The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, November 20, 1880, Image 2

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' , Bre-tal Wife Marder.
Bodik, Cal., Nov. 8 Job Draper was
arretted Saturday for the brutal murder
of his wife at a point on the road between
Bodie and Mamruotb City and about four
miles from ISodie. I he couple bad moved
to this new location Friday, and had not
vet provided themselves with a house,
After building ft fire of sage brush Draper
accused his wire or hiding bis gun and
jug of whisky-. Woodchoppers who were
passing heard them disputing about the
matter, dui, tuinking it was oniy i
drunken quarrel, moved on in the dark
oess. The following morning Draper
went to a ranch and stated that bis wife
was d6d, and accompanied two men to
the scene. I her found the body horribly
bruised and cut Her face was frightfully
mangled. Draper was arrested, but aays
his wife came to her death by falling out
orthe wagon,
Uarlleld't Majority la Bala.
Augusta, Nov. 9. The clerks' return
of votes for the election of president ana
vice president are received at the office
of secretary of state from all bat six towns
and six plantations, n ith the exception
of adding somewhat to the total vote the
figures from the remaining towns will not
materially change the result, as loilow
Garfield 74,005, Hancock-Weaver electors
Gi.Ho'J. Weaver straight greenback elec
tors, 4.079, Dow 0(1, scattering 12: totul
142,991. Majority for Garfield 5019, plu
rallty 9173.
Rumor Dealed,
Chicago, Nov. 9. President Hayes to
day denied to an Inter-Ocean corresnon
dent at Washington that there was the
shadow or roundation to the sensational
story from Kansas that an attempt was
made to assassinate him in Kansas re
cently. Preparation! far Inauguration.
Washington, Nov. 9. Preparations for
the inauguration of Gurfiold have already
assumed an organized form, ine execu
tlve committee having the arrangements
in charge extend a cordial invitation to
all military and civio orfcitzatlont
throughout the country to take part in
the inauguration ceremonies. All com
munications and enquiries on the subject
should be addressed to Co 1. 11. u. torbin,
corresponding secretary, Washington, D.
Huow Fall.
Chicago. Nov. 9. A heavy fall of snow
is reported in central Michigan to-day.
At Jackson the snow was so heavy that
roofs of buildings aro caving in under the
Self Aocuacd Murderer,
Chicago, Nov. 10. Yesterday a rather
prepossessing young man with red mous
tache and neutlv dressed, who said his
name was John McMauus, stepped into
Chief O'JJonnell's olllce and said he was
wanted in Philadelphia for the murder of
Bernard Kelly in a political meeting thore
about a year ago. After killing Kelly,
McManus said lie went to San i randsco
and rumbled about west for several
months, coming here last July. The
Philadelphia anthorities request the
Chicago police to detain him, so there
seems some ground for bis self accusal
Milting Dull Surrender,
St., Paul, Nov. 10. Scout Allison lias
raturned from Bitting Bull's camp, and
reports Hitting Bull ready to surrender or
to receive a proposition to that end, by
the 2oth instant, wheu he expects to hear
from Maj. Wtilsh who went to niedift'e
for him. The Indians are quite destitute,
and have 900 people.
1 To Ureal Jrttylet,
St. Louis, Nov. 10, Cnpt. James B. ......... ,l, I I,.. !.! ,!.
I'Hudi uiiifiuiuijivu vy 1110 ftuu BUU
daughter, and others, loft to-night for
Mexico. His mission to Mexico is
make a survey of the Isthmus of Tehaun
tepee and to determine its adaptability
lor an inter-ocean snip railroad,
Bond Sold.
Nkw Tom, Nov. 1J. The American E.hiie
Jiaiik aolU t tb (Hiveruiutut tu-Uaj a ball luJiUu
Killed by hie Wife,
Kkd nori, N. J., Nov. 13. Wm. Ororer, ac-d 60,
la euoi new uy nil wile, axed is.
Tha Father of Quack.
Philaiibxi-iiu, Nut. 11. The ontorloue Pr. John
21u-liatiaa u arralKni-d In court to-iUr and plead
HUiuy to iwo riiarKea ui Belling acatleuilo degree,
w nunc wa ueierreu.
Meflaerjr Iluraed.
Pr-Tenran, Not. 11 Flare oil reflnerjr burned
run luoruliig witu engiue ami oil, tii-avy low,
Chicago Wheat Market.
Chicago, Nor. 11 Wheat weak, lower, 1U1" ; rub
Haxnroao. Pa., Nor. 11 During a row at a hotel
at huappi ereea atatlon IhU ereulug, a rough named
Tbmuaa Hrott ahot and killed John liotigherty, en
oil Una builder. Puiinrrty lived lu TartU Wiet.
Inorelaud county, I'a. Hrott wa arreatod.
traek Oil.
Hiori Crrt, Nov. 11 IMrolrmn of nnrertain
quality and quantity wa truck at Ponca, Nebraaka.
Ureat excitement.
