The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, March 02, 1878, Image 2

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    tHE eoqeke city guard.
SATURDAY. MAR. 8, 1978.
BUSINESS. Matter of a personal
character charged for at regular adver
tising rates, to be paid Invariably in ad
Democratic State Convention.
A Democratic State Convention U
lierebv called to meet at Portland on
Wednesday, April 10, 1878, at 11
u'clock a. lor tho Durnose ot nora
inatinir t candidate for Congress, and
candidates for ibe various State offices
to bo voted for at tbe election to be
held In June next. Tbe Convention
will consist of 140 delegates, appor
tioned among tbe counties as follows:
Baker 5
Benton 6
i'lackama. 7
Clatsop 4
t,'luiubi 3
(5oo B
Curry 1
llouglas 8
Grant S
Jackson 8
Lak i
Linn 14
Marion 12
Multnomah 15
Polk 6
Tillamook 1
Umatilla 7
Union 6
Wmco 6
Washington, 4
JuMphine 21 Yamh
Total number o( delegate 140
It i recommended tbat, unless
otherwise ordered by tbe appropriate
local committees, County Convcn.
tions be held on Saturday, .March
30lh, and primary meeting on Satur
day, JJarcb 23d.
uy order of tbe Democratic State
Central Committee.
C. li. DKLLisuni, Cb'n.
M. V. Buohn, Secy.
Tbe Democratic County Conven
tion will meet at tbe Court House in
Eugeno City on Tbursdsy tbe 4th
day of April, 1878, for tho purpose
of placing in nomination 1 candidate
for Slate Senator, 4 Kcprcscntatives,
'2 County Commissioners, County
Clerk, Sheriff Assessor, School Su-
tivriiitcndent, County Treasurer,
ounty Surveyor and Coroner. Also
to select 9 delegates to tho State
Convention .o be held at l'ortlaud,
April 10, 1878.
Tbe Domocrals of I.ane county are
requested to mccl at the places ct
voting in their respective preuiucts at
1 o'clock, in tbe afternoon, on Satur
day, tbe 30th day of March, for tbe
purpose of selecting delegates to such
County Convention.
Tbe several precincts aro entitled
to delegates as follows :
Houth Kitten 8
North Kugene 6
t'amp Creek 1
Springfield 4
Willamette. 2
Cottage Grove. 4
Cresswcll I
Mohawk 1
Wpenner t
Pleasant HilL
Simla w
I.t Valley
Ilasrl Dell
Kail Creek
la the ubovt apportionment ac
precinct is allowed one delegate fur
very SJ votes cant tor the Demo
cra'.io candidate 'or State Senator at
the Juno election 1S70, and ono for
every fraction of oi;o hull or more of
neb ti umber.
Hy or.ler of the Committee, Feb
rid, 1878. T. A. Milmouk,
I .
We published lust Week tbe resolu
lions of tho Greenback Club of Cum
Creek. We are unable to understan
why men holding as their fundnmen
lal principles, those proclaimed in
their fourth resolution should seek
separate political organization. V
ore opposed to the resumption act,
and believe tbat filing a day to re
liove tbe country from tho ill etFucli
of tho rotten financial system bre
and nurtured by the Republican par
ty to lo very much like a physician
fixing! day for iht lecovery of bis
patient and attempting by violeu
remedies, without regard to st renin
or condition to eiadieatethe disease
by the day indicated His patient
by that time would most likely bo in
a condition much the worse for his
treatment. So the attempt to Icroe
rjturn,to specie paymeut by contract
fng the currency without regard to
tho resources or ability of the coun
try lo replace it with tioin has
brought heavier disasters tbau the
condition of tbe country at the time
of tho passage of the resumption act
would bare produced if no change
bad been made in the fiuanuial opera
tiou of tbe government. e have
ever been oppo.fd to suUlJiiing
banking institutions to tbe amount of
twenty millions per annum or any
other sum as is done uuder the pns
nt rational banking system, and
believe thnl these National banks are
no more necessary to the eaual dislri
Lutiou ot curreuey than they are to
the distribution of the goKl and si
ver oinage of the government. V
mereiore lavor the abolition of
National banks, tbe replaciug their
notes with currency issued directlv
by tbe government, and the payment
with such issue bonds to the amount
of the present National bauk note
circulation. We have always oppos
ed tbe government dishonoring its
ewn obligations therefore we Isvor
Ttvcmo aii currency i.sued by the
government in payment of every
publie due.
