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HATOllDAY. '.TAN. HO, 1877.
Politicians, no matter to what par
ty tbcy belong, nro tardly to bo con
. - sidorcd responsible persons. They
have always been notorious for doing
ridiculously foolish things. The
crowd now at Washington, however,
holds the pole that knocks tho persim
mons in that lino. They bavo sum
moned to that city to "testify in tho
Oregon electoral caso A number of
men who know absolutely nothing of
th matter at issue. Denny, for in
stance, testified that ho saw Chudieick
jaw the certificates to 'Crottin and that
ho saw Bush jo into the State Treas
urer's office with Bellinger. And thon
comes J. M. Johns, an, animal found
by lien. Ilolladay and now owned
by J. Mipplo IIitchell, and Bay that
ho "understood" that Grovcr wanted
Chad wick to count Watts out and to
count Cronin in. This kind ot "testi
mony" might do to convict a man ol
liorso stealing on, or of soiling liquor
to infants, or even of arson, but it
don't seem to fit tho caSo in hand.
Tho good work of raising woman
from her lowly sphero goes bravely
on. A Presbytery in iv York on
tho 4th iiist. concluded tho trial of
Itcv. Dr. Leo for a violation of St.
Paul's injunction and of tho rules of
tho church in allowiii'' n woman to
occupy his pulpit, in which they found
him guilty of ' unwilful violation" of
theso rules. That church would seem
to bo a proper subject for missionary
labor on tho part of tho friends of hu
man woman freedom.
Gov. (Jrover, in ono way and mi
other, has dono more to brinr Oregon
into notico than could half a dozen
Boards of Immigration. His' action
and published opinions in tho Watts
Cronin case havo made him and Ore
gon both famoim, and henceforth peo
at a disianco will turn with inquisi
tivo interest to a place that furnishes
such mci as our Governor and minds
cnpablo of scotching tho most un
scrupulous combination of fraud and
corruption that havo ver disgraced
our country. Tho "half civilized Wes
terner" will hereafter bo counted a
factor in politics.
Tho Christian Advocate, of Port
land, has quit religion and gono into
politics espousing tho cause ol
Grant, Chandler and all tho other
thieves. It is very painful to see how
that paper has degenerated since Dr
Dillon was displaced as its editor.
The N. V. Jfmihl says : "The Or-
egon Electoral uuiddlo is encouraging
to stockholders in lunatic asylums."
It looks something as if the inmates
of about six first-class asylums had
been engaged to pnss on it.
V or, tirover an a Witness.
Dispatches to Eastern papers in re
gard to tho testimony of Gov. Grover
at Washington differ very materially
from thoso sent tho organ at Portland.
A dispatch to tho N. V. Su of the
Cth says :
(Jov. U rover wuj beforo Morton's Com
mutes to day for a considerable tiino, and
after a lourcuing cross fire produced a most
favorable, impression on nil Republican
present, apparently oven on Morton hiniseli.
1'be latter began tho investigation in Ins
peculiarly snappish ami insolent manner, but
Uof. Grovers dii;niliod, quick, and lucid
replies entirely disuruieil his antuotit.Ht, atiil
with aii air of evident disappointment lie
changed li is touo and treated the G'overor
with marked resect. Holm J lomid a foe- j
. I i . t i
man wormy 01 ms steel. I'rom llio ieti
log to tho close of the intitiiry it was nothing
but a succession of dolettt tor Morton, who
wriploj out of one position into another,
and showed the nervous anxiety of one who
finds himself with nn elephant on his hand
JIo bogna by throwing out inquiries tlni
tended 'jo impugn Gov. liromi honesty in
kit decision, especially hinting lint ho htul
acted on (iniocstions Irom the '.n-t. lint
tho Governor drovo him from lliis position
by ayinjf that his decision had liecn cure
fully compiled after du'y lieartii',' arguments
on Loth sides of the case and purely on bin
judgment as a lawyer. IJh replies prove
Dili) wunderluliy versed in lejjal loro and
precedents bearing on this case.
