The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, September 29, 1882, Image 7

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And count th thiliK Hurt we hart done,
And counting tind
One KlMenyinj act, one word,
That euod Ilia heart of him who heard;
One glanoa more kind,
iw frlllia iunihina where it wont,
Tuw..uay count that day well .pent.
But .fthrouKh the life-long dar
Ve-v. eaaed no heart bjr ea or nay;
Jf through it all
u'e'T done no thing that we can trace,
That brought the luunhiue to lace;
So act, moatiinail,
That hehed aome aoul, and nothing coat
Then count that day u wone than lost
parwln'a Altitude Towaras Belliflon.
It is no longer customary to groet
every mention of Darwin with a jest con
Sg the ancestral ape. The develop
meat theory has grown and thriven in
,ita of the various phases of adverse
ilin which have indicated the attitude
of orthodoiy toward it Thirty years
.mi the discussion of the whole matter
was' confined to s.-ientifio circles. The
cnblio did. not recognize its custenco as
the (Treat modifying iufluence in the
world of thought, which it was sure to
become. This indifference was succeeded
by a sudden alarm. The suggestion that
a secret conspiracy against Christianity
was hatching roused the fenra of its ad
vocates Nobody seenu d to think it was
at all worth while to find out what this
terrible new doctrine was. Discretion
formed a small pari of the valor which
assailed it with every imaginoble weojwn.
The age did not countenance the rock
and the thumb-screw, so the next best
thing must be done, and faithfully It was
done No effort was spared to denounce,
sneer, and laugh the Darwinian theory
ont of existence.
In order to look fairly at the attitude
which Darwin sustains toward religion
it is necessary to clear away some of the
rubbish with which the question has
been encumbered. Science is not ir
religious, it is simply extra-religious.
Science and religion do not deal with tuo
same questions, they do not cover the
same ground. Within their own proper
limits, they touch only on one side, the
Tueistio. Science, strained to its last
legitimate point, can only confirm the
truths of natural religion. With the
truths of revelation, from the very na
ture of the caso, it can have nothing to
do It bears exactly the same relation to
the Koran, the Kig-Veda, and the Rend
Avesta that it does to the Bible. The
iogic of its facts teaches the existence of
a Creator and a Law-giver to the uni
verse. ,
Many of the most brilliant as well as
the most religious minds of the century
have for years felt entirely free from
anxiety in regard to the growth and
spread of the theory of evolution, feel
ing that it did not touch, that in the
nature of the case it could not touch, the
essential divino truth. They held the
"view just quoted from .uurwiu, iuui
scioncu deals not with the nature of the
lower that works, but with the metuous
.v it. ru-ts Tt is a aiiestion not of
hut of urocess. It
1,110 l'l-"" w , 4
would bo as absurd to accuse Stephen
son of donying the power of steam, be
cause he concentrates his attention upon
the developement and explanation of the
steam engine, as to assume on the evi
dence of the evolution hypothesis that
Darwin denies the existence of a Crea
tor, because ho is occupied in making
clear the laws under which he creates.
Topics of the Times.
Silas Wegg's Discovery.
When Silas Wegg made his famous
bargain as the "literary man" of the
Golden Dustman, he insisted that his
feelings should be taken into account.
Droning prose and "dropping into
poetry" were so much, and Uncle John,
Aunt Mary and the other geutlofolks in
the big house opposite his crossing were
so much more. It is true that he had
never spoken to any one of them, and
that the names he knew them by were
entirely of his own devising. But they
wero associations; wero properties to
which a crossing sweeper had as much
right as a dustman. And, of course,
Mr. Boffin recognized the fact, and paid
for the abandoned properties of his
"literarv man." Now it seems to us
that Mr" Dickens nseil Mr. Wegg rather
hardly when ho held him np to derision
as a grasping old knave who Imposed on
his simple patron with his feelings.nsso
ciutious, and much like intangible enti
ties. In reality Silas was only a trifle
ahead of his age. Every week Teutonic
Croesuses give thousands for worm-eaten
cabinets, which without association,
might be dearly appraised at the price of
houno-roora. Maria Antoinette's writing
table brings the salaries of four curates
capitalized, simply because Mr. Wert-lipim..i-
w mi'r tlit associations are
saleable, and run up as timo goes on at
compound interest. Mr. Qnaritch draws
astounding checks for faded folios, sololy
because the garish stamp on the cover
tells that the volumo was once upon a
time handled by Cardinal Richlieu, Mine.
lu Barry, Avrora von Konigsmurk, or
some equally eminent patron of virtne
and polite letters. Mr. lio'setti's ad
mirers rash to bid 'M for chintz cur
tains, for which Wardonr street would
have scorned to have paid thirty shil
lings simply because they were asso
ciated with the honso of the poet-painter
in Cheyne walk. Mr. T. nnyson s walk-ing-sticK
or pipe would bring any day u
better price thun the most gorgeous cane
in the Burlington Arcade, or the latest
triumphs of the Pesth meerschaum
carver's art. Indeed, there are few peo
ple with anything in the shape of a heart
or an imagination who have not, at some
time in their life, dipped deep in tueir
pockets for the gratification of some asso
ciation in the shape of chair, table, toddy-ladle
or dog-eared book. To Mr.
