The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, October 14, 1882, Image 3

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    Trained Brali.
They are exhibited in tUa Urge tank at
tha Aquarian, which wan conntruetml for
the white wbale, ana ban boon recently
devoted to tha exposition of the nata
torial powers of urn Annie lieckwith.
At one end a email tent has been erected
on a platform rainoil a couple of inches
above tho water. From the upper
surface of this tuo seals can idklo into
the fluid or return at will. Tneir first
performance was a violont tugging at
two bell pulls, to give notice to tno visi
tors. The bells were in hideons discord.
and the noise was continued far too long
for tho comfort of tho auditors. The
bulls removed, the animals took, at the
command of their keeper, their shit ions
on two inclined boards, which raised
their head and fore limbs above the con
eral surface of tho platform. To one
hand-like forefoot of the male was at
tacbed a cymbal, with which it 6truck
another conveniently placet) in front,
while the female was playing the turn
bonrine by striking it with very great
rapidity. The musical discord was
varied by the keeper holding a banjo to
the smaller performer, wno evoked hido
om sounds by rapidly scraping across
the strings wita her nails. This done,
the audience were informed that the ani
mals were about to indulge in smoking.
Short pipes, about six inches long,
were placed in their months,
but- ou my second the male
declined, having been alarmed by
the too near approach of the flame to his
face. Various articles, as baskets, logs
of wood, etc., were thon thrown into the
and quickly and ' easily retrieved and
brought to the keeper's hand by both the
animals. The next performance con
sisted in both animals climbing np by
aid of their fore limbs, a ladder rising
from the surface of the wuter at an angle
of about 45 decrees. After diving into
the water from the top of the ladder the
animals shot themselves by the impetus
of their rapid motion on to the platform,
and seizing a coup'.o of short cords at
tached to revolvers, fired a rapid succes
sion of shots. The performance con
cluded by a remarkable exposition of the
strengthlposseHsedjby these animals when
in the water. A small boat capable of
holding three children, whose united
weights must have been about about
eigh'. or nine stone, was dragged very
rapidly around tho tank by the two seals
in succession. A small collar was
placed ovor the head, to which
the traces were attached that were
secured to the boat. The
strength displiyed by the seals was re
markable; tho little boat, pulled by the
muscular strength of one animal, throw
off the water from its bows as if it had
been propelled by a vigorous sculler.
The exhibition was to me of a peculiarly
interesting character. The animals man
ifested a great degree of intelligence and
docility, in keeping with their high cer
cbrial 'development. Nevertheless, they
have their peculiar menial idiosyncra
sies. One of their characteristics is ex
' treme susceptibility to alarm; the slight
est alteration or fright will throw thein
out of work, and it is difficult to reassure
them. Their training was effected by a
system of rewards, without any punish
iiieirt, and tho visitors may notice a piece
of fish dropped into tho mouth of each
after the performance of every trick.
The amount of fish devoured by these
two animals is about i)000 pouuus per
diem. ; Tho oleaginous Clnpeidic, her
rin.'.s, pilchards, eto., are preferred; but
failing theso, whitings, haddocks, etc.,
ate given, these being carefully cut open
to insure tho absenco of any fish hooks,
which have rapentedly caused the death
of captive goals, and possibly of wild
oue8 ulso. London Field.
Arthur as a Teacher.
A correspondent of the Hartford
Times relates the following anecdotes of
President Arthur as a school teacher.
In a party was a lady who, having com
mented ou the advantages which such a
country as this pivej to a young man,
said :
"I went to school to Fresident Arthur
when I was a little girl, and he a rather
disconsolate-seeming young man. It
was in Cohoes, New York, and he came
to teach our school under rather embar
rassing circumstances. That is, it
proved embarrassing but whether to
him or the boys, I'll leave yon to
judge." She paused, and one of the
gentlemen said quickly: "I, too, went
to school to President Arthur at Cohoes.
I am a good deal older than you are, I
think. Yon cannot remember me. But
go on." The lady, who is one of , the
most genial, hospitable, and delightful
women in Providence, hesitated. "Go
on!" he cried. "Well," said she, "we
had in our school three boys who were a
terror. They were the roughest, most
saucy, mischievous fellows that
ever tried to bully a school
master. Nobody had been able to rule
them.. They had positively become a
set of ogres, which we little children
dreaded with uu nnutterablo but
trembling dread. Probably Mr. Arthur
had been informed of t'.ieir character, for
when school began and one of them com
menced his pranks he was prepared for
him. He simple said : 'Come to me.'
