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8ATtmiiA.Yi '!bKH. 3, 1877.
Tbe, Compromise BID Signed. '
A Will bo scco by tho message ol
President Grant, printed in anctber
column, be has signed the bill passed
lor a settlement of tho Presidential
muddle. In' ibis message be takes
the ground held by Demoorats in and
tut of Congress, that the power to
count the eleotoral vote was not vest-
' ted in the President of the Senate.
'This position held and insisted on
would have given the election to Mr.
Tilden in any event, while the assump
tion that such power was vested iu
such ofh'cor would as certainly have
resulted in the inauguration of Haycc
What tho result may now be will de
pend altogether on tho Supreme
Judges, and the more we look at the
compromise tho plainer it appears
. that it differs very little from the so
lution first proposed, that oi deciding
tho matter by lot. Two straws in the
bands of a third person would have
answered the purposo as well. While
we do not suppose there is one among
tho leaders of tho Radical party but
what knows to a certainty that Til
dtn was fairly elected, we know that
a large portion of that party has been
led by those loaders to believe that
such is not the case, and the dissatis
faction will bo great, no matter how
tho question is decided. It would
have been a glorious thing for the
country if Morton and Chandlor had
throe months ago followed the exam
ple of . M. Stanton to the end, in
stead ot hesitating just beforo the cad
was roacbod.
Sioxku. A dispatch not sent to
Oregon was ono which stated that
Hopkins, a Republican, would sign
the report ol tho majority on tho
Florida case Ho was labored with
by tho prominent Radicals of Wash
ington, but remained firm in Lis con
victions and Binged tho report, which
conoludcs with a resolution that at
tho lato cloction, electors on tho Dem
ocratic ticket were fairly and duly
chosen as presidential electors, as
shown by tho fiico of tho returns and
fully substantiated by tho evidence of
the actual votes cast; that theso eloo.
tors on tho first Wednesday in Do
comber cast their votes for Tilden for
President and Ilondricks for Vice
President, and consequently thoy arc
the legal votes of the State of Florida
and must bo counted as such. The
report is signed by Thompson, Do'
Bolt, Walling and Hopkins.
Th Commission,
Tho commission to count tho elco
toral vote is composed as follows:
Senate Edmunds, Morton, Freling
huysen, Thurman and Bayard. Rep
resentativesPayne, Iluuton, Abbot,
Garfield and Hoar. Supremo Court
Justices tJlitlord. Mronr, JUiIIor,
Field and Bradley.
Editorial Ciunuk. Mr. Sidney
Dell, recently from Ctoorgta, 1ms taken
editorial chargo ot tho Staudard. Mr.
. Doll is an easy and graceful writer,
and wo doubt not will increase the
popularity of that journal.
"Pkohkkss." Tho Republican iloo
trine, of "absoluto equality ," is work
ing charmingly, A buck uigger and a
rnarriod whilo woman Hipplcd in
Portland this week.
Soma decdodly rich testimony is
boing elicited by tho Fields commit
tee on tho Louisiana election. The
testimony of John P. Pickett, an at
tornoy of t ashiimlon. D. C, i to
tho effect that Wells offerod to give
tho State of Louisiana for ono million
dollars. Tho witness approached
JohnMorrissey on tho subject, but
was-told by him that "whilo he had
no particular compunctions in payiug
, a man to do what was right, ho did
not feel ho was iu that necessity. He
saih ho would buy theso fellows as
he would buy pigs, or words to that
effect, in which I coincided with him
But ho said we all know Tilden was
elected, and that ho had just received,
or the publio had received, informa
tion from Oregon which made it unnec
essary to resort to any such measure.
Mr. Hewitt, to whom tho witness ap
plied after his unsuccessful raid on
Morrisscy, said this was the third
proposition ot this kind that bad been
made to him on the part of the Louis
iana board, but that under no circum
stances would any such proposition
be recoircd. That the country knew
that liiuen was elected ana such re
sort was unnecessary. The Times
Washington special sayt that this tes
timony is the most crushing and dis
graceful yet adduced concerning the
returning board..
