The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 16, 1881, Image 2

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T TCUfiUrH T aTat
Cornell and Dublin ara arraagfar n
ialernaiianal collet cop raea lot PvU
A Chinawoman was shot dead by a
LifLbinder ia Com Cook alley, 8. F. oa
Trial of tfaa aait of Etchmond fa. ths
Albion mi o log eonpanr began at Eureka,
Jievada, oa tit 5th. Two or tbrea Uji
will be ronsumJ in prelimiaariea on
technical point.
There U greater eidtemeat and Jealiag
. among tha Kogliali pfleorer tbe shoot
log of President (iarfleld Uian OTtr any
foreijpl vent for rears.
Ear! on tha morning of the 5th the
opera booM and eleven other baildiag at
Kan Jom wer destroyed bj fire, ontln
anknown: loesa on the opera hooae $J0,
OuO; other Iomm unascertained.
Brighton Beech mil raca won by
Erideaake; Biakemore second; time, 1:15 j.
Mil beat race won by Jerry kprtgae;
time, V- A4. Selling race mile woa by
Imke of Lent. . tteeoie cliaae won by
)lies JisJIoy, 3.0!. Aide bardie won by
Lennox. LoJ.
Dnrios tb beat of the day on the 6th
there iu treat electrical distirbanca at
Paha. At midnight a siorni killed several
persons. On Mondiy Jour soldiers were
sanstrock darinz the sham battle at Al-
dershot. fceveraJ art la a precanoot con-
Ciuon. .
Telegrams from tbt Tnrto-Oreek Iron
tier Mate fort i'onta which bad been die-
mantled baa sinos been rearmed, and
Arts which bad been evacuate.! baa been
reorganized. ThtTorka bare aaked for
extention of time for eradiation, which
tbt boundary commiaaionen refuse.
Mud & trotted In Detroit on the 5th
to beat BLJalien etimeover it, which waa
210 1-4. Maud went over the ground in
. 113. The track i coon ted among sport
ing men u three seconds (low, which if
allowed would be preciaely the aame time
ai tier Deal made Last season.
Griacom In hia thirty-eight dsys of st
ing baa been very uncomfortable. Oo
the morning of the tth he fainted throcgb
havins? risen too haslilv. La(r in the
dar he vomited, and tbia evening waa
troubled by heat At midnight, boweter,
he recovered bit grit, health and confi
dence. On July 5th thirty to forty thousand
people witnessed a regatta on the Cbarlet
rim, J-tnile rate ana a turn, for profes
lionala. It waa won by Horner In 21:11
Double acull race, three mile, for rrofw
lonala. won by I'labtieJ and Lee in 21:13,
John Bucklry, of Portland, won the 3-mile
race for inuteura.
75iOO to 100,000 people were in the
building on the 4th where a celebration
occurred in honor of the 20(Hb anniversary
of tbt landing of Wo. Fenn. A great
chorus and orchestra were prevent. Gen.
Bearer, lUndolph Tucker, Gen. Hooker
and others spoke. The bop in the even
ins waa abandoned in consequence of the
president' condition which waa referred
to several timet daring the exercises.
In the race at Jlartfjrd July 4lh each
race a as decided in three straight beats.
In 2 :i class Win waa winner, evst time,
IZ'. in 27claa CliDirMoue won; time,
223 1-4, and 2:'.-.' 1-4. Uax 35.
Screwdriver won, slow time. Steve Max
well made two unsuccessful attempt to
beat bis two mile record of 4 tJ. Beat
tint to-day 4 51 1-4. Billy D. with a run
nine mate, in trying to beat bis mile.
2.1JJ, msaer.'ij.
Harvest prusrx-cts in Southern Kuwia
are so brilliant that if realized the abund
ance will U unprecedented. This i due
to the abnormal quantity of rain during
me pw two weeks, tbnugb Its continu
ance in some places now excites fear that
they may have too much, fcuch numbers
of corn beetle appeared in ine govern
ments of KbarkotT and Kherson that the
imperial government intends to appro
priate loG.isO roubles towards the exter
mination of them.
FcoU in the assembly at Albany re
ported for the majority that the bribery
tvoimittee thought it proper not to report
f-u aliened bribery, as indictments had
been found by a jury. Both charges and
denials were positive snd circurnaiantial.
The minority reported or the charge that
it was true that a great crime bad been
committed. It bears somewhat on Brad
ley for receiving money at all and com
pares him with Judas IsearioL Either
lirsiley or cessions has the crime of per
jury on his conscience; the Almighty
alone knows which. Tbe testimony shows
that no money w as offered to anv legisla
tor but Bradley. The whole testimony is
reversed by tbt minority.
