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    Kl KZlV.l CITY C'JAED.
BATURUAY. SKIT. 14. 1678.
BUSINESS. Matters of a personal
character charged for at regular adver
lising rate, to be paid invariably in ad
vance. 1
lit Pedigree of Radicalism.
Saa Francisco Examiner.
Of all other partisans the Radicals
ought to relrain from raking up the
records of other political parties, least
of all the Democratic party, for pru
dential reasons, principally alluding
(he integrity and honor of their own
rganization. It is, to be sure, of it-
aelf, of comparatively brief existence,
for before 1854, or, for that matter,
not until the Fremont candidacy for
the Presidency of 185G, it had neither
tangible form nor diitinclivo name
Nor is it of legilimato descent. Its
paternity is putative, and traccablo,
io Abolitionism, in tree Soilism, ami
In Northern Whiggery, with old Fed
eralisra as a sort of recognized grand'
sire. ' Uncle and cousin to it, by the
aame irregular relationship, are Xa
live Americanism and Know-Nothing
ism. Hut from the ancient root of
Federalism, down and through the
various and devious lines and crosses
of political miscegeneration, there al
ways were maintained the distinguish
ing characteristics of hatred and pro
scription, of hypocrisy and corruption
The old Federalists of New England
bitterly hated Democracy and the
South, and; with this hato intensified,
added to it the proscription ot aliens
and adopted citizens, of Catholics and
Jews. They hated the South, and
with hypocritical professions of pliil
anthropy, declared their antagonism
to that suction ot the Union had loun
dation and limit in the institution c
slavery exclusively. It was, notwilh
standing, the people of the South they
hated, and tliry used the negroes as
the pretence, to delude and divert
others Irom the real odjects of their
malevolence. Wncn Federalism died
of its own anti-Uiiioniritn and treason
from its pestilent remains sprung the
false, growth of Whiggery, which as
parable at length caused the party
organized by Henry Ulay to wither
and perish. Istit tho destroying suck
srs sprung from the ancient root mean
IsmalllfiL1,? 'n' Native-American
Koow-Nothingism, each alike direct
ing its destructive virulence against
thejlrish and all who wero Catholics
Ths noxious sap infected the Demo
oratio tree in some Males, and deve
oped into Free Soil prosoriptiv of
the South alone. Hut Abolitionism
was the trunk which had taken firm
hold, and upon it, when all the para
sites and suckers and otlior growth
dwindled and disappeared, was graft
ed the " Jilack lloiiublicanism" which
was an offshoot of the Seward Whig
!;ery ot 1850, whose leaders and fol
owers denounced the great Democratic-
and honest Whiur statesmen of
' that period, in terms of derision and
hatred, as " Union iSavers! and de
clared their unalterable determination
to wagu unrelenting wsr upon the
South, on aroount of slavery, in jpen
and treasonable violation of1 the Con
stitution and the laws of Congress,
With this crooked pedigree, and in
Doming all the vices, with few ot th
tew virtues, ct its baso progenitors,
tne Jtadicnl party was finally organ
izud in 1859. It is siiniiiioaiil that in
first victory sounded tho knell of the
Union ts it had existed ; that its first
exercise of power bullied tho land in
blood. Its successes tor four years
were marked with carnage and deio
laliou, and the peace it won was at
ine sncriliee of constitutional rights in
tne worth, of law, liberty nnd happi
ness in the South the s gnal far un
paralleled abuse of authority and cor
mption throughout tho entire lard.
