliout a,ix werlft from HuflilxdJt, California.
Tie hartley boys, who have been trapping
lor bears, have caught two during tbe past
Andrew IIoffm?n and one mule can b seen
plowing almost any day. We wish him uo-
. f .... :
John Dame ia recovering from, a UmgMllness,
but u still at the reshlenc of Dr. O. F. Ken
Mr. A. J. Mcedyha Just received a new
stock of goods, which he will sell at extremely
low prices.
Simon II. HoUman bu hail A severe attac)c
of inflammatory rheumatism, but is ifp and
around again.
Mr. Tatterton is bnildimr himself a new
hona, and we would advise tile girl that h
should secure a housekeepor.
Oren Andrew and wife, former proprietors
of the hotel, have taken up a ranch at the
head of tide and moved thereon.
Mr. Frank Condon and wife are expected
... 'i
home daily from San Francisco, where they
have been dm in,' the put winter.
Mr. A. J. Moody has purchased th lower
caunery, and it is hoied it will be run this sea
son; if it doc we will have three canneries
running her.
1 he schrnner Swallow, which wa to have
sailed for San Fraud -co, Is notnnito ready
yet, a the captain, Mr. J. V. Lyle, is not
here at present.
The Messrs. Sweet have built a large .tail-
boat It I now ready to launch. They hav
the name of being the champion boat builder
on the Siuslaw river.
Smithfield and Lake Creek Items.
, . . Aphil2, 1833.
Thos. Mounts is preparing to burn a brf-k
kiln early this summer.
James Hays and wife, of Jefferson, are vis
iting at Amos Richardson's.
Mr. Ski Meek returned yesterday from
Prinevilie. He lmiks hearty.
Mr. J. H. ('ornwall, formerly of Eugene,
has applied for the icfcool at this place. He
cornea well recommended.
Mossr. Geo. Graham, Wip,, Camflwll and
Mr. Ilyardar son gdng to the Dead wood
country to loc-te ranches.
The niny weather stopped , An t'aiitrell rem
shearing his goat , A few. more weeks of such
Weatlicr will rausc a great loss In Vtfol.
lie County Court, slighted Richardson and
Long Tojii precinct on the jury list for 188d.
The "b.anncr boys"' too honest for Jurors ?
Mr. Daniel MoHiou etiot a varmint
one night l.wt week that h was afraid to ap
proach m tho night, .ariy, et niorning
Daniel started for the tsceno of action, gun. in
hand and dog by hit ride. When he approach
ed the place, .to. his great suq-rUe, he found
t!mt he had mortally wounded a largo tip coon,
which was ready to renew1 the hatth).
The K'.ime law, analyzed by a Tillamook
Jmtic! A kilts deer; B reports; aud C,
l.rosecuting attorney, pnisecutes; A is fined
$iX); B gets half for informing and 0 gets the
other halt for prosecuting. If A fails to have
any niiuey, he is sentenced to jail for three
months ; B serve) six weeks for his half and
C serves six wutlta for his half, and the con
stable (had the costs and A goes hunting
Long fprrj Items.
The Notie school is closed.
C. KHaleiaou a yisit at jLinkville, Lak
Farmers in this section are most through
'11 aw mill in this locality are all running
on full time
' ..!.', Ji ll', . .
The Luit novelty ts the "hootlrg tm," sira-
ila.1 lo grouse. '
1 T " : ' ' V"
Deer and groufo are Jilnntif h1, tfri srice the
gamo Lw is in effevt they -e becoming so
brave it is hot safe to go unarmed.
Miss Sturdevaxt; of Notie, died Tuesday,
March 27", of fev., aui to be the same a that
of which Commissioner Stevens' family was
Occasional -
t. H. & L Co. Election.
