The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 12, 1877, Image 4

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    Fenc roils Tor End Down.
A 8tnJ of - vegetable iibynlolog'y
led mo to try several cxponineutH,
maDy years nao, to throw lilit upon
litis question. Tho eap or moisture
goes up lu Hie gap-wood from the
roots to tlio lcaycs of trees. I found
if tho post is butt-end down, the
pores are open upward, and watea
can go up,. and t litis keep the post
moist between wind and water, wuirh
must cause a rapid decay, 't ap
peared probably that the pores were
open only upward, and not down
ward in the tree. 4 To test this, I cut
small maple sapling, (two inches
through,) in May, leaving the limbs
all on, and placed tho butt end io a
pail ot brine. In thirty six hours the
leaves were saturated with this brine,
the taste oi the salt being strong.
At the same time I had cut another
-maple sapling,' and cat oil' the top
'branch, leaving the rent of tlio limba
on. Alter winding a cloth arounl
the butt cud, to prevent evaporation,
I placed the top end in a pail ol'brim-,'
and allowed it to remain several days,
but do brine hud been absorbed at
the top end. It had not penetrated
the pores as far as the end was im
mersed in the brine, for if the bark
was scraped, there was not the slight
est taste ot salt to bo found. This
being the case in the green tree, how
much more must the pores of the dry
tree be closed from tho top end down
ward? I have tried many similar ex
periments and think tho question set
tled that if a post is placed top end
down, no moisture can ascend from
the bottom of the I.olo up the post to
rot it; but when tho butt end is down,
the moisture can ascend the pores
very rapidly if green, and hlowly il
dry. ' Seasoned posts are found to last
; much longer, becauso the pores are
' more or less filled within tho seasoned
wood. I should also infer that plac-
ing the top end down would make
''moro difference in a green than in a
dry post. In pursuance of tho fact
that tho pores of green timber have
been olten saturated with different
solutions to prcBtrvo it, by immersing
the butt-end, freshly cut, in tho solu
tion to be absorbed, 'it will also be
noted that burning or charring the
post only closes tho pores and pre
vents tho absorption of water. K
W. S in Vpuntry Gentleman,
, , s Th Fowl Uuelnri..
To carry on tho business success
fully requires palienoo and porsever
enoe. It is about the best paying
business at the present timo. liy
good oaro and judgemont it will piy
irom throo to five hundred per cent,
profit. ,' i ,'
Anybody that will hotmo, food and
provide well fur throe or four hun
dred hens, can clear from twelve to
fifteen hundred dollars annually. We,
havo proved the above and know'
whereof we speak. It don't makoo
much difference about tho breed as
it doos the enre they receive.
, To succeed tho best requireb a per.
-, son that ling a natural love tor it.
Hens require plenty of room, in the
oily as well as tho country. It is not
more thr.n half as profitable to keep
ithcra in tho city, for the reason that
thoy havo to be confined in a small
- placo, fed artifiefally instead of natu
rally. Not even locality is fit to
ieep tlu ta iiu ' ',.
A sandy soil thoy dulight ip, whore
they cm keep themselves free from
Vermin, wlucll 18 ono ol tho greatest
. u raw wicks in keeping poultry piulita
a .
. great many men Koep hens as
Iboy kenp horses ami cows ; thoy h
mem tae care oi themselves, then
find fault because they don't pay
oome men are no inoro lit t
caro for fowls than those are who mi
dertake to carry on a farm by starving
vnw ii. ii Kiiiuii in suuceej oener
than men. . ..
u voiHiirt to say tiiai o m ve-1
ono thousand dollars In fowls will ru
turn ;thno thousand clear profit
everything considered. It is not i
laoorous occupation j thqrcforo n per
on out of health could do well. A
great many who havo gone into 1 1
uuaiuoss nave laueu lor mo reason
that they did not give ii tho nttentioi
it requires, uno person out of ten
may make H pay.
Tho moro a man or woman know
the less they gossip about their neigh
Dors, culture ana rennetm nt ulwavs
destroy gab.
Think of this, youn;
A Connecticut farmer who saw tho
yellow bird picking wheat ficm the
etaoJiug heads choi one of the sup
posed o.Tondois. II found in in
tomaoh only three grains of wheat
rid by actual eouut three huudred
nd fifty weevil.
Half the fools in (he United States
think thry can beat the doctors curio?;
tne sick, two thirds of them are sure
they can b -at the ministets preaching
the gospel, and all of them know they
can beat the editors running the
inform the public that they have leased the
and are now piparwl to do a ReneraJ Milling
BtuiBjaa, Ul revive wheat on Mrnty on fa.
vomble Urms and will make lilwrml Wni.s to
fanner who desire to grind their oin wheat.
