The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 18, 1878, Image 2

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8ATURUA.V. MAY. 18. lS7ri.
BUSINESS.-Mattert of A peraonal
character charged for at regular adver
tlilng rates, to be paid li .variably In ad
Democratic Ticket.
. For ConjrreM:
Ot f,ane.
For Governor:
Ol Multnomah.
For Secret, ry of State :
T. 0. KBAMS,
Ot Jackson.
For State Treaurct :
Ot Biker.
For State Printer:
Of Multnomah.
' For Sup't. Public Instruction:
01 I-inn.
For Senator: ,
For Ueprofn-ntalivc:
For Clerk:
Fur Sheriff!
For Commissioners:
For Trear.rer:
For Assessor:
For School Siipsnlciiilunt;
J. 0. BOLON.
For Surveyor:
For Coroner:
OH riMllD.llCS.
We have not heretofore introduced
tho Democratic) candidate, imli viIi
ally to our re lurs, un I it is Rearouly
lu'cossnry even now to do art, they,
with two or three exception, huvino;
Iicoii rvsiduiii of L.uitt county fur
ni-iuly thirty jvnr, and for llnil lenijlh
ol tiinu their iiit.rosliiinl thcinleresla
of i hi county have heen ili'
Hun. R. It. Cochran, the Democrat
io candidate for Suite Sen itor in prolt
ahly known lo nearly everv ciiiiscn in
Lnnu county. Hu is one of the most
iihauniml funnel i in thy counly, him
sorvol n Sutu Sonatomix iurm, tin 1
will ho elected his own mteoessor on
the first Motility In June. The name
ol Boh Cochrn'i ia tho aynonyni of
lioiioly, integrity mi l capability.
Our can li lutceiur Uepitm'iiliiiivc
are M'ell known to nourly all tlieVili
Be na ol thu comity. . J a lu Tlio.u;ptii
it nn.r.bto lawyer, tud .w.lieu .lie gt
into tho Lejisluturu .will .make on
houeat ami i flleieul reprc.Hcnttitivc. Hu
"was at one time County Jml,'o ot this
oonuly, nud mjiy well lie proud of hi
offljul. record. Tho intercuts of the
people are afe in his lunula.
Mr. Holt U one of the most pros
perous farmers in the county, ami is
now one of . our Cjunty Commission
tr. He is a wide awake energetic
buboes man just such a man as any
.Mnititueiicy can safely entrust their
interests to, Mr. Doi ria is a mechanic
1 1 keeps a stove and tin store. Ho
Uno'ed lor the energy with which lie
takes Hoi, I ot every public enterprise,
and has done as much to secure tlie
establishment ot the educational inti-1
tutions which am so creditable to our
county, as any other .man in the Slate.
Mr, R. B. Rives (not the fraud) is
known to everybody in thu coiiniy.
He has s.ryed the people of Lmie
C3unty as Representative in tho Leg
islature for two terms, and has proved
himself an able, industrious Mid f.iith
ful guardian of the tuten-sta of his
constituent. .Thu people will recVg
oil the past services ot Diek jkyts
by cootinuiug hiui as their repreniaa
R M Vt h ilia w.,.t:.l.i. I...
Tlrk i f.r.,l,i. .1,- c, i
Merit, is graduate of the Slate Ag- J
ricultursl College, he is a farmer bv ,
OCCUoation and a tsr J n...l,fi.,i
octupauon, nq SO lar as qualiGcst.ou
COesia DCerof anv man ill '
. . ' I
..-.T,v, ,v,.,nS ,r goon
old Democratic diK-lrin of rotation
Inofflo-will give him r.I,
jority in. June.
. . t. ftC0d)dt for'oste WlhseUrMwprt inSmanir
Sheriff; ii one of the olJ aettlera, who
came to this county when 'Spei cer'a
Butte was a Hole in the p round,"
lie i a farmer by occupation, a man
of unimpeachable integrity, of good
business qualification', and will be a
terror to evil doer after tho elec
tion. The candidate! lor County Com
missionrr are men well known to all
the old Ketllt-rs in this county. They
are both men of sterling intosjrity
And hi ioi 1 business ciualitication. Mr-
Day lives in the aouiheastern extreme
f the county and Mr. Ferguson in
northwestern. They ore both farmery
and the interests of the peoplowill
b.- nfo in their hands.