Killed AoAiif. The Cheyenne
Daily Leader docs it this time with
tho compromise bill, which it says is
suro to defeat Hayes and kill Sam
ray's party. ,
If anonymous correspondents could
elect a President or decide a Presi
dential election any one day's issue of
tho Orcgonian would scttlo tho mat
ter. Judge Bradley, who was chosen
as , the fifth member of the judicial
branch of tho electoral commission,
has in his circuit Georgia, Florida,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and
Texas, and has studied tho politics of
these States carefully. He wrote
the decision in tho Grant parish cases
in which certain sections of the force
bill were first declared unconstitu
tional. Supreme Court Decision.
A Washington dispatch of the 29th has
the following :
A decision was rendered in tbe snpreme
court to-duy in tbe case of Badger and oth
ers vs the U. S., on relation ol Holies and
others; writ of error to the northern circuit
of Illinois from judgment granting relators a
mandamus sgainl trie pluinttfls here as offi
cers of the town of Aubiur, Illinois, com
pelling them to audit a certain judgment.
1'be officers had resigned their positions,
and their resignations hud been accepted,
but their successors had not been appointed
and qualified, as provided by tbe laws of tbe
State, and it is therefore held they had not
ceased to be such officers, and the manda
mus was properly issued ; judgment nflirmed
Justice Ilunt delivered the opinion. '1'he
decision has some interest in connection
with tbe resignation of Watts, tbe Oregon
elector, of his position as posK master, neces
sary to bis election as an elector to fill tbe
vacancy occasioneu by bis ineligibility.
Matter lu floulh Carolina.
Com'miiia, Jan. 30 Circuit Judge Car
penter rendered the following decision to
day on his return Irom Washington :
FiiBt, 1 find conclusions ol law that D. II.
Chamberlain was not on the seventh of De
cember last legally installed Governor of
South Carolina.
Secoiid, Wado Hampton was not on the
14th ol December legully installed Uoveroor
of South Carolina. .
Third, The attempted
Chamberlain being Illegal and void, it did
not operate in luw as a resignation of the
office as Uovernor, which be held ut that
tune, as by the Constitution the Uovernor
holds his office for two years and until his
successor is chosen and qualified, and as
there has been no legal qualification of his
successor, D. If. Chamberlain is lawfully in
possession the Kxecutivu office and entitled
to discharge its functions until such qualifi
cation takes placo. A case similar to the
one that induced above is now pending In
tbe Supreme Court.
Dr. Glass Pardoned.
Dr. C. Q. Gluts, who was sentenced dur
ing the Fall of 1S73 for Bve yranr, for ttie
crime of manslaughter, in the Circuit Court fur
for Multnomah county, wns on tbe 1st pardon
ed out of tho Penitentiury. The grounds of
his pardon weru that petitions were Gle:
containing some eight hundred numes, signed
also by all of the grand jury who found th
.indictment and eljjht of the petit jury wh
tried tho cause; another cusc lor Executive
clemency was that diaries Moaley, who
was jointly indicted with Glass for th
same crime, was on aseporato trial acqnitte
thus rendering a uottbt as to tho positive
guilt of Uluss. Most of tbe evidence being
in its nature circumstantial was not looked
upon as warranting tbe verdict of the jury
Class had only one more year to serve.
Tbe I'lorlda Couimllee'a llrpori.
The committee on the Florida election
reported on the 31st. They say it Is ditli
cult to conceive of mnro wunton attempt to
defeat the will of the people and impose on
the State and country, officers not tliei
choice, than is here presented. It has been
judicially ascertained tlmt the persons
named upon the lare of the returns is bar
ing received tho highest number of votes
were elected, and the Committee say that
in order to asoertuio who Wore chosen Pres
identiul electors, the House has only to
look upon the face of the record and read
the words and figures which determine that
result. Tho committee are of tbe opinion
that the facts have been judicially deter
mined, and that tbe Hayes electors did not
receive majority of the votes cast at the
election. And in this is involve J a denial
of their right to cast tlreir votes as Presi
dentist electors, and do determination, other
than that which has been made by the Su
pieme Court of Florida, is required to show
that the act of these electors In casting
their votes for President and Vice Pretddent
is illegal and void. All papers before the
canvassing board applying to them all th
statutes of Florida, will give 9() majority
for Tilden and Hendricks beyond dispute
r the Klertoral
mission. , ,
Com I
Tbe electoral commission on the 31st
adopted rules for their government, drawn
op by Edmund. Sessions will be public,
but very few will be admitted. Tbe first
rule provides for the appointment of a
rmry ind two assistants, marshal and two
deputies, stenograuher aud a.ewntrer. The
second rule allows coudsmI to tatk two hour
od disputed subjects, with fifteen minutes
oo interlocutory questions. Rule three al
lows Couiirewineo who ohiect under the
law to certificates to select two of their num
ber on each side to arinie their obiectioos.
me urns. Ming limned to two tours on each
tde. Rule 4 provides for bearing- apnlica-
tioos (or process for witness and papers.
