The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 13, 1878, Image 2

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8A.TX7R1JAY. JULY 13. 17H.
BUSINESS. Matters of a personal,
character charged for at regular adver
tialng rates, to he paid Invariably In Ad
vance.. fomplrtcd,
Tbo Iridjjo Bcrow tlio McKenzic, nt
Spores' ferfy, was completed nnd
opened for travol last weok. This
is the fourth bridge built by Miller Si
Son. in Lane county These gontlo
men have acquired an enviable repu
tation as architects in their special
line. Lane county now has more and
better bridges than any other county
in the Slate, although our neighbors
down the river still sneer at us as
being ono of the "cow counties."
Multnomah and Marion have expen
ded a vast amount of gas, and lob
bied bills through the legislature,
authorizing those counties to iasue
bonds for the purpone of bridg
ing the Willamette, subject to a
Tote of the tax payers of those
counties. 1'ut, when tho question
came to a vote, tho parsimony of the
old " Salmon-eaters, " with whom
theso counties are principally settled
cropped out, and the proposition was
defeated; consequently, thoy still
wait half an hour or an hour for their
turn, just as wo had to do in our boy
hood when, wo went to the ' lions
mill" with our bag of own. Lane
county has moro and better bridges,
romantic scenery, i iuh tillable land,
enterprising liberal and intelligent
business men, ( our advertising
ooluimw), 'moro model hou.ewives,
beautiful and lovely maidens, atlrao
live widows aud prettier babies than
ny'Salmou" county in the State,
How's that for ono of the "cow coun
' A woumlcrfiil Care.
Another wouudorlul cava has ro
oently boon discovered near, Glasgow,
Kentucky. It has already been
explored for a distance of twenty
three miles iu one direction, called
tho "Long Uoute," and sixteen miles
in another (liroclion, oalled the "Short
Uouto." The avenues are verv wide,
and a wagon can easily bo drawn
through for a distance ol eleven
miles, Threo rivers, wido. and very
deep, bio enuouutercd in the "Lonj
lioiiie." Ono of them is navigable
for fourteen miles until the passages
became loo narrow to admit a boat,
This forms the third, or river route
which has to. be explored iu a bunt,
Tbo cave is wouudel'ul bcyouud do
acriptioii and far supersedes in grand
aur the Mammoth, or any. cave ever
bo for o discovered. Several mum
mifled remains have been, discovered
in cue Urge room.. They, were te
posing in stotiu sodius, rudely von
structod, and from their appearance
may have becu iu tho cavu for eon
Juries. Thoy present every appear
anoo of Egyptian mummies. Greai
excitement prevails over this very im
portant discovery. Mr. Edward Mor
iimer, of Chestnut street, Louisville
Kjr., purchased three of the mummies,
and has them, now iu his possession
Major Geo. M. rroctor, of Ulasgow
Juuction, Ivy., purcliased tho rumuiu
dcr of the mummips from the owner of
Uio cavo, whoso uutne is Thomas Kel
ly. lie in, or rather was, a few days
ago, a very poor man, struggling to
nuke a payment on a farm ot tweuty
four acres, upon which, by mero acoi
U.ut the eutraueo to this wouuderful
cavo was discovered. He realized
about lloOfrom the sales of tho mum
intea, aud is now ofl'uied 10,01)0 for
the cave. The en'.raneo to the cave
is within tho town limits, and only
about two minutes' walk from the
depot. The newly discovered, cavo
has been named tho "Grand Crystal
Cavo," aud it is as beautiful as the
world implies. Ladders aud bridges
are beiug constructed, and J. U. Tuck
ttt, a capitalist of the town, anuoun:e
his intention of having a small steam
boat constructed expressly for the
purposo of navigating its wonderful
rircra. Sau Francisco Chronicle.
A lady in Springfield, Mass., has
teen faking some interesting exper
iments iu putting up canned goods
without cooking. Heating the fruit
tends more or less to tho injury, of
the flavor, and t'ie lady referred to
Las found tha', by fulling the caiis
with fruit and then with pure cold
water, and allowing them to stand
until all the confined air has escaped,
and fruit will, if then Krfct, keep
Indefinitely without change, or ij
ul original fiatur.
