The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, January 10, 1880, Image 8

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    Shear 's Sale
by virtue ef n eseoution duly issue 1 out
t ill Cire lit (h'irt of the St-rt ol lr rfoti for
thseouuty Laneo.i, ti-wiit Njv. 1-', W.'J, by
the cleric ths- if Hiid to nil direjtel, un
udmeat r-nd rid la mil i.irt X .
favor of John Sigs ' tk a id Ml H
a ,fertbesuin ..f jMK to.e.h .r will in
tarest mi i costs n I disbur.ui u. coinm .u.l
ltl me to levy up- n t'ie pers-oial property or
Mid defeniUut, or f sutH.ient persuni.1 prop
rt cannot be found, Men out of tin iwu
pieperty of said ilefoii'iiiiit.
Therefore in default of iwrsonal property, I
I are this Hlh day of Nov. lifftf, levied upon
Ike billowing tlcacribnil rssl rox;rty to-wits
'KJ..I...I 1UV U.' M.rnwP llf ('..ISU Oil-
la donation Uiid claim in rec, !, ls -
1.. 1 Went, theuoe East 17.72 chains, then
Miith 11' Wnt 9.M clislni, tliciM-e North 8. 3
Wot 111.30 chains, theme North . chains to
nlsce of beginning, coiitainiiiK 17 acres, in
b me county, Oregon. "Subjectto niirtyai,'e
m favor of John K Walker for tAI nd in
terest. "
Abo ootntmnolii'r t the S. W. corner of the
town plat of I'MisWrll, thence north SWJ n
tbsnce west ') nU, thence south 31 rode,
thenes east '.Hi ro.isto the place of Ik-kIu nintf,
containing 5 acres in Lane county, Oregon.
And on Monday, tho ittl day of beceiulwr,
1879, between th hours of 9 o'clock A. U. and
4 clock r. M. of said dsy, I will mil the nlsive
slcrilid will property, at public miction, to
Ifi bl.'hest bidder, nt the Court House door in
Jfujfene City, Ijiii" county, Or.
Wins, cash in IT. 8. giiidrnin.
H. 11. KAKIN, Jit.,
Slterilf Lane 0..r.
Zugene, Nor, lli, lt)7tf. nlfwi
. Sheriffs Sale.
by virtue of. two separate executions,
duly issued out of the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon for the county of Lane, both
dated November 14, I87U. by the e'erk
thereof and to me directed upon judgment
rendered in mid court one April 10, 138,
for the iiim of f .Mtand one Nov. 8, 187H. f
the mm of $78 fJ.i and costs and disburse
meute, in faror of M . C. Iloonirr and ngniu. t
0. 11. Mitchell, oninmandiiij; me that out of
the personal property of the said dnfeniliiut,
r if lulticient cannot be found, tliun out of
the real property of the mid I). 11. Mitchell.
Theruforo by virtue of said executions and
in default ii persnual pr perty, I have levied
upon all the ritflit, title and interest of the
laid defendant in and to the following de
criheil real prowrly, to-wit:
Tho Kant half of Lot No. 7 in County
Survey No. 117, Line omnty, Oregon.
And oil MONDAY tho 'd dny of Decem
ber, 1S7'., at (he Court Hoiie door in Ku
jeue City, l ane CYunty, Oriton, bntwrcn
the home of tt o'clock A. M. ami 4 o'clock I'.
M. of taiil day I will icll all the right, title
and intertat of 0. H. Mitchell in and to the
there duacrilied pniwrty, at public auc
tion, to the hiuhoiit bidder.
Tciim.h: CimTi.
8. V. KAKIN, Jit.,
Sheriff of l-ane (V, Orrjii.
Kimene City. Nov. 2, H7!.
Ague Cure
la a purely vegetable bitter and powerful
tonic, ml la warranted Hieedv and cer
tain, cure for Fever nml Anne, Chills unil
fever, Intermittent or ( bill Kevor, Ke
m It tent Fever, Dumb Akup, I'erlodleHl
or llllloua Fever, and all limUrUI
rdera. In uilainiinth) dUtrfetH, the rnpld
pulae, routed tonuun, thirst, huwltude, Imw of
Plietito, iHkin in tlie hack and lolim, nml cold
Beta of the aplim mid extruinitlea, are only
preinnnltloni (f aeverer ayuiptniiM which
terminate In the auua punixymn, aueroeded
by hih fever aud proliuie jvjrsplrutioii.