Rule 5 provides that tbe president of the
commissios shall regulars (be admission of
people to the open srsnions. Rule (pre
vido that the kssioui be open, except wbeo
the commissioners are consulting.
President's Message.
The following is the text of the Presi
dent's njossBge concerning tbe electoral bill :
I fujluw the example heretofore occasion
ally presented of commuoi ating in this
mode my approval ol ao act to provide for
and regulate tbe counting of tbe votes for
President and Vice President and the decis
ion of questioos arising thereon, because of
my apprehension or the imminent peril to
the institutions of tbe country, from whlck,
in my juifgment, it affords a wise aod con
stitutional rneaoa of escape. For the first
time in tbe history ol our country, under
the constitution as it now Is, a dispute ex
ists with regard to tbe result of an electioo
for Chief Magistrate of tbe nation. It is
understood on the disposition of disputes
touching the electoral votes caA at the late
election by one or more of the States de
pends the question whether one or tbe other
of the candidates for President is tbe law
ful Chief Magistrate. The importance of
having clearly ascertained by a procedure
regulated by law, which of tbe two citizens
has been elected, and of having tbe right to
this high office, recognized ind cheerfully
agreed in by all the people of tbe Republic
cannot be overestimated, tnd leads aw to
express to Congress and the nation my
great satisfaction at the adoption of a meas
ure that affords an orderly means of deciding
gravely exciting questions. While tbe his
tory of our country in its earlier period
shows that the President of the Senate bos
counted the votes and declared the standing,
our whole history shows that in no instance
of doubt or dispute has be exercised the pow
er of deciding, and the two bouses of Con
gress has disposed of all such disputes, al
though in no instance hitherto have they
beeo such that their decision could essen
tially affect the result. For the first time
then the government of the United States
is dow brought to fuce tbis question, As
one evil to result io others, under conditions
not the best calculated to produce agree
ment or induce calm feeling in the several
braenhes ot the government or among the
people of the country in a case where, as
now, tbe result is involved, it is the bivhest
duty of the law making power to provide in
advance a constitutional, orderly and just
method of executing the Constitution in
tbis most interesting and critical clause of
its provisions. 1'be doing so, fur from be
ing a compromise of right, is the enforce
ment of right and an execution of power con
ferred by the Constitution oo Cougress. I
think this orderly method has been secured
by tbis bill, which, appealing to tho Con
stitution and as a guide io ascertaining the
rights, provides a means of deciding ques
tions of single leturns tbrougi the direct
action of Congress and in respect to double
returns by a tribunal of iuquiry whose deci
sions stand unless both bouses of Congress
shall concur in determining otherwise, thus
securing a definite disposition of all questions
of dispute, in whatever aspect they may arise
with or without this law. As all of the
States have voted, and as a tie vcte is Im
possible, it must be that one of the two
candidates has been eleeted ; it would be
deplorable to witness an irregular contro
versy as to which of tbe two should receive
or which should continue to hold the office.
In all periods of our history, no controversy
bas arisen as to tbe succession or choice ot
chiels of States, and no party orcitisen who
loves their coontry and its free institutions
can sacrifice too much of mere feeling in
preserving through the upright force of law,
their country front tbe smallest danger to
its peace on such occasions, and it can not
be impressed too firmly id the heart of all
tbe people that true liberty and real progress
can exist through truthful adherence to tbe
constitutional law. the bill purports to
provide only for a settlement of questions
arising from the recent elections. The 'fact
that such questions can arise, demonstrates
the necessity, which I cannot doubt, will
before long be supplied by permanent gen
erul legislation to methods which have not
been contemplated in the constitution or
laws of tbe eounlry. The bill may not be
perfect and its provisions may not be such
as would be best applicable to all future
occasions; but it is calculated to meet the
prnxent condition of questions and of the
country The country is agitated ; it needs
and it desires peace and quiet and harmony
between all parties and all sections. Its in
dustries are arrested, labor unemployed, cap
ital idle and enterprise puralyzed by reason
of doubt, anxiety and uncertainty of a
double claim to the chief magistracy of tbe
nation. It wants to be assured of the result
ol the election. It will be accepted without
doubt from the supporters of the disap
pointed candidate and that its highest officer
hall not hold his place with a questioned
right. Relieving the4 bill will secure these
ends I give it uiv signature.
