The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, February 24, 1877, Image 2

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SATURDAY, .FJFCIi. 21, 1S77.
Tha Inlainy Consummated.
Iluman depravity and national de
gratioa have tbuclied bottom, they
cannot sink lower'; when Congress
abandons its duties and delegates its
powers to a nondescript commission
to "Bavo the country," it is clear that
what we would save is not worth sav
ing. The talk about Democratic
"moderation" and "concessions" to
prevent trouble, would be contempti
ble if such idiotio simpering wero not
too silly to bo noticed.' They the
Domocrats would make concessions,
"strain a point in tho Constitution"
and submit thoir to a commission just
to "save our institutions." In the
namo of Heaven and sufl'ering human
ity, can our institutions bo Baved by
recognizing tho trickery and frauds
practiced in Florida at the late Pres
idential election as legal? Can the
recognition of the infamous and bare
faced acts of Louisiana Returning
Board, as law, prop our institutions?
Are our liberties to bo preserved by
a tribunal that docs not brush partisan
prejudice from tho judicial crmino, tlio
senatorial toga or tho simple garb of
a representative ? No, that Commis
sion has all tho partisan bins of so
many clowns, and though tho heavens
should fall and our eternal existence
depend upon its actions, it will not
dismiss its prejudices, or constrno the
law to tho disudvantago.of its favor
ites. Its first ruling indicated that
evidence of Radical frauds would not
bo woloomod to its presence, and it
did not rejuiro tdo penetration ot a
prophet to soo tho oonBurjucncos of its
unexpected and shallow excuses.
Eight to soven it voted to indorso
Radical lrauds, Federal 'interference,
plunder and misrulo in Florida.
Eight to soven it voted that it could
not correct legal errors or illegal
usurpations and bo on to tho end, nnd
thus Florida Btands countod for Hayes
and Whcelor, regardless of tho
votes, voices or will of the people,
extcame Louisiana with itslluturn
ing Board count, so villainous, so
shameful that the most corrupt Radi
cals could not preteud th it it was hon
est or that it had tho somblanco of lo
cality, further than to mako it a pre
toxt for contesting tho election. That
commission could not go boyond that
Board, so Louisiana is countod for
Ilayos aud Whoolor; and noxt we
shall soo that conscientious (?) com
mission taoklo Oregon, and though
thoro was no law to go beyond certif
icates in tho cases of I'lorida. nnd
Louisiana, thoro will bo a revolution
nnd all tho law will force that commis
sion beyond certificates in Orogou,
Watts will bo recognized as a legal
our Stato laws will bo spurn
ed and tho Constitution of tho United
States will bo disregarded and every
thing tondiiig to porpetrato Radical
ism, usurpation and fraud will bo do
oidod legal and what favors tho suc
cess of honest govoruinont will bo as
dust in tho balance What is good
law in ono Stato will not bo law at all
in another according to the judgment
of that Nation saving (?) Committee;
the vilest rascality will bo approved
and horcafter have tho foroo of law j
Hayes will bo "countod in" and hunoe
iorlh demoralization, corruption and
untold infamies will boootno common
and respoolod. The downfall of our
institutions began when illegal gov
ernments wero placed upon States by
Fodoral powor and kept thero by
Gattling gnus and U. S. bayonets.