During tho war it suppressed free
Speech, muzzled the press, suspended
the constitutional privilege of the writ
i ot habeat corjms, and either degraded
or outraged every sacred right of cit-
neiisnip guaranteed oy trie great char
over oi i.-ie uoverninmii. i here was
no excess us followers were restrained
from, no enormity iu leaders in high
places did not commit. It ruled by
the sword in de6nee ot civil law, anil
enforced ils mandates by tho despotic
xerciseol usurped authority. Through
the ojeratimi of its infamous Recon
struction Acts it disfranchised, the
white citizens of th South and sub
- jected that people to therule ami their
property to the rapaoiiy of the freed
lien, and the canict-baggvrs from the
North, who flocked there as adieu
turers and remained as thieves and
spoilers of the substance ot tho coun
try. And it is only since the people
have wrewd from it the power it
wielded so tyrsiiousiv, so proscrip
tiyely, and so corruptly, in Congress
nd throughout ths Slates now Dsin
ocrstio, that it has ceased to bo dan
gerous to ths perpetuity of th Re
public L'ven now it holds ths IW
idency by ths most atrocious fraud
aver consummated, and maintains its
small majority io the Serial by no-
isnousiy corrupt mean. Jiui its
lease ot power iu the Kxerulits De
partment aud in the Senate ill soon
terminate. Aloo ought ji to bj ended
in the Judiciary Department, now
corrupted hr the pretence on the So-
rjr,, f -,,(, rr ! .1 . x-
jrnie Lcnch of tho tbrc dishonored
Judges who tat among the perjured
eight metubers of the Electoral com
mission. And with the three Depart
ment! of the Government again under
Democratic protection, to bo admin-
- j if
lsiercu according to me uuiibwiuuuii,
honestly and justly, with due regard
to the interests of the whole people
and the rights of all, the safety and
life of the Republic will be assured.
Democrscv alone can save it, and the
people will so determine at the ap
pointed time.
Address1 of Welcome by I'rof.'T.
C. llrli.
Mt Fellow Teachers or Okeooh t
Upon me dsvolve th pleasant tank of wel
coming you to the fairest city In this most beau
tiful, moit fertile, mot fruitful, most peaceful
Taller of the wot, I welcome you to the hos
pitalities of the city. I ra glad to know that
our citizen, recognizing the imwrtanoe of your
work, have generously extended to you tne
oonifort ami logaucie of their tables and
their fireside. "The School Matcrof the
Period " if ant. I am happy to Y, '"rly
disnentic who princial aliment U bran
bread and water. He can appreciate the good
tlilmri of till life as well a other people.
I am ,-lad that our teachers and their patrons
have this opportunity to get acquainted with
each other, hit not a very remarkable fact
that a teacher may have children under hie
charge for yean, without even knowing their
parent by eight f This u not true even ol tue
herder and the owner of cattle, and it ought
nut to be true of teacher and parent Let Ui
get acquainted with each other, io that we may
talk in a kindly spirit about the capabilities
and the needs of the children.
But the Institute Is now before us. Let us
make the most of it Let us give such an im
petus here to institute work, to the teachers'
work, to the cause of education In Oregon, that
no one going from among us to the approach
ing session of our State Legislature will have a
thought of sending our educational system back
to the barbaric age J but rather that, seeing
the good work going bravely on, he will be
willing to aid us by legislation and the appro
priation of funds, so that the eminent educator,
who Is about to enter upon the duties of the
State Superintendent's otHce, will not find him
self crauiiied In carrying out to their fullest ex
tent, th many needed Improvement in our
chord system, to which I know hi heart is
pledged '
I welcome you to the benefits, whatever they
may be, of this Institute, and In older that you
may b benefited by what is aald and done
her, there must be close attention on you part I
there must be vigorous exorcise of thought and
discriminating Judgment I would have you
attend cjoscly to what I shall say on this oc
casion; not because I say it, oh no. A man's
personality ho nothing to do with the truth ho
nttnra. Truth stands on It own UierlU. If
what I say is true, think of it,, it,
meditate upon It If I y anything that is
false, reject It It I y frivolous things, con
earnest lact, onu eiernii
issue lie just befor us.
I believe in the nuhleness, the honor, the (II
vlnlty of work. Th first worker I God. "I
th beginning, God created th heaven and
th earth " and while II restoth after II
completed labors, He ordain that man ahall
pend hi year Iu uaeful toll. Man's highest
enjoyment, a well as greatest good, is on
found In work. I apieal to you to say whether
life is r.trt enjoyed by you with a keener test
when yuu are busy with tho duties, the UlHirs,
even with th annoyances of th school-room,
than when spending an idle, aimless vacation.
What ts th work that we, as teachers, have to
do? It is to mak the most nf the pupil under
our charge to develop them to their highest
capabilities, physical, montal, moral. Itun
nlng, leaping, ball-phiyitig, calisthenics, put
ting up tli dumb bells, rowing, eta, ar not
an end, they ar only the mean for tlih so
eompliahment of an end. They are to give the
scholar a physical frame that will nabl hlui
to endure th strain that will com ujmii him
when he goes out into the busy world to tngoge
in his life work. , IV. Samuel Johnson coul
sit ai hi writing table eighteen consecutive
hour when th necessity was upon him to com
plete an important work withlu a given time,
NaiM)leon. during some of his campaigns, slenl
but three hours nf the twenty four, often in his
carriage. Kilwln M. KUutou, th great war
minister, shut himself up iu his room three
weeks iu order to matter the intricacies of an
important law suit You will say porhaNi that
thee su-n showed a oomuienilaol imrseverauce.