There was something in his eye and
voice which the big fellow dared not to
disobey. lie slowly approached and
our teacher marched Irim ont of the
door. I'rettv soon the master
back alone. By this time the next boy
had gathered 'new spunk, and sure
enough he was treated in a similar man
ner. This strange submission, which
olso happened with the third boy, made
the smaller children awe-struck. What
was the quiet, rimple pow?r whieh made
itself so instantly oleyed? And where
bad he put the boys? "He took us np
into the infant class and set us down
among the babiesl" suddenly exclaimed
the President s other pupil. "I ' was
the first boy he took up. He told me to
stay there and for the life of me 1 dared
not move; After school he talked with
ns. How trne, how eloquent, how
thoroughly svmpathetic was that talk.
He understood our rebellions boy-hearts
better than we did ourselves. He
shamed the manhood into us. We be
came as clav in his hands, to mold into
nobler and' better form. I sever for
got Mr. Arthur's talk to me through
all my youth and manhood."
One of the follies we are apt to carry
witU ns on entering life i to suppose
ourselvea possessed of certain lofty qual
ities that uisiinguish ns from all about
n. 1 Herron.
ail sonrs.
A good coooanut ia meaty ,bnt a falling
star is meteor.
A mule is unlike a poor rule, because
he works both ways.
A prison is never narrow when the
imagination can range iu it at will.
The gilded youth of the present gene
ration is generally lined with brass.
No chemist has yet succeeded in mak
ing a correct analysis of. a boy's pocket.
Large ears indicate patience and
agility. Witnoss the donkey and jafk
rab'oit. Keep away from tho barrel if yon
would not be troubled with hoop-snakes.
There is only one way to prevent the
Indians from breakiug out don't shut
thera in. -
A congressional candidate ovor in Ohio
is smiling an avorago of 123'.) smiles a
The averago hotel waiter is a perfect
prodigy at cards he takes everything
with his tray.
It is said that snuff is a sure remedy
for separating fighting dogs. It's sncezy
thing to do.
No man that ever lived can clinch an
argument without riveting his opponet's
Sponges grow at the rate of an inch a
month. It is fortunate that a man's nose
is not a sponge.
A hotel piano which is tuned onoe in
three your is considered good enough
for the place it occupies.
The Speaker of the House is generally
known as tho Chair, so culled because he
is sat down on so often.
The masked burglar is a modest crea
ture. Ho covers his face that he may
not bo witness to his own wickedness.
The Cincinnati Gazwttee sees no harm
in round dancing if the partners stand
three feet away from each other.
About the only flag the Egyptians have
made any use thus far is the white one.
Perhaps they like the color.
A Brooklyn cook was recently die-1
charged for ringing the dinner boll. The
family "were away in the country."
The reason they call them "bulls" and
"bears" is b'scause they have a bully
time watching their bonds bear interest.
Whatever j ou have to do, do it with
might. Many a lawyer has made his
fortuno by dimply working with h will.
Next we shall have a coat-tail flirtation
code. Having tho tails covered with
mud will mean "I don't like her father."
An exchange captions its column of
police reports "The Hum of the Locust."'
It is a pleasant way of heading "Billy
Whon Arabi comes over here to lecture
he'll be on the lookout for those fellows
who have been puuniug on his nuine.
Mamma "Oh, you naughty boy, to
be drowning flies." Fred "I'm not
drowning 'em; I'm putting them into
the water to cool era,
So they have got a corner on tanbark,
have they? Well, well, that accounts for
the different flavor of boarding-house
coffco of lato.
Tha Count B., well known for his sel
fishness, was asked, the other day,
What is friendship t ' iriemlsuip,
he replied; "why, it is devotion by an
other." A thick corn husk is not a sign of a
hard winter, us some folks think. It
makes no difference to corn husks what
the weather is.
"I thrashed tho little boys and mashed
tho big ones," was tho young school-
marm s explanation of tier success m sub-
dnins an unrulyschool.
Forty Bchoolma'ams are camping out
in the woods in New Jersey, and every
owl old enough to fly has retired to an
other part of the State.
A backman lecently went into the surf
at Long Branch and encountered a huge
shark. Their eyes met for an instant,
when the shark blushod audswam out.
"All the world's a stage, Sam, and
the men and women merely players."
Yes. massa. but if data so where you
goin' for to get your audience and
orchistry?" "
There is ono advantage iu warm
weather. At no other season of the year
can you spread the butter on the chil
dren's bread so evenly aud so thinly.
A little girl hearing hor mother ob
serve to another lady that she was going
into half-mourninginquired whether any
of her relations were half dead.
A Philadelphia man who was struck
on tho head and knocked down by a
piece of ice thrown by his wife, says he
now knows what a "cold belt" is.
"Have vou read Burns?" he asked.
"One." she replied, blushing. Subse
quently he learned that at an unguarded
moment she had once leaned against a
hot stove.
No matter how handsome a young
woman may be, when the right man
comes along she is ready to yield the
palm of her beauty, if be lias tuo sense to
ask for it.