Wegg, therefore must be accorded the
honor of discovering that sentiment was
amarkable commodity, which can always
command its price when niero signifi
cance will hang on the auctioneer'
Lands. London World.
A happy temperament is more to be
desired tban anything except gold, and
the price of it is above the price of every
tbicg except rabies. We Lave been truly
effected by the song of a childless parent
who seems to be resigned to his fate. He
Alat ! haven't Tennreon
To moid my day declining.
But I mrpo ll Scott to be.
oo it, air. repining.
In. 8oolBirorm
Fanny Ward writes from Washington
to the Cincinnati Commercial: Mrs.
Emma D. . N. Southworth, who is
probably the most prolific novelist
America haa ever produced, has just
concluded the first lengthy risit she hat
made in Washington for many yars,and
gone to her summer home at Yonker.
on the Hudson. She has a cottage it
Georgetown, adjaoeut to Washington a
rather ancient and rickety affair, as are
most of the habitations in that "deserted
village," but beautifully situated on the
heights. I went over there to see her,
and was shown into the cozy library,
three sides of which are lined with books,
and whose windows command a superb
view of the quiet I'otomao and the
sleepy old town. Mrs. Southworth is
by no moans a sentimentul-looking
woman, but decidedly the reverse, her
face showing strong practical common
sense rather than the florid fancy that
Las been making such constant
flights for the last quarter of a cen
tury. Her familiar chat with me that
hot summer's day, in the library is
calculated to encourage other workers
who find the slippery street to literary
distinction by no means lined with roses,
and so I give it to you almost entire.
"Yes," she said. "I havo been a great
worker for so many years that it has
grown to be the habit of my life, so that
I could almost as eusy stop breathing as
scribbling. Ilard, faithful and persist
ent labor is the true geuious and with
out it there can be no permanent suc
cess." And then shewent on to say, as
a question on a remark deftly interpo
lated drew her out, that never in her
life had she eujoyed a day of perfect
health. That iusidious disease, con
sumption, is hereditary in her family,
and she is always battling it. She baa
never stopped work even for a day, to
recuperate. Her career is indoed a
shining exemplification of the gospel of
labor. When a girl of fifteen, she spent
her holidays (after hard study at sofiool
with a view to preparing herself for a
teacher) in copying land warrants in
order to contribute to her own support,
as the family .were in reduced circum
stances. On leaving school at the ago
of eighteen, she immediately began
teaching in a Washington female semi
nary. Afterward she taught a term or
two at Upper ville, Va., and later at
Springfield, Ohio. She has wr.tten no
less than sixty-five novels, most of them
being in large two-volume editions.
Her first work appeared thirty-live years
ago, in the Saturday Visitor, published
at Baltimore, in 1847. It was written as
an experiment, and the first half of the
story, called "The Irish Refugees," was
sent tremblingly to the editor with the
statement that if he liked it well enough
to want the rest the authoress would
finish it. lie did not like it. Sho
finished it and the labor of her life was
Iler second book, "Retribution" was
written for the National Era. She in
tended to complete it in two chapters,
but as sho wrought the story grow, till
gradually from the embryo of the origi
nal idea sprang the book w hich has de
lighted thousands. When finished, Bhe
finally plucked up courago enough to
offer it to the Harpers. Uenry J. Ray
mond was at this time thoir reader, aud
he reported favorably upon it. llarper
published it. It speedily ran through
several editions, being translated- into
French, Spanish and German. While
writing it she was one of the hard-worked
teachers in the district schools of Wash
ington, and was besido this, a wife
and mother. The exposure in going to
and from daily school labors, the care
of her little ones, with the fatigue of
writing night after night, with all the
world oleep, aggravating hereditary
consumptive tendencies, and brought
on a severe attack of hemorrhage. All
the inclement winter tho brave little
woman worked on, with a slow bleeding
at the lungs, which was only kept in
check by tho counter irritation from
blisters od the back and breast. Sho
says that she, got so absorbed in her
story she somehow forgot her troubles,
and, having no time to bo sick, they
gradually wore away.