Comstih'K, On., Jan. 26, 1877:
To tub Kditok ok tiis CIwaiu) :
I find in the Journal of the 27th inst. that
I have found "A Friend," one of those tim
id fellows who may become my fast friend il
1 can induce him to come out from behind
his bshnoral screen. He thinks I am very
stupid to champion a cause which is so bad
that even the Ui'abd has abandoned it. My
friend, I attribute the (Jlaro's abandonment
of the subject to the fattgueing labor of kick-
ma against wind, and not to anv dt feet in tin
cause, aod 1 may he compelled to abandon
irom tne same reason. "Friend " ssvs I
must "go slow " when 1 cross the ntih ol l-
die, we are to inter Irom this that lad es
may trample upon the riehts ol others and
we must go slow f hir, we do not Dronose to
truss tne pain 01 me ladies; we do propose
to cross the path of error, although id tie,..
- L L ... ... F ' - - -
cates be round in silks and satins or primly
robes. Waco this committee went ouuid
of the business for which il was appointed it
showed the spirit of religious intolerance
wnicb held the world in thvsie.l ami
bondage (or thousands of years, aud caused
river of blood to flow. Thanks to 11m ...
ble champions ot mental fr,w,t...n ..i
tbey have broken the chains of bond live anil
left the mind free to seek the truth. Friend
says "the committee was comiviw.1 r
good ladies as Kugene co boast." H go
tbey were very amiable ladies, but. 1 d.i nt
suppoee they bad wings; tbey were smply
numan Beings a no liable to err. It i the
principle ol right or wron we tnw.a i,.
ui-rnsa, anti not toe merit or demerit ol
the committee. If "A Friend nl ih i.
J: - i . . " r i ---
die" (dorj'l that aoond PfHltfTI wilt aten i
font of hi kwo w will tee what thm
io tbe ubj.-ct. Friend says M know ol no
Urn-bar m r.agroe but ir there were a d.u-n
such ministers that would not release other
members of Ihe church Iro.n the dtsch.rgrnf
their dutie;" Nt, I prviume not: hut I
think' ifyoo bad half dotes inch the aiem.
ber or tbe chutchM would have basinet.
enough of their owa, without attending t
that of other psnph takine P'tm.MitK
church for ao sumple. Now K-t at uke a
look at those U;ble passages. Friend tars i
the first two are history. We will let tbe
first, Judges xix., pass as very vulgar histo
ry ; but, Friend, vou are tukinsr vr broad
and liberal view to claim Ihe aennrl. 1
Kilicsxxi., asbistorv. Read this eh liter
carelully and sue il the Bible Lord does ool
Dgure very consnicuoosly io it throngh bis
niouth-piece Elijah. We find that Ahab
through the forgeries of Jezebel, hi wile, is
condemned by tbe Lord; 19th verse: And
thou sbalt speak unto biin, saying thussaitb
tbe Lord. It it Btrange that I should have
a more exalted opinion of Deity than to
thiot una so fickle-minded and unjust as
this chapter makes UimT Friend, how in
tbe name of common sense did von dace the
construction you did on Kxekia), chap, iv.?
Please point oot to me where yoo get yonr
information ia regard to the scarcity of fuel?
Take a good look at the 12th verse and see
nyoa do not think it would take more fuel
to bnrn that kind of chips than to bake the
bread. If your construction is correct why
this language in tbe 13th verso : "Aod the
Lord said even thns shall the children of Is
rael eat their defiled bread among the Gen
tiles, whither I will drive them." I infer from
tbis that it was a judgment. Here we find
tbe same fickle God going back on Himself
modifying bis judgment. Yoa say God in
the Bible condemns wickedness, whether
committed by Moses, Joshua, David or Sol
omon. If so, he must have bad a great
many indictments agaiDst them. We will
look after them hereafter. Do yoo want any
more ? W.
Ben Hill was elected Senator from Geor
gia on the 2Cth of January.