It ll a (tartling fiiet, that quinine, raenlr,
nd other tMiiaoiioua niluemlit form the basia
t moat of the " Fever uud Aku 1'repnru
liona," "8W4lflo," "Hyrupa," and "Ton.
." In the market. The prepiirutloni iimde
from theae luiuerul polmina, although they
re palatable, and limy brenk the chill, do
ot cure, but leave the limUriul and their
cwn drug Hilon In the ayiiU'in, priHluciiiir
o,iiitilin,dir.xincM, rhiKliiR in the eura, beuil.
ache, vertlKo, and other illiuirdera more for
midable than the dUeane they were Intended
to cure. Avih'i Am a Cnia thoroughly
radicate thee noxloua ixtiaona from the
yateui, and alwnva cure (lie aevereat raaea.
It contalna no quinine, mineral, or any thing
that could injure the moat delicate patient;
nil its crowning excellence, above lla cer.
Ulutv to cure, la that It leaves the ivitem aa
tree trout dlaeaae a before the attack.
For Liver Complaints Avia'i Aura
Cl'kR, by direct action on the liver and till,
lary apparatus, drives out the polaona which
produce theae complaint, and atimulate tb
system to vigorous, healthy condition.
We warrant it when taken according to
Prtpared by Dr. J. C. Ayer It Co.,
rraetlcal aad Analytical Chemists,
Lowell, Matt,
NU T tu naveeirrs avsarwasaa.
Chas. M. Horn.
KUhiiiK Tackles aud niaterials.
lirpairiiur done In tlie neatest stvle
k and warranted. Hewing tuachinea,
naive, LsKks, etc., reiieired.
Guns loaned and ammunition furnished.
Bhop en W UlanetU st, opposite Astor Uoussj.
WrE ARE ox' nr.P.-EEDTO DO
11. t !) Hork;
Grind foi Toll;
Grind per Contract;
Exchanga F.iur inj Kill Feed for
Wheat, and
Do u (ienrral 31 ill Hubinehs.
Cash Price Paid tor Wheat
Zufeae City, October 18, ls.a I
These (rreat pain rclievlnj and curative rem
dies have already worked their wiiy into ey.
eiy hamlet where the Etluh lan(tiae it
stMiken. That the reputation of and demand
for such remedies a theae ars should extend
and Increase, could not be othervUe. 1 here
la no pain, soreness or swelling which they will
not alleviate. There are but exceptioua! cases
of ouintitutioiial humors and dintorted joints,
which they d' not cure, and none they will
not beneliu They are aoot!iin;r, absorbiug and
emollient. They extract the pain fro a and
ii,i,ii.i ,-jiI,U without scars, rnrltheu-
mutiu ll eft imis, pains in the back, stiff joints,
wounils, strains and eruptimn, they act with
absolute cerUiuty. Tbsse preparations are of
two kinds, the f r.niily and the Annual Lini
ment, licinrf imivewully aihipUd to tlie exter
nal ailments of msu and be nt, the name of
the Half ilie and Half-Man Centaur was
naturally nttnehed to them. They perforin
cures never btore effected by any rcniedy.
Undoubtedly more of them are iM than of all
other ImiiiKiiU, ointmcnte, oils, embrocations,
plaMti'rs and so-cnlled pain-killers comblued.
'1 he White ( 'eiiUur Liniment cures Kheu
matinn, riciatica, Lumbago and Tic doul-
It relieves Neuruli:i and all kinds ot pain.
It heals wounds, sores, gulls and poisonous
It cures Itch, Pimples an I Salt Kheum.
It suixiues iuiluiuiuution and pain.
It cures broken breasts and sore nipples,
lloilj. Felons, etc., are rendered nearly pain-
Contracted Cords and stiff joints are iiniDtr-
Mrs. I Kirby, 800 Elaht Avenue, N. Y.:
Had lthemntiin and Erysipelas 7 years.