Morton aras npially u'1-iiicivs.sfal when lie
approached the Governor us i t his judicial
power over lb court and the giving of cer
tificates, for that gentleman rpiolej an au
thority from Morton's own iStulo showing
that the duty 'of giving commissions and
certificate! ol election sr poluiral, and the
responsibility rest alow ou the d srrvtion
ol the Executive bi a. conservator of the
Constitution. lie regarded thn Couslitu
tion paramount when any coufllirt wus dis
covered between its provuiob and ihoe of
the Oregon l.'onstitation, and hail aetid
accordingly in certifying lo Croniu'a elec
lion. Finally Morton, with treat show of con
sequence, referred to Mr. Patrick's visit, out
of which Republicans havo tried to extract
something scusalioiu I. On this poiut Gor.
Grovor said, fill cutting ind. (Terence, that
tha gentleman railed on him and remained
perhaps Un minuter ; that he was very much
occupied with o.Heiiil duties at lb time,
and regarding the call merely as one of cour
tesy on bim s Governi. had paid little or
no attention to Mr. Patrick's remarks.
... ...
It ii pointed fact that Gvrnuisy malei
He best Dcedln.
Th Presidential Problem.
From tho dispatches of the 17th it
appears that the joint committee of
tho Senate and tho IIouso has agreed
on a plan to ascertain who shall bo
President of tho United States for the
next four years. According to a dis
patch to tho Now York World it zau
bo authoritatively stated that tho con
ference committees of the two houses
on a plan to verify and count the elec
toral vote havo virtually agreed. On
tho lGth tho main feature was adopt
ed by a decided majority. This feat
ure proposes a tribunal ot arbitration,
to bo composed of tho first five judges
of tho Supreme Court, to bo selected
in the order of their length of service
on tho bench, lo this arbitration is
to bo referred all questions of law and
equity arising out of contested teturns
for decision as to which is tho proper
return to be counted. Their decision,
however, is not lo be final, as has been
foreshadowed in some quarters, but is
to bo left torevision by Congress.
The two houses are to bo briefly do
bato it and then vote upon it, If belli
do not agree to reject it, then it is to
remain, aod tho return submitted for
such volo is to bo counted for a valid
electoral vote. Tho arbitrators are lo
net co-ordinately directly with tho
two houses of Congress, through tho
President of tho Senate, ami tho de
cision submitted by tho former is to
bo passed upon separately by each
liouso, but announced to tho joint con
vention, If both tho Senate and
House of Representatives decide lo
reverse, then tho return involved is
not to be counted. Tho whole plan,
it is expected will bo submitted to
The San, irancisco Post has found
"day light," and hero is how it does
"The vote, of Indiana was as follows :
Jliiyrn , (W,111
Democratic minority
Now let us try it this way :
. -1,118
Republican minority
,.TiHt is what is wo call
a very good
gave (J rant
showing for a Ktato that
a majority ot over 17,01)0 in 1872.
(rant's kiht tioblu uucnuicu tiios
gone into history. It is this: "I
don't care a damn fur tho Supremo
Court!" Whom tho (toils wish to
destroy, says an exchange, they lirst
nlllict with tho delirium tremens.
The Journal says that Mitchell has
been " bull-dosing the Democrats."
Wll, why not? I lo has boon, ever
since lirst heard of, " bull-dosing" hon
or, honesty, decency, morality, truth
and virtue, and it cannot bo expected
that a icprobnto who has so long been
hanging on tho ragged edgo of total
depravity would reform now.
The Oregon ( in,
A New York dispatch of Juminry 18th
anjs :
Tho true story of the $s,C0O check hus
liven discovered by tho X. V. cm respondent
of lhe (loKton Tmrrtltr who unfolds thotu'e
us follows : Your correspondent hn just
concluded a lontr inteiTiow with Jordan,
cashier of the Third Natijuul Hank in this
citv. Me declared the !,llili) ttiinsac.tion
was undertaken by three numbers ol the
Demon alia National coinmilteo who deter-
inin d to invest their own lumls in nn endeav
or to find aome furor in Oregon. Tilden
knew notliin,' iihout it it it lit it appeared in
nut, ami then he dnoimcuil it in most un
measured terms, sending lor I'elton his, sec
retary, uud threitleniii ' lo uk" aw,' his po
sition as secretary of the national commit
tee, also threatening to dismiss him from his
service. lVlton thereupon told the whole
story how Seolt guaranteed lhe money, how
he (IVIlon) we'll to Jordan, and asked Jor
dan lo go to Martin A Kunyon to issue the
check, how Kunyon handed the check over
to a mun named Diinond, ami that Dually
the cheeks were drawn, neither id which
succeeded. Tilden denounced them ns fool
haidv scoundrel trillng with his itcrests and
endul by temporarily Hiieiidiiig I'elton
Irom his service. Tin d.lli. uliy is to make
the public believrt sueh a story. 1 told Jor
dan, but he assures me it is t!iealsobiie fact,
and that he is shu'tii' Tilil mi's dispteuru
because he undertook to gi t money sent to
Florida lor TllJ. n.