These principles we believe baye
been affirmed in every Democratic
platform since the existence ot the
Natiopsl banks and tbe passage of
tbe resumption act Silver has been
remonetieed by tbe action of tbe
Democratic party in Congress with
out controversy among its represen
tatives except as to tbe basis upon
which it should be done. Tbe regula
tion of friegbts aod fares has been re
peatedly and invariably declared to be
the right and duty of tbe Stale by
Democrotio conventions. Then what
have Democrats to gain by joining
an organization deyoted to these
principles f They can only delay tbeir
triumph since every Democratio vote
cast for the Greenback ticket is a
halt vote for the Republican party,
whose policy and principles have fos
tered monopolies, favored capital and
produced the ills of which these
greenback advocates complain. A
party built upon single idea can
never attain other than a temporary
success. This bringing together in
congruous elements bound by a single
tie, will prodtco disintegration tbe
moment success is attained. For
they will find other questions than
those of finance to solve, in tbe ad
ministration of government. He
sides, there can be no third parly.
There are but two siJos p every
question, and the creation ot a third
is merely artificial and will soon dis
appear. Upon all tho questions that
this greenback movement is based,
save that of uulimiled issue of
gal tenders, the Republican party
occupy one side, and the Democrats
the other. It is idle to talk ot a po
litical organization composed exclu
sively ot honest meu. They will all
be very much alike us that particular,
aod as a rule, those who make the
loudest professions are the least sin
cere. This movement will no doubt
draw iuto its ranks many, good and
puro men, but there is another class
it is sure to have j disappointed aspi
rants from all parlies ; those who have
lacked ability and character to obtain
recognition from their former politi
cal associates ; adventurers with noth
ing lo loso and malcontents of every
description. These will crowd lo the
back ground the well inlentionud,
aud by their runt and zealous pro
fessions, impose upon the confidence
of their follow ers, or if refused recog
nition, they will become a source ot
discord, aud seek to tuia wheu their
right to rule U denied. It is not dif
fiuull to find such characters (.homing
iu ihu van of this organization even
We nro unablo to understand the
resolution condemning tho action of
the last Legislature in raising salaries,
since if any such action wus had the
published laws of that scsniou fail to
show it. The Legislatures of 1870
and 1872 did something iu that line,
but their action has been partially
V 1 I . II M
mueuicu, out requires sun furllier
Wo .have no means of knowiug by
what information or method of reason
ing they ascertained lint thirty do!
lars per capita was the precise amount
of currency necessary to maintain a
state of prosperity and to keep in
check the repacity ot the capitalists.
That would about double tho pit-sent
voluae of currency including Nation
al bauk notes. From 1802 up to
within the past three years we have
had that amount aud moie. Iu no
coui.try i,ud at no time bas such a
crop ot millionaires been produced
nor such immeuse fortunes accumu
lated. During that season of inflation
the disparity between the rich and
poor grew wider and wider and
wealth gravitated iuto the hands of
the few faster and faster. Then what
has the poor man to expect from its
repetition? It is true until a short
time before contraction began there
was little difficulty to find employ
ment at living wages. Prosperity,
especially when stimulated by the
avish issue ot mere promises to pay
to circulate as mouey, produces ex-
t.u.... II
vaiagauw, rcoaicssuess iu specula-
lion in contracting indebtedness, a
disposition to push enterprise beyond
the present demands of the couiitrv
and over production in manufactures
of every kind. Hut all this bas a lim
it. 1'rodigaJity in expenditures, aud
..,i. c -I . .
ou uuam-iai uveumres begin 0
produce laolruptciea i crash follows
cra.h,au,lit is discover .too UtZllT.:
that want aod self JuiaI must now
sy lor waste and cxtrayairsnt..