For Treasurer the namo of John
G. Day is sufiicent guarantee that the
triiKl will be safe in his hand. Mr.
Day is a farmer, and has served one
term as county treasurer and the peo
ple know that their funds are safe in
hia custody.
Mr. P. J. MePherson, tho candidate
for Assessor, is a f ti mer, and a man
whose judgment and qualifications
render ' him the very best selection
that could possibly have been made
for that ofliee.
In tu reiiomination of the present
School Superintendent, Dr. J. C. Bo
Ion, o ir convention acted wisely. Dr.
Bolon has held tiie petition for twii
years, and through his indefatigable
industry nod sirtiud judgement, our
common aoiooi system nas oeen
'brought to a near perfection iih it
could iosibly Lo under existing
J. P. Cnrrin, candidate , for Snr
veyor is a graduate of the State Ag
ricultural College, mi J is thoroughly
qualified to dischargo the duties of
the office.
For C, roucr, pr J. C. Shields.
Dr. Shields in a graduatu of the Phil
adelphia Medical College, mid is well
qnaliflcil lo discharge lo duties of the
ujlice. iii.i:s.
Willi all due respect for our worthy
brother, siys the Christian Aifonenle,
we cannot but feel that Rev. II. K.
limes who has accepted the n mina
lion of tho republican slate conven
tion lor congress, has made a greal
mistake. In our judgement it, is si l
dom if over that the good of the com
nionwealih demands such a step. It
ceiiaiuly doc not now. We fail lo
see nuy reason on thu part of the
statu which require Litis, while in
tjio corruption among wire working
poliliui lis and llio chicanery neces
sary to bring about such a tiomiuatioii
we do see ample reason for not taste
ing, touching, or.haudling the unclean
ihiiiL'. Ii ' not so much a qu.'siiou
of moral right, however, as of exp. di
eiicy. Thu vows of . a, minister ot
Jesus are still unoii this brother. , II
has not been uomiuatetl by the church,
nor has his eonloi cnco released him
fi out his W'irk as presiding older of the
Bo'se di-ti iut. He simply steps aside
from his legitimate profession, one
in w ii ith for years ho has spent hi
time and talent and lor which hu has
educated himself. He is not a stales
man. It would bo unreasonable to
rcquiro he should be. Nor do we
risk anything in saving ho is not the
choice of lliu republicans of the Slate.
We doubt not his name would never
have been thought of for this position
but for tho usual game by .which
uuheaid nothings are accomplished
among politicians. Who bus done
this work wu do net know, tior are
we worried in the least about tin
coming election. We believe how
ever it turns out, it will prove a final
injury to our good brother and will
out benefit to thu Slue. Mr. limes if
elected w II doubtless maintain hi
' Integrity a 1 1 di all .!i,t otn . but in
tegruy and sneeess at Washington
j are I wo tli.ngs. poliiic.iu are pub
o property in the worst possible
; sense. Alieady the opposition ivi
prs are garbage and the
stench of the campaign is upon us.
However Well A good man bears llu se
things, no minister can oft rd to in
vile llu-ni,withui a better lesson
than wu can see in this esse.
IIeiikkw' Cimritik.TIi follow
ing extract is from the inrasagu .l
Mayor It, M. Moore, of Cincinnati, to
lliu Common Council ol th t eiiy,
Apiil. 1st, 187S:
A thurs is so Knch porrty eryirhr
fluroig Uiw bsnl tiuns. I can nut rcfma
iruB uoiicing tlis exfriivnt arrao.viDetit the
Itw havs ol remlertuj; ai.l to thru- own
thrvtijl, tb orkiu. of thur chant-
rw',,K'UrawU,vm'ai'1W'ra. I
Jou,t'U,uU awticati. and I a.uUn,- as iU Unf t. ..m.trs
think ttecuaiy. Itunuif tha nut vr k. 1
afKUftV FVAi.l nut n.A .1 . i , j . I
ur,la((mnj rsl,wb,ch scoounu forth,
J th w a wy rar thiog to sm
poUn brfomg oid b d t ay muh,
Annual Mcijaje of the President of the
or Et'oisi City:
Gxstlims!: Id compliance wit's article
eiglit of th Amended Charter of 'the city,
which makes it the duty of the President of
the Council at least ooce in each year to re
port to the Council the financial condition of
the city, and at the same time to saggent
luch measures as will com! ace to the gener
al health snd nroperity of the city. Beg
leave to submit for your consideration: That
from a critical examination of the b lokt of
the Treasurer, there has been collected from
all snarce $3,243 50, ami tliereareontatanriing
warrants in the sum of $255 80. For a de-
tailed statement'of roceipts and disburse
ments, yon aro reipectfully referred to .the
Treasurer's and Marihal s reports.