Following in tho track of this patriot
ic (?) commission, l'uekard will be
come govornor of Louisiana, Cham
berlain will bo rocoguized in South
Carolina, Drew will be ousted most
likely in Florida and henceforth Re
turning Boards will control our coun
try regardless of tho votes of the peo
ple; for when a government, or any
part of it, rocognizes or approves such
flagrant violations of law as have kept
Louisiana aud Florida under tho feet
of outlaws, tho disease becomes con
tagious, freedom of elections has pass
ed away, tho power of tho pooplo is
undone, rascality has Loco mo embold
ened and becomes aggressive and na
tional pride and honor sink imo obliv
ion as ours have, by the instrumentality
of as vile a set of villains as ever bung
upon a gallows or flattered a tyrant,aud
through the cowardico, imbecility or
credulity of a Democratic Houso of
Representatives, that listened to the
senseless gabble of a mob and trusted
a treacherous band of conspirators, as
if the experience of tho past taught
nothing. We could do without Til-
deu for President, but we cannot see
" I
Laat our country can outlive IbelboyiL
shame, the folly, the degradation of be
ing subjected to tho whims worse,
the loathsome rascality and shameful
venality of a fow unscrupulous trai
tors, whoso acts havo been a disgrace
to our age and to mankind. Anarchy
and midrulo are recognized by all and
approved by many,and if ever the peo
ple of this country witness another
fair, expression ot their will at tho polls
it will be after this generation has
passed away, or through the interpo
sition of miraculous power. Already
simpletons predict a change and boast
of hit will bo done four years hence;
they see a moral revolution and a
bright future, just as if tho fetters now
fastening upon us would voluntarily
loose iheir crip and leave us free.
Submission to wrong never made any
people free, and unless all history is
an idlo tale, tears; crimes, oppression
and numberless, nameless calamities
will follow the wickedness of 1876-7
in this country.
Radical editors are sorely distressed be
cause Democrats have ceased to cling to tbe
old doctrine of States rights, nnd argue that
there is a power authorized to go behind and
correct illegal returns. The questioning or
the rejection of a return from any State
where the same is clearly shown to be ille
gal, as was the case in Louisiana and Flori
da, is r.ot taking away a single right from
such State. No State has a "right" to do
an illegtil act, and hence the reversion of
such an act is not an infractiui)of any right
And a Itudicul preaching .States rights at
this day is something so strangely inconsist
ent that it provokes a contempt which the
English language is too feeble to express.
What right is left a State when its Capi
ta is invaded by the troops of the. Fe leral
uovernmiMit and tho legally elected members
of the legislature inarched nut between files
of soldiers, as was the case in Louisiana two
years ago? Or when a Capitol is surround
ed by troops and legally elected represen
tatives refined admission, as was the caste in
South Carolina less than three months ago T
The last barrier of States-righjs was broken
down whfn this was dune, and the mention
of Stales-rights by the party who commit'
ted this crime is an insult to the once free
institutions ol our land.
It is not very easy to serf the utility of the
High Joint Commission as it was organized
by Congress, for it doe not go whore Congress
could not go itself. If its decisions are law
then tho verdict ol seven jurymen out ol
twelve would ho conclusive Any jury ol
fifteen men, or of seven white men and eight
negroes, could recognize the action of a lie
turning Roird ns legal, just ns well us can
that High Joint Tribunal, that voles on I
party lino, just as eight negroes would out
voto bpvoii white men, and if its partisan arts
are precedents for anything, they are that
whoever can get hold of the most Returning
Hoards will have tho power and tlm office.
regardless of tho will of the majority of tho
people upon which it has been supposed
our system of government was based.
It would be interesting to havo some of
our coteniporaries explain how our "capaci
ty for self-government", is manifested by sur
rendering the only means by which that end
may be attained. It cer'ainly is not ovi
dunce or patriotism to allow tho will of tlm
people to be disregarded and the powers of
tho government to be controlled for the ben
eflt of a few designing knaves, who resort to
every means of treason to accomplish their
As John Drown a thief and murderer
was tho morning star of Radicalism in the
Republican party, we can not wonder that
Clmmberluin, Stearns, Kellogg, I'uckurd
Zieh Chandler and (Jeorge II. Williams
should appear in its noou-dny splendor, or
that J, Madison Wells, another murderer
and to call him a thief would be fulsome Hat
tery, as his crime out weighs the infamy of a
hundred thieves should bo its crowning glo
ry and the manipulator of its final aud most
infamous triumph.
