The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, January 04, 1879, Image 1

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WHOLE NO. 582.
$2.50 per year IN ADVANCE.
V?JJ. ViLL liL "A
ftc :&ujfae
.PabUshWaiii Proprietors
Wf"ICE -In UmkrroodV Brink BaiUin;,',
over ExpreA 0 Joe.
nATm op1 ApywimtKa.
A dvcrtiseutiMiU inserted as follow : "
O,,, sauve. 10 lines or less, one- iwerttim M;
W ! ,,,bUqnt.t uwortion U Cash Wiir-d "
'SVlti will b e'aars fljft
' 'lowing ratft : ! no
Wsauv-.tarw ninths
f , . lit tamlli "
" one year ,.;;'.
. Transient notions in local eoUim-.i, 20 cento per
ljna for each insertion.
Advertising bill, will 1m ron lered ip tor .
. All job work in itt lw taio ron on i.txivsiU.
.iffl,- n..un-Vrom J . m. to I p.m.
.iT iSriTrwift-wntl, .H..7 r.-in north
f .'L' Hi horn the north n J. mb
1 i l on We-lneslay. For CiwAmls-
eae hoar If (or m",UA,,'&.irr&1lSON P, II.
i ...... ! 11 A. F. nl A II
hi.K5rii burnt IolmiK No. H I.
m. ........ . VM(iypVIHT No. Si
fnteU n the n e mr. j.
' .... ..-.I ;n uh mmiLti.
Eugene City, Oregon,
V door to the right, up stairs. Formerly
! C. W. Fitrh . .
. N ;rnrs Oxide far painless extract! .n of
teth. ' '
, v J. C. Bolon,
OTFiCR-Ofiut!j St, opiuilto the St. CWIm
Hotel, np tirt
Nitrous Oxidu G for i;j1p xtractio of
. Mth, , ,
DR. L. M
Kncwte, (U;ioe 6nt biuMius uorth of
the Ait'C Home, up stairs. Vu-Mge niuou
Mo anil all work warrauU.l for live yeiiri
No2:tf .
T. W. SaitTos, M.Di t. IV. HiKiug, M. IX
! DrsrShelton & Harris,
ratsicms & scligeon,
Ofle on Mnth Mreet,pplte the Hi,
CbarUM llolrl, 4 at Healditnee,
Kijairrc city ohuxwv.
, Dr J. C. Shields
rices t. tlie citi-?iis of Kuen City and
urr.un lias' cowtrr. S;.-:isl ntUBtion jjivmi
Uall .OHSl'BriilOAIi OASE! aail V TER
IX K UISK SKS entr isted tn liis care
Offiue at the St Oharla llntot
. D2t. J01EPH - P GILL
Vyiileauo wliea aot prfesiuaB enj,,''L
OlGct at the
KesLlenee on Kisjlith street, jpite Presby
terian I hurch. .
Dr. F, 5L Walker
OrTn-o!Fiee at St. Charl. HoU-1-Wd
will treat the followiniiliwaws: Consiimp
tio (I'lithiiiis I'ulinnnalU), BronhitK Lar
nitis,rit;hu Du-aseof the Ki.lney, lnpy,
JiheumatiMD. Peritonitis, Erjsiiwlas, Dyptlie
Ha, Pysjiefwia, Xasal I'atarrh, an.l other dm
eases to numerous too mention.
Satisfactinn guarAnteeJ or no pay.
Oct W, 1K78.
Office on Willamette street, Eujrene City.
60Y0 & MILLER, Proprietors.
TrimA .J .11 k in U Ipr1 T-HoW.. Will
U SW rJiBk. frrm (tot "nu.
I e I llftVCV
Docks, Watcnes, Chains, Jcwel, etc-
Ilopamng I'romptly hxecnteL
rSTAll Wr WrrnU4.J
TOsw.h k Ca's brick, WiTUw Stre-4.