Saviwtoit, la., Nov. 18. A Are In Weal I'nlon
rauned heavy loaa, duatroylug Sturgla' block wllh
in uaieue umce anu pueiumc.
chooner Aehore.
Oawroo, Nor. 11 Th echooner Oorter, with 19,.
000 buahvle wheat, from Milwaukee to tbla port.
went aelior thl afternoon near Study creek; crw
Death af aa Actor.
Prraorr, Nov. 11-Oeo. r. Kefc-hani, the well
known actor, died to-tilght, aged 11
Vaaretk Elarlora e'haaea, Faejept
Jadara "S-rr-Haeaalleaaa
twelve Jarlir ie ia a;iaii'w.
Living too Long.
forts and compensations. Wd sorrow for
those who pass away before many years
flitimlle atuMlrinir nna nf Ilia lout hilt fallen niton thnm. Nevertheless, It
8am FBAitciaco, Nov. 9.-Omclal returns nd leagt 0jf onr ,nxiotiei i, tUat we maT ig fa better that they should go early
Thurlow TVee4.
While talkinir with Thn.v
are not yet all in, but enough ara received
to determine that the Hancock electors,
except Judge Terry, have carried the
state by a majority of 2l)0 to 300, while
the Republicans have elected 41 assern
blymen, giving a majority of two in the
assembly and twelve on joint uaiiou
Pacbeco Elected.
San Fbancisco, Nov. 9. OfTicial returns
from all the counties in the Fourth Con
gressional district, except Tulare, Mari
posa and lnyo, which are iuh out not oui
cial. live Pacbeco 133 majority. Official
returns will make no material changes,
and his election is settled.
TnellPeaeaatrw aa th Alert Britten
Trooue rralectinar rarna m aaoea.
Laud Aajeeu ahot L)ad--M Hilary
Urdare la tea the Bayonet
If Mocaary-A Peril
aue rrtu,
Embarraaeed by Irish Affaire.
Loxnos. Nov. 11. The Time' Rom aperlel aaya
It la well known In the Vatican elrrlea that the Potie
la much etubtrraued about Irlab affair. He fully
unrli ratandi It I not a aurttlou between Catholic
and I'Mteatanta, but between th friend of order
and ananliy. lie openly (llaapprove an Agrarian
government, and aincerely deairea to aaaiai lue
tuglUb government If pueaiuie. He I wen aware
that he la only bearing one aide of the rate, and feela
were he to break the alienee he might, In aeeklng
good, produce contrary rvault, through hi Impar
led knowledge or aoair.
Land League Male,
Coax. Nov. 11. A muting convened by the mayor
of (hit city baa opened aubecrlbtion llata for l'ar-
nell' defence.
Didlk. Nov. 11 All laborera In th relief exne-
dltlon are tenant farmer or on of tenant farmera.
I'rovltlou have been aeut wllh them for (0 men for
eliiht dive. OraiiKumen have emreaeed a willing'
nrta to atay at llelllurode after th croua have been
cut aud work for llornilt.
IiriiLi.v, ov. ll-lleore the atart crowut or peo
le were In front of the eatee xroanlng and booting
be uproar in the principal atreel waa tremendoua.
A atewanl to Col. Cooper, of Uunlxvlen, In Mulllu-
gee, county of Weat Meat", waa ahot and wounded
lu two place hy an uukuown youiu.
A Laud Aent Hilled.
Oh. Nov. 11 Wheeler, a land agent, baa been
ahot dead near Oola, county of Uuerlck.
QrrElaTowx, Nov. 11 The Channel fleet baa ar
Natch urr.
Loxdon, Nrv. 12. The Lavcock-Hawdon rowing
makh 1 off, Uawdou failing to make a final dcpoali
of atake money.
caui ureaia
Lnxnon, Nov. 11 The Anglo-Amn Iran company'
llreat cable la broken, xw unlet Iroui ureal
Honey Drift.
Ixindox. Nov. 12. Half a million dollar for New
About 1400,000 apecle will be (hipped Saturday ftr
Forcibly Kxpelled.
live too long. Throughout youth and
maturity the prospect of longevity is
very apt o be pleasant, for ' the thing
iUelf seems dosirable for more so in the
distance than if at band. Bat even when
it is upon ns, with all its burdens and
impotencios, we are prone to cling to
life, as still we call it, though it las,
strictly, ceased to be life, Laving become
mere vegetation, .mat we suoum want
to live while we have health, phvsical
and mental; are in possession of all our
faculties; are able to do some good; are
fitted to impart and receive satisfaction,
is entrelr natural and reasonable. But
that the wish should continne after
everything that should excite it has gone,
appears, or would appear, strange, were
not the loot so notorious.
Comparatively few men are glad to sur
render existence, notwithstanding the
ostensible loss of its final allurements or
its slightest compensation. The habit of
life may have grown so strong by contin
uance that they can not complacently
contemplate breaking it; or the great
hopefulness which incites and deludes
ns from the crauie to cue grave
vat u'liiunnr in tlinir dull our its
IWJ JW, .. I m &
flattering tale. Be the causo what it high, in cement, only two days after be
may, oiu age, loineu w uiiwrepuuuu,
than linger late. More truth and wis
rlnm than we fancy lies in the utterance:
"It is not all of life to live, nor all of
death to die.
