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    Death of Barliar-l Scnyfif j, Command-
f tt of llie Alabama.
Raphael Scinmes, Admiral in tbo
ConfuJorato Navy'and commander of
the famous privateer Alabama, dur
ing the war of tho Ilebellioo, died re
cently near Mobile. Semruet wag a
native of Maryland, and st tho time
of his death was C8 years old. lie
entered tho navy as a midshipman in
1820, was promoted to a lieutenancy
in 1837, and commissioned a com
' mandor in 1855, this being his rank al
" the beginning of the war. While on
. shore awaiting orders he had studied
law and was member of the' Mary
land bar. -During tho Mexican war
ho acted ' as aid-de camp to General
Worth. At tho outbreak of the re
" bcllion he linked his fortunes to those
of v the confederacy, - was appointed
compandor of the Sumter, and ran in
the blockade at the mouth of the
Mississippi in JuIyl8Cl. This was
. the beginning ot an active career
which spread over three years, during
which he took numerous prizes ana
' did immense injury to tho shipping
interests ot the country. Having
sold the Sumpter, he took command
in August, 16G2, ol the Engliah built
Alabama, which for two years after
wards was the terror of tho ocean to
the American merchantilo marine,
and gave its namo to one of the grav
est international questions in history,
lie confined hi; efforts lo making
prisoners and burning them to the
water's edge, fighting but two engag
mcnts, cno with the llatlcras, off Gal
veston, which ho suoceoded in de
stroying, and tio other with the
Kearsage, offCherbourg, Fiance, July
19, 18G4, where his ship was destroyed
aud his own naval career finally
closed. The details of tho gallant
fight of Commodore Winslow is ono
of tho brightest chapters in tho his
tory of our navy during the war.
The rebellion over, Admiral
Semmes returned to Mobile to en
gago in tho practico cf law. . The feel
ing in the North ran high against
him, and he was arrested on a charge
of piraoy, but aaer four months' im
prisonment ho was released. For
a . period long after tho war Mr.
Semmes made himself coiicpicuoim by
his denunciations of the government,
but in 1874 ho petitioned for the re
inovul of his political disabilities.
Iho petition was granted, and he has
siuco lived in comparative obscurity.
Sit Down and Kkckov it Up. Hy
a careful estimate, based upon relia
ble luformution, we aro free to say,
that not less than fifty thousand tons
of wheat was raised in the country of
tho upper Columbia. Say wo need
10,000 tons forcced and bread, leaves
40,000 tons for Hhipmont. Say fur
ther, thnt 6,000 tons tiavo already
nono down tho river, winch loaves 35
000 tons on our hands. Sunposo now
the O. S. N. Co. will send down daily
by their boats 225 tons per week, for
three weeks, Sundays excluded, whic
would inako 4,050 tons, thou after
that.stato of weather and water per
initting, tho boats are able to take
away daily for six weeks more, about
120 tons per day, winch would bo
- 320 ton", loaviug on our bunds till the
opening oi navigation next ppnn
about 20,000 tons ot grain, or ove
one half our produce, not including
bacon, flax scod or broom corn,
Next year wo may safely add on
quartor of the above tonago to ou
croduco. but how will we it out of th
country? will somo ono answer this
question and remove our auiety?
Walla Walla Watchman.
SuLPnun a Specific ior Scarlet
Fxvku. Dr. llenrv Pigeon writes lo
the London Lancet ta follows: "iho
marvelous success which has attend
tny treatment of scarlet fever by sul
nhur induoos uieto lot my modical
broth ro a, know oi my plan, so that
they may bo able to apply the same
romody without delay. All tho cases
in which I uibd it woro very well
marked, iiid tho epldormis on tho
arms in ca6h caso came away like tho
akin of snake. The following was
the, exact treatment JJollowod in each
case: Thoroughly anoint tho patient
twice daily with sulphur ointment
give five to ten grains of sulphur in a
littlo jam three times a day. bum
eient was burned twico daily (on
ooals on a shovel) to till the room
with the fumes, and, of course, was
thoroughly inhaled by tho patient
Vnder this mode of treatment cad
caso improved immodiaUly,and none
were over eight duyr4i4uaking a
eomnlote rocovorr, and 1 (irmly be
lieve in each it wai prevculed from
spreading by tho treatment adopted."
