The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 08, 1876, Image 2

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    THE el'2e:;e city guard.
For President.
Of New Turk.
For Vice President,
j.- t Of Indiana. . . .
. For Congresi:
Of Douglas County.
:. For Presidential Elsctors :
' HENRY KLIPPEL, ot Jackson. "
E. A. CRONIN, of Multnomah.
W. B. LASWELL, of Grant.
wt '
Our citizens cclobratod the centen
Dial anniyersary of the aicjning of the
Declaration ot Independence with be
coming spirit. Considering the short
. time for preparation after publio ob
servance of the day was determined
upon, the programme and the man
ner in whioh it was carried out did
credit to our county and town and es
pecially to the fire oompoBy, to whose
energy and publio spirit are duo its in
ception and conduct.
At an early hour the people began
to arrive from tbo country, and by 10
o'clook tho crowd far execoded in
numbers the expootatious of the most
anguine. The procession was form
ed on Eighth street in Iront of tho
Court House, the Eugeno City brass
band in front, followed by the liberty
car beautifully deoorated with ban
ners and evergreens, in which were
soated little girls from six to ten years
Pacific ocean on the west, tbe western boun
dary bavin; been extended to tbe Pacific by
an act ol tbe Legislator at tbs session of
1853-54. Tbe approximate area of tbe
county is 9,400 square miles, of wbich 70
township have been surveyed, io whole or
part, beiog about 2,000 square miles. Tbe
onjurreyed portion is timbered lands, chiefly
hilly or mountainous.
Tbe statistics as given by the last census
are as follows : Population, 7.C83 ; males,
4,187; females, 3,501. Value of property
$1,554,035; number of votes 1,777; acres of
land ODder cultivation, 69,910. Tbe nam
ber of rotes cast at the June election, 187C,
wis 1,932.
Tbe developed resources of the county sre
chiefly sgricultaral, It ranking as one of the
first counties In the State for its cer-al pro
ductions, end fruits of superior quality and
(treat variety are produced. Coal is found
in several portions of tbe coontr, and gold
is found in streams flowing from tbe Cascade
range; also in quartz Id said range, but
oeither is developed or mined except in lim
ited extent. Tbe mountains, bills and tbe
gorges abouod In timber of fine quality. Fir,
cedar, balm, aab, maple, oak, pine, alder, yew.
laarel and other varieties are abundant, the
fir, pine and redwood attaining great bigbta.
Large tracts of sngar pine are found npon
tbe mountain sides nlong tbe middle fork ol
the Willamette river.
Toogrnp!iy.Oa tbe east side is situatfld
the Cascade range, and on tbe west, along tb
Pacific, tbe Coast range of mountains, the
IsttT beiax a system of bills; and on the
south tbe Calipoola mountains dividing the
valleys of the Willamette and tbe Umpqua,
and between the first named run ires lies the
great Willamette valley, of the southern part
of which is comprised the settled portion of
tbs county aod is chiefly prairie lund of ex
cellent quality.
The county is exceedingly well waters!.
Tbe principal streams are tbe Willamette,
McKenzie, Coast Fork of tbe Willamette,
Long Tom, Mohawk, Sioslaw, and Fall riv
ers, and Spencer, Bear and Lost creek, all
flowing into the Wilhinette except the riiu
slaw, which flows west into the Pacific ocean
of age, dressed in white and crowned
Vith wreaths of flowers, representing Past creek is the only other exception oi
each State in the Uniop. In the midst streams rising in the valley not flowing to
of thent stood Miss Laura Watkins, the Willamette rivor and which makes a nat-
; . ... nj,i... ural mn for the O. A C. Railroad. Tbe oil-
1U uvmuuiu ruui vaeutiiiu mu uu.i.icsn
f T.5 W.. V,. ..,- lr0l,lt. ""J mllJ- n0" rarel' ,ttll," 10 l,H
i.i. j n . n i r.i r long In tba valley. Tbo scenery is varied
vi me oay, vrator, ucuuer o, u,o ,ct M , gra))J. jUny inow.CHppB(
larauon ana unapiain, joiioweu y 0 otaioi bevond the boundaries of tbs
thefiroraenin uniform, drawing alter Lounlf are 6verextndcd to view.
thorn thoir truck laden with ladders The Oregon and Calilornia railroad passni
and buckets and enlondidlv festooned through tbe county. There are now 17
with Kvornrrnnnn nA nrnrlnnda nf flnw. (lection nrecillCtS and 65 conimou Sella
firs. In tha eonter oi iho truck stood districts in the county. The financial e
square pedestal on each side ol bibit of the county school soperintendentlJ
In .;t van 177
...... ... bM.v - Am..i.t ofCunty fund. d'.trll.u.1 Hept.