The World's Washington special says
Senator Jonej, of Florida, received today
the following dispatch, ti tled Tallaliassea
FU. Jan. 17th :
lolornutio.i ol the po warranto has been
dnt'idcd upon, the demurrer in favor of tho
Democrat and against the Hayes el, '.'tors.
This decision is given by Jud-a White, of
the circuit court, lhe demurrer living made
(hat the Hares eTu-tors lutvinif nit I and acted
no court could consider their elicioilily.
After lact. by denying this demurrer the
court deeide. Ilut i( has jurisdiction, aud
the case
ill procee.1 t J trial upon the main I
issue ai lo lhe rit-'ht of the Hayes rhetors
to act at all. MeanwhiU the decision ou
demurrer will b appfalcd to the sap-emc
court. Dudley Field who is lollowin;the
ca, rjrards tin decision as of ths hiih t
impurtancj, and ptactirally rs'ablishing the
action of court as il l.a already deciihJ
, . i . . ...
,l.'at th" " .'t. nodu Uk-1
oltheStAUBUitbeQiiEiria!.' j
Pilkins and Casey Lave left New Orleans
for Wanhuigtoo.
Ice is breaking np from Pittsburg, Pa., to
Louisville, Jvy.
Surijeunt thinks that Florida was carried
fairly for Hayes.
Jaa. H. Wilbur hs been appoiutad Indian
agent at Yakima, W, T.
Hon. Win. Windom has been ro-elected
U. H, Senator from Minneaiita.
The W. U. T. ('o. has reduced it rates
between the East and West.
A bill is before the House taxing every
emigrant luadiDg In New York $1 fiO.
The late snowstorm id the Kast has made
navigation by land aod water very difficult.
The dispatch" lent by Republicans to
Florida are being inquired into by the Dem
ocrats. Xicholl's sheriff refuses to recognize the
writ of habeus corpus issued by 1'uckard's
Invest'ga'ions into the Alabama and Mis
sissippi elections develop nothing worthy of
Jus. I) lilmuo has been re elected to the
U. S. Senate from Maine for the long and
short term.
Grant lies telegraphed (Jen. Augur that he
is to use his troops only to prevent breeches
of tho peace. ,
In case Ferry resigns, Senators talk of
electing some one not a Senator to act as
Vice President.
Forsythe, successful MinnesoU Ilepubli
can elt-c'or, Is said by Demociats not to be
a naturalized citizen.
The House will puss no harbor and river
bill this session because ol tho almost certain
veto it would receive.
Finchbuck has taken three iolored Kepub
lienn Keimtor in Xcw Orleans over to the
Xicholl's government.
Kx-Dislrict" Attorney. CIisj. 3. Fisher,
convicted of stealing court papers, his been
pardoned by the l'residcijt.
Congress will be again petitioned lo make
a sixteenth amendment to the Constitution
allowing femulu suHYugo.
Hewitt says that Chandler telegraphed
to the "three disputed Slates" that they
in ii '-t be counted for Hayes.
The Times sys the Senate Committee
which wcut to South Carolina is agreed tha t
the Stato went lor Hayes.
It is feared a clash of authority will take
place between the Supremo Court and the
I louse in the Haws caje.
Tan thousand armed Democrats are pre
paring to go to Washington to wituuss Til
den's peucenblo inauguration.
Xicholls has telegraphed that it is not his
intention to niako a recount of the electoral
volo. 'I'hut he leaves to Congress.