A Town of Dwarf. A writer in
the London Times describes tho egret
of excossivo interuiarria.To on the in
habitants of Urotcs, a little town in
the provinco of hanUnucr, swain
Until eighteen or nineteen years aro
the villazo was quite shut off from
the rest of the world. Its inhabi
tants, from their evor-rocurring inter
marriages, had become quite a race
of dwarts. On market davs ths
priosts miht be seen with Ion;,' black
coats ami high black hats, riding
in to purchase the siuiplo provision
for the week's consumption, men of
littlo Intelligence and no learning,
rprung from tho lowest ranks. About
"K'lileen years sgo, the (ulician la
"xirtTd, Galiezocs, from the mines of
'Alicia, swarmed into the town tor
f..dging, etc., and since their coloni
zation th population has increased
in strength, suture, education, intel-
le t, ana morality, ineir intellect,
;i!io, havo improved intellects which
have been stunted, dwarfed, and ruin
d by their ircincnt inlcrmarriagi.s.
Let tlie suffering diseased read the following.
ljut all wlio have been triven ui) dootors. and
KjMikt-n of incurable, read the folio wing.
lAit all who can believe tacts and can Iiave In evidence read the following.
Know all men by these presents, that on this
the 20th day of June, A. U. 1000, pereonally
came Joseph Haydock, to me known as such,
and being duly iworn deposed ai follows: That
he is the sole general agent for the United
State and defendencies thereof for preparation
or medicines known as Dr. Holloway's Pills
ank ointment, and that the following certificates
are verbatim ooples to the bent of his knowl
edge and belief. JAMES 8M1ETKK. i
L.8. Notary Public. .
' . 14 Wall street, New York.
De. IIoLLOwiT I take my pen to write you of my
!rft relief sud tliat the awful pain in my side has
eft me at lastthanks to your pilla. On, Doctor,
haw. thankful I an that I oin get sums sleep. I can
never enough. I thank yon siruin and ajrain,
and am sure that you are really the friend of all tut-1
1 oouia nut neip writing vn you, ana nous
.not take it amiss. JAMKHMYKH8,
116 A Tonus D. 1
you will
This is to eertify that I was discharged from th
army with chronic diarrhoea, and have been cured
by Dr. Uulloway's Fills. WILSON 1IAKVEV, ,
New York, April 7, I860. SI Pitt street
The following is an interesting eats of a man em-
filoyed In an iron foundry, who, in pouring melted
ron'intn a flank i, At was wet, caused an explosion.
The' molted iron was thmwn around and on him in
a perfect shower, and he was dreadfully burned.
The following eertirlnite was given to ma by him
sboiti S weeks after tlx accident:
Nxw York. Jan. 11. 1A75.
My name is Jacob Ilanly; I am iron founder, I
as badly burn by hot iron in Novenilier last ; my
was bailiy burn by hot iron In November last
nurne hea'ea, but 1 lutd a running sore on my leg
that would not hull. I tried llolfoway's Ointment.
and it cured my in a few weeks. 'Ihis is all true
nl anybody can s e me at Jackson's Iron works,
avvuuu. J. uauui, nv uuercn street.
"I had no annatite 1 Holloway's Fills Bare ml a
hearty one."
" Your fills are marvellous."
"I send for another box and keep them in the
" Dr. Ilollowar cured mr headache that was
"I gavo one of your Pills to my bnle for cholera
morbus. The dear little thing got well in a day."
"My nnusea of a morning is now cured."
11 Your Imix of llolluway's Ointment cured me of
noises in the head. I nibbed some of your Ointment
behind the ears aud the noise has left."
"Hend uie two uoxos. I want one lor a Door fund-
'r-'L .... ..
"i enclose a dollar, youj one Is 29 cents, bnt the
medicine to me is worth a dollar."
"Hend me Hve braes of your Tills."
"It me have five boxes of your Fills by return
mail, for Chills and Fever."
1 havo over Six) such Testimonials, but want of
pauo compels me to conclude." -
And all eruptions of the skin; this Ointment is in
vitluthle. It iIihm not heal exUirnully alone, but
penetrates with the must searching elleeta to the
very root of the evil.
Invariably cure the following diseases:
In all disease affecting thess ,oiyuie, whethor
they secrete ton miK'h or too little water;
or whether they bo aillictul with ston or gravel, or
with aehea or pains si-ttlnl in the loins over the re
giun of the kidneys, these Fills should Ii tiikcn av
conling to Ui priuteil directions, aud the iiiitment
shoul 1 lie well rubbed into the small of the Imck at
bed time. I his treatment will give almost immedi
ate lelier when all oilier means have fulled,
No mcideine will so effectually improve tho tone
of the stomachs as these Fills ; they remove all acidi
ty, oomnionoa cither ny inu-mjieraiiiw or lnipro)ei'
diet. Thi-y much the liver ami roluc it to a lienl-
t Ii y aetiou ; they aro wondeifully ediiwcious in cases
oi spasm in im i nicy never tan in curing all Ulsor
dois of the livers and stomach.