Cured; Total cost; one dollar.
K. V. Srouv.loS W. 21st 8t, X. Y.: In
fliimmutory ltheuiuatiHni; ankle suppurated;
foot turned black; amputation recommended.
Cured and kg saved by two dollars worth of
CouUur Liniment lial speut several bun
dieil dollars with . physicians and for other
Jacob IIvrd, Dollfuir, Va., hobbled on a
crutch 1 years; maturated sore let,'. Cured.
Cost; 50 ueiits.
Mux. Catharine Ltkch, South lioston. In
flumumtory llheuuiatism; hands, leet and
joints drawn out of s!iu)e. Cured. Cost, Vl.
II. IlANiT, t7 years old, Went Windsor, Ea
ton Co., Micb.t MheuiuutiHin 10 years. Cured.
Cost; fcl.
P. T. Uahni'H. the celebrated showman says:
"My teamsters and veteriimries sieuk in the
highest, terms ot the lentaur Uniiueiit.
"Till! Ykli.ow Centaur Liniment is THE
BIst RtMKHV ever in our stubles. We have
.iscd It upon humlreds of horses. Signed:
II. M.Mi.iit, .Supt Adams Kxprcs Co. sta
bhu, N. Y.
E. l'ULTX, Hupt. V. S. Express Co. stables,
a. A.
N. H., Supt National Express Co. sta
hies. X. Y.
1'. MclillATH, Esq., the grent Kentucky
hole and mule breeder, snys: Nothing tn U
compared with it (the Yellow Liniment), bus
been used on my stock.
Ten thousand similar testimonials could be
There Is do doubt, No UNcr.KTAlNTT as tnwhat
the entaur Liniments will do. lliey per
form more than is advertimsl fur them every
time. They are reliable, ihy are cheap, ami
they are everywhere iittunmlile.
Tlir Onliiur o. -10 lry.SI. N. Y.
The great success of Pit-tier's Castoria Is le
cause of its power tJ asti niilate the fiMi.1 iu the
stoin.U'ln of children. Thus, sour curd, voiu
Ititiit wind colic and diarrhoea are prevetiteci.
Castoria contains neither mineral, morphiue.
nor alcohol. I'nliku Castor Oil it is as pleas
ant to take as houey, and unlike nnrctio Sy
r-ps, it is harmless. It nllava feverishueks.
and is death to worms. When the child tut
health the mother can rest
Wei Dc IflcyirV
O T Jk. 3S, It 23L
Hie m'wt Inqiortant discovery in niedieim
since vaceiuatiou, is tlut of a real c re for (.'n
tarrh, bv Dr. K. W. Wri Dk . i:rn, of X. Y.
A iamphlet contniuiiur fiu ts antl proof of tin'
work Iwini: pirdumed by the wmlt rful rein
edv. cn I oli'nined gratis of Messrs. ). ll.
j IJfcW l.Y A l'0.,at,vnu. Xo. 4tt IVv Street,
New York. The testimonials therein cm
Ki ;kM, or l .oWttK for $;.50. Svna for
Ki:Y7 12J3.TSTOIT.
1928 rta. SOOOSarrar!.
1 our Vnj. fi-lornl l uitrs.
."rfJJielM of eve-
40CO YiCL4ui42;caa:Dsn.
A 1 r t- v .
w .. .s1iit 4 fVi. IT
-e 4 GOO we worJ. aM ' '
i ism j is.
s..k TU - ' .J'" fe-"".
' t'7C'i tf Notel lyrsoBsT
f". "T? T1
. , , . - a.. .
I ll. a Ua: ivp r r ,H.,."r.' 1
. i-tft-sa ', aJ ;ZilZ'aLi,-,
T?! rerewrterH , C ate f'eM,
as . iT.. iv-
Pe4 is huUie tVSwM u i 5,
"7 tJieuj I lelwoa-y cn,.'- t X
( eripnirol IV'Uoaarythli - wn!
a"e wt-.h ProTOTK-Utl a. r--e.
l l . . . II f
Fsuubssi h, o. a c. rrtr-ir.hrrv.M. :-v
fc'caran Bircsa r.:T;r.v: Zrzvi
L u B 1
King of the Blood
Cons all lerofateos sffietions aad dlsordsts rssult
spsttfy all, as ths suBsm san usually t"'
MbHMi but SaU , i-is.i, Vkvi, Twmfi,
IMIrt, c, are tae most summon,
well as msny sUssiieas ef the M-rt, hut, litsr
Won4fttl Curt if SUndntu.