The New York Tribune aayi: Many
politicians, e?pcia!l" stalwarts, were at
the Fifth Aveuue hotel !at niht await
ing news. - Gen. LVvena.Ewiug.Gorbaro,
Castigan ond other were noticed. Ham
ilton Fish called 011 Conk'.inp, remaining
a long time. Cohkiingonly left the room
a few minutes, r-bould the president die
he will go to Washington. Police Com
miwioner French, John F. Smyth and
Piatt are a itb him almost constantly. It
is said that ba was deeply moved by
many condemnatory opiutona of bis
course" having led to the attempt upon
the life of tin president. Each entrance
to the hotel U supplied with olicemen,
whereas ordinarily only one or two are
on the tldeaalk. dpt. William in citi
ten's dress, walked the main entrance for
hours at a lime. Insuector Thorn stood
at the main entrants most of the day,
while President French' remained with
Conkling. Polire Commissioners Nichols
and Mason were also at the hotel part of
the time. In the corridors mingling with
the crowds were police detectives in citi
sens' dree, and other persons who bore
the appearance of detectives were present
and always hovering about where three
or four men happened to be engaged in
conversation. Police ollkials denies that
there was any special significance to this
remarkable display of force on a quiet day
w hen everybody w aa so anxious for the
lifnf tha nral.J-r pri-,t l";;r..M
said that precautious were lakuu t.y In
apertor Tnorn op liis own responsiii.iity.
Tiiorn, he aiJ, had taken es,cialcar to
protect the hotel brcaua It wss a holiday
and a time of great excitement, owing to
the shooting of iho president. As the
bott'l was a central point it was desirable
to luve a number of policemen there.
Cunt. Williams was reticent. Official
xefusi'd to give any explanation of the
mysteion meeting at headquarters the
niKht before. Hotel men generally could
not give any explanation of the difplav
of police force and detettivea. Out said,
however, that theeats have been made
a man it Conk ling and he desired protec
tion lo ruse tbt people might become
grestly excited. 1
Tbt weather to Intensely hot ihroegboat
A firs at Minsk has beta ragtag sicca
n ' . . . -. 1 . ,
Bandar, aov Dooara oewuvau.
)l art est txptcttd to be good throogh-
Ottt let Koastan empire. t
A Ulerraa from Oobtenx says: Tbt eoa
dilioa of the Empreaa Aogoau of Ger
many conUDoee aatuuaetory.
John Trainer and Olson Lava gone
tha smallest dorr that tvtr mad ihm trip
across tbt Atlantic, provisioned for sixty
Sexton baa Intimated to tbt land leagnt
that farmers mhtbt be aked to contribute
a portion of their abatement when coatn
buuooa Xrom America uroppea on.
The Denver A Bio Grande railroad baa
contracted for trading iu abort hat from
a point oa iU main hot aeventeen miles
tooth of Denver to the south fork of Piatt
J avaia hoisting works boned on tht
5tb; lots $15,000. Tbt company baa si-
ready coca me need to rebuild. Firecaaght
from a spark igniUng saga brito dost on
tbt lop of lot boiler.
A Washington di pa!cb of the fob tart:
It it reported, probably falsely, that a boat
leaving the distressed steamer Britannic
capsized, drowning seven persona. Tbt
tel it in a very precanoot condition.
An officer of tht Whit f tar lite reports
that everybody baa been landed aafely.
The queen will review 50,000 men at
Windsor. This it tbt Urges review ever
held. The Ltakt of Cambridge will com
mand. The Prince of Wa'.ea will march
st the bead of tht bonorablt artillery of
London. The Dokt of Connaught wiu
command a division of tbt 24 army corps.
A great number of minor accidents oc
curred at Han Francisco daring tht 4th,
mostlv arising from playing with fire
works One girL Carolina Kata Romer.
tged 12, wasborned to death, ber clothing
taking fire whilt Snog 'double-neaOera.
A lively fusiladt of crackers, bombs, pis
tols, etc. was cameo on inroogboat loo
day and evening.- Oat Chinamta waa
perhaps fatally wounded by a pistol shot
in the back. Tbt day waa exceedingly
warm, with a light brtett. Fire alarms
wert rung every few minutes during tbe
day. A great number of strangers wert
In tht city and tbt street w era thronged
with promenaders.