Holloway's Fills are ths licstiemcdy known in the
worm tor me following niseases: Ague, Asthma,
unions compWiute, Mutches on the skin, llowel
eoiiiilitinU,t:olics, UuiitiMttinD of th Dowels, Oon
siiinptioii, IMiointy. Liroiwy, DysenUiry, Oysliieli
lomalo Iriegulaiities, levers of all kind., Fits,
(lout, Iteitilai'he, Indigestion, lunaniution. Jhum
illne, I.iver ooiiipliilnta, l.umluuro. Files, Uheiiina-
usiii, iit-tention oi urine, noruiuia or King's r.vil,
Kore Throats, htons It Oravel, Mecondai y HyuiKtoi .s,
Tin-Duuloureux, Tumors, Ulcers, Veneral Alfeo
tlnns, Worms of all kinds, Weakness from any
None are genuine unless the signature of J. ITav.
noex. as agent for ths United Htstes. surrounds rack
Ikix of Fills and Ointment. A hauiloins reward will
lie given ti any one rendering such information as
limy load to th dctct'tlou ot uuy irty or artics
counterfeiting th inediclncs, or vending th sum
knowing them to b spurious.
.'Solilattho manufactory of Professor Hoixowjy
ft (In., New Yuik.siid by all rcspn-hthl DrugirisU
snn neuieia lu AliHiieme throiigliout th eivilisixl
orld, in boxes at ii rents. 63 rents and 1 each
tir 'liter Is eonsiderabl saving by taking the
isivitr sif.
N, II. Diirtions for th guidanr of patients In
svury uisonier ars ainxea to racn nox.
$13.-SE7TINa MACHINE. -$13,
Diplomas, Prize Mtdals, etc.
The most Bimnle and Onmnutt Tl m.t n..rU).l
ami aconomuwi I I A model of combined rlimpluity.
new ami umomiia l-stents,! Aluuihnuuih
No complicated Machinsrv to ks m.tuti.llv vt.
i. . .. -
0 esSV to Imkrn tlist s rbthl imn mn l will A- .11
kinds of Hewing, fioio tliv tliiest to tin euarwat, will
Hem, Fell, Tut k. llnu.l. Cunl. Uatlier. Kinlmudrr.
etc., uses srlf-adi listing straight awdlra, si I dtscrip
tion of Cottou. riilk aud ThivHd. Mski ths strouu
eat ititch known, the cloth will ter Mm th seam
will rip, use the thrwtd dirert frtua tli spool. Tlie
uaihiii Is beautifully fluished and higldy onu-
All persons ars cautioned not to aiska. ilr.1 in nr
Slid nk lhV U.I(l tttlLal, ,ir .. i... k.
M-,Mir wwinir aiNcioucswbh'nspwwiUi.irfiriMiu
I aU-nt H'lM-td AtUihnieut, unless th win sis
romioBi mm litis lAMupany.ur their Agents ur
l.livnica. mid stanimxl Uli.lcr our n.lnt lun
of worlhlcsa imiUtiuns and viiM-rupuliius pvtirs
wlio hsvseopiol our envulars, alverUxmcou, etc,
and buy okl( th msrhin manufai-tiireil by us.
' I b wonder is how su good Uwliia ean bs
sobl st so low a prwe."
W hav st'i tlie Vschme and consider It Ant.
lass in every rwi-i."- lrausrripU
rfm rsn rrruniiueou it 10 our reeieia." i. hrlstitn
lnb-x, N. Y.
"IhsUschin arnvnl ssfrly, w are mors than
!! I Willi it ; It dia-s all you claim fort and moi.
We sksll call th alUnlion uf rwulers to IU"-KL
Louis iiristtan.
"A tbuiouirhlv mnunaibls CrtnmBV. nrumnt (
all tlisir dealings, and vns Uiat w esa tommeal su
our rtwlere." Ag New Yoik.
tianiuls Vlai-hiuew with Tshl and Tnadl for-
warded lo any ixtrt of let m Id on receuH of
Ppscial terms and atra inlureruts to nmi .!
fema I aernU, sturw kreners, Scs. Ceuntv rwlitu
gtvrw to snuut agonta free. rm4rso( rwiiur, d
eriu vv circulars eunuuning terms,
gravinirs, e., si nl lire. All aiunry nt la lt
Ottic alnnrv (hilrrs. llrarta. or br Lxmesa. srs v.f-
tartly serara. bat delivsiyof our roods mna.
