The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 25, 1878, Image 2

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BUSINESS. Matters oOa personal
character charged for at regular adver
tiling rates, to be paid Invariably In ad'
Democratic Ticket.
' For Congress :
Ot Lane.
For Governor :
Of Multnomah.
For Secretary of State :
Of Jackson.
For State Treasurei :
Ot Baker.
For State Printer :
Of Multnomah.
For Sup't. Public Instruction :
01 Linn.
District Attorney 2d Judicial District:
Of Coos.
mm ticeet.
For Senuton
For Hcprosi-ntativea:
For Clerk:
For Sheriff
For Commissioners:
For Treasurer:
For AnHi'ssor:
For School Supeutcndunt;
For Surveyor:
J. p. cuuniN.
For Coroner:
c tiled him to preach the Md "war, 'W or
. .... ... ' "no," u demaudod, and nothing else will sat-
ich if he did, proves him ufy our people.
Poliliril Prticben I Speak out, Candidates.
The radical Dress throucrhout the R rmiat nf mnnv llnnKi;o.n.
State, all at once, says the Coos Bay who say the Journal refuses to pub.
News, appears terribly afraid "seo- lish the following card and list of
tananism" will be introduced into Lames, we are induced, with a view
the political campaign. They ask, do to fair dealing all around, to give
you wish to introduce a man's relig place in our columns to the aame.
ion7 Uddl asks, does the Sentinel Wo are sorry, however, that we have
wish to stir up religious animosities? not space to spare to give the full list Democrat ever ques of names, as it amounts to near two
tions a candidate s religious opinions, hundred. The following is the peti
it ia contary to the spirit of our insti- tion :
tutions, but Democrats do not bo To tui Laoisunva Cakdidatm or Las
lieve that cither priests of preachers ... ,
should be Our law-makers, the) do voter in Oregon, regardless of pia-ties-reasoni
not believe that electing them to , 6,0 wuu K00n M tle PU,J"C ihi"
.i:,S i tf i i " 'oi jr w suuuicr.vo vueiaueiug
i ""- " " v " Miwra Known aireaay to ooin candidates
sectarianism out of politics, hence D1 ctituenU. We. the undersigned citi-
.l- , n ti- . t- MD nJ voters of Ie county, denund that
the Objection tO Bro. limes IS OOt bis each candidate upon the Legislative ticket
Methodism, but his priesthood regard- " publicly thatistosay by publication,
.t ,v . . i - i l t I this question:' Will you, if elected, vote for
less Of the sect to which be belongs. J. H. Mitchell for the United States 8enate?
If the Lord
ry a
uoapti iwDicn it lie did, proves him ify ourpeopl
a ooor iudira of mnn ho nlmul,! nni Wm Smith.
, -o- - y wwHaniei
disregard that call, if be has not been 8 F Boyd, '
called, then he bas been sailing under PantSum,
false colors and is not worthy the J w Weeden, '
honor ot an election to Congress. Uwu'LTpVr,
Eloct a Congress of priests or sectari- ,0Mf,h ?mi,
, , J . Ja M Abrains,
an preachers and how long before HHlw
there would be a union of Church sauH',
and Stale? Do our Republican ATlionnett,
IVi..n,lu .1-l o a .1 S Davenport,
objection is to political preachers as a ., T.t i,L.,.,:.. .
class. Ihey are hypocrites i lid a ., . i . i . .
i ii . gan, refused to publish the paprr, it
disgrace to their calling as a rule. : .... V. ...
Henry Ward Boeder is a illustri "Zl'TO-l
ous txamplo of this class of men, call- ,1A, ..!.. .....
d by God to preach the Gonpel, by lhat contro, H MaU ft
X nr PM Mure his chuncos to bulhlose the hon
i . 3 p f' ' est voters of Lane cjunty into the
e... 4 . "y hiupport of the Republican can lidates
siloiry to tho feinalo mi'mlii.ra nfhiy ii... .u . , i
, , , . uu vney need nave no lears, as none
uoca, i a sonprownlow.iof Tennessee, ot the candidates will have a chance
w, , ouier moue. ot these preacher. l0 hIiow lheir fll
of the GoKpel of hate. No the , by voli r MrUlloheH Th,
u no warn mis f,.iftu,: .