Contrast. "Some men aro wiso
and some are otherwise." This old
Scotch " saw " is effectually demon
strated in every business community,
and in every journal oflico n tho
country, eyery day. Tho solicitor
for a newspaper goes to Old bcrujjgs.
who has just qommcuccd business in
the agricultural implement,dry goods,
variety, hardware, pea nut line, (or
any oilier branch of trade for that
matter), and asks him to advcrliso his
wares, in nine cases out of ten these
old fossils will reply: "Oh, it's no
use to advertise in your paper; no
body will evor see it." But just let
ono obscure country paper ventilate
tho shortcomings of old Scrogg, the
dealer, or young Spriggs, tho profes
sional, tho proprietors are threatened
with criminal prosecution" that
would consign tho offender to a half
century's imprisonment aud a fine that
would bankrupt Kolhchilds, "becauso
cw crybody would read it, and coiise
qiienlly, my reputation (worth two
bits) would be damaged to the amount
of a million."
A letter lust received from Tilot Ruck
i.ivi Howard attacked tlio Iudiam at liens-
lev's mill, alxmt 400 strong. Repulsed them
three times and be is still liyliuug. Cult
ured 41X1 to MO head of stuck, provisions and
aniiuuuition. .Stock mid klootcluueu sre
along i liftocn wounded, two mortally. .
,. i ii ...i i t. iu..t it..,. i, n it A
M . imiiur towards Willow Klirinifs. Tlie
stage for HeminiY left hero at usual hour
yesterday, and was held at Pilot llock until
tlui morning, uell in s morning u r nepp
nor uiulur escort of Frank Maddux's volun,
tuers. but oil roachum the liuod of Jock I
1's.nvou thev found lilentv of Indians, where-
noon me BUltfU ruvumcu w ini iuko. iu
. i.i. ..i.. ... v..
stimcs uoes to lli-imer to-day. .Scouts re
iM.rtod to Howard this morning that there
1 . ..T... U'.H,....
wore Aoout w uiumin vr ii'nr ii iiiwn
SuriiiL'K. nnd llowuril tmshcu lorwaril to
meet them, ana very UKeiy cr' tins nas en
. . .-. . .i i . ...
gaired them. The head of Jack s Canyon is
about tell miles norm ol n mow .wings mm
on tho direct route I mm Willow Springs
down the divide Itetwuen lliroh ami liutter
creeks to Umatilla rivsr, anl the (nut that
Maddux saw them at Jack s Canyon is evid
ent the main body are moving tu the tnluin
bia but have no direct dispatch Iioiu now
ard to-day a to their movements. If wo
lent ii of their moving towards linntillio, wo
will do all iu our power to relieve the people
of Umatilla city. People hero have but lit
tle coulldencu ill tho Umatilla. 1 think but
few of them are iu leamio with tho hostile.
John M. Haiti and one Umittilla scout K'
tu Howard's command to-niulit. luurdis
iwteh goes forward to Howard at oucu by
ono of his scouts.
Wallula. July 1). Yesterday afternoon,
aliout 3 o'clock, just after the jiawing of tho
train from Walla Walla, a band ot 00 Iu.
diaus crossed tlio railroad almut (I miles from
this ulace all well armed and without
sipiuws, At a settler's house, whore they
toiied. they inofcssed immt triemUliip lor
the whites, ami claimed to be Moses' Indians,
and that ho had sent them to aid Homily iu
lighting the Snakes. Juit Tew people here
believe their story, and think they are some
of Moses people going to join tlie nosiiiii
ljist niL'lit some live or six families arrived
flow lower V ultima having been notilicd by
a friendly Indian, livini at the mouth of
Snaltu river, to leave tho country, as the ho,
tile were expected to cross the Columbia
. l II l it ....... 'IM '
and lain mewniiiooi unit country, mis
Indian killed his horse by the hard ride ho
had to warn the settlers. An old chief, a
utturulixcd citizuii too, named Thomas, is in
town to-day with several of his warriors,
who tiroluss to he very irioudly. aud are
doubtless so. They seem to be Ignorant ol
the stato of nll'.iirs iu Umatilla county ant!
care nothing about the matter any more than
they are anxious to make tho whites under
stand that tiny are friendly. Tho Indians
who crossed the railroad said tiny were
avoiding the stttlemvtits for fear of alarming
tho already excited whites.
llor. Chad wick Iim just received the follow
ing -That the Indians havs retreated and will
ro by the way of W allowa and Salmon river.
Bernard's, men are after them. Kuuford is
to-night at 1a (irande nr near then' with I'-'o
oavalry. (n-n Howard has ordered &mford
to go, to l'clicau, IS mile this side of a
(ramie and wait ordeis.