Vt ill at all time keep on hand for sale
and pay th
Highest Cash Price for Wheat.
A share of the patrons-- re-rax-tfullT soli.'jt
i l7 FAlTEIiboN EDK13
To nil who riv milTcrinj; from the error and
indiscretions of youth, nervous weukneae, &c, I
will fend recipe that Will cure you, FUKK
OF CHARGK. Thii great remedy vu dis
covered by a missionary in South America.
Send a self addressed letter to the IUv, Jon km
T. Injuw, Station D, Bible House, New York.
1,000,000 Hut licit
or TUB
have lieen sold the year, and not ono com
ph.intJiaa reached us that they hiive not done
11 that U cluimisl fur them. Indeed, scientific
skill cannot eo beyond the result reached in
then wonderful preparations. Added to Car
bolic, Arnica, Mentha, Senega Oil and Witch
Hazel are nthor iii,'reilie,nts, which make a
family liniment that defies rivalry. Rheumatic
and lied ridden cripples have by it been enabled
to throw away their rutohe, and many who
for years have Ih-oii alllieted with Neuralgia,
Sciatca, diked llivaste, Weak Hacks, ete., have
found perfect relief.
Mr. Josiah Westlake, of Haryaville, Ohio,
writes: I
"For years my Rheumatism hns been so bad
that I have been unahle to stir from the house.
I have ried every remedy I could hear of. Fi
nally, I learned of tin) Centaur Liniment. The
first three bottlus enabled mo to walk without
my crutches. I mu teudini rapidly. I think
your liniment simply a niarvoL
'Hie liniment cures Hums ami .Scalds without
a scar, extracts the poison from bites and stints.
Cures C'liilllilaini end frosted foet, and is very
elHcaeious fur Kar-oche, Tooth-ache, Itch and
Cutaneous Krujitions.
The Ckntauh LiNiiim, Yki.low Wrapper,
is intended for the tonh, fibres, cords and mus
cles of homes, mules and animals.
Rev. Ceo. W. Ferris, Manorkill, Schoharie
county, N. Y., say!
"My horse was lame for t yjar with a fut
lock wrench. All remedies utterly failed to
"euro him and I considered him worthies until
I commenced to use -Centaur Liniment, which
rapidly cured him. I hciHily recommend it.
It makes very little difference whether" the
case bo "wrench," sprain, spavin or lameness of
any kind, tho iffuutH are the same. The great
i lower of the Liniment is, however, shown in
'oil evil, Ititf-hiwl, Sweeny, .Spavin, Hing-bone,
Ualls ami Scratches. This Liniment is worth
millions of dolhuu to Livery men, Fanners and
those having valuable animal to care for. We
warratit its effects, and refer to any farrier who
has ever used it.
Lobaratory of J.'Ii, TtiMR & Co.,
10 iKY T., XM'.W VOKK.
A complete subrttitutu for Ciutor Oil, without
Its unpleasant tiuite or recoil in tlio throat. The
result of ao years' practice by Dr. Sain'l l'itch
er of MaxxachtiHotti,
1'itcher's Costoria is pat ticiihifly recominend-
ea lor children, it destroys worms, omshiii
hites the f(K)d, nnd a'luws natural sleep. Very
ollicacioiis in ( 'roup and for children Teethiinf.
For Colds, Kevcrisnne.s, ditonlers nf the bow
els, and .Stomach complaints, nothing is so ef
fective. It is as pleasant to take as honey,
costs but 33 cents, anil may he hail of any drug
gist. This fa one of the manv testimonial :
"Cornwall, I'a., March 17, 187-1.
"Dear Sir 1 have uned your Cahtoiiia in
my practice for some time. I take great pleas
ure in reconuueuaiug u io me prniiwsion as a
safe, reliable and aiwuuhle medioiuu. It is liar-
Hcuiany aoaiu(i to enililren Wliero thK n-poir-nant
tasto of Castor Oil renders it sn dilKrult to
administer. E; A. UNDlilW, M. D."
Mothers who try Costoria will find that tliey
can sleep nights and that their babies will be
J. B. ItosK & Co., New York.
" eradicates
All Local Skin Diseases;
Permanently Healtikiks mk
Complexion, Prevents ani Kemb
dies Rheumatism and (".out,
Heals Sores and Injuries
is a Reliable Disinfectant.