X dard brands at
f f ; 1 ""I- - . -. . .
.ALEXANDER, J."lJ.-Jt:tu-e of the Penct
South Eugene Pretlnct: olHoe at Court House.
ASTOR HOUSE-Chiw. linker, pmji. The
only firlaiis Lolel in the city-Willninjtte
. street, one door nortli of the pot ollice.
A B RAMS, W. 1L k BRO. Planing "mill,
Sfinh, iloor, blind and moulding msnufaetory,
Eij'litli utreet, eiwt of mill race. Everything
in our line furni-ilied ou short notice aiid
reasoiiulile tcrais.
BUNIXEY, J. W. -Private boardinj house,
sotilliwest corner of l.leventu ami 1 i-rl sts.
BOLON. J. C.-Suri 'aland Mrh:.nicalDen.
tiat Ninth St., op;Kwitc St. I'lnrles liitel
BiOK STORE One dour south of the Axtor
Ho;ine. A full stock of assorted box papers
plain and fuury.
BOYD MILLK !l -Meat rkct-l.o'f, veal,
rnuttou, lurk anil hrd -Willaaiettu street,
hetwcii U 'hth aud Ninth.
CLHAVKit, .1. V. Ileiur.'.l variety stu-e and
as'ricultur.d huplenvjjiM, southvust vomer of
W illamettc and Seventh streets.
CHRISMAN, SCOTT -Truck, haok and en-
prossman. All order promptly attended
t ). Ullii-e at expreis o'.'ice.
CHAIN BROS.-l)eal.T in Jewelry, Watch
ea, Clocks and Muaicul Iuatiuuieiits Wil
lamette street, lwlwecn Seveulb and Eighth.
CALLI-IUX. K. CI. D'.'iJcr in Broi-eries. Tro
vi-iioiM.'ji'.iiitiy pin.ltkw.ruu'icd (oods biniks,
: Ht.iM in .'ry, hlw iM'tthwest corner Willamette
and i'tli Sts.
DOaUISl. li. V. Tjalcr in Stoves and Tin
ware -Wil am-tte str.'et, between Seventh
end Eighth.
InniANT, -.VX-Meat Market . Wf, .orlc,
veal hii I mutton. cou-itaiitlv on nana -Nintli
' ftreet, bet'-reen Piarl and llirfh.
EI.LS'A'ORTK 4. CO. lVu-L-ists r.nd dealers
in paint", oils, etc. Willamette street, be-
' tween Eighth and Ninth.
FRIENDLY. S. H.-lV.ler in dry Roods,
clothing and t;ener;il iiierchamlise-: Willam
ette street, betwucti Eighth and Ninth.
UUAP.D OFFICE -Xonvpaper, book and job
printing office, corner Willamette and Eijh:b
(itreets, up stairs - -
CRANtiE STORE -Dealers in L'enal uier-
chuvliiie and produce, corner Eighth and
Willamette t.wts. , . . '
HILL, .1. P. Phvsician, Suricou and IlruL"
Kt, I'ostnHsiv, Willamette s 'cut, between
Seventh and Eighth.
HENDRICKS, T. (J.-D.nlei in general iucr
chun liae northwest corner Willamette and
Ninth streets.
HODHH, C. I.a;;er beer, limio'ii, ciLp.n and a
tine piifon-liole table, Willamette street, be
tween Eighth and Ninth.
ser and ba h Moms, east side i lllnmette St.,
second north of St. Char Hotel.
HORN, CHAS. M.-Cuu-niith. Rifles and
s-iot-ifiins, Lreecli and muzzle loaders, for sale.
RepaTiiijf done in the nentwt style and war
rantf d. Sho; ou 'Jth street.
JAME.T, B. If. Stoves, and uimufacturu' of
I m an.l Sheet-iron ware, al!uutett street,
between Eighth end Niutlt
ICINSEY, J. D. -Sash, blin.le mid door fac
tory, window and door frames, mouliiings,
etc., glazing and fcdmw cutting done to order.