I am informed by the Marshal that the
smonnt of delinquent taxes are 310 4.t,
which if collected ttill be sufficient to pay
all outstanding warrants of the year ending
Aprd I, 1878, leaving the city free from Jubt,
At the commencement of the last fiscal
year, April 1877, tho city was in debt in the
sum of jt, 100. During the yaar the city
has constructed a. substantial stone culvert
on WillametU and Sixth streets, and also a
a bridge on Patterson and Tenth streets,
which extra expenses will not be required
the present year.
Estimating the services of Night Wutch,
Marshal, Recorder, Treasurer and the con
strnction of crosswalks at the same prices of
1877, it will require the sum of alxiut two
thousand dollars to moot the cxpensos of the
emuing year. But from the unsafe condition
of miny private sidewalki btth in the center
and remote pirti of the town, our citizens
are liable to moet with serioin injury, both
in the day and night time, and the city there
by be liable for heavy damages. I would
therefore recommend that tho Committee on
S reets make a thorough examination of all
the sidewalks in the city and direct the
M trahal to give written notice to the owners
of the property to repair or construct new ones
wharo necessary im Mediately, and in every
caie where the owner of the projicrty dues
n it commence the repiir or constructs i of a
now walk aftur ten days notice given in writ
iug, that the Marshal do construct tho same
at the expciuo of the owner, I would in this
this connection recommend thatanoudinance
pissed requiring all sidewalks constructed on
Willamette and Eleventh streets in the fu
ture toia eight feet wido, excepting in that
part Willainetto street where they are now
ten feet wido, to be and remain as they are
now constructed. During the pint year
soven street lamps have been erected by pri
vate citizens, and thu city lias fuiuishud
tho lights. This is a small expense to the
city but a pluxsure and benefit to all citizens,
and I would recommend that four lamps be
p a:cd, one at the northeast corner of Eighth
and High streets, by the Baptist Church, one
at tho northwest comor of Xiutli and High
streets by the Christian (,'hurch; one. at the
northeast corner of Eleventh and High struct,
slid ono at tho northwest comer of, Seventh
and Olive strceU Tho lighting of the city
being a puhlia benefit, private citizens ahull
nut be callud on to erect the lamps.
I would recommend that all street cross
ing! be live feet wido, three inches thick and
tho tiiubor ton to twelve inches wide, and bo
let to tho lowest bidder annually, and all
gravel required for grading the crossings be
let to tho lowest bidder, per square yard, an
nually. I would further recommend that
the street committeo ba directed to examine
at an early day the intersection of every
street in thq corporate limits and that they
direct tho same (every ono that may . i dpi ire
it) to be graded ovor tho entire intersection
or squire. That tluy als.i contract with
soma person or porstms to remove all ob
struction from the ditch leading from tho in
ter ,iti n of Olivo and Sixth streets to the
crossing of tho 0. A C. It. U. I would also
recommend that the ordinance relating to
peddler's license, enacted on to-wit: The
13th day of Auguit, 1S77, bo epealod and
law mors reasonable in terms be enacted,
as the law as it now stands amounts ttt
prohibits i, and a small revenue to the city
is thjrj'iy oxti ig tishud.
,At a sanitary .noisnrj, every citizen should
keep his premises free from any nuisance, and
the Council should direct all streets and al
leys in the corporate limits to be kept clean.