Tbo Texas Pacific railroad1 bill will prob
ably be shelved for the present session.
Grunt is preparing a message to Con
gress calling for specie payments.
The Florida legislature will pay the Dem
ocratic electors from that State their mile
General McDonald, the whisky thief, has
been unconditionally pardoned by President
It is now generally believed In diplomatic
circles that all prospects ot a European war
have been obviated.
A large number of telegrams in the Ore
gon case have still to be read before tbe
Senate committee.
MortoD and his con federates iu tie Sen
ato are prepared to vote in any senator
elected by tbe Packard government,
Iu Senator Sargent's report of the Florida
election he lays all frsuds at tbe door of tbe
Democrats and maintains Hayes election
Judge Davis will not resign until after the
4th of March, having to prepare opinions on
several linportnnt cases.
A large number of dispatches, bearing on
the Uregon question were read in VV ashini
too on the 27th, nothing important being
discovered. '
Peter Wintermuie who shot General Me
Cook at Yankton, two years ago, died iu
Chemung county, New York, of consumption
on me rjm.
Id LittlefielJ, clerk of tho Louisiana re-
'urntng board, testihed that under instruc
tions Irom Gov. Wells he chunked Democrat!
majorities in Vernon parish iulo Republican
The House committee authorized a favor
anie report to be made on Lane s bill to
give se tiers on unsurveyed public lands the
sume advantages that settlers on surveyed
lunds now enjoy, namely possessory rights
ana incnoaw title, lo be cosutnuiated und
the homestead or pre-emption lays, after
official surveys.
J. H. Murphy, of Davenport. Iowa, tesli
fled that Littlelield said, while the returning
noard was In secret session, Wells came to
Littlcfield s desk in the clerk's room with
the Vernon parish returns and requested
bun f Littlefield) to transpose the vote of the
second and ninth precincts to tho other side,
explaining, that such a transfer should elect
ltupublicans tor district judge and attorney
Littlefield said bo made, such transpositions
after the Morrison committee catted Wells
to testify. Wells said there would be some
trouble about the Vernon parish, snd asked
Littlefield to figure np and make 178 votes
for those canceled. Littl.field could do it
by altering three other precincts, 1, 7ond 10.
Wells assented and said : "We will have
affidavits prepared." Wells told him to
make a cony and then destroyed certain tal
ly sheets. Littlcfield lately held a position
under Kellecg.
Somebody has lost as much as ten dol
lars on this electioo.
A good many electors split their voicos
as well as their tickns.
Vote esrly and work hard for the success
ol the ticket four years from now.
There's no reason why politicians shouldn't
shake hands and love one another.
Col. Segar 'was eleeted to Congress in
Virginia. He will probably be the cham
pion of the tobacco interests.
Tbe Philadelphia 77m says that Bessie
Turner is a waiter in a New York restau
rant. Libel suit, of course.
Thero is a county in Virginia having
neither lawyer, doctor or book -agent, and it
is always good weather around there.
Ice ermont Leeislature is catting down
State salaVies to a point which makes it do
object for a man to bold office.
Miss Laura Smith, of Knglund, haa willed
her body ,to the surgeons, but they are not
to have it until alter she gets through with
ew 1 ork make a big fuss over the fe
male pedestrian who hao just reached there
atier visuirj all tne towns and villages io
ine est.
The man who bet a hat at d lost it should
pay up a once. It is desinble that Amer
icans make a presentable appearance this
To All Whorr) It May Concern.
We the undersigned citixena of Junction City
anil vicinity, twiieve tbe article on School Su
penntemienta, which was publwhnl in the
1 ortland Daily Bre of Jan. Kth, and commu
nicated from Junction City, to be a barn and
cowardly attack on the fair reputation of our
County tviirrmten If nU who during the last
three year haa done mure than any other man
to adraact the interwt our public erhoola.
And many othrra.
Ietures will be dVlivrred on "The Frophe-
cx In t!w bnck chirrcb, Monday, Ttasby
TaurfeUv and Friday rniaei of tnx- vrk,
by Eld. M. M. Norton.
An Opportunity for the Afflicted.