D. Kassoh, 80s Co. 1 For ths benefit ef all
tsoubltd with Hersfula or Impure Bloed In tbeif
STstsms,Ihsrsbrromiiin(l Kinf of lbs BlossJ.
1 bars bssn troubled with Hsrefula foe the past Ma
wtsrs, wbick so alfeelsd my syss tbat 1 )
alstalr blind for six months. I was raeommenasd
is try Kine of lbs Blood, which has proved a frsst
bUssini Is ms, ss 11 Us completely sursd mt, aad
J obetrtully rswmsasnd it to all troublsd ss I bare
Has. 8. W liTsasLow, ttardiala, X. T.
will be paid to env Publle Hespltsl to be sssts.
allr sirrssd upon, for svsry MrtifleaM of tbis atedi
ewe paUisbsd by us which is But f snaias.
Its Ingredient.
Ts shew our faith la ths safety and sxesUenes of
the K. B., uP'ia proper ptrsonsl application, wba
satislltd thst no imposition is intended, we will
irs the namesof all its ingredients, bv student.
Tbs sbofsotfers were nevsr msds before bv lbs pro
rlsierof any ether Fnmilr Uediciusin (be world.
Hny testimonials. further "iforBjilion.snd
fill dimttions for u.mir will bs found in Die pam
phlet " TrsatiM on Diseases ef 'he Bleed," ia
whiehesrhbottletsenrloaed 1'rW l perbotflreon.
tslninfi It ouners, or M dis. KoW by drutr.
msu. II. IUssou.Bus Co., frep'rs, Buffalo, N.Y-
Just Received
LAHGE Assartms-t 0?
bill heads,
All kinds of CARD and
BOOK Papers; Etc., we are
prepared to do Job Work at
very LOW Kates
War has commenced in Europe!
intrrvet of W. T. I tK,,n i. .k. c ,,
sua ft (srwm, is preiared to furnish all wbo
soajr giro bus a coil with the best qnality of
every thine usually kept b a tret clssi nucery
aad nv);a store, such ae
pi haw, i r.As, txirreK,
CllSAkH CLASS IVIi nt-rrvo
WARE. vm!) An wtrinw u- c
at reaatiaabU nu t. f AU m rsntit -'' .
. 7. s what 1 caa do f, Jom
Thankful fr- ksut troasire I iaviu you u
coil aim
loarsrssJeaoay rf tK,
Eopne Guard,
J0':' Newspaper,
('r jh4 took and
K Wt!lnit-tU t.
1 Grw Eugeno City, Or
0athartic PiUB
Combine the choicest cathartic principle
In medicine. In proportions accurately ad
justed to seeun? activity, certainty, and
linlformitT of effect. They are the reault
of veara of careful study and practical ex
pcr'itiienf, and nre tho most effectual rem-
i ey yet discovered for dlseasea, caused by
deranccment of the atomacli, liver, and
towels, which reqtiim prompt and effectual
I treatment. Ayfh s Tims are specially an.
1 plicuble to this class of diseases. They act
(lirectlv on tbn difrtstive and assimilative
processes, ami restore refjular healthy ac
tion. Their extensive use by phvsicluna in
their practice, and by all civilized nntlona,
is one of the many proofs of their value as
a safe, sure, nml iierfet tly reliable purgative
medicine, llcini; coniwuniled of the con
centruted virtnts of purely vegetable aub.
stnnces, thev nre poslilvcl.v free from calo
mel, or unv liijiirloiis properties, nnd enn be
ttillillllisiercil to i iiiH.rrii ioiii i""." v
Arnt's Tills nre nn cITectiml cure for
ConsilPtl Co-'lveiicss, liidlrea
llon, lvM'Tftiw. ''0li ,,f ',l'Pclite
l'oul Stonii!i b nml Urcnlh, Di..lncss,
IIchcIiicIic. tjos d ?toinoiy, Niiinbrirss
ISIIionsiU'ss, .tiiiidic-. Kitciimulisiii,
l-riiiit!ons nml Skin W-fnw'. U??'