At this season of tho year there is no
need of sympathizing with every man
who appears' to be sinking under the
weight of some secret sorrow. It may be
In a recent lecture Henry Ward
Beccher said that "in this country a
smart roan always bos a chance." Mr.
BeecLer is right. More penitentaries
are being built every year.
"Mamma, what makes angejs?" aked
a little boy who had been renting of the
heavenly inhabitants. The mother
glunced out into tho orchard, and with a
warning look solemnly replied, "Unripe
fruit, my dear."
The Home Journal says: "The notion
that oil college bred men must go into
professions, and thot college learning is
useless to any but professional men.mnst
be exploded. If every one as oon as he
is edncited, thinks himself above man
ual labor, and progress consists in edu
cating the laboring classes, accompanied
with the wish to shirk the toil by which
their fathers became independent, where
will progress lead ns to when all shall
have become cultured and elevated?" To
machinery. Machinery will do it all. It
will scrub, waob, cook, go to market,
dress ns, undress, chew for us, and do it
all. There will be no further necessity
for human exertion of any sort. Only to
lie down, langb, grow fit, and die of the
liver compUint.
Kpinnnwa Whip a Cat. A half
grown cat caught a young sparrow on
W . a A . . At.
tost Norwegian sireei yesteruay, ami wn
latter chirped loudly, giving the alarm
n,l in a vr fflw momenta a liirirn mini
bor ol the belligerent little birds were
on the spot. They swooped down on
pussy irom every uirecuon, ana, al
though she arched her back, distended
Imp tail atiif triml In riva liatlln aim una
overcome by numbers, and tied inconti
nently to tlie .neiter oi a com sued ner
at band. This did not end tho matter.
Tn tliA nnnraa of half uu hour inns
made her appearance on the scene again.
Tho birds appeared to have put some of
their number on picket duty, for as soon
as the cat came' from hor shelter the
nlnrm waa sounded anil tlin ftmtliMffld
clans came afresh to the attack in greater
force than ever. The oat rau to her
home, half a squaro away, the sparrows
i i.. . i i .
sinning uer as luug as atie wan in sign.
fSpottsville Miner's Journal.
To the Fartiur vil Mechanic of Oregon,
Wntkington Territory and Jdaho:
11 irmi lo coll your attention to the. fact
that our annual Catalogue and price li?t fur
lSS'J-Nl m now ready for dintnliulion. Jl
will he fouud tenj uiliuMe and inttrvrtite
reading, and trill be furninhed gratititoutly.
Send your name and nuriafirr addee to
184 Firrt tired, l'ortland, Oregon.
nepi-lm J . U. Him if)
ftlavea'a ToKttiulte Cherry Tatnti Past
An aromatic combination for the preservation
of Win teeth and gums. It is far suerior to tor
'reparation or iu kind iu the market, in lar,
andiomeoiwl pots, price fi'tr cent.-. Kor into
by all driKTL'isH. Holw, Davis A Co., wlio!a-
ule sgcnU, Portland. Oregon.
Baron Liebig says: "The only method
by which yon can possibly advance or
develop agricnlture is by experiments;
that is tho only plan, for there is no
branoh of industry so completely built
up by experiment as agriculture."
Frank 0. AbelU the Gold Modal Photographer
of 1'oriland, was Ihe only artist that dared to
make a riuplnv at tlieaUooliatnei ruir. hh is
not afraid to show his work anywhere, at it al
ways stands on itsown menu.
Niw, Rich Afp Purb Blcod! Tho use of
Oregon Blood Purifier.
HmK Awn Mn.m Itur krr! Rend to W iter It.
Allen, 153 Third street, Portland, for my hook
or mtuio published. Onicrt by mail tilled
promptly. The "Musical Pastime," s monthly
journal of music, 60 eta. a year. Send stamp fur
big catalogue or music. '
The best liver reeulator known, a sure cure for
Dvseia and indigestion it Dr. Henley's Cali
fornia lvA. L. Hitlers.
Soml Jl.liu to W. !. Palmer, Portland, lor one
year's subscription to the Taoitic Overseer, the
great semi-monthly A. 0. U. M. paper.
Tha only first-clais variety entertainment in
Oregon is given at the Klile theater, Portland.
Tuiikisii Runs. Send to John B. Girrison
107 Third street Portland, for catalogue ol do-
Garrison repairs all kinds ot tewing machines.
Explftinr 4 at Toot of thin column
TI1K Ml'MH'AI. I'aNTIItn-A monthly Jour-
iimI of inuNie (hotli vocal ami limtriiiniilalj irul tu
niiv lultlnwH for Micts pr year, AiWrvH Wiley 11,
Allen. imWlHher and mu.-lc tlraler, 15J Third street,
I'nrtliUHl, Ori'tfon. Catalogue fn-iv
W. Il.Tkl AUtK-rivil kin'lhciT. Conlnu'lor and
Knrvevnr. oilici Koom No. S Uine's llnllilliiK,
Knit Portland. All klnil of mirvcyliiK aiiU drafting
done f ir miy part of the eonntry.
