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    lit ilim CiTT HAM.
JLodrvw To-vs-p. on of tk In
dians who was tmplicatal in tba ur
lUf of U Parkin family, WMhsnged
tt Fort CoWilU on tho 15th ink. Tbe
tMMtion took pUo ftt 12:19 r. m.,
md afto Unginf 15 minute, tbs body
wm pronounced deevl by lr. MerrUra.
A witnn write M follow to the
WsJU Walk Union: Everything
pawj off terr quietly, including tha
audita, tber being hut Terr few pur
on pmMnt. H mad a request a few
day ago to the effect that no Indian
to present at the execution. He wa
attended In hi laet hour by Father
Corwana, who took charge of hi re
main. The doomed man' dying ro
qsrst to hi friend wai that they bury
all animosity against the Indian who
killed hi brother at old Fort Colville
but Winter. To ne a lang phrase,
be "died game," coming on the scaffold
with bis head erect, singing a war
song. He said he was perfectly satis-
. fied to die for the crime he had com
mitted; tbat he deterred punishment,
and that bad bis early training not been
too much neglected, possibly it would
not bare happened. It was feared
tome weeks ago tbat there might be
trouble, a Indian bad wade many
threats, but through the influence of
the Catholie priest and To-we-pe's
. own request, they acted sensibly and
stayed away.
The Detroit Post and Tribune fur
nishes a careful approximation of the
losses by the recent farm and forest
fire in Ottowa, Allegan, Manistee, Hu
ron and Sanilac counties, Michigan.
The total is 12,346,413. There were
1,147 dwellings burned, 28 school
bouses, 8 churches, 12 hotel, 34 mills,
20 docks, and 130 stores. The insur
ance on all this was only (620,632, so
that an absolute deficiency of $1,722,
781 remains to be met But of course
the sufferer do not expect to be nor
should tbey be, put back immediately
In as comfortable a state as tbey were
in before this calamity. Tbsy must
bear their share and the heaviest
share of their losses What should be
done is to see that their immediate
and most pressing wants are provided
lor. To do this, oven on the most Urn
ited scale, will require at least six hun
dred thousand dollar and probably on
million dollars. But the total o( con
tribution from all source is now less
than three hundred thousand dollars.
Thi water in the Columbia has so
receded that there is but fourteen and
ne-half feet of water on St. Ilelens
bar. This new is encouraging. The
ships can now take about one third
el a load from Portland, and re-
eeiro the remainder at Astoria.
Wo wonder if such a state of affair
baa anything to do with the difference
between Ban Franotsco and Portland
charters 1 Sixty-fire shillings at San
Francisco, and 80 at Portland. Can
Portland' with this difference against
her retain her position as the ntetropo
K of the Northwest t We think not
when Paget Sound, as fine a body of
. .i f .1 it i? Tt
water as mere is in wo worm, uos wunin
on hundred mile of her.
Tna more that is being made by
several of our citizens- for a County
Fair is a good one and deserves the
encouragement of the buuneas- men of
Eugene City, Lane oonnty with her
varied resources could present a credit
able exhibit of her productions that
would draw the attention of emigrants,
besides stimulating tbe farmer to at
tain a higher quality in ms products.
W hope to se a good attendance at
the meeting next Saturday. Uet it
once started and it can be made a sue-
Tm Forty-Seventh session of Con
gross will convene at Washington next
Monday. The Republicans will organ
ise the House, probably, although they
lack one of a dear majority; they will
find among the Greenback!-, In
dependent, or Readiaaters, votes
enough to elect their nominees. Ma
bone and Davis, in the Senate, accepted
the glittering bribe, and it will not
be hard to find one or more in the
the House, who for patronage, will give
support to the dominant party.
TBI Port laud Standard found some
objection to the manner in which Vil
lard's "benevolent monopoly" was con
ducted, and in consequence, lost all the
advertising patronage of the companies
which V il lard controls.