AU orders. conusualosUvas. tie., atust bs J.
dlUMIIll loUl
Peorica llanioctnfcg Co.,
1403. lilt Iva- PliilsJ.lnKia. P
jlyTTT-ly " '
X. H. II UOIft, I'roprtrtor.
Forrorrly of Sr. CHAaiaa Htl, ALB.VST.
cuuduoted as a
Bomslne Gold, so extensively worn in Fsris, was first discovered in 1870, by the eelebratcd
French chemist, Mima. D. He Iainim, who manufactured it into jewelry, and for five years sold it to
the leuding jewelers of Faris for Kolld fJold. In IMS. when his secret became known, ten of tlie
manufacturing jewelers established a stork company, with a capital of i lo.ono.imo for the purpose of
flIllllMultu:luMJlc iiiiiniiuii ociu jewelry
the aid of improved machinery they are enabled
nun 0110-o iiiu toe cost oi Buna uoKi, ana of a
experts to detoct it from tho genuine.
for the sale of all goods manufactured from this
iiiMjuiwiumi irum mis bkimi ,u uraw ui lutroouoe tnem in tne misit
ut up assorted sample lots ss given below, which we will sell at one-tenth
until Jauuarjr lat, 1878. Bead the list.
jictkij iiiamwr, IIHW put II
me retail value u
On Oent's Watch (Tliain retail price 1 on
i me pair tngravea ni neve uutvjns retail price 7A
One Stone Het Hcarf Fin " " 75
One set IS) Spiral chlrt Btnds, M " ;.i
One Improved shape Collar Jlutton, " " M
On heavy plain Wedding Ring, " w 125
Total $ no
For M cents we will send above six article post-1
$1.00 LOT.
One pair Sleeve Buttons, stone setting.
On set II) Hpiral Khirt Btuds. .
One heavy Wnd Kngagemont Iling.
One set (2) Engraved Kraeeleta.
One Isuliea' Ixmg tiuard or Neck Chain.
One engraved Miniature Ioeket.for the above.
On Oent's Heavy Link Watch Chain.
One Lake Ooorge Diamond Stud. 1
$2.00 LOT.
One Ladies' Neck Chain and Charm, -One
Ladies' Heavy Guard Chain fur Watch.
One set Fin and Ear Mings, Amethyst.
One extra fine Miniature Locket,
One Cameo Heal lting.
One very heavy Wedding or Engagement Ring,
On Oent's heavy Watch Chain with Charm.
One pair Pearl Inlaid Hleeve Buttons.
One Lake Georue Cluster Fin.
One mir (!) heavy bund Bracelets.
Tha retail price of tho articles in each sample lot amounts to exactly ten times the p.'ice we ask for
(he lot i for example, our 1 1 00 lot retails for 1 10 00 -, our 5 00 lot for ISO 00.
To any one semling us an onler for the above lots by express to the amount of 915 00, we
will wml FltKK one Boliil ltomaine Hold Hunting-Case Watch, Ueuta' or Ladies' size,
warranted to'keep lierfect time and look equally a well as a 9100 gold watch. By mail
IMwtpuiil, K15 00. This is our bONt Offer to AOKXTS, and is worth a trial, as the
watch nloiie will sell or trade readily for from ?'20 00 to 950 00. Genta' or IlnUies1 Watch
alone, 97 00 or 9 00, with a Heavy Gont'e Gold Pattern Vest Chain and Chartn, or Ladies
0iera 'liain with slide and tasseL
KKHKHltKlt t This offer only holds good until Jan. 1st, 1878. After that time we
uliall sell only to Johliera and Wholesale dealers, and any ono wishing our goods will then
have to pay full retail prices,
ltomaine Cold is the liest, and, in fact, the only imitation of genuine gold mule, being the
same in weil t, color and finish, and all our goods are mado in the lataat gold patterns. Will
jtittrantee satisfaction in every instance, or refund money.
Send money by P. O.. Money Onler, or Registered letter, AT OUR RISK. No gcode
sent C. U. 1). unless at least 95 00 accompanies the order. Address plainly,
W. F. EYANS & CO., Sole Agt's for U. S., and Canada,
1 OS at 07 South Clark Ntrect, Chicago, IIU110U.
la Dorris' Erick Building.
Groceries nnd Provisions,
Will keep on hnud a general assortment of
Groceries, Provisions, Cured Meats,
Tobacco, Cigars, Candies,
Candles, Soups, . Notions,
Green and Dried Fruits,
Wood and Willow Ware,
Crockery,- Kto.
Business will be conducted on a
Which menus that ,
Low Prices are . Established
Goods delivered Mithout charge to Buyer
For which I will pay the highest market price.
roi fttu, vhclieau aits bztail
The best and latest improved for
every variety of work, including
o long the leading Family Sew
ing Machine on the Pacifio Coast
iu superior qualities are too well
known to reauire further recom
the lest straight needle Machine
in the market, has a great deal of
room under the arm, is very light
running and substantial
also, :
roa oooraa akd heath a.
Persons desiring business, deal
m, and all others wishing Sewinflr
Machines, either for Cash or ioa
Installments, should lend for circular-
and terms to
No. 19 New Montgomery Street,
sax riu.vcisoo,
Liberal prices allowed for old
machines in exchange for new.