EM'PI'ftE'BAXfiKYnSrWiwIiiiistoii; Vim it
Kulir, PropK. Mamifui'tnrfntof Pilot lircad, Hiala,
ricnlc, Itntler, Hcintiin.HiiKaraiiil Hhoe Kly rraekeia,
llnlim Irom the trade bolUted and promptly at
ti'ntlfl to.
W.. O. JF..V.VK At ',-lii Front street near
unhltiKton. Oren. metulft. mineral watera, cotd,
etc., carefully analysed. Ahhiiv fomolil and all v-r
;oi her inetaU from IS. to . Hold ilnul IhiiikIU
and bars made. Orders by mall carefully attended
J. It. MclTOMH,-Oor. Front and Htark. Chem
ical aimlVHlH maite of ciml. mineral water, etc. Or
dlnarv assay of Kold, allver, lead or copper, from
lr. P. Hnrvev. ConmHtHgt'hi'inoit.
D. P. K K N" Kl V, Attorney anil l onnm lor ai
Law Kimm 5 llrkum'i building. I.emil tiualneM
pcMftlnliiK to Ijetlen Patent for Invention", beforl
Ilie Patent Otlii'i or In tin-1 'onrta n ho,-I','m-
Uuriidum Bond Im-(. Porter and Waad Mia,,
Mouth I'urtlund, Or.
Ir. riUtlriKton. lute Profi-wornf K.y Kar filwaneii
In the Medical Di pnrtmi-nt of Willamette rnivemlty
Iih.1 er.i'leil a Hue Imlldlnir. on a bi-uiitlliil eli viiiloii In
(he "until part of the city anil la iwoared to aieomii
ilat patletitu mitlerinif fruni till dw-ane of the K,
h Kor THROAT. Also wlil pay njai-Ud attention In
peraona lulorini unrh r Chronic Nervous airwtloiie,
and to iliicaai M-ciiilar pi women, and n-i-leve a llmi
lc,l rninherof raw.i expii-tltiK niiilinemi'iil.
I he liilenllon In to piuvele a fur nuch canes
with all Ihe l.t hylleol, attele-lea collibloed with Uu-bc-l
medical "kill to he had In the nirtropulK
t'liiiNiilllnir phynlclauandnurireiiu lir. Phlilp Ilnn'i y,
Pn,f. of ilta-aieH of women anil i hll'lren hi the tneillt al
department Willamette l'nlverlty.
Alio I r. J. M. F. Itmwne. Prof. of Phywology rued
dep I. Willamette I'nlvernity.
rurany amount of referem ea and circular, aildrewi
uu. J. ii. i'ii.Kiirt,
far. i'i and Whli1 t,. Port land, Or.
Write to Cl and Dltpernry.
10 000 Pianos
1 .000 Organa. ,
Half. It v
"I Mwttifarttirrrt
rmnif--'3t'9 WJ
IV h. R"t)t f-r I
tan tttttmtM
flora and elrj. anyone wh wauta hf tit, pleaaanl em-plovtni-nt
In which fnim fa to ! a-r tavcan tn- maoe
will nd their name and KtoflUe aititrea to iu m
mltai!y. and rwlv nor rtincrleilv ctn-'ilar Ad
fr.. II. II. Urtraell Ala., So. UU Froo atreet
Purt land. Oreron.
til .MM Ili:WAIlt
Kelliwa J lllaaa'a airatria mt IStm
mm4 mik I attlrnr, ami. with acorret nieaa.
nrraoil prfc-t rtmit.f. pnxluea a bad fltnix
rarmnl. ra-reral ImpnivemniU haw Ju-rm-n
aiale. At-Mf to ix-ll ana U-w h wantxl
in rvrnr town, lejon aaeniw cai; Mae irom
usuiaiidT. KKI.U)IMI Jll.l'V.
Ke'.Lej d.teaaei Tetul If Dim Pills.
IfXTi0 . (;iovelttnd,U..lorl'ainpIiletm
U 't' , g 14 -plain sealed envel-
1 1 ll " 1"!. deiTibtu an
lll' al A ll INaTRUMENI (aara
ttll Al'atnlflhtlforcurin
tttUiatwIalt I fcimale.t'heap.iVver iaiU.
U ta
1850. 32 Years Pract cal Experience. 1882.
John A, Child
Iralir In
Fine Chemicals,
Toilet Articles,
Sponges, Soo.pi.
4 Rubber Ooos.
Cor Morrison ?dr'
FikyisJ ancmum
p d In o'uvm i j
msil wbn erom
nn'"-il I tr ilie e.i,
W. K. I'hanitx-rlaiii Jr.
Tin. A. Kiitiliiann.