Tm Guiteau trial drags along, the
prisoner still interrupting and tunning
ha court at bis pleasure. From the
manner, in which the trial is conducted
it seems as if anyone except Cuiteaa is
6vmuo says tbe Lord is responsible
for the k iUing of Garfield The sooner
tbe people make tbe Lord responsible
for the hanging of Outteau the better.
The Extent to which Itli Car
tied and the Drains Us
Excitement Brings Up
on tbe System.
A Few Wordi of Warning and Sugges
tions to American ousinro men,
When Cyru W. Field returned from
his tour around the world be was per
fectly amazed ' at the extent to which
stock speculations had run, and the
thousand and one "wild cat" schemes
which were largely patronized by tbe
too credulous gublic, even when there
was not tbe remotest proWl.ility that
they would ever come to a successful
completion. H stepped into Dulmon
ioo'a to dine, and was pained to see the
crowds which huddled around the stock
indicator, unable even to eat a meal in
peace, so disquieted ware they under
the operations of the fever of specula
tion. Mr. Field says he bought certain
stock for an investment at I.Uu ust be
fore he sailed. On his return, finding
it quoted at the fancy price of 1.64, he
sold. He could see no reason why
such an advance should have been
made, and fearing a crash in the mar
ket he disposed of his stock as soon as
possible. This wild speculative mania
prevails in London, and Pans and Ber
lin, and in his opinion when tho crash
comes it will involve the entire com
mercial world. Conservative men and
the press see these things and warn the
people, but many wLl not be stopped
so long a they have a penny to spare
or can borrow, or nntil ruin come irre
trievably and awfully.
The supreme effort of our people
should be to cultivate moderation. Two
things hare united to make the strog
ele for existence in this country the
most exacting and exciting fonml in the
world: 1st The ease with which suc
cessful men appear to amass fortunes.
2d. The impression their success mokes
on those who immigrate hither. As soon
a the intelligent foreigner arrives on
our shore, he liecome seized with the
desire, not only of a comfortable subnis-
tence, but of a fortune, and every am
bition and energy of his being is direct
ed to this one purpose. 1 his explains
why our business men give so little
time to physical recreation, why they
py so little heed to the essential de
tails of politics their business and
their families exhaust their energies,
and thev have time, strength and inch
nation for nothing else, except when an
imminent physical or political danger
stare them in the very face and eyes
The result of all this is, that twenty
year is the limit of a man's business
activity and success. It will take him
ordinarily ten years to accumulate his
first thousand dollars surplus, and in
the remaunna ten years, if he be tru
dent and energetic, he may amass more
or less of a fortune. But in the major
ity of caws, when he has gotten his tor-
tune, he has ruined his health, and finds
no comfort whatever in that which he
had so fondly hoped would complete
the sum of human happiness for him.
The exhaustion which follows the in
ordinate pursuit of wealth, we are told
by the very best of authoritirs,proueeds
from impaired digestive organs. The
brain has drawn upon them for all they
were worth so long that they suddenly
give away and the whole system falls
into a mineral collapse. The organs so
susceptible to nervous excitement are
the kidneys and liver. The offices of
these organs are to discharge poisons
which are collected from all parts of
the body by the veins, the kidneys
eliminating them in a liquid form, and
the liver transforming part of them by
a chemical process into digestive fluids,
and utilising the remainder as a purga
tive. Both these organs demand a
large snare df nervous force. If thin
force is all exhausted by the brain, they
become feeble, colds settle in them, con
gestion follows, tho poison cannot get
out of the blood, digestion is impaired,
the bowels become inactive because the
liver fails to furnish the natural cathar
tic, the bladder ln-coines fearfully in
flamed, dropsy comes on; strange disor
ders visits the head, heart, lungs, and
ere the person is aware of it, he is a
victim of chronic kidney and liver dis
ease, and a candidate for death by
Bright's disease of tfw kidneys
And this is the end of all commercial
life which is purmed at the sacrifice of
every other social, political and physi
cal eonsideration I "Oh," exclaims the
man of active life, who does not feel as
wIT as ha used to, ''I haven't any
Blight s disease! I in only used up from
so much work, worry and excitement !"