It was something mors than ie meverance, 1
was endurance, tirnittf, hardness of muxii
that made iierseveraiiee ihiskUiIu. It is the
ipiality that all great workers have, which they
uuwt have, inherited it may be by soma from a
stalwart ancestry, acquired by other by menus
ol vigorous bodily luuor or gymnastic training,
Our M-hool bouses should have amide irroumts,
and be titted with the apiiliamw of physical
outturn, and boys and girls should te mpiired
to exercise tlieir IiuiIm and develop their mus
cle. Nor Is th mental training which we irive
to the Uv in th school room an emL It is th
meaua whereby h will lie able to learn the le
"lis ami Pl'ly th wudom ol after vear.
Many men liave been tliapoiiiU'd betmise in
tlieir mature manhood, iu their btuiucas, iu
their proleaaions, they have, as they ciprvas it
found no um (or th rules d anthuietio ainl
ugeiira aud gramuiar, lm-n Ihey were com t Irani at K'hooL Such men have been
very imiwrfevtly etliieateil, or thev hare a erv
iuoirrei-t notion of th object to be obtjuned by
the study aud drill of th selnad raim. A a
teacher, a a civil eugineer, as a niiH-hauic, as a
man ol hostile, 1 may usver tnul in actual af
fairs th exa.1 exanipl in arithmetic or alebra
vr trigonometry, which gave m so much hard
study in my liovtinod ; but th iniK-tpIo I then
learned, liie habits uf applicatiou I then funue.l.
and the mental disciplin which, it may be, was
forced un u by my t-ai-her, have "titted me
hi kiiv me most nitncaie ironit'ms I may nnd
in th life work in hich I engage. Our lu-
eattoa is practical, th opinion of croaker to
tli contrary notwithstanding, when th boy is
traiuvu tu uiami aim p reason.
Texhrs of Orei-un. vou hav here a hxiuur
8eU in wlueh to pursue )nair calling. Iter
you hav rvht lefor you and around you
many of th real UiinA a illusUatious of hat
youar t-achlug-ll.iiig which teacher and
holar in leas fatored laud can only learn lit
Incur definition Oild rud ln.Tavin.-s anil
cheap chmmoa. 1 hers art millions of people
ia tli MlHiHipi vallry who never saw a
mountain. 1 well rsmrtia her my earlmt iih-as
of a mountain ranv or chain, derived from th
deliuiiioa in my w.rrhy. It was of a hunr
nuuuou n.ig riaiug like the comb uf a root.
th"U--ht that whea the wairoa of th emivrant
rsawhed the sumsut in it taulsom journey, it
Bust b carefully pniard. lrat it Mil ba kward
to th land whsttn it had em, or f.wwanl into
uuknowa regiona. lier vou ahw fnim
any hit-lit near th a, l4 huae, peak rining
lT.ii.i -ak, in.HinUin alaiv nuiunUiu.
"I'elloa piled on tla" until th va.tnrsof th
inuna aeenis a yruh.i etrrnity."
It aut Oregooboy ho gav 'a a dtfiui-
"' U1 ',". land that y.u can t rt to,. wau,' ii had Wwy nJ,
v." i .11 tfc. lovousness of carele. bare-
foot boyhood. I know a boy of ten who .Uyt
with buye opto. Oat day ha bruugl.t horn ,
n insect which h hi caugnt w mi null nn.
It swam or rather rowed under waier, on iu
back, brining iu hard wink's togemer lilt tli
sides and keel ofa boat, and using two of iu
f.irward lea as oar. Out ot the water it Dew
"right side up." It was the natonecta glanca
or water boatman. Another day he told, with
delighted enthusiasm, of bavin found, on a
maple leal, a large waca am ui neru m
cows, or aphides, which he was carefully tend
ing, and milking at his pleasure. That boy is
a Corn naturalwt, and he ha a happy field for
original research in this lana so ooumiiuny
favored by gewsmu nature. xij ue is no
compelled to get all hi knowledge at second
hand, but fresh and sparkling from field, wood
and fountain. . . ...