An area ol evergreens wreatnod witn
... auuaui OOIIOOIS It! tnia-n
rh I Hid S S.US
JtmuuiitutCuuiili (uiulidutribnUKl March
" nv. Jr llOUr Ul I.U0r,U,lUl1l
entry into tbe Modoc country, and not one
was left of all to tell the tale of their tragic
end. But Capt. Scott was not tbe only ear
ly citizen that settled within tbe limits of
this county wbo met death at the hands of
Indians. Capt. Joseph Dailey and aeveral
others wbo were engaged io tbs stock busi
ness were murdered by tbe Modoc bands,
aod Holland IJailey, Bulsba sod others
by tbe Rogue River Indians.
Out although many early settlers bare
been killed by Indians, I do oot know of tbe
killing of a white porson by Indians witbin
the boundary of the county. But many In
diana bsre been killed by Indians within the
county, and the criminal law has oot until
within a few years pust been put in force for
tbe killing of an Iodian by an Indian. At an
earlier period they were regarded as of that
class wbo were "a law unto themselves," and
punishment was left to be metod out by the
hereditary Indian law and custom, accord
ins to their valuation of an Indian. The
murderer was generally compelled by their
law sod custom to poUalch to tbe relatives
of the murdered, Iodian pouies and blankets
according to bis ability and tbe standing of
the murdered. This was a satisfactory settle
ment and when done tbe murderer and the
frieoda of tbe deceased would again dwell to
gether in unity. The first cuse wherein tbe
criminal law was enforced io this county for
the killing of one Indian by another Was for
the killing of one witbin two hundred yards
of this stand, and the punishment inflicted
was a term In the penitentiary. By the In
dian law and custom tbe most fleudiob mur
der could be compounded, but if their "medi
cine mad" lost his palieot bo did not occupy
the vantage-ground of the common murder
er, but died without the benefit of clergy.
And I apprehend that tbe Indian law was
most sulislactory to tha Indians; aod par
ticular so witb bunds that had not come
much in contact wilb wiite settlers.
The pioneers ol our early settlement are
generally men of warm hearts sod genorous
impulses. But they'retain none of that sen
timentality possessed by persons wbo lear.'i
Indian character only Iroin tha old Ameri
can preceptor and novels, and know noth
ing ol them by experience, which to tbe ear
ly aettler too often proved a sail experience,
the general sentiment ol pioneers here, by
reason of so many murders ot citizens and
nnmigrauU on their way hers by Indians,
was that most ol the "good Indians,' if not
all, "die young," and hence poor Lo was held
in low esteem, notwithstanding hi oft ej jo
inted "Oood Indian me I" The pioneers and
earliest settlers were subsequently dusg
nated, in contradistinction to later immi
grants, The Wheat Boilers ; but to just what
period boiled wheat continued to be an arti
cle of fond to any considerable extent, I am
unable to soy ; nor will time or notice given
allow me to state further incidents; and I will
ouly add that Smith's patent truss br.dges
Mo Reformer.
The Now York Suii has no very
exalted opinion of tho Cincinnati can
didate It says
Hayes is a candidate whose weakness and
unimportance are his principal recoiulneu
dstions to the Republican party. His re
cord is brief eud alight, though be is fifty
luor years old. He was an Ohio lawyer,
served lor a time in the army, was twice
sunt to Congress, and was tbriee elected
Governor of Ohio beating Bill Allen lor
tbe office last fall.' lo the army be was a
serviceable officer ) in Congress, be was one
the obscurest of its members I and .in tbe
Governor's office be bas performed aucb
routine duties as were required of him in a
way that excited no particular comment.
