The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 11, 1878, Image 2

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8ATtTBUAV.MAY.ll, 1878.
BUSINESS. Matters of a personal
character charged for at regular adver
tising rates, to be paid li variably In ad-
vance. .
State Democratic Ticket,
For Governor:
Of Multoomah.
For Conjres:
Ot Lane.
For Secrotrry of Stato :
Of Jaclcion.
For State Treasure! :
Ot Baker.
For State Printer:
0 Multnomah.
For Sup't. Public Instruction :
01 Linn.
For Senator:
For Representatives:
For Sheriff.
For Commissioners:
For Treasurer:
For Assessor:
For School SupBiitendciit;
For Surveyor;
For Coroner:
every other deity, they worshiped the I Neither Deceiving Xor Deceived
State alone.
The Bank of Venice,vhich was the
earliest as well as the most auouessful
experiment la the issue or paper
money, only issued notes as bullion
was deposited, and to an amount suf
ficient to represent the value of the
deposits. Its opperations were simi
lar to those of the United Slates
mint which issues certificates for gold
and silver on actual deposits in the
vaults of the Treasury. The Bank
of Venice was instituted not to sup
ply a Isck of money, but on account
of the debased condition of the coin
of the country and the large amounts
ot counterfeit money in circulation,
it being much moro difficult to coun
terfeit the bills of the bank than the
stamp or nppeaiance of purity of gold
and silver.
From ths Oregon Ian.
From a letter we print in another
place it appears that there are per
sons in Lane county who wish to be
informed by candidates for the legis
lalure whether they, the said candi
dates, will, if elected, yote for Mr.
Mitchell, or not. The writer of tLe
letter is himself a candidate for the
legislature in Lane, and evidently is
not prepared to respond. So he re
monstrates with heat and vehemence
against the interrogation, and tries to
persuade himself that it is not right
for citizens who think a certain thin
ought not to bo done, and know it
never could be done except by iudi
reut methods, including the arts ot
intrigue and subterranean polities, yet
see it plainly attempted, to take a
bou'l against being misled or deceiv
Popular delusions in relation to M. Tiie epithet 'sorehead" is appli
.1 . . . II! ! .1 '"' J
uie growing intelligence or ine peo- uM l0 b(J m,dts UDil8ib0 illglrumeilU
pie ana me on recurring iwiure oi an t0 accomplished a purpose to which
issues of paper currency as a mean they never knowingly, would give
of .n.ntinr wnahh. rpnilpr ihm ).... their consent. But the sorehead is a
i . ..i... l.ii . i . . . very numerous individual at thi
nauiu io imkb no u on mo minus oi .- . i t .' i .
., ,, , time, not only in Lane county but
any conmueraoie numoer. all over t'ie stale. True he is a dis-
Pronperity is born of industry, dil- agreeable tellow, initiating that he has
igence ami economy; no sleight ol rights which he does not derive from
hand can produce it or maintain it. manageiiig politicians or from any
Prudent indutry and a wise economy political party; but troublesome as
alone can briuit us out of cur dilfiuiil he is has not yet been dislianehist'd,
ties. Government may take from nd therefore must be tolerated. Ii
i . . . .i - . : n 1 :r i ar:...i...i
one nun give 10 anouirr, nii'i may
J.l . ...I . !. 1 . - .I P I
ueni out wnai ii nss in in e ursi yiaw
drawn Irom the people, nothing more.
is well known mat it Mr. Mitchell
were directly before the people ask
ing tor their voles, large numbers of
Republicans would decline to vote
tor hiiu. With the same propriety
lliey may decline, if they see fit, to
vote tor candidates lor the leuiua
tuie whose pinion on the subject is
not saiisluclory to tliem ; und they
will do it. Iu tact there may be
even better reason for it ; for it is no
torious that there is an attempt to do
by political m:tnacmenl and devious
methods what never could be dune
Gen. Applegntu cxounded the
jf1 - I I.I AM
vreenoacK meory ot nuance in n
three hour's spcooh at tho Court
House last Saturday. His theories
aronotnow, History gives numer
ous instances where they have been
tried and exploded. Thoy have nl
trios! invariably been resorted loin
civilized niuion in times of public
distross, n nd have as invariably pro
longed and ng;ravated tho evils they
wero intended to ouio. Tho Conn.