Resistance of Bricks.
Tbo resistance of bricks to a crushing
foroe varies greatly, according to the
quality of the brick. Trautwine, who
has experimented considerably with
building materials, says on this point
that a rather soft brick will crush under
a weight of from 450 to 600 pounds por
sqnare inch, or about 30 to 40 tons per
stinare foot, wbilo a first-rate machine
pressed brick will require from 300 to
400 tons per square foot. This tast is
abont Uie crushincr limit of the best
sandstone two-thirds as much as the
best marbles or rooting slates. But
masses of brickwork, be notes, will
crush under mnch smaller loads than
single brioks. In some English cxperi
M friend Tom bas a natural affection
for dirt, or rather, dirt bas a natural af
fection for Tom. It is to him what gold
was to Midas: whatever he touches turns
to dirt. No matter how white the cravat,
no matter how immaculate the vest, the
moment that it comes within the sphere thanked Mr,
of Tom s influence its whiteness
it is immaculate no longer. Dogi
and lamplighters sever pass him without
leaving upon his dress unequivocal
marks of their presence. Once, and
only once, I saw him in the stroet with
out encountering the wheels of a carriage.
I opened mr mouth to congratulate him.
and before I could utter one word it was
fillod with mud. The careless blockhead
lay at my foot, fall length, in the gutter.
At my earnest solicitation he once pur
chased a suit of precisely mud color. It
was a capital idea. He crossed the Btreet
three times; he walked half a milo, and Genoral and his
returned, in appearance, at least,
unscathed. True, he was heartily
welcomed by tiie auectionato
about the political .ituaUonrL
foil upon a steel emrraTino- a't 3. -Te
on the wall with i r letto fa 'vZ
the broad margin, written by the dani
ter of the great champion of liuJ?!0-
the sphere thanked Mr. Weed in warm teru L ,
ess is gone; polite attentions to her father "Ik u
ogs, sweeps America recently," and expre1?
most earnest interest in the futneo
gressof the republic. UtUra
"So you knew Lafayette ?" I Mi.Bli
"Oh, yes," the old gentleman said k;
face ighting up, "I know him wo fcj'
timately, in fact. I traveled conM.lerabf;
with him while he was here. That . 7
in in what year waa it ?-I f orB0t "
"In WM'l suggested. g
"Yes," he went on, "he was C5 t
should think, and I was about 27 T
invited down here and aocompanied tu
Genoral and his suito to Albany c
went on the steamboat 'Chancellor Kent'
It was summer time, and wo wore tl.ell
si attn wa A til.- mi a
Villi 8 u Aluuuy- iUe uat stopped
at ail t ie vllWna alnnn
... n- -""ft ua rive
seldom has for its sunerers the lrknome
nejs that it has for its observers. Men,
in other words, do not know as a rule,
when they have lived too long, and in
thoir earlier years do not fear old age as
they should. They cannot imagine,
while vigorous, ambitious, fnll of plans
and puriioses, that they shall Be in time
foeble, heedless, dwelling only on the
past, wearisome with endlens repetitions, bo safe, be recommends that the load
Thoir ecrotisra prevents such anticipa- should not exceed one-eighth or one
tion, as it prevents their understanding tenth or the crnshing load; ana so also
of their senility, after it has come, and with stone. Moreover, he notes these
the extreme tediousness it entails npon experiments wero made with low masses,
their kindred and friends. Weight ol but the strength decreases as the pronor-
years so impairs their faculties, so ob- tion of the height to thickness increases.
scures their judgement, so changes thoir He cites the following examples: The
afiL'le of vision, thut they never suspect pressure at the base of a brick shot
their dotage. Self-love, which yields to towor in Baltimore, 240 foet' high, is es-
death alone, misinterprets their waning timatcd at six and a half tons por square
nature to thoir scattered intelligence, foot; and in a brick chimney at Glasgow.
Through it garrulity becomes eloquenco; Scotland, 4(58 feet high, at nine tons,
trifles assume importance; iteration Trof. llankin calculates that in heavy
shows like wisdom; ordinary hum-drum gales this pressure is increased to fifteen
experience assembles illustrious history, tons on the loeward side. The walls of
Old age is, in us usual aspects, mo uotu are, oi eourso, mucn tnicker at tne
reverse oi attractive, it may oegei bottom tnan tne ton. mi wans iw
but it exiwls sympathy and an- foet high, of uniform thickness.
raaiutfl nf a ilno that bail bnan nninvinrr
n - j n " " .m.mkw a ii ii u i,m .
menu, referred to by this author, small the coolness of a neighboring horse-pond; everywhere an ovation awaited the !n7
cubical mosses only 1) inehos on each trao he received a shower buth trom the deliverer. Thore were flags and speed
edge, laid in cement, crushed under 27 wheels of an omnibus. But to plaster and dinners, and every expression !