A ttlie annual meeting of I. H. & I Cu
No. 1, held at Dunn's hall last Monday even
ing, the following officers were elected for the
ensuing year I
I'roiidi nt Joel McCornack ;
Vice Treeident-G. A. Dorris;
Foreman 8. B. Eakin, Jr. ;
First Assistant W. H. Alexander j
Second Assistant Goo. Smith;
SacreUry-J. W. Bristow;
Treainrer H. C. Humphrey.
Last Notice.
Tax-payer will take notice that I will re
turn all taxos remaining unpaid April 1st
delinneut, after whioh the law allow two
per cent and milrage to be paid by the de
linquent for collection. Receipt for Cot
tage Grove precinct may bo had of Lnrvh
Bros : Long Tom, llichardsoi and Junction
of W H BaU-r : Crasswdl of Geo L Gilfry.
Pay up aud sar cost.
J. R. C.sMf BRLL,
Shrrirf and TAX Collector.
Dated March 10, 1883.
A Poikteb. Sohewleindamiaalfougtr la the
word which signifies love in one of the northern
Indian dtaleota. What would be th result if
our Eugene bny should tak to using this ward
instead nf th old ene? It ie to prevent mis
take which might wretdc th happiness of a
lifetime that we warn yon, girls, that If yoar
fallow should suddenly drop nmhis knee with
agony depicted In his countenance, and begin
toaaTSchemlemdae.- d.,nt get frh-hUae-l
. . , ... , 1..'. ;n li
ann nia fcsr tn doctor; be k going to hav
... ... ... .,
fit, h is enly trying to intensify the etpres -
sirsi of his devntirfli.
L JnO!-
Crito'l Correipondsnc.
sunn viTT, warcn Z8, 18W
t L.s .....
r.uiTon otasdakb: Ami cerum it wa
that th. .crambl. went on, for petition. n,l
recomiiieudatloiis Mowed in npon the IlcpuU.
can executive council lik, aU into a U!.r
ovy n(o ,iu vi lass ami were so
iTOuiiimoiHien as coarscier, ao nw
. .... .' . r.
..,..., wuiikii
were confounded fur a time, hut concluded
to wait until all tSe prpuct of Lauo could
be heard from. And hat a pVaiaut re.
flection it is to every lover of hi country to
see so many men in one county who are
ready and willing to sacrirlue their own in.
terests to serve the people. Another very
plvaiug feature cuter iuty that rellectiou,
and that is all these who aro .will jug to sorv
the peoplo are ready to undertake the task
whether they are qualitird or not. "Hut w
must not rtop here to eujoy these happy re.
flection. Other applicant for hieyr who
would fain dou th eriuiuo aud gracefully
cue theinsolve down on th wool sack, are
waiting to be pla ced in their little niche of
fame. And first in order come Jcssv, the
Handsome, who hail from the g rue 11 bank
of the Siiulaw, and who, by th way, hiip.
pen to fail outside of the ladiu of the cn
clave's circle. Jeisa, th Handsome, bear
th reputation ot being the best lmikinf mau
in the valley of tje Sinalaw, whose quality
of heart is most e.-.odlent. whose Ronubli.
cauism is sound to tiro core, And whoso de
sire to serve the people is most iutcuse. Th
most cogent reason, offered to the Moody ex.
ecutive council, for the appointment, wa
the fact that Jesse, the Haudsoine, accepted
the nomination from th'e Republican clan to
serve the people a representative and wa
most jjoriously defeated jit the last election.
The petition .of Jeistjv the Handsome, was
duly received by the executive council, aud
laid to rest among the dead archive of the
Coflncil, for on due consultation it wa found
and determined that Jesse, the Handsome,
had no political influence, beity? a fanner.