I ft An. f ....... . . r . t I I
vmoa vl iniu lu CIIBLl IUWS lUrillCtl,
be they Cutholio priests or Sectarian
preachers. In order to prcservo the
spirit of our institutions and keep
Sectarianism out of politics, kep the
preachers ot Sectarianism out of poli
tical ofliciB, and whenever a preacher
disregards bis holy culling ho should
bo severely rebuked by the people,
and we believo they will do so at the
coiniuj; election.
F Dudley
8 M Mizer,
W M Koruiiaw,
J W Cleaver,
Win Allen,
TJ Vanifhn,
John Otle,
Frwl H Kiniey,
O W Fletcher,
J D Kinney,
N L Packard,
Jameg Unelling,
M lionnett,
A Simmon.
J it Underwood,
S. II. Ifaurd, our candidate for
Prosecuting Attorney, is emphatic
ally the ritifit man in the right place,
remarks the B.nton Democrat, Mr.
Hazard ia a good sjlid lawyer of
much experience. Mr. Knox istb
Republican candidate for the same
office and appears to be quite a gentle
man. Had Mr. Knox three or four
years experience before the Courts he
would be able to fulfill the duties of
the office rcceptably. But when it is
remembered that be is entirely des
titute of experience as an attorney it.
works a hardship on the young man
to plaoo him on the ticket for such
an important position. It . would
have been better for our Republican
friends and the p op!e to have placed
some one on their ticket who had a
lew years, experience, instead of a
few months as is true in Mr. Knox's
cise. It there is one position more
than another that requires ability anil
experience it is that of Proserin irg
Attorney. Mr. Knox was admitted
in December 1875, two years and a
half ago, but has paid no attention to
aw matters until within the last
three months, within which time he
commenced practice, forming a part
nership with Itobt. Fagim, a young
man who taught the South Waid
school of Corvallis for two years naro.
FsgaB'i Mohawk Sprccb.
We make the following ixtract
from Mr. Pagan's spocch at Mohawk
on Tuosday, nod wo assure our read-
. . 1. . !. ! .1 i .. .
vim limb iv m mo luonucai language
ed. It is very evident that the
If you want W. II. Wood's Sinulo llcaner.
Johnson's Single Reaper, New York Single
Teerles Iteaper and Mower combined, go to
Cleaver's, t
How do they Stand!
Itis a matter in which the Democratic
party have little concern, as our can
didates have honesty and indepen
dence enough to pledge themselves
to not vote for Mitchell under any
contingency, but we predict now that
there is not a single cindidaio upon
the- Republican ticket who has tlio
independence to answer the ques
lion squarely and unt-quivocally.
The Congressional Candidates.
Governor Whlteakorand Hevcreud
Hiues, the candidates for Representa
tive to Congress, spoke in this city
last haturdny evening. Mr. lines
led off in nn hour's speech which was
a rehash of the stale and worn-out
platitudes which Republican Rpeakers
hnvo dinned into the ears of a long
flittering neonlo for sixteen vi-iim
t na
He favors a speedy and forced re-
.! .. . .
KuiiipuiMi oi specie payment, anl is
the only man who has had the tern
erity to como out squarely in ad
vocacy ot tlio present system of
nig, ami tho multitude
I monopolies by w hich
.. i i
wiilR,.,lil..i.iii ... , pe,Mi-.mv0 uitii grounn ever
too young an Oregonlan t9 represent . ' , ' , nvw' "nee the country has been cursed by
r J niiw lias MO I 1 7....I.I! ! I
At Springlleld lust Wednesday
Judge Ihompsou made tho sugg-a
Lion Hint. in. pi jin ,.ii...i;.l..i. .1...
VAIini. mn.. m. I.. . I.. 1 ,. .l v. Ul .