Cooiumjition grows less. Tin no
fortunata speculator and tbe wastful
bjokrnpt curtail their wants from r.
wssity an4 tbt- pruJiul from cSoi.
TLeconstHiucDceis.tho mauu&cterer
finds large surplus on hands. His
factory stands still until this surplus
can be disposed of, and his laborers
are thrown out of employment. And
even when be has disposed of this
accumulation of wares, he finds tbat
the demand has lessened till it re
quires but one-balf of his machinery
to supply it, as tbere is a vast differ
ence between peoples' wants and tbeir
necessities. A season of depression
in trade follows, and those who have
laid nothing by from this summer of
plenty, must endure a winter of de
privation and suffering. Effect fol
lows cause, aod the quantity of raon
ey in tbo country cannot prevent it.
When this stagnation comes, money
goes into the vaults for want of
profitable investment and in alarm
at the vast shrinkage in value. In
proof of this in the commercial cen
ters throughout the United States
money was never so cheap, that is,
bore such a low rate of interest, nor
was tbere ever so much unemployed
We are reliably informed that in
Portland uow the banks refuse to pay
interest on time deposits, and tbat
loans can be bad on first class security
as low as 9 per cent, per annum.
Nothing in human affairs nor in na
ture is stationery : acliou and reac
tion follow each other, and long be
tore Contraction of tho currency be
gan ; the effects of these causes we
have cited had began to tell ou the
business ot the country, and the far
seeing were preparing for a msli,
It is truo, it is hard that debts con
traded when prices were inflated
should require twice the property to
pay' now that would have been re
quired a few years siuce, but tbere is
no remedy fcr it. Fluctuations in
values cannot be prevented, and the
farmer who buys a hundred bushels
of wheat this year on credit may have
to Bell two hundred next year to nay
it. Inese aro inequalities that no
human foresight can pi o vide against,
nnd thev must be endurbd. There is
no panacea for 4bem, and least of all
is hooding the country with paper is
sues to circulate as money going lo
do it. Kapid contraction hastened
and aggravated the evils that were
inevitable but did not produce them
To try inflation again is to repeal the
ins we are now enduring; lo play in
to tbe hands of speculators, aud give
still further imuetus to the accumu
lation of capital into the hands of the
Crafty and lar reaching few.
Vtio. Just before goiug to press.
dispatches dated Iho 23th came say
ing that Hayes had vetoed the Silver
bill. The House passed it over the
veto by a voto of 19G lo 73, and it
passed the Senate by a vole of 40 to
Lee and S ivpard auuounce "nobody's
Husband" for immediate publication. It is
supposed to be Sammy Tildin's biography.
Say a "Miscellaneous Husband,"
and apply it to Mitchell. We con
Asi.kiuon Sknticni'ko. A New Orleans
dispatch, dated thei!.')tli inst., says: Thomas
C. Anderson was called befoie tne bar this
morning, iho motion m arrest of judgment
wim ureiTTiieu aim wnen asked it be had any
thing to otter, before sentence, Anderson said
that he considered his case cruel prosecution
under the forms of law; that he was in the
power of the court and ready to receive sen
tence. Judge Whitaker answered that the
accused had had a fair trial before an impar
tial jury and that the verdict was fully justi
find by the evidence, lie then sentenced
Anderson, in consequence tf the recommen
dation of the jury to the mercy of the court,
to the low oat tarin under the law two years
at hard labor in the State l'euitentiary and
ft!, A suspension on appeal was .-ranted,
returnable on Weduesday.
hobiiuwa k Church at the Hardware Sture
are i uie laiyesl and best akrtiil ,rf .n
lr and bonier in Eugene I'itv, comprising in
rt. Brown, Blank, Satin, (iilt aud Kuibo.
ed ier, which they purchase direct from the
fctcru factories and will tell an cheap as the
cmiwi. au pawr trimmed free of charge.