to 40 tons por square foot. Others, with mud on Tom's new coat was joy. An event of a lifetime that a,
piers (J inches square and 2 feet 3 inches "to gild refined gold to paint the As we moved quietly along from point hi
high, in cement, only two days after be- "Tom will be a neat man point, Lafuyotte sat on the prompn.-u
ing built, required 44 to C2 tons per yet," I said, as 1 witnossed the success dock viewing the beautiful scenory and
square foot to crush them. Another, of of any plan. responding to the welcoming shouts of
pressed brick, in best I'ortland cement, In about half an hour, it was my fate crowds along the shore. Lafuyotte a
is tuura nave wiiubmjou iv& ions per i a.. ,v , . .i,.j i,Bo u,u, muu w colossal pro.
souare root, and with common line mor- of green paint on his back it was my portions and of moioctio demeanor n.
friend Tom; he had been loaning against
some nowly painted window blinds.
Waving no other amusement, one
morning I strolled over to Tom's rooms.
As I ascended the stairs, I heard his
voice in a very decided tone. "But it
square root, and with common line mor
tar only one-fourth as much.
The same authority, however, is care
ful to add the statement that cracking
and splitting usually commence under
about ono-half the crushing loads. To
yvi uuuo uu mi uutjucuo uomeanor H
was largor than 1 am, and I am over six
foet, even now, in my old age."
now uiu tne company amuse them,
selves during the three days?"
"Most of the time was spent K.
veterans in telling stories of tlmnLi.
must bo dono, and there is an end to it." tion. Thore were more than a dozen mr
"Really," was the reply, "anything olutionary oflicers there: and thiv
within the limits of possibility, but to all boen dead these forty years. One of
make a coat in ten hours I will promise these was, I remember. Col. iVk v;
anything in the world, but I really fearl father of Gov. Fish. He hod served near
shall be unable to porform." the person of Washington, and he was a
"If double your price would be any good story teller. He told a trreat mo.
object " amusing anecdotes, showing that all
"Certainly, sir, if you insist upon it; hands had a good deal of fun even aha
certainly. I will put every man in my the army was ragged and barefoot in the
shop upon it; it shall be done in time.
Good morning, sir."
The door opened, and a follow with
shears and measures passed out. What
could Tom be doing with a tailor?
Just the man I wanted to see, he
exclaimed. "I require your advice upon
a very important affair; which of these
Jerseys, and it wasn't certain where Ihey
were going to got their next dinner.
"And here is a picture," said Mr. Weed
rising and fooling along the wall for it'
that interests one about as much as that
of Lafavette."
He laid his hand on a framed copy of
the familiar silhouette of the first rail-
10 o'clock laat
atlll Stubborn.
Paiub, Nov. l'l. Bandrey Daaaon refuted to pn
not to re.euter the Chamber .of bepuilea uuriu
A Sorry Attempt ta make Baal a ate Belter,
Ban FaAKciaio, Nov. 13. 'brlttorher Kocchl,
rclole, allveraiuith, waa found thl a morning altting
in a cnair in nia place oi nuainee no. Tyler atreet.
with a bullet through hla head and a plated atlll
areaped In hla hand. He haa lately been deapond
cut over the dulluea of bualueaa.
Hallroada at Law,
Lo Anuklm, Nov. 11. A ault waa entered In th
uoerior coarl to-day by A. A. Cohen, attorney for the
AtlanUe and ParlAr Hailroad Company, axainat tha
Southern PeclSe Hailroad Company, for recovery of
landa In thla county, alleged to tie unlawfully held
by the defendant, and for rente aluce Auiruet 1, mt,
aiuountinf lo iJ,uuo.
Th Kr easel lite.
Moody and Rankey opened their canipalirn thia
evening at Dr. Stout a church to an audieuce of two
thouaajid which teemed much luipraated with the
effort of theee noted eraiiaellita.
Death af Jean H. Bairn.
John It. Balrd, a well known pioneer and ei.
chairmen of the democratic atat central committee,
died In hie coupe thla afternoon while beln ron-
veyed from a court be -had been attending to the
raiece uuiei; egra ej.
UftUlal Arwete4.
City and County Attorney Murphy wa arretted
thla alteram charged with th violation of hie
ofiVtel duty In employing labor on the new elty
wall by day'a work and not pabliahlng Uit contract,
lie waa releaaed on ball.
A Lot af Teang raala,
Mlee Nellie Calhoun, a young theatrical debntante,
received an ovation thla evening at the hand of a
number of young gentlemen admirer, who, at the
roaclualoa of her performance at the California
theater, kameaead themaeive to her earn; and
drew her to ker hotel.
the time of hi eiclualou, aud be la therefore atll
ent lu confinement.
PiUia, Nov. 12. Nutea lo the value of 00,000 franca
crco atoleu from a poatuiau to-day In the rue St,
Itaaaon Releaaed.