,w-..H ...u ujUUVB Ul,ivy uruu upon r ;i,:.. .:..i , . ., ,.
his imagination. t .v il, I...-, . " .. "'". prooan-y
0 1 ""J vniVl IV
may be, that his
heroism were euggci
ler kiyerod" war I
' ' ' ' I Bill l.o .I.....I.I I... . 1
"L.die. and ginllemen. I anncar 7, . 7 """" . ...... "m'
ti.Titra i:,..", " uv,,u '"' io right to
rZ LTl. :r1,, 1,0 vote. Of course tho voter.
i. i. i i "M
U...yw.u.eal,or,u vo(0 for Mr. Mitehell for ' V. , 'r .8,UeC" "e"
.u,wdeed.ol elected. Mi. Fagan became furio s, n vr ot ap old w
gestod by tho u ,imde M d.fl hsucs and animosities and a perpet.
t.teratureofa lew about his election, but it was import ,0B of remieiHcenc
ill' .... I III luvnri a bii.Iu o.I I'.. ...... I
u f r i i . . . ......v, w. ...v
me, Mr. Cochran, ha. been pleased to l VV .7 ? M"."8"1 . ? k?W. National banki
rater to tho length of tune I have 1,";' ' 'n
huiii n fl I l. . . .1 . " vi iiniia 4U, l-OUIIH .1... I I.
vvi. . wn-jjuii, mm oittims inat i ainu,:n r...i .ii i ' .... peo pie navo oecn groum;
WW SIS llllll LIII1I III! llflllSIMI Hints mi1 f. ...... 1
your interests fully. I was not con
Republican mixrule.
Miliar...! . !.. T I r !..
.idered too young, when upon the Al,. " n " ' ' '" T Govurn,,r Whiteaker was snfferiu.
field of Shiloh I shed my" young t jtZ '1. " vM J "
heart's blood ia the defence ot our I h' whieh prevented him from occupying
country! I was not considered too tih ""? hi! fu" I" npeech o. half an
young to stand the bloodv siege at ' Tvr T ,1 1!', hmT ork'M .mrMj exposed
Vicksburgl" (Hero wo lost our T. Mil h i ! e"l S T' the P','do"8
nnt.y r.m..i...i-.i that Mitchell is. the full and enl r. n: i .V. , ... . .
v. pvum nun uuien oilier u oodv
For six montliri, says the Oregoinun,
Senator Mi chell kept back the North
ern Pacific extension by urging the
Salt Lnke grant i conned inn with it
as an indiepeim.-ihlc thing for tlitt de
velopment of the country. It is now
known that Col. Chapman han.odl'.ed
to sell the invaluahlo lr;in.:liiso which
has been used as the pretext of all
(his delay fur lln m.ignih'eent sum ol
len thousand dollars; an I very pm
bably he would take mm h less. This
is a siiflii ieut oninmeuiury on the re
mark that, 'if tho Northern Pao'fi.
will nut build the mad then let the
Salt Lake Company do it."
In the debate in the senute on the
pretended bill for extension of the
Northern Pacific grant McDonald nf
Indiana probed the huniluig to the
bottom by pla uly asking Mitchell
it the object wan not to embarrass the
company to such extent that it w nild
not comply, wnli l he provisions ol' ilir
bill, nnd tbeivtoiv the roa l would b
como forfeited. The question did
not receive a direct answer. Tin
Oregonian thinks it did not admit u:
Walter A. Wood's Iron Frame Mowers,
Chain and Sweep Rake Reapers,
Iron Wheel Headers & Self Binders,
Farmer, buv'a Binder that hu been thoroughly tested on this coaat and you-know will
work Machine no longer an experiment
Chicago Pitts Threshers, Cooper Self-Propelling Threshing En
gines, La Belle Wagon Full and complete line of Fanny
ing Tools.
Read two of the many testimonials we received last season :
Monroe, Benton Co., December 28th, 1877.