Denial Congrens declared all who
would not rooeivo their paper money
at par with gold and silver to be pub
lic enemies, nud issued an address to
the people trying to prove that paper
money was far prelerablo to the
precious metals. But their currency
continued to decline until it i'iaed
to circulate, and died iu the hands of
its holders.
Paul, the First of Russia, parsed
stringent penal laws against discred
iting tho paper money ot the govern
ment, and oven threatened to erect a
gallows on the exchange, to hang
every merchant who refused to take
it at the government standard. But
in despotic government whero the
will of tho sovereign was the supreme
law, the utmost cxeioie of his au
thority did not prevent tho currenej
Irom depreciating to one lourth it's
nomin il value. Tho Colony ol Mass
achusetts iu NIC, to supply a
supposed lack - of money, issued
100,000 iu various denominations ol
currency, and mado them a legd
tender for all delts and taxes, but
they nevertheless depreciated until it
took six shillings currency to buy as
much as one ol silver.
The notes of the Bnk of Englan 1
during the wars with Napoleon, were
made a full legal tender not withstand
The Portland Bee has acquire 1 the
tincnviublo notoriety ot being the
cesi pool nnd repository of all the
social nas'.ioj's in tho country. With
tho in nine ts of the buzzird, it is al
ways on the scent of moral and social
canion and gulps down each disgust
ins mens with the eusto of a irhoul. successfully with open avowal of pur-
" Ti i" . i i
Anvthinz s erist that comes to its P"8" "c ".'up.o u u.jje nave u.
II . , c,,i , i , niuuiini'ii-iauia iiui-icai, in una uiaiiui
m . nrov di 1 it is n l iv unoii" i. Ami ... . .
' a nl i li'i'l imr n HHiiiitor. A im-hiil inn.
. . . . . ... rt " - -. . .-i - -
when it cannot tind a carrion that we j,ity of them tlo not approve Mr,
tualljf oxists on which to teed, it sei-ms Milchcl 's course on very iiniioi taiii
to have aiders and abeUors in various public quest ious. They feci that the
towns in the Siala to furniali a ...i.. "UTi"'" t tho stale require tho elec
r .i e i- of some one else. But in the
from tho imagination of some dirty , , :(m ,,fm,inh,ri, oflUe Hirislllm.H
COWai'd. i tint milv nniwirliinil v llii.v tvivu nl
. . I . II" J
Unly a lew weeks ngo it got up a making thuir views and purposes felt,
sensational two column article, em Alter occasion passes, the whole
h..lllJ,d imU -,,l..m,. us., matter w ucyona tneir reacii. lliey
, , ,. . , . , , cannot go to llio capital en masse to
headlines; traducing tho character L..,i. - ah
. t .I , I nVH IMVi IMUII 1 a DUII I Ubl vo, txn
o. no fsiimaum young .auy oi inn t10,u0, w,10 uaVt. Ill;l,u
, , . . j
city, tho whole article being sinoo as
certuinod to be totally and absolutely
Oue ol its latoht ''lUM' is a com
iiunicition purporting to have been
written iu this city, date 1 May 1st, in
in view which must be nccoiuplisliud
through representatives elcclvl.'.by
I lie ir votes have an unquesiionalile
rizht to Select th.'ir representatives
wiili il.ul views; and it is u right
which ihey hold iudei endi-nlly ' ol
poliucal managers who may lie try
which thd writer, to gratily his pretty lntf 10 thwart the pnbliu will by in-
m,ili,.n ,.,'.,i i i,u ..u. .i:. geiuous. Hopiusiry mi skiiiiul mam
...vv, .iiviiuuiv.) U I IIVMllUttl UlRil'l I, . I I
' , . . . piilation. But il is claimed tiial un
g.i-u...v..t,.un.;. urn prMaiecnarao- husil .ting ti ust should be reposwl in
irr ui uuu oi our omesi, rcon pronn camliilates, und no ques ions asked or
nent and enleriiriHing cilizens; mak conditions required. 1 heic are candi
ing base iusinualiotis aijaiusl several ll."U' W,,0HU k,"nv" character, iosi
luemhersof bur best and most respect
ed litimlies.