The White Yak
Animals of the ox family have been of
immense service to mankind, and some
were apparently domestioatetl at a very
arv imriiwl. Onr well-known ottle.
varying greatly in size, in tho quality of
llesu flud aounaanco 01 mini, uru iuuuw
iriiKrauui. niuiliMtinn lins m&Ja anv pro
gress. Besides these there are the buffalo
of the eastern contitent and onr bison,
the musk-ox of the frozen regions of
North America, and the yak of India.
m. , , ., 1 . 1 , K:-
ilie last tureo snow mora tuug mm
i Mitmu Tim vnk is found is tho con
fines cf Asiatic Turtaiy, the mountains of
Thibet ana uenmu Asia. nine um
bison, it has a tuft of crisp hair ou the
head and a kind of lion-like mane, while
the tipper part of the body and tho up
per part ol tne legs are ctiviTini wiiu
thick fringe of loug hair, reaching near
lv to the ground. The full long tail re
sembles that of ahorse, and the general
hair on the bodv is long, thick and soft.
Tho head is short, and the horns round
smooth. Tho immense mass of hair
makes the yak look very much larger
than it really is, but, independent of this
it is larger than onr domestic cattle. It
is a wild, irascible and dangerous ani
mal, and, though domesticated in China
and Thibet, submits with an ill grace,
and shows its ill temper by a grunt like
that of a hog, from which it is sometimes
called the grunting ox. The prevailing
color is bluck; when fonud white they
are highly prized. Its flesh, milk, hide
and hair are all ued. the hair being
woven inlo stuff. The tail has a high
commercial value, and it is this that, at
tached to a lance, forms in Mohammedan
countries an emblem of the rankjof a
Pasha, and his degree is shown by the
number of tails he is allowed to have
borne Ix-fore Lira. For this purpose a
white tiil will often bring four, live, or
even more dncats. But while the fol
lowers of Slobammod call for white, the
disciples of Confucius prize red, and the
yak's tail, dyed this favorite color aud
suspended from the cap, is the Light of
ambition in the Flowery Land. Ia
India the tail is osed as a brush for driv
ing off flies and other insects from men,
horses and elephants. The toils are
often set in costly handles, and are
cjled chowrics.
We gain as much in avoiding the fad
ing of others as we do in imitating thai
in which they excel.
Love is a queer thing, and so is happi
ness. To enjoy either completely it Las
to be shared.
A Texan friend of ours is willing to
wager that there are more shooting
affrays in New York in a month than in
the Lone Star Commonwealth during an
entire year.
When you are tempted by the pleas
ures and excitements of life if you will
just say, "Dear mother Eve I never did
like apples," you will be a rare man and
a resjiected citizen.
A Western man a while ago eloped
with his mother-in-law. Not that he
had any fancy for the woman. But sho
had said he was the worst husband on
earth, and he wanted the world to see
that she really didn't think so.
A very rare and interesting print has
lieen acquired by the trustees of the
British Museum, namely, "Tho Roiall
Progenei of Our Most Sacred King
James I." It is engraved by Benjamin
Wright, and published by John Wont
neel, 1003.
Among the curiosities which will be
on exhibition at the convention of fire
men to be held in Cincinnati is a hand
worked fire engiue made in England be
fore tho Revolutionary war. It did ex
cellent service for throe-fourths of a cen
tury in Boston.
Five prisoners in the jail at Rockford,
111., escaped recently whilo only the
sheriffs' wife and daughter were in
charge, tho sheriff having having gone to
Aurora with an insane man. The jail
birds ran for the woods, some of them
being without hats, coats or shoes, and
none have been recaptured.
In somo woll compiled statistics in tho
Christian Index, Dr. II. II. Tuckor
makes it appear that there are only throe
States that furnish saloons for fewer
people than Oregon. Nevada has ouo
saloon to every 05 inhabitants; Colorado
one to every 70; California one to every
l.rJ and Oregon one to every I'M.
Professor J. Madison Watson says that
the rock maplo, American elm and Nor
way maple are the best for streets and
parks, as combining in tho largest de
gree strength, beauty and durability,
lie thinks the planting of the silver leaf
maplo a mistake. The black Austrian
pine is the greutest success as au ever
green. Precocity: First proud mother "My
boy is only eleveu years old, and he
comes in every day with his pockets full
of fruit. He can get over the top of any
fence they can put up, the darling!"
Seoond proud mother "Pooh for your
boy! Why, my Jimmy is only ten, and
he 8 a corner loafer, aud has been to the
police court twice."
What a Boy well Do,
An exchange says a boy will tramp 47
miles in one day on a rabit hunt and be
limber in tho evening; when if you ask
him to go across the stroet and borrow
Jones two-inch nugor, he will bo as stiff
as a meat block. Of courso ho will.
