The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, August 10, 1878, Image 2

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BUSINESS. Matters of ft penonal
character charged for at regular adver
tising rates, to lie paid Invariably in ad
vance. .1 ..j
It was supposed by a largo majority
of the people of ail parties when Grant
failed in getting the nomination for a
third term that ho was finally dis
posed oi so iar as his pretensions to
the Presidency were concerned. It is
now very evident that tho admirers
of GranlUra had no idea of relinquish'
.ing their fa vorito theory ol the perma
uent establishment of 5"trongMor
military government in lieu of a con
stitutional ri'Publio. From recent do-
'.velopmenlM it appears that Grant was
sent to Europo'nnd maintained there
at the expense of these conspirator
for fear that his natural obslinancy
and want ot , foresight would pruma
turely expose their plot. Their plans
are all uuw iuuiurd and they propose
da few months to bring him back
and parade him through the country,
thinking thereby to create an cnthusi
.asm iu his favor among tho people
that will sccuro his nomination. It is
significant laot that Grant's admirers
and partisans, in their eulogies of him,
never rclcr to the acts of his civil ad
mieistralion, but laud him as the
greatest military genius of the age,
This country has bud enough ot mili
tary rule in tho last twelve years to
do for a ocnlury.
Wo now want statesmen who aro
. wise and honest enough to undo what
military rulers have done to rdstore
troipoi'ity that military ru'ers have
.well nii(h destroyed.
JJotween Granlism and Commun
ism tliore is littlo choice tho first
means a doxpotio government and the
second, no government at all.
The Crccubark a BouoiIIm. Source or Wealth.
Ono of the most pathctlo as well as
ludicrous ''signs of tho tiiW' is, says
tho N. Y, Day Book, thut largo and
boistorous orowd that tallow Peter
, Cooper and his "l.-ionda" with such
touting faith, that their salvation ii
wrappedup in tho greenbnek 'and des
lined to a full Jnilticu of tlcssodness
iud beatitudo jast as soon as tho
.country can r'm abovo the Old World
-barbarism of a gold standard. With--out
-Urn lemoiest conception ol the
mum of tho popular Buffering, they
have the most touohiognilhvt ehild
hood, that groaubacks simply gioen
ibaoks will solve all dillloulties and
"bring everything out right, if only
enough ot thesq greenbacks are given
them. They think tho greenback is
actual wealth a souroo of bouudless
and illiiflltablu wealth which this gov
ernment can, at any time, supply the
people with, and they therefore do
jiouuoo the goverumeut lor its mean
nos anil oiuolty in keeping tho peo
pie in poverty, when it has all the
me ns nueessury in its Imndd to ren
dor them universally happy. It it tho
natural resultdVlhe Republican teach
ings ot years ago, when they started
their papor mills, and not ouly taxei!
all other "money" out of existence,
but judges af tho Supremo Court were
made by Grant to decide against com
mon sense and the experience ol msu
Jiind. Of couisu this speoial crate has
no neoeMsary eounecliou with tho prao
tical and sensible policy of paying off
toe bonds in gieenbacks or compell
ing tin government to receive its own
money, for its dues at tho Custom
House. Where will it til end? .Why,
01 course, in a genersl blow up; and
tnea who Mr. Dland's sponge, the
country will wipo out everything, and
begin a now lilo and paper money,
standiug armies and 'Mrce" niggers,
will subido for a century to come.
Speaking for Kaolcrn Oregon, the
Union iStntintl says : "Wo present a
caujiasto who is learned, cultivated
and accumplUhed, who has broad
Jfiewa ou questions o'f Slato and Na.
Clonal policy, who, whilo he will at
tend to our wsntii, will bo a represen
tative of (ho whole Stale." The ed
itor ol the Stutiul is a very modest
man or he would have told us that
the name of this unexceptionable can
didato was McComas.
The faculty with which the news
papers aro now nominating candi
dates for the Presidency is quite re
mailable, remarks tho Philadelphia
Tin. It is a very difficult thing,
howeveruto keep any rsndidato for
more than a few tours without poil-
jVr q this hot weather. ' I
They Cannot Lire Together.