men come Joseph, of Junction, whose
special qualification demand critical atten
tion. By a host nf admiring friend Joseph,
d Junction, wa thought to be the "Wright"
man fof the important place of Judge, aud
then it would be eminently proper tu dub
him Judge. But Joseph, of Junction, wa
not a lamb inside of the little Republican
sheep fold at Eugene, ami one other serious
objection to the appointment of Joseph, he
possessed YfTicieut "lsgal ability" to till the
ollic'c without being directed what to do, aud
hence the Moody council at ouoe determined
that the petition of Joseph, of Junction,
must be laid under tho table. The execu
tive council determined that it would 'not
ilo to appoint any nuo who wa qualified to
fill the otlice, for then tho appoiutod Judge
could not be manipulated by the party, and
eipecially by tho Itoyal Star Chamber of
Jim, the Cimletar. The part needed a
harmluss man, according to the first epistle
of Hubert, the Just, and that means one who
must be innoceut uf all legal knowledge, so
that he may be directed. Ouo other serum
objection to the appointment of Joseph, of
Junction, was urged before the council", ami
that was the location of Joseph. Engine,
the Polished, high clerk of the council, stout
ly maintained that it wa dangerous to se
lect an otticer from so near the bonier liue
of that unholy aud utterly un-Uepubliean
land known far and wide ai the classic Long
Tom. One (elected en near those enchanted
shore wonld certainly be tainted with tho
poison o( (hat most , wonderful, stream', the
wines of which, when introduced . Into the
mind aud blood, turn th Victim to a Hound
Democrat. Joseph, nf Juuution, is too near
that stream, Eugene, the Polished, showed
to the executive council, , and especially to
the excellency of the Council, whose mind
only of that council could co npruhend the
profound lesion, that the chemical effoct of
tho water in tho plassio Long Tom, froi:i tho
source to th mouth, had the most wonder
ful eftVts on tho human systom, to turn
eaoh ouo,. who drank of the water into a
aouud Democrat, A good drink of the waters
of Long Tom, to a ltpublican, was like a
draught from the water of the mystic
Leotlie, it causing him to ottorly forget all
hi Republicanism "Most wnuderful," Said
th excelleucy. "Joseph, of Junction, (mart
young man, must move a little farthor away
from Long Tom."
And while Eugene, the Polished, wal in
cutcating the' profound chemical lesson into
the mind of the Moody excellency, he took
occasion to whispor a thought to tht execu
tive that Walter, the Easy, would make a
moat excellent person to fill the vacancy in
Lane. -This suggestion found favor ia the
executive mind, and he determined to write
a letter tn the conclave to impure how Wal
ter, the Easy, would auit the party, Ac
cordingly, the next day the conclave receiv
ed a letter Irani the executive council re
questing to know how Walter, the Eay,
woulil suit for Judge. While the letter wai
being read, Jim, the Gimlcter, almost wont
into spasms, and riuhed out almost franti
cally in teareji of Edwanl, -the, Slippory.
Failing to find the faithful njiirr at that
moment, Jim, the GiiuUter, ehut himself np
in the itoyal Star Chamber, and While tremb
ling with excitement, wrote the following
spicy, yet pointed, totter to the executive:
EociSK, Jan, 1883.
DlAR Gov.-Your lettar in refemnoa to
the aitrxiiutiiieiit ot Walter, the Easy, wa
dely received. Greet Heavens! Such an ap
pointment would ruin, us. Ho is profoundly
stupid and bean the same relation to the
parly Iter in usefulness and beauty as a
two-poo'nd wart would on the end of your
nose. Ids appointment would be almost a
bad and ' swioea n tli parte a If. Don't
think of appointing any one until you see
Joph, th Meet. Your truly,
Jilst erf the letter waa being finished by
Jim tfe CnnWter-, hi faithful equire, Kd.
war.l, the Slipiwry, alia Manclin Panaa, en
tered the Star Chamber. "Ed," aid Jim, '
the (Minuter, in a voice tremulous with ex
citement, "ym must tro this aiuht aid sea
I Joseph, tr.e Meek, and make hun go to S
! f W tfct.tiwriiing or w are undone, vea,
me equ.reoi j,m,
tarlad 00 hi mission at once,
1 , . . . , . ,;
; ana tns next morning Joaeph, tb Meek, lft
, (or Se.n v, ,an1 W th', ,,ekM yA,
' wM, th OJy Tongtied. I.Vir .
