The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, January 17, 1880, Image 1

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$2.50 per year IN ADVANCE.
Ike (Sagcae City Guard.
Publishers and Proprietors.
OFFICE In the building formerly occupied
by J. W. Cleaver, as a store, comer Wil
lamette and Seventh Street.
Adf irtisenient inserted as follows:
One 4 mare, 10 ine or '"i 01,8 h""1'0'1 f?
cb subsequent insertion $L Cash required in
France. . . . ,
Tia advertisers will ue cnarsoa at wm im-
.viii rates :
tf)ie three months..
- " lit months
?6 00
8 00
it. no
" m year " w
Transient notices in local columi, 20 cent per
tin. for each insertion. ' I
Advertisisj bill will be rendered quarterly.
All job work must bo rill) Koroh dki.ivekt.
rl nodin-Kroin 7 . . to J p.m. Himdsys
ft.-m t'SOto S:30 p. m. j
Mail arrive, from tuesoiilh an leaves -mir nortli
I a. m. Arrive, from the north m leave. oinir
ilk at IIS 9. . for, r'nuiklin and Iik
iVm, clo at A.y. on Wednesday. For Crawford.
vilU, Camp Creek anl Browuville at 1
I ott. will bo reaily fur delivery hilf an limir after
. m.l of train., letter, should be left t the offloo
v.e hoar before KTImmS . P. M.
. ... i..IU tin 11 k V. and A. M.
Met Sr.t and third Welamlaye in earh
meatb. I
Hrr.Nina Hvrrr. Iokik Vo. O I. O.
O.K. Mtevery Tuetlay tvonmu.
Wiuiifllil.1 F.NCAbWMKNT Ko. ft,
ateeta on the Jdaua n wcmr.iii -
DR. L. M. i)XviS
' ' . ... 1. -.(!.
Eugene City, Oregon.
door to the rltrht, up staif. Formerly
otfi of O. V. Fitch, j .
Nitrous Oxide Uu for paiule extraction of
teeth. I
T. Shiltos.M. T. W. IIaruis.M. D.
Drs. Shelton & Harris,
Kimffiif City, Oifgnn.
fflre Ninth Ktreet, opimalte Ji St.
Charle Hotel, aod at Ite.ldonce,
Dr J. C. Shields
rice, to the citiwim of hnjrene l ny and
BiUTonndin? country. rpei-il "ttentiiin iriyin
INK DISK VSKS entrtwted t; bin care.
Office at the St Chavb Hotel
yidence when not professionally ensaijed.
Office at the
Hesidenca on Eiylitli atreet, opposite I'
erian Church.
Offioe on Willamette street. Eugene City.
Clicks, Watches, Chains, Jewelry, tc.
Repairing Promptly Kxecutud.
All Work Warrantod.)
.rth k C.'t brick, Willamette trect
Real Estate Agant
Collection Agent,
and Notary Public.
Justice of the Peace, Conveyan
cer and Collector.
Bill collected. Record eearcbed and aj)
tracttoftitl. made. All bnuneM promptlv
ttendeJt Off -e at tha Court House.
f ROCEBI ES-Laall keep on a follof
A mi iiU the tpntion of hornvkn-r""-
Administrator's Sale.
..ia iiuuPRV RIVEN. THAT
1 IT W rf the County Curt
1 ' the Novem-
the esUte of Hen7 v
wm oner ior ' f " n...,,., rw. all perwms owing him wno nave nn mvie r-Hw-drioratLns.neCitT.onJt.y,
fc , f(fl. Mten,il41 f tilw, are hereby
osmber 30. 179. between the hours of ocloca , ,,lyluetlt ther wtisfactory
ill offer for sale at pmmc ulu - - -
I t a MMHt 111 i-'lC Wl-
rrtvT -it;iM Xo. two in Block
iwth of ranee on. wt, c-mt-nmc (""fr
UnitTstlL'sTEKLLXti WU-f"
ALEXANDER, J. R.-.Tusce of the Feace
Simtb Eiisene l'rociuot; otlico at Court Houe.
ASTOK HOUSE -Clin. lUker, prop. 'Hie
only fiwt-clami hotel ill the city Willamette
street, one door north of the post otlico.
Alil'AMS, W. II. 4 llKO. -riiinhu mill,
sash, door, Mind ami niniililin maiuifiu tory,
Linlith street, east of mill race. Everything
iu our line furnished on sliort notice and
re:uonable terms.