Tbo East Oregonian puts tho case
strongly, but we believe truthlully, in
the lollowing regarding the way tbo
Indians will be treated by tho people
of that country after " peace la re
stored." Wo think they will be fully
justified io dealing with them in this
way: "Ono thing is now demon
strated, viz: The whites and Indians
cannot longer live together in peace.
Tho whites will "break out" as soon
at peace Is restored, and every Indian
lound off the Reservation will be kill
ed, and this strife will io this way
soon be ended. The Indian Agents
may cry peace, peace ; but thero can
never bo peaco until tho last red de
mons, whose fingers are dripping with
tho blood of our Coggans; our Jew
ells, our Nelsons,, our McCoys mid
others, aro numbered with tho good
Indians who have fallen. It will not
suffico that after they killed and plun
dered they return to their allegiance
join in tho fight against the fcnakes.
They must die. Scarcely a day p-ss-s
without somo ol them being pick
ed otr, and thus it will continue till
they are all gtviio-or tint'jl they are ro
moved Irom our midst, and eyery
lime one of them biles the dust ey.ery
good citizen will say anion ; so bo it
bhss the Lord ; hallelujah I
. lutlion Thieve,
From the Pendleton Indeyejidetft.
One day hist week, A. W. Nye, of
Pendleton, in company with Mr. Gi
man, went in search of somo stray
horses. When six miles Irom the
east side ol Wild Horso creek, they
saw a largo band of horses had cross
ed tho road going north in tho d
rcction of tho Columbia rjver, Jn'om
all indications it appeared they had
beon driven rapidly by. Mr. Ny
concluded to follow up tho trail and
see more about it, He travulod about
ono mile, which brought him to Wild
Horso creek, the north boundary of
the Reservation. On tho opposite
si Jo ho b.iw a large band ol hoses that
were Blrangers to him and as most ol
them wore not braided, .and inaoy
were American horses well jade
down bo at oiicq docided that they
wero the properly of the hoBtues
When ho got to the Hurnliart gulch
ho saw two Indians callieiini: np nor
si b. They at first pretended cot to
utidoistnnil his questions. lh olhe
Indian could speak somo jargou, but
uo-saliHlaclory unswer being rcooivci
Irom linn. JNvo arrested him ami
brought him in, when tho sheif! took
him in churgo. Mr. Nye then consult
ed wlili Col, MUner of tho regular
army, who, niter hearing his statu
incut, told him to go nnd bring tho
baud in. Kightceu m n started, am
alter grossing tho Umatilla haltei;
and olocled Nyo captain. Captain
Nyo then divided his nun and pro
Deeded to capture tho drovo. 'Ihey
kiMed one Indian who would not halt
but endeavorod to escape, and look
two mucins an. I live or six hundrci!
horses aid brought them to Pendlo
ton. Our people havo crounds for
hating tho Indians. At a time like
this rash nets may occur, but all men
are not disiioticn.
Indian Slturstiiion. The Indiaus
havo a Bupersitious idea that all the
doad Indians are coining to lito, about
this period, nrul have held such beliel
iu this Bcothn for somo time past,
both during the Modoc outbreak and
the hostilities down the Klamath rtv
er in old Klamath county and Hum
bolt county. .They claim .that no
bullets can barm these resurrected
Indians, and that there are moro la
diaiu now in tho country than white
people. The presence ol'a large num
ber of Indiana, would confirm their
belief to tucb on enthusiastic extent
as to cause tbo most peaceable old
veterans to travel on tho war path.
Vrtla Journal.
It has lor.g becu a subject of un
certainty and conjecture whero lie
Indians obtain their ammunition dur
ing hostilities with tho whiles. A
letter rcoeiveJ by Secretary Stlmrx
from the United States Commissioner
at Salt Lake City, dated July lGth,
sheds somo light ou tho subject. The
Commissioner Bays that tho Mormon
co-operative stt res throughout Utah
and portions of Idaho lupply hostile!
