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Electioa over.
' eleclioa passed without any special
gjcitement. '
Xb eeneos taksrs ere now busy canvass,
jog ths county.
J J Flett, of ths Benton fllaae, was m
town Tlwrsaay.
We hear it rumored that the St Charles ho
jj will won be reopened.
Mr L Q Adair and wife have moved into
th reiidence just completed by Mr J It
Tbe hubeat price paid in CASH for Hides,
fan Deer Sluoi and Chickeui, at the itore of
I J Smith and Walter Gray of Portland
wi George Fletcher of Salem came up Sat
trday and remained over Sunday with us.
f 0 Gray, J M Sloan, Joe. Neihoff, C
Hodes, and Chae Lauer, went to Portland
t,ii week te attend the sessien of the Ma
ionic Grand Lodge.
siiness men should not forget that I
lukaotes, bill-heads, statements, letter
leada, and every description ef commercial
rittinf are neatly and promptly executed
the UI'abd eince.
School Superintendent'! Visits.
Miss Alice Montgomery ii teaching her
first term in No. 12. The attendance is
about 25. One of the great drawback to
thii school, and also to a cood manv ntoro
is irregularity in attendance.
The school iu Irving, Dist No. 86, is being
wugut uy Mr. A. C. Jennings- He has
average of about 30 pupils, but on accouut of
A column devoted to the inUmta f th
Laurean and Eutaxian Literary Societies, and
m oukir uuiyersuy.
Commencement Exercises at the State
Eliminations on the studies pursued dur
I the term commenced last Thursday aud
close Tuesday, June 14th, at 1 1. af.
Baccalaureate sermon by Rev. E. R. Geary
Jane 13th, at the M. E. church.
Re-union of the Lnureau and Eutaxian
societies, June 15th. .
Address by Eev. G. J . Burchett, Wednes
day at 10 a. u.
At 3 r. at, planting of the class tree, ad
dress bv Prof. Condon and the rendition of
atoein written by Mr. 6. L. Simpson.
Heeting of the Alnmni Association at 4:30
t. U. Order of exercises:
Introductory address, by J.C. Whiteaker.
Oration, by Geo. S. Washburue.
Essay, by Miss Julia Adams.
Asuals, by M. S. Wallis.
Eiercises of the graduating class Thursday
June 17th, from 10 A. m. to 4 r. M. with an
iiUrmiasion from 12 m. to 2 f. m.
Following is a list of the class of 1880 and
their respective parts. Essays by Misses
Ions Cranfill, Nettie McCornack, Agnes Mc
Comack,Eve Riceand Minnie Starr; orations
bjJ.W. BeanW. L. Boire, C.F. Clirke,
A Cooledge, E. P. Geary, C. K. Hale, J. F.
Hill, V. J. McDauiel, A. F. McClaiue, G.
Nilasd, 0. Osburu, T. C. Powell, A. S.
EowUhal, C. A. Wass, and L. H. Wheel .r.
There will be no exercises in the prepara
tory department. Mrs. Spiller has kindly
eiueuted to train the young ladies of the
senior class aud she will not have time to
dsvoto to any exercises.
Vacation next Friday
Examinations close on Tuesday,
Commencement day is near at hand.
the fire the previous evening there were but Thursday June 17th, is the time set for the
19 iu attendance, and they seemed to be in senior exercises,
... i
" gwu vuuuiuod ior study: but tne i'resident Johnson has been nnw.11
scnooiiavery well spoken of. several days. The numerous netitione an
f I VT rtiA . . . . . ,1... ... r '
iui. y. i, . aura u leacmng a good school visits of tbe seniors are riven the HMn.
m oarmony uistnct. ne Has ZJ pupils; last for bis illucss.
1L 1.
veer mere was ii. Hurrah t Hurrah I TV,. !....: . .