James (Jordon liounott was put on board
tho steamer Kichmond, bound for Europe
from thu Herald news yacht, on the 1 3 ill.
The six ltepublican sorgeants-iit-urms
who went to l'inehback's house, have becu
sent to jail in dnluiilt of SI, 000 apiece bail.
(jeii. Auger coiwd.irs that President
(limit's instructions in the Ijiiismiia busi
ness h ive not materially changed tho situa
tion. Hub-cominit'ce I: as been appointed by the
House postal committee lo consider the pe-
The Times says that the dispatches Irom
Chandler which have Lillen into the hands
of the House committee, at Florida, are
The Massachusetts legislature is balloting
for Senator, lioutwell and I lour lend lor
the Republicans and Judge Abbott for the
Democrats will defend the court house in
New Orleans against the iuiposler Packard.
I lie hvcrnni; Democrat recommends hang
ing Packard.'
Kolloirg admitted to the II otise investigat
ing committee that lie had received a dis
patch that" Louisiana must be carried lor
the Hepitblicans."
The House appropriation bill reduces lhe
salaries of civil officers about 10 per cent,
and the clerical force to about the number
proposed last year.
Judge Donohue has decided that Dr.
Phc'tu is justified in refusing to answer lhe
grand jury about the Muy-liciinutt duel, as
it might eliminate him.
The eviderce before the coroner's jury In
the Astabula railroad case shows gross neg
ligence on the part of the engineers haying
churgeof lhe bridge.
I.ient. Ilaldwin struc'; Sitting Hull's camp
on the, ISIh ult. on IUI liver uud defeated
him with a loss of ail his camp propel ly and
sixty mules and ponies.
The lute Major tieneral J. P. Hankson.of
the Philadelphia mill ia, who lately suicide I
at Philadelphia, is said to be deficient in his
accounts SlotUMMI.
lhe liemocratie House passed a loint res
olution at Xew Orleins, unanimously, on the
loin, (Hal their policy be kinuiiocs and luir-
ness to the colored people.
llishop Welmer of Louisiana testified to
the peaeelul relation between the races. Fx-
I diet Ju-itice Manning te-tilied as to the
bad character of (Jov. Wells
Itennett and Muv foui;ht at alillle station
in Delaware near the Maryland liii", calliil
Slaughter House. May wus slightly wound
ed, i liree shots were urcd before b ooJ was
Uranl says that in cisn no result m the
Piesi.lenlial election is reached before the
lib of March, the President of the Her.ate
will be recognized by the Cabinet as th
President of the United States.
Secretary Chandler refuses to answer
whether the dispatches pent to Floridt
promising troops were on his own mntioi
or some one's else. The committee insists
and gives him till Wednesday to make up
his mind.
The HousS recommends that the Loubi
ana returning board be brought before the
bar of the I loose lo show cause why th'y
should not be compelled to produce th or'g
inul papers called lor, or else be cum milted
lor contempt.
Estimates S'nt to Congress of defloiercy
of appropriations reipiired by all depart -niptiis
contain only the billowing lor the
Pacific coast: s?'2."i.IWH) lor continuing coast
firyey during the remanoer of the current
I B-ral rear. S 000 lor anniuiiU in for mr. !
trying" public lands in California. Oregon, i
ashiiigton and Arizona. i
i-i. n , !
I ellon testified in the Oregon rase that
it ws understiHuI that tha Republicans in-!
tended to make defense of Watts' eiigi-1
bilily and th. t the Deutcrats needed momy io eryage counsel, so a thecE
f.. CC ni,0 ..n I'k P.-...IJ:. .
. . t. ' l . . i . :
" 1 vii':n' wo I uo 1, ruin iiiii D(
,iliB, M ,tn,t..,i ,h- cs nn,i ... .
, "v
John Parker, of Albany being examined
in the Oregon case, testified be was not
armed on the day of meeting of the Orepr.n
electors. Ben Simpson tes'ified that 'be
and Governor Grover had spoken of Watt's
ineligibility in the middle of November, and
the latter said the authorities were conflict
ing. C. C. Jordan cashier of the First
National bank of Xew York, testified that
the $S0(M check was returned on used.