Commercial toll cue.
flD k ill 5. THIRD STEEET,
lit Building Booth of the Post Office. ST. LO r I S.
(Vn Day and Night all tlie year.
All of Die branoliM cj a R,i,'n.M TJ..M.l.n
InofpenJent IVoai tment iur the Eiulisb
llitilmi Msthcmaties, Uarmaa and Elorvtioa.
1'h.inmrrni'liT tauirht ueisouslly or net mail.
For a Full Course of Douhla
Kntry Dook kcejiing in all its
lornis with Cuiuiuercial Cor
respondoiH'o ..... jqqq
For Full Coiunioroial Cour.
embracing all tlie branches of
I'rat tical Business Education ;
Life Soholawriip - . $3Q,00
Sefereaee to Uuw.ii.1i fJu,l. ni. s..k.n.
cwar'ei'l aulas' isar instrartiua.
For einnUrs w irin lull Inforro.lioo
UMva-Qimikvij oa
Ainvno aoiaajns v jo I
sua n FIB 01 mlwl sot j -s-A.w
a.Uoiia;a iu 01102113
ana sv;Mtj, n tin tnis immense capital, and
to produce all the latest patterns of jewelry at less
quality anu coior wmcn maxes It Impossible even for
metal, and in order to introduce them in the luosl
$3.00 LOT.
On Ladies' Oners Omtrd Chain.
On lAdie Neck Chain and Cross.
One beautiful Locket, (engraved).
One pair Hand Brsoelet. .
One Uent's Twist Link Vest Chain and Charm.
One pair Onyx Sleeve Button,
One 1
set (3) Onyx Shirt Htuds.
One new improved Collar Button.
One extra cut Cameo 8 al King, .
One Arisona Solitaire Mud.
One set Amethyst or Topas Fin or Ear Drops,
One TAilios' Chemise Button.
On Flain King, stamped 18 K.
$5.00 LOT.
One Ladies' Opera Chain, with slide and tassel.
(retail price 19 00.)
K)ne Oenta' heavy Watch Chain, with Curb charm.
(retail price 15 00.)
One Ladies' heavy long Neck Chain.
One elegant Chased Miniature Locket for above.
H)ne set Cameo Medalion Fin and Ear Drops.
line pair r-l neavy uiaseu jianu iiracoieia.
One Oent's Solitaire Diamond Btud.
One Oent's Cluster Diamond Fin.
One pair Amethyst or Onyx Sleeve Buttons.
(me set (3) ntuas to match the above.
One elegant heavy set Cameo Seal King.
One Massive Mam
id or wedding King.
One now "patont" Collar Button,
On Ladies' Chemise Button.
lOoe Amethyst or Toiati Bing. (extra finish)
Young Men
Who may be suffering from the effect of youth
ful follies or indiscretion, will do well to avail
themselves of this, the (rreatest boon ever laid
at the altar of sufterinx humanity. DH. SPIN
NEY will guarantee to forfeit ffiOO to any case
seminal weakness, or private disease of any kind
or character which he undertakes and fails to
cure. He would therefore say to the unfortu
nate sutFerer who may read this notice, that you
are treaditur 011 diuik'ero'.is "ground when you
longer delay in seeking the iimper remedy for
your complaint. You may lie in the first stage;
rememlier that you are approaching the last
If you are bordering innni the last, and are suf
fering some or all its ill effects, remember that
if you jiersist in procraxti nation the time must
come when the moKt skillful physician can ren
der yon no assistance; when the door of hope
will be closed against you: when an angel of
mercy can bring you no relief. In no case has
the Doctor failed of success. Then let not des
pair work tiion your hnairination. but avail
yourself of the beneficial results of his treatment
before your case is bevond the reach of medical
skill, or before grim denth hurries you to a lire
mature irrave. Full course of treatment r5.
Hend money by postofliee onler or express, with
fn .i.i...:. rn i i-
liU uwwil'WMl , WWW, I MI till T IMIlirfSS
Dlt. A. It. SI'IWKV,
No. 11 Kearney street, San Francisco.
inform the public that they have leased the
EUUEN K CITY MILLS for a term of veam,
and are now prepared to do a general Milling
ltusin jrs. A ill receive wheat on storage on fa
vorable tonus, and will make liberal terms to
tarmerswlio desire to grind their own wheat
Will at all times keep on hand for sale
and pay the
Highest Cash Price for Wheat.
A share of the patronnie respectfully solicit
ed. oo7 1'ATTEltSON & EDK1S
Carding and Spinning.
X lately run under the name of Irving ft Co,
will in future be run under the name of William
Skelton. Having rebuilt and enlarged the mill
I will now lie able to sunnlv all onlers entrust.
ei 10 my care. M M. SKELTON
Jkugene, April 16, 1877.