Precisely ! Yon do not feel as well as
formerly. Your bead achvs ofteuer and
your eyesight suddenly proves faulty.
Tb verdict Of a celebrated1 authority
on the subject is: "Tliese symptoms are
a sore precursor of Bright' disease."
1 ou have had a recent and mysterious
attack of asthma, "A sure precursor
of Bright's disease. " You have had a
hard cold on your longs which you
have been unable to dislodge you have
spit up bloody mucus, "A sure precur
sor of Kright s diwaae." x ou have felt
a new and singular sensation of heavi
ness m the region of the heart "A i
sure precursor of Bright's disease." You
have felt great depression of spirits,
without any known cause "A sure
prectvsor el Bright's disease.'' Yoa
have found it sadtlen! v impossible to
eat whatever and whenever yoa wish.
Yonr stomach has been very tame, your
appetite very feeble, your bowels irreg
ular "A sure precursor of Bright'sdis-
ease. A mysterious weariness come
upon you: your muscular system aeems
utterly helpless "A sure precursor of
Kright disease, buppceeyou "have
no pains in tbe region of the kidneys or
liver" this is no indication that you
have not Bright disease. Suppose you
"have no albumen or caste," that is no
indication that your kidney are all
right That you have not Bright' dis-
This, of course, puts an entirely new
phase on one of the most vital questions
of the day. We have made a special
inquiry and we find high medical au
thority for all of these additional con
First That more adults are carried
off in thi country by chronic kidney
disease than by any other one malady
except consumption. Thompson.
Skcohd Tbat deaths from such dis
ease are increasing at the rate of 250
per cent a decad I Edwards.'
Third That they have no symptoms
of their own and may long exist with
out the knowledge of patient or practi
tioner, as no pain will be felt in them
or their vicinity. Roberts.1
Fourth That in the fatal cass
and most cases have hitherto been fatal
-the symptoms of diseased kidneys
will first appear in extremely different
organs of tbe body as stated above,
FiFmThat only when the disease
has reached it final stages, with the
usual symptoms of albumen and costs
appear in the water, and will great
pain rack the diseased organs. Thomp
son. SIXTH -That xmgDl aiseaae, wnicn
usually ha three stages of develop
ment, is a universal development in
thi country. Robert and Ed wards.
Sevextii That there is but one rem
edial agent in the world which has ever
cured a pronounced case ot linght a dis
ease and has thus inspired the confi
dence of the physician, the patient and
tho public, namely: Warner' Safe Kid
ney and Liver Cure. Craig.
You may search medical woiks in
vain to find any formula for the cur of
Bright's disease in any of its three
stages. With some patients, the dis
ease runs slowly and for years. With
others it comes a a thief in the night
but were it not for the power of the
remedy we have mentioned, in what
ever form it conies, or however long it
afflicts, the human race would lie abso
lutely and pitably a victim of its terri
ble fangs.
This is a most serious question for
any professional man or man of busi
ness. It confronts him with the fact
that unless care is taken,the vital forces
of the body will degen. rate and pass
from the system More he is aware. It
warns him to guard carefully even
slight svmptoms and check the great
evil before it has an opportunity to
grow. The remedy above mentioned is
the extract of pure tropical plants
which act both as a food and restora
tive to the wasted kidneys and liver. It
is used more extensively to-day than
any known remedy, and thousands of
people in all parts of the land owe their
present health and happiness to its
power. Upon a subject so vital no one
can afford to hesitate, and especially
men of business who realize the evils of
Notice of Final Settlement.
X v the undersigned administrator of the es
tate of Rebecca Ogle, deceased, hue filed hi
account fur final settlement and that Monday,
the 2d day of January, 1882, being the firat
day of the January tenu of the County Court
of Lane county, Oregon, has been appointed
for the hearing of objection theteto, if any,
and the settlement thereof.
OKI). M. COOPER, Admiai.trator.
Ni.r. 29. 1HM.