Life Scholarship
tcpt 2meow
Denlrr la Kf w and
ett MimIImm HI., rurlUud, Or.
rrllM aValrtna Hnllrr. biliw ar tlW
Mll.l. M II1.M:MV ran wwrt
by aiklimtiui At r. t'uillrr.
Now mid Second Hand Machlnci
(! and aula ar trtulra ta aaTualuaa.
as rtrat MrMi, Partlaad. Otfm.
ui'Ks. rirrout axo amiivkitio
Tlaalaa Tackte a Kvar aierlatlaa.
BSrAiuira bomb
AH Laadlna
u a nifturl
All Medern Improvimenta. Open all day.
' .T. It. BKFWWKR. Prnrlr.
Importers and dealers In
Guns, Rifles, and Revolvers
Hods, ' Clv s,l,,im
1 tuna. ..; .f ' ..Ol ,'.
v v . Sturgeon
' v. -..V
lluskets, Uim,
Leailors, allklml.
Braided and Tapered Oil Milk Llnet.
Six Spliced Split Bamboo Hods,
IflS and 1ST ftattnnil aiH Portland) 'r
1 our entire Inleretit In, and transferred the axeuey
of the White Hewing Mai'lilne to, Mr, John II. Ilnrrl
ann, nf l7 Third sir et. l'ortland, Or. Mr. tlarrlaon
will hereafler mipi'ly the Krowlnir demand lor thin
upetlor and popular sewing machine,
tpi.s ,..' HIM, i HA nit
(ukel llreasts,
CornN, etc.,It lion
no p(iml.
Nold by Drug
gists ami eoiin
try Ktorem at 10
fonts per box.
Bpeclal atUntton fttrta to the salt of
Wheat, Oats, Flour, Wocl & Dairy
ttal tar WZXKI,T PRirm CTTRRKNT. tntUal
fxas on application.
liberal AdTtncet on Con!gnmentf.
osttgnmenU and Orders Sollctted.
1. A. WK-lfl. Pi-ntnanat llw
-Portland Ruslness College,
Received the premium g ven by Iba
Forth lel rihlbltof Plain Wrltln. Card Writing
r lourUt.a g, lturlng and Pen Drawing. I'be
rortlaud Uuslneao College Journal,
raotalliltig .peePneea of ornamental pen work, ele
mtcl liv I'r. f. Wearo, a 111 be nit tree tu any addn-aa,
Km1 name on D0.U1 aud. WKylvrHns,h
7tf rVn l" Pnwl-eil. ''
The ninhop Scott (Jrammnr School.
V. and Viaiiig ki n, will U-g'n It" Ktth year undrf
It. prearut Bianairement Kp. a. I-C fn-imnt tmf
UiT college r bwdueaa. Ttie tea huia la pra, IW-al ajld atrUt eiiil for twelfth an
nual i-ataluaua, giving d.n.plele Hat of it.ll,
Aln, J. W. HJlX, at. H.. Heart :.u-r.
lljrfui , I'TJaul, Or. go
,:' CC1XX
a aaipa;aitliaa
II vati'e J fctaitlk.Sai J
J j&Mi nw&
I natipajajaTaiaa tntaiaaranaaaa m
I aV.a,aia,af iaaialaltlktalal aa
" i r::nsi3 iiimm
Eisxsiza imnn
timn unun iiimn in
rimm PTiswn r??i tr in
taaitiaattiaial aUtaa.A4aul
Ksssa Eiii;:n3 nnnn Ei:nn3 n
Dlh AI.IIINA IIDVKRIKAI), of which the a enmplete plal, la tu Alhltia, aud
lH-tu tvn ami ImiiiliiK on both the exti'iKlou til Fourth attvci. Kiwi Port land, and the VaniiiuTi-r mad. All tli
lol.ln bliH kaai.'.-. in. 'Jlanil ) are .VUlJi feel, with twenty foot allcvUhroiiKh the hh ks. All Iheu'liM lota
Broulmlcci. I he atrreia are wide, aud have all liceii cleared, while the loir, are high and level ami can Im
very eawly churcil.