Indians directly or indirectly with all!
kinds of ammunition, and that these
stores, under the management of the!
Mormon priesthood, are located aloni
tbo Iodian border, aud in all the
towi a and hamlets ol the torritory of
Llan, and also in Idaho.
Io the Provincial Parliament at
Victoria a bill was introduced to pot
a tax of $30 per annum on every
blasted Unoamnn. That is a rood
move, ao1 were it not tor the Durlio
game treaty Ore-oo could da like.
wise and Chinamen , wouid become
scarce. "
The San Franoisco Commercial Ad
vocate strikes the nail on the head
when it says that it was a great mis
tako in congress not to transfer the
management of. the Indians to the
war department. The officers of tho
army have a perfect understanding
ot tho hardships to bo onoountered in
hunlicg after warlike savages and in
being hunted by them. For this rea
son they are slow to ferment unright
eous quairels. The Indian agent is
not troubled by any such restraint.
In t'ime of pence he sells the Indians
inleti'ir g lit and ,1.J uliinky at
outrageous price, aud jnnljes money
by the operation. Jo tjiue u. wiir he
drives a still hc,,r Uiiim-s9 iu j:r;i
trabaud goods up 4 ho savages nnu
high-priced supplies t. r the soldiers,
and makes moro money than ever.
Until such time n .(.he nation ceases
to Meal the Indian tribes as judt-pi-ud
eot treaty-making powers, the milita
ty power of the nation t the only
power which can deal with llt suu
cessfuHv, Jt is" .certainly ' fiine1 that
joDio iul'W uielhod ot dealing with
them should ,bu adopted. The outra
geous -management of Indian affairs
has been tho prime cause of the ma
jority of the Indian raids and out
rages recently committed.
A Hazy Item. The Salem Jleconl
is authority for the following : "Two
of the Hayes cleotors so they Bay
are now interested in tho Statesman
The famous postmaster, Watts, an
Odell share the fortunes and misior
tunes of that hazy concern between
them and if Hayes sees through th
hazo that envelopes them, we may
look for somo sudden preferment to
befall ipno or both of them. Di
either ot them come from Ohio ? If
o, there is somo possibility 1-hat
lightning will strike in that direction
Dr. Watts seems lo continue in tl
tieict, ana wo knew something was
tho matter when ho couldn't be roted
down in iho state convention."
An item is going tho rounds to the
effect that a New York reporter join
ed tho Communists, visited thoi
lodges, inspected their books, nnd re
ports in tho various seotions of that
city a Jiltlo less than 00' menj in
Brooklyn, six sectjons, ngiubcring
not more than 500 men. Of the to
tal in both cities nearly 1,000 arc
Germans, and of these liico fourths
at least, are saloon keepers. There
are not moro than 100 Americans en
rolled. Thero are en.ty n few dozen
limhirwn. iho rest aro Iroiwbujun
mainiy rciugecs ot tuo x arid uom
Tho Globe-Democrat, Radical,says
There is to bo no Republican ticket
in Delaware thin year. Undor the
sweet influence of the President's
polhy Republicanism in the South
is rapidly becoming a thing of the
past., And yet, if it had not been for
the votes of States like Delaware,
which .could not possibly help the
electoral strecclh of -the Republican
candidalo, Hayes would never havo
had a possible chance of the Cincin
nati nomination. He was tiouiiuated
by carpet baggers and scalawags.
Tho New York Sun, through a cor
respondent, nominates Gen, Joseph
E. Johcston as the Democratic can
didato for President in 1S80, and
bases the claims of his nominee on
tho crounds that ho is a Jeffcrsonian
Democrat, a statesman of constitu
tional knowledge, a refuser of a Cab
inet position, and llut he was an op
ponent to tho leven to eight business.
Ex-Attorney Goneral Williams in
forms a reporter of the Xe Vnrlf
IrittuM that be thinks Gouoral Grant
will bo renominated by the Rep i! Ii-
cans, and elected. Old Lacdaulctlt
aspicimen brick of Grant's fri.n r.
and the fact that such men uant hi j
eleotcd is the strongest reast n v, hy 1 1
hould not be.