"tieruiaa Sjrnp.w
Y, nil,.. ...: .:.... l . .
""wt" mmuf in me woriti waa ever
k-iven tuch a text of iu curative qualitie aa
lkwhee's Uerman Srri.p. In thrw years two
umii-u ii-ur uuuiimi inouaaiui miiall bottles of
this medicine were distributed free of char,
by nniK-v-inta in this country to those afflkted
with Consumption, Asthma, Crwup, severe
' oiik'hs, l'enumonia and other disiat. of the
1 hroat and Lung, riviutf the American pen
pie undeniable proof that German Svnip will
cure them. The result has been that ln!).-iriU
""J ui vuuyr m the U nited State
are rrromm. ndimt it to their customers. tJo to
your IWirt and ak what they know about
it, Sam.. lUtlu 10 cent. lie,rular siexe 75
ure uosea wm reueve any case.
o.nipi ana inexpensive at it is. Glenn's
Sulphur Soap is a most efficient remedy for
wrtsiii olmniiniu disease, to be en ml of
- .mo inose am.cieu with them often sjieoJ
thousands of dollars tn purpose, HJ1,
-wuiuujeons uair ly. is the best and
That Terrible Svoam.
mittent. bidee affev-tion. of mach Tiv
nd bowjU. produced by Aaaamatic an- and I thl
"er ana airue. and its mh,v.. i.:n:
UB S-Vl J 4 ' I.' . ...
. . n l, n,a '"Iters, a purely
vein-tab a 1 tr i I.. .1 . - I""'?
more extensively
..... "J; " 11 , l""-
a a remedy f.'- th.
lAna in.
above el nt.i'ZT" ',UV-I '
.k .CI 7 " lor many
m"" UT "brine of the age,' AhJ
favorable W nZ
tkminav sn...J:a: . ,
jng it .with regularity a well a. vig,,.. provide.
,',brl?' to which feeble and iU
bject ThelUtt
a Me as well a sru4,i.. . . , .
but SA. H eradK m.
To all suffering from the following diseases a
ray of hop is ottered through the luodneas of a
missionary friend who ha sent me the formula
of a purely remtabl medicine which ha long
been used by the native medicine men of Hin
dustan : for the positive and radical ciss of
Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh,
Dyinietisia, Throat and Lung difficulty, Gener
al Debility, Loss of Manhood and all Nervous
Affections, it power ha been tested in hun
dred of cases without a failure. I now feel it
my sacred duty as far as possible to relieve hu
man misery and will send the recipe yEl or
(,'haboi to any person who may desire it with
direction for using. Sent by return mail by
addressing with 2 stamp naming this lper,
Dr. O. K. Brijfham, Drawer 28, LTtica, K, Y.
September 29. 77-ly.
of Oregon, for the County of Lane, Mar
tha C. Mitchell, Plaintiff, vs. Oliver H. Mitch
ell, Defendant:
In the name of tbe State of Oregon, you are
hereby required to be and appear in said Court
and answer the complaint of the plaintiff now
on file within ten days from the date of the
service of this Summons upon yoo, if served in
said Lane county, and if served in any other
county in this rftate, then within twenty day
from tbe date of the service hereof upon you;
and if served by publication of Summon, then
on the first day of the next term of the said
Court, which shall be lit week after the first
Sublication of this Summons, to-wit: The 15th
ay of April, 1878. And if vou fail to appear
and answer, judgment will be taken for want
thereof, and the plaintiff will demand the re
lief prayed for in the complaint, namely: The
dissolution of the bonds of matrimony now ex
biting between plaintiff and defendant; the
care and custody of the minor children, and for
coats snd disbursement of this suit, and for
further relict aa may be equitable and just
This Summons is published by order of Hon.