Pabu, Nov. 13. Debaudry Daaaon waa releaaed on
hla prouilae nut to re-enter the cbaiuber for 15 daya,
Budget Oppoaed,
Biiu, Nov. 13. In the Pruaalan parliament yea
terday, Klcbter violently attacked the budiret ou ao-
couut of the lucreaae of taxation It propoaea
Tieatjr night.
Vikkka, Nov. 13 The Servian Envoy ha Riven
written declaration admitting Auatrlaiie to the
right to be treated on a footing with the moat
favored nation In the treaty of commerce nagotla'
on, obataclea to the commencement of which 1 re
Nlhliiata Condemned,
St. Prrramit'BO.Nov. 13.-A11 Nihlllat tried for
plota agaluat the czar'a life were fotiud guilty and
nv aeuteuceu to cleatu, 11 to Hani labor In the nilura
atterma from hve yeara ti life. Three women were
aetitt'iiced to 13 yeara penal aervltude, and the court
aald It would aak a mitigation of one womau ten
Fenian War Chief,
Tr.uKRAX. Nov. 13. -The former Peraian Mlniater
of Viar haa beru aent to the aeat of war lu ciilme-
queuce of the dangeroua illueaa and reiiorted death
tne reman commaiKier in cnier. tiome or the
iirdlah chlela have aubmitted, while other have
Th War la Perila.
Tkhkran, Nov, 13. Sheik Alxlnllth la aurronnded
near I'ruinlali, The l'eralana have caiitured the
wn of Houjboiak, the Kurda luting 300 killed aud
bu prleoner.
The Land League Trouble.
Di'iilin, Nov.!). Four troops of hussars
were dispatched hence for Bullinrobe by
special train at Z o clorK this morning,
Four hundred infantry have just arrived
at llulliiirobe and will encamp near I.ouph
Musk. These precautions are taken in
view of the Intention of northern Orange
men to send laborers to harvest the crops
of Mr. Boycott, Lord limes' agent, for
whom the local peasantry at the instiga
tion ot the land IciiL'ue. refused to work.
The government will protect a moderate
force of laborers, but refuse to permit
anvt nor amiroaciiinu' an nrmed demon
stratiou, winch would certainly provoke
a collision. A report is current .tins af
ternoon thitt tho channel squadron Is to
be prepared to laud 2SIH) troops at Queens
town, if ordered to do so.
Mhllltta Trial.
St. PKTEiismnio, Nov. 8. At the trial
before the military tribunal all the Nihil
ist prisoners acknowledge belonging to
the revolutionary party. One named
Schorauir admitted that he participated
mysterious, so imionetrable as to be in- prudontly concludes that with our pres- of every hue and fashion.
vestfld with a certain dignity often ab- ent lmnerfect knowledge on this sub- ow, what in the namo oi all that is
. .. it , i i . I . , . , ., . I i .i xi.:.. m o a
joct, it cannot ue snie to expose even wouucnui uuen vuu meuu, lumi Aiuuey
first-class pressed brick work, in cement, ball, is it? You huve chosen an excellent
to more than twelve or fifteen tons por disguise; your nearest friends will never
square foot; and good hand-molded
bricks to more than two-thirds as much.
h ir. hnt it exiicls Rvmnutuv ana an- foet hicrli. oi uniform thickness, tho
pAina, Nov. li.-riamiry Dateon, wim waa forcibly nuf8 interest. It ought to have twenty pressure at the base would be five and cravats do you think most becoming?" road train that ever ran in this country
If.S'!!' ot death, which is so four-tenths tons per square foot. He and he spread before me some half dozen, from Albany to Schenectady, in 1831.
" . J " - - , I , tl.lirtV.rt. I .1 i 1 1 . - 1 . 1 . .. . ; i 1. I , if A.,nwn knn nn.l fnulunn I 'I linn h A MHtrn 1 1 rt , ..n,. 1
aui.u ivj vmvtuiij uiuaouiou uu a dis
tance from one end, and pointing with
his finger said, "I am right there do
you see me in that car? I was greatly in
terested in the experiment, and when I
sat there I foresaw some of the greatnesi
to which the railroad system has since
grown in this land. The train made VC7
good time that day, too, surprising every
Mr. 'Weed resumed his easy chair and
said: "The first steamboat, too. I reckon
I may be the only man living that saw
l ulton s steamboat, tho (Jlcrmont, make
its flrst trip in 18U7. l was a boy of 10,
and lived at Catukill. Suddenly every
body heard that the very next day a boat
was coming np the river from New York
against wind and tide. All were incredu
lous, but I determined to see what it
amounted to, and early in the morning I
started off, with two other youngsters,
for Catskill landing. Arrived there we
thought we could get a better view from
an island in the river; so hiding in the
bushes, we took of our clothes (boys'
clothes diun t amount to much in those
days,) tied thorn on a plank, and swaui
over to the island, pushing it ahead of
us. I don't know when I have talked or
thought of this before. Once on the
island we put on our clothes again and
sent from, and impossible to, old age
Old age, generally venerated through
out civilization, is very frequently not
venerable. It needs, in many casos,
constant reflection and exorcise of char
ity to chock disosteem and hinder ridi-
culo. In and of itself, it is neither
benoficial nor interesting, and many
who claim to honor it simply tolerate
it, and secretly wish the whilo that it
may not bo too protracted. It may be
beautiful nnd lovable, holpful and in
spiring, np to a certain point; oui ine
point once passed, its lato lingering
charms fude forever.