This pomlar ntul inexpensive remedy
accomplices the same results as
costly Suij'iil'r Hatiis, siuc5 it i er.
hanently removes Lkittions and
Irritations of the SUn.
Comi'lexionaI. Ulemkiies are al.
ways obviated by its ue, and it renders
the cuticle woiuirouly fair and kinoollu
Sores, Sixains, Ijrdises, Scalus,
Ht'RNS, and Cim arc sceedily healed
by it, and it prevail and remedies Gout
ami Ivheumutism.
IT removes Dandritf, strengthen!
tlie roots of the Hair, and preserves its
youthful color. As a Disinfectant of
Clothing and l.inen used in the sick
room, and as a Protection against
Contagious Diseases it is uiKqualed.
Physicians emphatically endorse it.
Pricet-25 and 50 Cents per Ccke;
per Box (3 Cakes), 60c. and SI 20.
N. B. Sent by Mil, rrepa! on receipt of,'nc,
ftnd 5 centi tm Cur ccK Cake.
Illark r nrowa, 30 ('rots, p
I1 to T. ii. IlENDKlOKSk
Q llO l-m 1 nhall ketp oo a fullof
And Invite the attention of housekeeper.
T. (1. HE.NDitlfKS
am jj. nonius,
0;nv on WilUm, tt strwt, Eu-ne Pity.
Dnr.s goods-new styu:s
and low prices. J nst iv,vivt hv
. and largest ever brought to Kuc-ne, at
' OlaKDon
' Irf-t the suffering diseased read the following.
1et all who have beoa f(iven u doctor, and
l)ken of inoiirobln, read the fullowing.
J .ot all who can believe facta and can hare
faith in evidence read the following.
Know all men by these presents, that on this
the 20th day of June, A. D. KHki, personally
came Joseph llaydock, to me known as such,
and being duly sworn deposed as follows: That
he is the sole general atfent for the .United
States and defendeneies thereof for preparation
or medicines known as Dr. Holloway's i'ilkt
auk ointment, and that the following certificates
are verbatim copies to the best of bis knowl
edge and belief. JAMES HMIETHK,
L.8. Notary Public.
. 14 Wall street, New York.
Da. JTolu wiT-I-tiiko niv pen to write yon of my
ffient relief uud tliut th awlul lutn ia ui si'le hits
eft meat Inst-tluinks to your pills. Oh, DmUir,
D7w thankful I am thut I ran irtt some sleep. I n
uercr write it enough. I llmuk ynu luminamlairion,
ami am sure that you are really t!, friend of all suf
ferers. I mul l uut he p writing to ynu. niel hiipe
you will not hike it amiss. JAMKH MYKIlH,
lid Avenuo D.
Tills is to certify that I was discharged from the
army with chronic riiivrhaea, and have been mred
hy Dr. Holloway's Tills. VVILNON HAHVEY.
Nw York, April 7, lKCt. 31 Titt slrMt.
The following Is sn Interesting case of a man em
ployed in an iron foiindi f, who, in pouring melted
linn into a fink fiat was wet, caused au exphaiun.
The melteil iron wit thrown around and on him in
aperlei't shower, nnl he was dravlfully bumed.
The following certdtratc was F'veo to me hy him
aliout 8 weeks after the accident:
New Yona, Ian. II, I87J.
My ninis Is .I.icul Hardy; I inn iron fimieler, I
was Ini-lly turn hy hut iron in Nuveuilier liut ; my
Imrns heaiwl. hut I had "a riiiiiiinz sore on my le;
that would not heal. I tried Ilulluway't Oiiitrneut,
and It cured my in a few weeks. 'Miie leull true
and anybody can see me at Jackson's lion works,
U Avenue. J. liARDY, 119 Gooreh street.
"I had uonppetitoi Colloway's Tills gave m a
hearty one."
"Your TilU arc marvellous."
"I send for uuuther box aud keep them in 'the
" Dr. Holluway turel my heivlache that was
"I iravo one of )mr Tills to my W for cholera
morhtia. The dear little thin'f F"t well in a duy."
"My naiiMen ot a inorniii is ito.v core 1."
"Your lx,x of llulhiw.'iy s Ointment cuiel me of
anises in the head, liuliuel some of y.oii-oiLtini-ut
behind the eaiv ai.d the noiw has h It."
"Send me two ooNes, I wunt one lor a poor fami
ly." "I enclose a dulla -, yoii.i price la IS cents, but the
medicine to me is wo: th a dollar.''
"Mend me live hoxesol your Tills."