(Jrover testified '-hat he had never written a
letter to any one stating that Tilden would
get an electoral vole Irom (iregon. Watts
considered hiiii'itlf eligible. Mitchell made
a yolmiUry statement that he did not know
Watts was a postmaster Until alter the
Seed'ng is almost over with on Myrtle
creek. Douglas county.
The much talked of Yaquina railroad can
be built lor SloU.OUO.
A biker and a tinsmith are wanted at In
dependence, Polk county.
Jlich ore has been taken lately from
Fane's creek Jackson county.
"Ochoco IMI" wus recently sold in Oak
luml at blierill a sale loi tflUI).
Peach trees are almost ready to blossom
in some par.ts of asco counsy.
The mill at the Lucky Queen mine has
sturtcil work crushing good ore.
Mr. Chrisinian, living near the Dalles,
says lie has a plum tree in lull bloom.
A new truck for the Dulles hook and lad
der company, has been made at the Dulles.
Hon. S. Stauts has sold 400 acres of lund
near Monmouth, to a Mr. Damon, for?8,000
Two unsuccessful attempts at burglary were
made at tho Dalles last week by two masked
Tho now flouring mill nt Independence is
completed end ' will commence operations
In the canyon road case tried at Koseburg
the Judge decided against the Douglas
county road company.
Messrs. Hundley and Sinnott, of the
Dalles, oiler S'OO for the urrtat ol the thi
or thieves who robbed their store last week
On the last trip of the schooner Annie
tjet! from han Irancisco to Coos Hay, the
mate was washed overboard and drowned
After the third I'oiiml and on first" bliund,'
a Jacksonville referee decided a prize fight a
draw, lust week, and ull b-ts off.
The Douela LukpMUnt urges the
establishment of a salmon fishery and cannery
at, cither (janlner or bcottslmrg.
The wharf at f Pico's null, Cooa Iiity, foil
wilhacraj-n lm wt'ek, precipitating u large
quantity or lumber into tha w;itr.
nwmiinr iwmiiini in
to thi; Vi ulicT
The hyena robs the grave and UVes on the
dead, but men sometimes put brutes to the
lilusti. i e are renimileil nt this by the fact
tlmtJ). 1!. Jiiikm vhargeil flo coin, fur assistiu;
to bury J. T. Witt r's child. N liMKSlS.
Ausiiat Flower.
1 lie must miserable lieinin in the world are
those HiilTeriiij from Dyspepsia uud Liver Com
iiluint. than sevrnty-fivc per cent of the people
in tli United States nre utHicted with these two
diseases and their elteets; such as Sour Stomach
Sick Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpita
tion of the hun t. II fart-burn. Water hiiish
gnawiier and buniiier pains at the pit of the
.-loiiLieii. leiniw r-.'.-in.. at(.n lori'iue an lilis
mrt'ealiiii taste ill the month, coming up n foH
aiu r eutiuy. low spirits, etc. (io to your Driijr
(.'HI ana 'et a i .1 c.'lil liettle ot AI'lltsT t Low
KK or a sample bottle for ten cents. Try it-
two ilosi s w III relieve you. L KANE (L lilllOllAM
agents, Sun I rancisco, t'al.
IIoi.i.owav's Pii,i.s. The quicksands ol
existence Lniltiisij. Are. Among lhe ina' y
shoals and perils of life on which our fruil
liaiks would blunder, were it not for the
beacons that inilicjte and warn ns of our
danger, are epileptic fits, rush ol blood to
lhe bead, upoplexy, Sec, for which Hollo-
way's Pills are the safest remedies ill exist
ence. The disorders arise from some one or
more derangements of the system. From
whatever souriS". however, they inav proceed
llolloway's Pills are the most salutary in
ciiect, us tney cool the lilood, liruce the re
Imed nerves, give tone to the d'eestivx or
gans and energy and vigor to the enfeebled
Mrilll'ATKI) l'.ATIH ARK KsrKXSIV'E. Xot
however, (il.KNN's. Si l l'iini Soac, a cheap and
fttU'iciit substitute, wloeh answers the same pur
pose as far as the local discasvs of the akin,
rheumatism anil trout are concerned.