I)r.J..C. A rw. who died iu Mas
sachusetts a few davk ago, left an es
tate worth from $1,000,000 'to 20,
000,000. It was all the result of ad
vertising. His medicines may have
been very eood, but he would have
starved to death it he hadn't adver
tised them.
These are tbo days when the woman
ofthehouso lights down like an ap
parition in the midst of the domestio
garden, swinging a broom, flapping
hsr skirts, kicking sideways with both
jeci at once, snapping her eyes, hump
ing her back and screeching "Shew
there! Shew 1" Il hens.
Suhaur IUlhinir hr munl fit.,..'. U..1..V...
p toe dmry bath tub kae to emnilUlT j
UrnnM the fnur airlW c4 eul4iur hatlu i
that thy are Bo Vwprt iwl Th to, rwat i
i ""l,0"" mlplrar hath txctit iu
prviimmxreii the col MKKxny.and brcmaM !
IU trtBtta aaa b to (TatluaUd aa to ajait it
m.w a.vuraWly lo tli gravity of the ai'.n.wit it !
la tnUai-J u, m,l,(t. I rittatntiV 7 Suth !
". w York. Mi bf dnwrtaU rrrrj. 1
ora. Hiir.Hairan4 Whiter f.KUckari
brown, SOc. " i
lore nrrihle hrticnlars.
Mr. T). C. Calhoun, who wa in th buttle at
Silver creek with KobWni' scouU, mjt it ti
one of the mot penloue timet Be ever ur, lie
txyi the Indians were thete in ooemtleee nuni
ben. There were reiireaenUtivet from alnxwt
eviry tribe in the Northweit iom what they
learned from some oiu equawi vu wofw caj-
Ouvernor Brayman to Buffalo Horn aud Kgan
to viiit tlie Umatilla mpnvy. ThU poai was
given in May, the month before the outbreak,
and wa indorted by the Umatilla mfent ty )ha
effect that Buffalo II cm and Egan had vuited
that agency.
The object of thu vUit was to make arrange
ment to go on the war path and for the Ume
tillai to join them. The Umatillae met thero
on John Lay's river and helped to run off itock.
and kent nartiallv with them and ahead and
drove cnnaideralile- etock acrona the Ctilumliia
river. Some of Moaee' Columbia Indiana, Yak
imaa, N'cz Perces and othen were aluo engaged
In the effort to get the itock ocron the Colum
bia. The Umatillai and Columbia Indiana had
jiot come out oienly, and the failure of the hoe-
tilea t win the fight at Cayuae and the agency
turned them on the other aide, though he thinka
they got a good deal of etock acroaa the Colum
bia over, and manr of the Indiana from the
northern tribe left the hostile and got acroaa
the Columbia river at that time. The captured
amiawa reuort the hostile Terr much broken
up at the present time, and that there are none
now in the field but tli Malheur Indiana; that
the Bannock have gone home to their tribe,
etc. which atorie are not credited. Calhoun
aav while some have acattered and a few are
killed, there are irtentv of hottilo in the field
and they are liable to continue the war for a
long time. Smearage aayi old Eagle-Eye, Chief
of the Weiaer Indiana, ia surely kijled. The
Umatilla Indian killed him, ana Smeaugeaaw
him after be wa dead, and turned him over
and took a good look at him and know it wa
Eaele-Eve. 'The captive all aar that Buffalo
Horn waa allot by an Indian scout at the Silver
City fight, who went out with the wmte. ue
lived fnup dava and died.
Jack Campbell ia very badly wounded, bnt
there ia aome hope that lie will recover.
Calhoun and Kmearage both ny that the
march through the John Dav valley ahowed
more brutality than they ever heard or read of
in any other aavagea. They cut atriia of hide
from horse, two to four inche wide the whole
length of the body and left them alive. Others
thev stuck their knive into and ripped them
down from the backbone to the belly, and left
them walking around with their bowel pro
truiliiur. Thev found -five Merino buck with
the lower joiut of each leg unjointod, walking
around on the stump, with skin ant meat peeled
up an inch or two above the bone.