"It me havo live boxes of your Tills by return
mail, for Uhills nu 1 Fever.'
1 have over Sin) such restitnimiiits, hit want ot
spam compels tne to couclu Is."
And all eruptions of the km; this Ointment is In
valuable. It d.)o.. nut heal cxui a illy uliuu, hut
imnetrates with the most searching elfucta to the
very root of the evil.
Invariably cure the following diseases;
In all (lincaees HuVtinn these oians, whether
they accrete too miuh or too little wnter;
or whethm they lie iilllii tel with stoiio orifruvel, or
with ai hes pr palm settled in the loins ove.- the re
Kion of tho ki liieya. these Tills should be taken ac
couling to the printed directions, and the iutoieut
"Iioul I lie well rubbed into the small nf the back at
tiedlime. his treatment will ifive almost imiueJi
lite lelicf wheu all other means have failed.
foh STOMAcna our ok omrKfi.
Vn nieldeine will so eff' ctii-illy Improve the tone
of-thoirt"in,ic-hiw thcup VHU ; they remove ulliiciili
ty, occasioned cith' v ly iuteinptnaiice or iiiiproiier
diet. I hey rearh the livor un I icdiice it to a heal
thy ni-tinu ; they are won ieiliillyrHcaciuti In cases
of spasm in lin t they never f,ul iu ciuiug all diaor
Uc of the livers and stnui.ii h.
Holloway's Tills are the liesl lemedy known In tlie
world for the following ilie ikos: Ane, Asthma,
llilioiis coioilaints, Mutches on the skin, Towel
coiiiiilainU.Olii'. 'uiistiivitioi of tie Hnncls. Coo.
snmptiiin, Ucliility Uirop.y, Dywulary, Krvsipelns
reuiaie jmnruia uios, ecvers oi .au si
(lout, Headache, liidiestiuii. luflnmatr
nice, l.ivur coniiilaliitM, LiioiIhi'o, rues, Ithctitna.
tism. Kctentiou of Urine. Scrotula or Kimr' Kvil
Koiu I'hrmU, CtuIlP & Itr.ivel. Heeolldai y Hymptol s,
'rio-Diiiilmireux, 'lumiirs, lliwrs, Veneral Atfm, Woinis of all km Is, Weakness from any
cause, &-u.
Kuse are irciiiiiue uulms tho aiirntiture of J. ll.v
noes, aa auent for the Vmite I Statea.aiiiroiiiidse.u'h
Ikx of Tills ntld Oiutfllcut. A lia!iltn!iie reward ivill
bo iriven to any one ren leniiK m:h information aa
may lead to the detii-limi ot any party or pat ties
counteifcltiuir the iiu-lii iiies, or veuling the some
knmviiii: them to be sptnieus.
'Bold at the in oiuf i. toi v of Professoi Hiii.iiwm
& t.O.. Now Yolk.Hud I.V all resnectablA Ilill.nriMlM
anil Deulera in Melicme tiiroukdiout the cirilued
worhl, In lHiea at iS cents, til cejts anil l eiuh
tif" Thoie is considci able eaving by Ukiuif the
luiircr sizes.
N, ll.-I)iicwtioin tor th irui lance of mtienU In
es-oi y disorder are atllxed to nu ll Ihix . .
roi caxi, tnoiisiw im eitaii,
ai ssc-bccs raiCiB.
Tha best and latest improved for
every variety or work, indudlng
f i1?8 leading Family Sew
inrr Machine on the Paciflo Coast,
its superior qualities are too well
known to require further recom
mendation. THE NEW WHITE
the best straight needle Machine
in the market, has a great deal of
room, under the arm, is very litrht
running and substantial
roa COOKINQ AND eeatiro.
Persons desiring business, doal
ers,and all others wishing Sewinjr
Machines, either for Cash or on
Installments, should send for cir
culars and terms to
No. 19 New Montuomery Street,
Liberal lirioea olV.J r .u
machines in exchange lor new.
arcvKsscn to
Ia Dorris' Brick Building
rr-vLta is
Groceries"'". Provisions.
ill keep on hand a gt&nl asaortruent of
Orro-rir, Frnviaiorm, Curl Mrata.
To Cigxn, Can-liea.
lan.lK .Vpi, .Notion.
Ciree and Dn.-d Kniita,
Wixvl and Willow Warw,
Crockery, Etc
rua'nee. will be eonducted on ft
Which m.-ain that
Low Prices are Established
Coodi dfHurti without tharjf to Bnvtr
For which I will I ay th. highest mark-t nrv 1
AARdV I Will
SIIEIAN irYDE's column
P I A NO S !
