The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, September 14, 1878, Image 1

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WHOLE NO. 567.
$2.50 per year IN ADVANCE.
jhe tfuflfae . Cttg tad.
. . A!,D!B
Publishers and Proprietors.
OFFICE In Underwood's Brick Building,
orr Express Office,
Advertisements Inserted m follows - , .
One square. 10 linos or lew, one insertion 83 ;
h wlwequent insertion $U Cash reqOifedw
"advertiser, will be charged st ibefol-
ar. month,
.. " alt months
u ono yeir 12 00
Transit not'css in local column, 20 onU par
11a. for oh inwtijn. t
llvertising bills will bs rendered quarterly.
All job work must be Faip roa on im.tYSHT.
( .ifflw Hour. -Prom 7 'a, ". to T p. m. HnnUys
'UrritiTrom'thii south anl leaves euing north
T. Arriw from the north no ' lea" "
' iitMJp fiwklinant W
?jtbV"Virw on for C.nwford..
'.S'rlmnC-eek ant I TM.
fills. Camp 0eek an
letter, will be real!
iur. will berwlrkr Miser, nyif""""'"
. ntal f train.. Utteslioum u "
tMto., Wore "-"''PATTERSON. P. M,
. I attuMilinUKI l IUIL Ik kUO UUIU
. . i Vn 11. A. F. an1 A. St.
Meet. But aui third Welneadajr. In each
rrcK.-r.a Bimrie fxi No- 0 I. O.
t O. F. Meet. .iy iuwaay eieumg.
lVb ... w .
BMU on tb. H al 4tb We-lneaiays in men
Trwr8HH.TO,M.D. T. W. IIarius.M. D.
Drs. Shelton &. Harris,
Kngene City. Oregon.
Physician and surgeon,
(Bee on Ninth Street, opposite the St.
Charlea Hotel, and t Ilealdcnce,
Or J. 0. Shields
vices to the citizens of Eugene City and
Wounding country. Special tet'1
IN'E DISEASES entrusted to hu care.
, Oifice at the St Charles Hotel
iMtnce whn not professionull engaged.
Office at the
. Residence on Eighth street, opposite ProsHy
terUn Church.
Eocene City, Oregon.
door to the right, up stairs. I orruerly
me. ot u w. itcn .
Nitrous Oxide Gas for painless extraction of
J. O. Bolon,
IDIEJ 3SST T I S "27 -
bFFICE-In Underwood's brick buildinff, over
he express office. . ,
Nitrous Oxide Gas for painless extractions of
Office on Willamette street, Euptene City.
BOYO & MILLER, Proprietors
DHt Unit of 11 kin Is TH, Tlluw,.U
II Bm( a ohank trn I to S neaU
Clocks, Watches, Cfcilnt, Jewelry, etc.
Uepairins Promptly Exwutol.
C3AIIWork Warrauted. Jgj
tUiworth k Co.'s brick, Willamette Street
J door West of the Episcopal Church.
Orders from the country solicited.
week in tour own town.
.Outfit free. No risk. Reader, if
Iron want a bminess at which pr-
oos of either sex can make great pay all the
ne they work, write lor particuars to n.
o-iuxn ft Co., PortlaBsf, Maine.
M d Statiooerj Store.
Fst orncx building, eugexe
Oitv. I k.nrl mA mm randan tlT
Mi.iu. u.-i.. c....- i.-i, ivvili.
b how ut., rMuuirrj, -
ortfo!iT- CrAm VTiiUt. iunli. Portmom
. t. tta A. S. PATTEliiiON.
jSUJINESS uirectoeY,
ALEXANDER, J. B. Justice of the Peace
South Eugene Precinct; office at Court House.
A3TOR HOUSE-Chas. Baker, prop. The
only fmt-olass hotel in the city Willamette
street, tfne door, north of the poet office.
ABRAMS, W. H..4BRO.-Plnin? mill.
sash, door, blind and moulding manufactory,
Eighth street, east nf mill race. Everything
in our line furnished on short notice and
reasonable terms.
BENTLEY, J. W.-Privatt boardini house.
southwest corner of Eleventh and Pearl sts.
BAUSCH, V.- Boot snd shoe maker, Willam-
ette street second door south of A. V. Peters
BAKER, R, P Wines, liquors, cigars and
utiiiaiw AMll.imetw stroe one door north
of St Cliarks HoteL
B )fj )N, J. C-Sur'icalanl MechauicalDen-
tilt, Underwjo 1's brick, over Express Olliee.