Mimhiul Vrisi Kboil Co.. Portland. Oreeon UENTLEMKS : Having used one of your
Wood's Harvesters and Se'f-Jiinder the past season, it affords me much pleasure to testify to
its merits. I cut and bound 250 acres of wheat and oats with one team, doing the work without-
changing, and I can say that in my judgment it is the Dest macnine wnicn nas Deen onered to
the farmers for harvesting. Respectfully yours, E. WADSWORTH.
Forest Grovi, Oregon, January 31st, 1878.
Messrs. Frank Bros. & Co., Portland, Oregon Gents : The Walter A. Wood's Har
vester and Self-Hinder I purchased of you last season I cut over two hundred and forty acres
with, and I consider the machine to be the most valuable one for a fanner yet manufactured.
The cost of the wire per acre win only thirty-one cents, and caused no trouble in threshing.
Yours truly, HEXRY BUXTON.
Goods can be found at all principal points in the State of Oregon and Washington Territory; .
. Send for desoriptive catalogue and price list to
104 and 106 Fron st- Portland, Or. .
T. G. HENDRICKS, Agent, Eugene City, Or.
Democratic Platform.
The fallowing is the Platform as adopted by
the Democracy of Oregon in State Convention
assembled in the City of Portland, April 11,
Sec. 1. Thatasimplegovernmenthonestlyand
economically administered, confined in its oper
ations to the administration of justi.-e and the
preservation of the public peace, is the only
safe-guard aaint the abuses of power to which
persons in authority are prone, and the corrupt
.1 I ; I. . f . t .i i i' . i
aim lavidii uppnipriuuon oi me puuuc iunus 10
Chas. M. Horn,
Fish in;,' Tackles and materials.
Repairing done in the neatest style
ami warranted. Sewing machines.
Safes, Locks, etc, repaired.
S2EJIJ Suns and ammunition furnished. ,
Sec. 2. Tha we heartily approve the action
of Congress in reinonetuing suver. That we
believe that all m ney made or issued by the
Government shou' be oi equal value and that
we are in favor of paying all the obligations oi
the Government in greenbacks so-called whei.
the pecuniary interest of the people is promot
ed thereby, except where otherwise expressly
Sec. 3. That we regard the forced resump
tion of specie payment as greatly aggrivutiiu
the depression ami distress consequent on a
long season of inflation and extravagance. We
lord brands at
all kinds at inside figure by
therefore favor the repeal of the act requiring TJOSEBUUG AND SAN JUAN LIME,
resumption Jan. 1, 1879. I J f'T sale by , T. G. HENDRICKS.
Sec. 4. That the gratuity of near twenty-four
million dollars now paid the National Hank LYNCH & GANT '
Tliiiuiii mi in... I v vi.eiK-o liie 11:1111
tlfS. II. II tZ li lt, DjIIl-HTillil! Uitlllll
l:ile lor i'ioM'fiitini Attorney iu tin-
liHlrict, whs lull out o liik.-
uubiisliu.l iu t!io Guaui). Tlii'omi.-
ion woulii Iihvu been of mort.' impoi
iiiiu-a liad Mr. II not Ix-i-n su ivol.
kuuwn lliruii;liuu; the distiict. Tl.t
oilo know Mr. II. as an limi.-M
vigilant ninl i-fliciuiit oIl'u-tM-, ami will
U'ivu liim a liaii'lsmiie nrn'miiy.
At '20 U Wlllll.lll fu-.-liU.ll'n inr ill
luilinjr uilimus. Al '25 olic is allfi
lorseiuilwli. At 'SO sliu iliis moii.
r lu-r biooii. siu li is item Ii- mnnii
IU till? VHl illUS Sl!iri-K ol loiiiiiiinu lilt.
ute upon the people for the benefit ot the cap
italist i we therefore fuvor the repeal of the law
under which they were established, and the di
cect isMiio by the Government of currency re
reivuble for all public dues sufficient to supply
the nlace of the present bank note circulation.