Some ol the Oregon papers seem to bo ex
emsed tiecatise Senator I lip-Mitchell it is
believed committed perjury in his testimo
ny in regnrJ to tho Oregon Electoral euse,
just as if perjury could disgrace a man of bis
standing. Mitchell was afraid, m doubt, of
losing caste- lu his party unless he should Jo
something infamous to keep up h's reputa
tion. II his perjury is proved beyond a queg
lion, lie will be indorsed by his party and be
his own successor in the Senate, if the Rad
icals of Oregon have power to elect him in
Dralh or Colonel llurrrll II. Ta) lor.
The .Standard of Tuesday evening con
tained au announcement of the death, at
Mexico, Missouri, an January 2Sili, of Col.
Uurrell li. Taylor, who died of pneumonia
Mr. Taylor will he remembered by most of
our readers as having been alitor of th
Portland Herald during 87 1-72.
Ad exchange says : "After all, His bal
lot is mightier than the bayonet." That may
have been, but now a rascally Itidlcal lie
turning Hoard is mightier than both.
Neo Itutler say ' Why should 1 bother
myself about Hi Electoral ll", ? Thai is
nutter that rests on the shoulders of Con
gress. lt etery at bear his own burden."
There art a number of Congressional asse
who liar Dot he backbone to curry the
constitution! burden tha people bar laid
opoo Iheir ftiouKlnr.
The M Loun GIJ Dmtit iccusts Ln-
t fin ol selling out the partr. Hut th fct.
ItJtA TlllIJlll't hl lh.l .ml I
Tilden is elected but Hayes will be in
augurated," was the admission and tbe boast
ol Radicals just after tbe election in Novem
ber last of Radicals who knew to what
depths of infamy that party would go to se
cure power and thwart tbe will of tbe peo
ple. 1 es, 1 ildcn was elected, but, by frauds
without rivals in history, be was counted out
and that infamous proceeding is approved by
the rank and file of the Radical party, so
that dignity, honor, honesty, and respect for
even decency are discarded ; Grant as l'resi
dent, Chandler as Secretary, Bradley, Miller
and Strong es Judges and one and all ith
out regard to law or consequences, Indorse
and accept tbe fruits of the basest crime ever
perpetrated in ths Uoitod States.
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The United Stales Supreme Court ren
dered a decision, recently, on a disputed
case from Northern Illinois, which lays
down the principle that an officer who bus
resigned Ins position does not cease to lie
an officer until not only It is resignation has
been accepted, but his successor has been
appointed and qualified. This decision is of
interest in connection witn the resignation
of Watts, the Oregon Elector, of bis position
as postmaster, prior to Ins choice as an hlec
tor to till the vacancy occasioned by tns in
Hewitt will Arraign Ike Communion
A New York dispaleb of the 19th lays:
The Times' Washington special suvs
to night there will be no effort to deleut or
detain the final decision of the tribunal, but
he is terribly severe upon the commission
and has prepared a speech which ho will de
liver to-morrow when the Louisiana case
shall be under consideration, in which Hew
ilt will assail the cumin iinn generally, Hoar
particularly. He will declare that when the
bill creating tbe commission was under con
sideratmu tie I ore tho committee appointee,
to Irame i. Hoar distinctly and uncouivo
cully suited that under Ibis mt-a ure it woul
be the du y ol tho tribunal not ou'y to de
cide cases of contest, hat in making its de
cision it should examine nil evidence upon
winch the contest was uiiiler. Hewitt says
he can substantiate the assertion tlmt Join
made these statements by all the Democrat
who were on the commission, and he expects
to be followed in bis arraignment of Hoar
to-morrow by llunton ond Springer, who
were his llemocriitie colleagues on the coin
inittee. After Hewitt will huve delivered
himaiilf of hid uirl0, lio wilt appear before
Ilia senate committee on privilege anil elec
lions to tell whatheknonsuhout the attempt
to purchase the Uepuulicau elector in Oregon
to vote Tor 1 mien.
The Oregon Maic'a IV ext.