Newt from LI Paso, Jf ew Mexico, states
that a party of Americans, traveling in
their own conveyances fiom Paso del
Norte to Chihsaboa, came suddenly at
the sand bills, about forty miles south of
El Paso, upon thirteen dead bodies, all
Americans, and a portion of ibt surveying
party of tht Mexican Central railway. Tbt
surveying party originally numbered
thirty, and a under command oflocav
ing engineer C C L'pbam. Tbt discov
erers immediately returned to El Paso,
from which ptact yesterday a strong de
tachment of troops were sent out to ascer
tain particulars. It is supposed that tbt
massacre was committed by a remnant of
Mctono s band or Apacbes nnder am.
Victorio's wsr chief. Nam and about
thirty renegade Apaches, tht Last of that
once large tud powerful tribe, bsve been
biding and committing depredations in
and about bierra Candelaria for months,
and although constantly pursued by Mex
ican troops, bare so tar not been punished
or caught.
A dispatch from &nla Ft dated July
Ctb says: Tht national holiday has cot
interrupted progress of the railroad cast
on hearing here. Early this morning 11.
6. Brown eom.laled his argument com
menced last Ka:ardar, fortifving by
pointed and well-elected authorities.
The position heretofore stated as relied
upon by the defendant Judge Brown
st-emed to elabihb the Imprudence of the
order first Issued granting an injunction
and appointing a receiver. Brown at last
satisfied bu associate counsel. He Wat
followed by Judge Waldo in a brief but
eloquent argument for complainant.
Governor Bros n takes tht brad ground
thai the Texas Pacific has an exclusive
charter, and that no other company can
build any road anywhere within the
eibt-u,ile belt between El Paso and tan
D.ego, and that tbe Southern Pacific is a
trespajmer npon their exclusive rights, and
that 1'js charter from New Mexico, being
in conflict with the act of congress under
a hicti tbe Texss Pacific wss organized, is
null and void. Governor Brown alto an
nounced that tney were preparing the
papers to commence a similar suit iu Ore
gon. Tbe fool McXamarasaid in Washington:
"I came on bert to get tht authorities to
call off tbt Per who art conspiring
against me. There it a political conspir
acy of spiritualistic mediums who are
trying to obtain possession of my mind.
They ara trying to pnt pbysche in my
brain. They revealed to me in 1575
while I was in San Francisco, that I wss
to shoot brant and the t'nnct or n bales,
the e'.dert m of the Dutch widow, and
they have Wn puruiiig mt ever since
with spiritual exhortation to carry out
their behixts. I have been doing battle
against them ever since. Last month I
came from Sin Francisco to Philadelphia,
and tried to make a settlement in one of
the court. thstju-lic might aid me to fight
the rniisptrary, but I taw no opportunity
to be beard in court unless I committed
some misdemeanor. I got myself arrested.
I split a brick In halves and put tbt
halve in my overcoat pot kels. When I
got to the poetotAce I took one from my
pocket and threw It through one larze
window, calling it the same time, 'That is
a better shot than the one aimed at the
president of tht United blaUs.'" He did
actually perform tbia deed. He it
medium siztd, haggard, sparse gray hair,
and was ragged, and bad only a dollar in
bis pocket.
The Barefsoted of Jew Jersey.
Ia violation of the customs of Broom
fluid society, my children go barefooted
all through the summer and early au
tumn. Probably I should not want them
to go barefooted for the lack of money to
bay shoes, bat if I owned all the rail
road stock of Jay Gould and Vanderbilt
combined they would go barefooted juat
XLi faiu, suiu puaniuij, in that case, they
would not be the only ones in tbe fam
ily to tvail themselvea of that health-giving
privilege. I believe most fixmlj that
thoir health is greatly augmented by tbia
practice. If they wear shoe and stock
ings they must stay in tht house all
through these beautiful, long, dewy
mornings, or go with wet shoes snd
stockings, or else wear rubber overshoes
that confine the prespiration from the
soles of the feet.whioh in summer is very
profuse. Either of these alternatives,
one can see at a glance, must be very
"Why not for grown people then?"
8ure enough, why not? Essex Coun
ty Press,
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talliaa, torn ta tmmmt. 1U V;
irt sWAs-tHssTW SJ1.H.U:s.lMV
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s ml 1 n 1 - ' T starts as tan
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atln luais is fair. l vwwc mam rv
enpss tk auts ss sat: cmotcm crtsa raU, Sat
Lrxs-Trtcas in k4 suamslly cas&a4. JM
slusi SfSiarr ta aulas' ton is aesad. aspanslly
for cSaSt pisrs
honim Mar fa is tra witt s too naod.
