The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, March 15, 1879, Image 1

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-a .
f 1 1 IAkD
WHOLE NO. 592.
$2.50 per year IN ADVANCE.
iTublishars aad Proprietors.
rimCE-In Underwood's Brick Building,
er Urange St.u-o.
(Gity 5uanl.
Advertisements inserted as follows :
One square. 10 line, or less, one insertion S3;
'each subsequent insertion $U Cash required in
TUnedvortiers will be charged at th. fol-
fcSti, months WOO
" hix months "J
" nn year
Transient notices in local column, 20 cent! per
line fur each insertion.
Advertising bills will lie rendered quarterly.
All job work roust be paid kob on df-I.ivkhv.
.,ffl(ylnmiM-From 7 a. m. tu 7 p.m. Sunday.
f Mail arrives fro.ntlio aou'tli ant leave, iroitxr north
in a m Ariives from Hie north anl leaves soinv
.L l,in n m. For H.iiislaw, Franklin ani tan
" T . ... u. on We.lnaslay. 1-or Crawtoros-
i """ ti -iii. . i v
, ill.. C.Pf .!," h,
" Lrtteri will berea-ljr fur deliver. halj
. hal of train., Lettei siiouiu ue .i
cu,heur before iUjffl;ATrEaaoy,p.M.
' tiUClKUEN.
r-.... . inim No II. A. P. and A. M.
Meeta first and third Welnesiays in
MeeU every Tuesday evening.
WmwnL EHOAjrun-.x-r no. o,
assets oa
i Un id and 4tU Wednesday in each moatli.
Eugene City, Oregon
Ji V door to tn right.
, nil stairs.
ith C. W. Fit.:!.
Nitrous Oxide Gaa for painlecj extraction of
J. C. Bolon,
2u) 23 EJ TIST.
OFFICE Ninth St, opposite the St Charles
Hotel, up stairs.
Nitrons Oxide Gas for painless extractions of
DR. L. M.
-w-M-ia i nnvmi py.mi ANKSTLY IN
JLL Eugene. Ollice first buildin.j north or
the Artor Hju, u;i U(rJ. Clii'res reason
able and all work warranted for fiv years.
T. WSHSLTOHi M. T. W. Hakiiis, M. 1).
Drs. Shelton & Harris,
Kugene City. Oregon.
file n Ninth Street, pplt th St,
Charle Ilatel, and at Kexldeuce,
Dr J. O. Shields
J Tices to the citizens of K'.igene City and
iurroundin'' country. Siecial attention ipven
to all OBSi'ETlMOAL CASE: ad U l'LU-
INK DISEASES entrusted to his care.
Office at the St. Charles HotoL
idence when uot professionally en'ed.
Office at the
llesidence on Eighth street, opposite IWtf
terian Church.
Dr. F. M. Walker
II Oiwon oHi.-a at St Charles Hotel
and will treat the following diseases: Consump
tion (Phthisis Fulinoiialisl, Hronchitis. Lar
yngitis.lirirflitH' Disease of ths Kidneys, Dropsy,
Rheumatism, Peritonitis, Krysipelas, Dypthe
ria, Dysiwiwia, Nafiil Catarrh, and other Uu
fase to numerous too mention.
Batisfaction guaranteed or no pay.
Oct 3d, 1S7S.
Offiat on Willamette street, K i'ene City.
T. L. BOYD, Proprietors
Dried MeaU of all kind.. Irf, T.llow,te. Will
11 Baaf a thaaks from 1 to I eeot.
ALEXANDER, J. E Justice of th Peace
South Eugene Precinct; office at Court House.
ASTOR HOUSE-Chas. J3aker, prop. Tin
only first-class hotel in the city Willamette
street, one door north of the post office.
AISRAMS, W. II. A BKO.-Flanimr mill,
snisli, door, blind and moulding manufactory,
Eighth stivi-t, east of mill race. Everythini
in our line furnished ou short notice aud
reasonable terms.
BENTLEY, J. W.-Private boarding house,
southwest corner of Eleventh and Pearl sts.