Tiiioors, Vol ins. in-nl;'lii, (olic,
C.iincs. rbntl'r. I,vscnlcry, C.oiit,
I'l'es. r.lsoficis of the l.lvrr. nnd all
other tliseescs remlti'ii; from n uisorilered
statu of the iL;.-Mive tppnratti.
As n Piitpcr PHI they bnvo tin equal.
V,1 f,nt!f in their nd Inn. these Tills
nr t'ie fiosr tlioroii'.-li tmd si ur:liiiii.' intbiir
tie thnt cum bo mphivrd, nnd never f.'ivo
ii'iill ifils t'i" bnu-els rre int!'t'ited. llttd
l'."i tltetri-i"ooife it liiniii!!'. Tlie.v nIoiiii
nr tie-aiciotl''' iinil di'."the orpins: they
n-sTnti tn pu-ifv :ind enrii'lt the l.lrod, end
Itit '-irt. rti'weii lieal: ii nnd vigor to the
wlioln system.
Prcp-.rofl by Dr. J. C. Aver f: Co.,
l'rirCeu! en'l .Vt-'-f'e1 riitn!!-i,
t.o-e :, v-n.
soi.n rr alt. tn"wi:Ts rvrnvwi'r.iti.
tiiuvs sii:c!Mf .ux:iiiiK.
i'HADC K.The iCZ"rK
"'V llemedy.Aii
r .7
eminiil Weak-
rhen, Iiujintcncy
nml nil ilixeoHes
that follow as a
seiinencc of Self
Abuse; as Loss
Memory, Universal Lassitude, Vain in the
...ick, Dullness of Vision, I'remature old ape,
and ninny other tiwascs that lemi to Iiisumty
or consuinitioii ami a lircinutun) t,-r:ivp.
Its'l-'iill iartiotil:irs in our pamphlet, which
we desire to send free by liinil to every one.
el'he Specific Medicine is dd by nil (hiitf
'isls at 41 per package, or six packuyes for Isl,
or will bo sent free by mail on receipt of the
money bv nil lressini!
Xo. 10 Meehmiics' I'.lock, Detroit, Mich.
4eild in Kinjene City and everywhere in
'.he United Stiites and Cun ula, by all whole
rle and retail drupUts.
D. I. C.
Is sn nbsolute and Ivrexinflttf cure foi
'l.t?.tS Nl.HJ.KU l.i.l h '" Ki-t .. li
. wif. J".iitva,ia bui c' i evy-I ih-tuA.--.
n 1 ti n 4L'tl. ! in-- .- 1 ol l.u 3..i-s . tu; .vij
,ve ctJtl Utir ldv.t'. C
fa .rrl .V. MM i '"...i ...Vti.', ,K
R hi u ut-l;ii;riiuiuHt,.iaj cri...v:... Jr
ia' a uui i. t L
l,.o?Emcri:.:!j.Co..rxh:cr.?I.Y.C::-;.::ii'. j
Ilnp ConO Car drtryr n ncl'i.) : it'v
h'i!tri r ict!:y:DL Cuva .:;;.. a,
t A.t .MrHsMi Ut Utftv'iJtUs
Tli',fii.iMi:..'-s:fr. .i
2 tan m b-vtnmorlrtUij:riil,bul lliv I'm. .1 r'.J !k- .A .
R.-tM nr inaaksf t makins tiutr cum tb:ui allotiier r iiiru.kt K
1 V hundred aud sixtv aces. 1(H) acres nnder
cultivation; all under tenet tail the improve
ments in k-ishI order, which we wi'l sell at a
haii;uin, and nn tlie most reasonable terms.
Situated hve miles sooth of town, and has a
.'-id eutrane far stock. Apply at this ollie.
To Whom it May Concern.