Morton's Commit'ee keeps boring nwuy into
the Uregon l'.lectonil case, and tho lust sen
sation oyer it is tho reported discovery of
the Key to the cipher dispatch "(iobble, by
the .New loik lnbunt. And, ufter all
what does the whole "exposure" amount to
Thero has not been shown, or .developed, a
particle ol iraud or wrong in tho affair, from
tirst to lust, so far as Gov. drover is con
ceriied ; nor is there a tingle thing connected
with it, on the Uemoeraticside, ol which any
participant or any good citizen need fee
ashamed. There was no ust of mo ey lor
any dishonest or unlawful purpose, no bri
bery, no corruption, nor anything of the kind.
Governor drover has passed through the
fire unharmed, and this a good deal more
than can be said of the Radical Governors,
so-called of Florida and Louisiana ; but we
hear no word in reproof, or ot In r limn praise
or them, in tho lUdicul papers S, F. Ex
aminer. in: ms.
Grand Duke Alexis and suilo have arrived
la Now York.
Indians areprowinjr more warlike every
day io Arizona.
Ijjlesias nnd party left San Francisco on
tho 18th lor New York.
H"ar Admiral ('has. II. Daves, of the ob
servatory, died on the 18th inst.
The total amount ol the Senate sundry
civil appropriation bill is $14.0(10,0(10.
Grant will not interfere in t :e Louisrana
iinnter. leaving it to Have., should be be in
I here is universal growling anvuiir Dem
ocrats at Judge Davis uud at those wlw
elected hi in to the Senate.
Kelly's explanation was a complete vindi
cation of himself and Grov;. It is sail
1 atrick has been sent for to cintrudiet lino.
Ilogy spok of Uradlev as a ininsteemd
in inlaiiiy, and whose nuinx would never b
mentioned by good men without hi-.
, lawyer nan,.l D.ivden, attorner lor
some Missouri whiskey stills, utiot and s.i
ouly wounded Col. Fred. .l
Northern and Western D 'm.vr its so. ,1;
of H 'punliiMii m.'iiili.-rs of lhe.H-iorl e.un-
mission as peijiinrs,'ls. etc.. tml
say they wunt lh eoiiui'i-.i.oi hrkn up
' In Knner's testimoiiv b. lori- the tlm.s
committer it SMiii Well, virtually admi'ted
he was bought by Itepuhlicvn lu ijivh the
Toteol the returning board in Iouisiana
to llavs.
IV World's Cincinnati sin.fial ,iv
Have has telegraph-d . lien. Vanalleii. ol
Atw 1 urk. re,pjestir(f the latter to rrm.r
west and help arrange ihe new cabinet ,,r
ton is to hive the stall d.-p trtm-'iil. Sli-r-raii
the treasury. JSloughlon attorner slt.
eral. lien. Evans or Vanalleo the F. ighsh
Not Kxowx. At the tiir.o of jr.
injj to jinss no information lias been
rc cvivct! of the Jiiisinn of the Com-
j mission in regard to tho Oregon case.
The telegraph informs us that the Demo.
erotic leaders are all opposed to any revolu
tionary measure.
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To All Whom it mat Contekn. axdthe
Public Ghn'erallt. We whose names are here
to subscribed having learned by minor that rive
members of Fall Creek Grange No. 140 have
been expelled and their names are or will be re
corded in what they call the black-book, and
disgrace thereby to reflect upon them forever,
would resjiectfully say that if micli are facts
they have been illegally and shamefully dealt
with, and we challenge the world toran inves
tigation ol the facts. We had thought the days
of the inquisition were among the things of the
past, never to be revived, at least so tar as tins
country is concerned, but if reports be correct
m this we were mistaken. (higned)
W.X.Luckev. R. Wilinot. E. Y. Warner. F.
Warner, Mary Warner, members of Fall Creek
Grange; C. Kissinger, Grand l'rairie Grange;
1..1... ::. .. f;. I.'.,U!.,.. If M L
singer, We Luckey, Elizabeth Luckey, Frank
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N.E. corner Willamette and Seventh Sts.
fel7 3m Eugene City, Or.