Th great MiMiasippi valley Is covered with
a vast alluvial deposit Ihere th study of
geolng-r must be pursued principally with book
and imported specimens. For the reasons it
IS an unaiiracwve emuj w ti wuh. u...
you are brought fac to fac with the gigantic
upheavals of the earth's crust Her yon may
read th ineffacable pages of the book of nature,
graven on table of stone by the linger of the
Almighty. In snort, you nave vne books oi
geography and botany and geology and ento
moluvy and mlneroloey open and legible all
around you, and yon hav but to teach your
pupil nature alpnaoei to see wnn wu
healthful (I had almost said holy) delight they
will peruse the instructive page. I have often
wondered what tyi of man Oregon, with iU
peculiar climate and production and scenery,
will nroduce. It is tx soon yet to learn from
observation. Mot of the men now here wer
born and pent their fonnitiv Tear in the
miilitt of a very ditlierent state of thin?, and
they are yet Incnwted with their old Ideas and
knl.ii Rut I think that we can. la a measure.
forecast the future. Who were, who are the nf tha nu that shall people these val
1...-. .ml f Thev were men of muscle
to endure, of courage to dare the hostility of
rawed nature and ol savage loes In ineir wT
pilgrimage across "the plains;" men of mind
to see the riches here in store, ami tneir on
iirinir must be men of "brain and brawn.
The history of the world is full o illustra tn luw the influence of natural scenerv
In the d' elopment of the characteristics of a
race. It i often said that th Oregonian is
indolent from inulination and habit; that a
ttiiw.tiiin dullness tmwraua ths man physically
and mentally. I do not believe the story. If
men were compelled alway to remain in mi
vallev. where onlv irentle lireexe blow and all
is peaceful abundance, they might Iu time grow
luggishi but you have your mountain and
the ea to Btmen your sinews, suunuou yy
your blood, and to disguise fair nature with
hard favored" freckle and tan. The future
lia free while his mountain
ieak stand sentinel to watch and guard, ana
tl. n.nt.r and the met and the artist, as well
a the naturalist, must spring up amid these
scenes of beauty and ubliiuity as certainly
uffui. f.illnWB PAtlM.
wii' . ... w -
I heard much during the recent session oi
our Htate Teachers' Institute about needed
amendments to the school law. It seem to
me that the amendment w need above all
others are amendment to the teacher under
stand me I have no intention to disparage
you. You are the peers of the teachers of any
State. Hut every one of us, from the Presi
Aanl ,J tlia ITniversitv to the teacher in th
most obscuro country district, needs to labor
constantly, earnestly, piayerfully to improve
hii manner and his methods of teaching. We
r not educating the boy for himself alone.
He is to be a blessing or a curse to the country
in which ho lives. Let us endeavor o to train
1,1, n that ha will-have both tli inclination and
the ability to add omctliiiig to the material
prosierity ot the State ( oniething to the di
art. science, mechanics ! something
to the world's stock of useful ideas ; something
to the religious lif "t the age, to that by his
lifu-werk huui:nuty snail ue wioa wi ,a uouier.
purer, holier plane of liemg.
. M.v AaWKU.GtT Off. Tho man
ou liorsehaek may a. Wt!llg,.tofl.'Ilc
is not wanted iu this country, The
Now York iSim say: We have uo use
tor him. We can do without him,
In fact we can do bettor without him
than with him. We greaily prefer
his room to his company. Gen. Grant
has received a good deal of attention
abroad. It must bo gratifying to
him. llo is fond of ohsequousness
and flntikyism, aod there Is very littl
disposition to interfere iu his continu
ance in this kind of enjoyment. If
be wants to remain fir or six years
longer there will ho very littlo dispo
silion anywhere in this country to
urge his return. The agitation of a
third term for Grant haa apparently
disposod ol the question. The, night
mare is ended. There is no danger of
such on infliction to follow the weak
ness in infamy ot Hayes. Grant will
not be President again. Tho feeling
in his favor was limited and superfi
cial. There is no reason to appre
hrud its being revived with increased
force. Whoever and whatever we
have for tho lust four years after the
next election, it will not bo Graut or
Tiikv Fkak Him. Nothing is more
certain, indeed, than that there is uo
Democrat iu the country whoso pos-
siblo candidacy Republicans fear as
much as that of Mr' Tildeu's is the
opinion of the Buffalo Courier. What
ever those may say who, by their
constant abuse, pay such tribute as
statesman, there can he no serious
dispute as to the elements of personal
strength which he possesses. It dero
gates nothing from the merits of other
distinguished loaders to say that in
respect of personal strength Mr. Til-
der has no equal among them at tho
present time. Yet the question is
whether personal considerations will
be paramount in 1S80. If the Do
mocrscy should tben be so strong
that victory can bo regained as a ford-
gone conclusion, sectional claims may
easily make their weight felt. The
West is anxious to secure the next
Democratic nomination.