Young old age, to name it such, has its
compensations, even its enucemonts.
Uut old, old age is dreary and distressing
enough. If we could see it as common
ly before we have reached it, wo should
inoBt earnestly beg of Fortune to pre
serve us from its privations and penal
ties. Should we not rather drop sud
denly from a career of high satitdoction
and wide usefulness, with a promise un
redeemed, with future bright and beck
oning, than to go on to its ample fulfill
ment and then steadily docay, becoming
only a mournful memento of a pnst
which should satirize our present ? To
dio in the midst of laudable activity, of
enterprises uncompleted, of radiant
dreams unrealized, may be very sad;
but it is not one tithe so sad as to sur
vive ono's self, to drag about a superan
nuated body after all that is best in it
has boen buried. Premature doath is
Bure to be regretted by many; tho dead
aro like to bo idoaiizoa lor wuac tney
have done, especially for what they
might havo done. But over-mature life
is a source ot sorrow tnut it nad not
A Short History oi Wheat.
uur historical knowledge oi wheat is
more complete than that of any other
grain, lor the reason that wheat has been
moro largoly used for human food than
any other cereal, although historians as
sure us that barley was used by mankind
in the infancy of the world, long before
wheat was cultivated for its fruit. The
varieties of wheat are almost numberless,
and their characters varv widoly under hvas the very first instance in which he had
me innuence oi cultivation anu enmate. fien fit to follow it. So I conld not at,
know you. But you cannot support the
character; if you had taken that of a
chimney sweep, now; but that would
have been too natural. Tell me truly,
Tom, what does all this mean?"
"Why, the fact is, I rank," passing a
hand through his hair, redolent of ma
cassar, "I have concludod I think I
shall be a little more neat in future.
You, doubtless, remember the good ad
vice you gave me some time since; it has
had an excellent effect, I assure you."
Now it so happened that of all the
good advice had ever given Tom, this
There are said to be one hundred and
eighty distinct varieties in the museum
of the Cornell University. On tho
slopes of the mountains of Mexico and
Xalapathe luxuriance of vegetation is
such that wheat does not form ears. In
Japan, it is said, the wheat has been so
Ueveloped by the Japanese farmers that,
no matter how much manure is used, the
straw will not grow larger, though the
length of the ear increases. The height
is rarely more than two feet, and often
not more
selection, winter wheat has been changed
to summer wheat in three years, and
summer wheat converted in the same
time to winter wheat. Iu general, wheat
is the most esteemed, of the cereal pro
ductions, but in Abyssinia, according to
Parkyns, the flour of the "teff," or "do
gussa, "scarcely palatable to
preferred by the natives to other grains.
Isis was supposed to have introduced
tribute the metamorphosis of my friend
to my eloquence. Who but a woman
ever changed a sloven to a fop ?
"Pray, where are you going this even
ing?" I continued, "that you must have
a new coat so suddenly t
"Going? aowhere in particular. I
had, indeed, some idea of calling on my
oldjfriond, Mr. Murray; no harm in that,
1 hope.
"Vnnr old friend. Mr. Mnrrav. nnd
more than two feet, and often his young niece, Miss Julia, has no share waited, fishing with pinhooks from a log
than twenty inches. Through in your visit, I suppose? I heard that she with not very1 much success. By and by
arrived in town last night.
Now, upon my word, Irank, you
mistake me entirely. I did not know that
she was in town last night when I
that is, when I I did not know any
thing about it."
And so you were there last night,
too! Bealiy, this is getting along
"Why, the tact is, irank, you must
ended soouor. To livo too briefly may wLcat into Lgypt, Domoter into ureoce, know everything 1 I called last evening
, . i . 1 r nrwl tlm Fnuwrnr Pnin Wnnff into fTninn I a- tr i : -1 a
to see iuurry uu nuiuu uuaiuena uuuui
in tho preparation of mines under the
railway at .Moscow in December. IS9, and
two others recounted proceedings In con
nection with the mine or Siuiphontpol
The Cathedral of Florence.
It is hoped that the late visit of the
King of Italy will stimulate the projected
work of completing tho facade of tho
cathedral in that city. The building was
begun more than four hundred vears
ago, and tho Florentines are now for the
seventh time trying to finish it. The
lato King Victor Emmanuel, says a for-
eigo journal, contriDUtcd lor Uie pur
potto from his private exeheouer the sum
of 25,000 lire. Prince Demidoff followed
in tho long lut of subscribers with
relatively liberal gift. The sculptors
wno undertook tho statues, which
will line the portico and crown
the niches, voluuteortHl thoir gratui
tous services, and this most cost v
part of tho work will entail no expense
but that of the marble; white marble in
city so near the otiarnea of Carrara
and Settignano is almost as cheap
aa stone to England. lire inosaio
works are also to be finished at the more
cost of the material and the common
labor. The artists work for nothing.