Hill's Ixstaxtaxkhi s Haih Dye produces
natural elleets ami is safe.
Lint of 1.1'llern
Hcuiuiuing uncalled for in the Post Office
at Kugeno (Niy, Or., Jan. 20. 1677 :
lionnell, Charles Jones, (Jeo W
lilies, Daniel, l.afiiie, llenrv
( auteiliurv, .Mi-sMary .MeWilli.nns, Kslio
t'ionion Halliard, Monroe, W S
Driskill, iliouias 11 i aimer, 11 C
Dowell, I. W Pidwav, WinC
K-.cll. Martha (2) Smith Thos
K -h'frs, John II See4inl. Kmnk
(toolpjtsture, John E Starr, Charles M
(iiHxipa.ture,.lrs AnnaSiKires. John s
(ia.'diier, .Mis M M Steams, .Mrs K
Hill, W K . Willin- Juo
lUves, James Welling .)(lt,f,.r
Hiutoii 1! D Wilson, Elijah T
litems J V
A. S. 1'ATTEUSOX, r. r.
G3Y0 fi SLOCUiVi, Prcprietcrs.
roitii AM)
llrirrl Mts of.ll linl. Inl, Tllow,te. WU1
sell lkstt in elmukH fititu 3 to i reuts.
I). S. Claims Lands lor Soldiers.
ers, ltoimty, Xew Orleans and other prize
money now due, mid lt'tiic claims ; obtain
pension for officers soldiers, wiilors wounded,
iiijimnl or disvasnl and their widow and chil
dren: p-itenu. Caveats, title to land ami land
wammts for soldiers in all warn before March
3d, LVio, mid uttend toall huMiie nt Washing
toiu Iv-ate timixr land, colUve rrip and
homestead od lands ne:ir Portland, (hvpin,
and elsewhere. Will sell crauterrr land with
natural vines rrowinir on it Prairie, iwauin
' aii.I tilldton-tl Ijilial, at Itri.d Livp tlt&n lw,,-.f
is. k ,.u.r ,,. ..i ui. ... I ii ..
'r 'nl,ie. Also, will ndl or rent a furnish-
f'l iotei, or . u a U'm nawnoil rv,iT ,s- bu-
sim. Apply to C. M. CAKTLR,
i);K, Tliird and Maih .trwt.
jaJO Portland, Onvn.
:OP SZ3T3.
Plntitt.- of this dciraMe
f.vr sale by A. W.
trMv of HHPS
" Vie king of all pubheal.ont iuued for thi
young on either ude of lhe Alltmlic." Soulb
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that all may ffivo their children a eonipk'te set.
these volumes contain more attractive material tlian
Hfty doll. in' worth of ordinary children s books.
Subset iption price, t;ia vear. Tlie three Neind vol
nines and a subscription for this yearonly 12. Sub
set ihe with the neatest newsdealer, or send money in
cheek, or P. IJ. Money order, or in nirisU.'1-e.l letter,
to ScniusiiB Co., 743 Broadway, N. Y.
A combination of the L'seful, the Eutertainini;
and the Beautiful.
Demorest's Illustrated Monthly,
The Model Parlor M tgtizine of America,
Contains the essentials of all others, including home
interests in all itsihpii tments.
The beauties and utilities of literature, poetry,
sketelies, stories, floriculture and every branch of
eiitei-taiuinir an 1 usi-hil rculin.? calcti lattd toenlivcn
and elevate society uud to make, our homes attrac
tive, usellll and happy.
This unrivaled MaiMine will commence its six
teenth year with January, lN77,and as heretofore,
full of literary, entertaining and useful subjects to
which it is devoted.
With each uuiulier will !i?iven a superb colored
cabinet pietuie (north the whole rust of the M.iija
zmcl, in oil, mouuted on a mat ready for fraiuiuir.