BOYD t MILLER Me:t Mirket-beef, veal,
mutton, pork and lard Willamette street,
between Eighth and Ninth.
COLEMAN, FRANK Wines, liquors, cigars
ana billiard, Willamette street, between
Eighth and Ninth.
CLEAVER, J. W.-General variety store and
Agricultural iromementH, southeast corner of
Willamette aim Seventh streets.
CHAPMAN, E. F. -Gunsmith repairing
promptly done ari l work warranted, bighth
street, between Willamette and Olive.
CHRISMAN, SCOTT-Truck, hack and ex
pressman. All orders promptly attended
to. Office at express office.
CRAIN BROS.-Dealer in Jewelry, Watch
es, Clocks and Musical instruments W il
lamette street between Seventh and Eighth.
CALLISON, R. G. Dealer In srocerien, pro-
vuions, country produce, canned gowls, books,
stationery, etc., southwest corner Willamette
and 0th Sts.
PORRIS, B. V. Dealer in Stoves and Tin
ware Wiramette street, between seventh
and Eighth.
DURANT, WM.-Met Market beef, pork,
veal and mutton constantly on band W tl
lamette street, between Seventh and Eighth.
ELLSWORTH & CO. -Druggists and dealers
in ltiut oils, eta Willamette street, be
tween Eighth and Ninth.
FRIENDLY, S. H.-Denler in dry goods,
doming nnci general luurcimnuiso uiain-
ette street, between Eighth and Ninth.
GUARD OFFICE-NewBnaper, book and job
printing office, corner Willamette and Eigh b
streets, up stairs.
GRANGE STORE -Dealers in general mer-
chandtue and produce, corner Eighth and
Willamette streets.
GILL, .1. P. Physician, Surgeon and Drug-
gut, Postofhce, W lllamette street, between
Seventh and Eighth,
HENDRICKS, T. G. -Dealer in general mer
chandise northwest corner w lllamette and
Ninth streets,
HYMAN, D. -Variety Store and dealer in
f m and .Ulna, w uimua BtHut, tw.if
Eighth and Ninth.
HODS, C Lager beer, liquors, cigars and a
fine pigeon, hole tawe, w uiametie sireei, oe
tween Bighth and Ninth.
HARRINGTON, FRANK-Barber, Hairdres
ser and ba h rooms, eaxt side W lllamette St.,
se'iond door north of St Charles HoteL
HORN, CHaS. M. Gunnmith. Rifles and
shot-guns, breech and muzzle loaders, ror saie,
Repa-ring done in the neatest style and war
ranted. Shop on 0th street
JAMES, B. H. Stoves, and manufacturer of
Tin and Sheet-iron ware, w uiamctte street,
between Eighth and Ninth.
KINSEY, J. D. Sash, blinds and door fac
tory, window and door frames, mouldings,
etc, glazing and glass cutting done to order.
T.VNTH. A. Groceries, nrovisions. fruits, veg-
etables, etc., Willamette street, nrst aoor
south of Postofhce.
LAKIN, D. R. Saddlery, harness, saddle
trees, whips, etc., Willamette street, between
Euhth and Ninth,
LUCRE Y, J. 8. Watchmaker and Jeweler;
keeps a line stocK oi goons in nis nne, mam'
ette street, in Ellsworth's drug store.
McCLAREN, J A M ES-Choice, wines, liquors,
and cigars Willamette street, between Eighth
and Ninth.
MELLER, M. -Brewery Lager beer on tap
and by the keg or barrel, corner of Ninth and
Olive streets. '
McCLANAHAN, E. J. -Truck and Drayingi
11 orders nroiontlv attended to. Head-
quarters at Robinson & Church's. j
OSBURN 4 CO. Dealers in drags, medicines.
chemicals, oils, paints, etc Willamette st,
opposite S. Charlts HoteL
PERKINS, H. C. -Coiintv Surveyor and Civil
Engineer. Residence on Fifth s reet
PENNINGTON, B. C Auctioneer and Com-
misuin Merchant, corner seventh and High
PRESTON, WM. Dealer in Saddlery, Har
ness, Carriage 1 rimming, etc. w i.iameue
street bctwetu Seventh and Eighth.
RUSH, BEN. Horseshoeing and general job
bing blacksmith, JMgmn street, uevweeu n u
lamette and Olive.