The tortures to many of the niee that they
killed were too obscene t descrilie. and if pos
sible, more brutal in their t haiactct than what
they practiced on the dumb brutes, only they
hnully uiu them to neatn before tliey leit.-lnem.
Im hut weather, wien there u nn jtoiiing aen
aatun over the surfucc.ol the body which no or
dinary lth will remove or even paNinte, tllenn'a
Hulphur Soap in tlte ana l-atli affrda iastant
relief. The time hi coming for such annoyances
to present thunwelvea, nd it will lx"tt f.ivor for
those tubiuctcd to them to know thut the warm
bath and that invaluable soap are unfuiling
when all other applications are truitiow, (Tit,
tentnu's. No. 7 Sixth avenue New York. Sold
by druggists. Hill's Hair and AYhMcer Pye,
block or brown, DUo,
Fut People IislI)- "Sunslriick."
VuJt neniibi are not mil v liable to suddi-n death
from heart disease, kpoplexv, etc., but aUtiic
show that they at? mure liable than .others, to
unHtnikirMi(l allectiens anMingrrnraextnttie
heat. As estensiv exnericnoa in the treatment
of corpulence has resulted in the introduction of
A 11....' . ' i ...J IT... . . . . .i 1 ,..
remedy tor tlie cure at tin teinlde condition.
It une iusurcs.a reduction f ftuic tvo to five
pouni's p.-r week. If corpulent people who are
exposed to the rays ot the sun Taltie lire, and f
comfortable existonce, let thoiu use Allan' Anti-
Fat. Sold by druggist.
Tuo Benefits ioh a vory largo class of
the population pas ly dci;ivix( frisu
the use of sulphur bathing hy means of
(ilcnn'i Sulphur 8onp in warm water, has
been very precoptible in all vicinitio. It
will be nmch- marked as soon a that pure
ami clTicacious soap shall have been more
generally nsed amonj t!io jmorer population.
Every method should he employed to bring
it into mora general notice, and to nrce it
mxtii avenue, iN. i. hr all jaruggwt.
mil a iiuir ami wumker I've, black or
brown, 50c
State ef Oregon, for tlie County of Lane.
Linuie E, Horn, l'Luutirl, Suit iu equity for
V. rfivnrr It
o: i it 1 .1 . . .... '
oiuney jiorn, xeivn(iaut.; ol minor cuild.
Ta u.i.... tr.. .1.. 1 f 1 a
In the name of the Htate of Oregon you are
answer the complaint 'of 4he ldnintiir. eled
uereuy (uminoneti to appear m aaid Lourt and
ncriH, ui(iawisji irom sue j:ive 01 er
viiK of this summons upon yon, if you are
served iu Lane county or within twenty day
from service es von If vou am served in anv
other county in s;iid Htate, er if lf publication
ol aunimon, then ay the tint Mouday in No-
i.ui-vi, oi uiat ucifig toe nnu uay oi me
term following the exiiiration of the time tire-
Van. I.... IITU .U... k..! .L. I .1
scribed by th order of tlie Court It is ordered
by the lion. J. F. WaUon. Judirenf mii.t ( jnirt
uuieii diuy .".in, ii s, tnnt service of sumuons
in the above entitled cause be made br nuhli
canon ot summon in the Ui Cut Uuabo
for six consecutive weeka, and if you fail to
answer th some, judgment and decree will be
taken at,-aiust Vou for the relief braved for hi
. ....
complaint, namely : A dimolution of the bonds
uiuuciy : a aimomuon oi uie oonna
nv existing between you and the
id that plamtitf have the custody of
hilil, Mi.ldie Ethel, and inch other
ui UHuniuwi
ilaiutiff, aiul
the infant chit
and further relief aa to the Court mar e-m
o.uiiauie aim just, and tor the costs and uii
buraomenU of suit t. B. DOKR1S.
602.-OW Plaintifi' Attorney.