Mr, R p, Ct j, WM , Umn tL1,
j Mrs. Ww!y Shannon I tWtirg In Marion
' county.
Mr j. H- IIu(fr pf jj; here
(n$ vtt
, tl ., , , ,.. f
I Mr, Henry Ellsworth, of lower California,
U her visltin
Jasjier Stevens, nf Union county, I iu town
vlriting friends.
Dr. Chas. Whlteaker baa returned to Tort'
land, after a short visit
I Mcaun. D. E. Rice, Ja. L. Page, R. R.
Hays, Julius Goldsmith and Isaao Yoakum
wtut to Portland hut Monday.
Hon. John Kelly, of Springfield, ha been
dected as a Government Railroad Commis-
s Jner, to accept the next division of the N, P.
Hon. H. H. Gilfry, for several years past an
officer in th U. 9. Senate, will pay hi old
bom in 0regu a visit during the recess. He
will be welcomed back by a. host of friends.
John F. Hemmenway, a young man who
lately cam among us and took a ositioo in
the signal office, left last Monday moruing for
Sxkan Fulls to relieve Hatry Cliford, who is
to b discharged from the (ervic. Johnny's
many friends her are glad ot hi good for
tune. Cheney Sentinel
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kanoff, of The Dalle.
who hv been visiting relative In this city
for the past four wecka, left Monday morning
for California. They go for Mr. K.'s health,
which is very poor at present May this far
famed salubrious clime soon rector hi former
strength and vigor, is th sincere wish of their
many friemls.
Junction City Items.
April 5, 1882.
Sternberg & Sender have purchased the
Abraini stock of groceries aud varieties sun
moved them to their store room.
W.M. Houston went to Harrisburg one
evening during the week aud instituted a
Degree Temple, I. 0. 0. T., with ixty-six
charter member.
Mrs. Heath sold her residence to T. A.
Milliorn and started for Palouse, on Wed
nesday, to joiu her husband, who i in the
harness business there.
Two of our citizen recently took a little
practice in the manly art, one coming nut
with a black eye and five dollnr less coin.
All about the hanging up of a (et of harness
The Lancaster school begau its spring term
on Monday with Miss Anna Owen as teacher.
Mis Stella Whitcaker, of Eugene, presides
with grace over the pupil i of Oak Grove dis
trict Several change have taken place here
during the week just past in business circle.
R. M. Mulholland ha removed hi drug
store tn the Odd Fellows' building, formerly
occupied a a restaurant; Grant Cummins
goas into Salomon' a clerk and Will aitew
art get', a posjUou with V. H. Baber, N.
Dickey, his l.v man, goes to Portland; Mr.
Morris, an operator, who ha been (topping
here for some mouths, left Wednesday moru
ing tO accept a position on the railroad.
Cottage Grove Items.
Ark. 4, 18S3.
Anti-Apox left here cue day last week.
Died, of consumption, March 28th, Mr.
Danuals. '
Mrs. Wynn is afflicted with inflammatory
rheumatism, , ,
Mr. 1'o'gs, who has been teaching a sub
ecriptiou ichool here for a time, ha loft
Mis RositU Veatch is quite sick. Mrs,
Hunt, wife oi Mr. A. Hunt, i very sick also.
Mr. Frank Whipple ha had a new cross
ing made over the mill race near hi resi
dence, j
We learu that a family by the name of
Duncan, who live three or foil' miU from
this place, have the tcarlet fever.
A doctor, wo believe hi name is Howard,
ha coin hor with a view of locating. He
is from down th valley, McMinnville, if we
are not misinformed. -
Mr. Robi. Carey has, left our' fair town
and moved to hi farm. We will mis th
pleasant family. Mr. Johu MaaUraon and
family will move into the house Mr. Carey
vacated, ' ''
" Anx.
Close of School.