We now oil, r lor wile for a short time a limited number of t lime lulu and blorkt at reuMiuable iirlrea ut:d on
ea,v tcrmit,
1 1 UK AI.IIINA IIDMKSTFAD bt inuiueitt'mutlily tlin hint Held for luvintment and the mon i,lmhle
place for Iimiiimi now hi Ihe market. I ( clow proximity to thetlllmof Porllanil and l am Port html, ami to tha
heavy Impnivet In now In lug carried tun by the vnrlouii coinnniili a ui der the tllrii-tlnu of Mr. Vlll.tnl--lba
hry lKa k, Klevnlorii, Mai lime Miii and other norkmil Ihcw companlra-lii ueiiruem alwi tu the Albiiia
erry, toitctherwith Ihu Mret-t Hallway from I, atreet Fcirv, In Ktint Portland, will liuike thai
pioK rty very aietwlbie fiiimall iarlid IhewcltW Theae advnutiwea will neeeaxti lly attract a lanje pop
uliitlun.aud In the meantime lunke thin the nut miulur and valuable suburban proieny Iu thl vbiuilv
w hlle In the neat fuime ll miMt funilth Immeafor the mplillv Increasing a,pmutloii of Alhlna, and tliemia
vnluewlll beat least live llmia what we now olTcr It tor. Wewlll .how the pniarly and give full Inlorma
lloii luall whuma) a ply to us pcmnnally. and ImiulrliwiulilreKiied to tmiiy mall will rcci Ive pnuniit attriiiiutk
K. J. II A lull 1' A ttl.. Ileal rittule .gi M.U Morrhon nlreet,
and l.UW.NMlAl.K A l'U Itcnl FMate Wahlui;ioii at. Purtland. Or.
Aad Jf Uaylng Year
New York Hoot mid Shoo House,
Na. 1 I'lnl Ml reel,
lletween Yamhill and Tuylur, IVntiand
that means make the w hole country richer, Wa
have jnt rtwlvid the numl eleuant alia'k of giMala
ever bnintht to ISirttand. which we an aelllngal ratea
Unit no other home can. When yon come tu thn city
bring In your whole family and we w ill sell them
good al aaionlnlih'irlv low nVc. Ilnlcra fnun the
country w ill he promptly alli-nded to, aud we will pay
reliihl iin all good m-ot to you.
lien. Helling,
H. E.DoecB.
0B tTirry pair.
AKIN. aiXI l a CO.
$1000 JtEWAJJD
lug a more effectual remedy than
Dr. Kock's Sure Cure for Catarrh.
Which has stood His teat for fourteen year. Pliyid
elans, Drugglnta, and all who have uiied aud thur
ninthly tested It, pronounce It erln for the cure of
that loathaum daeaaa, Try It. Your druggist baa
ll, price II.
Or. Kin k thoroughly anderstands, and la eminently
tiiccewdul In tha treatment of allcaroala am. til St
rait Slaw, of bath araaa and all agaa, havllif
made a aoeclaltruf their treatment for fourteen years
He treats 'anew without ualng the knife. Ills favnr-
It iirewrinUon at funilahetl to lady aatlrata Fr
No laily should be without It. Young, middle agnl or
old, male or female, Inwulty or a life of auflcringla
your Inevitable doom tiuleaa yon apply In time to tha
physician who understand!, and Iscuuipetent to treat
your case, Waala no more time nor money with In-comiH-tent
physicians. All rommunlcalloua attended
tu with dhpaU'h, and are strictly cnnlidentlal. Meill
i l.iea aeut to any part of the country. Circulars, testi
monial., and a lint of printed quiatlims fnrnlahed on
atipllcalkin. IHI.MItr I.T ATIIIH PKKK. Inelrae
athree'cnt stamp for Hat and addre. UH JailKa
Kr.i'K, No. m First street, Purtland. Or.
Na. 11 Kaaray atraat. a. F.,
r.e.u all I'kraal aad apatlal 111
9 V tM'in ut Touthful fiilllf-A or liKllw rfttoh, will dv
tftl to hvaII IhoumflVM of thti, lh rHMtnt boon
. r :ii'l t tha all nr of .viflVrliir htununliy, Oil
Hh,Ni:V r.tll rimrant- Ut tmMi :w fur vn)
k Mf 1'iIiiaJ Wwikimtw or prWl llmnM' of mw)
;. I urttli-rM;iur wlilcu b uudrMk wid fll u
Tli' fw nifcuv m b afr of thlrt- tonlttT h'
-r- tfiH.r lftl wlOt too fminriit wiu iiftttoitn of ib
ifA ! :,r, ofU'fi tVronifMinlMl bf ft flight fiitiurti:i i:
j tii.'iniii-r tfir (jatlvhl rrtrihol awnijnt for. (Mifintu
4 Oip iirl'uiry dtoiJU rof hhiiii) will ufwi
I'.tin 1, nmt rU'riifiimn nmail pHrth'li'i of KiMUfiifr
li; riif-Hr. or ilir color will b of tlrtu nillkiith Im
! i-i;'fif lo ii ilnrk Kfii fri1 npHi.rrMi'
t In re sr nmoy mn who tlliof thin (tlfll'-nliv, lv"
'i.T f-1 Mw rHiiw, wlilch In th hooih' uiaut of Hi inl
: V-Vhh:o4i4L lit. M, will KiinrHtiti- iwrtWt cht i
ill f-i It cn-, Aiid bi'ikltiiy rt'itoiHUoit of tuegviUo
u..iiirv ftrKnnn.
if.l tiun-Ifl tni and tot. Hnm1rjr- from 10 tt
11 . M. Co'iuiiallun frttt. JhoruuicU fXttiolmlU
bi"l nttv Ic.