With good sidewalks and clean streets and
alleys, tho city will assnme a healthful and
prosperous sppcarancc and strangers visiting
the city will be glad to sojourn and jK-rma-nuntly
I would also recommend that the property
holdjrson Willi uette strwt fromthedepitto
thesout't boau I i.-y of tho city, and such other
places as tho committee on streets shall ti
red be required to repair and till up the
sinks in ths streets to tho required gnt,lo.
Bufore concluding this communication I
beg leave to submit ouo other subject for
your consideration at no far distant day. The
growth of the city and the improved valua
tion of proiertr will d.-mand the purchase of
a lire engine. The city is at this time about
out of debt, and it wdl not require exceeding
four mills, perhspt not over tlireo to th-es
ami a hal', lor the nees.ary cxpensos of th..
city (he ensuing year. M on!d it not U
vu.ible to levy one mill or one and a l.alf
nulla the present year, and the same amount
of levy nut ) ear ! This would alinrd sutti
rient means to purchase a double suction and
force engine with perhaps thrvo hundred frwt
of how. An ainount could be raised in this
manner which, wouM not be seriously felt by
the tax Myers an. I teiumcirntfrtii vmu
of the city. I am, dear sirs, most respect
fully jocr oWie ut s-mant.
Frsideut of the CouuciL
, 'ViU ths Carol and Ixs-ks Company inform
P'!'1' ) n.och stx-k tU IVruo.
CT,! cntlidt for Cvngr bu evr brld
' J' convoy while h wa. nsmgbia intiu-
i'l th LrpJvlsn. to paas a bid
PrOMdinil ior tha unrvJia of thI.L,
Tho Democrat io cstndiJate for Con
gresi never had one o ut of pecuniary
interest in the CanI and Luck Com
pany. and this inonendo it pure 6c
two of Odell'e feriil imagipation.
Mount Hood
Agricultural Implement House.
Importers snd Dealers In Latest
Improved Agricultural Implements,
280 and 262 First Street and ZOI
and 263 Front St., Portland and Salem.
General Agents for
D.M.OnUJK.Vt: & CO.'S
Vorld Renowned Mowers,R:a?ers
Self-Binding Harvcsiers.
Harvester now known. N i viol nt mo
tion. No grain waste I. .No coiniir.iwi.'g arias.
No men renuired to follow up and complete the
work thu machine should do.
l'he Machines are regarded both In Europe
and America an the atan lard of perfection.
The only Self Binder which haa the UPPER
STEEL WIKE jIIOLDEH. This dispenses
with comprsing arms, and all devices which
compress the straw so tWitly that the sudden
expansion is more than the wire hand will hoi I.
No broken boi ls or scttered bundles with
this machine. It never tips over. The Needle
Arm threads itself.
It has lieen demonstrated that it is superior to
all others of its class in every country where
grain is grown, statements of competitors to the
coutary notwithstanding. It is the simplebt in
construction and easiest to operate ; and in the
great contest iu New Zeatanu in January, 1878,
was unanimously award? i the first premium
for lightness of draft, width of cut auJ simplic
ity of operation. Everv part of the Jiiuder is
m ide ol the finest English SteeL
The Osborne Rizp h & Mowers
Have the Diamin l Po'.nt Pitman Connjotiou,
latest and ouly porfjet fitnuu onnection ever
known. , ,
Will outwear tluee knives to which it is at
tached. No broken knife heads. Get the Diinond
Point Pituiau connection.
Moline Wagons
Thimblo Skeins or Iron Axle i, narrow or
wide traulc, with Eastern be t and top lm.
Oregon Combination itoller brake (the best rol
ler brake ui:ide).
IdAGEoJ, With -miny new an I valuable imprivom.'nts
never before seen on the I'aciiic Count.
M srrlsons Bros. Celebrated Solf-Clcar-
Walking and Hi 'in', Wood and Steel Beam.
Strongest an I beat plows ever broj0-!.t to the
I'aitic Coast.
Ninncsob thief Thresher,
Pitt's Mojnted Powir.
Not a single Wit on ones d i o' the Sepwator.
It is beyond doubt the si.nplest machine ever
oHered tor sale, and the li-litost draft and most
r.ipid thresher and best clean 'r how known.
t id thresh and clean Flat and Timothy Seed
bitter than any Mac hine in the mirket. It is
p-erleenmid without a livid in all the family of
Threshing .Machines.