BEXTLEY, J. W. Frivate boarding houae,
southwest corner of Eleventh and Fearl sta.
BOOK STOKE One door south of the Astor
House. A full stock of assorted box papers
plain and fancy,
BOYD k Market-W. veal,
mutton, iMirk and lard Willamette street,
between Eighth and Xinth.
CHIUSMAX, SCOTT -Truck, hack and ex
pressman. All orilers promptly attended
to. Office at express office.
CRAtX BROS. -Dealer iu Jewelry, Watch
es, Clocks and Musical Instruments Wil
lamette street, between Seventh and Eighth.
CALLISOX, R. O. Dealer in Rrixcries, pro
viriions, country produce, euuned kh1s, books,
stationery, etc., southwest corner Willamette
and itth Sta.
PORRIS, B. F. Dealer in Stoves and Tin
ware Willamette street, between Seventh
and Eighth.
DUKAXT, WM.-Meut Market beef, pork,
veal and mutton constantly on hand Xinth
street, between Fearl ami High.
EM.SWOKTII & CO.-Druggista and dealer
in paint, oils, etc. Willamette street, be
tween Eighth and Xinth.
FUIEXDTjY, S. H. -Dealer in dry c;.N.ds,
clothing and general niereliaiiilisp -Willamette
street, lietween Eiglith and Xinth.
GUARD OFFICE -Xnvspaper, book and job
printing nflice, corner Willamette amlStvenih
GRANGE STOKE -Dealer iu general mer
ch.indiso and prislucc, corner Eighth and
Willamette streets.
GII.L, J. F. -Fhysician, Surgeon and Drug
gist, roatomoe, lllainctte s vct, between
Seventh and Eighth.
HAYS, ROUT. Wine, Liipior, and Ci
gan of the best quality kept constantly on
hand. The best billiard table in town.
HENDRICKS, T. G.-Doabi iiureneral mer
chandise northwest corner Willamette and
Xinth streets.
HOPES, ('.-Lager lieer, liquor, cigars and a
fine pigeon-hole table, Willamette street, be
tween Eighth ami Xinth.
HORN, CHAS. M. -Gunsmith. Rifle anil
shot-guns, breech and muzzle lo;derti, for sale.
Repairing dime in the neatest style and war
ranted. Shop on 11th street.
KIXSEY, J. D. Sash, blinds nnd door fac
tory, window and door frames, mouldings,
etc., giazing and glass cutting done to order.
LYNCH, A. -Grnoories, provisions, fnits, veg
etables, etc., Willamette street, first door
south of Fostoflice.
LUCKEY, J. S. -Watchmaker nnd Jeweler;
keeps a fine stock of goods in hia lino, Willam
ette street, in Ellsworth's drug store.
McCLAKEN, JAM ES- Choice, wines, liquors,
nn dciaatw Willamette street, lietween Eighth
and Xinth.
MELLER, M. Brewery- Iigcr l'er on tap
and by the keg or barrel, corner of Xiuth and
Olive streets.
OSHURX ft CO. IVulur in drug, mcdieineg.
chemicals, oils, paints, etc. Willamette st.,
opposiU S. Charles Hotel. ,
FATTERSO.V, A. S.-A fine stock of plain
and fancy visiting cards.
PERKINS, H. O. - County Siirveyornnd Civil
En pncr. Residence on Fifth s reet.
PRESTON, WM.-Dealer in wwldlcrv, Har
ness, Carriage Trimming, etc. Willamette
street. Iwtwren Sexeiilh and Eighth.
POST OFFICE A new stock of standard
school liisiks just received at the powt ottice.
RUSH, BEN. Horseshoeing and general job
bing blacksmith, Eighth street, between Wil
lamette and Olive.
REAM, J. K. Undertaker mid building con
tractor, cinier Willamette anil Seventh
ROSENBLATT & CO. -Dry good, clothing,
groceries and general merchandise, southwest
corner Willamette and Eighth streets.
frew, Proprirtref. Tho best Hotel in the
city. Corner Willamette and Xinth streets.
SHIELDS, .1. C.-rhvsici.iu and Surgeon-
north side Xinth street, first door cist of St.
Charle Hotel.
STEVEN'S, MARK Dealer in tobacco, ci
gars, nuts, candies, shot, siwdcr, notion,
etc -Willamette street.
SCHOOL SUPPLIES-A large and varied
assortment, of slate of all si?es,and qurn'.itie
of late and slate books. Three doors north
of the express office.