Every siilweriW':- at three dollais is cutitli-l to the
selection of a pi emium (of which there are eifhteeul
delivered and lor warded immediately un receipt of
the subscription. Every article otf-.'rc.l is of first
quality, in luiiimr looks, any one worth the pi ice ot
subscription ; clnomos fjom celebrated poutui.-ioi I
ctpial to the orittiuals, ot laige sue and suitaole tot
ally p it lor ; pock"t cook stovt ; system of dress rut
tuur (tins received the highest Centennial award ;
linen uiatker, etc., etc., etc.,
We have liii c-emn 1 nioie valuable premiums, includ
ing lsH,ksof all kinds, silvei plate 1 waie, iniu-ket
saws, scissors, sleroscuix's. irames. tu'de rutlerv.
rlw'ks, adjustable tables, fluting machines, knittlief
uiacuiuo, u.iina.uinner and lea sets, and numerous
othei 'itesiriible articles, of which a full list will be
luinisbed on iil ie:iti. ,n to tlie put li-!n t.
w. attsNi.-vriS DEMiiItET,
17 Elrft 14th str eet, N. Y.
Agents ruptireil everywhere. Send for particu.
I mil the si iln
AJ ae;e
lit tor this eelelu-ated wniron.
T. 11. HKMJilK'KS,
San Francisco, Cal.
J)l lil.ISlUClW AM) DEALKRS IX all
J. kinds of
And other Musical Instruments,
Agents for the
Blank Dook Manufacturing
Onr pxids are to K' had of all the principal
PeokselleiN. jaUtiim
I entirely new instrument; co;.t f-'(H),
A hat -
gain olferetL
Apply to
Baled Hay,
Baled Straw
and Vood
l-y S. 11. CHRISTIAN,
At the Pertoliiee.
HAnDVAnE,!n2: and STL
(bk, As!i ant! HUIvcry FianH.
rOlULANH, . . . oliKiiii.V.
Krouzc Turkeys,
I . i
3 !
i lu
Pekin Cuckj inj Erndsn tzzsz.
TnonorcnccED sonnDovs sheep.
Panii 1.1. t on th care of Km Is.
f-elin-, dias. nd th -ir cure. eu. alapti
rsiwuJIy to the Pacific Coast; jirice 10 cents.
A lilr-ss, enclosing st-unp,
k.M! tate here yea jaw tin advertisemutt. ,
The Naturalists Agency
Minerals, Shells, Birds, &c.
Iieen established at 3725 Lancaster Ava
nim, Philiuleliihift, for the punsnie of rivinir
cotlectoni of objects of .Xfttiirnl II.Mtory
an opisirtunity of buying, soiling or exeiumj
ltilf their duplicates or collectiona. Please Ute
w here you saw this advertisement.
.Specimens sent to any part of the world by
mail. Amonthly bulletin of 8 iiatrea sent free.
My MiNEitALouicu, Catalixii i and table of
species, by which most minerals may lie identi
tied, illustrated by over $M worth of Engrav
iii", is now ready for distribution. It u an
excellent check list containing in the price list
every species and all the more common varie
ties arranged alphabetically and preceded by
the species numlier. The species number indi
cates the place of any mineral in the table of
eiiecies, after it will lie found the species name,
couiiHisition, streak op ltistre, elerrvage or frac
ture, hardness, p. (,t. fusability an,l crystaliza
tiou. J- ree to all customers. To others en re
ceipt of ten cents for liostaow, fttv
The large increase of my business has cbm
Jiellfd me to rent the store No. 3727, and use it
entirely for liirds, Mammals, Shells, Plants,
UiKiks, Fossils, Moiiml Luildcw' Kelioa and all
objects of Natural History except Mincrala.
I have secured the services of one of the best
taxideniiists in the country, a gentleman who
who was employed by the Smithsonian Institu
tion in South America for three years. I have
a very lar0'e stock of Western and Southern
birds on hand. Also, Heads and Antlers for
Museums, Dining-Kisims, Halls and Libraries.
I have now over 38 tons, and nearly $35,000
worth nf Minerals on hand. I have sold ow
tl7,000 worth since the 17th day of January,
when the first box was put into my establish
ment November 13th, my cash sales were over
?l,5O0 and cosh receipts over 81,200.
I have the best specimens ever seen of Ama
zon Stone, Etiby Silver, Samarskite, Amethyst
llnxikite, Columbateof Yttria, Zonochhirite.