REAM, J. K. Undertaker and building con
tractor, corner wuiumeiie aou ocieniu
uvjwri.ATT k CO. Drr eoo.U. clothing,
trrocenee ana general mnrauur, "'"'""
corner w iiiamette nu uikuhi
SHIELDS, J. C-Physiciaa and Surgeon-
north side Mntu street, nrst aoor east oi oi
Charles HoteL
STEVENS, MARK Dealer In tobacco, ci
gars, nuU, candies, snot, powuer, whwu.,
Mjl Willamette street
THOMPSON ft BEAN-Attorneys at-Law-
Usjderwoods oncK, niuauiew.. -r
WALTON. J. J.-Attorney-at-Law. Office-
WilUmette street, Wtween DenMi uu
u.-tttfr J T Ruektkin dresmng. in
a mi
highest price paid lor aeer sku, 'S'""
mt liriilee. '
UNDERWOOD, J. B.-General brokerage
.n.l ufMt for the Coencicut Jn-
urance Company of Hartford-Willamette
etreet, between oerentn ana
irrit iMBDnvrnrittM OF three
hundred aud sixty acres, luu acre. d..c.
cultivation: all under fence and the tmmn
at a
SnmTortb.' m Enable term
Situated five miles south of town,"" "
r-vi iritrange lor stwtt. APT"7 1
Mean make money faster st work for ns
than st snytbiug else. Capital not re
. - ;n .i.rt mn. t2 ver day
at home made by the mdustrKios. Jien-1 eniot'mn she bail with difficulty re
women, boye and girls wanted 'T'T ' " ...-i,, durin.' ihe eveninff.
: mnrk f us. ow is the time.
- ; fit aud ten
A i,nni free. Address iecw
Asgnst. Maine.
I ' ' ...7Z
IJ 'isSho
Two Indies were seated on the ver-
an U oi ii bfHiitihil villa; nne nn elder
ly lnl v hihI lliv others hesuiil'ul uirl.
Mrs Ethi'liiiL', tl'e leader in lh Utile
viiiuirw or v mi luven, w rciiitwiii il
ior her hospiiulii v. Iler cnintiHiiion
wsh her youii'' and beautilul aiater
There was to be a pnrty the next
week at their villa, and they were
dine iiNning the ni raiicetnentn.
J ust then up tli-. broad ateps ran a
little liiruie, little Lilv, hihI inc
i ii;hiy iequft wag evidently hover
iiiL' "ii her rosebud lip-, tor h.-i eves
wen-1 Hrt r tin I her cheek flushed.
"01', tniimimi, may I invite me
one lo t be pnrty? I want to ask Old
"My darling yon shouldn't call any
one mioIi a ru le name."
T e (iliild'n eyes filled with leara at
the rebuke, a ahe unsu ered;
"Oh, inaiuma, I didn't mean to 1m
rude no one knows hi name, and
the children call him thai. Aum
Margie, coax mamma to let me ak
Margaret drew the little girl to her
ridi', smuiii;:
"Tell ua who ho is, dear, and why
ou want to invite him wo much "
And then Lily told . a tale- that
blaiivliid their cheeks with horror
how a mouth betote she had beeu
playing will) aoniH little companions,
win u, lookinr up, they saw a dug run
iniig rapidly toward them, with bis
head down, and loamitit: lit Hie mouth.
They had Mrct ly had time to realize
their peril whin "Old Limpy" rushed
in Indil ot the rabid animal, and with
Ins ciutt-h struck miuIi a blow us laid
thi animal dead at his Uet.
"I did not tell you then, mamma,
tor I knew how it would liiifhtcii you;
bi.t I meant lo tell oil lo dav, ami
ask you it I might iuvile him to lite
Ol course Lily got her w ish, and a
moment later saw her flying down
the load to Hie little collage, all em
Imwered with ro-es, wln-re livwl the
eccentric man lo whom she had taken
Mich a st-ronj: fancy.
Jle wan 1-enlcd mam a rustic bench
up. Mini saw the child he held out his
"Atlia!" he exclaimed.
It is Lily Kthelirjr," she said, as
she came near ut Ins side.
True I was dreaming. And what
does little friend waul?"