The creature bulonzs to that most
detestable genus the tribo of anony
mous iralueeis loo cowardly to
make an open and honorable fight
against a manly opponent; ho steals
thu weapons ot a skunk t J befoul the
tair faiuo of wom.-u. Tuia oily is fast
acquiring an unenviable notoriety for
harboring cowardly black guards.
who weekly traduce some ol our eiti
tens, over tiulitous signatures, and w
i .. . i. . . i. i . . . i .
biu iuiii io oeneve mat mere is an in
dividual resident of this city so lost I?' 1,1 ur h'miuii bwiom. Am
.. ..... .. .Mitchells triends hive asked ilii
. eery sense c. nonor an,. Ueeency u.sliou in ,rU , ll(C(iUt
us inese communications indicate. have nominated candidates for fo
suo irom llio injury done iudi- leginulure with a view to it wfcere
viduals, this stylo of journalism tends l'.ver l"ey u'd. They have given
to dehaueh ih .,.1.11., i,,llia.,l ,. I "m i unn attention to n;they know
doU.u,l, .,.,-, i , I what they are about, and in no in
... .... . ..,,..,. lanut.niv H.y jjve, jfow lUrv
j -aiunianiy wiiu vice teiut to atrip it are others who, b.-lbre thev vote, in
of its hideousness, especially is this lend also to know, as it is their equal
trtio with the voiiiil?. Tin. mm .11 ril'111 t know. They wanl to Ue
, o - ....... . . i , , . . . . .
ffurrtiuu exhibitions bi...i ''V'T0")- "' intemt not to l,e
- I ii.hii.iti..i el. I.. . i ..
h i, i r"w,vu '""-'. .r iUiieiiell
' v"iviniuuseous oaunot nil I.. 1 ,m !.i...1.iT.. ....
- ...r... 1 1... i : i.. l " . f-"
........ waou .v. ui-im Vj uaMiig iiiein
One of the resolution! of the Radi
cal State Platform denounces "tho ao
tton of Gov. Grover whereby he at
tempted to give one of the electoral
votes of Oregon to Tilden !"
And this by a crew who connived
at and endorsed the electoral steal of
17 votes from the Southern Stale! for
Hayes when they rightfully belonged
to Tilden I
, Ye gods I can such check as this
exist but in a Radical convention?
This is the daps of people who have
trailed the slow poison of corruption
through all ot our public institutions.
and who have for years past bven
clogging the life blood ot the nation
with the corroding rust of client.
swindle And crime. They have ac
cumulated filth everywhere, have al
lowed monopolists and money-iriah
hers to throw dust in the eves of the
people while they were robbing their
pockets and tracking dirt with their
filthy bcots over ihu most snered
pages of the Constitution. Tli y
have winked at and boldlv encour
aged carpel-bag sneak thieves to carry
oil' ballot boxes and count in nnd
count out whomsoever would pay the
hi thest reward. They have no word
to sav in condemnation of t'.o creat
ed crime ot the nge, beside which nil
other political offenses sink into insig
nificance, hut 8we r al ami abuse Urns
who tried to checkmate their vil-
ainoua Presidential steal.
Those Ra lieal unions of Oregon!
well knew when they passed thai
Grover condemning resolution that
they were doing n mean, contempt-
bio thing, and one ot them told a
Democratic bystander that il would
come baek on them in thu campaign ;
ami we propose it sha'l, Tnat Pies
idenlial steal shall burn in their ears
all oyer the canvass and shall reach
as far as Democratic journals and
pcakers shall travel; lor when the
laim was broadly asserted under the
Consul ution by Republican leaders
that the acts of those who counted
leetoral votes nro not proner subjects
of review by Congress, no matter
how gross the fraud, a blow was
struck at the very life principles of tie
nation, from which it is siiflering to-
lav. The men who struck that blow
must be struck down by the p upl
and forever disgraced, and the people
d Uregon will get in their lickcn
(hose rascals on the 3rd ot June next.
Albany Democrat.
Walter A. Wood's Iron Frame Mowers, '
Chain and Sweep Rake Reapers,
-- Iron Wheel Headers & Self Binders
Fsrmen. bar Binder that hu been thoroughly tested on this coast and you laow wlir
work Machine no longer an experiment
Chicago Pitts Threshers, Cooper Self-Propelling Threshing En.
gines, La Belle Wagon Full and complete line of Fann
ing Tools.