4 WELL IMPRflVVn VAI!r or jj
acre, situated about a half a mile south
went of Kiiurne City. For further nartii-uluv.
inquire at the Ccasd oliioe.
v nn a tji anan artp on a rullof
And invite th trntion of housekeeper.
JJBUJSJ.1 wjmjii lMaaapsseat;
Mrs. M. L. Jillson,
V. aaUnt teacher are stoptiing ia thiJ
itr Sraehmg th art ol euttimr
.-vcqws, I Wrapper. ChiMrrc-
l.hing. eta AU this wUl be Uught Irer
..... .r. )-'u-m given, tnis induce
iient ie giv to Introduce th onlr nerfect
1 rnom wuJiiag to avail thenuelvr oi
Ida oj t.tunitT will do Weil to rail at one
the ladM will l-luit bat a short tin i,
'.lie city. . .
1 bey alo fw sale the favorite Amtricar.
I'laittng Machine for nuliuj kuifs and box
TwMty live 4P-ts auted to m
v th Pacific Coat. Calls f. ,
lt,i VWk at He Art-e H.w.
. Rosenblatt x
At the old tnd, Southwent corner of Eighth
and Vt lUameiie reww,
kogknk crnrv oitrcooN;
f '
Have the moat tomjilei iocil of
General Merchandise
- fnthedty, hidnding
Dry Goods,
J Etc.te.
And in fact everything &e market demand,
- Wbtcft w ai ennjg
Paid for all kinds of farm produce
delivered at our Store.
S. Rosenblatt & Co.
4gilint Loss by Fire
Li.ep1 & London & Globe
Chas. Lauer, Ag't
Miss E. A. J. Ford, M. D.,
Disrates ot Women.
Office and residence at Mrs. J. B. Under
wood'a, near tho depot
Office hours from 7 A. . to 5 r. M.
SaJe of Real Estate.
by virtue of an order of the County Court
of I.ane county, Oregon, made at the July term,
1878, 1 will oifcr for sale at public auction to
the highest bidder, at the Court Hoiute door in
Eugene. City, Oregon, on Saturday, the 31st
day of August, 1878, all the right, title and in
terest of Vt'm. K. Gay in and to the following
described premises, being an undivided eleventh
interest therein, to-wit : One undivided one
eleventh of the donation claim of M. IV Gay
and wife, notihicatinn No. CuSJ, in sec a o, 8 and
17, T. 19, 8. IU S, W. t also W. 1 and 8. K. J
and W. of X. K. of See. 6 and N. J and lot
1, 2, S and 4 of Si 7, ul lota 1, 2 and 3 of
Sec 8. aud 5L W. i of S. W. i and lot 7 of See.
5. T. W ft B. 3 west: Also S. W. I of Sec. 36
1. 18 si. K. t W. and Si. i ol Heo. 1 1. 1 . IL
i ill .. f II IAiM . -T i
i iv ,coiiuuniUKiDiui acres, in uuw county,
Oregon; the sale to commence at 1 o'clock r. M,
ot said day.
Terms of sale cash in TJ. S. coin.
T. V ir
1 1 1 1 " VIIWIUJAN.
War has commencEd in Europe
J. on illiMootte htreet and having bought th
interest of W. T. Osburn in the firm of Calli
on k Osburn, is pretiared to furnuh all wht
may give him a call with the best quality of
every thing nsually kept in a first clas grocery
uu 'ruviM"n svrre, siicn aa
at req,-)ahle rate for CASH or fRODUCE.
Give me aallnd see what I eaa do for you
Thankful for past patronage I ipxije jpn to
call again. ' - . ,
Goods delivered in arrr cart ol lb rtv sVm1
of charge. R. G. CALLISCTN.
Hew York Weekly Herald
The circulation of this YiormVr immina.
k ai . r . . , . '. r 7. -r-r--
uaa mure ui in ireDiea ounng uie jm year.