LYNCH, A.- (IricorioM, provisions, fruits, veg
etables, etc., illamette street, rrst door
south t( PnstnSice.
LAKIN, D. R. Saddlery, ha;ne., saddle
tr.-es, wlnps, no., illamette street, betwsen
Ei ;hth and Ninth.
LUCKEV, J. S. Watchmuker and Jewtler;
keeps a line stock of i:'xli 1 it his line, illam
ette street, in Ellsworth's drug store.
McCLAREN, J A M ES-Choice, wines, liquors,
and cigars Willamette street, betw een Eighth
and Ninth.
MELT.ER, ?.L Brewery Lancr l ou tap
and by tlie kej or barrel, corner ul iN:iitn anil
Olive streets.
OSBC RN & CO.--Dealers in drnir, medicines.
chemicals oiln, pam-s, etc W iIIametUsL,
oip:isit S. Chai'lea HoteL
0. K. BE Kit H VLL -Jo? Theimer, pro. CI
gars, Winei, Star-Beer (I'lJ ci pr. pint),
and all kinds of liquors. Near O. 1C Meat
PATTERSON, A. S.-ASns sto:k of plant
and fancy visiting crds.
PERKINS, II. C -Countv Surveyor and Civil
Euijitieer. Kesidenee in Fifth reet.
PEN NINO TON, B..C. -Auctioneer and Com
mission Merchant, corner seventh and High
PRESTON, WM.-Detilerin .Wtdlery, Har
ness, Carriage Triiumini,-s, etc. Willamette
stnet. between Seventh and Eighth.
POST OFFICE A new tK'k of standard
sch'sd book, just rec-ivod at the post oilice.
RUSH. BEN. Hoe'hoeins' and general )ob
bins blacksmith, Eighth street, between Wil
laraette and Olive.
REAM, J. K. Undertaker and building con
tractor, corner llliimetta ana nevenw
ROSENBLATT & CO. Dry goods, clothing,
groceries and general rnen hainlise, southwest
corner Ulauielie ana r.i;iiui sireei
frew, Proprietress. Hie bet Hotel in the
city. Corner Willamette and Ninth streets.
SHIELDS, J. C Physician and Surgeon-
north side Ninth street, hint door east oi nt.
Charles Hotel
STEVENS, MARK -Dealer In InWon. ci
pars, nuts, eindies, shot, powiler, noinuis,
etc. Willamette street
SCHOOL SUPPLIES -A large and vamd
awortmcnt of slates of nil siz-,an1 tpiantities
of sUtes and sUe-hooks. Three doors north
of the express office.
THOMPSON & EEAN-Altorners at Ijnr
Willamette street, between fevrntn anu
WALTON, J. .I.- Att..rney at -U. Office -Willamette
stmt, between Seventh and
WITTER, J. T. Buckskin drwuiA The
hu.diext price paid for deer skins, Eighth st,
at Bridge.
I'VnEP.WOOn. J. B.-G-neral brr,kerage
business and agent fc the Connecticut In-
nrance i'V7 of HartfnH-W tflainette
1 .11 it. (-.noli, at the old stand, offerioit
! incrmwed indocemenU to customers, old and
new. As heretofore, the m Jt
Careful attention given to Prescriptions.
. Finn ron S ILK
kuadred and nxtT aces. Wstm rt"1"'
i li.ti.d. .11 nnder f.nn wl the Imps-ore-
? mrnts in pond onW, whirh we
-i'i am si
Wgsia. and on tie wsst reasooahle tnna.
! Srtnated frre ol town, ana """v..'in'T to aar
lrJntinBeIorsJc AMJyiltfcta -See hi nothing 10 say.
flume Made Anliquri.