1 1
Tho Yicksburg JleraU says: The j
South is quiet, prosperous, hopeful
and conservative. She will be the
grtat arbiter to settle the excited
uesiions now raging in the North.
Hie .has no Kearneys and no Jay
oulds; she can and. will lep the
peace between them. The South is
now the anchor of the Union. 1
I - r r 1 1 1, - I .. . : 1 .
Sir. IiaTCS Will pruuaui v iuiduuum-
, , th toalying mentions ho will
""n11 1,10 l"" f .
receive on his journey from Washing
ton to St, Paul, remarks tho Chicago
Timet. There are men who will pay
bis bill and flatter him to his flabby
face they want something. The
day after he is gone they will ridi
cnle his title and make fun of bis
solemn mahr.ers. lie will serve a
the statue of St. January, in Naples.
One day it is gravely worshippedi
and the next pelted with missiles.
here is nothing in Mr. Hayes' Ad
ministration, nothing in Mr. Hayes,
to arouse the honest enthesiasm of
intelligent people; any "demonstra
tions" whidimay be made on bis
Account will have self-interest for
their basis, and ths flattery he may
receive for there are knees ready to
cook everywhere will be "the tri
bute of hypocrisy to fraud."
The exodus ot Gen. Butler from
the Republican camp will bo the sig
nal for a break up and recrystalliza
lion of pattios in Massachusetts, the
Springfield Republican thinks. It
will give us all some place to go to
and something to do. Gen. Butler
will take with him tho flower ot the
old Republican machine, the men
who have organizod the party and
drummed out its vole tor fifteen years;
who wanted Blaiue at Cincinnati, and
who have grieved over Mr. Hayes
policies ot reconciliation and reform
On lost Friday night. the Cth hint, th stage
from Yreka to Kedding, was stopped about 17
mile south of tha former ploca by three mask
ed men, who presented guus and demanded the
mail sacks and express box. "While tha driver
was preparing to comply with their pcremtory
remiest, Mr. . John Keynolds, Well Jargo 4
Co messenger, who was on the seat with the
driver, quick as a flash drew a bead on the
leading robber and shot him dead. The horses
frightened at the rejiort, commenced rearing
and plunging, which disconcerted the robber
who fired, doing no other injury than killing
on of the horse. After firing their piece
they plunged into a friendly thicket and dis-
Dvrsed. the dead man wa leu ai a nouse
near by.
The Stepping Stone to Health
The acquisition of vital energy is the stepping
i i.l .i ...... .... i..t.. .,:,ni
stone w ueaiiu. ueu vuc awui iii-iva nwu
itv. the various onrans flag in their duty, be
come chronically irregular, and disease is event
ually instituted. To prevent this unhappy
state of things, th debilitated system should
lie built un by the use of that inimitable tonic,
Mostettcrs Stomach Hitters which invigorates
the digestive organs, anil insure a thorough
conversion of food into blood of a nourishing
Quality, from whence every muscle, nerve ani
hber aeuuire unwonted supplies of vigor, ami
the wholu system cxperienta the beneficial ef
fect Appi'tite ruurna, tua Sa-tlem u relrenlna
by TieaJthful sluiuocr. the nervoa grow stroll;
and calm, the dcsiKiiidency begotten of chroni
iudigcstiou and an uncertain state of health (lis
apears, and that sallow appearance of theskir
lieculiar to habitual invalids, and persons de
ficient in vital anergy, is replaced by a more be
coming tinge.
Fat People's Ilisfortunei.
Some of th savage trilies enter their dwell
Int-i through a hole in the roof, and when
person liecoiues so fat that h cannot get in, he
is regarded as an outlaw. Had this system
oeen adopted in tlie Lmted States, the "out
laws" could not have made a more active de
mand for Allan Anti-rat than now exists.