In Die County Court of the State of Oregon,
fnr the county of Lane.
In the matter of the eatate of A. N. Foley,
deceased. Citation.
To Harriet Crow. Elisabeth G. Hill, Sarah J.
Hill, Kobt. Foley, M. N. Foley, Matilda
Ienwn, Loviaa Foley, Elijah Foley, and
all other interested. Greeting:
Oregon; you an hereby cited and required
to appear in the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Lane, at the Court
room thereof; at Eugene City in the County of
Lane on Monday, the 2d day of January, 1881,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, then
and there to show came, if any thereto,
why an order should not be made authorizinz
the aale of the following described real prop
erty belonging to said estate, to-wit: Lot No.
5. Block 16 in Mullsjana donation to Eugene
City, Lane County, Oregon. Also the W. 1 of
the N. W. of See. 28. and K ) of the N. E.
1 of Sec. 29. Tp. 16 S. K. 6 E containing lt'iO
acres of land in Lane county, Oregon.
s Wmins, the Hoa, C. W.rFitch,
f ) Judge of the County Court ot the
SEAL. County of Lane, with tbe Seal of
I ) aaid Court affixed, this the 17th
y day of November, A. D. 1881,
G. B. DORMS, Administrator.
Sheriffs Sale.
i 1 br virtue of as execution duly itanedout
of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregra, for
the County of Lane, by the Clerk thereof, and
to aw dirarteri, on to-wit: Hoe: Zi, JWl, upon
a judcnent and decree of foracloeure. rendered
in aaid Court on the 8th day of November,
1X81, in favor of Bell Jenning. Plaintiff, and
aiaanrt K. M. G Hale, Defendant, for the
um of 13,028 41, with iatemt thenoa at the
rata of eleven per emt: per annum fron the
date of aaid judirateat, yher with the eoati
and diabiinemeate at eaidtutt and eipetme of
aale, and for tbe fnradoeure of the nortcaired
premiaef deecribed as toflotta. to-wit: iveaia
ning at the A. W. oumer of the donation laud
claim of Benjamin Isirti and wife, cJaira No.
it v i a u aw : v.u
SI It rha., thenoa feat 30.13 chv, theoot South
33.19 cha., thcace Wert U3 eba., to the
place ot beginning-, containing 100 acres mot
or leas, ia Laae County, Oregon.
New, therefore, by virto of aaid Execu
tion. I will sell the abars described mort
gaged premieea at psblie aaetioa, to tbe
hifhet bidder, at the Court Hesaa door in
Eagem City, Lane County, Ortgna, oa
Tuesday, Dec. 27, 1881,
betwoea tbe boars of t o'clock A. M. and 4
o'clock P. M. of aaid day.
Tsaiu i Cash.
Sheriff at Laae Cauty, Oregna.
Dated Uis ttd day of Xsr., 1881.
Pipes, t
House Furnishing Goods generally
Wells Driven Promptly
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Willamette Street,
Eugene City. Oregon.
A. HUNT. Proprietor.
Shop on Willamette street, 2nd door north
ot hardware store, cngene Liiy, w.
will hereafter keep a complete stock of
Gaiters, Cloth ami KM,
Button Moots,
Slipper, white and black,
Fenh kid Shoes.
And in fact everything in the BOOT and
SHOE line, to which I intend to devote m
eepectai attention.
Were manufactured to order,
ARE FIRST CLASS iuhmhImiI mm miivaamu tf and will be
old for the lowest price that a good article
l be afforded. eur.7-7Stt A. nisi
Next door to 8. H. Friendly, and get your
He ! alwaye on hand ready and waiting to
accommodate hi Customers with ALL kind.
of food for
And can furniali a SMOKE to thoae dtwlrini;a
To those who use the nun-otic plant
Gooda ueitrered ti any part of the city free
charge. u li. r.l,l,IMl..
.Khgoftlie Blood
h not currJl U U ft blood purifier and tottfe.