The gunnl atagnution of Itus'mci.i
ri'Odiilljr prfvailiui; in Jiisiioe Moct'
Court was considerably rfclit'red ro
coiitlv Ly t'tp ifial ot on William N.
Hendricks, ilmi-giil with obtaining
inoiit y uiKiiT laite iii'vi ciu:t'8. i lie
trMi'iit inir wil iii-M wn Henry Wil
kins, a yumi" n an from (sold Hill,
who iiiiuitru'i Loilino; wild rige nntl
iinpaiii m to pour into tlm i ar of tiip
Justicp. lliuBUtry lii. wrunj;. He
stiiud hu O'lsncsmd taste for llu-
iiniiiitio Hiui rare in art, and was ea-
pi'i'iaily tK'lijfliii'J with clioic lotlx'V
in, us ot (lislinuixla'd polc. A I iv
expresai-il it, "A temlur flower lioin
tin- tomb ot Riutitf inspired poet, ft bit
ul w.inJ liuin home oicut l atlu'drul or
; lvlii"itc twii; lnm uoiiie fainoui
liiatorit! aiiol i.s to me a aourt-u of vx
iiiisili; ili li,'!!!." Ho tlion told how
tin; duU'inhiiii had aold liini a calii
net ol rare ctiriositii-a for 8100, repro
ai'iitiiisr at llio lima '.hat ihcy were a
follot-tioii Irom tha C Id World, when
in ivtility cvwi j -thing in tho lot had
liui-ii lound or pirkvd up in Storey
t-Mtiniy. lie coiisinerea ins uuiuiga,
ladles, and L'cneral .ove t r tho aa-
Miciiitiona ot tlie past utra l lv the
fiin 1 condtiL't of tils- aci-usad.
Mr. Ileiidiiiks tlu'ii took tho stand.
Ik mliniiicd all that had bum charg.
, i 1 1 i i i i r :i
I'll ii'':ilii-l him. iiu nail ioiiiiu u-
kins a inuii will) un alinorinal love (or
etiiiiisitiia, a man eoniiiiualiy ntiiiu
in: for old aiiioraidia, raio I ostao-e
stiiinps, faded (lowers, and old pieces
of tree hark from famous luces. lie
had ticccrdinjilv nianufacliiied a lot
of iIicbu relics.
The ni tit-lea sold to Wtlkins were
here piodtiecd by Mr. Diukr, the pro-
secuiiii attornev.
Mr. Drake (l ii kinj' up a piece of
old iron) Wiat i tins ?
U iin.' (.'iiniinji) 1 lit, ir, m a
Hiec ul tlie cannon Bull that wound-
I Napnleoii at aierlon.
Mr. Drake Where did yon retit?
Wituena At the Fulton Foundry,
ou the divide. (Laughter in Cotul)
Mr. Drake Hero in another relic,
libelled 'Si. Paul's Cuthedral before
In- sinat fire." Where did you gel
Witness From my wood pile. I
la'uii'd it with iodine to "givo it aije.
More nier imeut. j
Mr. Diake And this? j
Witm ss Twig from the grave ol
Vii'ior Hno.
Mr, Diake Util Hugo isu I dead. ,
Witness nini-h astniiiahed 1 j
thai so? 1 thought he kioked tlie
i.iu ki'l Ust vear. Loud laughter.
Mr. Draks Here in a luick.
Witin sH-rFi yin the house of Oliver
roinwi l!: not it oiiCalieet. That
hunch id grass you have there didn't
really grow mi the grave of Mary
(j ii en of Sots, bill 1 made Wilkins
iiiink so and got 1 for it. I gather
i d ii down by the honai zi reservoir.
All those ollmr traps Ipiekid up
round the town an i labelled Vm pro
perly, as your Honor can see. Those
autograph of Wushington, Garibaldi,
Lincoln, Wilkes Ih.i i , Latayette,
ralb'-vrand, Voltaire, and Marcu- D
KoiMck I wrote myself, and then laid
'em away in a damp place to give
'em ngi
Mr. Drake Did vou ever fool any
body o'se on these relics?