First Premium over aliAmsricar
a:d Foreign Manufacturers.
Copy of tcle;,T;ui received hy Sherman &
Hyde :
, , , NkwYoiik, Sept 29,1870.
lieo.ived the highest award for sympathetic,
pure and 'rich tone, combined with k'rcate.-t
OOWer. OS RboWTl in th., t.lir..., att.l..a I
i,.r,T-iJi,i('',i!,:,,wf 1 irrr1,t rhnoH-whio,. ,i,w i,'lU.i:
iiii.'ja-iii-?ie'lIlccs'"' aoliiUty in their comdructiim, a ldi
... i . .. i i. ..', ... .
ct.iv i.mi niuen, w uicn hi tne same tune an
nwers promptly To its reipiirem tits, together
swith excellence of workmiJishiii.
f These fmnous Pianos are for sale by
Cor. Kearney uud Sutter St ,
All ths ii.,ii,.iu. .)..-. 1. 1
know on Cuiirl.hip. Mtr
rinr, tilt Hhv.iol.viail
Mvsirrl. tsml llv!.,,,,!,.
pi Ihr rliiil avalrm, Phi
Vnaf ol Hi-wialurljon,
."him uiarrr.lnr iiti
I. irMunty mllT w.niiJc work of Ihr kind mi- . .hu.k
6UL0W., iio. j.ixuaa i, "
Young Men
Who may be anfftrin.!? from the effect of youth
ful fnlliea or imliscrctioii, ill do well to avail
thenia dves of this, tho L-rvntost lsm ever hiiil
at the altar of ulleringliiiiiionitv. 1I SI'LV
NEV will iruaraiitre to for. it t'rM)
seminal weakaoaa, or private disease of anv kin.
or which he uni!cit;ikcs and fails t.
enrv. Ho would theivfore sav to the unfortu
nate snTcn r who may tvi I tliis notice, vm
are trrailin' 1.11 rr.. .. 1
hm'rilchiy in mvt iu; the riiclv"f. i
your cunjilaint You nuy (h- in the fiit r'i.i-,
remcuikr that you are aiiio:uhin;; the l. .'r.
I If you are bordering uismi ti.o j.-at, tnd uv i ;
f-rinj; some or all iia ill effects, 1. lmiuU-r t;
.if you jvrsi.-t in prncnn.tinMioti t! e tinu- 1.;. 1
f o.mie wh.n the m.kst skillful ply.,-, i-.
j tier yon no assi.-.tiinc; w heu tha .h.
n cii 11 -,.
or .1 ! - ,,
, win ne closed ng.un you; whin
n.i -.n I . ;
iiicrv-j cm oriug you no rviiet. In no cs .- K
the lVvtor fiulcd of wtow Tin 11 let n .. UV.
Pw W" m yulr hn-.-inati.m. I i.' n ,
yourself of the h. 11. HcirJ ii-MitM-f hist- ,tn et
Wore your case i U-voiid the r.m-h ,.f m. -;.- :.l
skill, or More 1 r :n ifcatlt hurri.-s you to a r.
mature gtave, t:l r-mrse of trtutuieut
Send money hy imit-.ihce or.!lT or rwu, v.
full dvacription of case. Call on or a I.V v,
int. ... 11. xri.wti,
N'X 11 Ke-.rnev st-eet, Srt t'rhn i-c i
. alfki:i m.r.t
Hoi taVem (Msacssion of tha
Luckey Livery Stable,
And will carry on a
Howiw fed Md Ksardod by the wn-k ur day.
For Sale.
TW0C(dwtt tvn ftnr,
"" u""-i ' s-l t a
TTmr tnuire at evpsw n-.
Late Physician to 8t. Oeerge's and 61. Bsrtholo
msw'a Hospitals, London, Curator to
6L Elizabeth s, etc,
Jflet sear of th most Mb or Inut re.
tearrh and 4nwtlottion, and aftrr tha
practical application in t. tntntto thou,
sand, of patUntM, Geo. Chandler, A.M.,, present to tho American pub.
lie the following remdl, M tote rfls
eorero and p, opirtV, the etjlraty of u-hlch
It atietted in the vuIuihhioui ' "i
testimonial; the unsolicited ojlerinas of
eufferlnv and diseoura,ied patients, vho
hale not only received relief and benefit
from their continued use, but hare been
radically cured of ailments and, ehronie
complaints, which have been adjudged by
the most eminent physicians as hopeless.