"I witit yon toeoinelomy mamma s
party next week. She told uie to ak
A mockino; lauj;'' ""2 froni n" "l"'
"1 at a parly I 1 "
Lilv's soli blue eves dwealtan in
st: nl on the stern lace, to which all
the bitteiufst had come back, and
t'len filled with tears. As he saw the
child's tenr-tiiled eves a light sprang
into his taee, and agaip, as at first, be
opened hi arms.
Lily sprai ji into them. a$ '
"I bke you 1 lore you!" idie whia
There was a silence, and the m n'a
stroiiir Irani' aliook with sobs,
Luve mi 1" he exclaimed. ''Acain
I hear those words they unman me!"
buiiileiily he clasped her passionate
ly to his In-east.
"Child." he said hoarsely, "once .a
fin e as lair as yours told me thosi'
same words. Then I was nun; and
handsome; now" hejooked down at
his deformed limb.
Controlling himself with an efjorl
herliaM'd the child from his arms,
and said:
4,I will come to your party to please
von, little one, lor you have said you
love me."
When Lily, In artless language, tobl
what had passed, Mrs. Ellicliny's face
irrew verv i.ale.
The evening of the party arrived,
and ihe pinHs were almost all assem
bled, when M " irieuil came lino tin
F.rilliaeilv liirhted narbiCs. What a
iliaime Irom the morose man, Irom
.... . r7
p ... .
whose flaslniiL' eves the tiinajje cnii
dreu shrunk in aftrigl! )
True, his deformed limb was very
L.-.lieealde: but the high lorcbead from
which ihe ilark hair, thiealci Here
ami there with silver, wa carelessly
brushed back, and the finely cut, am
sitiye lips, traye lo his lace a sirikinit
lieautv. l.i v snraii!? to meet mm
and led him lo her mother.
Mamma " tdm said, 'this is my
Iriend. Mr. " She hesitated,
(' bowing, in a wsy that
uliowcd be was not unused to the
forms of society, he finished her sen
Edward Hyde."
Mrs. Etlu liinr started. Lot quickly
...rolled herself, and grar.fully pre
seutut him to her guests; The party
wss a suceeiw; I nit alter all it wss a
over, and Lily s-nt to bed, Mrs. Et he
in, in her rum. enri.eled by her sis
ter s lovtnz trms. cave way to n
- .... t
I i, : . - i. , .i i,M..Wh,
- . -"-. ':
' ' l,e was dead! Oh, must I lell him?""! dies of other countries iu the numher
noihmg hastily, sister," touo-lot liraceletl
' nled Margare "but tt weuld be only'30 are ofuo
11.. nAi mr tiatt v ettir " eouo
right to ask him here oflen, and then
you can tell whether is would be for
our little mitt's good."
And so it was that Edsrar Hrde
became a frequent visitor to Mrs,
Etheling'a homo. The bitter look
gradually failed away from the dark
eyes, never more to return.
Time passed. The more Margaret
saw Edgar Hvdo the more she be
came attracted towards him until, all
unawares, s'io began to look lor his
coming, and to foM happier when he
wss near. Urto atieruoon. as she sat
alone in the library the door opened
and E'k'tr entered unannounced. A
lovely flush tii..ioned tin' pure cheek
a she ross to greet him; but his face
was verv pale and his band trembled.
Surprised, she noticed his emotion.
"I have come to say farewell," he at
'a-t said, in a husky voice. "A long
farewell for I am u'niii to Europe."
1 he ftrl s hamls clasped convulsive
ly the back of the chuir from which
he had iicn.
"Farwelir Ooingto Europe? Why?"
"Yea!" His voice was hard and
strain d. "Yes, going as far as I can
Irom here; lor I poi r, deformed urea
lure that I am have dared to love
you you, with all your beauty and
lie sank into a seat, and covered
his face with his bauds, as he went on:
"Ih ive struggled and fought against
it God knows how hard! lor 1 know
how hopeless Low utterly hopeless
"Edar do not go! Stay stay lor
He looked, np, and there kneeling
at his feet, with her sweet tace hidden.
was Margaret. A great gladness il
luminateil his face as he claspei her
in hia arms.
Mareai el! Margaret!" was all he
After a while, when the first rupture
was over, as thev sal side by side Ed
gar spoke:
"Let me tell you, my darling, mv
sad story."
11 glanced down st Ins crippled
limb as he spoke, while Margaret, di
yiuiiig his thoughts, laid her soil cheek
n'sinsi his.
' .... ii iw llllirlil
... ,,lt ix out the fi-v " it; . V.