T-mom Calsaiss, Ulc; CaaUat. U4
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atombarded by Thaadtr Bolts.
A single lightning bolt struck this
city (Norwich, Connecticut) on Thurs-
t afternoon that wrought more havoc
than all the thunder bolts of the last
twenty years. An inky-black cloud
rolled up at 2 o'clock, and without any
warning auddenly discharged a zig-zag
flash of fire directly at tha city. A ter
rific peal of thunder followed instantly.
Nearly every one in the city was bewild
ered for a moment with the impression
that he or she bad been struck. Several
horses in tha atroet fell in their harness
in fright Tbe electrio fluid seems to have
been divided and sent in a hundred (lifer
ent directions. On Laurel Hill the
bouse of Kelson Oalby was entered at
the second story. Its French roof was
demolished, nearly an entire window sill
was torn from its frost and hurled across
tha street. Mrs. Priestly and her 17
year old daughter were thrown en
tirely acrosa the room, and a board
on the outside of house was hurled
through a window across a room within
a foot of a lady's head and driven en
tirely through a partition. The lath and
plaster in the kitchen and pantry were
swept from the walls, the kitchen mat
ting waa torn in shreds, and the floors
wert lifted tip. Several windows were
carried away, and one bed waa taken up
and twisted into varioua shapes, yet no
one in the house waa severely injured.
No one aaw the flash, and no fire fol
lowed the stroke.
In the neighboring house of Mr.
Charles E. Cuse. electrician, twentv
seven feet of telcy wire was entirely
consumed, but U.u cord cable that en
cased it waa not even scorched. A part
of the aame flash passed through the
ttore of Iieid k Hughes, which waa
filled with customers. The bolt entered
tht front door, flashed across tbt
store abort tbe breads of the people, and
passed out of a rear window that was
open. Its appearance is described aa
lice a ball of blue fire. No one was in
jured, and the flash was gone so quickly
that no one felt tht alarm, in tht
Western Union telegraph office the
wiu-h board was scorched and a piece of
paper burned at exactly the aame mo
ment. For an instant tht whole office
seemed to ta filled with flame, and tha
operators received a slight shock. At
the same moment a flash came into every
office and dwelling in which was a tele
phone. The appearance of tht flame
waa tha aame in each case, described aa a
jet of blue fire bursting out of the in-
atrument and filling the room with an
odor likt that of burning brimstone. In
tht Telephone exchange, where all the
wires center, the flame burst out and
filled tht room, and tha clerks left their
posts and ran oat Nearly a dozen tele
phones in tht city wert more or lest
shattered, and tht next day not an instru
ment could ba worked in the city.
A Cincinnati lawyer hat astonished
even his professional brethren bv charg
ing a $'20,000 fee for .collecting 53,00o'
st ran, rorr.
A Urea black beetle, with a pair of
piaetrs ia front, likt tht claws af a hills
lobster, waa harrying through tht forest
oa a sammer day, whan ha waa accosted
by alixard.
"Oh, Ue," aaid tha lizard, "wbart
art ywn going so fast? I never taw yoa
ta aaeh haata befora.
"I am trvma to find something." aaid
tha hMtle. "and I mast not ttoa."
"What art yan trying to findr asked
tbt lizard; who waa very inquisitive.
"Tell mt what it is. I can run. fifty
time quicker than yon, and can easily
slip into nooks and crannies. I am sure
I can find it, whatever it ia. Is it aay
this that has beta lost, or ia it ome-
thifit- hat baa to be discovered:'
"It is something that has bean lost,"
said tat beetle, a littlt vexed at being
"What is it. then, and whom doea it
belona to?" aaked tht lizard.
"I l not wish to tell yon," said tht
beetle, "There is a reward.
"Oh r aaid the lizard. "Will yon tell
ma if I mess?
"Yes " redied tha beetle, still
homing on; "but you can't do it Yon
wouia neTcr uuiia oi sue uiuig.
t j i. -f .l - 1 1. : -
"Will yon let mo try twenty ques
tions? asked tht lizard.
"Yea," said tha beetle.
"Ia it animal, vegetable or mineral?'
"Useful or ornamental?"
"Ia it maauiactumir
"What art its dimensions?'
"It ia about as long aa I am with my
legs stretched out; but it is much larger
"Ahr said tLe lizard, "ia it in the
shape of a cylinder?