P i .-.., saw juMiui rv lunula
mm fhAtii T v Ii it a I ....
v kU iwiucaaveri, tniiinnhftnt At n. k f.. u .s
and found Miss M Lee with an average of 17. them the use of the University for their
Hnlh nf IK... . 1 I , I . '
-m u. .uwoi r iieciueu improve- "back woodsv" re-union !..: l. 1 . x
....... v.u. ui i.u iu wruer, aeixirtmeui i n.L. :l4 , .
ud instruction. The committee on cWtree, poem and
Mis. Henrietta Tar !. . I M" S- S"nPs
school in W Ii Mar a .;i . in - P oa rroi. touaon
. . - - saw Ull SB V VI (tU ISJ J
nuoils. She
"ureim r.utaxian societies will
give a social re union at the University on
the loth lust. The faculty, board of
gents and all persons connected with the
societies aro invited. There will be no print
ed invitations issued.
in the school room, and brings that to bear
in the manage imut of this school,
In district No. 33, Mr. E. A. Judkins is
instructing a school of an average attendance
of 14. The pupils in this district do not
show the same degree of advancement in
their studies that they did four years ngo.
At that time classes were kept np in ad
vancea grammar, aigeora, ana others were
finishing practical arithmetic, whereas at
present the most advanced are hardly started
in practical arithmetic, and other studies in
proportion. This can be accounted for in
part by removals.
Mr. H. F. McClure is toaching an excel
lent school of 33 pupils in Grand Prairie dis
trict, No. 21. Both himself aud all his
scholars well satisfied.
. -i -.1 . . .
i e ciose wun mis issue, our work as
editor and directly after commencement,
we will take our departure, bearing with us,
we hope, the good will of the people of
Eugene aud, if we have succeeded in inter
esting the citizens, we will be sufficiently
rewarded for oui labor.
Wo thank the editors of the Guard for
their kind favor and, in behalf of subsequent
editors. besDeak a certain ihim nf tl.nir ;n
Mr. B. F. Bond is teaching the school in
No. 23. Owing to the swales in that view- Ve hDe that the Gdard .ill .;,,
ity his school was small for some time after advance the interests of the Uuiversity and
the commencement. He has au average f the cause of education; that the Laurean and
17; about as nd a for two or three years UuUxian societies will continue to build n
P3 I t refutation as hrilliant mil rlm-nhla !,.
Miss Annie Eusl.uell is teaching her first , tars, and that the light of knowlodze will
smile upon their work aud urge them on to
Tbe following are the precinct oflieeni
elected throughout the county. Justices ef
the Peace first in order. Constables seosud:
North Eugene-J R Campbell, Wm With
row. r
South EuKene-A Posten, O W Kinscy.
Jn.CMe!DDs'riug, W M Pitney.
Springfield-F B Mason, B J Peagra.
Cottage Grove-R H Hazleton, J C Wal
lace, Jr.
C'resswell-H C! Fitch, T E Hines.
Irving A C Jennings, A'S Bond.
1 leasant Hill-Caleb Davis, VTui Stoen,.
U illamette-,1 M VuUyn, Geo Smith.
8ius!aw-H Wingard, Jas Osmeiit.
Kichardson-H P (J Lemy y a? nett
Lone Tom Jnhn R.. It V,r
Spencer Tie between D McCoy and T J
Holland, A M Richardson.
tall treek-Geo Humphrey, Geo N et
Lost ! ValleyD W Bridges, Y D Meador.
McKenzie-A S Powers, O H Renfew.
Mohawk-J 0 Churchill, J Yokum.
tamp Creek-S T Ceuey, Eugene Finn.
Middle rork-J B MitcheL H N Carter.
Haxle Dell-A Black, J H Hill.
Roll of Honor of Cresswell School.
Overstocked at the
T "V t amrmTi.
1. A. ii. OlUltJli;
v i. .w,'?"t'"lo'"dtobesoldatthsVEUY LOWEST price. Bargain, from New
fVnnAJTmv1.'00;1 ":el1,yv'ryt'"''hip in large lota. PRICES LOW DOWN.
1 bllUUN ID tllK llfA nf trj.U anil li.r. I. .n mi,..k , .... .L.t .1. .. . .. l .
soia low to pirn trade, and owing to the facilities we will aain state that our prices cannot be
Sarah Gilfry
Dora Scott
William Bristow.
li u Buoy,
vlla Buov.
John F Buoy,
Mary Buoy.
Eddie Trimblet.
Ella Allen,
Baker Knox,
Walter Knox,
Ben Knox,
Lewis Johnson.