II is name in Coogross or elsewhere bas been
identified witb no policy, or measure, or ac
tion of any kind, lie bas no marked
powers that have been brought Into play ;
be has no strong points of character ; be bas
been but a lucky man in politics. When
Kx-Gov. Nnyes nominated him in the Con
vention on Thursday, be mentioned as one
of bis most distinguished qualifications that
he was a man against whom nothing could
be said. These points of Hayes's character,
and these features of his career are interest
ing enough ; hut they do not prove him to
be a fit mun for Presidt-ot in times when re
commendations of a stronger and more post
live kind are required.
Above all, Hayes is no reformer. Ha is
not the man to clean out political corup
lion, to destroy the desperate Rings wbich
have got bold of tbe country, or do any
thing to obliterate tbe abomination ol
Uraniisin He is a man who, in tbe Presi
dency, would run tbe machine in as easy and
unohj.'ctionuhl.- a way as he could ; but he
would run it io the old ruts ; und this is
the about worst thing that could be said of
any man who deiires to become the successor
ol Grunt.
lo regard to the financial question, he
will be suited exactly to the tbiu plunk ol
the Cincinnati platlorm. In regard to the
ami Catholic question, the plank on thai
subject will be ttniisfuclory to him. During
his last campaign lor (iovernnr, be was sus
tained hy the anti-Cutholic sentiment ol
Ohio, which, perhaps, had more to do than
anything else with bis election. The whole
platform will suit him, as it was the work ol
the muchine, and be is bimsell tbe candidule
of the muchine.
Democratic Platlorm.
tftlA na I.-!.. t
w .vor uuiiifr iirnii,.i,t ,. i , ,
. r viiiuil'.. i i.. . . ...
iiorsomen and pedo8tria.!1lfl..!'L,'ulUW, ,UJ ""IP Eogeue
uately mixed. Tho nron.w f T .. T. " .T 'VT: Ju"ct,0D Cot
fill ilnvn C I " vioowuii. ijvi iam
""KUlll Streot to W ilium. I Irviiiir unit SI I.fl .1.1 . . .. ",. v:-... ' VT" 'veraI oi tuero be-
' -ww v .AllllLll. II n rViiitK I I II IT nnitf In am
Oak. thonnA . . . t: . . .
vv w jiiuulu HLrnnr nn.fl rMA i luc urai u nm nn mam n
uie epoakor'nund in th. r10Dua7 10 "". 1851. The numb.., ,
.vv near tna ifiugtioo City mills " ". Bd D. M. Risdnn was
-filter toe call to order a i'0r nr" Preentative elected for them,,,,.
r was oflbrod ud bv Rou n w n.'M'- The flr8t lern of the U. S. Disirin
Ht.-r.-i . W IVoOS. I ,Atrt wtlhln mtA tn I
declaration of Iudonnn,!,, .. V. l"uv ooun7 s held
then ,oad by Hon. Y. 1. om! " STJ?" 0 " V
. . . I umv irin oi 106 Oi)iinl..m,n.
1. II
.k ,. .. . ' woiop ana aim Joseph. Uuv s.nmnml..
4i. ... . ' v"v'uu III
o weii-umoa emphasii ot the sioners. I Howe was ih flr.i .......
- iivaunuRg nr nr ...t:... I'u.iui in iojj or M J T i:;ir.. i .
Tjwt. t 'k. .winy, i . , . ..uj n ieC(
JOTjJWiurnott follow,l l ' H the drat probate ludn.
abounding with historical , re,.,!,.!,.. and StJmt',.-la ,hl,
nBuooe, eound philosophy Dd l0ilM , lvlJttn Uml0 'Jier ol
fldii imi:.... i . i sia war ui inii nun si rtiitii... ,i. . .it..