Chilenite, Chalcedony, Rntile in Quartz, Hy
drotitanite, Itacolumite, Nigrin, Green Wavel
lite colored by Vanadium, Peganite, Smoky
Quartz, Kock Crystal, Perofskite, Schrolomite,
Aej,'erite, Feldspar, (iiink, red, gray, brywnand
green), Embolite, Melanite, Ozarkite, and Chlo-'
Collections of Minerals
For Students, Amateurs, Professors, Physi-r
cians ami other Professional Men."
These collections illustrate all the principal
species and all grand sulslivisions in Dana ann
other works on Mineralogy; Every Crystalline
system s all the principal Ores and every known
element. The collections are labelled with a
printed label that can only be removed by soak
ing. The labels give liana's species, number,'
the name, locality, and in most cases the com
position of the mineral.
All collections accompanied by my Illustrated
Catalogue and table of species.
100 Crystals and Fragments for Study. . .V.. 11
100 Specimens, Student's Size, Larger. ..... 5
100, Specimens, larger, Amateur's size 2j lj
inches. ,19
Collections of Gems, flres, Earthy minerals,
Minerals used in any AI ts or Agriculture, on
hand or out up to Order.
We sell Minerals by weight, for the Chemist
and blowpipe use, at very low prices, as Samar
skite ".oc. per lb., Urookite Pure Crystal 25o.
per lb., Rntile l.tire 25c. per lb. , Wavellite
25e. per lb., Llende 10c, per lb., Lepidolite 20c,
per lb.
I desire especially to call attention to my re
markably fine specimens of Amazon Stone, of
which I have or have had nine-tenths of all the
specimens ever found. I have made six trips try
the locality, and think I may safely gay no
more will be found. Good crystals from 15
cents to 1 each.
I have just purchased the best of the Ruby
Silver exhibited at the Centennial by the Chil
ian government These are the only specimens
weighing less than'three lbs. that ever brought'
anything like 81,000 each.
My Titanii m MuiKiui.8 are the finest ever
known. Besides the Hydrated Tetanic Acid,'
Hydrotitanite, a mineral recently analyzed by''
It. Komig, of Pennsylvania University, I
have also remarkably well crystalized Perof
skites, liriHikites of enormous size, Untiles gen
lciilated till they form a circle, Schorlsmite, '
in -wiekite, lie.
1 have the most beautiful green Wavel LIT
and Peganite ever known, colored by Yanadio
I am Helling Amethyst at far lower prices
than it was ever sold at before. Over 2,50O
worth sold since the 10th of July.
1 have just bought the famous CHILTON Col'
LEiTKix of .Minerals and Shells, which have been
on exhibition at Till'auy's for the past two
years. The original price asked was 33,000. '
It continued a number of imeoualed things,
among thmi a Kutile in Quartz, for which Mr.
Clinton was offered 350 gold. A twin crystal
of clear calcite containing 4 pint of water,
weighing over 10 lbs. 'The only perfect Biiiny
niiirex in the country.
My collection of plants is very fine, compris
ing many that are rare, from the far North and
est I have just secured tlie Northern and
Middle States (including Va.) eollections of A.
H. Curtis, who will no longer deal in them. '
I have several hundred volumes of rare old
works on Mineralogy, Chemistry and th
natural sciences. Among them are many
the most interesting of the State and Govern
ment lieports.
A. E. FOOTE, M. D.,
Prof, of Chemistry and Mint ralogy,
3725 Lancaster Avenue,
Philadelphia, Pa.
we have just received a new, large and
Making a sjiecialty of
hardware; iron and steel.
We desire to make no grand flourish, but do
say teat farmers can come nearer getting
at our store than at any other establishment in
-1. . -.1, and they can buy them on as good terms.
We have a full line of
And are continually asldinir tn nnr mini
mevi me ueniamu oi in pni
! ".'I'F?. "'f P'd'lie that they have leased the
! LI i.EN E CITY MILLS for , tenu ofveara,
! ind are now -prppareil to Ho a general Slillixur
, llusim-iw. iU receiv wheat on stirage on fa
; vorable terms and will make literal terms to
(.'"'r ,ho 1,7'ir to KriD'" their own wheat.
ill at all tunes keep, on hand tale
and y the
Highest Cash Price for Wheat
of tie mtpniyi rrTvtfuIT lirjt-