Hundreds who Jiod lived in constant fear of
udden death have, by its use, been reduced to
a comfortable living weight The Anti-Fat is
purely vcgetaule and perfectly harmlse. Sold
by druggist.
i ue sanitary uenenu oi uatinn-r in main wa.
terof any temperature are not comnarabln with
the advantage which are derived from the use
of th mlpuiir bath, especially in hot and o
pressiv Weather. In uch seasons there ia a
ways an irritation of the skin occasioned from
excessive heat and acrid perspiration, that the
use ol sulphur in a warm bath can a one relieva
Ulenn s Bulphur Soap furnishes the most pleas
ant way of using it a well as the purest Crit
teuton j. No. 7 Sixth ave.. New V'nrk K.,1,1
by druggists. Hill's Hair and Whisker Dy,
black or brown, 60c
I hereby ehallenee Polk Harnoole to run a
loot race, distance one hundred yanls, for a
stake of from fcKM) to $1,(HX). This challenge
to remain open until the '.'Oth mat
To Whom It may Concern.
Ijwt Snrinir I received letters from nna Wm
Craig, stating that Mr. 8. I). Coat had rented
a portion of my farm, near Goshen, to him for
two years, when .Mr. Coat hail a lease on the
farm for but one year. Since I have returned
1 hud that fniig s statement is utterly false,
and that Mr. 1 oat management of the place
has lieen satisfactory and according to contract
o ftu-iua on.iuu.inr.
All those in debt to us either by book
account or note will pleas call and settle at
their earliest convenience, as we are owinj;
debt both in 1'ortland and San Fraucisco
wnicn ar now due and must lie paid un
muteiy. IMM'RX ft Co.
Robinson A Church at the Hardware Store
seep tile largest and best selected stock of wall
per and border in r.tigcn t itv, comprising in
part, ltron, lllanks, ratin. tiiit and KinlaMH-
eil paier, which they purchase direct from tli
Matern lactone and will sell aa cheap a the
CJicspest. All paer tmnuwd Ire of cbarge.
Ladles Attention.
Berlin Fashion Pattern at Duun 4 Strat
um s.
We hav just receive. 1 from the Eastern
factory, direct a buve stock of window aud wall paper i among the hitter are
many very pretty style enibracmi limined
I annela. rjnlHseiL i.iiu and Lace Pattern.
Satin and Common IHank. all of which
w aetl choaji, and no charge f. trimming
pjr. DUVN dTlUTlXJX.
trTht National Gold Me.lal was awar.le.1 Li
Bra.UeT k liulofson for th best I'bohvraph
ia th United State, and th Vienna Medal
lor the I et in th w,irlL
43) Montimery Street, Saa Francisce.
Dr Mlstb'i VeceUUe Neiaretioe
Will cur all diaeaae of th Kin.len, 1'da.kler
ana i nnary tTfran. hav ln
cured after ail other remclie had failrd. Hi
fjiK'h'h lhindrlioo Fill bar no npoal in all
caw of lharaaed l.irer. Lj--pia vr any
Uillioa lVrnmnt. Many of ynur leayling
ctuien of thi city will vouch u to their
virtu. To b bad by all dru-iati
An I ndenUble Truth.
... r A (t vein leads
Yon deaerve to suner,
mirable, unsatisfactory We m th. heatlf.d
world. It M enureiy your
oily oncus for you ,-your u""'.
prejudic. ,d AT.whwh ha.
thousand, rersonai anowieuKo
reasoning will soon .how you that Oreen Au
gust Flower will cur you of Liver mplaint,
or Dyspepsia, with all it miserable effects,
i ','i t7.i l- t.. :. , Inn iJ the heart.
sucn a sick neaoacuo, Hl"11" " .. . i
soar stomach, hibitual costivene, dliziness o.
the bead, nervous prostration, low spirits, c
i. i . l tnm m th Western
Continent and not a Drugirist but will tell you
of its wounderful cure. I cap ouj
le Bottle for 10 cent, lore oosewiu
Uev you.
A i nEE tX'BE
For consumption, bronchitis, asthama, trrh
.. . j I I: kmn a mm relief ant
Uiroai anu luug uiaoaaca.
permanent cure for general debility, dyspepmt
1 , ,, ir . : .imttla vecvtable
ana au nervous aueewcua, vj m -."i -t-o.
i:..: .k a narnlile missionary
Physician wno wa long a resiuein
. l t ..1 , tli IB TalUa-
ble stweific to thousand of kindred lunerer
... !. . :i.i. an, I now h
witn vne greaiest jhjboiuo .
feel it hi aacred christian duty to impart
other mi wonuenui iunjam '"uvuj '
-it , viw .i. n nH:,Hol Muit Himn
will senu r i.uc uiishm '".- - i . -with
full direction, to any person enclosing
. i..