On Friday, March 31. a ( four-months' terra
nf school v a ' comph fed iu district number 0.
The last week of th school wa devoted prin
cipally to isvle, Id which most o( the mem
ber acquitted themselves very creditably. Ap
propriated tsdC! nonials for most Improvement
tn penmanship Were awarded aa follows: Beat
male improvement, Albert Allen; best female
improvement, Hat tie Renshaw.
The following named pupil are entltlod to
special not on acconrt of strict application to
(heir studies, obedience and respectful deport
stent: Samuel Renshaw Albert Allen
Elmer Renshaw Ja Kmmo
Paul Ofburn Edwanl Kue.ner
IMaurioa Usburn , Emma Rueyger
Wasi Usburn ' Rosa Ruegger
Albert Osburn Willi Fituh
'Jhe occasion was honored by the preaeuoe ef
quite a number of visitors, among whom were
1 Mr. U.buin aud Mr. Fitch, each of whom
made appropriate remark at the cloae of the
exercises. Th wriUr, In conclusion, would
say that hi thank are expended to the trustee
aud other patron of the school for th kind
nes received at their han U.
Respectfully, T. J. Wilaon, Teacher.
Cur Trying Climate. ,
The cliinat of San Francisca and vidulty
renders one liable to constant oolda, and a Cold
will certainly affect th kidney if they are at
all weak. Guard against these trouble bv
keeping Warner's Safe Kidney and TJvet Cure
ia your house ur ofljer.
, Acorrrsu.-Rev. A. P. Anderwm ha ac
cepted a call fr m th Oregon City Episcopal
hurch, ! ill novo th-ret" a"iit Mv let
City Election. ,
'"Tlianniml city vlectinn wm hold' at th
Court lion U.t Momlsy. Wind number
of vote cast, 282. Th following ia th r
F. B. Dann
Ch. Lauer
t)'cmi's majority
John Slon. ,
W. T. Campbell
Jaroh Conser.
J. W. Johnson,. ,
T. W. Shelton
W. II. Abram
R. O. Callisnn
Geo. W. Kinsey
Callisnu'i majority
J. E. Attehery
Tho. Browu
Attebery't majority
B- H. James
Lost Valley Items.
April 5th, 1833.
Mr. and Mrs. Chat. William, of this
place, paid Eugene a visit one day this week.
Johnny Puroifull ha purchased two more)
horse to replace the ouv he lost during the
Winter. .
Mr. Morgan, of Rattlesnake, has beeu iof
the valley buying cattle of eeveral of the
farmer. Price paid, from !20 to 125.
Mr. Charley Williams is talking of takiug
another logging job aud procuring the tim
her of Mr. Matthews, of Pleasant Hill.
Mr. Jamc I'arvin hm mid hi property la
Pleaaaut Hill, consisting uf a wagon shop
and a feed chopper, to I. N. Mulkey, of that
Married, in Lost Valley, March 26, 1883,
by the Rev. Mr. Woods, of Spriugfield, Mr.
CIish. Stevens, of Coburg, aud Mis Corolia
Griffith, of thi place.
School onei.rd last Monday , with , an at'
tendance of 23 pupils, with R. E. Bris.
tow, of Pleasant (Iill, teacher. We prophecy
a glorious future for the Iost Valley school.
..' Snow-Dhoi1.
A, 4'oIl or More Throat
should he stopped Neglect frequently result
an Incurable Lang Oloeaar or con
llluiilKSsrs rrriaui 10 aire reneiisi
Aallnna Hronelilllai I'ssilii, Calarrh.