And ho will go swimming all day and
stay in the water three hours at a time,
and splash and dive and paddlo and
puff, and next moruirtg he will feel that
an unmeasured insult has been offered
him when ho is told by his inothor to
wash his face carefully so as not to leave
the force of the ebb and flow so plain to
be se seen under his gills. And he'll
wander around a dry creek bod all the
afternoon piling una pebble fort, and
nearly die when his big sister wants him
to please pick up a basket of chips for
the parlor stovs. And he'll spend the
biggost part of the day trying to corner
a stray mule or bald back horse for a
ride, and feel that all Jilo s cuarms nave
fled when it comos to drive the cows
home. And he 11 turn a ten-acre lot up
side down for ten inches of angle-worms,
and wish for a voiceless tomb when the
garden demands his attention. But all
the same when you want a friend who
will stand by you and be true to you in
all kinds of weather, enlist one of those
same boys. Hawkeye.
To tht Farmer and Mechanic, of Oregon,
WanhingUm Territory and Idaho:
We irwt to call your attention to the fuel
that our annual Catalogue and price. (or
1SS2-8I! in now ready for dintrilmtion. It
will lie found very valuable and intrurtiee
reading, and will be furninhed gratuitously.
Send uour name and poxtntlice addrex to
184 Firnt utreet, Portland, Oregon.
nerf-lui I'- 0. 175
Mnvpn'a Voieiulte; hrrjr foolli fle
Ail aromatic combination for the precervution
of the twlli and gutiu. It in far mitx-rior to any
iix-iuntion of jta kind in the inurkct. In lurye,
ii;iiiiUiiiie ojml k1, price City ecnl'. Yor ule
by all tlruygiata. IIchIk", I'uvii Jt fV, whole
sale tigetiu, Portland, Oregon. '
Book Aso Mcsic Bi;7t:itSeTiil to Wiley I!.
Allen. 1.13 fbird rtret-t, Portland, f..r any book
or inu?ie imbliaheil. Order by mail filled
promptly. The "Mimical Pastime'," a monthly
journal ot mimic, 50 els. a y'ar. Send ulaiup for
bn (MlaloiUO of music.
Frank AMI, the Portland phot-vU-MplKT, hat
IhMv added th iiioitt inagiiili'nt show of pic-
liiicii ever seen in the city. JislmTml paneU
ls wen on the r rout ctreel eiitratieeto the gallery
aw genuine, woiks of art and will bent the clone-l
Eillv Mattiiewt, ton irrt-m mmi; ami dam
artit; Mollie Arche,-, Ida Chester, lrei.? liaker,
and Kl th Franks are delighting the auiliew
at tbn Klite theater in Portland nightlv. Oo
and se: the popular llow of amuji men
The lio't liver n-srulator known, a sure eure fi.r
D.k(iia and indi-itiou h Dr. il'-nley's ('ali
furuia 1. X. L. llitten.
Ti'RkihH Ktoi. M-nu to Jolti II. 'lirnwjn
1;7 Third s;riel Portland, for catali " leu of de-
isE'- .
fv-n.l f 1.00 to W. 1. Palmer, P .rtianil, lor one
ve.i.r'.i sulivriiition I" the Paz-inV ljverer, li.e
(jrvat K'Mii-moiilrily A. O. I'. X. mmt.
Garrim.n repuLt ail kind ol aewiGI muchicea.
ti,iMM ni:wAiir
I'OIt AXYUNK WHO Wll.l. l,nM
ki:- JlllaM'a M.f Itrraa
anal l ink 4 alllaa. ai.rt. wuu a n.rrM n.a
iiibii, i-rfe.1 e ill.nk . Tfeliii a Ul tutii.a
larmrnt. h-v-ri liii(,rovwiienl.i kae ju-
.-m imr. Ai-iil ui -ll an l b aaniM
in vrrv loam. Hofl aKm rai. .ar inoi,
lu l' li'. prr Ami
Chi ri-T. H(.kan I e.. W. T
1- ,1
LiTti a&J Kiilna d.aniiri TftoJ Ij Dim Filj.
Vxplainrd at font of thl column.
PorllaBil Business DiTBEtopy !
NHOtV '.. K rfTT.
DIXO.V. Hi:u.Tt:i iir .-(. or, imui
hurk, f'miaiui, miMiiliuiurenul all aiiuUol Imw
ewi . Nen.l fur entalnifne.
M1M( AI-
Til K HIM Al. PANTIUK.-A n ilily oiir-
ml ul iihiu' I'Hith vik'hI ami liiMrum-nUl.i Hem lo
anv ililn- (or fcien per wr. Auiliv Wiley II,
Allen, puliltxlier ml nniKle dealer, lia Tlilnl irwt,
tWtlHint- Or,.f.,n. rnlnli'Kiie frM.