State of Oregon for Lane County. Han
nah Eubank, plaintiff, vs. Arthur I. Chapman
and W. K. Leveridge, defendants. Suit in
equity to foreclose mortgage. To the above
named defendants, Arthur 1. i iinpman anu .
K. Leveridge: In the name of the State of Or
egon, you and each of you are hereby required
to aooear in the above entitled suit brought
against you by the above named plaiutitf in the
Circuit Court for the State of Oregon for Lane
county, and answer the complaint hied therein,
bv the first dav of the next term of said court,
to be begun and held on Monday the ltith day
of April, 1877, at Eugene City, county and
State aforesaid. The defendants will take no
tice tli:it if thev f:til to aooear and answer Bald
complaint as above required, the plaiutitf will
will ajiply to the Court for the relief demanded
thertiu, to-wit: That the plaintiff have judg
ment avaiiist the Baid defendent. Arthur I.
Chapman, for the sum of 4,000 dollars and for
the costs and disbursements ot suit; tliat tue us
ual decree be made for the sale of the mortgaged
tiremises described in the said complaint, o-
wit: The undivided half of the south half of
section 35 in township 17 south of range 4 west
of the Willamette meridian, situated in Lane
comity, State of Oregon, by the sheriff of said
Lane county, according to law and the practice
of said court; that the proceeds of said sale be
applied ih payment of the afonaaid sum of four
thousand dol.ars. the costs and disbursements
of this suit and the exiienses of such side; that
the defendents and all persons claiming under
them, or either of them, subsequent to the exe
cution of the mortgage on said premises as set
forth in said complaint, to-wit: the lstli day
.of J'llv. 1800. either as Durcbasers. incum
brancers or otherwise, may be barred and for
ever foreclosed of all riirht, claim or equity of
redemption in the said premises and every part
thereof; aud that the iilaintilf have such other
aild further relief iu tlio premises as to the court
may apjiear equitable. Service of this this sum
mons is made by order of Hon. J. F. Watson,
Judge of the 2d Judicial District, and of the
Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Lane
county, having date the .8th day of February,
Attorneys for plaintiff.
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And the eminent Pianist,
Mr. FKEDEWCK LUEU, Din etor.
The sulwcrijition list will lie found at CRAIX
BROS.' Jewelry and Music Store.
Sulwription $1 00
" with reserved seat 1 25
N. B. This is positively the only opportuni
ty to hear the celelVated artist, as her engage
ment iwremptorily recall her to Euro).
To all who k'now them
selves indebted to me. I
have demands against
me which
and I cannot meet them
unless I can collect. If
you would save cost
come and settle without
delay, for
Jai 6, 1877. B. F. DORMS.
Lin iihjets.
One kind for the Human Family,
The other for Horses and AnirrUs:
These Liniments are the wonder ofthe world.
Their effect are little less than marvellous. .
The White Liniment is for the hu
man family. It will drive Rheumatism, Scia-'
ticia and Neuralgia from the system; cures'
Lumbago, Chilblains, lock-jaw. Palaey, Itch,
and most Cutaneous Eruptions; it extracts frost
from the frozen hands and feet, and the poison
of bites aud stings of verrumious reptile; it sub
dues swellings, and alleviates pain of every
kind. The Centaur Liniment is used with event
efficacy for Sore Throat, Toothache. Caked
lireauts, earache, and Weak Jiack. The fol
lowing is but a sample of numerous testimo
nials: "Indiana Home, Jeff. Co.,Ind., 1
May 28, 1873. f
"I think it mv dutr to inform vou that T
have Nuffered much with Mwollen feet-
anu cltortfs. A few bottles of Centaur
Liniment has done the work forme. I
have not been free from theae swellings in
eight yeiirN. Now I am perleetljr
well, lha Liniment ought to be applied
warm. UlNJAAlia BKOWN.