This incomparable JiEPVTlATTtt! is
a pmrerful AL.TKHAT1VE, TOXU', DI
VlttlTIC, DIAI'110KTlC,and I
i'M, eombfnii7 virtues which render
it invaluable and never-falling, and by
its continued use trill thoroughly eradi
cate all dtseanet of the blood. Its ingre
dients are of a purely harmless extrac
tion, the products gathered from remote
Egyptian Provinces, and vhere there is
the slightest taint of disease in the sys
tem, it never falls in ejecting that disease
through the medium of the skin, or ex
pelling it through the many and various
channels of the body, thereby allowing,
and, indeed, forcing all the organs into
their proper normal and functional con
dition. A very brief space of time will
eonttinee any patient using it, of Us un
doubted reliability and wonderful cura
tive properties, it being, most unquestion
ably, the very acme of medical triumphs,
and the greatest discovery of the present
age, in the treatment of every disease
where the blood itself is primarily the
teat of the lesion or disorder, such aa
HCKOL'VLA and the thounand and one
causes tlutt lead to this tcmbte uitiictlon,
of which all ctcilized communities are
eognlstmt, for lliblicnl Truth has assert
ed that the "bins of tho fathers shall
visit even unto the third nnd fourth gen.
trdtions," and to ISltOKKN-lMt II r AAD
powerful rejuveuator, causing the wreck
of man once more to assume the Cod-like
form of manhood.
tor c i xa y i vs nis r.4 sirs, vniy.
PLAINTS (and to the gentler sex it is a
boon lonrt souqht for by sensitive, suscep
tible, and delicate females, as it takes
direct action upon their ailments) AND
OF THE TltOl HI E, it is invaluable. A
perseverance with this remedy will prove
a positive and permanetit cure for
Thousands of Testimonials attest the
truth of these claims.
Price, One ltollar, in large bottle, Or
lag bottles, $5.
OASTS ON is a safe, speedy, and post,
tlve cure fur that most depressing of ail
ments, and a brie f course of treatment will
restore the digestive organs to their pris
ia to their pris-
tine strengtn, ana pnmit
action of the stomach and
tine strength, and promote the healthy
ri ereo us irritability of literary and all
persons pursuing a sedentary life, is
speedily removed by this agent. The
stomach is restored to health and the key
note of the system will once more respond
in the perfortnance of labor.
Price, One Hollar, in large bottle, or
tlx bottles, $5.
brohchitisTnd lung
A slight so-called cold will eftttmrs
lead to a serious cough, which, uncared
for or badly treated, must hare but one
result it must eventuate in a settled case
of HHONVII1TIS, or what is worse, the
deadly CONSUMPTION. To all suffering
from harassing cough and racpeetoYattoit,
TRAVUEON otters a sound, reliable, and
permanent relief. It augments expecto
ration, and enables the patitut to expel
that terrillu septic deposit, which, if left
without Judicious treatment, must com
municate its poison to the vesicular sub
stance of the lung, degenerating and de
stroying that most essential of organs,
and ultimatet only in an early and un.
timely death. THA CtJ EON has no equal,
much less a superior, and its use will not
only ri-move the deposit, thereby affording
great relief, but heals the membrane and
leaves the patient in possession of healthy
lung tissue.
Price. Fifty Cents per bottle, or six
mettles, 93.B0. -
PILES., Hemorrhoids.
Many reuses lend to produce th Is pain,
fill and distressing state. The blood uj
retarded in its retur-if the too frequent
mse of drastic purgatires tends to produce
congestion of the bowels, torpid action of
the liver, and numerous other causes are
the enure of this complaint, and hitherto
nothing effectual has been pres. nnd to
the public, which would rapidly alleviate
symptoms and ultimately prove an effect,
ive cure. In P1LON we have a remedy
which not only nets almost instantly, but
will rrinore the largest tumors of the parts
(Piles) by absorution. and mnna who
have t?fi,t!'i tiot oulu benefit, but lint
been radically cured, hare been assured 'he t'entral treatment or 'he cae itseir tioclndinr
,-prior to using this treatment) by emi- Hie remcdus). will he fonr.ided without del.v
uent surgeons that the only relief they and in an. h m inner as to convey no Mm S iff.'
erer roulrf expect in life, would be bu an mir-mrt r 11.. 1 ,.. , no '" 0w
operation, ami removing it o.' them frm 1 1 Zt . 1 7 'r Prr' 40 transmitted.
tZe body L, a proccdure'whieh neTssTaT. ''S' t;""d,,",? "I"' immediale.tten
edthek.lfe. This remedy has been hailed """.wn.Uen dollsra in rum, (or that value la
with delight, and is note prescribed by 'urrenci ) br Mail. r U'elis. Kargo ACn'sEx
many praetisinq physicians, who are cog- ! !', and paekaue r mediciuea will Im fur.