Judah Robinette,
lOIJoseph Wynn,
10, Nellie Gil.ry,
lOIWalter Hawley,
10 Etta Drew
10, liello Parsons,
10' Bert Thompson,
10'James Hawley,
lOjsherman Morse,
9 Uipley Scott.
9i Horace Knox,
9J Bob Robinette,
()nne Otis,
May farsons,
Mary Rted.
term in dittnct ?o3. She has an attend
ance of 34 of an enrollment nf 41; her attend
ance is double that of last year. There is
also an improvement in the gcneril appnar-
ance of the school. Miss Annie is doing
good work.
In Lost Valley district No. 46 Miss Sarah
is teaching another good school with au at
tendance of 22. I think she is giving good
still greater efforts.
Elmer Allen.
Earl Hines.
Clem Hines,
John Knox,
nenry 1 arsons,
mi raraona,
lillie Scott,
eora Scott.
Clara Harrington,
t'allie Johnson,
Maxyio Knox,
Willie Buoy.
Geonre Miller.
Charlie Boren.
Wellie Fitch,
Fred Robinette,
Emma Reed.
George Thompson,
John Daviilnon.
10 Hattie Stevisou,
Rosa Scott, Teacher.
Light Calicos, vurv ht 1A f ti
Heavy Shirtinif, war. to wash, 7 yds. for II.
Heavy Ginirham. 8 rein, fur l 1
82 inch, wide Iwst licking, 7 yds. for 81.
latent styles Mohair cloth, 7 yards for 91.
Best English Suiting, 15 ceuts per yard.
Latet styles of Brocaded cloth, 22 cent per
vard. Still in IWtUn.4 ov. , ..U.I
nun uiinicu i nine, s yns lor 5L
French Calico. 8 viln. fur l
lleavy White Flannel, 20 eta per yard.
l;arjje size Napkins. 75 eta per dozen.
V ery Heavy 1 able Linen, 35 cts per yard.
'io oiie i.wen i uwiis, j lor 00 Cts,
Large size Bed Spreads, $1 each.
Real French. Comets, for 50 i ts each, worth 81.
Very bext Cornet. 75 cvs. to f 1 'J3 each.
Ladies Heavy Morino I'ndi'r.diirts, 50 eta.
Ladies Heavy White Hou, l'.' cts wr pair.
Ladies lleavy Colored Hose, 25 cts per pair.
Best4l in Black Caslimere 50 cU per janl, NY
prii-e, 81.
Genuine French French Cashmeres war. all
Wool, doullle wiiltll. hiS olx ner vnl
Latest colors in cashmeres, and all shade in
silks, brocaded silks and satins at the very
lowest figures.
Childrens Colored Hose, all sizes, fej cts.
Large size Handkerchiefs, B, 8, 10. 12J cts.
Silk Handkerchiefs, from 25 cts. upwards.
Nice Tidies, 2ft cts apiece, worth 60 cts.
Heavy Mens Merino Undershirts, 35 ota.
Very best, 50 cts.
Woolen Overshirts, large size, 8L
(Jood Chiviot Shirts 40 to 50 cts.
White Dress, Dress Shirts, 75 cts to IL
Mens Seeks from 10 cts upwards.
Mens Heavy Kip Boots, 83
ner omir.
Mens Heavy Plow Buckle Shoes, 82.
ijuuu'b vu oiuws, very Dest, i ou.
Ladies Kid foxed sool. shoes, $1 50.
Ladies Kid foxed Button, very best, 82 88.
Misses Calf, very best, SI 25. t
Misses Kid foxed scol., very best, l' 2A
Misses Morocco lace, 81 50.
Misses Morocco button, 82.
Ladies white silk clocked hose, 25 cts par pail
Ladies Sumirer Skirt. 50 cts eac.
Two boxes paper collars for 25 cts.
Large si'e liiiture frames. 20 cts upwards.
Do you ever tire of listening to an elo
quent speaker? a man, who, simply by the
arrangement and utterance of his words,
pleases you, and makes you think as he does
wheather you will or not?
If a man wiuliA fn liwonm. vwiwr.rfiil a.
Mr. A. S. Melcher is conducting the school jot hi Uh for eIoQUel)ce. ,hvina
Collage Grave Hems.
A correspondent at Cottage Grove sends
tbs following items under date of June
10, 1830:
Crnps are looking very good.
Every body is busy working on the roads.