BEC. 6. I hat we heartily indorse the e.lorta Umcenns,
now being made in Congress to reduce our pres- Tolocan,
ent tanil to a strictly revenue standard. That
the interest of the grat mass of the people of j
the United States lie in the paths of unrootriet- I
ed cemmeree. j
Sec 6. That we favor continued notation '
on the a'-bject of Mongolian immigration to
this country until the reileral Uovernnient is
moved to modify our treaties with the Chinese
Empire so as to prohibit it, and thus save
Referee Sale.
uumsiuDocs, bt'c-uso l is namo it F-
uattK's 10 winch our young htr "tit,
blJ anl ditij" for his country.) Um
b contioue-l: 'LaJiis auj ginile.
men, I was not oousulerod too youn
l .
W lltlt I S1.mI...1 al. I. ..I
" "va,lv' "rou"7 BU'cps Oil yoa want Farmer's Friend Grain Drill
Lookout Mouutain, 0111I plaiuteJ the prU" tMouitor Binad Cast Sender, go to
art .(....!. 1 .
...... mpciiuuvt 1 1)0 OlOUdS :
Hot was I considered too young to
make that memorable march from
Ikl'lllltllllMIII norli. ..! !.-. .1 I .
. ,...,.,, uifv re ,.,. ,.,.,, l- . ,
l,li.O.I t vn... f... I.i - - "'" T"MMU "a
...... ,,,, ui,lr kl oir- ib.,
bo much care to build. The
voters of Lsne county will yrive honest
old John Whit taker a majority ol
L'UU ontlioiiil of Jnn.
AsUsual. The Itt'piihliiuuis papers
slter nosing arounil lor mnmh
Biui.KsorUitniY Defknu is. We uimblo to find aNtain 1 a
.1. ...... . ' " v
I III til tr Ii f talimt II. ..1... I. I I ' 1 . M..
Atlanta to theses!" Ii. .7... , u "S T IIuhiw-.U. Keams, the Demo-
This ebullition ot heroics, accom- tl,-s..,. . 7 '. 'T'., . . 10 .',W- ol Siate.
p.oie-1 by. proftaioB of rhetorical niore'iifbim li,.r....i .......... iJ . ,,OWev,,r' "0W n,a"",i"-
" . . " , ""eiy turea tlio story '.hat he s in i,:rlm r
- ........ 111111 ivuu rL:lM. , n tt Mil. . l. :..
,1 .,. ' ' I e 1111. nil. 111 111
iiiw ikriuuiican candt.i.ite lor legitd
tlVa linilliri I. an... ....... I a. I . I ..
. .. lu Ki ams, 111 a conversation a few davs
. a. I . , T' ""rl 5".l-iuModeny , he story
che. and m reh the .., , loll, IIe
our popdIu about 1 i 1..UH.11, ii.i . .. :
" . t. . T y ' . 'Pl"c",' ,n oneeliou with a Chinaman r any
til , - ,". . Ii ? don l Jv else, and that he has no interen
: ' T TO,,,im ra in any mini , at present. Shoot some
,. .... u.r ,,, IMI uampaija.
flourishes, is all yery uice and all that
ort ofthinjj, but what we wish to
call the attention of our readers to, is
This battle, scarred veteran claims
to have been thirty years old on the
I8lbday of March, 1673. Toe bat
lit of Sbiloh was lought April Git-
and 7th, 18C2, coosiquenily when he
acquired fame upon that bloodv fid.
be wiaonly U years and 18 days old,
ana was otiy 17 yearsold when be save
the fiuisl.iiislrtke 10 tha rebellion
m wuw (huuu 00 ius ourniD"
deck" was a poltroon in comparison
with our hero.
"Oh! Bobby, Bobby Met' wash
the blooJy shin 1"
ll liv virtue of a ilnr... .if tm i ' -. i .
01 the St ite of Ore-.iin. fur f.Ti i 1 in v ..f I
m ule at the ivgular U-nn in April, 187S, in the
suit wherein Geo. 0. Miller, by his iniardi-m.