THOMPSON k BEAN Attorneys-at Law-
Willamette street, Iwtween Seventh and
WALTON, J. J.-Attorney -at-Law. Office-
Willamette street, lietween Seventh and
WITTER, J. T.-Buckskin dressing The
highet price paid forder skins, higbth st,
at Bridge.
UNDERWOOD, J. R.-Oeneral brokeraee
business and agent for the Connecticut J
snranee Company of Hartford Willamette
street, lietween Seventh and Eighth.
y all its branches at the old stand, offering
increased inducements to customers, old and
new. A heretofore, the most
Careful attention given to Prescripions.
General Notice.
L placed his business in the han! of the
nii'lersignel for collection ana
all perwrns owing him who have not mvle ar-
' . . . . I . : . k-l.w
arraagenent without delay.
T. G. MEM'KU a.
A II I.I.I 1 TA;X-I am the sols
i ajeut for tiU xltbrOel
How a Te.lnt Tlirtnoloijr.
"Who" oaid Kiusr FreJeriok of
Prussia; at :i li-to at rtsJ;un winch
had aurac-teil a brilliant as'in
binge, ' who is that tall, bony old
man will) u hund so lull of ohuiua
'Sire, it i Dr. Gall, tho famous
"Ah, the phrenologist, eh? com
mund him to linu with us to-moirow
Next rvenin tlio King received
tho Doctor affably, and thy sat down
to dinner with a ilozsn oonvivrs, all
bl.izing with decorations and uniforms
but constrained in manner and con-vt-rsatiou.
"Doctor," said the King;, at tha
conclusion of the repast, "Pray let us
see something ot your wondurftil
skill. Examine thuso gentlemen's
heads and tell me frankly what you
think of their characters and disposi
tions from t! e indications ntl'orded
by their cranial developments."
Gall arose and felt tho head of his
neighbor on the right, a stout, pow
friul man in n resplendent uniform
who had been addressed as "Grant."
"Speak frankly." said the king, see
ing that the phrenologist seemed u
little embarassed.
"His Excellency," said Gall, "must
bo passionately addicted to to field
sports and exciting pleasures; ho has
a 'decided fi'iiey for for tho battle
field, and"
The king smiled, and pointed the
phrenologist to tl.e other neighbor a
email, alert, keen eyed man in his di
ploinntie costume.
" This gentleman;" said tho Doctor,
" hum is iui expert in gymnast c
exercises, an accomplished pedestrian;
very neat and graceful in all opera
tions requiring manual dexterity "
" Enough," said tho King, rapping
on tho tables, and, as a score ot sol
dieis entered, ho continued to the
stupefaction of Dr. Gall, ''Remove
ihcHu gentlemen to their cells. Allow
mo to put in plain language what yon
were mhielani to say. The general
is a miii deiei under seutcncc,and your
other neighbor is the must expert
pick pocket nnd cut throat in all Prus
hia, who has eluded capture on innu
moiablo ocensious, Examine your
Thu Doctor did so. and found that
his handkerchief, purse, watch and
snuir box had disappeared. They
were all returned to him next day,
with a complimentary letter from the
King ami a costly snuir box bearing
Frederick's portrait cut in biilliants.
N. Y. Sun.
With a party ol friends, including
several ladies, General Ulysses ts.
Grant dined, the other evening, in
the public dining hall cf the Palmer
House. Ol course, when bis pres
ence b. cainu known, the guests ol
the hotel made a point to dine at the
same hour. The room was full ol
fashionably dressed men and woman.
Grant'- demeanor at the table was
watched with i -Mural curiosity, iu or
der to a.-ceilain how lar his manners
had been improved by travel and in
tercourse wiih the upper circles of
European society.
The table at which General Grant
and his liien Js were seated waB re
mote Ironi the entrance ot the room.
When the ex President ot the United
States .ad inislio-l Ins dinner no
lipped his chair back, and without re
mark drew from li s pocket a cigar
case, no UeiiDeraieiy miucicu
. , i-1 .i . i . . .i
lairo Havana, bit oil' the end, called
to tho astoui-hed waiter for a match,
linhted llie ciarar, and sunt clouds ol
smoke right and left and up towards
th frescoed celling.