L the sole owner of the Patent Klsrht
. ium' nu I'nvniK nens in une county,
ttate of Ureirn. and that said lfisrht is nr.
tected by letters Patent issued by the U. S.
iiiiTrmiuini 10 eison . ureen, ot Court-
Ism! I ounty. State of Xew York. All persona
ho have Driven Wi lls, or had them lrinn
without my peruiissinn, since the 21st Way of
February, lsT3. are liable to prosecution' for
iiunntfemeut ot saM Hicht anil are hemliv ...
unm mi come lorwani ana atjust tlie same.
:c l a ....... '
All infringements in the future will be tiros.
I am prepared to drive Wells or will irranl
uiuiuuu w oiners en appncailnn.
1 tnAil la a lawin Ifsskk I 1.'
one only to a small section of Lower (llaja)
California. '
r ed by tlie inhabitants of Lower
.. .. """ ,mn niriy years as a irenera
.v via on a roitufth system
A Great FUmedy frp
ii wssewei ef us fcuseys aU Bls3drl
I'oMiheiurr lor UHusla.
Flccken&tein v Mayer.
Hole. Lentw. 1'oelnnrl. Oreinn.
Laad far NsUe hrap.
We bave aereral mv t.W v.. i.
... p. - - . --n utw willfa
Will Ik AT.LI . 1 1 .
"tj rraMiuaiue lernia. Also
oe good grain and stock farm, enntainine
32 acrea. tnk Un !... ... i i
- B- - iwu, CXVXl i
lent srrhard, oot houses, etc, all anderi
7""- lann, J, nne third
dwa and balance yearly iusUllmenta.
E. D. JvPllss, tnjeinl'ity. Orv!
In Dorria' Brick Building.
Groceries Provisions,
Will keep on hind a general assortment of
Groceries, Provisions, Cured Meati,
Tobacco, Ciifars, Candies,
Candles, Honne, Xotlons.
Ureen and Dried Fruits,
Wood and Willow War.
Crockery, Etc,
Business will be conducted on a
Which means that
Low Prices are Established
Goods delirered without hirn U Biyn
For which i will pay tli i'hest pricemarket
Aix Local Skis Diseases;
Permanently Bkautifiks thi
Complexion, Prevents and Remi
d1ks klieum atism and gout,
Heals Sores and Injuries
a Reliable Disinfectant.
This popular and inexpensive remedy
accomplishes the same RES l' Lis as
costly Sulphur Baths, since it per
manently KtnovFs Eruptions and
Irritations of the Skin.
toiiPLEXioNAL Blemishes are al--ways
obviated by its use, and it renders
the cuticle wondrouslv fair and smooth.
Sores, Sprains, Bruises, Scalds,.
rii'RNS, and Cuts are speedily healed
by it, and it prevents and remedies Gout
and Rheumatism.
It removes Dandruff, strengthens
tlie roots of the Hair, and preserves its
youthful color. As a Disinfectant of
Clothiiii; and Linen used in the tick
room, and ns a Protection against
Cont.i'.ious Diseases it is unequiled.
Physicians emphatically endorse it
Pricer-25 and 50 Cents per Cake:
pur Box (3 Cakes). 60c. auJ$1.20.
N. B. Sent by Mail, Prensid, on receipt of price,
S'id 5 ctnts extra for raoh t'aV.e.
Black er Drown, SO Ceats. t
C.S.Crittenton, Prop'r, 7 Sixth At. 5. f .
Job Work to Order
Against Los by Fire
Liverpool & London & Globe
Chas. Lauer, Ag't.
NOT r!T, trt fiil
f'i imu NKIV PftlCE
I ID . ...
i i - i 'iir r"Mliria
v ' 'l-sct '(iildiii of vfrf
rsi.nnl s.r f.imii..
ti. with over tntsj i:ii:r.i l i.. Hrn'il ulns
cms fur It. im:iiii . wnl ilu i srll .ill wli
at lmles:ie ii m-. s in 1111a i(i, losnluhrpur
clissr. Tlir iiiily liKiliulimi In AiiH-rlra ahs
Dinki-Uils thi-lr st n ii,,si,. Aililrns.