A. J. Johnson, plaintiff vu. Josiali Miller and
ihomos Anderson now defendanU, onlering
the uv'inises herein (Ueri bod U tt wild, all .
appointing the undersigneil sole Keferee to
make sale ,,f the same. 1 will offer for sale to
the highmt bidder at the Oo irt .In o ...m.-1
tilene t'itv. lne niimlv I , hi,. n
day, the 15th day of June, lS78,the fo'lnwin'
premises, to wit: Commeneing at the X. K.
ftirner of the donation l.m.l claim of David
Miller an I wife, notitie.itimi tiX7, claim Xa
5, running thence south Ml" 47' west 70 itt
chains, thenee south 28 0: chains, thence east
7U tsi chains, then.w n..rk -x -ii, ... ..1.....
. . - . ...-.......- w v.....i. mi p.acx
or brgiumng, containing LlX) acres in Luie
county, Oregon. Sale Ui coinuienee at 1 o'clock
P. ui. J eruis of sale rash.
those of our fellow citizens -who del end upon
lubor for a support, from unjust and degrading
Sec. 7. That the eighteen years of misrule
of the Kepublican party is indubitable proof
that that tiarty is no longer to ba trutted.
That much of its legislation in Congress has
tended to make the rich richer, and the poor
poorer, nd we arraign that purty before the
people lor its classed legislation, for having fos-
In DomY Brhlr Building.
DCA'.tRf, IN
Groceries Provisions,
Will keep on hand a ;i2M-ral assortment of
IViyuioiui, Cured Meats,
C'iv.IM. Canilis
t.-va-lle. Soanj Xotions,
Green anit Prietl Frnitsv
Wowl au.l Willow Ware,
Crockery, Etc
BmaxsK wHI lie condhcti'it on a
Which mor that
low Prices
are Established
Good, ifflivcred viiiiout fftarge to Coyer
F-r which i will pay the highest market price,
tored and upheld rink's, for its repeated elforts
to overcome the voice of the ueonle bv an 1111- -Unia h
just and unconstittitiomd use ot the military "oel- A new lot direct from footoi
nia hand and machine moile Boots and
t Inira factory.
arm of the Goveniment, and for forgeries per
petrated under its otHcial sanction, wberebv U-
D. Hayes was placed in the Presidential chair
contrary ti the expntssed will of an overwhelm- !
ing majority of the people of this Government, TN THE COUNTY COURT OP THJ
Srr. 8. ThatW'jiL'maiiisitchled.-.lation.Stattf I Stnt- tJt 1 1,.. ..v r-. t
and Federal, as will prevent the abuses grow- , In the matter of theGuardianshiu of Wm
1. "r e"r ."rvices aim K. Gay. Citation. To the next o kin of:
will limit the pay of ollicials to a single aalarv : nai, Wm 1ST fi, ...i .11 T u . .
...-., th r!,il.lH, nf ll ... ! J,"" 1""- inteTCSiea
iruiuui source 01 corruption whereby the cm- In the name of the Stuta of Oregon. You are
pensation allowed by law to those in public hereby cited ami required to afirear in th
employments is frequently doubled i the elimi- County Court of the State of Oreg.n for Xhl
U...1U11 tiwui iiuuiiu nuaiiB ui biiuL HiieeieH ni 11m. 1 n mrv m i.... . i .
honesty known as favoritism, wherehv iu.rj.mul P.n. rv,., : .1.. r...
friendships are rewarded and personal obliga- Monday the First day of July 1878" 1ft
tions discharged at the exense of the public o'clock in the forenoon of that day then and
without regard to etKciencv.
there to show rouse why an order should not b
SBC. 9. 1 hat it is t ie duty of the State Gov- made authorizing the sale of the 1 rJSZ'Z
d to longing to said W. K. Gay, to wit ; One un-
ernment to maintain its simremax-v in reirari
the authority not delegated in the constitution
of the United States, and to vindicate its juris
divi led one eleventh of the donation claim or
uiciion aifainst encrn.-icnmentu tmm mv
whatever. 1 lint in the administration of State W 4 of N. E. of Sec 6 N 4 ftlota 1 11
affairs the preservation of private right and 4. ot Sec. 7, and lots 1. 2, A 3 of Sec 8 and N
promotion of justice should be the principal W. JofS. V i k K 7 of Sec & T'i'l S H
jun; that taxation should ba equal amfuni- 3 west: Also S. W 4of Sec ' 3li T 18 s w
form, and extravagant expenditures of the pub- 4 W, and N. 4 of Sec. 1 T 19 S 11 4 V con
iiv. ic.c-iiur. w avt.iiiru. Jctilliillir SUOUia IM tallllnrr in ft l'r'l .m. ;T r... .