Tha L'u.sts at tho other tables
looked upon this proceeding with tin
disguised amazement. On lady
uioise an d lift the room. The ladies
of Graut's party wore somewhat em
barrassed, aud hastily made prtpara
lions to depart. Grant, howtTir,
exhibited perfect unconcern. He got
up when lriends arose, and slowly
walked the length of the room,
puffing vigorously away.
As soon as the ex-Piesident'a parly
had disappeared, and the murmur of
disgust had subsided, a commercial
traveler, who had been sitting uot far
Ironi Grant, drew a cigar from his
pocket, lighted it, an I sauntered
down the room. "'Ihis is a frco
country," ho remarked, "and one citi
zen is as good as au or auy.
where else."
TLe occurrence was witnessed by
more than a hundred peoplo, aud is
till the talk of the hotel.
Mr. Anna Dean, of Willow
Springs, while opening a can of fruit
last Sumlay; placeii it on me stove to
thaw, when the lid suddenly flew off
and the boiling fluid was ejected into
her face, scalding her quite badly.
The fortunate circumstance that Mrs.
Dean wore her spectacles at the time,
alone saved
her eyesight from de-
WLeut ii 1 at Corvallis.
SuicKlnt Insanity.
Geneva, Deo. 8, Cort Rochester Democrat.
An attempt at suicido at llobart
College, Geneva, was made Saturday
night, the circuinsinueca concerning
which were not made public until
Monday morning. During Saturday
evening a strong smell ot escaping
gas pervaded the apartments ot the
students in one ot the building at
llobart College, and at last the smell
became so unbearable that nn investi
gation was made, and upon opening
the door of a room occupied by- a
young man named Ilutohinsoii the
gas poured out so as to almost lutl'o
cat the investigators. Upon titer
ing the gas waa lound turned on and
the burner or tip broken off, and
upon tho floor lay the occupant,
Hutchinson, In an unconscious state.
He was remove I at onco and medical
aid summoned. Upon examination
it was found that tho iuside of bis
mouth and throat were badly burned.
Everything was done to make him
comfortable, but he was iu a very
daugeruiis condition. It is feared
that the burning will aflect his taste
and speech. There is no doubt that
he whs out of his mind when he did
this act. Ho has acted very pecii
Marly tor some time past, and many
have doubted his sanity and spoken
ot it. Tli theory is that he got
upon the table, placed his mouth
over thu lighted gas jets, clinched his
teeih upon the tip, biting it oil' and
becoming unconscious trom tie
effects of the gas, fell to the
floor. Mr. Hutchinson is a young
man about twenty-one years of age,
a rcsideul of Chicago, and a member
ot the class of 'Si, llobart College;
also a member of the Chi Phi So
ciety. Mr. Hutchinson will be re
moved to his home as soon as practi
cable. The a flail has created com id
erable excitement at the college aud
throughout the village.
Bankers in Congress.
Indianapolis Journal.
"Then," said Mr. Peter Cooper,
sue how shamelessly tho laws are
violated in regard to bankers net
being eligible to seats iu Congress."
"What do vou mean ?" I inquired.
"Whv. at the Third Congress of
the United Slates, held at Philadel
phia in 171M, the Senate passed a res
olution as follows: "Any person
holding any ollioe or any stock in any
institution in tho nature of a bank
for issuing or discounting bills r
notes payable to bearer or order, can
not be a member ot the House while
he holds such oflice or stock.
''I never heard ot that before," I
acknowledged, "It caiiuot bo that it
became a law."
"Certainly it did," Mr. Cooper per
sisted. "It passed the Senate with
but two dissenting otes, and passed
the House and became a law hero
'tis. beariii'' the signature ot George
Washington, rresideiit, ami John
Adams, Vice President, approving of
"Why," 1 asked, "when was it re
nealed." "It never was repealed never," he
exclaimed, "and is on the statute
books as a law ta day. This is a day
when Congress doesn't obey laws.
"You can state it, it you wish, in
my name," said Mr. Cooper. "Aud
it is violated every ilay.
an Erratic Stnalor.
Philadelphia Record.
Ex Senator Goldwaithe of Ala
U ma. was noted for his absent mind
edness, and he was occasionally seen
running about the Senate trying to
cot out and not being able to find the
door. He would have hall the page
boys in the Senate hunting his cane,
which would be all the whi'.t firmly
clasped iu his hand. He was inucb
given to walking up ana uowu me
lobby, plunged iu deep thought, of
ten smoking a flagrant Havaua, and
entirely oblivious of all things about
htm. Often some cneeay page
ot the Senate would walk up and ask
the Senator for a light. Mr. Gold
waithe would mechanically hand
over his cigar, the boy would lake a
light, put the choice weed in his
mouth and hand over the stump to
the old gentleman, who would con
tinue his stroll iu blissful ignoranoe.