Frier, Fifty Cents Der varLaae. ormtm
for f 11.60.
thorough in the eradication of ihe differ,
ent and various maladies denominated,
and are the result of patient, s. arching,
laborious, and scientific invest igat ion,
embracing a period of many tears, in
Europe and America.
If the tperifio directions are complied
with, thousands of pntimts will bear wit.
nets to the.r relatire merits, and corrob
orate every assertion. H here there are
many cations of disease, and pa
tients to desire, DR. til ASHLER wUt
be pleased to aire all iuiormatiun, and
treat by letter if ueeessani.
Descriptive and Explanatory Circu
lar of Ihe aicnre remedies rent on receipt
of stamp. If the PROPRIETARY
MEDIC. NEH are mot on sale at your
particular druggist's, send orders to
. 1479 Broadway, ITew-York Citj.
Ur cored; p.iokM,nop,,Nrrti home md wiihout
Jd sunp. fee rurocuUr.. DR. CAAU O.N, 16 j
" u 1. -c" m its meriti.
n Cr-tn'ril ws-k tn
k l irr.rA i ad mar.
kMKfem I hfjT)! nv-h M OSV ran ntL.Jl tr. I ..k
P UK .Vc,tJ. turd tyKrtrrm
On j trm srr:jr fiawp- i. Ut
.".11. lit aiwv mcT Da n.Mn Ia ...
J""T -V
No. 649 Clay Street,
Kearny smd M out g ornery Str.eta
DR. DOHUITY'8 Largely and Steadily Iq.
ereasinir Practice, which has constantly kept pact
with the unexampled Incrense and steady growth
of the Pacific Coast Induced his removal fromh
long established and well-known quarters, on the
corner of Sacramento and Leidendorfl streets, it
this city, to more rnmmoilioiisnnd elixilily located
MMrtments, at Mo. C4U Clay Street, where
he has a spacious suite or hnndsomelr Utted na
and conveniently nminged Kxamination sndOo
wiltiitioii Rooms (occujiying the whole of the
two upper stories) which patients may at all
times visit, HUd see only the Doctor and his a,
With the most grateful sentiments of reearl
, 'ir the litwhil patronnge liestowed on him for ike
past thirteen aears, at his old ofllee, .
lift. DOHEUTV .'
desires to inrorm the General Puhlic, and enpecl
slly ll those hilior'.tirf under nil forms of Cbrnnle
Complaiiits, that lie cim he consulted at tit
( lay sl-tet, on every variety ol Iihc.ise ol th
! niiu's, l.iver. Kidneys, Mjjestive and Ceuito
Uiininy Organs, and all
f wl'ii'h 'the li hi numerous, nnd which art
more I'lo.etv conneitted wili the general health
, th.urthe or people aie nware. Uuluppw
t.v.hOs yrars persist in concealing their co.
Jitii.n from a motjveoriginatlng in mistaken del
' lr icy. and softer in silenee until iheir miseries be
: -me too acute to ha repressed, and mental and
.liit-ioi! ileliilify limits the sufferer for active
. ilnuesonife. Tliishitterhpeorsflliction manifests
nell in the complaint professionally known as
Syphilis, in all Its forma and stages; Seminal
r.imirss, mio an me aniressing InrmsofSelf
Almse, or Onanism ; Oonoirhcea, (ileet, Stricture:
S'K turnul rnd Diurnal Kmissiniia, Bexuil Debili
ty, liaises of the Back and l oins. InHuniniatioi
or the Rl-idder and Kidneys, eto., etc. The num
ber or persons suhVriug from these horrible I)ii whom the Doctor has'eflected a radical
cure, ,an be counted b.v Ihe thousand,and the vol.
iintiuy eertilicates in his possession , received from
persons he has restored to heslth,are enough tosat
'-fy all thutthe Doctor'a skill inthr aS
i Ihese uftections. rmihleu him i.. ........ i-
,..,rea. ,.Von io ol,siinu ...i . L.
,,,, :.. v.i. - 7 ' V
Diseases wlllell furmnrlw
b tllf.l the nicdital skill of the most iearn
d and cxpi rienced Priictitioiiwn i,t tl. h..i.