BOLON, .1, C.-Siir-icaland
tist Ninth St., opposite St Chmle Jltel
BOOK STORE-Oue door south of th Astor
Jlouse." A full stock of assorted box papers
plain and fancy.
BO YD & MILLER Meat Market-beef, Veal,
mutton, i.ork an I lard Willamette street,
liutwcn Khjhth and Ninth.
CLEAVER, J. W. General variety store and
' agricultural inmleinents, southeast corner ef
Willamette and Seventh streets.
CH1USMAN, SCOTT -Truck, hack and ex
pressman. All order promptly attended
to. Otfieo at express office. .
CHAIN Bl:OS.-lVal,T in Jewelry, Watch
es, Clocks and Musical Instrument Wil
lamette street, lietween Seventh and Eighth.
CALLLSON, R. G. Dealer in L'roceries, pro
visions, country jiroduce, canned goods, books,
atationerv, etc., southwest comer Willamette
and Dili Sts.
DORRIS, P.. F. -Dealer in Stoves and Tin
waro-Yv ihumette street, between beveutli
and Eighth.
DURANT, WM.-Meat Market beef, porl:,
veal aim mutton constantly on uaiiu-.MUiu
street, between Pearl and Hi'h.
ELLSWORTH & CO. Priunnsts and dealers
in paints, oils, et. Willamette street, be
tween Eijhth and Ninth.
FRIENDLY, S. H. -Dealer in dry goods,
ciotmnj; and genera! merchandise Willam
ette street, between Eighth and Ninth.
GUARD OFFICE -Newspaper, book and j.d.
printing o.'fice, comer lllametU and ltagii n
streets, up stairs.
GliANGE STORE -Dealers iu ?ntral mer
chandise and produce, corner Eighth and
Willamette street...
GILL, J. P. Physician, Surgeon and Drug
gist, 1'ostoHice, V illamett s reet, attween
Seventh and Eiglith.
HENDRICKS, T. G.-Pealei in general mer
chandisenorthwest corner Ulaiueu anu
Ninth streets.
HODES, C Lager beer, lienors, cigars aula
fine pig'on-liolo tal.le, uillameti street, m
tween Eighth sn.l Ninth.
HARRINGTON, Fl! ANK-lWher, Hair-dics-
sor and ba h rooms, east side . illamette at.,
sei.-ond door north of St Charles Hotel.
HORN, ('HAS. M. Gunsmith. Rifles and
sliot-guns, hreecli and muzzle loauera,
Kepairing done in the neatest style ami war
ranted. Shop b street
1AMES, li. II. Stoves, and minufaoturer l
Tin and Sheet-iron ware, v u:ain sroei,
between Eighth and Ninth.
KINSEY, J. D. -f ash, blinds and lim.r iac-
tory, window and door Irauies,,
etc, glazing and ghus cutting !on to oiuer.
LYNCH, A. Gro." net-, piovicioiis, truita, e;
ctabk-rt, etc., Willamette street, r.rsi aur
couth of Postoffice.
LUCKEY, J. S. Watchmaker and Jeweler;
heeps a tine sto ol goods in ms line, i maui
f.. ui,...ot in l'.;i.woi Ill's driii store.
McCLAREN, J A MES Cheice, wines, linuors,
amlciijani WillametU alrect, uetweenx-ig"-.
and Ninth.
MELLER, M. Brewery Lager Ker on tin
and by the keg or barrel, comer ui nmm .
Olive streeta.
OSBURN & CO. Dealers in dings, medicines.
chemicals, oils, pain's, ere ui
opposite S. Charles HoteL
PATTERSON, A. S.-A fine stock of plain
and faii'-y visiting cms.
PERKINS, H. C. -County Surreyer ana L-ivu
Engineer, residence on r inn .irci.
PENNINGTON, B. C. -Auctioneer an.I Unr
mission Merchant, corner sevsnm uu
PRESTON, WM.-Dealerin 6add!ery, Har
ness, Carriage Trimmings. ete.-W lllamett.
street between Seventh and Eighth.
POST OFFICE -A new stock of standard
school books just received at the post ouics.
RUSH, BEN.-Horseshoeing and general job
bing blacksmith, Eighth street, between U il
lamette and Olive.