(ikijortvt'ln HI. PIr.Y At iht
V 11 KMrtir Mr"'t. Kin Kfji f '!
.'Ai earFi-w.kiiS
acatmiuto ktaaou ii. It7l.
mm nr.. by pvkiftin(i your hivid,
you Hcgulatt. the liver and Kidneys, rlt-ane tha
Htomach ul all Morbid rtrcretlon., aud euloy that
great boon, dotal Health. NoauflTerer aliiHild fall to
give tbla popular remeily a trial. let the tit.NI INK
ami utnerve the Trail Mark. On Hollar per bottle
For wtle erervwbera.
'f,m 2 lffitta?iayt' ,' 1
ca f 1
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C3 I
Bat tual QUI Itaoa Mask, TaaJB aM4Wajti
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aaaaaaw aiawaaawa aaaiiw
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tun. J
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nimn i:z::::i r
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tzimn uzmn 1:1
luikmi LaiaiaiAa.. J I
Dr. Mootly, of New Vorfc Citj,
A ttrutlUMlc of H w Vnrk Ark no 1 mt Mdt
rlnr, mm ui ikm lluhllu frtavllre.
wiml to the iuhlU roimiiltalloii frr.
I tnvltf the ninherwlmt thi-lrdlMHM nxmj
Im, to call iitiil invcHliKHtr lor lht nim-lv ht foriNlMUt
tttiiilnir nil Ih'Im n, l.r It will con you nuihliiff. 1 yivc
no cnroiiruKi nu-iit i nli-fM thtrf w a fnlr inKpH'i of
iimklnKNcun. I will cntUvor in r raoitld in my
oiitUn hm'I rt'ttMiim l to my churn a, I cluiin imiC u.
coMM'Vi'iUMly(tnit (oriirv lllhtil i-um Ik curi. 1
have .mil iwcoty yvitiv' fnhtHrMul iiruriu In tha
trt'iitniHil of hotli itcuiH and clinoh' diM-iiMR 1 tutv
ItH HtrHl lii lirli(iul. und nil 1 nk w tlml you lvr mrt
fair. untitHM'd Ii'IhI, oy whudi I Iioh louo rlt vimr m
tltlfiu'c, and it I vi' fiitlrf HiitKfucitoii in nil rtudi'Tljii
tiuiituoily, My rfputtttinn Iihn Ihmii acqntriit by tilia
'undid wllh my imtli ntK, ihnmuli ).Hrnof MUxnMifol
imu'tk1.'. Iioih In l.urojH' and Hi IMm country, aivd
mudioimly kcviilnjc up wfih the ait. I know thv raona
and n-nudy iifi-Utd.iioihy gm-HaWork, hut Ity yean
of cxiicrtviict.
In my tn tttmont of niHiiy iIUchmhi I nmkonof a
mw ihi-IImhI of run. 1'lit ircHiincnt In nlnii( aiut tha
mont fiahlldt of all. 'Mit re h no unnlfHHMiit mmimiUimi
wltalcwf allcndliiR the treat mciiu 1 invito all (umiHia
iilllirU'd to vWt lino frvidy convlncf thcmwlviif. lav
1 1 ni mi to verify tht a-Ht-rtlou that llo-tt htm iivr
rxlMitta fi'intily no ulartllnK mI linm(llau In tu
wtis-tH. J low noll curaliv i' M'(U. tw haiullril In my
(uiMih-e. lire t ndor v and approved by Ihe fm-oltlm
ol ImiiIi r.nrow Hiid Amrrica. Tin bittfttclal tf1iri
ar iH-n cpiil-lv uinioxt doin the Mart. IVmh r cunlo!
tnrnruhliMiiidof ycum niundtior. yU'ld to ltn mild hot
wouoi'rful Inlttii net. And In no rn. ran lltt trvtiU
tni'itt ht uttt'iidiHl w th tht lfiv( tlanifor. tl"'r hy u--ttf
1 1 or H In h- Hi mohl liarinh'-w HK-nt to llo -ai-tlti.
Tlmni' who svM lo apply for alvlci ot tri'Htnnttl
iiiiivrunlldi-nily do ko without hcNitutlon orduhdfiHt,
km lit moHt timid limy ndy on that tuvlohdiln mrw-y
wld' li han already iinivitl th ..aula of an cxtenniv
tnifrrvlotnd rcpiilHtlon nhnHid.