J. Watson, Judge of 2d Judicial District of
Oregon, and said order is dated February, 26,
187S, t Koseburg. Josh c A J. WaLTO.v,
Atty. for Plaintiff.
of Oregon, for th County of 1-aue, John
Cogswell, rlaintitf; vs. Henry Morgan and
Cosmo Oeorge Morgau, Defendant.
To Henry Morgan and Cosmo George Morgan,
said defendants:
In the name of the State of Oregou, you are
hereby required to be and appear in sail Court
snd answer the complaint of the plaintiff, now
on file, within ten days from the date of the
sen ice of this Summons upon you, if served in
said Ijiue County, and if served in any other
county in this Ltate, then within twenty days
from the date of the service hereof upon you;
and if served by publication of Summons, then
on the hmt day ol the next term ot said Court,
which shall he begun and held six weeks after
the 0rt publication of this Summons, to-wit:
The 15th day of April. If8: and if vou fail to
appear and answer, judgment will be taken for
want thereof, aud the plaintiff will demand the
relief prayed for in the complaint, namely:
The foreclosure of the mortgage executed and
delivered to plaintiff by defendants, dated Nov.
1(5, 1872, and the sale of the premises men
tioned therein, to-wit: The donation land claim
of John Cogswell, being S A of N E J and S
K J of Sec 13, aud lots 1 and 2 of Sec 24, con
taining 321 75 acres in T 17 S, K 3 V; also the
donation land claim of F. Cogswell, notification
7751, claim No. S3, in section 18 and 19 in T 17
S, K 1 W, containing 159 K2 acres; also the E
l of S E and K J of SWJ and NW of S
W I of Section 12, and N W J of N E of Sec
tion 13, T 17 S, R 2 W, containing 610 acrec,
aggregating 1121 52 acres in Lane county, Ore
gon, and judgment on promissory note dated
Nov. Hi, 1872, for the flnn of $8,500 at five aud
fifteen-seventeenth per cent interest per an
num, payable quarterly, due Sept. 16, 1877, less
the sum of 1,875, pafd thereon; for cost aud
disbursements of this suit, and for such other
and further relief as may be equitable.
This Summons is published by order of Hon.
J. F. Watson, Judge 2d Judicial District of
Oregon, and said order is dated February 22,
1878, at Koseburg, Oregon.
Josiii'A J. Walton,
Atty. for Plaintiff.
a suds or
Oliwer'a Chilled Me) tal
It will ran lla-hter, torsi and do better
rst r all binds, thsn any other plow
made. Beware of Imliallonsu He that
the nam "Ouvin" and this trade mark aro on
th beam of the Plow. M
fa fenato Ouvsa Chillid Plows can be had
only from as, or our authorised agent.
General Ag-enta,
Tot Oregon and Washington Territory.
State of OreL'on. for the
Oeo, C. -Miller, bv his,"i,ni A .1 Ji'
s-n, juaintitf, vs. Josiah Jlillerand W. B. Car
ter, oVfemlants.
ToJ.wahMU.'.rard-VV. B.Carter, said de
rendants: In the name of the State of Orevon
you are hereby re-piired to be and apiie.tfin the
saiillmirtlHtd answ.T the complaint of the
plaintiff , now on tile, within ten day fH.m th
uie oi ine aervicw nt this umiuons uoo you
U served in said Lane octintv, and it served ill
any other county in the State, then witlun
twenty .lay. from the date of the service hereof
tin you, and if served by publication of sum
mons, then on the first day of the next terra of
said lurt, w hich shall be begun and held six
weeks from the first publication of this ura
mons to-wit : On the 15th day of April, 1878 ;
and if you fail to appear and answer, judgment
w I l taken for want therwf, and the plaintitf
will demand the relief prayed for in the com
plaint, namely ; the sale of the following pmn
ise in partition s 'l"K ,1..n.ti.. i..i
llvid Miller and a-ifa e- ...j
claim v 59, in sections . , -r ,aA
.S.l he?Sm the foHo'ni. o it : Beginning
at the S. t. owr of said lavid MiUer s donv
tion land claim, Xo. 59, running thence N. 16. w
chains ; thence W. 70. iw . v , ru
chains ; thence L 70 67 chains to the place of
- acres, all in iMt
eojinty. Ores; j and that the procee,U of the
dtfendaX -T betWfn Pbiintia and
Thu i summoni .i published by orW Hu0,
t. Watson. Ju.lve 2d Judicial District of
fectn'" r.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dissolution Notice.