V. M. M X I Kk.-uvll hnxiueer. ttuitruelur
mirvevom UiNee-liuum No. laiw'a Hiil1ln.
Kmit llirtlanil. All kliiiln uf mirve) inn and dmdli.
ilnne for anv er of the iiniurv.
EM PI B K B.1 K l:R"vnJ-VWTiln"i(orir"Tr"4
loihr, I'mon. Mauufaeliiremof hpeml, Hoiln,
Plena', Holler, limine., HuKitritiiilHIio Klv craeker.
Onlera (rum tile Irmle tolMiod and pruitiitl)' at
lellile.1 lo.
V. it. JKX.M-: A I'W.-liw Front utreel near
Wanlilnitiou. dm. mewK mineral water, nwl,
U'., earehilly analyiwl. Amaava luraolil aiulallver
a3.;nlher lueinlnfnnii iX to i liol.l lui hoiiKlit
and ban nia.le. OrOVm by mall carefully altendiHl
J, II. a4lTOill,-riir. Front anit Hinrlc. Chein
lent analynlR maileof roal, mineral walem,etc. Or
illtiarv aewyftnf goal, IKr, lewl or cornier, from
.ttV llr. p. Hitrv-ev. ConitlHnR 'hiiilf
l. P. K:NWMY,.Mloruy ami i ..,.. i
Ijiw KMaa A Ih-kum'a building, la-nal tHiMtnmi
MrtalnuiK lo Irf-ltfhi Patent for Invention, belori
ihi I'hii'mI nitlii, fir In thi. lourt a oHi-mtv.
MurMditm Ilonri bet. Pnr(ff nnil ood
Mouth luHluail,Ot
Dr. rtlkltiKton, iHlf lniVornf Kyr A Knr Piawn
In tli Mtilk'Hl PeimrtuiHH uf Wlllumi'ttt rn(vir.lty
htw ivtHi h tint nullittujt. on A tHnutl(nl HevHtlmi In
w jMHith iwrt of tli ctiy mid l rtiurtHl to Mitttnii)
ilul-f ttttlciiiM Miitrt'rtiiff fnim all (llnmM' of (lit KVK.
KH orTltltOAT. AlwtwIllpHy hhm'ui1 mit'nlloii u
ptrmxiM U-fxrliiR unilrr Chrunin Ntrvni!i utTwlkirifi,
uid lo Hlm'Hteft tNHUillur to wtum'n.miul rt-t'U've a UuU-
IMl nUlltlNTof CHMft lX HCt1lll( t'OlttilD'hUMll.
Tht liilfiitinii In to pnvUt h, llmae for mii'h cbwh
with all the bvnl hyKlt'ttlr tucnrli (HMiittinvl with lh'
b"t m wilful Mktll ttt tH IiimI tn tht nittrti(iilt-,
OMHiiltliiK ithynlrtttHHmlmirK-rHiii IT. I'hllt llnrvcy,
Prof, of ilUi'tnu'M of woniiMi mid childri'it In llo1 m-fittcal
uViwirtment Wlllumt'ttc l'nlvcpltv,
A li) hr. J. .M. K. lin)wnc, Hrof.of IMiymoloiry mtsl
Ueo't. Wlllttmett I'nlvi'rmlty.
For mi y mnoiint of rvtVrvnfi anil HnMiliir, mMrm
int. j. h. rii.kiKtmKW
Tor. 1 l find ViiNhlnr4n Inr1lnrl. -is
J. A. WEWO. Penman at tln
Portland Business Oollcgc,
Received the pi-i'iuliim given by tint
For the bent rrhlhltof Plain Wrltlnif. Cnnl Wrltlnif,
KlourlnluiiK, ltterlnn mid 1'eu llruwluii, 'I ke
Tortlanil ItuslnosN I'ullrgo Journal,
riiiitiilnmff NiieelmetiN of nrnanientiil nen work, pxe-
enieil by I'rof. Wiwii, will be aent Irw to any uddreiu.
Hend name uu ihnUi1 cam. Andrew
A. V. AHMwntONU,
w.7tf Iv'k Mm im. Hnrtlmil, Or
Caked Itrensts,
Corns, lias
no equal.
Sold Iy Drug-
gists and coiiii
try stores at 10
cents per box.
Spaelal attanUon liven to theaal of
Wheat, Oatst, Flour, Wool & Dairy
Band for WXEKl.T PRICES CURRENT, maliad
( - fre on appUuatioo.
liberal Advances on Consignment.
opMlgnniaiita and Orden Solicited.