Inr , w-mishV Iroken failh; lor,
Marga el, I have been niairieil, ami
my wile deserted me. 1 loved hel
madly. She waa beautiful Lily re
minds me ot her and she pretended
to love me, I was rich then; but my
money took to itself wings, and just
at that lime a terrible tail made me
the cripple 1 now am. . Sne nevei
loved me; for when 1 arose from the
sickness ray accident had occaMimcd
she fled to lu r old home. I never
sought her. They went abroad and
died then-; and I never saw her again.
Then 1, deserted by my wile, poo"
and deformed. said in my heart. '(jod
has forsaken me; liencetor'h I will
shun human friendship.' Some litre
after, a legacy lell me by an uncle
again gave me wealth; but 1 slill ltuj
ged my inisanihrophy close to my
brcai-t. until God sent his angel in the
form of a little , bild, and now I, me
who thouchl jov in tins lite wss not
lor me, am loved. Say il once more,
MaruareU Say you love me."
And she did it "I love you." Then
quickly rising, ah abruptly left the
room; but ouiv to return witu per sis
ter and III lie Lilv.
As he rose to greet them, Eduar
could not help wondering at ihe sup
pressed etnotn u wine!! a.'itateii the
ounteuauce ot all three, liut lie was
soon enlightened.
'Ed.'sr Ilvde," Mrs. Elheling said
Mariuil has told me of Iter happi
lies, and now I have a strange thing
to tell to you. The woman who so
earilesslv des Tied you was my im
band's cousin. ' VV e met her ami her
mother in Italy. The mother died ol
(ever contracted in Koine, and only
six months later the daughter died In
giving lir.h to an iiilant. tihe begged
in tuk the child aud nnu its taim r
and I promised to do s; but when
returned 1 win Id never ascertain any
thing about you, aud lor jrrara have
thought you dead. Wiy is Uiatcnuu
snd vour daiiiil ii r!" '
It was a touching seen when Mar
iriret. lak'utL' the little u'irl's h uid led
her to her lather, w ho, wnn ir. mining
arms, pressed his promised wile aud
ficwly found child close to bis heart.
. . . , . . . i i- .
So it la, '-liod mot es in a niyienous
way His wonders to perioral." And
what seems lo he our ureaiest misfor
tune, oftentimes leads to our greatest
William Llovd Garrison, in his re
cent i-onsoliug letter lo W. E. Cliau
dh-r. s-ks o bo allowed lo share any
oni.roliriiitn thai may be heaped upon
. . . . - . -. i-
inn liy those who snpport ine poucy
il the President, Theie Is not, the
Cincinnati Coirnnercial presumes, say
one who will hj.-ct lo n partner
ship in misery that Mr. Garrison and
Mr. Chandler may torm. They will
be permitted to weep together unop
posed UiMxiuii lidies are ant to exceed la-
- ol liraceletl ineY wear. -roiu i w
acta oo tlelr arma.
Found it Last
" Mister, no doubt yon have all the
leamin' that's required in it aelmob
teacher, but it wants more than lerric
in' to make a man able to teach school
in Cranberry Gulch. You'll soon
find that out if you try. We've had
three who tried it on. One lays there
in the grave-yard ; another lost his
eye aud left,; the last one opened
school and left before noontime lor
the benefit of bis health. He hasn't
hoen back since. Now you're a slen-
er build, and all vour leamin' will
only make it worse, for till our young
loins are ro-jgu aud uon t siaud no
nonsense !"
This waa what the trustees of the
list riot said to my Iriend Harry
lolee, when he made application f r
the vacant position ol teauher.
" me try. l know l am aim
er, but I am tough, and I have a
strong will, said Harry.
"Jest as vol likI There's ihe
school house, and I'll have notice
given if you want It done," said the
I do!" arid Harry. "And IM
pen next Monday at nine a. m."
ihe notice was given, and ihete
was a good deal nf excitement in the
gulch, and along the Yuba flats.
iMore than filly young people of bolh
seies, ma le an excuse to .trop into
the tavern to get a sight ot the til
ow who thought he could keep school
that district, and many a con
mpluotli glance tell on the slender
form and youlhtul face ot tho would
lie teacher.
Eixhi o'clock on Monday morning
cane, and Harry Flotee went down
to the school-home, with a key in one
laud and a valise m the other.