All Local Skin Disiasis;
FiuiAixcNTLY Beautifies thi
Complexion, Prevents and Remi
dies Khiumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Injuries
or the Cuticle, and
is a Reliable Disinfectant.
THi popular and inexpensive remedy
accomplishes the same results as
costly Sulphur Baths, since it per-
Irritations of the Skin.
Complexional Blemishes are al
ways obviated br its use, and it renders
the cuticle wonorously fair and smooth.
Sores, Sprains, Bruises, Scalds,
Burns, and Cuts are speedily healed
by it, and it prerenti and remedies Gout
and Rheumatism. $
It removes Dandruff, strengthens
the roots of the Hair, and preserves iu
Suthful color. As a Disinfectant of
othing and Linen used in the sick
room, and as a Protection against
Contagious Diseases it is unequaled.
Physicians emphatically endorse it.
Pnces25 and 50 Cents per Cake;
per Box (3 Cakes). 60c and $1.20.
V a Scat by U3, Prepaid, oa receipt of prica.
sad s cents extra s each Cain.
Black s Biwwb. 69 Crauv, y
tlCrilltttMi, frtfr,: SW1 li.Il
Ao'l imit the tiwiti-n cf h-ux'k.-eprr.'
T. u. noil;i. K-J
Late Physic)" 8'- Otorgt" "! B'rtheto.
msw's Hospitals, London, Csrstor to
6L Euubelh's, eto.
AUr lean of th mo$t w''"" Vf'
eareA aid invrttigation, and aft 'the
practical application in trratmrnt to thou,
sand, of patioHtu, Oto. Vhandlrr, A.M.,
M.D.. noJpreoenU to tho Amrrieaa pub.
lie tho folhwing romodio,, hit
every and property, tfitaey of uhlch
U attested in tho ooluminoiit quantity of
eslimoistais, tho mnoolieitrd offering of
tugtring and dioeouraged P'
hat not only reeoiood relief and benefit
from thoir continued utf, but huoo been
radically cured of ailment! and 5ne
aomplainte, which have been adjudged by
tho moet tmluont phyiclant a hopelcet.
Thti incomparable T F.PITTI ATTYE i
a pmeerful ALTUUATirE, TONIC, Jil
BNT, combining virtuet which render
it invaluable and Heoer.faiUiiff, and by
Ut continued m will thoroughly eradi
cate all disease of the blood. Its ingre
dientc aro of n purely harmleeo extrac
tion, tho producle gathered fmm remote
Egyptian Province, and where there is
tlte tUghteei taint of dleeaee in the tyc
tetn, it never fait in ejecting that disease
through the medium of the ekln, or ex
pelling UAhrough tho many ni vnrioua
channelt of the body, thereby allowing,
and, indeed, forelnti all the organe into
their proper normal ttnd functional eon
sliliois. A very brief opare of time will
convince any paie wslnn it, ef it un
doubted reliability and wonderful cura
tive properties, it being, tnoet unquettion
ablu, the aery acme of wedlenl triumph,
and tlut ytateet dlteoveiy of the prcei,t
age, in the treatment of every dlseaie
where the blood itself is primarily the
teat of the lesion or disonler, ouch a
BCKOi'VLA and the thousand and ono
cause that lead to this terrible atjlictlun,
of which all civilised communities aro
cognisant, for Hiblieal Truth has astert
d that tit "Bin of the father shall
alsit even unto the third and fourth gen
erations," and to MiOKteN-VOiry AND
poteerful rejuvenator, causing the wreck
of man once more to assume the Vod-llke
form of manhood.
COSTI rt:N j. aku AiiMni
riAINTS (and to tlte yentler bcb it is a
boost long tought for by eensitloc, tntscep
ttlle, and delicate female, a it take
direct action upon their ailment) AXO
OF THE IHOVHI.K, 't i invaluable. A
perseverance with this remedy will prove
a positive and remtanettt turn . for
CUILLS and FEVEiill and ail MALA
Thousand of Testimonials attest tho
truth of these claim:
Erie, One VvUar, In large lotile, or
aim bottle, $5. mmmmm
OA STSOV i a tafe, speetly, and post,
ttve euro for that most depressing of ail
ments, and a brief course of treatment will
restore the digestive organ to their pris
tine strenath, and promote the healthy
action of the stomach and intestines. The
nervous irritability of literary and all
.person pursuing a eedentary life, is
speedily removed by this agent. The
stomach i restored to health and the key
note of the system will mot respoud
in the performance of labor.
Price, One Hollar, in large bottle, or
tlx bottle, US.