Von (.'iiiiipcrN "Lion" Splf-Iiilitji
Miilkf' lilttto, Hiuqilest and Best iu the
liUl.t..S, hKHIl SOWER:!, folllEll'a ClliH
A full stock of extras for D. M. Osborne &
Co.'s Harvesting Machinery kept coutauily
on hand.
A full line of Wood Workinj machinery on
atantly on baud.
v F. BORX,
Office -Mt. Hood Aiihicultural Iuplkmext
Dealer in
H. 6. S.-ait2i Ma:hin3 Cj.'s
And other Wool Working miohiuery.
Tub ami P.til Furniture and Mill Machinery
of all kinds. I also s iperinteud or will con-j
tract tor the erection of t;u sains,
hand machinery sold on coium ssi n.
Referee Sale.
X ' by irtiie of a decree, of the Circuit Court
oi tho State of Oregon, for tlie c unity of L ine,
mide at the regular term in April, 1878, iu the
suit wherein (xeo. I . Miller, tv Ins
A. J. Johnson, plaintilt vs. Josiah Miller mid
llinmaa Anderson now defendantJ, ordering
tho premises h ivin d.-m ril ed to he sold, and
apiiiiting tlu uiidersiguei sole Referee to
make sale of the a.ime. 1 will odi-r for a.ile to
the highest bidiler at the Court House door iu
Eugene City, Ijiiis eo-mty, Oregon, on Satur
day, the loth day of June, 7f, tne f-ilhuvini
premises, to-wit: t oinnienein i;t the . h
ctmier ot tlie ilonatu
Miller and wife, notiti
511, running thence
chains, thence south
70 tit) chains, thence north ItO chains to place
of liegiiiniug, containing BlH) acn's in Lane
comity, Oregon. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock
p. m. Terms of sale cash.
niaylSI J on si T. Git. fry, Referee.
In Justice Court, for South Eugene precinct.
Lane County, Oregon. T. G. Hen tricks
plaintiif, vs. W. C. Smith dt fen lant
J Iu the name of the St ita of Oregon
are hereby reuuired to Ih'fore the under, i
you I
signed, a Justice of tae I'emv for the I'reciuet
aforesaid", on the .'Uh day of June, 18, 8, at 10 i
o cl,K-lt . nt.. at the olhee t;t s.u.l J ustice m
said precinct to answer the above n tme I plain-
ti.i in a civil artion.
1 tie defendant will take !
llt'tiee that if he fails to answer the complaint I
nereiu, inc pi.uul.,1 w:
ii,,tk?u tKT;""Vt:3,t i
81. J .V.t. t'uthcr witii I
(lliu for tne sum of
cost and ilis'iursementK of thi action.
'1 Lis summons is publishe I by order of the
u n lersi 'ne I Justi
the Pea.-?, mide the
u ,1..
LVh-Uyof May, 1S78.
may 8 i
J. B. Ami ix e;i,
Juuici of fie IVv.
Russia and England.
from the seat of war. Ye smokers to
the front and please call at the new store
your nn Havana cigars, the Wt in town: Uo
for the be-t bran Is of (mkin an J chwin to
boc You ill al-i j find the bet French and
IWotic candies. nnt of all also tiitim
knivw, notions and stationery always on bauiL
t for 1 1 the place-nest door to the AsUw
House-tL. 0 K tobacco -and cig.i -More
, Notice of Sale.
If title 11 of chai.Wr 32. miscellaneous laws
of Orrgnn, I shall ell to Uie hi.-ht bkldn-, for
ch. at public aocti-.a. oo the Svh day of June
one o cloek in the afternoon aid day
at my hoi-M in sVlent Hill, fjn county!
lrfv-ont one hy Swnh mre, about 8 yrxn
ol.l and about It han.ui b if h ; on bay yearling
mars colt, and one dark brown mule, or sm-h
oi said snimau as l-,:i tv sutEeittt to rT th
MM. . . - ...... A '! . 1
Ul land claim of lavn!i, i. ...,... .;,:.., ...i. . 'u i
...... , . j lionet, i.iurt.u a ii t 'i ibisiu. wm ivfy en-.'
cation Km, claim No. .,ix :,.. n,i JX .,i,i,-,.