Charles Jewell, of l'eudletou, was found
ill the bush Iwyotid I'ilot liock, badly wnuu
ed, where lie had been lying since last Satur
day without (ihmI or drink. When wounded
he wrote on board with a pivce of char
coal : "Charles Jewell, Imdly woundul ly
ing iiwthu brush," placed it in the runl and
then craw led into the Urush. Vestvnlay the
board was picked up and Mr. Jewell called
for, wlxin answered tuid wo thereby rt'ocuod.
On Saturday hist Mossrs. (ieorgo 1'arrott
aud J, 1. Chamberlain, of Yamhill county,
passed through Portland en route fur easturu
ilrt'goil by the ftnlow ItNul, At tho summit
house iu the Cascade mountains they met Mr.
tllackvrby of Silvertoii, and another man,
whose noun) they do not rcinemlK-r, who had
just come iu tliu j;itvitet haste from Oak
tirovo, Wasco county. They rvortod that
oh .Sunday evening at o'clock a party of hos
tile Indians came w ith a dash into O.ikli rove.
Most of the ptHiple hal previously left tho
place Koine hall breed families only ix iiLiin
d. l'dockt rby had arrived aid was mi
saddlnit; his Itors,, when tlie wIkkiii was
ra sot by the Inutile party. Ho siuched up
lilt M Idle aaiu and had Iwrvly time to rule
aw ay. Ac lie left he saw the half-bned in
cluding women and children, running in dif
ferent diix-ctious for their lives. An old
luan named Paipiut, formerly of Oivguii City,
who was keviiing a store tlierv, was the only
w hit man K it. The young man who cscAptnt
with lU.vLerl'V wauted to j;et luto the store
to gvt his saddle, but I'otpivt went into the
store, whcM he hod two guns, and said ho
would rlcjit theiu. This is the lost heard
(mm the ploci. It is supNsd thrrv were
between .') aud ,0 ludiaus. A half brrcd
kuown as (Quinine had jjoiic oat to the luitiaus
but before the atU. k. Suns Warm Spring
Indiana wew w ith him, but at tho council
they and they would hare uothing tn Jo w ith
it llut the others, who were sold Ui I4
Siiokre, said they inUndel to attwk the
iiUc 1 and Quinine hal liarvly time to get
Lack when thry came as fst as tanr h'Ti
ou!d carry thrin. Kro the summit sip4e
was awn is the direvtion of tlis plv-e, Inch
iu lunW-i that it wasbururit. 5ine of the
faiudies in Trvh valley hat left there ou Sun
day nioniiiu:, and there is lUn-r that thev
were al-m attavkL It would I esy to cut
thatu I'll from The Iallw, which iio-ht ao
cxmut for sm rrHirt of the atlairs fntu that
place, tirvat aun. ty will be felt to hear
mors front that locality.
Sdver City, July 9 lhitcLestotheAT-
aUmhe fno John IHj eUli-r, speaking f
ins racetii ilrreUtims tlttre hv uvapu, say
. ...-.
tlie latter art tuxurvhs v( all thry surrey, i
Tho area of territory now invested by tlu-m
embracss mine lour tnouxnml sipuare miles,
ciimbining all natural facilities for prolonged
war. There are nanny eigni Hundred People
in Canyon City and less than one hundred of
the uialu adult imputation are armed. The
inaiii street of Jthe town is w ithin tasy rille
raniyi of surrounding eminences, winch af
fords uumcrous oiuU of voiitaue for an at
tacking party. 'J'he whole village is com
pletely at tlie mercy oi bii lucousuiernuie umn
her of saviwes. were they disposed to sock it
The terror stricken inhabitants have taken
refuse for several (lays in a huge tunnel built
for mining puniosc, which aifords the only
safe retreat 111 the place. John Day valley in
the immediate vicinity is shout Co miles long,
ami the wcaU-r portion of it has Wn com
pletely devasuted by sayago hordes. In all
of the engagements that have occurred these
savages outuumWed the volunteers four Ui
San Francisco, July 9. A dispatch received
at the army headquarters here from (Jenerol
Howard, dated Head of Kirch Creek, July 8th.
says lie found the Indians in force on s height
near the licod of Butter orcck. He advoneed
in two columns, one under Throckmorton,
consisting of two companies of artillery, one
of infantry, smf a few volunteers, and the
other under Bernard, consisting of seven
coinpaniesof cavalry and UOof lfulXiiu' scouts.