-.v., in iue county ure-
taininrr 1
tiic .nu-iiHeri, miu riL.'omus laws oe eii:ipr.pii irnn
for the management and preservation of the Witness, the Ho.v. JorhitX 3 W.itov
various funds llongiug to the State. , 1 Judge of the County Court of tl.. State effht
SEC. 10. Ihat we are in favor of improvement gon, for the County of Lane, with the Seal
by the General Government of the rivers and laid Court affixed, thia 2Uth day of AwuT D
harbors of the State : of the owning of the Co- 1878. 7 P D'
luiubia river at the Cascade and Dalles ; of the I Attest : Jowl w.n
improvement of the Snake river, ami of a mih-
sidyt, the Portland, Salt Lake, 'and South
Pais Kailrood : of an extension of time to mm.
plete the North Pacific Ilailroad under such
In Justice Court, for South Eu,-ene iirecinct.
ine louuty, Oregon. T. ti. Jfenlricks
plaintiff, vs. C. Smith lUfenlant.
X In the name nf thu SLkt of ilrM....n .....
are hereby required to snpear before the under
signed, a Jiidtioe of the Peace for the Precinct
aforesaid, on the 24th d.irnf .Inn. 1XT-J . lit
o clock a. m.. at the nthiw nf .-ii.i.l
plete thje Aorth 1 Pacific JUilroad under inch For consumption, bronchitU, asthama catarrh
reasonable condition, a. will p eserve the rfehu throat and lung !iseasee. A a , reTkfMd "
and inwrestsofthepeoi.leof the State and the permanent cure for general debility dvwetari?
ttlers upon the laivU iY.nate.1 to it. Also for and all nervous affection- by3. eve-Sll
a .,.hdy for the .,e,ly completion of a rail- medicine which cured ienraUe SffiS?
roa.1 connection between Oregon and California. phvsi,,an who .-. l.,, . il J
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wneralibWn of lenming being the principal ble scific to thousands of kin-lreii sufferer,
bulwark of Atnerii-an iberty, we are in favor of with the greatest possible benefit, ami now h,
ZZtVt? ? ;"iV ,',r r';,;k'c ,- U it his Mcred christian duty to imp to
tern for the faithful education of the ruing gen- , others this won lerful j
Bill Dunbar aprlli goat thia ay:
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other war.
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LI- m.n. T ' V "wy "iarrii.1 hia hU wifu
ui woman a cooIomioo hard v at. , . ...
fcuta bis poaitioii. InsuaJ ol W 01 't-He !iv.l
iDjj in tha aha.le, h ha courteJ ub lhlve J"r tnj, leaving him a
11UH7 mor tiuo eT. r, and haa ;:o,1 aon, now forty. Hit aecond die.l ten
in lorm.k.ngagnino, what ha on- month after marria-e. Altt-r liviiiir
.id.ra KudiiuM a thoutand lolj more nine y,ara with No! 3, h.r lim J.
than aver. Sure v. h..l h. . k.,i ' ' . nu.
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and claimed ht-r, ami it we. V. later
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hidden tK)lLle. whery ho imnl.l Ii.. I.,.. I 1 : . - - .
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said preciiu-t to an-iwer the aliove mine I plain- '
ti 1 in a civil -tion. n, .l..f..r.,lj,,i , .,k. 1 1
van mat u he tails to inswer the complaint I " KC''1 ,nun l"e w"r'", wi
erein, the plinu f will t Ute juilgment agoint I "lwn,fl in waking them kn
im for the turn of S173 5l. together with 1 , lU " Dot th co-'
Dit. Clark a. p.oBr.iv.