It is related on good authority that,
iu one ot his fits ot abstraction, he
walked into the Senate elevator,
dropped a nickel into a hole back ol
the mirror and calralv requested lo
be let out at "II" street.
Siioi'S. During the past Summer a
j young Frenchman proposed to his
wile 10 iaae a nine uur i Ice
land." "What is there in Switzer
land ?" asked tha ingennoiis (air
"What is there in Switzerland?"
echoed ihe husband. "Why there
is the most wonderful scenery in the
world lotty mountain peaks tipped
with rosy snow, verdant vales, Bleep
ing lakes," cried she; take uie some
where where there are shops to buy
thing at 1"
Tho Umpqtia is yery high.
Albany's indebtedness is 817 52.
One ot the guard houses of the pen
itentiary was burued on Thursday
John Kellv, the violinist, sprained
his ankle badly reoently at Baker
Corbin (.ilium, a pioneer ot Dong-
las county died on tho 31st ull., aged
83 years.
Public schools of Albany are so
full as to make more room an imper
ative necessity.
Stock men are discouraged in Ra
ker county over the deep snow, whilo
minors are happy.
Money order business of the Al
bany post-office amounted to $84,000-
lunng 1870, an mcreasu ot nearly
$10,000 over 1878.
The total expenses ot tha mtr
government of Astoria during 1870,
were $15,015 14. Kuceived tor thu
sumo period, 21,709 55.
Tho Astorian hopes that steps will
be taken to have a daily mail from
Astoria to Hrooklield and other
poii.ts, with the opening ol the com
ing fishing season.
Fears are entertained that the lato
gales have proven disastrous to the
men on lillaniook Kock. N earner
havo been unable to reach the rock
tor soyeral days,
The mortality among sheep on the
Bit; Hullo is said to be considerable.
W 11 Cummons lost 100 head while
Iriviug a band of six hundred to the
P F Myer, of Ashland precinct,
fell from bis bam the other day
whilo shovelling snow from the root
I hereof, breaking his leg just above
the ajklo and dislocating thu ankle
Scio correspondent: There are
belter times in the forks of the San
tiam than any part of Linn county,
and money is very close hero. The
tax eolloctor reports only three fore
closures and only three toreolos
ures of mortages.
Joseph Hess, of Chimney Ilock
precinct, Jackson comity, whilo on
gsged on Dec "Dili, with a brother
in law named Heaves iu felling tries
for cattle to browse upon, slipped
and lull, and Koiives' ax decondiug
at the 84H10 time struck him on the
head, almost cleaving it iu twain
and causing instant death.
Wustilugton und Idaho.
Frank Parser has purohasud the
Walla Walla Statesman.
The new Masonic Hall at Lcwislou
was dedicated on tho 1st inst.
Geo. Uorland has been pardoned
out ol the Idaho penitentiary.
The mail frem tho Payette to the
Dalles is being carried on sleighs.
Only two trips per week aro made
at present on the Columbia Kiver A
Walla Walla Kailratl.
Miles M. Millor, formerly of Sa
lain, has accented the position ol
bookkeeper iu a hank at Colfax.
Grant Still Refuses lo Decline.
Special to Cincinnati Enquirer.
After the tra'n trot out a short dis
tance from Xenia, Geu (5 rant had
come to the forward car, whore the
Columbus Committee aud the newspa
ner men were introduced to him.
After taking each by tho hand he
took a seal nnd commenced smoking
a cigar,
I ke lomnalisls gathered about lnrn
and the following conversation took
place, the questions being put India
erimiuately by me correspondents:
"General Uratit. will you oe tne
next President, said one.
"It will be so," said another, "it
the newspapers have the deciding ot
Most ol iDem nave eam so ai
The General pulled away at his oi
gar and said: "I am going lo Phila
dekdiia now. We have had a very
pleasant trip, and as this is a pleasure
trip, those questions don't euter into
"When do yeu go to Cuba snj
Mai co."
' I ahall leave about the first of
. AO
"W hen do you return?
"Not until tho cold weather is
aver n
"Where do you expect to ecttl
"Galena is my home. It is the on
y home I haye."