Witness I sold an old oil pain ing
to Hank Smith for 250 a tketrli by
Hogarth,! I "Id him. Aa a matter
ol Iscl, it was an oid vinegar bitters
picture, so smirched yoii couldn't ace
it. He paid me $1U0 down audi
never went after the nst. Tremen
dous ineriimeu, suppressed by Con
table Norton. i .
Th" Court .'.in't you tho chap
I hat sold me an original etching by
IScinbrandit lust Summer?
Witness coolly) Yc, your lion
oi.and also the pen that John Han
dolph signed the Declarations of In
dependence with.
Ilire a bowl of laughter went up,
and even the s-oiid features of Con
stable Norton relaxed.
The Court said that it had heard
testimony enough and reserved its
beisioii. Virginia City Chronicle.
If a man is on his way to the
woods to commit suicide and a bull
suddenly gives ci.ase. t! e chances are
that he will run lor his life.
We havejusl pai l a dollar and a
half to have our boots repaired, and
,e now more than ever disinclined
, . .. , iim0rtalil V of the
As we grow old the goat
docs not
impress u as being a very
anmnl. unr love lor nun l easee, n
yon want him at all, yon waul a goat
while you re toniig.
"1 am. afraid, dear wife, that while;
I am gone, absence will- compter
love." 'Oh. nerer fear, dear lm
n.. .v. ....... .l.rt,"a ""
,anu, i.,e i.i2e, juu
belter 1 shall like you.
that a'
mouth j
; ,me r, trtsducer iv
' ,,,K m.rrT.a- and" :.
a Slier nrr unin men rr";im wh.r -
lels. J Of the remaining time he j
; llfM By Ttlfjrnjh.. '
There were only 170 dnuiks ar
rested in San Francisco on Chri'tmas
ar ' -
Francis J. Moses, of South Caro
linn notoriety, is living by his wits in
New lork.
" lie supremo court justice has
finallv condemned to death Juan
Moncusi, who attempted to asssassi
nata tlie-King ou l!v otlt of Octo
ber. v
-ajf'itt' great council of (Jeneva has
aeci-pied Hie principle of separation
of elmrcli and state, ami lias ap
pointed a committee to examine u
separation bill.
Ko'ohcra attacked a train for Veia
Cruz, near I'ueblo, on tho l4th of
Deeeitiber, killed the baggage master
woui.ded the conductor, and escaped
with ?1IU,000 in silver.
The demand for the dollar ol our
dadilics U increasing at tho trcnsiiry
department. Thirty thous.tinl dollars
worth ol orders were received ou the
20 th tilt.
Tl.u jury in tho case of dipt.
Cooper vs Westmoreland, at Victo
ria, in a:: action lor slander, returned
a verdict for tho plaintiff fur the full
am jtint claimed.
On tho 25ih ult., near Virginia
City, Nevada, Andrew Ilourgasser
was killed by a piece ol seal ling oik
ing him on the head from the dump
of the (ioitld .t Curry mine.
Tho captain and olliccrs of the
steamship l'miicrMiia have been no
quilied in London. Iiupiiry decided
that human ellort ilnl all tlial was
possible to avoid a collision mid loss
of li e.
Franuia Murphy, the temperance
eeliiier, is coming west. On the
jOlh till., ho said he had received nil
invitation from the clergy ol Califor
nia to eoiiu.' to th it State i.nd lecture,
and he looked forward with 1 1 insure
to the visit.
A telegram froiVCeara, in Noith, report that death in ihocapi
ul fiom small mx number bW dully.
Tho disiri'SH in the interior ot tliGi
provinee i appalling. Tbu neuple
are devouring cuiim. Jiid the
corpses of tho dead.