Two or more of the Surgeons of the Na
tional Surgicul Institute will visit Portland,
Oregon, rooms al Cosmopolitan Hotel,
February the 14th to 21st, inclusive, where
tbey will be pleas'd to see their many old
patients in Oregon and Washington Terri
tory, and as many new ones as may reel it
to their interests to avail themselves of tbis
opportunity to be cured at home.- This In
stitution is onrivaled in the world, io the
core of deformities, paralysis, piles, fistula,
ic, Ac. 1 bey will bring with them appa
ratus for all kinds of deformities.
Dollowat's Pills. The turn of life.
From tbe age of forty-five to fifty, woman
has arrived at a critical period of ber exis
tence; the stream of death flows before her.
across it is a bridge, called "tbe torn of life"
beyond it is a delightful garden. The path
is beset with danger, and guarded by the
fierce dragons of disease. Dropsy, Erysip
elas, OyBterla, Nervousness, end other dis
orders too numerous to mention ; but armed
and prepared by Holloway's famous Pills,
she will pass with security into those rxan-
tilul regions, and enjoy herself till the sun
of life sets io the serene evening of old age.
Negligence at this season is productive of
tbe most Irightlnl consequemesnd death it
self would be far preferable to such mockery
of life. Tbe nervousness, Bushes and faint
ing fits, the general prostration of tbe system,
may be all prevented by a timely recourse
to these uncompsruble remedies.
What are the Ckedentialsof Glenn's Sul
phur Soap? Firstly, it ia endorsed by medical
men as a disinfectant, deodorizer, and remedy
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admiral article for toilet use. Thirdly, it is in-
Hill's Instantaneous Hair Dyx produces
naturui en&u and a sate.
The People Want Proof.
There is no medicine prescribed by physi
cians, or sold by Dru'utx. that carries such ev
idence oi its success and superior virtue as
Uohchee's Ukiima.n Svhcp for severe Couirhs.
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a sample some tor 1U cents and try its superi
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covered by a missionary in South America.
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C i:taiu
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have HiiiTcrea much with stwollen 1'ect
mid -liorl. A few bottles of Centaur
Liniment has done (he work forme. I
have not been free from these swellings in
eight years). Now 1 am perft'ctl)
well. The Liniment ought to be applied
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naur Liniment a trial We consider it the best
article ever used in our stables.
"H. Marsh, Supt, Adams Ex. Stabes, N. Y.
"E. I'ultz. Supt V. S. Ex. Stables, N. Y.
"A S. Olin, Supt Nat Ex. Stables, N. Y."
The best patrons of this Liniment are Farriers
and Veterinary Surgeons, who are continually
using some Liniment It heals Galls, Wounds
and Poll-Evil, removes swellings and is worth
millions of dollars annually to Farmers, Livery
men, Stock-growers, Sheep-raisers, and those
having horses or cattle.
W bat a Farrier canu. t do for ?20 the Centaur
Iiininient wi8 do at a trifling ert
These Liniments are sold by all dealers
throughout tbe country.- They are warrented
by the proprietors, and a bottle will be given
to any Farrier or physician who desires to test
Laboratory of J. B. Ross ft Co.,
4i Dev St., New York.
Pitchers Castohu is a complete cubstitute
for Castor Oil, and is as pleasant to take as
Honey.. It is particularly adapted to teettiihg
and irritaMe children. It destroys Worms, as
similates the food, regulates the Stomach and
cures witM Colic. Few remedfet are as effica
cious for Fsverishness, Croup, Worms and
Whooping Cough. Castoria is a scientific and
purely rescrtihls preparation; nwre effective
than Cantor Oil and neitlior
TrejareJ br Mesara. J. li. Rose A Co., Mi Dey
? ork' fr"n the recipt of Samuel
1'itcher, M. D., of Barnstable. Mass.
notme; ,
L sai
say to all parties, who mar har nUtm
against me. that I or my reprrientativs wii bs
. . '"''7 00 or h""t Mirrh 8th to rT
atrUmi that orrtun rU at Knn CitT '
. . " v sji4 1111-
V". F suj- 4VUt D A( Htm tlUUi
m UHiuceo. me v ttiu notice.
we have juiit received a new, large and
If 1.1 t t.
iuatung .peciauy oi t
, . AUD
We desire to make no mud flourudi. W JJ
say that fanners can come nearer getting
at our store than at any other establishment in.'
wu, auu uiuy cau uuy mem on aa good tenu.