A slight le-eaUeit eoht will cftUme
lead to a serious cough, which, uneared
for or badly treated, must hare bat one
result it must errnttiate in a settled case
of HHONCIIITIS, or what is worse, lite
deadly CONSVM fTION. To all suffering
from harassing cough and expectoration,
TUAVUEOX offert it found, reliable, and
permaneiU relief. It augment expecto
ration, and enable the va( to expel
that terribl'f teptie Cepesit, which, if left
without judicious treatment, must com
municate it poison to the vesicular sub
stance of the lung, degenerating and de
stroying that most essential of vruuns,
and ultimate only in an tarty ana un
timely death. IHACUEON ha no eaual,
tnuch les a superior, and its use will not
only remove the deposit, thereby affording
great relief, but heal the membrane aud
leaves the patient in possession of healthy
lung ussue.
Price, Fifty Cent per bottle, or i
Slany eauses tend to produce Oil pain,
ful and distressing state. Tho blood is,
retanled in its return ( the too frequettt
sua of drastic nuraatlve tends to nrodue
congestion of the bowels, torpid action ef
the liver, and numerous other causes are
the source of this complaint, and hitherto
nothing effectual ha been presented to
the public, which would rapidly alleviate
symptoms and ultimately prove an effect
ive cure. In PILON we have a remedy
srAIrA not only act almost instantly, but
will remove the largest tumort of the part
(Pile) by absorption, and many who
have received not only benefit, but have
been radically cured, hare been assured
(prior to using this treatment) by emi
nent surgeon that the only relief they
ever could expect in life, would be by em
operation, and removing it or them from
the body by a procedure which necessitat
ed the kn ife. This remedy ha been hailed
witn aellght, ana it now prescribed by
many practising physicians, who are cog
nisani of it merits, a tho only known
sure cure for PILES.
Price, Fifty tent per package, or tlx
for $9.60.
thorough in the eradication of th differ
ent and various maladies denominated,
and are the result of patient, searching,
laborious, and scientific investigation,
embracing a period oj many years, in
Europe and America. (
If the specifio (tireetionl are complied
with, thousands of patients will bea r wit
ness la their relative merits, and corrob
orate every assertion. Where there aro
many complication of disease, and pa
tient o drtlre, DH. CUANULEH will
be pleased to girt all information, and
treat by U tter tf neeessaru.
Inscriptive and Explanatory Circu
lar of the above remedies sent on receipt
ef stamp. If the PKOFHIEIAHX
MEDICINES are not an sole at your
particular druggist', tend order to
1479 Broadway, Kew-Tork Cl
A Lam Stock of
Highest 'market price i I f.-rall kinds of
I'llublVE, HIDKS and fl'JUi.
D (.OODS-NKW s-n-i.j-s
nd 1" w pri es. J u.- r-. y i t
ii. Fl.liS'1'LV.
No. 649 Clay Street,
Kearny and Montgomery Straatsj
DR. DOHMITY'8 Largely and Steadily: la
creasing Practice, which has constantly kept pace
with the unexampled increase and steady growth
of the Pacific Coast, induced his removal from his
long established and well-known quarters, on the
corner of Sacramento and LeidradorB streets, in
this city, to more commodious and eligibly located
apartments, at No. 049 Clay Street, where
he has a spacious suite of handsomely fitted up
and conveniently arranged Examination and Con
sultation Rooms, (occupying the whole of the
two upper stories) which patients may at all
times visit, and see only the Doctor and bis as
sistants. With the most grateful sentiments of reeard
for the liberal patronage bestowed on him for the
past thirteen years, at his old office,
desires to inform tho General Public, and especi
ally all those laboring nnder all forms of Chrnnio
uorapiaints, that be can be consulted at 64V
Clay street, on every variety ot Disease of the
Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Digestive and Genito
urinary Organs, and all
of which the list is numerous, and which are
more closely connected with the general health
than the majority of people are aware. Uuhappy
invalids for years persist in concealing their con
dition from a motive originating in mistaken del
icacy, aud sutler in silence until their miseries be
come too acute to be repressed, and mental and
physical debility unfits the suflerer for active
iluliesof life. This latter typeoraflliction manifests
itself in the complaint professionally known aa
Syphilis, in all its forms and stages; Seminal
Weakness, and all the distressing forms of Self
Abuse, or Onanism ; Gonmrha'a, Gleet, Stricture
Nocturnal rod Dinrniil Emissions, Sexunl Debili
ty, Disciuies of the Itnck and Loins, Iutlammation
of the Bladder and Kidneys, etc., etc. The num
ber of persons suffering from these horrible Dis
eases, in whom the Doctor has ellectcd a radical
core, van be counted by the thousand ,aud the vol
untary certilicates in his possession, received from
persons he has restored to health.are enough to sat
isfy all that the Doctor's skill in the treatment of
these aftections, enables him to warrant speedy
cures, even in obstinate cases, and in every
instance givo relief. Diseases which formerly
battled the medical skill of the most learn
ed and experienced Practitioners of tlie heal
ing art, aud were regarded by the majority of
Physicians as utterly incurable, now readily yield
to modern remedies, when prescribed by the intel
ligent Practitioner, who makes the human sys
tern, and these special ailments.his constant study
and subject of observation.