Conauuipllve and Tnroat DUeaaet,
r or M inr the Imcues nave been rocon
memled by diysielans, and always give pi
feet satisfaction. They are not new or un
tried but having beeu tested by wide and con
stant use for nearly an entire generation, they
have attained well merited run amnnirtli lew
staple remedies of th age. I'liblic aprak
era) and IliRera use them to clear and
strengthen tbe Voire. Sold at 2.1 cent a box
Are vou disturbed at nLrlit and broken of
your rest by a sick child aulfiring and crying
with the excruciating pain of cutting tooth t It
so, en at once ana get a bottle 01 mum.
will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately.
denend uuon it: there is no mistaka about
There is not a mother on earth who has ever
used it, who will not tell you at one that it
will regulate the bowels, and give rest to the
mother, and relief ana health t) the child, op
erating like magic. It is perfectly safe to use
in all cases, and pleasant to the taste, and l
tho prescript! m of one nf th oldest and best
female physicians and nurses in th United
State. Sol everywhere. 23 cent a bottle.
Aro You Exposed
To malarial influonoee? then protect your
system by using Parker' Ginger Tonio, It
strengthens the liver and kidney to throw',
off malarial poisons, and w good for general
debility and nervousness.
Du. Kino's Nkw DntcuvKiir for Consump
tions. Coughs and Colds. Asthma, llronchltis,
eta. is given away in trial bottle free of coat
to the afflicted. If yon have a severe rough,
lilHcultv of hruathiiitr. hoarseness or anv alter.
tion of the throat or lung by all means give
this wonderful remedy a trial A you value
your existence you cannot afford to let this op- '
portunlty pass. We could not, and would not
give this remedy away nnlea we knew it
would accomplish what w claim for it Thous
and of homles case have already been com
pletely oureauy It. lhre Is no meuictne in
the world that will cure oue half the cases that'
Dr. Kinu'h Nrw Dihiovxht WILL CURE.
For tie by Wilkin the Dnircist and Mulhol-'
land, Junction City. Hodge, Davia aud Co.,
Wholesale Agent, i orluuid, Urcgnn.
Th Ural Halv in the world for Uruise.
Cuts, Sore, Ulceri , Salt Itheum, Fever Sore.
Tetter, Chapped Hands.CWlhlalns, Corus,and
all k'ml nf Skin Kmptinl. This sajv fsiiAT-'.
anteed to give erfect satisfy tion in every can)
or money refunded. Price 33 ct cr Iwx. For
sale by Wilkin'm, the Druggist, Eugen City.
Mulholland, junction Llty.
A Ministerial Statement.
Rov C A Hnrvey, D D, i the populu ll.
nancial seorotary nf Howard University, and
i specially fitted to judge of merit and de
merit In a recent letter from Washington
to a friend lie (aid 1 "I am .convinced that
for Uriglit's disease iq allj it stage, inchid
ing the Hrst symptoms, hicli s)a;m so slight
but are so dangerous, no remedy .heretofore
discovered can be held for one momont in
comparison with Warner' Safe Kiduay and
Liver tare."
Mr F M Wilkin, th liv Dnnnriit of the
town, I always up to the time and ready to
meet tn aemamis of on many customer, lie
ha just received a supply of that wonderful
remedy that 1 astonishing the world by It
marvelous cure, Da, Kino a New I)incovitRr"- ....
lor Consumption, uu;h, Colils, Ast!ima,llay
Fever, Rronchitis, Phthisic. Onnp, Wh-'Oping
()nugh, 'I'ickling in the Throat. Is of Yolce,
il(iarwnes or any affection of the Throat or
Limit. This remedy positively ourea. a thous
ands can testify. If you do not believe it call
at Wilkin' Drug (tore and get a Trial Bottli
racEurcoHT or a regular size Dottle lor one
dollar. A vou value your life, give it a trial
and be convinced, i thousands already have
been. Mulholland, Junction City. Hodge,
Davis h Co. Wholesale Agents. Portland.
-Those. Pianos and Organs
Have arrived at Crain Bro. Also the largest
stock of gold and Uer watches, gdd chains.
jeweiry, suver ware ana clock ever uroih'it v
ugene, Com and see.
W will eod th Gcard free for one year
U anyone who will send us fir new.ub-
senbers accompanied with th cash at the
tate of per annum (ir a:h. .