'To.', 'T-47' ,Test r0? tiona discharged at 'the expense of the public
"8 02 chains, thence east .:,i , ...ii -.; ' 1
o autr four ditrs, pasturart for th I and snrgeoo, and inyntor of th I'aru Spirom
smce or. 1st. ls. i. to date ol ul. mstA i e ter vhii-h hm. cnv.n p.ti( t rt ikM1H.j. -l
euu ol sale, saiU arumals (.arm j been pastnrxl
by m inc Nov. 1st, 1373, at th request of D.
N. i'ook, th nwvr thrrof.
Dtd at Eugene City. My lnOi. 1S78.
" D MTuxa.
Walter A. Wood's Iron Frame Mowers,
Chain and Sweep Rake Reapers,
Iron Wheel Headers & Self Binders,
Fanners, buy a Binder that has been thoroughly tested on this eoost and you know will
work Machine no longer an experiment
Chicago Pitts Thresher?, Cooper Self-Propelling Threshing En
gines, La Belle Wagon Full and complete line of Farm-
ing Tools.
Read two of the many testimonials we received last season : .
Mosboe, Benton Co., December 28th, 1877.
Messrs. Frank Bros. & Co.. Portland, Orcgon-UESTmtES : Having used one of your
Wood's Harvesters and Se Minders the past season, it affords me much pleasure to testify to
its menu I cut and bound 253 acres of wheat and pats with one team, doing the work withot.t
changin?. snd I can sey that in my judgment it is the best machine which has i been offered to-,
the farmers for harvesting Respectfully yours, K WAJJStVUttltt,
, Forest Gbove, Oregon, January 31st, 1878.
Messs. Fbaxk Bros. & Co., Portland, Oregou-GEXTS i The Walter A. Wood s Har
vester and Self-Binder I purchased of you last season I cut over two hundred and forty acres
with, and I consider the machine to be the most valuaole one for a farmer yet manufartured.
The cost of the wire per acre was only thirty-one cents, and caused no trouble in threshing-.
j ' Yours truly, illiKY tiUAlUXt.
Goods can be found at all principal points in the State of Oregon and Washington Territory.
Send for dessriptive catalogue and price list to
104 and 16 Frmt st- Portland, Or.
T. G. HENDRICKS, Agent, Eugene City, Or. (
Democratic Platform.
The f dlowiug is the Platform as adopted by
the Democracy of Oregon in State Convention
assembled in the City of Portland, April 11,
Sec. L ni.-itasimplegovernmenthor.estlyand
economically administered, confined in its oper
ations to tho administration of justice and the
preservation of the public peace, is the only
safe guard against the abuses of power to which
persons in authority nre prone, and the corrupt
and lavish appropriation of the public funds to
corporations which has characterized the Na
tional administration for the past seventeen
Sec. 2. Tha we heartily approve the action
of Congress in rvinoneti iug suver. That we
believe that all m mey made or issued by the
Government should be of equal value ami that
we are in favor of paying all the obligations of
the Government hi greenbacks so-called w hen
the p:-cmii.iry interest of the people is promot
ed thereby, except where otherwise expressly
Sec. o. That we regard the forced resump
tion of specie payment as greatly aggrivatiug j
the depression and distress consequent on a ,
long season of inflation and extravagance. We
therefore favor the repeal of the act requiring ,
resumption Jap. 1, 1879. j
Sue. 4. That the gratuity of near twenty-four
mil. ion dollars now paid the National lianks ,
by the Government is simply levying trib
ute upon the people for tlie benefit ot the cap
italist : we therefore favor the repeal of the law
under which they were establish!, and the di
ced iipue by the Government of currency re-
reivable for all public dues sullicient to supply
the place of the present bank note circulation.
Sf.i 5. That wo heartily indorse the eiiorta
now being made in Congress to reduce our pres
ent tariff to a strictly revenue standard. 1 hat
the interests of the grat mass of the people of
tho United States lie in tlie paths of unrestrict
ed cemmenv.