XL13 HkEiby ,GIVEX that
i , i r; "Tien, wm low
day diJved by mutual c.n.nt Th. denUl
businee will be continued by J. C. Iia-T"
- authorized to cUect all acni d to
iated this 9th day oi Jehruary, A. D. 1S7A
JAS. C. 110LON.
air Kcsaleby T. G. HENDRICK I
V i
Portland and San Francisco.
THE P. C. H. S. CO;
of steamers every five days between
r-gr AXCOX,
Leaves Portland for San Francisco
Toes)day, Feb. 19, 187S.
TickeU on sale at A. V. Peteis k Ca's store,
Willamette street
For further particulars apply to
J. HeCRACKES V CO., Ag;enta.
of Oregon for the county of Lane. Mary
H. Huntley, plaintiff, vs. Uaniei nunuey, ue-
fendant ... ,
-r rtonll TTunfluv uM riefendant: In tnS
name of the State of Oregrn, you are hereby
required to oe ana appear in m yvu.
answer the complaint of the plaintiff, now on
file, within ten days from the date of the ser
vice of this summons upon you, if served in
Lane county, and if served in any other county
u.ata tKan within twenty ilavs from the
date of the service hereof upon you, and u
served by publication oi summons, men ou uie
first day of next term of said Court, which shall
l. - tk.i. aiv wuU (mm fhn first lillblica-
ue ujvfic iuui -" "--- - - - r- .
tion of the summons, to-wit: l"he 15th day of
April, ISl 8. Ana ll you iau w apjieor auu u-
wer, judgment will be taken for want thereof,
and the plaintiff will demand the relief prayed
for in the complaint, namely: The dissolution
of the bonds of matrimony now existing be-
. anJ J..f.,Ti,la T t - fur muitjl ft nil
disbursements, and for uch other relief as may
be equitable, inis summons is puuunncu uj
order of Hon. J. F. Watson, Judge of the 2nd
T.llnl ltl-.f;... if HpAcmn .nil aniH nrth-r IS
llllltiai J ' I.- K l IL. V.
dated tLe 2lith day of January, 1878, at Cham
bers. OWlllA U. WAlvlUil,
feb2-Cw Atty. for Plaintiff.
Lumber! Lumber!
On the comer of Eleventh and Willamette
streets, and keep constantly oh hand lumber of
all kinds. Seasoned flooring and rustic. fenc
ing and fence posts. F. B. DUNN.
business Mr. HORACE F, STRATTON,
we have just received a new, large and ,
Making a specialty ef
We desire to make no grand flourish, but do
say that tanners can come nearer getting
at our store than at any other establishment in
town, and they cm buy them on as good terms.
W have a full line of
And are continually adding to our stock to
meet th demands of the public.
In Dorris' Erlck Building.
Groceries i Provisions,
Will keep on hand a general assortment of
Groceries, Provisions, Cured Meats,
Tobacco, Cigars, Candies,
Candles, Soaiw, Notions,
Green and Dried Fruits,
Wood and Willow Ware,
Crockery, Etc.
Business will be conducted on a
Which means that
Low Prices arc Established
boodi drliYtrcd vntLcut tliargi U Buyer
r-v which I will pay the highest market price.