Resd two of the many testimonials we received last season i
Monroe, Benton Co., December 28th, 1877.
Messrs. Frank Bros, t Co.. Portland. Oreuon Ge.ntlimin : Having used one of mn.
Wood's Harvesters and Se M'.inders tbe past seanun. it affords me much pleasure to test if t in
its merits. I cut and bound 200 acres of wheat and outs with one team, doing the work withont
cnangin?, ana i can say tliat in my judgment u is ine Desi macn'ue wuicn nas oeen ottered to
tne turmers lor Harvesting. Kespectliuly yours,
Forest Grove, Oregon, January 31st, 1878.
Messrs. Frank Bros, k Co., Portland, Oregon Cents : The Walter A. Wood's Har
vester and Self-binder I purchased of you last season I cut over two hundred and forty acres
with, and I consider the machine to be the most valuable one for a farmer yet manufactured.
Tbe cost of the wire per acre wua only thirty-one cents, and caused no trouble in threshine
Yours truly, HENRY BUXTON.-.
Goods can be found at all pnncipl points in the State of Oregon and Washington Territory.
Send fur descriptive catalogue and price list to .
104 and 106 Front St., Portland, Or.
T. a HENDRICKS, Agent, Eugene City, Or.
Democratic rialforni.
Chas. M. Horn,
VSCl Fishing Tackles and materials.
tjtfiSST Repairing done in the neatest style
J and warranted. Sewing machines,
Safes, Locks, etc., repaired.
Guns loaned and ammunition furnished.-
IShop on Willamette st, opposite As tor House
U u ii nnd opinions uro a snliicicni
gua unte.-ol their no. ion in ri'iinWuu
live oiuuuity. liiu suuh is not ihu
uhxu w it Ii ull; und us members of tin1
t-i'islauiio have litquyiiilv hten
known to do what was not txiuuted
a. I .1 I l t ,
oi iiii'in, inuieDV iU'ti'iiiiiir ti.e inti-ii
lions of the jK-opIo, it is not only the
iilil, Out hi a InhiT sense it is the
niiiy, oi mo cituoii una voter to
siuitdy liiiiHt'll thitl Ins wishes und
purposes will be respected. It is sail
that "Mitchell's Irien Is liavo a mhi
1st . . ...
to ssK tins question ns MileheH s etie
niies. Undoubtedly lliey have.
niny even bo conceded if neceswv
that this is one of ihe most valuuble
constttclly under our nostrils. No
greater truth was ever uttered than
the following :
"Vu is a moiwtor of sutb frbjlitful mieu
That to be liatnl newt b it be sn-n;
Itut wn too oft, lumiliar with iu Uor;
NV tirt alivir, then pity, then embrace."
When persons violate the law of
iy n: cHiiJi.iMi'y for re olicliou the
....p. . 1. I . .l 1 a- 4
f-tii l is iiiicuieini wiill OeleSl. tot
the peace and s icess id the party it i
necessary inai no reure now Irom
offiei-, and that the oresenl effort to
push dim be abandoned, lie has
peisonul friends who oo isidcr his
pei-ostmcu very unwite and viry
iiuiuui io ins nsrtv. 1 ti.u
eoency their crimes must beaome p,,n' hen he could be nam,., I
in which liiey tell to$ixt jxt cent, of l,ul''. l"l detailinj; scandal s, d Hie '"r 'cial l'1 withoui euUnt;eriiij;
their icM. The aiKnats which the I l"nices of cfiers whether true !''? ttUv h '""' p'orter
French republic issued io 17.9 did - have no better effect than ." 'L
not, as stated hy the apeaker, continue
to circulate as money until France
was overrun by foreix invasion.
They bej-sn to depreciate almost
irom trie moment of their issue, and
died while France wu yet under the
Directory, when the armies of the
Kepublio were not only maintainin g
the integrity cf the French territory, sous io resectable position. That
but were making actual conquests there is depravity in (Won nn..h
gainst the combined armies ot the lo suport journal of lhi stvle we
tnonarcln of Europe. It omt be rc caunot belirt. It cau only ,'urvivt
Warn k f -.. alt. . . . t -. m ...