.tamp ior rep.,. -,ATfTV
P. O. Box 76.
A. J. Bsbb proposes to collect notes and
....I. t..w all linainms men Who Will
entrust the same to his care as cheap
cheaper that any other colloctor in this place
and anxiously asks tho patronage of all who
i, Kink aj-rontits to collect His
ua, mum v. " -
headqnarters will be found at Mark Stevens
Variety Store.
Eugene City, August 24th
T.. .n. a TTraTnnv OS f rrtTCIKK. nO
preparation no. ever penonueu u mui .oi-
10US curea, ur uiwuwihiwi -r
... Cul'uuv PvrTfiDO: recoff-
nized a tne wonu remeuy ior an uikj w
the throat and lungs. Its long-continued series
of wonderful cure in all climates has made it
uuiveratuy muwwi -- , -a
i a ,.A:,U Alinni-v whieh are
! .11.. !....., miM a aatA ami 1 OAO A A ?em
VOVllLjUU v.. j , ; -
the forerunner of more Beriousdisorlcrs, it acts
siieedily and sureiy, always reiieTiu wuniM.
I r... an.r;., ltf.. 'Vha it affords.
anil uiwii .iug , . -. i
by it timely use in the throat and lungdis-
onieni m tiinxucu, . ...
edy to be kept always on hand in every home.
No person can afford to be without it. and those
who have once used it never will.
From their
knowledge of its composition and effects, Phy
il. . fiuvuur Pvr-mnir. avfonalvelv ir
Willi iiutd win u , jv - - -
Biciaus uae wio v.. 11 r.n ,, . a ... . ,
their practice, and Clergymen recommenu u.
and will always cure where cures are possible,
T, I. I fl .1
r or saie oy u ueai-,u
Nasal Catarrh and Lung and Bronchial affec
tions, and all diseases arising from an impure
atjite of the blood, nositivelv cured. Dr. Sou-
vielle M,athiou, the eminent French physician
and surgeon, and myentor of the fans hpiroin
ater whii-h haa iriven relief to thousands suffer
ing from those terrible diseases in Europe and
tl.a Tritfl Status, litis wonilerful instrument
was invented bv Dr. Souvielle Mothieu, for
the treatment of Nasal Catarrh, Lung and
Bronchial affections.
go East, will sell at a bargain three mares,
one horse, one 2i year old stallion, St Lawrence
blood; two set of harness, one l'i iron axle trav-
.U. m I.n. mum.m -. '1' V. . aimit , ... a fi inch
(range) move and folding bed within. To be
seen at Thomas Butler. - N. S. Chauwick.
Da, T. W. Shelton,
r. m. wilkis
Pracical Druggists & Chemist
Next door to the Grange Store, Willamette
street, tugene tity Orejcon.
Have just opened a full line of fresh
Drugs, Medicinss & Chemicals.
Also a fine aasortment of
Fancy and Toilet Articles.
Mixed Faints, Lead, Oil,
Varnish, Brushes,
Which they will always sell on reasonable
Careful attention giren to Physician. Pre
Notice to Tax-Payers.
JLl on Monday, th 7th day of October,
1H78. the Hoard of Equalization will attend at
the office of the County Clerk of Lane county,
at Kiunne City, Onvon, and publicly axamiue
tho axseaanient rolls for the year, 178, and cor
rect all errors in valuation,' description or qual
ities of land or other proix-rty.
uaiea mis xutn day ot Aeptenmer, isin.
A. A. SMITH, Assomor.
uiiumunii mmiHU uu
nrorporalcd, June, bli.
Capital Stock, (100,000.
ParsinrTT-A. I. T.1.1
,: 1 v ,, n , . n , rtU
rrhns IimIiL T)iRri-T.ii,a T P i::ii r ir
Jx kson, T. & Pdal,-h, A. L." Todd and a!