PF-YM J K. Undertaker and building con
Vacto'r, comer Willamette and Seventh
noi.'vm ATT PI") Drv roods, clothing,
UU.11V.1 nun - - ,
rroc-ries and general merchandise, southwest
comer Willamette and Eighth streets.
l.'i. i-.u li T ItO'l'KI, Mrs. A. Ren-
frew, Proprietr.'"s. llie uesi n.
city. Corner Willamette and Ninth streets.
SHIELDS, J. C-Physician and Rurgeon
north side Ninth street, first door east of ht.
Charles Hotel.
STEVENS, MARK Dealer in tobacco, si
gars, nuts, candies, idiot, powder, nations,
etc. Willamette street
SCHOOL SLTPLIES-A large and varifd
assortment of slat, sot an sizes, Bli, Ti...
of slates and slate lxs.ks. Three doors noith
of the express ollice.
THOMPSON A BEAN-Attorneys at-Uw-
Willamette street, between
WALTON. J. J.-Attornoy-at-Law.
Willamette street, between
Eighth. .
WITTER, J. T. -Buckskin dressin? lhs
highest price paid for deer skins, higlilU si.,
at Bridge. "
UNDERWOOD, J. B.-General
business an.I a?ent i"ri'er Vu'-. ' ,7.
suranc. Company of Hartf..rd- illamette
street, between Seventh and higlitn.
L AKIN D. K.-Saildlerr. harness, saddle
tree; whi. etc, WilUmetU street,
Eighth and Ninth.
Att Indian Murder.
(Tacoma Herald.)
So mo of llio older In.lians on' I he
Iii v all up Uvservitiion Tt liol.l ten
acioiihly to llicir aiijierstinous notions,
and aro willing to risk their liven, ro
jiuiatioiii and fortunes, upou tli re
s ills ot llittir lit'atiieaisl) practices,
W now present our readirs with a
practical ilhistration of their practices
as an untutored race. Old Kitsap is
an Indian ot over sti-vcnty summers.
He claims to liu ;i doctor, a did also
a native called Maclvny. These old
savages practiced the heathenish
mode of laying on of hands, beating
the di'vil round tlic stump, and other
lu'Stioii:ililu ri'incdies. Tliey were
ilso livals, mid despised caoli other.
During llio past 1'uw years, old Kit.
sup lias lost nine or ten children. He
claims Jlaclvtiy occasioned their dc
tni3 by tli u process of messachie
tHin:iini.nis, allliougH his professional
services had never been solicited, and
he was not present at their deatli bed
scenes. Kitsap boldly threatened to
avonrn the death ot his children by
taking th life of lliv otic whom lie
deemed responsible for his sorrow, A
short time no, Kitsap collected some
furs, and with tin price ot the same
purchased a revolver. This weapon
he carried beneath bis blanket, on
Sunday last, while witnessing the
burial of another Indian. IilaoKuy
was prm'iit. It was generally
known anion',: the Iudians that
Kitsap would have his revenge on
that ilay. While sitting upon the
ground, at the grave, MacKiiy was
but a few feet in advance of Kitsap,
when l!:e later uieily drew his revol
ver and shot Mackuy through the
heart. He then arofe, fired the dead
ly mis ile into the heavens, with an
air of triumph, and disappeared in the
Old Kitsap is a bad Indian; was a
prominent foe t the whites during
the Indian wai; is known to have
killed several settlers: and has grown
in tleeils oi wieKCiiness. ne
trra v
will probably end a long and event
ful career by swiging into
eternity at the dropping of a hanker
eliiel. Dr. Jioslwick held a coroner's iu
.iiesi over the body ol the slain lu
.liiin, and ilia jury found a verdict in
aecoi dance with the above facts.
Kit sup has been arrested, and is now
iu the ciiitcdy of the Indian police,
killed Ilia SltpUiOllllT.
His foal-Stove.
(Detroit Free Press.)