In no case Is publicity permitted except at the
express wish of the pat'eut; and the Doctor con
fidently trusts that his long experience and suc
cessful practice will continue to insure him a lib
eral share of publl: patronage. By the practice
of many years in Europe and the United States,
he is enabled to apply the most successful reme
dies against diseases of all kinds.
lie cures without mercuiy, charges moderate
fees, treats his patients in a correct aud honor
able way, and has references of unquestionsbla
veracity, from men of known respectability and'
high standing In society. All parties who may
consult him by letter or otherwise, will receive the
best and gentlest treatment.
When a female is afflicted with disease, as weak
ncss of the back and limbs, pain in the head. dim
ness of eight, hiss of muscular power, palpitation
ol the heart, Irritability, nervousuess, derange
ment of digestive functions, general debility, all
diseases of the womh. hvutnrin atA..tiii., j
other diseases peculiar to females, she should gar
in .iw.iunnw iH. n . n, , at nil
Medical Institute, aud she will receive every pea-
Let no false delicacy prevent you, but apply Im
mediately, and save yourself from painful sultor
ing and premature death.
Patients (male or female) residing in any part
of the country however distant, who may desire
the opinion sud advice of Dr. Doherty In their re
spective csxes, and who llrnk proper to submit a
written statement of such, In preference to hold
ing a personal interview, are respectfully assured
that their communications will be held most sa
cred. The Doctor is a regular graduate, and nay be
consulted with every confidence.
If the disease be fully and candidly described,
personal communication will, in most esses be
unnecessary, aa instructions for diet, regimen and
tlie general treatment of the case itself (iocludina
the remedies), will he fir.r.uj ni....
and in such a nnnner as to convey no idea of the
rr; purcei so transmuted.
bhould your condition require immediate atten
tion, send ten dollars in coin, (or that value ID
currency) by Mail, or Wells, Fargo A Co. 'a Ex
Dress, and a nurknire nt :n t-
warded to your address, with the necessary la
.tnietlnn. fair nu
Oousultations. st the office or by letter FREE.
Address W. K. DOIIERIY, M. D., San Francisco
DR. DOHERTV i. .lnif,.i k..i: j'u.
- - ,mi pujB ui, .mi uua-
orable gentleman. Any suten.ent he makes to
his patients be is sure to fulfill. That fact is one
great caure of his eminent success in his profes
sion. It is fortunate that
Using physicians, there is out that can be depend
on. Review. r
"DR. DOHERTVRn.nnt.tin. ... nv!.u.
. -1 - m uu,ai,iH,
is a sufficient guarantee lor the cure of auy case
he undertakes.' Calaveras Chronicle.
, . ... , u uL-nHcu nis siuay core
rpsrti.-ularJy to chronic, specific and private prac-
m- emu ib iiuw uie mas. soccessiul ol any
physician in San Francisco.-' Free Press.
DR.DOHERTV.-J n,n.,i.ti. i. i
other physician on the eoaet, m chronic and spe-
iiAisi nM.itiu ' i: "
wmu 1'ieaa. aikv. II rur
PR. DOHEIITT. i . wj:.
. - - " uku iu -are aucuiti
proressioa bare succeeded in gaining the confi
dence of the public iu their skill aad jadnnent as
las. Tin " In.niu.
era Man I Ull CT.
DR. DOHERTT ranks Ml. nf .nr w. Sim
tinauished Lhrsiciiiis. .rJ l. . . nn
soecessful, which Is now the criteria. . ahiththr
medical practitioner is iudged." Echo. '
"DR. DOHKRTY ni,v. . , i .
- "J m laavriwj (awruai vv pi sjw
Uce than any physician in thU gute.-' txpresa
P. The rwi ;n mA v.- ..-.Lu,
Special Diseaars. to any address on receipt of six
cenu in postage sum pa. for return poU;e.
A Great Bargain.
low f of it pxvij griin,1, )i t"P tinvthy
hay. Vi arr- of gorvi i-nin, 12 hefil t ntt,
M hoa-i of ,hem. JO L-' ,A hr-.-i, a'J '. t 15
Ilnnlrrl lollar. I.iirral Term.
-r m- a l.rir.-.-.lK. .I'. jaf-ii at the
iu.Hith nf t'dUi:)' I'rvtk, 9 nj.'ea t-t nf Ifiii
hchh lane -::ifv. Ore.' tl