Forever Siuttikeu. Many a roan
with a soul fairlv overflowing with
poetic geuiiia baa had it forevr shat
tared by discovering that the woman
he looked upon as even superior to
the angels baa no less th ia thirteen
soil cwrna on bcr teet.
imalenr Eronomr.
Boston Courier.
"My dear follow," said Lavender;
"it's all very nice to talk of econo
mizing and keoping a rigid aooeunt
of expenses and all that sort of thing
but 1 ve tried it. Two weeks ago I
stopped in on my way home Satur
day evening and bought just the gay
est little Russia leather cream-laid
paper account book yon over saw
aud a silver pencil to match. I said
to my wife after supper: 'My dear,
it seems to me it coats a lei ot money
to keep house.
"She sighed and sai, 'I kaew k
does, Lavvy, but Pai sure I eaVt
help it. Pm just aa eoenoaaieal at 1
cau be, I don't spend halt so atneh
money tor candy as you do for ol
gars.' 'I never take auy notice of person
alities, to I sailed right ahead. I be
lieve, my dear that if we were le keep
a strict account of everylhiot we
spend, we could tell just where to
cut down. 1 have bought a little au
ootinl book, and every Monday morn
ing 1 11 give you some money and
you can set it down on one aide, and
then during the week you can act
down on the other side everything'
you spend aud then on Saturday
night and we cau go over it and tea
just whore the money goes and how
wo can boil things down a little."
"Well, sir, she was just delighted
thought it was a first rate plan, and
the pocket account book was lovety
regular David Cepperticld and Lo-
ra business. Well, sir, tho next Sat
urday night we got through supper
md sho brought out the nceount
book as proud us possible, and hand-
d it over tor inspection. Un one
side was, 'Ilcoeived from Lavvy
$50.' That's nil right! Then I
looked on the other page and what
do you think was there!1 'Spent it
all.' Then I laughed, and of course
to cried, und wo gave up tho ac
count book racket on the snot by mu
tual consent. Yea air, I havo been
there und I kuew what domestic
economy means I toll you. Let's
mve a oigar.
Beceacr'i Icretlts.
Indianopolis Journal
Tho Uev Henrv Ward HJeecher't
eclaration of his belief that there It
no "eternal punishment" for tho
wicked, and that there aro no lost
souls, has created much exoitement
in orthodox circles.
To a friend who apoke to him
about it this week, he said. "Wo be
hove much concerning tho future,
but we know nothing whatever. 1
lo not believo there is a bell, where
luinan buings are to bo enchained
forever, because the conception is
devilish not divine. I would not de
vise or construct a place or condition
ot endless ptini limeut of any kind,
and, as my God is infinitely bettor
and kinder than auy human being, I
know he has uot. We must inter-
prelGod by the highest and better
that is within ourselves, apd tt our
conception talis below that, wo must,
conclude we are mistaken in the por
traiture, and try again."
This is only one ot the JJeccntrian
heresies, but it is enough to explain
the alleged anxiety of the devout Ad-
ward Iieeober,wno, it is said, has beea
for many years greatly distressed
about "the slats of lloury's soul." I
heard, by the way, that all the
Seedier family make each other the
objects of special prayer each
one being a terriblo and unique hore-
tio in the eyea of every other.
1 Living Hill.
The paper of lute have given long
and interesting accounts of the ro
mantic rouklessuess and self dtitr no
tion of Spencer Hill, of thia city, who,
they sav, came te bis death by eo ti
ling hia own threat aod horribly ma
tilaling himself in general. We fallj
realize the tact that it is too ba.4 t
spoil an item, but our duty aa a jo
nalist compels us to iaform the afore
said papers and the publie generally
that Mr. Hill failed to carry out the
programme ascribed him, and it still
living at his late residenoe ii thie
city, a lively corpse. His kloochmao
declares that on ibe evening in quea-
lion he was brought home on a abut
ter, dead drunk but has entirely
' . . . a.
recovered from tut indisposition, and)
now takes his old rye with a regu
larity that would surprise an ordinary
graveyard. Albany Herald.
He Missed On. They were talk
ing of shooting, when the minister,
alter some pretty tall stories had
been told, remarked: "Once I had
a trial; out of fifteen shota I misted
one." He waited until the crowd
had exhausted their compliments on
bis superior marksmanship, when he
gravely added: "My brother thot
feurtevn timet and I ah 1 once and
missed." And ho smiled just as in
nocently as if he had not accom
plished any thing particularly worth
speaking of.