War has cemmencsd in Europe!
on W illaniette Street and having bought the
on & Osburn, is prepared to fumish all who
may give him a call with the best quality of
every thing usually kept in a first class grocer,
uiieresioi v. l. Usnurn in the firm nt;.
s.-s.-a ei.-ir, smill H
CIGARS. CLASS An nt-pfva.
at reasonable rate for CASH or PRODUCE.'
Give me a call and tea what I can do fr yon
Thankful for part patronage I invite yon to
wii antio.
Goods delivered to any part of the city f-e,
cuarg. it U. CALLISON.
Lane County
rrum association has on hand
iidTri,1.'"ortn,eBt I'RESH
UOODs, and are receding every snonth new
fupphe suited to this market
Good are suU low and
ALEXANDER, J. B.-Juticsof the Peace
South Eugene Precinct; office at Court House.
ABRAMS, W. IL 4BR0. PWnbg miU,
sasn, aoor, ounu anu uouiuing manuiactory,
Eighth street, east of mill race. Everything
in our line furnished on short notice and
reasonable terms. ,
BENTLEY, J. W. -Private boarding house',
southwest corner of Eleventh and Pearl sts.
BAUSCH, P. Boot and shoe maker, Willam
ette street, secondloor south of A. V. Peters
BAKER, R. F Wines, liquors, cigars and
billiards Willamette stree . one door north
of St Charles Hotel
BOYD 4 RENSHAW Meat Market-beef,
mutton, pork, veal and lard Willamette
Street, between Eighth and Ninth.
COLEMAN, FRANK Wines, b'quors, cigars
snd billiards, Willamette street, between
Eighth and Ninth.
CLEAVER, J. W. General variety store and
agricultural implements, southeast corner of
Willamette and Seventh streets.
CHAPMAN, E. F. Gunsmith - repairing
promptly done and wofk. warranted, Eighth
street, between Willamette and Olive.
CHRISMAN, SCOTT-Truck, hack and ex
pressman. All orders promptly attended
to. Office at express office.
CRAIN BROS. Dealer in Jewelry, Watch
es, Clocks and Musical Instruments Wil
lamette street, between Seventh snd Eighth;
CALLISON, R; G. Dealer in groceries.Fpro:
visions, country produce, canned goods, books;
stationery, etc., southwest corner Willamette
DORRIS. B. F. Dealer in Stoves and Tin
ware Willamette street, between Seventh'
and Eighth. ..
DURANT; WM.-Meat Market - beef, pork;
veal and mutton constantly on hand Wil
lamette street, between Seventh and Eighth.'
ESPEY, W. W. Carriage maker and black-
rmith, Eighth street, between WillametW
and Olive. '
ELLSWORTH & CO. Druggists and dealers!
in paints, oils, etc Willamette street, be
tween Eighth and Ninth;
FRIENDLY. S. H. Dealer in dry goods)
clothing ana general merchandise Willam
ette street, between Eighth and Ninth.
GUARD OFFICE Newspaper, book and job'
printing office; corner Willamette and Eighth
streets, up stairs.
GRANGE STORE Dealers in general mer
chandise and produce, corner Eighth and
Willamette streets. ,
GILL, J. P.T-Physician, Surgeon and Drug
gist, Postoffice, Willamette street, between
Seventh and Eighth.
HOFFMAN,' S. S. Physician and Surgeon:
Willamette street, between Seventh and
Eighth. ,
HENDRICKS, T. G. Dealer In general mer,
chandise northwest corner Willamette and
Ninth streets.
HYMAN, D. -Variety Store and dealer In
furs and skins, . Willamette street, between'
Eighth and Ninth.
HODES, C Lager beer, liquors, cigars and a
fine pigeon-hole table, Willamette street, be
tween Eighth and Ninth. . ..
HENKL2, E. T. -Barber snd Fashionable
Hair-Dresser west side Willamette street,
between Eighth and Ninth. .