Howard accompanied me laiicr ooiumn.
nard'a scouts notilicd him of the vicinity of
the hostilcs when the cavalry moved forward
at a trot over threo foothills, each over a mile
in aacent. The Indians were strongly posted
on s rocky crest One company was left with
tho pack train.. 1 lie others deployed aim ad
vanced lianilsoinely under s heavy lire. The
ascent is described as steeper than that at
Missionary Kidgo, hut not s man broke ranks,
though several saddle were emptied and
many horses tilled, llie enemy was driven
from his Hsttion to another height in tlie rear
of A greater elevation and crowned with nat
ural defences of lava rock, lit twenty min
utes this position was stormed from dillercnt
sides at once, and rapid pursuit commenced
of Hying Indians, who abandoned horses, am
munition and camti materials, inonosiiics
made for thick timW crowning the blue
ridtfe and made another stand, but were again
dislodged and pushed four or Jive miles fur
ther in tho mountains. The rough country
and great exhaustion of men and horses caused
cessation of pursuit for to-day. In this en
gagement hvo enlisted men were wouiuieu
and about twenty horses killed. It is impos
sible to stato the loss of the enemy. J heir
women and children and best horses were
moved before the tight liegan, apparently in
the direction o( (inind Bolide, aud the hos
tilcs Hcd in that direction. Otliccis and men
behaved in tho best possible, manner through
out tho all'uir.
San Francisco, July 10 Chief Nachcz, son
of old W iiineiiiucctt, with an intoqireter and
several 1'iute chiefs, arrived tint evening.
A Call reporter interviewed the party rela
tive to present Indian disturbance. Kochez
attributes the outbreak to the action of au
thorities at l'oi t Hall reservation about 1
year nir. at widen time a wiiite man was Kil
. . . , i
led bv Ml Indian, who was captured and plat
ed iu confinement, but subsequently escaped.
Authorities at I'ortHall, ui consequence of
tho in oritur, disarmed tho Indians on tlio
reservation. This caused much ill fecliiiL'
among tho Indians, and dining tho winter
the object of an outbreak was discussed by
them with the result as known. Kachez
says Chief Oits is in command of tho lios
tiles, but that at present ho is Bullcring from
sovcro wounds. Jurry Lou;, in interpreter,
states that tho intention of tho Indians is to
eatlior their standard till the tribes of host-
em Orccon and Washington territory and
then return over tho route previously taken
drive out tho whites and friendly Indians
from Southern Idaho and adjacent region,
Tho F.vcning Telegram has tho following
account of the effort made by the hostilcs to
cross tho Columbia on Monday, which, it
seems, partially succcded :
About 0 o'clock u Monday mnniini; a com
panv of nineteen lt'inilora and about forty
voluutooi left Umatilla on the patrol stvamcr
Spnkuiio aud immediately sailed ilowu to the
scene of tlio tirst engagement with tho In
dians. Here a scouting party was rent out
across Loim Island. The scouts discovered a
party of Indians, who hud just crossed over
to tho Washington Territory side, in the act
of packing their luggage for travel. Oolite A
number wgiv also 111 the act of crossing tho
rtvor. J ho scouts returned to me Bteaincr,
whercuiKiii the craft steamed down to the
lower part of tho island. AniviiiL' there, In
diaus were seen travclinc; up tho pass toward
Klickitat valley, driving their stuck before
them. The steamer followed tin on tho west
siile cf the island until within naif a mile of
tho crossing place, where a force of Indians
was seen nciiinu me rocas, wuu nones iviui
stock. There appeared to be about fifteen or
twenty ot them, l ire was immediately
opened from the steamer with cattling am
needle guns, ami iu A sluirt space of time the
hostilcs were dislodged, TJiey broke for the
lulls, quite A number of them, it is suKicd,
havini! lusn killed by the volley. The com
lnv of volunteers immediately disembarked
and started iu rapid pursuit ot the retreating
foe. Tbo chato was continued until the pur
suers were satisfied that all had beon dis
lodged, when they returned to the boat. The
Indians lied into the mountains aud have not
seen seen sine.
1 lie. ste.uiier then called down tho river
until within four miles of the mouth of Wil
low creek, opixuite Thanksgiving Island
Hero a kind of Indians was seen on the
WashLii;ton Territory side, driving their
liorwa, having evidently just crossed tlio Co
lumbia. The soldins oil the Ixvit endeavored
to speak to them, but as soon as tho hostilcs
observed the steamers movements, they uu
mediately held A council aud started up the
hills at full gallop, leaving their stock fur iu
the rar, Mro was oiienel with gattling and
noodle unus, aud one Indian was seen to fall.