Coiniti"- down on the car the ether
morning they got to talking about
tlicir coal-stoves, and one man said:
: J' Well, I don't want to brag, but I
think I've got tho boss stove. So
lar, this Winter, I have not burned
but three tons of coal, and the stove
has kept three rooms warm "
"You must linve a poor store," re
marked the second. ' I haven't burn
ed hut-two tons of coal yet, and my
itovTneals parlor, dining-room, two
bed rooms and a hall."
'Well, when yon eomo to stoves"
quietly remarked the third, ''I claim
to have the best coal stove in De
troit. I have burned but a ton and a
half, so far, and we have to keep all
the dampers shut and a back door
o en an tliu time.
Some men looked out ot the win
dow sand somu down at the straw,
and no one seemed to doubt anv ol
tho assertions. At length a heavy
sili was heard from the rear end of
the car, and a clerical-looking man
arose and said:
"Gentlemen, there goes a fire
alarm. It strikes the box in trout of
my house. I have no doubt that
my residence is at this moment in
fiance and the lives of my family in
peril. It is all owing to my coal
stove. 1 set up tr.o stove last A o-
vumber and put in one peck of ooal.
Every room has been o hot ever
hiueu that Hie linso uoanis nave
warped oil' and wo finally had to
move down into tho basement. '1 Ins
morning the water iu all tho pipes in
the lie ii so wis boiling, tho smngles
on the roof hot and I just hired tour
men to form a snow bunk around the
tovr. Too late ala?, too late!
That stovo has accomplished Us
fiendish purpose ami I no longer have
a home. It may not however, be
too late to save the baby. Good-bv,
gostilemen !"
He opened the door ana got OU the
cur mid not a passenger spoKe again
for four blocks.
Miclii'-'iin Eccf nl ricitics.
1 Carson Clergyman.
Seventh and
Seventh and
Clocks,' Watches, Chains, Jewelry, etc.
Repairing Promptly Executed.
C3AllWrk Warranted, l'
IlWurth k Co.' brick, Willamette Street
(N. Y. Sun, February 11.)
Thomas Ilullissy.aged ten years, of
iOl.Madisr.n street, and a younger
brother quarrelled aboi.t a ueck-tiu
on the liith tf November last. Brid
get Hallissy, their stepmother, inter
fered. She" caught hold of Thomas,
savin that sheVould eh slise him,
he being the oLler uoy. i nomas
broke away from h'er, and, taking up
a carving-knife from the breakfast
table, threw it at her. It entered her
right breai!, and she was fatally
wounded. On the morning of the
l'Jih ot Necember, a tew moments be
tor she died, sha asked that Thomas
bo taken tw her bedside, then she
forgave him, put hi hand into his
father's, and asked both to pray tor
In the General Sessions, yesterday,
Thomas pleaded .guilty. Both father
and son sobbed as sentence wan pass
ed. 'Thomas Ilullissy, Judge Gilde.
sleeve said, 'your case is extraordina
ry. I am informed that yeur are
hardly ten years ot age, yet yen stand
before me charged with the killing of
a human boin-jr, your stepmother.
Your father informs me that you are
rb at
th;s unfortunate t.iiiing is due the dis
o-raco that vu have brought upon
" , . , - , i.i : . i
your kindred, aim mo pniiiMiin"i.
that ton have received and must re
ceive. If you were elder you mighi
end tour hie in a prison cell. But
in addition to your ten !er ago, it is
nrohable that von did not intend to
t ill vnur at. niiKilher. 1 he Grand
Jury indicted you reluctantly and
only Iroin a neiise of cuty. They
coupled the indicirrmt, moreover,
with the recommendation that your
punishment I e light. In view of
these mitigating circumstances, I in
tend to be Irnient. I sentence you
to tic City Prison for thirty days."
our lamer lllioi nis nw mm. w "
rdinarily goiitle and obedient, bnt
tat you "are quick tempered. Te
Detroit Free Tress.