A Dublin, O.itario, dispatch-of the
iWih alt. says tho house ul John
O'Hricii, m ar lit re, waa . last, night
burned, and hi wile, son and daugh
ter perished. Himself and other
members i f In (until y, walking
throii ill a furious sU'im ! the near
est luiiec; were badly frozun.
The trial of Mrs. Maliiuh Mack,
indicted at Jaiu svillc, Wis., logeiher
wiih Frank Dickersou, for the innr
dcr of her hnshaiid last July, closed
nceiiilr, llie jiiry bringing in a ver
dict ol guilty. She was sentenced to
the State's prison for life, the limit
of law in Wisconsin.
Chief among tl o New Ymk mil"
lionaiies are the As'.ors, Hhinelead
us, Goclels, Mrs Slewail, Lorillards
Schermerhoiiis, Lenoxes, 11. J. Liv
ingslone and FreJeriu Stevens, w ho,
together, aie worth between tlOO,-
OUO.OOU and 10U,t)Ul),U()U us tea es
tale. It is singular fact that not
one of lliese parties named concern
themselves perso.nilly about nuiirci-
pai atfaiis.
Secretary Schuiis has oflicially de
ii led (he application made by Senator
Grovcr, that certain lauds arouiin
Little Klamath Lako be certified to
the State of Oregon as swamp lands.
The secretary ilii cts the geiu-ral
land oflice to proceed miller ru.e
already estaldisiied for the adjust
nu nl of the Oregon swamn laml
irr nl which he says will protect all
parlies inleresteii, waeiner pre emp
lion settler or claimants under Stale
A Washington dispatch state that
il is positively announced a coming
from friend and admirer of Senator
Day ard, thai he ia a candidate for the
l'residcncy.witii strong assurance ol
financial backing from New York
wl.i.-li ihev cxnect to carry with
Cennecicul and New Jersey, giving,
with a solid South, the required ma
iariiv in the electoral college. His
frieiiiis are very sanguine of the suc
cess ol the proposed alliance of the
South with the" East on hard money
plat form.
A Victoria dispatch say: The
steamship California arrivi d at Dur
rani Inlet on Sunday from Fort
Wran-'el and Siika. She bring
word ol a dreadful murder nt the for
mer place on tho 13lh
named John liovd having
shot and
! one Tho. O'Urieu without
lightest provoe lion. The citi-
i.w.l- ihu h inln their own
- ;. i.i. I.-, KLr
I, Snrv seleetsvl IIV iiniH- I. Me W
i a innr seleete I by hiruw ll,
(mid guilty and hinged on the 10th
ul., in the presence of 800 Indians
and an armed squvl eoniisling ol 40
Subscribe for the Guaru.
Bulling Tons of Solid FIrsh.
New York Sou, November 1.
Gypsy ia the largest ol Mr. Uar
nn m's six eh pliant now at llu Hin
podroine. She is also the most intel
hgeut, and in ring feats and all the
tricks lor which other elephants have
been unions, as well as in iitinnmber
ed other that Gypsy' trainer claims
n her own, she is lemaakablv clover,
Gypsy is possessed of wotivlci ful sa
gaeity; bill never until yesterday
morning lm alio bad occasion to d-
niomliatu how little she owed to her
education, when ii became iiece rv
lor her to act promptly for herself,
She wa ordered out lor rehearsal
ul 11 o'clock. She followed In i
keeper from the stall in the menagerie,
to tlie gslo opening into d o circus.
At this uoiui there is a level briibre
of thick plank. co cring a subter
ranean apar mi ni twi iityt wo feci
sijuarc, In which, in times past, il was
cntomary to house certain mysterious
animal until the exigencies ol "Dine
beard" or other pniiiomiucH required
their presence in tlie innier world.
when they were shot to the surface
through the ordinary trap.
Gypsy was nearly uerossiliu bridge
when, with a crash, the heavy tim
bers gave way, and down into the
cavern, fifteen feet below, the ponder
ous beast lcll, flat upon her side.