Tho soldiers disembarked as speedily as pos
sible ami standi in pursuit, put me Indians
had ascended the hills aud disnpjicarcd iu the
basin U yond. Several horses were killad by
the volley and thirty were captured by the
oldici. Of those, at many as possible were
ttken ou Manl the rNpokane, and the renmii
ing one swain across to the island on the op
lxmte side. A -rgt qnantity of provisions.
saddles, mlti, dnses, etc., were also
capturvd and taken ou Wrd. As the Sihv
k.uie returned to I'matitla Indians could le
steeu all along the lulls Uith on the Wash
ington Territory and Oregon side watching
her movement. The first ticdit took place
aUmt 1'.' o'clivk aud the last aUmt 2 M. A
ctiustaut watch it K-ing kept all along the
river. It is tupixiscd alout fifty hostikt
have cnitsnl into Washington Tcmtory.
Ix ths WNui.t Historv or Mkpicine, no
irvi4rtioQ has ever -rforml such niorvtl.
lous eiirv. or nisinUined n wide a rt-putation.
as Aim's Chikhv 1'ti-niR.vL, which is reoiy
piifl as Ui world's for all diseasm of
it,v uinM. nti i'iutv ii ion-cviiviuueti wnr
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uaivnlly kaown at a safe and rr'.inh! avut
t rmploy. Ai.-ain.-4 onhnary col.U, which are
tht f.Kvnuinrn uf mr srrimu thrlen. it acta
ptlily an I smvly, alwaya rrlitvinj sulTrinsr,
and ofu-n m life Th ntecti n it sltiflx,
by iu tiuielv r. in th thrut and Ion; ilis-otiU-n
,4 c-lul 'rvn, nukrt it an iuialuable rm
uly to h Vr4 alwsvs cm haml ia every hnxt.
No prraon caa tu be without it. and thorn
who havt uart uwl it ntmrr will From thnr
knowkxit-wof its ni.iitk and elfects, l'hy
Mciaas m tht Chkrkt IVtmSvL txtensivrlv m
thf ir pr-t.T, aa I Clprvynrn ircioimi.l it.
It Is alwdutrly orrtjua m iu remedial rtfH,
. ... .- - u t iwnN.i-vii'K.
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1 Sl-(iAlW.TKAS,COFffct,
. ........ TMnlfl II A
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embraces siclal dispatches from a 11 1 nnanerj
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i.!:..4. r i.. ,..U'ar in Europe.
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the most valuable newspaper in tlio world, as
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embracing compete nnd cMnpreljeiwiva d
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ports of the speeches of politicians on
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of the WEKK1.T Hkkalu (,-ives the latest as well
as the most parciicni wiesuuus m v..v--.-..
!. . ... .1... nf tlio fiirmer. hmti
for raising Cattle, Polltht, Drains, lKtEs
keepiuL' buildings and farming utensils in re
'ii,:. ju bv a well edited
department, widely copiwl, under the head of
1 n'iv tiKIV
irivin," recii for tiracticol dishes, hints for
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latest fashions at the lowest price. Letters
. I T JUlOftHSTM-iltnl'Tltlt Oil
from our i ana miu uvwwu j " wl Zl
ment o'f the Wkeki.T HeoaLD willsave the
house wife more than one nunareu wines
price of tli paper,
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ami Sea Xotes. There is uo pa)er in tlie worm
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which contains so nmeli news maiier e.c.j
week as the WE1.K1.Y, Hfiui.d, which is sent,
postUKB free, for One' Dollar. on may ub-
scilio at any time. , . T.
In A weekly form,
.x-n r-VT T in A YEAR.
ii .'...i.K.,1,:..., tliiu nmiitiectus without
beins authorized will not necessarily receive an
ctv Toik Herald,
Broailway & Ann St, Xew Y'ork.
Corner Sprfar k Mission streets, San Francisco.
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Weights. Cords ami Pulleya.
Importers of
16, 21 and 2G ol
ir Door n Specialty, "ua
" ft
Carriage Painter.
dour West of the Epiiiil Church. -Orders
from the country solicited.
week in your own town. Jo
Outfit free. No risk. Header, A
na w ant a Luaincaa At which pee-
mis ol either sex can make great pay all the
time they wnrk, write fur rtJCQars o JL,
JULIXTT t, C"J, l onianU, Main.
Mount Hood
gricultura! Implement House.
Importers aud Dealers in Latest
Improved Agricultural Implements,
260 and 262 First Street and 261
and 263 Front St., Portland and Salem.
General Agents for
D. M. OSOKiE ii CO.'S
World Renowned lV1owers,Reaper
Self-Binding Harvcsicrs.