There is a lady livinji iu Detroit
who has eaten a pound ot candy daily
lor weeks past. About a year ago,
alter recovering from a severe attack
of typhoid fever, she developed a sud
den fondness for raisins. Siie bought
llieiii by the pound and the box, and
she has been known to devour two
pounds ot raisins in a day. After a
time her taste changed l confections,
aud now she eats them day and night,
on iLe car, at the opera, and even in
church. She buys only the finest and
most exj ensive and never less than a
pound per day. There is a man 53
years old who has resided in Detroit
ever since thn first horse car was
started, and yet he has never entered
a car. In rain and snow and heat he
jogs along, meeting and beiug passed
by cars, but nothing can drive him
into becoming a passenger. When
the present post office buildiag was
1 , ., . i- i i i .i
erecteu tne sue oisiiicaseu nun, uuu
he has never yut entered the building.
In L'oiii'' up aud down Michigan
avenve be always walks on the South
Hide. There is a man iiviii'mii tnie
city who has tor years kept two men
and two women sei rants, and he has
alwavs iusisted that tho man should
be black haired and the women red
haired. It is said thut years ago he
passed a black haired man and a red
haired girl walking arm in arm, and
dm iug the next ten steps he picked up
a wallet with a large sum 05 money
in it which was never elaimed. His
good luck brought with it the whim
that ho now indulges. On Sixth
street lives a middle aged man who
will not speak to a man wearing a
stove pipe hat. Once, alter sending
for a doctor lor his wife, he refused
to let the physician enter because he
had a silk hat on.
Rev. Mr. PnTia,sayg tho Reno
Gazette, has r.cently become the reo
ter of tlit Episcopal Church at Car
son. One evening shortly after his
arrival social was given at the
church, for the purpose of giving the
members an opportunity of becoming
acquainted with the new pastor. Two
ot the oldest and most respectable
pillars of the sanctuary entered the
pastor's study a ce.y little room,
where a fire waa brightly burning
and found a dozen gentlemen louug
ing around in easy attitude and smok
ing. Mr. Davis was known to be a
Western man and liberal, the cigars
didn't shock the hrctherii much.
They were introduced, and rather
started at Air. Davis, a very unoleri-
ral looking gontlemau, with a droop
ing black moustache and u somewhat
rakish air.
''I'm glad you've como among us,
brother Daris," said one of tho old
gentlemen, politely.
'Thankee," replied his reverence
affably "It is a pretty gcod lay out,
1 reckon."
The old man gasped, but managed
to say that lie honed the church
would prosper under his miuistra
"Well," responded tho clergyman,
with chworl'ul confidence, ''I'll fcive
the boys a rattle, aud what I csu to
drive in a few gospel stakes. Is it a
pretty good crowd for business ?"
Both the horrified hi et hern started
speechlessly at the pastor. Seeing
that they failed to comprehend, the
rwyereud geniltinan kindly explain
ed :
''Oh, you don't tumble to tho rack
et I what I mean is, will you church
fellows stand in when I piel and go
for tho sinucrs?"
Finally, murmuring something
about being always willing to assist
in the Lord's work, the brethren
were staggering out when their new
pastor stopped them with:
"Isn't this rather a dusty style o
treating a fellow v Can't you trot out
sulhiu to wet onu's whistle?
They tied alter one scared look at
one another, and were rushing lroni
the church, when another brother
hailed them and he said he wailed to
introduce them to thu new paster,
"We've seen him," groaned out,
"Where V"
"In the study in a cloud of tobacco
"Impossible. He's in the vestry,
and a very nice old ifciillemati he is."
"And who is the other Mr. Davis
the young man in the study?" asked
the relieved brethren w hen they had
shakeu hands with a wholly accepta
ble aud entirely respectable Mr.
The good old gentleman chuckled
aud replied:
"My son Sam, doubtless. Sam, oi
the Virginia Chronical."
It was indeed he ho with the
plate et strawberries Mark on the
The Flood at I'olfui.
all it branches at the old stand, oring
increased inducment to customers, eld and
new. A heretofore, the most "
Careful attention given to Prescriptions.