?i- - i .i i . i .
uouuess aunug ine lost week nas been
Lurch Bros, have a lumberyard in the
rear of their store.
The warehouse of E V Whipple & Bros.
I searing completion.
DrJC Gray returned yesterday altera
ahort visit to yeurcity.
The election passed over very quietly, no
triable of any kind taking place.
Mr Wm Cathcart, telegraphic operator at
H place, has been kept iu a busy state,
ntr since the electiou. Keep cool Bill.
The following ecnllemen compose the
elegatioa to the Grand Lodge of Masons
bich meets in Portland. A Lurch, A H
Spare, 0 P Adams. They leave to-morrow.
The soiree given last Friday eveuimr bv
la Migouette Social club was a grand suc-
in every particular. Dauciug was the
ler of the evening aud was kept up until
After mid uiglit when the tiartv broke nn.
. 'ST f 7
Dr. H Wright, who has been absent some
fcneatthe Bay city, returned this afternoon
Mosipanied by his wife. The Dr. looks
ca improved over his trip, and all the
tyra are glad once more te see him in our
Dot and Joet.
Sunday School Convention.
ft followinc is the nrnfrr&mm nf tha
Jwday School Convention to be held at the
KChsrch of this city on Saturday, June
'2 and Sunday June 13th:
J f M Organization.
' Addrees of welcome.
Five minute apeeches on mission work.
sdkoat 3 P. M.
ksnaal Sunday School exercises.
' 8 P. M.
y-MrsJ AStowelL
y-Mrs T C BelL
sssien of various topics.
neral invitation is extended to alL
'oUHCAt SPIAHSO. The rarioas candi-
for the legislature made their little
at tbe Court House Ust Sunday af
Never before did so large a crowd
""Uson a similar occasion, tbe bouse
crowed that many were obliged to
y. In tbe evening, B. J. Pengra and
Tbosapann add res d a fair audience
ne place. Mr. Pengra's effort was
astrated, rambling, discursive, Repub-
Democratic, BUiae, Grant, Tbompson,
Tbsmpton, everything talk without
JartaiL The lateness of the hoar ob-
in No. 2 with h:s usual good success. The
school has fallen off by removals from 37
last year to 22.
Mr. A. C. Nickols and wife are near the
:lose of their first term of this school var
Junction City, No. 69. This school lias
beeu almsst broken np the present session
the measels, iu consequence of which,
tho teachers have had to labor under great
scouragements, nevertheless classes have
been kept up in surveying, algebra, higher
arithmetic and philosophy, iu addition to
the studies required by law.
R. G. Calliion, Superintendent.
School Fund Apportionment.
The following is the June apportionment of
the school fund for Lane county.
Dist No 1,
Dist No 2,
Dist No 3,
Dist No 4,
Dist No ft,
Dist No 6,
Dist No 7,
Dist No 8,
Dist No 0,
Dist No 10, .
Dist No 11,
Dist No 12,
Dist No 13,
Dist No 14,
Dist No 15,
Dist No 17,
Dist No W,
Dist No 111,
Dist No 20,
Dist No 21,
ist No 22,
Dist No 23,
Dist No 24,
Dist No 25,
Dist No 26,
Dist No 27,
Dist No 33,
Dist No 35,
Dist No Sti,
Dist No 38,
Dist No 40,
Dist No 41,
Dist No 42,
Dist No 42,
Dist No 43,
Dist Mo 44,
Dist No 45,
Dist No 40,
Dist No 47,
Dist No 48,
Dist No 41,
Dist No 50,
Dist No 51,
Dist No 52,
Dist No 53,
Dist No 54,
Dist No 55,
Dist No 5li,
Dist No 57.
Dist No 58,
Dist No 59,
Dist No 00,
Dist No 61,
DUt No 62,
Dist No 65,
Dist No 67,
Dist No 68.
Dist No 69,
DUt No 70,
DUt No 71,
Dist No 72,
Dist No 74,
DUt No 75.
1 Hst No 76,
Dist NO 77,
DUt No 78,
Dist No 79,
IHt No 80,
DUt No 82,
DUt No 83,
DUt No 84,
DUt No 85,
DUt No 8b,
S M Shelly,
Mias Keeny,
D W Bridges,
J B Underwood,
W McUain,
E N Culef,
M Wallace.