Diu.riu .u.i ion eiperimeot rjpj Wontt in fed from
wheu the Ficncb neoide wera in ' iMitehaliM km.l -;ik
tnotj of rtnotiim, wbeo diicarding I treui ta!e alooe tt ccinciJei,
. . vu aii. (ins mat
to Umilisnxe tbo oommunily with the effort distracii the Uepublican
vice, indiino the imaginations of the P1"' "" r"Js doubtlul a triumph
a I t . it . . K . I. '. k.
sensuous snj cnooursue the bursuit W",L" Ul"erwi u wouia be clear
i ..i,..u ... ly entitled,
"I'fvoi", nun me scusmvv
lies of virtuous dispositions and lead
them to toleration ol lascivious ie iu
others. Epooi dly is this true wheu
tho.e practice are attributed to per
u nias;er'a
hose lech-
Sdvar rontiuuea lairar in t. l..
hn oar silver bill was u.-t.l Tk. i
atuaof thenew "buiurd dolUr" u about
Ue don't care a cent what silver
i wonh iu London. We have about
2.O0J due on oor book a large p. opor.
tiou of which is owed by Republic ana
nd or -fledged Greenbackers. We
will take thabuzzard dollar" at 103
centsforril dues and fornew Subscrip
tion. !?) will the Ortjtnian. ,
Ciiiel. A Suit in correspondent ol1
alke .n lilies iu a cruel sal ire. He
says that Ilev. Mines has ''imparted
to the people something ol his great
nature, tnsuii'inr ihein with confi-l
lence that in In hi is the highest stand-
aril of manhood, thu liviuj deposiiorv
of all jjreatness and piodness,
and that in hi tit is all thai is ini.'liiv
in tlie arm ol m in, and ail that is pro
loun I in intellect." And not satisfied
wit!i this stab thu correspondent fin-
ther burlesques the Reverend poli
ncian in tins way: When our can
didato shall have been elected by
2000 majority and served his teni in
Congress with credit to himself and
honor to the Slate of Oregon, it will
serve ns another sumo placed on hi
evergrowing monument that will be
honored ns long ns there is a bright
eye on earth or a shining star in Heaven."
Hon. W. W. Thayer, Democrat iu
enmiidate for Governor, will speak
in the Court House in this city on the
20th inst., at 7 o'clock p. m .
The candidates for Congress will f
speak at the Court House in ting
(lard brands at
s1 t" T. G. HEKPB1CKS
all kinds at inside fiinires by
for sale by T. G. HENDRICKS.
oil xthe l8ih inst.. at 1 o'clock p. m.
v OU Ihr Trark. j
Rev.T. F. Campbell, ihe Greeniiaek
nominee for Congress, has addressed!
tho fi llowing card to ihe Chairman'
of the Slate Executive Committee of
that party:
Deab Sis: Circ!imtances over wliieli T W. !
no conlrvj constrain me to decline the nnminv '
tion .vi caa.liilat for Congress, ten lerej me by
the National Greenb.u;lf an.) U'.rL-ln .,or!.
pirtv, in convention, at Altnv, April 3d.
Sickness In my family my prence at i
borne, anj comUnt cire forbilt that I should
m?et the opnjun can Udat eutof the mun-!
Uiw, aosnr.linj to arranem -nU which I m idi
with Utv. White iker. I
artwe the succees of the Princii.lw involved. '
without a vi tnro-M camp ubni, which the cm-'
tinned bad health of Mre. Campball prevent'
me from making.
It is due alike to mvwH m l t n.. .:.. i. -
the convention to say, that my nomination w.
the miult of a mimn lerst incline for which, f
- V i usurmma. jiy name should
not have been ued, only in a contin ,tncy.
which (lid not ari.M. I nitk.. ...... . i
. l.i. ....v. v a j "i.ini uor
oeureJ the nomination, and, on this account, I
appreMate the mor highly tiie unsoMit honor,
an 1 the m, reluctant , decline. 1 have thi
hon, to be, with hub reeoect. roar hli-.
T. F. ClSFBlU.
In Dorri3' Brisk Building..
Groceries ' Provisions.