Impurity of blood poisona tii system, deranirt
tho circulation, and thui indue nuinr disorders,
known br different name to diatlnguUh them ac
cording to effect, but being really brunch or
, ptuusMOf tht treat generic disorder, Imparity
f HUad. Such are Dywpaitt, Eilioutnru, Liver
Complaint, Constipation, .rrim Vhwrdtrt, Ha&-
i mekt, Backachfi. GrtwnU rY?nksM,leari Diae.
Prvpty, Ai..ney iu. fUt, lihnmatim. O.
tarrS) &WW aSW J)Witm, AmjV, t'tyra,
HwtUtnps &a.,4e. Klnv 0. ifcr Blood prevent
anrtcurea thcae hy at tricking ttiemiue, Impurity
of tha blood. ChcmUta aaiff hyBlctnna agree In
mlllng It "tbe mutt graulne nuu efficient prepa
ration for Ihe purpAM..." gold by Drugiti't. 4 1 per
bottle. 8c lewtlmuulAlu, directions Ac., In pan.'
phial, Treat.- on Dlaeaatft o( the Blood,"
wrapped around ea h hottie,
E.Ei.NWM.hUXA Cl) Props., Bttflale, n, T.
Sheriffs Sale.
JLl by virtue of an eitcution duly leaned
out of the Circuit Court of tho State of Ore
gon for the County of Lena, ou the 16th day
of Nor. 1881, by the Clerk thereof, and to
me directed upon a judgment and decree of
forelcoeura rendered in aaid court on the 8th
day of Nov. 18S1, in a suit then and there
pending whereiu Ira Hawley wm Plaintiff
and nm. M. vt hituey, Koaiua Whitney asd
8. H. Friendly were Defendants, in favor of
Ira Hawley, Plaintiff, and againit Wm. M.
Whitney and Koaina Whitney, Defendant.,
fnr the euro of $9S9, with interest thereon at
the rate of twelve per cent, per annum from
the date of aaid judgment, together with the
easts sod disbursement of said (oit and ex
panses of sale, and for the forecloture of the
mortgaged described as follows, to
wit : The South half of thedonation land claim
Wm. M. Whitney and Roaiiia Witney, hii
wife. Not. No. 772, Claim No. SI, being
parts of Sec. IK, 21 and 28 in T. 21 S , R. 3
Weat, and 40 acres off the South aide of the
North half of aaid donation claim, adjuiuinir
aaid South half, all m Lane Conutv, Oregon.
Now, therefore, by virtue of aaid execu
tion. I will Mil the above deecribed mort
gaged premises at public auction, to the high
eat bidder, at tbe Court House door in Eu
gene City, Lane Cuuuty, Oregon, on
Tuesday, Dec, 27, 1881,
between the hour, of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4
o'clock P. M. of said day.
Tuns : Caah.
Sheriff of Lane Coontv. Oregon.
Dated this 23d day of Nut, 1S81.
11 the anderrigsed administrator of the
eatate of Jacob Luee, deceaaed, ha. filed hk
account fnr final arttlemeat, and the lit Moa
day ia January, 1S.S3. t. eel for final hearing.
H. C HUSTON, Administrator.
Jonar J. Walto.v, Att'y. for eatate.
Nov. 15. WL
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A ' Cold or Hore Throat
abould be stopped. Neglect frequently remit
aa lent Dlvaw er Coo:
aaaapllee). BROWV9 BHONrHIALI
1 KOI HMar. renalsi to live rvllef In
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oru.e. It n nvivr. Torpidity "f the LKrr anil
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ly the Mf-dical Faculy.
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lainette vally.
XI Cynthia Ann McFarlaad baa beea ap
pointed admiuwtratrix of tbe estate of Joao
than .McFarland, deceased. All persons hav
ing rlaim. againt aaid ertate, will prearat the
same to tbe adminitratrix at the office of G. B.
IVinus in Eugene City, within six ssoatas
froan the date of thi. notice.
O. R DORK1S, Att'y. AdmVs.
. Oct 28, 188L
1 Stomach, Kidneys.