Sec. C. we favor continued agitation
en the S' bject of Mongolian immigration to
this country until the i'ed-.ral Government is
moved to modify our treaties with the Chinese
Umpire so as to prohibit it, anil thus save i
those of our fellow citizens who depend upnii j
labor for a support, from unjust and degrading
Sec. 7. That the eighteen years of ruisrulo j
of the Republican party is indubitable proof
that that party is no longer to lie trusted.
That much of its legislation iu Congress has ,
t-'iKcd to make the rich richer, and the poor
poorer, nd we arraign that party before the,
people for its classed legislation, for having fos
tered and upheld rings, for its repented elforts
to overcome the voice of the people by nn un
just and unconstitutional use of the military
aim of the Government, and for forgeries per
petrated under its otticial sanction, whereby R.,
ll. Hayes was placed iu the Presidential chair
1 j contrary to the expressed .will of an ovcrwhelm
j ; iug majority of the people of this Government.
.n a. J hat wil.'iuandsuch legislation, btate
and Federal, as will prevent the abuses grow
ing out of compensation for extra services and
will limit the pay of otticials to a single salary ;
secure the prohibition of all perquisites, that
fruitful source of corruption whereby the dm
peuaatlou allowed by law to those in public
employment is frequently doubled ; the tliini-
without re"ard to efficiency.
Sec. 9. That it is the duty of the State Gov
eminent to maintain its supremacy in regard to '
the authority uot delegated in the constitution I
of the United States, and to vindicate iw juris- j
uicuoii ngauixi, einxoaeiiuieiiis mini any source
whatever That in the administration of State
affairs the preservation of private right and
promotion of justice should -be the principal
aim ; that taxation should be equal snd uni
form, and exenditures of the pub
lic revenues be avoided Economy should lie
the watchword, snd rigorous laws be enacted
for tlie management and preservation of the
various funds Monging to the State.
Src. 1(1. That we are in favor of improvement
i i .1 (!At-uwm,.( ,.i ,i... -.i
l,v iKa .1
mUn of the State : of tlie o:nin- of th C-
l,i,nl,ia tiver at the Cascade, and Dalles ; of the
i,nvement of the Snake river, and of a sub-
t, th Salt I.aL-.. '.n.l,
I PlLM It tllriltil .rtf nil - fnniin at iir. iv ivtm.
I,1"tJ t,1' -Nrth Pacific llailroa.l und-r such ....... .1... .i...
.,l i1,t..t of th ni.l nf th. St-.t- .n.l tl,.
gnt,r m)n ,,e wu,u donated to it. A '.so for
i. . ... , . .
a subsidy for the ieedy eonipb tion of a rail
road connection between Oregon and California,
Six'. 11. l liat universal e.lucation, and th
general di:Tuion of lenniing U-ing the principal
nulwark of American liberty, we nre in favor of and protecting oar public school sys
tem for the faithful education cf the risiug gen
eration. 'Read ssn Leaks mr Yct Rvrir.
yal'iable discoveriis snd roueh' ui f ul knowledge
is kept from the world, because of the iijiniense
expeuse in making them known to the people.
This is not the case with lW)iee' German
Syrup, although but a few years introduced
into this country its sale now" reaches in every
tiiwn . 1 .-in. ; I C 1 -- I t ,
sneers, in curiiw Consumption, "ever- Coughs,
Pneumooia, Asthma, snd sil other die of
th throat and lun,"s st v Crit made known by
litributing every year, for three yean, over
4At,0j tK.ttlesV the sitiicted. free of charge,
by Isruggbts. No S'tch a tt of merit was
ever given bef.ire to any other preparation.
Could yon ok more Go to vour lruggist and
pel a bottle for 75 CtfeS and try it. ciample
btttiea 10 cents.
Nasal Caton-h and Lnrj and Brooch Ul affec
tions, and all dLMn anting from an impure
tat of th blood, positively rureJ. vDr. cion-
vill Mathka. th. eminent VMnk
in from lSt terrible diseaersj in Earoti and Kah 'or bJacksmithing are hereby Bo
th I'niUd Statem. 'fhUi wonderful intrument ' d to cneoe forward unmiiatly axl eet
wma iartB'4 by If. Soenell Mothico, for I One of the partners is gting to Paloaae
th treatitent cf faaal Catarrc, Long and Uhts sprine. and our tmsineea meet be aettled
l ronehial sfetior. i , m0aJI pnnTMai PmsDnTra k Rrssf.