Umilerln Kewund
M MndlMinNt., P.irllnnd, Or.
Pni-tlra delrln- lli.ltera. TiiKlnra nr HAW
lll,l, lil.ii.n. run -n;H.v
by iicliiiT.iu.lna Mr. lulllrr.
New aud Sceoml Hand 3IacliiticiA
Ail .Mu.l'-ni lin,iovt menia. )hmi all "lay.
.,. (I. IIIH," I'tf. Itirl'
Writn t Cl anil DIIDoniart,
5r . 01veland,).,(rl'ainphlulin
" all Id . lilaiu aeuleil rnvel-
alfiV all
U m A liiNiTRUMfcHi (awn
A ft fA lat mflbtl forenrinir
leitlnoniali I " iSinuile, Cheap, ever rail.
W. K. ( Immlx rlalli, Jr.
Tboa. A. Ilcilriafin.
Lift! Scholarship
et"i ?miw
The Bishop Seolt (iranirnar School
rVHIll'IV" ANH T' V M IIO"I. rliR WlV"
iV ami I'inia lrn.w.lli it. ti n n iik-i yrnr uimri
... ....,,1 niu.,v.,t m,.i.i ;,. ivi rrflatrna Im,v,
l.,r ni:u Im'lio-M, Hi'- It-a' litnK l lirarlU al ami
mi.,1 ili. h!ii, .'rt'-l ml for iwllih ate
i.imi i mail; .e riMi ,IH" II"! of former iiftiav
A liiri'na. J. . IIILU jii"i
I lu' ll' ilt IjI'.V. fl'.II K "ATHO-riir iui.
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!,,.- nil,-1 on rx. -Int of iri wl:h foil ilirn iioii f,,l
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Q-. WESTJirailOTJSB 6c CO.,
Waara now iwelrliut a full Him of our CVIvbrnlad
aal TenclIM Knalaa. tlor Hriairator at 1.IkU Ituiuiluir. nirona and llurmola and uneqiiale.! aa a 4ra4a
n4 flnaalatvlng a'braahir and liaa Ilia beat Hhoa luuvenient and Knldla for aelHtnitliia Wlla Oala fi am
a aaaM. Uur llorae jaiwera are . oiuihm-i. r j iiuiinina aim Will i prima uown. uar miih a wi iwnv.
Bieui liin( needed; WrlM 10OOM IMMMI Iba rae tban I ha arrnuia anibiaol aauir iKiarer, and uareae
laird kMura. ful lu do ibe aaiua work, la durable aud eau lo manaia. lluuiiradaof luaa aoauiaa
and Ibreahera bav been la aoccMaful operalloo for jrrara, . . .
arl'leaae avnd fur our DMertaUn tatataajaw aad Frlea Uatand Invattlfato thorouftlf aetaa
ITflUf you onlrt.
Saw Mill Machinery and Stationery Eaglnei Farnlthed ia Reasenabli Termi.
O. I?. DART, Manager.
OFFICE"CommercUl Dock, Foot of Morrison itreet, Portland, OrecxMa
Whmft young Imdy or ffnllm!. rn
aati fa,
A I a uum in pruponiuD to unit uh4ini.
icnTafta'OU'MBIA COMMKKtlAI. COLLUiK JOtKNAL, contalnlnf Mil InfonnatloB, will ko
"ko Bui wi'.'" U" Minm W. M. .T Atl 1MI nol leL
Are tho REST and COST NO alORE than
Other Brands, and If the Merchant with
nhom Ton Trade doe not keep our Goods
It Is because It PAYS better to aell a
pair of IltwtJi or Shoe erery TWO
Month thap fiery FOUR or FITE.
Wc make. All Merchants In Wood Credit
can procure these (Jooda at enr Warc
Ikhim'n lu roUTLAXl) or Sim Franclxco.
HECHT linos. & CO.
1000 HE WARD
Wll.l. UK PAID TO ANY PKHNON l'lll)l)l,'(J
lux a more elTuelual remedy lliuu
Dr. heck's Sure Cure for Catarrh,
wi,i,.h hu atnud lha teat for fourteen veara. I'nval
elana, llnittKlnla, and all who have ued and tlior
ouKbly U'ausl II, pronouuea aacin lor me eure oi
that loatliauiua dueaaa. Try lu Yuur drumiUl but
It, nriee II.