HARRINGTON, FRANK-Barber, Hair-dres-1
ser and ba h rooms, east side Willamette st,
second door north of St Charles Hotel
HORN, CHAS. M.-Gunsmith. Rifles and
shot-guns, breech andmuz2le loaders, for sale.
Repairing done in the neatest style snd war-
JAMES, B. H. Stoves, and manufacturer of
Tin and Sheet-iron ware,- Willamette street,
between Eighth and Ninth.
KINSEY, J. D. Sash, blinds and door fac
tory; window snd door frames, mouldings,'
etc., glazing and glass cutting done to order.
LYNCH, A. Groceries, provisions, fruits, veg
etables, etc., Willamette street, first door
south of Poetoffice,
LAKIN k ROONEY-Saddlery, harness, sad
dle trees, whips, etc., Wijkaiette street, be
tween Eighth and Ninth. .
LUCKEY, J. S. -Watchmaker and Jeweler f
keeps a fine stock of goods in his line, Willam
ette street, in Ellsworth's drug store.
McCLAREN, JAMES-Choice, wines, liquors.
and cigars illaniette street, between Eighth
and Ninth.
MELLER, M. Brewery Lager beer on tap
and by the keg or barrel, corner of Ninth and
Olive streets.
McCLANA HAN, E. J.-Truck and Drayingf
all orders promptly attended to. Head
quarter at Robinson & Church's.
OSBURN k CO. Dealers in drugs, medicines.'
chemicals, oils, iiamte, etc. Willamette st,
opposite 8. Charles HoteL
PERKINS, H. C.-CountySuryeytfrandCivif
Engineer. Residence on Fifth street
PEFN1NGTON, B. C.-Auctioneer and Com
mission Merchant, corner seventh and High'
TOINDEXTER k RUSH-Horseshoeing snd"
general jobbing blacksmiths, Eighth street,
between Willamette and 01ive.
PRESTON, WM.-Dealerin Saddlery, Har-'
ness, Carriage Trimmings, etc. Willamette'
street between Seventh and Eighth.
REAM, J. R. Undertaker and building con
tractor, corner Willamette and Seventh.'
ROSENBLATT k CO.-Drv goods, clothing,
groceries and general merchandise, southwest'
corner Willamette and Eighth streets,
SHIELDS, J. C-rhysician and Surgeon
north side Ninth street, first door east of St.
Charles HoteL
STEVENS, MARK Dealer in tobacco, ci
gars, nut, candies, shot, powder, notions,
etc W illamette street
STEINHEISER, S.-Dealer in CTo.rii nrn:
visions, vegetables, fruits, etc Willamette'
uviniTu x.inui ana iwntn.
THOMPSON k BEAN-Attorneys-at-Lsw-Lnderwood's
brick, Willamette street on'
stairs. n v
VA HOUTEX, B. C. -Agent for the Nortn''
jsntisn and Mercantile Insurance Company."
W illamette street at Express office.
W,7ER' J -Photographic artist, No. 79.'
Willamette street Pictures taken in the
finest style of the art, at low rates.
W-TOX' "L J--Attnmey-at-Law. Office
W illainetteXstreet, between Seventh and'
WITTER, J. T.-Buckskin dressing. The
Bridg1'"0" Pi1 deCT ,,tin, W1 t'1
WELSH A BOLON-Surgical and Mechani cal
Dentists, Underwood's brick, over Cram's
Jewelry store.
UNDERWOOD, J. R General bitAersg
ior uie lonnerticut In
surance Company of Hartf ord-Willamette
rtreet, between Seventh and Eighth.
JP. 'SgK dealers'
Vt-" k- V-'i "n.i-.
tip - tfifiud
Musical Instruments, Toys, Notions, etc
Watches, Clock, and Jewelry renainsJ anil
warranted. Northwest comer of Wflljntta
and Eighth streets.
J. C. Bolon,
SLcrrssos to
OFHCE-Ib I" n.Wrwood-s brick build ing, over
u e eiprese ottice.