Hon. R. P. Earhart, Secretaiy ol
State, has decided to allow sheriff
conveying convicts to the penitentia
ry and" insane persons to the assylum,
ne more mileage and nothing but the
necessary tiavtling expenses both
ways, leaving mem 10 seen ieuiv
in the courts.
fak.1I roil kali:
hundre.1 aud sixtT ace, luO atre nnd r
cultivation: au under lr.t nl U.e imr-r.e-
mcnt in gfsi order, which we wi'I
The Lalayt tte Courier says: The
narrow"., rjilroad hl.s changed
hands. It has change 1 hands stylii g
its-it the Willamttte Valley Railroad
Company, tepreei ling a capital slock
of ii,M),0OU, ,f which about SMI",
OOO has been paid into tliw new com
,.mr to ini-ct the liabilities o' the old
co-party. It reported that the J
nw company intend to continue the
road to Portland the coming seasou.
One ol the most remarkable signs
of the lit 1 i It and enterprise of the
farmers of Lane eonnty is the fact
that they are expending Urge sunn
of iiiuncv in draining swa e Ian Is,
It is when our bud. bug hop are
nipped byw:.d recovery by some
ru:h wind that we are the most die-
1 to picture to ouraeives whit
sell at a t'Ose
T"lRi VM NEW DESIGNS OF STA rtargaio. ana on me nr rrauoic r.if. , t;ower tliey migui uave ooiuu w wcj
X. sUrd Lrar. at
' u:......w! kvm mile son , I of town, and ha- a
' outran je for sto-.k. Apply at thi ofhtt
Lai flourished.
'..arlv 200 miles of ditch have been
cut the hiht two years, and hundreds
of acres of swale Ian I thereby con
verted into piuduetivo wl ea' fields.
Dr. J. C Hawthorne has been
awarded the contract for the care and
treatment of the insane and idiotic of
tl.i irtxte for the term of six years
Iroui the firal d ij: of May, 1 bit) at
lire dollars a eek each, payable
.piarlcrlv. lie lias mu a
bond conditioned for the faithlul Jul
lillmer t of the eoitract.
Spring is lelt in the viciaity of La
'Grande. -
On the nights ot ' tho 23d and 21th
of Fehi nary the highest water ever
known since the settlement of the
Palouso country, causing immense
loss ol property, prevailed in the
neighborhood, ot Colfax, W. T. The
Palouso river near that town, over
flowed its hanks snd swept every
thing before ii, demolishing three
bridges 111 tho city limits and demol
isliiii' houses, fences and barns. The
bridges destroyed, there was no
means of crossing the stream, and in
order to establish communication a
line was thrown acioss.
Tho (Jazdte ay: Wm. Pwoitz, a
Prusnian, employed iu J. C. Deve
port's flouring mill, made an attempt
to cross on the rope on his hands and
knres. his back hanging down. The
rope was new, and naturally stretch
ed. As Pwoitz neiircd the middle he
sank under the water, and becoming
chilled and injured by the floating ice,
was unable to proceed, lie now
seemed to rea i.e tho dsuger ot hjs
situation. His eyes rolled back in
his head, and the horror deputed 111
his countenance will not soon he for
gotten by those who witnessed it.
lie hung to the rone but a short
time, during which he did lot speak,
then relaxed his grip and was carrien
downstream, too weak or unconscious
10 make but a poor attrn pl to swim.
A boat which bad been made for
crossing the streim was lyii g on the
bank within reaili of all, but not an
oar was yet made. Mr. 1. B. Harris,
wiih a bravery almost bordering on
ret klessness, jumped the oarless boat
and pushed out into the foaming cur
rent in pursuit of the unfortunate
11, an, auJ overtook him just in lira
to see him sink lor tne last lime in a
hunch of willows, about half way be
tween the Ewait house and the flour
... . . t i i..
ing null. At mis nine 1110 uour ua
lot been found. Pwoitz was a s a
gle man, aged 3l years.
Pope Leo on Excissivc Fasting.
Correspondence Whitehall Review.