Dr. Kn it thoroiiRhly nnderaUnda, and la enilnenlly
neeemful In tha treatment of all ehmnlo am. dim
eult uleeaara of both araea and ull utr. lutvlna
made a apeelalty of llielr tn-aunent for fourteen yeaia
He treala iaacrwltliout unlu the knife. Ilia lavor
lie urearrlpiliiii la furnlalied lo I inly iMttlrnie Kmc
No lady abould be without It. Yuunir, inlilille HOil in
old, ma'eor female, liiaanlty or a life of aiineriua la
vnur li.vltahla diKltll unleaa voii aiuily III time to the
4ibyalelan who undenilamla, and la eouiieteiit t. treat
yolireaiw, waaill no tlinn, imir mil iiH'inv ......
rouiKteiit phyalelana. All roniiniinlenllnim attended
to with dUiwU'h, and are alrletly eonlldeuilnl. Medl
i l:n-aaent to any part of Ihe country, t'irciiliira, teatl
niouUila, and a lli of printed nueatliuia furulnhed on
apnlleailon. I1IMHI' I.TATI. KKKK, lueloae
atureiMent alamp (or I hi and addren- Lilt JAMi.
KKl'K, .No. Iti Klral atreet, I'orllaud. Or.
4 V
aaniuiaMAaaui ua,
rOBTLANf wot.
r. s. Abu
Ben. Helllnr,
H. C Doaok,
Amur, auijaa c-
A ad by lluln( Yoar
rum tu a
New York Eoot and Shoe House,
a. lt Flrat Nlrtwt.
Between VanibUI and Taylor, Portland
rni' Aim TO Vnt'B OW!f WEALTH AND BT
X that rneana make the wte.le caintry richer, w'a
have hint rrlved the nwiat eleaant a k of (.aula
ever broukht t) Portland, which waare allln( al ral
that no oilier ta.uae ran, w iwn you come iu 1 11. my
brina III your whole family and we will aell lh-m
at aal'inlahiiifly low prk-ea. Onl-ra from Ibe
country will be pmnipily Mterxled to, and a will pay
refill on au kui 10 you.
i i KaS;-V.-
CQ f'l I
o S
w g I I
ca J
kMtlutouTted Ha,MTBUC at
aWnnralara, Ivar andTrrad Power., sarlaM
obtain itTbontufh Hualuw KJucmtloa
Dr. Moody, or New York City,
A UradiMlfi it Ibe Raw I'm k ebiMil of Med I
elae, itlau af the IlKbllN Praclle.
A annl totheputila' -t'oiiMillallon frrr.
I Invite the alelc, no mailer a bat IbelrdNeaaM mar
Im', in eull ami l i iitlKHte for Ihi lliai'lvea liefore alum
llonlna all llnpra, for II will liial you llillllll, I (lv
110 eneoliraaemelil unleaa Iberela a lair Uroapeet 01
iiuiklnaaeure. I will emleiiwir 10 ih rainiKi in oiy
iiiiiikiii nnd n'liwiliai le in my ebnrK. a. I eUilm not U.
etui everyiMHiv, nui 10 euro auiuai r.n iirnuni. .
bav bud twenty yearn' aiuvraafiil nraelle III lha
treatment of both acute ami chronic dl ae- I hava
liH Htcl In Port. tmd.anil all I a.k la thai you (Ive me a
fulr. iihblaail IiIhI.Iiv nhlch I boie to merit tour cm
flilcnce, and lve entire aalMacloli lo all aunerlii
humiiuitv. Mv n'puutliin Ima Imhui aciiilted by belna
eandlil Willi mv pallenia, IhroUKh .leaiaof ainit-aafiil
p aiilce, laitb In Kumlie ami 111 thla eoiluiry, and
aimlloiily ko. ilia up wdh Ibe axe. I know the cau
ami remedy mt ded, not by nueaawoik.btil by year
ol e.x Hcrlrnce.
In my iretiunew ur many maeaaca 1 maKriwui a
new methoil of cure. The treatment la linple and Ilia
mil leiwllile of all. Then- la no uiinleanaut eiiallou
Initcver lllleuiliiia Ihe Irenllnellt. I invlle all pcnaina
aillM-leil lo vlalt and freely convince thctineivea. leav
lua me to velllv the a-aerlliin that there baa never
etlnlciln remedv ao alallllllK and Imiuedlale III lla
ellcciM. I hee iioIihI cumin e a'lla.aa biimlli.d tu my
pluctlce, are enilor til ami ui'mvcil ny Hie laciuuea
ol iMjlh KumN and America. The beiiellclal elt.-cla
are perceptible nlinoM liomthe atari, t aw. repanled
liicurnlile.amlof ycara aliimlliiK, yield to lla mild but
wonoerfiil lutluence. And In no euae can the tn'aU
lileul he allcmlcd n III Ihe leant danker, thereby lea
tlliluall lobe the mnl ImriuliHa aaeul lu theruiH'U"
tli-a. Hume w ho wlh wi aiiply (or advice 111 treatment
inavconllilcull vdii auwliliiiutbeailiilliiiiorililli.leuee,
hh the meat llin'ld tnav relv on that hiNlolaiile Mi re'y
w hl' b hua nlreiMle nnived the biiala of an iMtenalv
iirolcNatoiiul rcpiitiitlim aiirouo.