Tie circus hands were immediately
on tho spot, and various unsuccessful
attempt were made to get Gypsy
At last Mr. June bethought him of
the na'.uial amae'ity of the animal,
and ordered a number ot bale of hay
to be brought, One by one thme
were rolled into th cavity, and as
these eauio down Gypsy placed her
fore feel upon il and wailed patiently
for the next, taking caro to place it
in position before she attempted ti
itirlher ascent. She was soon aid-' to
mount to the surface, where she was
met with cheers. , She suffered no in
juries more serious than a slight afna
sion of lliu skin ou her side.
"You'll never get Gypsy in cross
lliut bridge aguin,", Mr. Keeler, a
showman ot thirty year experience,
said. ' Win ii an elephant lias once
met with an accident, il will forever
avoid ilie spot where il oceured.
Some vear ago I waa showing Km
press, a bigger Elephant than Gypsy,
up in Vermont. Once we went en
tering a little town through' which a
narrow but dei p stream. Thi
waa tnianned bv II stiotiu wooden
bridge, bill it wa's not stn ng enough
to su'pperl the elephant, The In idge
want to pieces under her life tons ol
sofid flesh, and she fell into '.he creek.
We had Nicodeinns's own timo in
gelling her out. Thuo years after
ward we were about to enter the
. . . I. . I ..! I
same town. .Mean ume inu uuuge
had 'jccii made level wilh the hi reel,
house had been built light tip to i.
en cither side, the bridge wa cover
ed with dirt, and none of n knew
that il was within a mile. Empress
did know. We tried all soil ol
ways to eel her up the street, but she
wouldn't limine: and at lust wo weio
obliged to take her around llio town
and lead liur in bv another road. She
went like a lamb."
h )l;nnmolli Hk.
Tlie new bullion taull which has
I. pen iii eiiiii se of const ruction lor
some month past in tho subterraeaen
rcgi. n under the Sub Treasury, at
New Yor ,'w'as put into use recently,
when 8100,000 in silver was deput
ed, which was supplemented by an
other $100,K)0 the next day, Tho
nuw silver dollars are being slowed
aw. v in it like the coin in Egypt'
storehouse which I'haraoli gathered
nn sainsl the fiinine. Theie seems
lo bo little probabil ly, however, that
there w ill soon be a silver lamine in
this country, to judge from tho condi
t if n of the money box at Hi Sub:
Tieasurv. Agsinsl about. 1 50,000,
OO'J in c'uriciicy, there is nearly three
timus ihat ainount of coin. Il i true
that the greater portion of this i
Hold, but a goodly amount of silver
hj on hail 1 ami i constantly incroa
ing. To aflord a couveiiieiii anj saie
place of lUposil lor thi bulky treas
ure the new vault wa built.- .
Ti e silver is placed in canvas bags,
not unite so larno in bulk a small
sized big ol buckwheat flour and is
slacked and measured ly tho cord.
Il is lowered from the coin room by
means of an iron elevator, worked by
hydraulic pressure, which land the
bags just outside of ihedoorut tlie
vault. 1 Heio also an iiou stairway
leads to the coin ro-m.
The new vault, which is the largest
1 of the kind ui tne worm, i in every
I . , . . ;
way a remarkable structure. Il i
the most complete and finished piece
of work of its kind in thi country or
nrobably anvwhere. Il wa bnill by
a DojIoii contractor and cost about
In Dslh Abbey, England, is to be
: seen the following:
I ''Here lie Ann Mauu,
I. Site lived an old maid and died an idd
Butler ii 1'ollrge.
In a recent interview Don Butler
thus related one ot his college experi
"Another ol our pranks at oollege
was tho breakit'g up ol an abolition
meeting. The English philanthropist
who died the other' day, Gcorgo
Thompson, was" to speak in tht col
lege low'n. The students shared the
common feeling against tho good
iiihii. We thought he was abusinr
Amci icans, and our patriotic prido re
belled at this. We did not want t
get into a set ape; so, after debating
li e matter several night we hit upon
llio following plan. We went into
the country and paid an old farmer
SO cent to allow us to catch In his
barn all the swallows we wanted.