It contains all th leading new contained in
tlie 1AVILY llUALn. and ia nru-nl In hmnA,
uejinf iweou. l ue
A i . nn . "
embraces snecial diaatches from all quarters
ot -tne gluoe, together unbiassed, f;thful and
graphic picture of ttie great War io Europe.
Under the bead nf I
are given the Telegraphic Dennatches of jkh
week from all part of the Union. ThUe
tL4Sost Taluable newsuarjer in th. wnrM u it
j. 4i -i. . . i -
i kite ciirnjrcnfc
iivery We?k Is given a faithful report of
embracing' eieirpliite and comprehensive des
patches from WawiNaTOX. inrhiHinc full n..
port of the peeche ef eeuinent politician on
mis quoiiiiins oi vne nonr.
of the U'ieklt Herald mm th.l.i u
as the most uarcticarnicvmtions inri
ie relating to the duties of the farmer, bint
for raining Cattle, Povltrt, Grains, Trh,
Vicktablks, It, 4c., with suggestion for
pair. Thi ia implemented by a well edited
"l"'B nuiiuing ana farming utensils in re
department, '
ly copied, nnder the hesd nf
giving recipe for practical dishes, hint
makine clothing? am
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bw oik Herald,
Broadway A Aaa St. X.w Y,t .
ihoefc AUdWtfrf-,.
Dissolution Notices
the pwrtncifithip heretofore eiiitin 'be 4
tweeB Lakni Jt,Kooney was dissolved, brl
a !. 41.. 1 rl, ,l. .'7.
TM) btwines will be enrried on at the ol.ij
ttand by D. B. Lakin. who will collect all debtJ
due the fum and settle all debts against thai
firm. i,. I
it. K. Lasix; t
J. T. ItNI.T. . I
Tl. C. Tan Houten b autborixed to rm!.!
and receipt iir ait vuu hiu iwwmnii QUe
. t i, t.iii i .
oldfirm. .;..:. ' ' v l K. Laiix
Corner Spear ft Mission itreeta, San Francisco;
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Weights. CorOm and I' a I Icy a. I
Importer of
onutAX jpmcH asd jsclilh wisdow cum,
It, 21 and 26 oz.
r Born Specialty.
ho. 65 Ffcosr srmssTv Posfm? Otw
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xk. nil kind at inside firurn. bf
Albert Jacksori, Artist,
Tate I'hntogmphii, ,Uein, Canls, Cabinet
and Li(e-Sie, eljlo ami (ioioh-etjusl to aay
work done i the State. . Price rnwnable.
GALLERY Willamette rtreet, Eogen
City, tVegon, ever itr. .Jackwin's Millinery
8e. . V,t13;Cni
d law priors, mvived T y
THE -: 7 '
Ie atill at the old stand and is prepared to do
all kind of general Jobbing, home-shoeing, re
pairing, etc. Having secured the service it
VtflNVW hn1 1 w!D 1Ke th repairing vt
FARM M ACHlNEJlY a speciality.'
By Calling at the
Wniamctt t, Eagww CHt, Or.,' "
Yon wiM find tW betl brands of
CIGARS, ' i :.
PIPES. .1 :
F -. UTS.
etc, ever brought to this city.
. V laporrls' Brick Bonding r;.;
Groceries d Provisions.
Will kqp om haa.1 a general asmrtmest of
Groceries Provisions, Cored Meat.
lohacco, Cigar. Cendiev,
labile, Hoapn, Notions,
. Green and Dried Fruits, '
Wood and Willow Ware, ' '
Crockery, Eto, j
BuaiiMiia will be ootxlocted oa . j .W
. . Which mean that '
Low. Prices arc. Dtab!ishe
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Coodi wtlittrtd vUboot thri U Bnjrr
which 1 will pay U highest market prid.
'--; LYNCH k si ANT.
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hraachc nenteI siLk JUrt. J iSZ.
faction gTiaranUetl. .. . . .-"
Baker's Solution,,
UTiii-kby reaaoaof ha alternate nalitie
u ear car for rheumatic affection, Wotrh
Paple ranbarm and beadarheL It ah
uihi aanraled for clean mf bdies and pent
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