t iiHi n eu 1 1 1' I realed by eon cnrcndi nce hen a , er
aouiil Inlervli-w la liuiHiiwIhle, proviiliuif Ihe ptleuta
ulll uiliiulelv detail all of their InmIIIv Inllrinutlea and
mclilill illnturbaucea written lu a almple and liulural
a' vie, and lu accordance with Ihe ucci wiry de al.anf
heir own feelluKa One piTiailial Inlervlcw n ever.
,v.,ii wlib luLilcoie reNlillea at a ill.liiuce 1. I,kblv ile-
Iralile whi n practkalde, mid will more than reHty
Ihe iMlleul Ihe eJUciuie and tinnlile of a tili to Port
land, The advantage of even a visit are Hpuaiem ami
manlfolil. A alliKle vlalt III moat nan will enable Ihe
dia'tor to form iinacfimitcopl'ilou and uoieparili ulara
whH b mlKhi he lint aUht of lu incrceiiirc-poiidcnco,
imril'iilarlv when a nilcmaeiiuk; and cliemli al analy.
Ih la aleailutely mi'eaaary. I'allcnia not renni-
hut In the cllv who wtali lo tmniue'l men innuieaa
ibroiuh (he mnilaorhy exprca can hate thenecea
anry reiuedlea ent lo anv luhlreaa ur left ill any rail-
a nv alnllon or cown oiuce ui iireuoii or a"iiiii,
I'ertllurv unill called lor. enreiiilly packi-d and
nrelv aeuleil, lllllce and llealil e, JiH airl,
Itiauiia -Hi an 1 57. Ijuld'a New llulldlua, t urner Hrl
and t'olioolilii, PortlHiwI. nrcaoi.
Wale (real Mlrvagth.
1 anlna Keaaedw Bd .
Tonle la Ihe I
ultimata nniull of oyer 'M
earaof practical atpen-
ice. audi I1 It Kl Willi
I V. Wervoiia ami rnvah
al Debility, Ncniuial
Weakiunar, hriiialor
rhiM,a, Prmiatorrliea.Kiu
uilaalona, linpnleiicy, Kx
liauated Vitality. Prema
tura liecllne and I.IWI
whatever ratine nro'lia-ed.
It eiiilclii a and purliiea me hhaKl, Kireiutihem lha
Nervea, llraln. Miiecloa, Diaeallon. Meinalu, tlve Or
(ana. and l'hyak-al ami Menial Fwulilea. It
atopa any unnatural drhllltalhf dram upon
the ayatem, praventlnf Involuntary lia. da
bllllalliil dreamt, aauilual loaaea Willi tho mine,
in., ao dcainicllva to mind and body. It
ianreellmhrntoiof all K1IN KV A Nil Bf.AJi ; if R
INIIHKUIKN I'. T ame aaaena irnaa im
feel, of yaMthfol ladlaerelluna air aeeaaea.
aiieedy, Ihornimh anal peraanaenl t'l Bk I"
WHAKANTKKII. Price, IMH;rlxillle,urv.
boll lea In caan with full directions and advice,
Heiit aecure fnim nlweryallnn lo any addreaa uan r
oeliit of price, or (,'. (). II. To be bad only of
llr. II. II. atnlNeld. 16 lira ray at reel.
Ran f'raiiclaco, (al. I'otiauliailoBa airlclly niundeO"
Hal, by letter or alontce. f'HKK. k'orthemnvenleiR-a
of pallenia, and In order to aecure perfect aecrecy, I
have adopted a private addreaa, under wlik-b all pack
aaeaara torwanien.
Bultlclent to ah iw lu merit, will be aent U any nn
api'lvlnk by letter, atatlng bla ayniptoiua aud af.
fi.m'inuiil'alloua atrlclly coiinib nUal.
Flrat at net, Partlaad, Oracaa.
riaklan TarkH) f lrT Pwrtrtli.
' li!
1 J
V I I'" '
r - v--v .
BIS ".v
Tka riaeat BITTEKH ! Ua WORLD.
Tltallaa Ik Hyateaa sad au-real Ik ravage.
tka Dreadful AuM.kol Uaklt,
lllfaOJat A.MA.
Aak year Braolet ar Wlaa Merckaal tor
TriLMEBDISa at ru., Aceata, Fraa
W. 4. TAX MHITVIB dk CO, TrtlU
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