H47 ; m Wabash Aeatlilcago, III
riioi '.::,
"ivr slmrn-:'.,
f.cs:.v... I i-
II". U v
rilcit Uvii-i-c"
"Pfid r'"tirt
Sfl ..... I )';.. ,.
1 1 iwn I..I4
Tfli'lfs, ilo 'i
t j f t'- ,
V T-irywr-lK-f . . .1
'Ti !S'fr t!M
; ' -.1.:
j ' : s co.i't:!-..,!;
S tt-nUsnauuma,1
(1 .. . . ..
P r-".v-i r.:i!' ifi
r, i ... ; l ir, i i , .
itcn lu nop .io..
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Eugene City Foundry
Crouch cj- Brown, Prop's.
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.. . . inr mu Kind of ajachi.-,,.
I MllLI of al kin. la f,.nUUI -V . .. 3 .
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iroa. brasa, beU metal, etc.
We also nannfacture to order, steam etifffnea.
. uii, nour snuis, etc. Lile
ive to parties waatibf such work.
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raSITUie ClIBI-Tn assu-M ts
H'Atu orriri
Fluid Extract
A Specific Remedy far I
oFor Debilitt, Less of Memory, IadiiBpoite
t Exertion oj business, Shortness ef rcatb,a
Troubled with Thoughts of Disease, Dinneea
Vision, Pain it the back, Chest, and Heat.
Hush of HIoikI to the Head. Pale Couateaa
and Dry Skin.!
If tl..ll. av,,,.a ... .11 4 4
. " j m...- . aiiwam, tuynvn, very
frequently Epietic Fits and Consumptiea fel
low. When tie constitution becomes affected
it requires the aid of an invigoratin nedlciaa
to strengthen j aud tone up the ay item
Kclmlioltl Buobn
(Jy any remedy known. It is prescribe
the must eminent physiciaus all aver tke werli
AcliGfl and Pataa
General Debility,
iiicney uisfiases,
Livtr Complaint.
Nervous Debility,
Zpi cpsy.
Bead Troublei,
. , , , Geneial U-EialU
:pinal Diseases,
Cat rrh,
r,Tervnu3 ICcmpIalaU
Female Complaints, kc.
Heailache, Tain in tie Shoulders, Cenrh,
Ihuinesa, Sour Stomach, Eruptions, Bad
. nw. in .us iuiimn, raipiuiioa of the heart.
P.ln In 1 1. - . i . 1 I - 1 . ....
. .... ... .... iriuii vi .ii (iimeys, and a J sea
sand other painful symptoms, are the ffiurlaca
of DysiwDsia.
Hlmbold Buchu
Invigorates the Stomach.
And stimulates the torpid Liver, Bowels, aat
Kidnevs tn hralthv .tinn .1 .l .
nod of all imnnritiM .nt UK.i.. v
and vigor to the whole system.
a single mat will be quite sufficient to eea.
Vlnce the nisi h.aitif in., nflil. w.ln.M. - -
dial qualities.
Or Six Bottles fir (5.
Delivered to any address free from eb
tion. , ,
Patients' may consult by raaei viae
thm uma attention as bv ing.Toy aasvsriar
the following questions: '
i n; ..... M.m ms iwiatHiffisi asintsvBS.
A. uit. jvui r r
county and State, and your nearest expreee.
ooice !
i. Your age and set T
J. Occupation
4. Married or sinjle ! .,..,
i. Height, weight, new and la healtk 7
6. How long nave you been sick T
7. Your eomplexion, color of hair and aye
ft. Have you a stooping isr erect gait I
1 Relate without reserratioa all yon knew
about vrour case. Enclnee one dollar aa es-
sulutton fee. Yoor letter will tbaa ruano
our attention, aad we will give 7 tie a.
ture of your diseae aad candid apinieti
VVHWI HU0 e visiwt
Competent phy icians attttrad to mnastssnt
dents. All letters should bo addr' tl to
LHseiiaatory, 1217 FUburt Btraet, PkilasU
phia, I'a.
11. A. llt-MbULU,
Drag;iit nJ ChcaUt,
riii!a.3.1phi, .
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