''Ready to slope it he finds we're
too much for him," said a crosseyed,
liroad shoulcred lellow of cin.tccii.
he school-house was unlocked, and
the new teacher went to tho. desk.
Somo of the young lolka wi nt in to
see what he was L'oiug to do, though
utiool was not called.
Harry opened his valise and took
out 0 large belt. Then, after buck:1
LVoYi's Vvyi-evSlves' there, each of
six barrels, and a bowie kuifu igh-
teen inches in the blade.
"Thunder He means business,"
muttered tho cross eyed chap.
The new teacher now took out l
square card ab.iul four inuun each
wsy, walked to the other end of the
school-house and tacked il up against
the wall. Returning to his desk, he
drew a revolver from Ins bell, aud
quick as thought sent ball utter hall
into ii e earn, mi ineie were six oans
in a spol not much larger than a sil
ver dollar.
Hv this time the school house was
half full of large boys and girls. The
in lc ones were abaid to come in.
Then the teacher walked half way
town the room with th bowie knile
in Ids ban. I, and threw il with so true
a han I thai it stuck quivering in the
very centre of the card.
He lell it there, an I put tw mere
knives of the same kiud in bis bi ll;
and quietly reloaded his smoking pis-
'Ring the bell; I am about to open
lls spoke to the cross eyed boy, honor he put upon the profession m
the bully of the crowd, and the boy i,ui faUehocd. Yet this willful falsi
rang ihe bell without a word. tier has a sent In the most exaUed
"The scholars will take their acais;
I rioen s hoot with prsyer." he said
sternly, five minutes latter.
Ihe scholars sal down, silent,
almost breathless.
Alter the ora vr the teachor cocked
a revolver and walked dowu on the
-W l nrrancfs i ho classes " he
.aid. "All i ho can read, write iand
' - - r . -
pel), will rise. 01 them we will
, ...... ... -r ,
tirm I he first class."
f)i.l ais ,n,t nn. II 'escorted
tti.iin t.h m.i.ur a..ts And then he
"j -- e--- -r- . .
-ii'".- ..
I.u,rui. i,. .min lb a real. A wins
... i..r.i l,l,in,l him. In a
.f.nnd lie -i liided. revolver in band.
. ..
t'M, u , y, .,- n.r y ll..u t.l h.-re lie
thundered, and lor an instant bis re
. . . .
vol ver lay on a level wilh the cross
'...... ' .
' 1 11 not ao so any more, gaspeu
the blllly.
I S.,, .nil rin nnl I nVVP OIVS1
i . .u,,i ihu tuu.,i,wr.
.n.l I.. rii,lir,.r Ij. 1.
Il look two hours to organize the
..ld.i.i lint, urlii.n diinu iheV Wi-re
well orgintz d. .hen came recess.
I he teacher wenl out, too, lor tile
- ..
room was crowded and hot. A haw
was eirulinff overhead bisrh hi the air.
The teachei drew a revolver ami
...n a..iiii.l iI,m i awk itaine luinldim;
down among Hi- wondering scholar.,
vrn.n ,i, .ta. ..I. ll.rrv kani
bod lor two t ears iu Crsnbeny
A I . .. . , . . . 7 "
, ,. . j.. .i.i.. I i . ...
liuicn, nis salary uouuivi aucr iw
first qjisrtcr, ami bis pupils leamei
to love as well as lo respec' him, and
the revolvers went out of sight with
in a inoftth.
They hsd found a man at last
could ep school. 1 his if a lact,
A new snd extensive Chinese thea l Subscribe lor the Ecqkxs Cut
tre is to be erected io Sen Francisco. Gcsao.
rnorlatton of Scdator Edniandt. '
San Francisco Examiner.
Nobody in Ins senses would place
dopendeiioe in anything thai Senator
Edmitnds.ol Vermont, states orr..akes
oath to, with the recollection of the
perfidy of that unset upulotis Radical
leader before him in the Electoral
Commission fraud. Nor do any who
know him accept as true anything he
declares or affirms. In a recent law;
esse in which he was engaged at coun
sel, triod before the United Slttei
District Court, New York, notwith
standing: bis notorious readiness to
misrepresentation and falsehood, the
Court waa disposed lo receive as truth
fill his solemn assurance, upon hit
word of honor, that a certain paper
hud been read twice to the Conn, and
that he himself had read it. The de
libersle'y lalse statement so amazed
M r. Edward N. Dickerson, ot the Nevv
York Har, engaged upon the other
side, thai he at once indignantly said
to his associate the statement of Mr;
Edmunds was made O'U ot whole cloth,
without a shadow of foundation for i..