We got a dozen or so, ami the night
ot the meeting a number, of us were
present, distributed judiciously about
the room, each boy with a swallow in
hi pocket. Tlie church waa lighted
by old lasliioned chandeliers. holdinr
each three or tour whole oil lamps.
At o given signal, when the exercise!
were well under way, tho swallow!
wtre let loose, and in the twinkline
of an eyo out went tho light. Tl:t
birds, of course, went st might for th
lights, and the rush of air caused by ,
their wings put the lumps out. We
kissed a gulortwo, and they, of
course, shrieked. All was comnx).
lion Mid confusion for a few minutes.'-
Thin llio moderator demanded si- .
lence; said that some unaccountable
accident had put tho lights out, but
the audience must tit quiet and pre '
serve order, and the lamp would soou
bo lighted. V , . .;
'1 he sexton hurried - away for
toich there were no lucier matches
in those days and presently he came
back wild a lighted candle. As he
came into church, holding it in front
of his face tuid shielding it wilh ono
band, tlie swallows, of counc, went
tor the light, and ono ot them struck
the cundle, knocking' it out ol the
old man' hand and into his face. II
tumbled back, gave a yell of fright,
and gathering himself up took to his
heels, vowing there were spirits there,
sure. The crowd, now frightened in
earnest, the students leading, got out
ol church in a hurry, and tho aboli
tion meeting was at nn euds"
The Devil's Fruit.
Total oe were first introduced at
Moscow by a Mr, Kowlund, eighty or
ninety year ago, At first the people
would r.eiihcr plant nor touch them,
saying they wtre tho devil's fruit,
given to him on his complaining t
God that hu had ne Iruit, wh u he
wns told to search in the earth for
some w hich Im did, and found pota '
toes, A curious Berwickshire legend
which, however, is palpably anach
ronic, attributes the introduction of
potatoes into Scotland to that famous
wjard of the North, Sir Michael
Scoit. The wizard ami tho devil,
being in partnership, took a lease of
the farm on iheMartnuu estate, called
Whitehouse. The . wiaard was to
nianago tho farm, tho devil managed
tho capital, . The produce was to be
divided as lollows: the hrst year
Sir .Michael was to have all that grew
above tho ground, and his partuer all
that grew below; the second year the
shares were to bu I he opposi'.e way.
His Satanic .Majesty, a i usual in
such cases, was fairly overri ached in
hi bargain, lor the wizard cunningly
sowed all the land in the first year
with wheat, und planted il with pota
toes the second, so that the devil got
nothing for hi share but w heal stub
hie and potato lops. And thi
courting rotation Sir Michael eon
tinned until he had notcnly beggared
hi partner, but exhausted the soil.
In spite of this legend, however, we
must t oniiniie to g't e credit to Sir
Waller l.uleigh for having been the
introducer of potatoes into that coun
try. Tho first that tried then:, we
are tt Id, fell into the very natural
mistake of eating Ihe apple and dis
regarding iho roots.
A table of interest The dinner ta
ble., "Li lies' hat w ill bu fell" this sea
son. S will the bill.
Whisky i about the only nem
man ha succeeded in really leving.
A St. Alban paper says tint
lynching i a neck slraineou pro
ceeding. A careful man never lenses glasses.
-Button J'ort. Sambo ) , " 'Spc
A man dyes hi gray head, when if
be would but wait, hi gray head
would die itself. . . y'
Why doc tho new moon remind
,)uc of a gi Idy girl ? Deoaose b ia
i too young to show much reflection..
Young mother 'What do thll
drcti say when h y get candy ? In
fant recipient of confectionery
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