Not exact! v" replied tie Metis.
I it larrer at one end than at the
"It it heavy or light?"
"Is it solid or hollow?"
"Whatisit't color?"
"Its treaeral oolor is a yellowish brown
bnt one end of it has several colors.
Alight vegetable substance, said
the lizard to himself ; "made useful by
being manufactured ; as long aa a beetle,
something like a cvlinder, only larger at
one end than the other; and ornamented
ith colors at one end. I believe it is
cork stopper." "Ia it a cork stopper
for a bottle or jar ? he then asked,
Yes... answered the beetle, "bat yon
don't know whom it belongs to."
"I have ten questions left, aaid the
uzaro. ".uoea it Deiong to a msn or a
VA woman."
"It must be for a bottle." said the liz
ard, "for such a cork would be too small
for a jar. Is it for a bottle?
lea, said the beetle.
Is the stuff in the bottle rsefnl. or
for pleasure only?" asked the lizard.
"ror pleasure only.
"Then it must be a perfume," said the
lizard. "Does it belong to a high-born
lady?" .
"It does." '
The lizard thought a moment. "Does
it belong to the mistress of yon . castle?"
be asked.
"Then it is the stopper of the perfume
bottle of the mistress of yon castle," said
the lizard.
"That is it," replied the beetle.
"And five questions to spare," said
the lizard. Then he went on.
"I'll help you to find it, and I shall
only ask you to give me a quarter of the
reward if we should succeed in win
ning it".
"All right! replied the beetle, who
was afraid the lizard would go and look
for the lost stopper on his own aoconnt,
and get all the reward, if he should not
take him into partnership.
lou can hnd out anvthing in the
world by asking twenty questions," said
tha lizard, who now seeiuftd to be very
much pleased with himself.
I believe yon can," replied the
They now lourneveJ on for some dis
tance, when, passiug a little thicket of
forns, they saw a small dwarf, not much
bigger than either of them, asleep under
a toud-atool. He was an old dwarf, for
he had a long white beard, and ho held
in hia lao a oickax. made of a stronir
twig, with two sharp thorns growing
from one end of it.
Hi!" whispered the lizard. "Here is
one of those digging dwarfs. Let's cap
ture him, and make him look for the
stopper. If it has fallen into any crack,
and been covered up by earth, be can
dig for it"
That ia true, said the beetle. "But
shall we have to give him any of the re
"Oh. we can give him a little." said
the lizard. "He will not expect much."
But how are we to catch him?'' asked
tht beetle. "If he hits one of ns with
that pickax, it will hurt."
' It will not hart you, said the hzaad.
Your shell ia to hard. I am quite soft.
so I will keep ont of his wsv. I will
climb on top of the toad-stool, and you
can cree'p up. and seize him by the ankle
with your pincers. Then, when he
wakes np, ha will see me sticking out my
tongue OTer his head, and be will be
frightened, and will surrender."
It all happened as the - lizard said it
would. The beetle slipped up quietlv to
the dwarf, and, turning over on one side,
so as to get a better hold, he seized him
by the anile. The dwarf woke tin sud
denly, was greatly frightened at seeing
the lizard making terrible facet above
him, and surrendered. His captors then
told him whst they were trying to find.
and ordered him to come and help them.
They all went on together, and the
dwarf said to the beetle:
"If you had pinched a little harder,
you would have taken off my foot."
"If you bad not surrendered," replied
the beetle, "I might have been obliged
to do so; but if vou will help us cheer
fully, no harm will come to you."
For a long time the three searched the
woods diligently. They looked nnder
every leaf, and in every crack; and the
dwarf dug with his pick in many spots
where the lizzard thought the ground
looked as if a cork -st opper were con
cealed beneath it Hat no stopper could
they find. - -
"It is very necessary that it should be
fnand " aaid tht beetle. "Ont of tht
Dafea told mt all about it It waa lost
ia these very woods thrtt days ago, by
the lady of yoa castle. And, at not that
time bar maids of honor havt beta
ohlimd to take turns ia holding their
thambt ovtr tbt top of tht perfume-
bottle, to keep tht valuable odor iron,
escaping, and they are getting very tired
of if , ,
After mora fruitless search tha beetle
tad tht lizzard aaid that they mast go
and take a nap; for they wert vtry much
fatigued; but they told tha dwarf ha
must keep on looking for the stopper,
for be had had hit nap nnder tha toad
stool. , , , -When
he waa left to himself, the
dwarf did not look long after the stopper.