Prinoiit&l nffiA fiw u1 f arflr , T 1) ntrt
& Sim i dnig stre, rwtoffict building, Eugene.
dard brands at
ROCCKI ES-IsUU keep ea a fuilof
And inviu La tentioa of brniaekeenar
OHIiEIEBIL Slllruivi...,.,:
VtWSTOfK OF II ATM -The best
XI and Urrvst broui-ht to K...i-,r,. .t
X State of Oregon, lor the Lounty of Lane.
Llnnie E. Horn, Plaintiff, ) Suit In equity for
vs. divorce k custody
Sidney Horn, Defendant.; of mime child.
To Sidney Horn, the above named defendant i
In the name ot tne etate oi uregnn you tie
hereby summoned to appear in said Court and
answer the complaint of th plaintiff, gled
therein, within ten days lrora tne date ot ser
vice of this summons npon you, if yon ar
served In Lane county or within twenty days
from service on you u you are served la any
other county in said State, or if by publication
of summons, then by the first Monday in No
vember. 1878, that being the nrst day or ths
term following th expiration of the time pre
scribed by the order of the Court It is ordered
by the Hon. J. F. Watson, Judge of said Court,
dated July iWth, 1878, that service of summons
in the above entitled cause oe mau oy punu
cation of summon in the Euuenk Citt Guard
for six consecutive week, and if you fail to
answer the same, judgment and decree will be
taken against you lor the reliel prayed lor In
complaint, namely : A dissolution of the bonds
ot matrimony existing between you and the
plaintitt, and mat piaiutin nave vue cuswuy oi
the infant child, Middle Ethel, and such other
and further relief as to the Court may seem
equitable and just, and for the cost and die
bursementaofsuit 0. U. DORRIS,
60'.' w riamtin s Attorney.
Corner Spear & Mission streets, San Francisco.
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Weights. Corda and Pulleys).
Importers of
16, 21 and 26 ox. -r
Doom a Specialty. S
no. 63 Front street, Portland, Oojt.
$. Rosenblatt & Co.,
At th old stand, Southwest corner of Eighth
and Willamette streets,
Have the most complete stock of
General Merchandise
. - In the city, including "
Dry Goods, fh
Groceries, '
And in fact everything the market demands,
which we are selling at
Paid for all kinds of farm produce
delivered at our Store.
S. toMatt&Co.
Administrator's Notice.
i.1 th undersigned bos been appointed, bv
the County Court of Lahe county, Oregon, ad
ministrator of the estate of Rebecca Ogle, de
ceased. All ersons bavins claims against said
estate are rwuested to present them, with the
proper vouchers, to me at my office in Eugene
City, county aforosoid, within six months from
the date hereof.
.Dated this 20th day of August, 1878.
Gio. M. Cooper,
0G5:4w Administrator.
all kinds at inside figures bv
Albert Jackson, Artist,
Takes Photographs, Gems, Cards, Cabinet
and Life-Size, style and finish equal to any
work done in the State. Prices reasonable.
GALLERY Willamette street, Eufen
City, Oregon, over Mrs. Jackson's Millinery'
Store. , dee 15 .-6m
and low price. Just received bv
Tn atill t t h rAA ainrA and is nMtiasirl wa Am
w a.a, wau VVHKia UUU IO V W'S V WW
all kinds of general jobbing, horHe-shoeing, r-
pairing, etc Having secured th service -of
an experienced hand I will make th repairing of
FARM MACHINERY a specialitv.
In Dorris Brick Building'.
Groceries od Provisions.
Will keep on hand a general assortment of
Gnu-cries, Provisions, Cured Meats.
Tobacco, Cigars, Candies,
Candle, Soap, Notions,
Green snd Dried Fruits,
Wood and Willow War,
Crockery, Etc.
Business will b conducted on a
Which means that
Low Prices are Established
Coodi delivered without chargi U Bayer
Ft which I will pay th highest market pric.
Misses Holloway & Under
Are AtnU for Mrs. 1L L JiILn'i im
proved chart for tuttinif DmM, 8t?qat9f.
1 -- "t r1" " aj cm uvuiisw,
All this will be Uiurht fre and a set of Mt
I terns given. This inducement is giren to in
j"Joduce the only perfect systera.
hta nnrvir4initv will An wAIl . 1 1 . tKirl
;ll.-..- a j i . . ii-i j
.'ii.i.ui:, j .irm-niaKiiur ee tarn Ian men
.. . i arrest. nr .Mfith.
ofSOAr. Fr stt eiy bv