Harvester now known. No violent mo
tion. No grain waited. NooomiirMsing arms.
No men iwpyred to follow up and complete the
work the machine should do.
These Machines are regarded both in Europe
and America as the standard of perfection.
Th nnlv Self-Binder which has the LTPF.Tl
with compressing Arms, and all devices which
compress the straw so tk'htly that the sudden
expansion is more than the wire bond wirvid.
No broken bands or scttered bundle1 with
this machine. It never tips over. 1 he Needle'
Arm threads itself.
It has been demonstrated thut it is suix-rior to
all others of its class in every country where
grain is grown, statements of competitors to ths
contary notwithstanding. It is the simplest im
construction and easiest to operate and in the
creat contest in New Zealand in January, 1K78..
I.. I. ..I .L. . " -
was unanimously awanieii om urn premium,
for lightlies of draft, width of cut anil simplic
ity of operation. Every iirt; of the, Kinder is
mode of the finest English Steel
The Osborne Reapers & Mowers
Have the Dianvond Point Pitman Connection,
latest and only perfect Pitnutn connection ever
known. '
Will outwear threo knives to which it is At
No broken knife heads. Uet the Dunond
Point Pitman connection.
Moline Wagons,
Thimble Skeins or Iron Axles, narrow or
wide track, with Eastern lied and top bni
Oregon Combination Holler Brake (the best rol
ler brake made).
RIAGES, With many new nnd valuable improvements
never before seen on the Pacific Coast.
Morrisons Bros. CMnorated Self-Cloar
lug riowi.
Walking and Riding, Wood and Steel Beam.
Strongest and best plows ever brought to tb
Pacific Coast.
Minnesota Chief Thresher,
Pitt's Mounted Power.
V... n ul,.r.1n 1...H nn liU.i,ld tl,a
It is beyoud doubt the simjdest uiaclim ever
offered for sale, and the lightest draft and most
rapid thresher and best cleaner now knnwn,
ill thresh and clean Flax and Timothy Seed
batter than any Machine in the market. It It
perlees and without a rival in all the family of
Ihrcihiug Machines.
Vhii i'nfiiper'H "Lion" Self-Dump
Ktlllicy MllKC, Simplest and lieat lu tlie
vrvxi-D triivru uivmvnvtit uv.,wa ran.
ruHK.t, SHOVELS, 81'APEa,
A t sfjK-k of extras for D. M. Osbonis ft
Co.'s Harvestlui; Machinery kept constantly
on hand.
A full line of Wood Workinir mauLinery con
stantly on hand,
F. B011N.
Orrwi Mt. Hood AiinicLi.TroAL InrmiuT
Dealer In
H. B. Smith Machine Co.'s
And other Wood Working machinery. .
Tub and Pail Furniture and Mill Mochinsry
of all kinds. I also superintend or will cos-
tract for tho erection of the same. Serond
hand machinery sold on commission. MH
jas numpnrey, - rropneior.
Willamette Street, : : Eugene City.
Horsos tinanled by the day, week or month
upon the mwt rearonable terms.
May 2At
to mn4 for ess
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! the remote parte of the Territories,
ad have, with few exceptions, eaceed
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anan rlnlralac la have made savtaf
of SO to flu P-r rent. V aiail tbree
oar goods to all Mankind at wholesale
prtres la aaaniltles to sals. HeJoroaco,
iras naiioiuu uas, vbicasio.
Ortgtaal Gran( Bapplr Boass,
Mt at t tVAbaah Ara CaOeadv, IU,
all kuids at iuside figures by
A II l I I A
Hiuen octutstiuii, Miii?iir
I akes fhoUvrapIu, l.ems, Cards, tapuv,
and l.if-Size, style and finish equal to
work done in the State. Prices reasonable.
I! A I, I. Kit Y WillametU strert, Ent
Plftv. Ilrnili ..vp M Jackson's MilliDn7
Store. deeU'at
and low prices. Just received br
.. .... l-r,r If
Is still at fjie old stuid and is prepared to e-1
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Bit Biuos tu venerai joooiu, uiirsc-si"!.- J
,...., VW, A.M. ,11 M-VU.rU l ,fc . -
n ST-rirnenl hand 1 will make tlie rrainne'
i'AUM MACHIXELY a siiecialitv.
By Calling at the
Willamette t, Engene City, Or.,
Von will find llin first lirondi C
X1 etc, ever bmnirht to tki ntr
14 l. ' I I 1 1