"It will be a great dealtasier," bt said
to himself, to makt a new cork-stopper
tbaa to find tht old one. I will make a
new cork-stopper for the lady in yon
So he looked about until he found a
cork-tree. Then with his little ptckax.
he chopped off a small portion of the
rough outer bark from the lower part of
the trunk, and carefully cut out a piece
of toft cork which grew beneath. This
piece was nearlr as big at himself, but
be lifted it easily, for it waa to light.
and carried it to hit own house, which
waa not far away, in' the forest
There he took a sharp knife, and
carved and cut the cork into the
shape of a bottle-stopper; making
it very small at one end and
large at the other, so that it would fit
almost anv bottle. With a small file
he made it smoother than a ny cork stop
per ever seen before. The lower end was
cot off flat, while tbe top waa beautifully
rounded. Then he took some paint and
little brushes, and painted the top in
curious designs of green, and gold and
red. When he had finished it, it waa
the most beautiful cork stopper ever
Then be pot it on his shoulder and ran
with it to the place where he had left
tbe beetle and the lizard, taking their
"Hi I hi 1" cried the two companions,
when they awoke. "Have yoa really
found it?"
'No." said the truthful dwarf, "there
waa no nse of looking any longer for that
old stopper, and I have made a new one,
which, I am sure, will fit the perfume
bottle of the lady of yon castle. Let as
harry and take it to her. I am sure she
would much rather hare the new stopper
than to find the old one.
"We should think so, indeed!" cried
tbe others. And they all set off for the
When the lizard, the beetle and the
dwarf the latter carrying the stopper on
hia shoulder appeared at the castle,
they were welcomed with great joy. The
stopper was put into the lady's perfume
bottle, and it was found to tit exactly.
Then everybody cheered merrily, espe
cially the maids of honor, with their
tired thumbs.
'But:" said the lady of the caatle,"my
lost stopper has not been found after
"No," said the dwarf, "it is not found,
bat this one fits just as well, doea it
Yes" said the lady, "bat I wanted
the same one that I lost."
"Bat is not this just as pretty?" asked
the dwarf. ..
It is a great deal prettier, said the
lady, "but it is not the one. It is not
the stopper I lost, and which I hopdd to
get back." . .
"But it keeps the smell in just as well,
does it not!" exclaimed the dwarf a little
"Yes," answered the lady, "but that
does not make it the same stopper, does
"Oh. nshaw!" said the dwarf. I think
that will do just as well as the old one.
It fits just as well, and it is a great deal
prettier; and the old one can't be found.
I think everybody ought to be satisfied
with this new Btopiex, and forget all
about the old one."
So do we," said the lizard and the
beetle. . . . r . ,
"And so do wo," cri d the maids of
honor, and all the courtiers and all the
people who stood about.
"Well," said the lady, "I suppose it
will have to do. It is very pretty, and
it fits, and the reward can be paid to
these little creatures. But it is not the
same stopper, after all." "
The reward was a large golden pitcher
with engraved sides. It was too heavy
for the dwarf, the beetle, and tho lizard
tocarrj away with them, and they had
to leave it on the shelf where it stood.
But they had the satisfaction of knowing
that it was their own.
Let me go ." said the dwarf, as he
hurried away, "to finish my nap under
a toadstool. It may not be the same
toadstool I was sleeping under before;
but, if it is just as good, it will do quite
as well. I have never heard as tuneh
silly talk as I have heard this dar. If a
thing is just as good as another thing,
what difference doss it make whether it
is the same thing or not?"
"It makes no difference at ail," said
the lizard; "but some people are so par
ticular. We ought to be satisfied with
what we can get"
"Yes." said the beetle. "That is true:
and I want yoa to understand that the
handle of the pitcher is vours. The
dwarf can have tho spent, and all the
rest is mine. " Let us be satisfied."
June Busings.
Where shall we go this summer?
To the mountains or the seaside?
Or when shall we shut the house and
seem gone?
How much shall it cost?
Any rooms in which one can take a
square Continental turn round in?
How many trunks?
How many dresses?
How nesr ia the farmhouse kitchen to
the hogpen?
voh our bucolic host eat in his shirt
Or smell of the sULle?
"Biled dinner" four times a week?
Butter weak oi strong?
Boating and bathing. Goose pond at
the front door. Twos thus lost summer?
Any other boarders?
Will the coffee cups and saucers be as
heavy and thick as last summer?
And aa badly nicked?
Will tbe beef be as touch as that of
last summer?
The first great work is that vourself
may to yourself be true.
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