Z Crabtree
T Renshaw
d W Gibson,
K P Hayfield,
Win M Miller,
J Hundsaker,
0 VanVrankin,
W N Lawrence,
Wm Owens,
T O Edwards,
P A Kennedy,
J B Coleman,
W B Blaohley,
S R Wooley,
B F Bond,
J January,
J M Martin,
1 R Brings,
J H Ferguson,
B 8 Hyland
O T Hale,
A Hemenway,
II WiiiL'ard,
Iester Hulin,
L D Scarborough
A J Goodman,
H H Selfridge,
(i W Cooper,
J M VanDuyn,
R Jones,
Geo McGowan, "
J A Brinale,
J P Chesher, "
C G Rambo
J S Douglas, "
J P Taylor, "
Wm Purkeson, "
Geo Gilbert, "
V A CurtU, "
Henry Swartz, "
Jas Burger, "
Cal Masterson, "
Eugene Finn, "
F M Nigh'wander"
I N Duckworth, "
H B Polly,
E Gear, "
WmF Smith, "
James O'iirien, "
C D Sauders, "
F Thompson, "
Wm Pitney, "
A D Hyland,
B Ellmaker, "
Wm Kelsay, "
W W bhortridge, "
A Black,
H C Hunter, "
W H Hill,
J H W hitmore, "
J M Porter, "
W H McCidl, "
ti W Humphiies "
N P C'brisiiian "
P Wilcox,
J E Buaaertnan, "
Total an.ount apportioned, 87,088 10; 81 8
per scholar. Tbe State fund will be appor
tioned in Jul .
8 118 0D
115 20
95 40
1024 20
39 60
171 00
61 20
52 20
63 00
133 20
97 00
!8 40
145 80
102 60
93 60
126 00
77 40
129 60
27 60
91 80
106 20
72 00
144 00
181 80
54 00
77 40
79 20
104 40
91 80
99 00
43 20
133 20
88 20
91 80
54 00
113 40
50 40
171 00
8-1 00
75 GO
81 00
30 60
54 CO
-48 60
111 60
81 00
120 60
90 00
77 40
68 40
57 00
51 20
63 00
30 60
46 80
68 40
03 00
59 40
316 80
36 00
48 60
S7 50
66 50
48 60
48 60
21 CO
21 60
63 20
59 40
39 60
36 00
57 60
41 40
77 40
OmciM Elected, Spencer Butte Lodge
No 9 I O O F at its last meeting elected
officers as follows, for the ensuing term:
T W Harris, N G; F M Wilkias V G; J C
Church Secretary; J L Rankin Treasurer.
Rettshsd. Judge D il Risdon, one of
tbe piuueers of Lane county, bat now resid
AMMnnana to curtail his soeecb. ins in the P&Ioqm coantrr it hm nn
ss devoted principally to defeodins I The Jadze looks as hale and heart r as of
u tbe last le gislatnre. ( yore.
that, and an ordinary stock of common
sense, be will find an opeu road.
The truly eloquent seem to have, besides
a clear aud forcible utterance of thought, a
kind nf magnetic influence with which they
tike captive the multitude, and, leading it
gently along, gradually deprive it of all
power of independent action, and influence
it as they wish. The great, and true ora.
tors, like poets, "are born, not made;" but
almost anyone can, by study and practice
acquire the ability of telling what he knows
in a clear, forcible, and even in au elegant
manner. The object of literary societies is
to afford au opportunity for this study and
practice to those desiring it; and it behooves
every Laurean, as he values his success in
life, either as a politician or a citizen, a pro
fessional man or a tradesman, to make the
most of his opportunity, aud develop his
ability to speak. Aud let the Eutuxians
too, perserve, for woman are already doing
good work in the lecture ield aud they
know not how soon tney saay be called on
to take their places in halls of Congress.
Public Meeting.
On Friday eve, June 4th, by invitation of
the Laurean society the Eutaxians in goodly
numbers were present at the open meeting
of the Laureans, held oil that evening. At
the hour appointed the house was called to
order by the President J F Hill, and officers
and all present took their seats and listened
to roll call and reading minutes by tbe able
Secretary of the Laureans, Wallace Mount.