Every family in Florence has contrib
uted to the completion of the beautiful
structure, and what the Florentines have
done out of pride for their cathedral the
rest of Italy has furthered from sym
pathy with the misfortunes of the Tuscan
city. Evon the workmen employed in
the labor have undertaken to contribute
sou a week out of their daily wages.
A Yankee editor wishes to ' know
whether the laws recently enacted against
the carrying deadly weapons apply to
doctors who oarry pills in their pockets ?
be unfortunate, to live too long is posi
tively calamitous.
It is not the very old the decrepit
alone who live too long. Many men,
aud not a few women, who have not ex
ceeded middlo age, who sometimes have
not fairly passed, their youth, have lived
too long. They have survived thoir
reputation; they have come to great dis
appointment, sorrow or shame; they
have necrlocted some brilliant oppor
tunity to die; they havo not made their
exit at tho proper timo, on the proper
scone. They do not seo thoir orror until
they look back, retrieval is then too late,
and the Emperor Chin Wong into China,
about 3000 B. C. In Europe it was cul
tivated liefore the period of history, as
samples have been recovered from the
incustrine dwellings of Switzerland. In
England it was probably not cultivated
by the ancient Britons, but tho Anglo
that real estate, you know. I had no
more idea of meeting a woman than a
boa constrictor my beard was three
days old, my collar ditto and the rest
of my dress in excellent koeping. x be
came engaged in conversation, and some-
we saw a strancre smoke down the river,
and presently up it came, wheezing and
pulling and splashing along like some
wild animal. There were no paddle
boxes, and the wheels were visible,
and the engine and boiler set up
on deck, exposed to the elements. It
went about four or five miles an hour,
and passed within twenty rods of us on
the island. It was well calculated to in
spire awe, for it burnt pine wood, and
poured fire from its smoko-stack like an
active volcano.
"The progress of this country must le
astonishing to you, Mr. Weed ?"
"More than I can tell you. I passed
through the site of the prosent city of
Syracuse when it was an impenetrate
w 1 I I VUUI V VAluVVI (U vvu I v a uvauu aua uwtuv I .
Snxous, when Bede wrote, early in the how or other I forgot I forgot all about swamp not a house or a vestige oi
X J 11. ' 1 A 1 I ..... It 1 ' 1. . 1 i. nnnl,aa anil
eighth century, sowed their wheat early
in the spring, and in the days of tjueen
Elizabeth its cultivation was but partial.
Indeed, wheat was an article of compara
tive luxury till early in the seventeenth
century. In India wheat seems not to
native, but introduced, for its Sascrit
name signifies "food of the barbarian;"
mm ." .1. ..l.-....: cr I uuiiio biltuiuos jo
L"..UB" - "V.r.r JL: yet three varieties are mentioned in Bha
i -1 .. . j - 0
movement with mingled envy and ad
miration; nobody would note their
absonce. They f oel this deeply, bitterly ;
they cannot help regretting that
nature and fortune had not been kinder;
that they had not got their cue from
fate iu tho nick of time. They can now
see all tho advantages of going out in
glory, instead of waiting for extinction
in emptiness and obscurity. There are
doubtless hundreds, perhaps thousands,
of men iu every populous town, both at
home and abroad, who can turn to the
ptist and seo with clearness the hour and
place where they should have died,
liotrospection illuminates their whole
career so as to reveal with lustre the
exact noint or noints when their rle-
parture would have been acoompanied
with minglod honor and sorrow.
This is the mere worldly way of regard
ing life and its discontinuance. But it is
the way life is generally regarded by oth
ers. ye may be sentimental and vapid
respecting our ending, though we are
reasonable and philosophic about the
ending of those for whom we are not
personally concerned. We think, in re
viewing the antecedants of any public
man, that we know when he should have
gone. e do not permit his small con
ceits or human weaknesses to distort our
judgment. Soothers see, if they take
the trouble to take ourselves into ac
count, when we have walked too far
npon the hard, crowded, struggling high
way leading to the grave. We cannot
choose wheu we shall be born or unborn:
vet the dullest of us can perceive the
best season for the final exodus of our
neighbors, as they can perceive our sea-
ton, louth has its fascinations, iU re
wards, its illusions; middle age its com-
vaprakasa, one of which, a large grained,
is said to have come from the west; and
another, a Bmall grained or beardless
wheat, is said to have been indigenous to
Middle India.
The first wheat raised in the "New
World" was sown by Spaniards on the
island of Isabella, in January, li'Ji, and
on March dOtu the ears were gathered.