From the alleged facta the Vermont
Senator raised an argument against
the integrity of Mr. Dickersnn's cli
ent, churning him with dchherata
fraud aud perjury. In his closing ar .
irument ihe latter showed by reference
to the evidence that the supposed
tacts had no existence, and were pure
fiction. In all his practice, hu told
the Court, be had never met ''so dan
gerons an ndvcisary in dealing with a
question of fact as the Honorable
George P. Edmunds." He closed lha
refutation nf the charge of fraud in
the following caustic manner: "The
rattlesnake, driven to the corner in
despair, plunges his poisoned fangs
into his own body and dies in agony;
and that t'uluiny ia the rattlesnake
whose fangs were timed at Jacob
Etey, but did not reach hiin.und now
are plunged into its own body; and
Ihe serpent will die here no ore tne
Court in mortal agony. The Honor
ab'e Gcoriro F. Edmunds, with that
testimony before him. which he had
read lwicfJ.-.viijfi'rcliarirea'of per
mry against Jacob Estey; and, with
Nnutimoninus air, lamented that hit
duty compelled htm to expose sucq
Lr niinals to judicial censuie, but con
soled the Court with the reflect mo
that it waa but a repetition of human
experience, and that but for such men
and such crimes Courts would not ex
int. In my opinion, the men who da,
lilimtely wrote theso diabolica! 80
citations, founded upon such faets,and
deliberately aud publicly declaimed
inem in una presence, nnv a. m-uncr
heart nor consoiencej lor they exhibit
neither charity nor pity-neither iruin
nor shame."
Senator Edmunds writhed under
the excoriation ot the eloquent and
I eminent lawyer, even as a serpent
writhes under the blow of a rod. But '
)U had no word to offer in his vindi
cation. Ho had williilly slated that
.which vas false upon a question oi
.rrave lact. He was delected in the
I iMtneliooil. on1 dcno.iiiocd for having
uttered it, by an honest, incorruptible,
gallant, alei ling gentleman, wnom ne
,Hred not face iu denial, and wh
scorned snd loalhed In in lor the du
IO( v in the land! He is a represcnta-
live Radical of Vermont.
A I'm HuMMiNO Bikd. A yountf'
adv in this t-it v exhibited to a CAron-
. .- -. ,
icl reporter yesterday an unusual ana
very interesting little pet. it was w
iiiiinmnur lord ol most uelite torm ana
i . . -, t
brilliant ulumage. in a lancy cane oi
I . " e
delicately-wronght and cunningly
. .
fashioned lace. I waa as pretty
piet tire." '1 he bird lell Irom us nest
when too voung to ny, ana ao was
I .. t . o. - f. r
easily caught. one nuiseu u mr a
. .. ,r . ,. ....
I week, leedinz H every iiau.umir uur
inffihedav. Tnkinc a liitle vial stish
I as is used for homeopathio globules,
... ,. .:...,
Irom ner pouKei. ami expiaiuniK tiia
it was filled with thick syrup made by
la. I a .mI.S '
- iliaoivmg ioai sugar in a niua wir,,
.he drew ihe cork and presented It to
II. I. t..n.:.. tvi.t u-l..,.t, LnmAtinlaltf
vo oihurmi .
inaiTWl ' nrwn-r iim, m-
M I U S IHH'.T.Uliu piv ri J
.niit. nteill v as could be. taking in all
I . . - C.M
nerliatia IWO rop. ouit I funmw
A lata ioad at xiomb;. .urn. jo-
I m-m Mm . . 1
Kay, on I enire sireei, nas iienuuo.i
fm;hia, which has on it at una nine
ove 20U lloi.somsand buds. Among
ihe the loltage of her planta on tne ver
I siids.stniL'l v ensconced in a geranium
leaf, is a diminutive specimen of the
Lit ! hat rac.hmn commonly caueu i no
. - , ...... .
I tree-toad. The leaf unai-cnton.ed to
.. 1;. . ...
ils strange burden nas cnangcu ne
a I 1 la crsen to lisle yellow, and
tha little atiin al has chinged ils color
to correspond with that el rie ieav
Ve never knw one to leave the trees
or bushes before. This one sings his
inonoinnons song every evening.
Ae York Sivpen$ioH Uricfje.