1 ing art. and were regarded by the majority f
. I'hysiciiuis as uttcily incuiBble, now readily yiell
1 10 mo.ei n remedira, when prescribed by the intK
j'igent Piuiitii inner, who makes the human syi
l.-ni, ami thtse speciulailmeuta, bis coustant study
I nnd s!ilii; toldiservalion,
I in no case Is publicrty permitted except at th
I express wish of the pat ent; aud the Doctor con-
ii iiinij ins long experience and suc
i essti; piiii tio wtll continue 10 insure himalib lute of public patronage. By the practice
olniuiy ye v in Kumpe and the United (states,
he is enuh'cd to apply the most snceesalul jenie
ilies against diseases or all kinds.
He cures without mercury, charges moderate
lees, treats his p-.tienls in a correct and honor,
able way, and has teferenres or utiquestiohable
veracity, from men nf tnowu respectability and
high stiiiidiiig in Kirty. All parties who miv
c..nsuli him by letter or otherwise, will reAeivetb.
best and gentlest treatment.
w hen a female is afflicted with weak
ness ol the back and limbs, pain in the head. dim .
uess ofjutbt, loss of muscular power, palpitatioa
ol the heart, ii i nability, sereousness, derange
iiient uldigestn-c lun.-tions, general debilitf.aM
diseases ol the womb, hysteria, sterility, and all
tlier diseases pecnlisr to females, slw. .Im.dH
I Medical Institute and she will receive every Dos-
e reuei anu ll. lp.
It no raise delicacy prevent you. hut apply Isj.
mediately, nod MVB yourse.f from paiiifu aufler
ing aud premature death. .
Patients (mslenr female) residing In an-part
inlie country however distant, who may 'desire
ihe o iiiioii and advice ol Dr. Doherty in their re
peetive cases, and wh.. th ok proper to subm.t a, In pielerenca to hold
n .' a personal InteiTiew, are respectfully assured
that their coinmuuicatinis will be held most sa
Tim Doctor Is a regular graduate, and maybe
on idled Hh everv conKdeiir. . .
lr the disease be billy and candidly described,
eisnnal .oniiniinlcatiiin will, inmost cases, be
'iieHt i PHtMty ah instruction)! for dipt Mtrinun art a
'., San Franc iaro
rjrt DOIIKP.rV is a skillrul pl,y,',-U. andhon.
.-able .Ktleman. Any statement he make, la
l is paltni- be is ,re to fultill. That fact i Ml,
nieHti aii-eol his eminent succe.. in his i.r..res--I
m. I is r.rtnnate that .,, tie m,r J.dTefv
' " ' u,,re V Uiat can be deurn
..... nviirn
I. POIIEBTT 3 relation , phrsici...
nieieot gMJr..i.tee fortheroee of any case
l.rtskes. ' 4'aiareras C'iranir.1.
! 1 an;
be uud
1 -nil I HiHUlTVlM. devoted hi. h,tT nore
-rti. ub.rly u. .-hronic. specific and private prac
. let. and ss snrh 1, now the soccesslul of.ny
phy.iriai in sn Frai.cwc.i'Kne Pres.
j ' DR. IMIHF.KTVS repUfi.f. 'd to
! -ther plicc sa m, the c.., 0 chroaK- Md ip,
"ilic i.r.i toe."-Mirror.
: ' I'.'i D-.IIEUTV.-Few menB th. medical
Vl'T'tZ ,1,v ia gaioiug
lence .f tire p., ,l,c .a their skill and judgment
he has. I in) Hirer.
!.- i'"n r.KTx ranks as a of our scoatlis-
tin.-uislied pliv-K-ians. and also, l: He ssoA
-,,.-,, wn.rn is nowthernterio..
. nwOM-.m practitioner Is faidirej.nerh.
' -- ui, n e.i. 1 1 er J..TS a more extensive prao
liee than any physKiau b this St.t.!'-rjpiea..
P. S The Dnrtor will send his pamphlet on
,"rI".' '". to any addre on re-Tipt of six
. ruu in posUpe susaiia. L mora po.U(e.
J-itet 1 lrt Bli.Mw Inform.,
tmn about the HltCK BILLS,
f "Tth" T'"i- ems) ihe rreat
la liu W sj- will .Iw.v. he fc.wrlm
"w war wi
fbbt, Larrert. Um B'l
lj 1 1- .i . nr.
-T .T .-L - 1 'j, nave antisi 1
..M.. i m ; I Single eopj
tMretiU. A. OLjKCh7
f.S luher, Ckeyesua., ITyoJ