The foundation of the wheat harvest of
Mexico is said to have been three or four
grains carefully cultivated in 1M0, and
preserved by a slave of Cortoz. The first
crop of Quinto was raised by a Francis
can monk in front bf the convent. Gar
cilasso de la Vega affirms that in Peru,
up to 1517, wheaton-bread had not been
sold at Cusco. Wheat was first sown by
Oosuold on Cuttyhunk, one of the Eliza
beth islands in Buzzard's bay, oil
Massachusetts, in 1002, when he first
explored the coast. In 1004, on the
island of St. Croix, near Calais, Me.,
the Sleur de Monts had some wheat
town, which flourished finely. In 1511
the first wheat appears to have been
town in Virginia. In 162C samples of
wheat grown in the Dutch colony at the
New Netherlands were sown in Holland.
It is probable that wheat waa town in the
Plymouth colony prior to lG29,though we
find no record of it, and in 1C29 wheat
was ordered from England to' be used as
teed. In 1718 wheat was introduced into
the valley of the Mississippi by the
"Western Company. " In 1609 it was
among the the cultivated crops of the
Simot Indians of the Oela river, New
A Boston theatrical company recently
played a tcene laid in a church to natur
ally that to many of the audience it
teemed to real that they went to sleep. ,
the real estate."
"And so you are going again to-night
and that is the secret of your new
"By no means; I wanted a new coat,
and tailors are always so long, you know.
Do you think blue will become me?
Blue is her favorite that is I men
blue "
"Oh, go on don't stammer blue is
her favorite color, is it ;
The fact is, I rank take another
house its only inhabitants snakes and
owls and tiiuls. I first came to Ke
York in 1808, as a cabin-boy on a sloop.
Between the city hall and Broadway wa
the Bridewell the city jail. There were
some crooked roods in the suburbs, be
tween Chambers and Canal streots, but
above that there were only farms anu
pastures, with an occasional garJeD
Where Canal street is a stream flowed
down to the North river, and Broadwaj
wooden onuge.
erossrtd it bv a rude
glass of this wine-the fact is-good 18 frpl Tclr Inik
wine, isn't it? been two voyages to the ther orld."-N. 1. Cor. Indianapou
Indies tho foot is, I suppose I rather
fancy I am a little in love. Try some
of that sherry. What are the symptoms,
Frank a queer feoling about the heart,
and something which drives the blood
through one like lightning?"
"Exactly I I believe I have seen Julia;
short and chubby, isn't she, with red
hair and a little squint-eyed?"
"Frank, I never did knock you down,
though I have been tempted to do so a
great many times; bnt if you don't stop
that nonsense, I will."
''Quite valiant in defence of yonr
lady-love. Well. Tom, I will confess
that she is a lovely girl, and to-morrow I
will call and learn your success. So,
good morning. Well Tom, what .suc
"Would you believe it? she did not
recognize me?"
"Not recognize you 1
vi Vi A W H auv vw w ay aa uuiti ba-i
Murray is. As soon as he saw me enter,
dressed in such style, he came up, shook
hands with me, and without giving me a
chance to say one word, introduced me
to Julia as Mr. ttoderick Somebody. -E "r, are receiT-
i wi.. :i ai. t t i i iiitHiLim : miiu ujm vu u.-
AUU WOU1U TWU WUVTO ID, VUO All 11 0 I ' " ' . arv 11
witah did not know n,fl. I think I ahc-nU ing the best Amsterdam cut
not f r.rrAt w an ,ii r 'r ... that broad to be re-cut here ana reiui
Diamond Cutting In Sew Tork.
Among the curious and interesting in
dustrial facts brought to ngut uu"ts
; tha lpast is the fact
Yiinf v-a-n Hv infrruinced art of 01
mond cutting has been so admirably de
veloped here that diamonds .u. -Amsterdam
are now sent to this city wr
re-cutting. Hitherto Amsterdam M
monopolized the work of diamond car
.- i, .;m Wa lias been to re
move in cutting the least possible weigat
of the gem. The American plan is w
cut uiauiemauraiiii au.m-o -- .),,
i - i.-i.a . tn aneure tne
nizou jaws oi iigun . , . t.t
utmost brilliancy for the finished stone
The greater loss in weight, as compaw
with the Amsterdam cutting,
more than made good by thePwr
brilliancy of the product. From tM
quiries made by Chief Special Cen "
Agent Chas. E. Hill it appears that tw
average increase of value given to o
monds by the New York cutting to
for each person employed Ir;iT..
Scientific American.
not forget her to easily. Nor was that
all. Murray said tomething about the
fellow who called there the previous
sivmug m wuumj vvuoiu, uo Dam, vicm i , .
nnnnrrh Thnt an lnmrriirikla alnvnn And I hr the man WDO eUwaja an-p" v
Julia said he dressed like a barbarian closed because he could see well en
just think of that, Frank, a barbarian, with the other, and besides it w
Sue shall pay lor that yet. Such eyes I mucn trouDie w accy
m i fiaa been reaC'
ine acme vi : are