( urn-now i he U'hhI'mI hy corii upctidfinl whfiia frH
(hmiuI inlrrvli w tH tiiiHiKihlA, pnividlnir Ho mtUnla
w ill mlriuli'ly dctiitl all of tlo h ImhUI.v lollrinutli-aaiHl
nii'iiliil dhtiiihanccH wrltli'it tn a lniplt and natural
hiyh'.nnd In nccnrtlunri with thi ihh'i rwiary dta.ttaof
thi-lrown Ih'Mmkh th.t irfisoiml Inti'rvh-w. however,
even w III) (tatlenir renldliiK at a dl'taiu-e In liUthly o
Mhahlewhfii prncitcahh, und will more than ry
Ihe nut lent Ihe eXTeNHc und tioolile irf a trip tv rt- 1
Unil. The udvtinit'K' (f even it vlult am apnitit nt mid
nutnlfold. A hIokIc vlfsll In most rune w 111 eiiHhlt ih
diKMor to finn an to'eurMeopli.loti and noteparth tilara
which tnltlit he lot ntirht ol in intm-corn-MpondciKV,
piirllruluily when a inlcnwopa' and ehi inlcnl anuJy
kIh la ahwluielv nect vtry, l nllei lH not nual
loKln tht illy who wish lo trHiiat ihelr htwIneiM
(hronitli the innthaor hy e.xpn hH can hat the i m
wiry reined let Kent to'any addreHM or I. fl tit any ril
way Htailon or mucIi olllee In On tfon or Vu.xhlKtiHi
leirllorv until rulleil tor. citrefully pie ked aad m
rurely ai-uied. Olllee and Itesideiiee, Klrnt at rift,
llooiioi I an X7, I udfl'.t New IIiiUittiiR, I'drner irl
nil l 'nOitttltli, I'nrtlHod. tireiWMI.
Arc tho BEST and COST HO MORE Uim
Other Brands, and If the Merchant with
whom jou Tral dops not koop our Ooodi
It U bfranse It PATS bettor to sell a
in!r of BooU or Sliooi ererjr TTT0
Months that wry I'OL'B or IIYE.
iVo make. All Mrrchatitu In Uood Credit
can iirocnro thcue Goods at onr Ware
houses tu PORTLAND or Kan Frnnclsco.
hit grrat tlireagta.
aaltig BteaMtfr aas
rrra Toala la ihe le-
;ltlmat reaillt ill oer M
vearauf praellral eiperl
,nif,anf(i;KK Wl'i II
I V. Nervuna anil 'hvia
hI lielillli, Kenilnal
rhnt-a, Pnwtalurrliea.Knt
inlitnliins, lmMitflirv, Ks
naiHted Vllallly, Pn-nia-uire
lieellne anil l,4tHSl
or MAWHOOIt, (mm
w nalrver eaiiw lirmliHvtl.
It t-niltlii anil purlm a Ilia liliaid, nlrf natlient th
Kerves, Hraln, Mu lia, Ingesilon. R. priKlu.-nve Or
gana, ami Physkal and Mi-ntal JTwuIiIm. It
ln anr annatiiral debilitating dnun upua
tlir avairm, preventing Invnlunlary Invea, ,la
bllltatlng driwma, earulnal liae with Ilia u-Uie,
nc an (li-ntruetlra to mlmt anil hn-iv. It la
aanreellmlnapif of all KIUNKY AND itf AM't k
IMIKKIilKNT. Ta thtias .ugrting graai ttaa e
frrta af yaalhfal latltrlltas ar nia a
ttertlv, fhirtaaa anil aeratiiarat t'l KK l"l
Ul Alt A vr. l. ITI.a. Mierhi)iie,or Sv
taitlla In eaite with full rllrivtinns ami ailvli e. itt.
tn-nl itwiiri Irom ouaervation Ui an aililria uMia re
ceipt nt prlre, or '. O l. Tn I, hail only ot
llr. ('. II. ItallleM. a la Kearny alrrrt,
Han I'ranela o, Cal. ronaiiliailnns mrli tly eoi rtiloa
tlal, by letter iir al nOlre, KKKK. r'nrllieinnvi-nifinv
of patients, and In oritr In aneure pi'rlii't aefn-ry, I
have ailnpliKl a private addreas, under wliV b all luek
agfsare iiirwHril-ii.
BnlflHent to nli w It. merit, wlil he m at to anr nn
api'lylng hy it-tier, staling hhi .ynipumia and age
Ci'inniiiiilratiiiiia .trtetiy confldfitllai.
af r V Tla. M.. J
kal neatrii, , a nwrt i
roKTLA , on.
Syltes Sare Core for CatarrH'
Jiqrn or iry. m:1'k i;-atmospmkhic
J inanfflatoni," i-rw i,rr (liraod Inauft'
loranaaiitKl on rwa-ipt i-f rn-, with full dir-.-ui
UMtc K U. HKJ1-4oKK s. (u, ljravr-xl')
ttrvt. PurtlftDd, Of. - tg ir M'l Hi .
inncMFiPi nn