Chas. M. Horn,
iSjS Fishing Tackles and materials.
Repairing done in the neatest style
Jr ami warranted. Sewing machines,
Safes, Locks, etc., repaired.
Guns loaned and ammunition furnished.
Shop en Willamette st., opposite Astor Homo
ilard brands at
all kinds at inside figures bv
I V for sale bv
In Djrri3' Brisk Building.
Groceries Provisions,
Will keep on hand a general assortment of
Groceries, Provisions, Cured Meats,
Tobacco, . Cigars, Candies,
Candles, Soaps, Notions,
Green mid Dried Fruits,
Wood and Willow Wars,
Crockery, Etc.
Business will be conducted on a
Which means that
Low Prices are Established
Goods delivered without charge to Buyer
Ft which i will pay the highest market price.
13nia hand and machine made Boots and
A new lot direct from factory.
State of Oregon, forthe County of Lane.
In the matter of the Guardianship of Wm.
Kt Gay. Citation. To the next of kin of
said Wm. K. Gay, and all persons interested
In the name of the State of Oregon, You ore
hereby cited ami required to appear in the
County Court of the State of Oregon, for' the
County of Lane, at the Court Room thereof,
at Eugene City, in the County of Lane, on
Monday the First day of July, 1878, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon of that day, then and
there to show cause why an order should not be
ma le authorizing the sale of the real Estate be
longing to sal I W. K. Gay, to-wit : One un
divi led one eleventh of the donation claim of
M. P.. (Jay k wife. Irt, No. 6083, in sees, 5. 8
and 17. T. 19, S. R. 3, W: hlso W j A 3 E i t
W ft of N. E. i of Sec. 6 A N. i &lots 1. 2. 3.
4. of Sec. 7, ami lots 1. 2, A 3 of Sec, 8, and N.
W. i of S. W i 1-t 7 of Sec. 5. T. 19 S. R.
3 west: Also S. W. i of Sec. 36. T. 18 S. R.
4 W, ami N. J of Sec. 1 T. 19 S. R. 4 W. con
taining in all 1921 acres, in Lane County Ore
gon. Witness, 4,he Hos. Joshua J. Waltok,
Judge of the County Court of the State of Ore
gon, for the County of Lane, with the Seal of
said Court affixed, this 2Dth day of April A. D.
Attest :
Joel Wari,
A HCrC ( I KE.
For consumption, browiiitis, osthama, catarrh,
throat and lung disease:. Also a sure relief ana
permanent cure for eener;J debility, dystwrmia
n l all nervous affections, by a simple vegetable
I ....i::.. ,t.:..u i . i-
medicine wnicn cured a venerable missionary
Physician who was long a resident of Syria and
the Et, snd who has freely given this valua
ble specific to thousands of kindred sufferers
with tie greatest ponsihle benefit, and now he
feels it his lacrel christian duty to impart to
others this won lerful invigorating remedy, and
will send FREE the original receipt complete,
with full directions, to any person enclosing
stamp for reply.
Gbeklet Blocs, Stbaci'sk, N. ,Y.
P. O. Boi 76.
To all suffering from th following disease a
ray of hope is o fered through the kindness of a
missionary friend who has tent m th formula
of a purely vegetable medicine which has long
been ntd by th -native medicine men of Hin
rioetan : for th positive and radical cure of
Consumption. Bronjhitia, Asthma, Catarrh,
lVieTsi.v Throat ami Lnn? adifheulty. Gener
al Dvbility, Loss of Manhood and all Nervous
Auctions, iu power k been tented is hnn
dreila of cases witho'it a failure. I now feel it
my sacred duty as far as possible to relieve he
man misery and will tend the recipe Fan or
t'HAEng to any person who may deair H with
directions for using, bent by return mail by
ldrsic with 2 stamp nam ing this paper,
Dr. O. R. Cri-dum, Drawer 28, Unco, N, Y.
September '. 77 It.
Talk. AJ1 penoru indebted to Poindex-