We have a full line of
Foreign and domestic drygoods
And are continually adding to our stock to
meet the demands of the public -
inform the public that they have leased th
EUGENE CITY MILLS for a term of yean
and are now prepared to do a general Milling
Business. W ill receive wheat on storage on fa
vorable terms, and will make liberal terms to
fanners who desire to 'grind their own watat.
Will at all times keep on hand for sals
and pay the
Highest Cash Price for Wheat
A share of the patronage- respectfully solichV
ed. . fw7 PATTERSON ft EDRIS
the copartnership heretofore existing be
tween M. S. Cleek and G. W. Smelzer, under
tbe firm name of Cleek ft Smelrer was dissolved
by mutual consent October 1,-1876. All debt
due the late firm are to be paid to the said M.
S. Cleek, and the liabilities and other business)
of said firm will be settled by him.
Dated, Junction City, Jan 22, 1877.
is hereby given that the undersigned has
lieen appointed, by the County Court of Lane
County, Oregon, administratrix with the will
annexed of the estate of Alexander Renfrew,
deceased ; and all persons having claims against
said estate an required to present them, with
the proe vouchers, to me at my residence ia .
Eugene City, County aforesaid, withm'six
montlis from the date hereof. Dated this 2CUx
day of January, 1877.
yiI.T. DO WORK CEEAFEB than aay other
I V uliup in town.
With new material, all round. Besetting; old shoes
5 Ceuls.
All warranted to glye satisfaction.
Shop on Eighth st., opposite Ham-
phrey'3 Stable.
BOYO & SLOCUM, Proprietors,
Dried Meats of all kinds, raid. T.11n -Will
sell Beef in chunks from I to J cents.
U. S. ClaimsLands for Soidiers.
ers, Bounty. New Orleans, and otW nrl,.
money now due, and Postotioe claims ; obtain
pensions for officers, soldiers, sailors, wounded,
injure! or mseanea ana meir widows and chil
dren: patents, Caveats, title to land and land
warrants for soldiers in all wars before March
3d, 18.V, and attend toall business at Washing
ton, locate timber land, college scrip and
homesteads on lands near Portland, Oregon,
and elsewhere. Will sell cranberry land with
natural vines growing on it Prairie, twamp
and timbered lands at prices lower than usual.
Rich placer gravel beds and quarti ledges for
sale or trade. Also, will sell or rent a furnish
ed Hotel, or sell.a steam sawmill ready for bu
siness. Apply to CM. CARTER,
Office Third and Maih streets,
ja20 Portland, Oregon.
Ji. all kinds at inside (kiin bv
A combination of the Useful, tbe EntertainiBir
and the Beautiful'
Demorest's Illustrated Monthly.
Tin Model Parlor Magazine of America,
Contains the esseatialt of all others, incl-sWhonM
interest in alt its depart menu """""
Th heauti and ntflme of litsratrrrt, poetry,
skFtrhea, stories, flunmltura l ...... iU I
euterumin and useful reading cafco lat.4 tomlirea
and elTto society and to tasks our asiscs atfcao-
This unrivaled it wine will eomnmea its sis.
enth year with January. 1S77. and u at.
ru!l of literary, entertaining and useful Subjects to
wtm h it is devoted. '
With each number will he . ... v
rabinet pirtare (worth the wh te m of th Man.
n.l in n.1 r.......-.! . .
, aw may iur rramuir.
Lrery lut-cmber at three dollars m eatitled to tts
selertion of a premium (of which there are eHrhteeal
deUvered and forwsrded tanuedurtely os rsenpt of
the .ub-nnti.i, Every art J offcred is of flrst
2.MjiilT,."Klu L" b"k1 MT on Wort prie M
tubw-nption : rhroraus front celebrated paintiunand
equalto tbe tvidaU, of Wws ,iw aslsu.uu.1. for
"J. P"1" : kf : rtem of drea. est
tin ,thi. received ths hbut Centennial award J
linen marker, etc., etc., etc.,
'i'rj'T,?? "V TVaW' Poem's, ineix!-
bW all km U, suv-rmtl ware, Wket
stw., seizors, steiope.. UbI. cutlery,
ttiii hioe. CTiioa. dinner .nH t I - -
other denirabl articles, of whkh s full list wUl bs
rarnwbed oa application to the paMiaher
, . , 17 East 14th street, N. T.
Agents required tverrwbsrai Bead for partita.
LA It! I LI : HAGOX-I ao th. tola
agent fur this ted vum
ry seat at th
1 '