After some other business rhetoricals were
anuounced. A L Frazer read an excellent
essay, light, breezy, fairy-like, as the clouds
concerning which he wrote. Then followed
declamation by John McCornack, which
was renderei in a manner that bespoke a
careful study, aud an intelligent appreciation
of his subject. Mr A C Woodcock then re
cited "The death of Benedict Arnold" in a
manner creditable to bimsclf and the society
to which he belongs. The president then
announced recess. Now a recess is an insti
tution peculiar to the Laureans. It
flourishes nowhere else in its pristine vigor.
It was doubtless ceated in view of public
meetings to which the Eutaxians and other f1
ladies were to be invited. Be thst as it may
like other things on this mundane sphere,
it came to an end, by a rap of the presidents
gavel. And just here I might pause to say
thst it is said by the knowing ones, that our
friends of the Laureans have quite an ele
phant on their hands in the shape of this
gavel, so much so that they are very de
sirous to have some friend submit some rules
by which it may be controlled. Said gavel
being very unruly at times. The assembly
having come to order debate was announced.
The subject was that old old subject, the
alolitioo of the manufacture of whisky.
The question was not treated in a manner
which its importance demanded. Some
good things were said and some truths told
but all in all, the debate was not so able as
usual on sucb occasions. Durinz tbe even.
ing good order and decorum was observed by
the society. The president Mr. Hill presid
ed with ease and dignity, reflecting credit on
himself and the Laureans who elected him.
Eloci'tionary. Our citizens will,
next Wednesday eveuing, have the opportu
nity of listening to an elo-utionary euter
tainment to be giveu at Lane's Hall, by Mrs
D. F. Smith of Portland. She will favor
tho audience with readings and recitations,
both grave and laughable, many of whic
will be in appropriate costume. Everywhere
she has been well received, and praised for
her fine talent and cultured voice. Admis
sion, 50 cents. Reserved seats may be
cured at Crain Bros, music store, Monday,
:ii a .1
wimout cnarge.
&ERI0C3 Accident A son of Mr Joel
Ware, aged about six years, fell from sn np
per window of the new residence of Mr
Ware to the ground, a distance of about 16
feet, breaking his arm, cutting his forehead,
and Bustainiiiir other bruises. The little
follow's injuries were promptly attended to
and he is now doing as well as could be ex
Smootino Match. A team of the Lans
County Sportmans Club goes to Cresswell to
day to shoot a glass ball match with the Cress
well club. Th party from Eujene consists of
II M Davis, Jap Stevens, Jai Huddleston,
Frank and John Belshaw,
The St. Charles Restaurant is a cesy place
kept by Mrs. A. Renfrew in the brick build
ing adjoining the old St. Charles hotel.
number ef neat lodging rooms also belong to
the house. Meals and lodging, 25 cents eoth
Board lodging by t!ia wjek ou rail. m ibis
terms. Give her a call
. J
Synod Meeting. fhe Oregon Synort, of
the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, meets
in Eugene City, on Thursday, June 24th, at
3 o'clock P. M. All aro cordially invited to
In making up the poll book in Richardson
irecinct by some oversight the votes for the
ienunlican candidates lor Mmreme Judges
were omitted. Ihey received 14 votei In tbat
Lumber i Luuibrr!
J. B. Rhinehart has been appointed agent
of the Springfield Mill Co. He can offer
better figures for Lumber now thsn ever be
fore. All kinds of building lumber delivered
on short notice and at very low figures.
Don't fail to see Rhinehart before ordering
elsewhere. We propose to sell lumber, and
don't forget it.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
indiscretious of youth, nervous weakness, early
decay, loss of manhood, c, I will send a re
cine and will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE
This trreat remedy was discovered by a missioi
ary in South America. Send a self-addressed
Pbecict Otticees. A Postoa was elect
ed justice of tbe peace, aad G W Kiosey
constable in Sooth Eugene, and 1 R Camp
bell justice and Wm Withrow constable in
Norb Eajrene.
For Lame Back. Side or Chert dm SHI
LOH'S PuKOUS PLANTER. Price, 25 eta
gold by Osbora i. I, Ifruggjsts, Eugtae City
envelope to Rev. Joseph T. Inhan, Station D,
New York City.
Belknap's Springs.