GdEiLET BUH.K, SlRACt sf, N. Y.
P.O. Box 74
Read axd Leaux mr YuuanELr. f.n
valuable discoveries and much useful knowledge
oecause ot tne unmens.
nown to the people.
FMchee'i Gfrni.n
cwts and dishnntrm.-nU of thia action. syP,. a!tho-.ii;h bat a few years introduced
I his summons is published by or ler of the mt0 c"'n;ry its sale now reaches in every
nnlersLrnel Josti.e oi the IVace. nul. tl.. md village in the U. S, Its wonderful
lith day of May, 1378. J. B. Anns .er, iccem in coring Consumption, sever Coughs, missionary friend who has sent me the formula
maylS a J.ii. " Pneumonia. Asthma, and all other diseases of j of purely ve.-etAle niediHne which aas Ion
tl. Ilm..t .Mil limm r Km.. . I . 1 1 1 K.n kw . 1. . . , . . .
v. . '""-. " uiue kiiow. dj m ..j .ii. oabiTe ioe.ucine men 6f Hin
will send FitEE the original receipt comi'dete,
with full directions to any bersoo etwfn.inr.'
stamp for reply.
will riKK oxt:miio.v
To all suffering from the following disease a
y of hope is o fered thnugh the kindms. of a
Notice of Sale.
distributing every year, for three years, over
ai,iFV dottles n the afflicted, free of charge,
by Druggists. No such a tt of merit wai
ever given before to any other preparation.
Could yon ak more ! Go to your Ihnggiit and
. k!i. t 4 . .. .,l,ier.fOT bottl-10 t. 4 'U
. .k. k. .1 . ooiuei iu ernu.
till 11 of chanter 31 nurvliuM... I.
oi tiregon, t sftaj srU to th highest bidder
. puuuc auction, on the Mb day of June, I
1J78, at one o'clock ia the aftrn.Mn nf .!.! a.. I
atmyhous ia Pleasant Hill. Lan. mnni.
treg,. m bay Spanish m ire. about 8 yeari Nanl Catarrh and Lnng an1 Bronchia! afTec
miil t" hn.j4.h,th OM 7 Tr'f tiona. and aU in, from an impure
mr colt, am) one itark hn. mil. ... m..k ..... -i .v. ki.i ,
SiTi'.'t ". Ml ,Uftl"M'nt J"' 1 lle M"hk,B' thelminent French phv,
urn of autv fur AilUrs. rtur U the j and surgeon, and inventor 4 the Pan. SiJom!
sain, since Nov. 1st. 1S75. to d.t of ul. . I .... -kLa. k i " i:.. .,. . tr-
oy me sine. Not. 1st. liCl .i thm i u .k. r-:. j tl - ; . . 1 "u l
N ... - 1"-. 1. , miV v
. aok, the owner thereof. ! WM i
aosian:-ior the positive and radical ear. of
consumption, i.ronjUitis, Asthma. Catarrh,
IJyspepMa, Throat and Lung difficulty, Gener
al Debility, Lot of Manhood and all Nervou.
Affections, iu power has been tested in hun
dreds of ewes without a failure. I now feel it
my sacred duty ai for a possible to reliev. hu
man nii-ery and will send the reoi Free or
t haroe to any penoa who may deeir it with
dimtions fur using. Sent by re torn mail by
addressing with 2 stam naming thia paper.
Dr. O. K, Ir.wer 28?l-Uca.!Y
September . 77-ly. '
Talk. All persons indebted to Poindex
ter k Rash for Wacksmithinff am hr,
aitMl SL.t. 1'hi. Bru..l.,.i . . Uhtd to OTO forward unmnli.trl. .nJ
Tw.i . p rv. V . , I""" k'"" "j at. oonvieu. Mathien. fori priuen is snaz to rakmaa
...-nas r.HfBe Itv. MiylOti .1S7&. .the treatment of Nal r.trl. 1 A I this mrinc. and fall F Krtai rta wrtnmt ..tit.J
- wta " M'Ukt, u ICtNW.