Will keep on hand a general assortment of
Grocerie, Provisions, Cured Meats.
lobaceo, Cifrars, Candies,
Candles, Soapa, Notions,
Oreen nnd Dried Fruits,
Wood and Willow Wart,' '
Crockery, Etc.
Business will be conducted on a
Which means that
Low Prices are Established
Coods delivered without charge to Beyer
All KINDS OF PRfinilf!!- UAMTFfV
I ..... - V wwwwt. 11,11, , LI
j Fir which 1 will pay tho highest market price.
hand and machine made Boots and
Shoes. A new lot direct from factory.
State of Oregon, forthe County of Lane.
In the matter of the Guardianship of Wm.
K. Gay. Citation. To the next of kin of
said Wm. K. Gay, and all persons interested :
In the name of the State of Oregon, Yon are
hereby cited and required to appear in the
County Court of the State of Oregon, for the
County of Lane, at the Court Room thereof,
at Eugene City, in the County of Lane, on
Monday the lint day of July, 1878, at 10
0 clock in the forenoon of that day, then and
there to show cause why an order should not be
ma le authorizing the sale of the real Estate be
lonyinj to said W. K. Gay, to-wit : One un
divi led one eleventh of the donation claim of
M,,,K?2y ""'' No- 6583 in . 5. 8
and 17. T. la, & R. 3, W: also W J 4 S-E 1 1
W i of N. E. I of Sec. 6 N. i ilots 1. 2. 3.
1 Un f .. 1 1... I 1 .nr.. A . . .
t i TV'. ' a 0 01 nc- B. n fi
ll W . i of S. V J A lot 7 of Sec. 5. T. 19 S. R,
o west: Also S. W. i of Sec, 36. T. 18 S. R,
I 4 . and N. A of Sec 1 T. 19 S. R. 4 W. con
j, taming in all 1921 acres, in Lane County Ore-
Witness, the Hox. Joshua J. Waltos,
Judge of tlie County Court of the State of Ore
gon, for the County of Lane, with the Seal of
said Court affixed, this 'Kh day of April A, D.
Attest : t Jokl Wabj,
For consumption, bronchitis, asthama, catarrh,
throat and lun diseases. Also a sure relief and
permanent cure for general debility, dyspepsit
and all nervous atfections, by a simple vegetable
medicine which cured a venerable missionary
Physician who was long a resident of Syria and
the East, and who has freely given this valua
ble specific to thousands of kindred sufferers
with the trreatest nossible lwnefit. nrl m K
j feels it his sacred christian duty to impart to
j others this wonderful invigorating remedy, and
Ri and Lear roa Yoi-asrtr.-Manr
aluaa dweovenea and much useful knowledv-a
is kej.troni the world, because of the immense
Pnn making them known to the people.
i1Ulou-'h but tew itmduced
into tuo,uiitry ,u aal now reaches in ererr
town a village in the U. S. Iu wonderful
-"",cunn? consumption, severe Coughi
ill seni FitEE the oriirina reoeint nnmnltji
with full directions, to any person enclosing
stamp for replv.
Gbeelxt Block, Stbaccsi, N. Y.
P. O. Bos 76.
will tube ronstarTius.
To all suffering from the following diseases a
ray of hope is offered through the ki
i mtwiontry friend who hu ot me tht formuU
.... uva UISIOSI JW .11 MllTrTVar Wkj " . -wumui riiuii, sa-iprv i fp, 111 latMIHIBU-V iriJITIJl vnA haaj aanl and. U C.-. . . 1 -
Prerorau, has ever perftmnej ,uch marrsl-1 LV Md - other duW. of ! of a purely vegetable medicine which hi-Ton,
a lepuuti.. di'tnhul WMIhrst d knt"ni by ' been ustd by tha native medicine mea of Hin-
.C" ,V nica u i- A,nnnai;.il.7.i -i'T fr" yeari. ovar cosian :-ior tha positiva and radical care of
t'Pe thrtTnd V, . tJ b, ' Dri iVtT VI .y tUo C.Urrh,
ut cam in an climate, has made I r ', 1 1".. . ,T otnr I'reparatma
nnivemalv known .f. ( lould yotuk more 0. t,,. ri CTj
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Ir O. K Brisham. Drawer ZStica, KY.
September 29. 77-ly. '
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