Mr. O. Brownson has leased the Belknap
Springs on the McICenzie river, aud is now
prepared to receive visitors. These springs
are famed for the medicinal properties of the
water, and as they are situated in the midst
of liesutiful scenery, snd fine hunting, and
nshiug grounds, promise to become a noted
resort. The spnncs are situated 62 miles
east of Eugene, and 6 miles from the Mc-
Kenzie Bridge.
I wish Every Body to Know
Rev. George H. Thayer, an old citizen of
this vicinity known to every one aa mont In
fluential citizen, and Christian Minister of the
M. E. Church just thu moment etopiied in our
store to say. "I wish everybody to know that
I consider that both myself anl wife owe our
lives to Khilob's Consumptive Cure." It is
having a tremendous sale over our counters
and is sriving perfect satisfartion in all cases of
Long Diseases, such as nothing; else has done.
Bourbon. Ind, May 15, 1878.
Drs. Matchett t France
Sold by Osbum k Co.. Druggists.
A Good Thing.
German Syrup is the special prescription of
Dr. A. Boschee. a celebrated German Physi
cian, and is acknowledged to be one of the mwt
fortunate discoveries in Midicins. It quickly
Carpets and uiattinp at low price.
We have a nice assortment of Clothing. Hats and Ladies Lin-
en uite, and are offering them lower than they can be boueht
elsewhere. WE PLAINLY SAY:
Profits or no Profits, Goods MUST be Eold.
M.Ws invite everybody, because you will do better by surelytrading with us than elsewhere '
"X"X3CK3 XssSles r-ee S "X" O 3R.3S .
EH 4.
! ill
f s H 2 LW
MSB Ssbbv- f 1 T ..M
H Sri?
23 i Si!
1 1
House Furnishing Goods Generally
Wells Driven Promptly
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
iy etee Street, near Ninth,
Brandies. Wines and Liquotr
In fact, ws havs the best assortment ef artiole
found in
We warrant all our drain., for they are new and
Frfh. Particular attention is called to eur
Stock of
Perfumery anu Toilet Articles.
As ws havs beught
Ws oan compete with any establishment in Eu
gene City in price and accommodation.
Buy your goods where you can get
the best and cheapest
At all hours of the day or night.
OSB URN 5c 0
Money Received on Deposit.
Aid the 8s sf
Particular Attention Given tt
Cnanroticut and New Zealand Iosuraaes Oesapaalse
Eagene City, Ortgoa.
Willamrtte tttrttt,
Eugene City. Oregon.
Eugene City Brewery.
I all orders fo
Come snd ses for yourself. A food article
needs Be recommendation.
Ladles' Allentlesu
Berlin Fashion Patterns at Dunn k Strst
Is now prepared te fill all orders fo
A BELLI T AftOX-I am the sole
t sent for this jelebrated wn n.
War has commenced in Europe!
on Willamette Strret and having bought ths
ran of Lalll
cures Coughs, Colds snd all Luna; troubles of i interest of W. T. 0tira in the
tne severest nature, removing, as it does, ine
eause of the affection and leaving tbe parts
a strong and healthy condition. It is not an
experimental medicine, but has stood tbe teat
of years, giving satisfaction in every cane,
which its rapidly increamng sale every aeawn
confirms. Two million bottles said annually.
Beware oi medicines of similar names, lately
introduced IVnchee'a German Hyrup waa intro
duced ia the United Statn in and is now
sold in every towa and village ia tbe civilized
world. Three doses will relieve any Ordinary
cough. Price 7$ cents. Sample bottle, 10
son k Ushnrn. is Dreiiared to fnrnh all who
may giva him a call with ths bet quality of
every thing; nsnally kejrt in a first class grocery
snd provision store, such m
at reasonable rates for CASH or PRODUCE.
Give me a call and see what I can do for yoe
THuWuI f pant patronage I invite you te
call araio
(iooils iH-4ers-l t- anr trt nf the city free
ef ihar. R G. f ALLISON.
S. Rosenblatt &
At the.old stand, Southwest corner ef Eight '
1 and Willamette streets,
Have the snost complete stock ef
General Merchandise
In ths city, including
Dry Goods,
And ia fact everything the mataet dsraants,
which we are selling at
Paid for all kinds of farm produce)
delivered at our Store,
S. Rosenblatt & Co.
XJ low prices. Just received by