Miss Edith Potter, tnly daughter
of Thomas Bazley Potter, M. P. for
Uochdale, and tho fid us achates of
John Bright, was recently admitted
into the Catholic church by Cardinal
Manning himself. She soon substi
tuted lor her ordinary domestic
duties a series ot nscelio penances,
and abandoned hei social circle,
wherein shn had previously shoue
and to which she was deeply eudear
ed. Some mouths ago she left Eng
land with her parents. She hardly
ever exchanged so much aa a sylla
ble with either, but was absorbed in
contemplaliou, and chastened herself
with lasting pcrtmacieiuly. At
I'lorauce her health fairly broke
down, and she was immediately
moved te home 111 tho vain hope that
the change ot air and scene might
bring her round. Here, however,
her condition became ciilieal, aud
when she lay hovering between lite
mid death at the hotel d Lou dies.
most providentially Dr. Erhardt was
called in. This able physician at
once took fan accmatu diagnosis of
the case, aud stated uneqivocally
that the symptoms wero attributable
wholly aud solely to morbid excite
ment and playing" unwarrantable
tricks with bur constitution, adding
that it was but one et a class of casts
which tco frequently came under his
aolice and which resulted from an
ill judged asutticisin. The confessor
who came to administer tho last
sacraments to poor Miss Potter.
Father O'Brien, very houorsbly re
ported the medical opinion to his
ecclesiastical super; 1 s, Pope through
the intervention of .Consignor Sto.
nor. His holiness 01 being iufrmud
ot all llio circumstances manifested
tho liveliest indigiiaiion, ad is under
stood to have expressed his opinion
mat tesuoinit newly dnuitrd con
verts to rigorous d.s.-ipliuu in tho
sure t way to produce a reaction
against Catholicism, both iu their
minds themselves to approve of such
pernicious asceticism. Monsinor
Stenor, so it is said, addrossed him
self personally to Miss Puller, and
peiulud out that the course she bad
followed had been the outcome ot
selfwill and was unjustifiable. As I -write,
Miss Poller is on the way to
wards recovery. Pope Leo is fully
alive to the uuwisdom of permitting
female converts to reduce themselves
lo a state of hystcr an or phthisic,
ai:u no i ns aueiniy auvisuutie re
presentatives of the Roman Ceurch
in England el his dec sion. His ac
tion, as well 11s that ut Mensignor
Slonor and Father O'Brien in this
case, has given tho greatest satisfac
tion to the majority of tho English
colony in Rome,
ttluit Btcrlicr has Muilc.
New Yuri Express,
Henry Ward Btecher lias made
$2,000,000, iu tho twenty years of hia
pnsloral life. Of this large sum $350
ODD was recei'.ed as slated salary.
The rest of the money was got by
lecturing, writing for uewspapeis,
making books, an I other moans. It
is au immense return for even a popu
lar and remarkably gifted preacher
lo make iu his profession and adja
cent fields of activity. When it is re-
membersd that thousands of educat
ed, conscientious, devoted ministers
give their lives to their people in the
sacred calling for salaries ranging
from $.)00 to $1000 per year, without
gelling a dollar for literary or plat
form work, visiling the poor and
overseeing the school, and working
with tireless zeal for temperance
aud other worthy causes, the amount
received by the Brooklyn preacher
seems almost fabulous. But Mr.
Beecher has made a great do: 1 he
aides the two million dollars. He
has made a world wide re; utalioa as
a popular preacher and lecturer. He
has made himself famous as the expo
tent ol a modified, a mitigated ortho
doxy a sort ot fast ami loose theolo
gy Christianity with all the modern
improvements. He has made one
beautiful home a ruin, and the cleri
cal character a subject of reproach
aud ridicule. He has maJj gcod
men bow their heads wiih tliamn at
the scandal he has brought en relig
ion and the church. He has made a
great and honored name a synonym
for what brings a bl ish to the cheeks
of women and honorable men tor
bear to mention. And there are n
good many ministers, to their honor
be it said, who, though starring on
8000 a year, would not take Brceher'e
2,000,000 on condition et being ob
liged to take the other things Betthsr
has made with money.
Manhattan mine levies an as;e s
aeut of ?1.
WisnoH. We do not become who
through bo ks alone. Xo; not thiough
books, not through clever people, not
through the woild, it we do uot carry
in the sliiBsbciing power
which calls forth out cf all the indi
vidual parts the hai mouioiis shape; or
to speak 'more simply, when we do
sot understand how to tii.i.e tho eud
4 wilb ihe scLSible Uet J.