The proof is in the trial It is reliable, it in
handy, it is cheap, and every family should
have the White Centaur Liniment
The Yellow Cestai'b Liniment is ulantMT '
to the tough muscles, cords and flesh of hone
aud animals. It has performed more wonderful
cureB, in three years, of Spavin, Strain, Wind
galls, Scratches, sweeny, and general Lameness,
than all other remedies in existence. Read
what the great Expressmen say about it;
";new xobk, January 1874.
"Every owner of horses should give the Ckk
nai'k Liniment a triaL We consider it the beat
article ever used in our stables.
"H. Marsh, Supt. Adams Ex. Stabes, N. Y.
"E. Pi'ltz, Supt U. S. Ex. Stables, N. Y.
"A. S. Olin, Supt Nat Ex. Stables, N. Y."
The best patrons of this Liniment are Farrier
and Veterinary Surgeons, who are continually
using some Liniment It heals Galls, Wounds
and Poll-Evil removes swellings and is worth
millions of dollars annually to Farmers, Livery
men, Stock-growers, Sheep-raisers, and those
having horses or cattle.
What a Farrier cannot do for $20 the Centaur
Liniment will-do at a trifling cost
These Liniments are sold by all dealers
throughout the country. They are warrented
by the proprietors, anil a bottle will be given
to any Farrier or physician who desires to test
them. Labaratory of J. B. Rose & Co.,
4ti Dey St., New York.
Pitchers Castoria is a complete cubstitut
for Castor Oil, and is as pleasant to take as
Honey. It is particidarly adapted to teething'
and irritable children. It destroys Worms, as
similates the food, regulates the Stomach and
cures wind Colic. Few remedies are as effica
cious for Feverishness, Croup, Worms and
Whooping Cough. Castoria is a scientific and
purely vegetable preparation, more effective
than Castor Oil and neither gags nor gripes.
Prepared by Messrs. J. B. Rose 4 CoM 4(i Dejr
St, New York, from the reciiie'of Samuel
Pitcher, M. D., of Barnstable. Mass.
say to all parties, who may have a claim
against me, that I or my representative will be
at Eugene City on or alsiut March 8th to pay
derstand that certain parties at Eugene City
are buying up i laiius against me at less than
par and this induced me to issue this notice.
Formerly of the Saint Charles Hotel of Eugene
City. 6
State of Oregon for Lane County. H. O.
Tennv, Plaintiff, vs. Ella 'Penny, llefeudant
To Ella Tenny, the aliove named Defendant :
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby commanded to appear and answer tha
Complaint of Plaintiff m the above entitled
suit, now on file against you, in the office of
the County Clerk of Lane County, within ten
days from the date of the service of this Sum
mons, if made on you in Lane County and
within twenty daya, if made on you in any other
Countv in wild Stut . ami if
publication, then you are required to appear
nun answer iiy me nrsi uay or me next term 01
the Circuit Court for the County and State
aforesaid, to be begun and holden on the 3d
Monday ( the ltith day ) of April, A. D. 1877,
at the Court House in Eugene City. And the
Defendant will take notice that if she fail to so
aps?ar and answer said Complaint, the Plaintiff
will take judgment against her for the relief
prayed for in said Complaint, to-wit : the dis
solution of the bonds of matrimony now exist
ing between Plaintiff and said Defendant The
service of this' Summons is made by publication
by order of Hon. ,f. F. Watson, Judge of the
I ircuit Court of the State of Oregon for the
Smn.l Judicial Dixtriot. mailn nf rkan.luM A
. " ..Mwuia vu
the 31st day of Januarv A. 1). 1K77.
Fitch 4. fag ax,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
721 Market Street,
San Francisco, Cal.
Publishers axd dealers in ii
kinds of
And other Musical Instrument,
Agents for the
Elank Book Manufacturing
Our goods are to be had of all the principal
Beokstliera. jal36m
it., till, UKMKJX.
Having again Uien pnaseanoB of the old and
well known
w ucfc bas been newly furnished and refitted,
is nw ojen foe the reception of guesta.
I have fifteen modi in the
making .V) rooms io an It it the most eommo
diout and hrst appointed houte in the Stato
south of Si m.