-v,.ulluus lroo from tiB j , . -wMieaiai.or ewninjr daily communication
l A m . ,11. llllllir m m. .. w t
v . . -'xwvit SB UBLIIH III Vila.
cue ui r.ugene uity j am that tho State
Unlvorsity is located and built at Kuene.
in evidence or tbe general progrew, and in
conclusion of my very hasty Centennial
'ketch of Lane couoty, I will add a like
hasty sketch of the ,
cm or
The original town site of Eueene Citw
was surveyed aud the plat recorded in lnv;
aud was oamed alter Kujbub V hh '
the proprietor. In 1853 IWane Ciiv
by vote of tho people established th r.rf.
seat of Una county, and 80 aeros of lund do-
7 oK.nner and Mullin for loctinn
was surveyed Into lots and blocks and
The following is the platform adopt
ei by the Hi. Louis Convention
We, ill" delectus ol tbe Ueiiiociutio par
ty of Hi" United Mates, in iNutiuiittl ton
venlwii aLeiiililed, do hereby declure the
Adiiiliiistrufion of the Federal Uovernrnen
lo be in u.' need or immediate reform
unil we do tnjo in on the uominees of this
Convention and il tliu democratic purty in
each Stale to this end ; and wo do hereby
appeal to our fellow citizens of every former
onliticil connection to uuderlnke with us
this first and most patriotic duty
f or the Democracy ol toe whole country
we do httre re .tlirm our fa.Ui) in tne pern.
nence ol the Federal Union, our devotion to
the Constitution of the (Jiiiied States, with
its amendments, universally accepted as i
final settlement of the controversies that en
njofifflif !T'.L !Vljrl itt"1 wa dcl -htfrety rf
I win ui .uu ma
i ii ''ai principal of the Iteoublic;
111 Hiss urn. p.... -i '
.ml viV I V eeparution o.' Church
; f,.'r ,lle. 8uk9 'a of ci vil and
""S""' "eeuom in the eniiuliic nr. II -iti.
mentj in the libertv nf i,liui..i i
ful education ol the rising n i .,
they may preserver UZ ', '
best conditions nf hn.r,.,. .
h,,l.l ... .i... ., "i'pniBsj a no we
l ',PriM f a hundred
' 'hiui uisiory.
f:.:!1 bond of our
f "ese, our
also ,Lt Z , ' ' . pB0P,e 10 pructico,
also, that eternal viciluuca whinh i .i..
We denounce the present tariff levies io
nearly four thousand articles as a master
piece of Injustice, inequality and false prao
lice. It yields a dwindling not a yearly
rising, revenue. It bas impoveribhed many
iodustries while it subsidizes a few. It pro
hibits imports that might purchase tbe pro
ducts ol American lubor. It bos degraded
American commerce from tbe first to an infe
rior ruuk oo tbe high seas. It has brought
down the sales of American manufactories
at home and abroad, aod depleted tbe re
turns of American agriculture, an industry
followed by half our people. It costs tbe
oeoole five times more that it produces to
the Treasury. It obstructs tba process of
production and wastes tbe fruits of labor. It
promotes fraud, fosters smuggling, eoncnes
dishonest officials, and baukrupts boneSt
merchants. We demand that Custom House
taxation be oolv for revenue.
Reform is necessary io the scale of public
expense Federal, Slate and municipal.
Our Federal taxation has swollen from SCO,
000.0UU, io cold, io 18G0. to 8450,000,000,
currency, in 1870 ; or, in oue decade, from
less than five dollars per head lo more than
eighteen dollars per head. Since peace was
declared the people have paid to their tax
eatbercrs more than tbriee tbe sum of the
National Debt, and more than twice that
sum for tbe Federal Government alone. We
demand a vigorous frugality in every depart
ment and from every gmcer ol tuetovern
Reform is necessary to put a slop to tbe
profligate waste nf. the public luode and
(heir diversion from actual settlers by tbe
party in power, which has squandered 200,
000.000 ucres oo railroads alone, aod the iu-
lei est of more than tbriee that aggregate,
and has disposed of less than a sixth direct
ly to tillers of the soil.
Reform is necessary to correct the omis
sions of tbe Itepublicuu Congress, and tbe
errors or oar treaties and our diplomacy,
which have stripped our fellow-citizens ol
foreign birth and kindred race, recrossiuif
the Atlantic, of the nhield of American citi
zenship, and have exposed our brethren ol
the 1 ucinc coast to incursions of a rtc
uol sprung Iroin the same great purenl
stock, and, in fact lately deiiied citizenship
through iiHiuralizauui), as not being aueus
touted to iIih traditions of a progressive civ
ilizalion. We lien uuco the policy wbich
thus discards the liberty-loving German and
tolerates llie revival ol the trade iu
Mongolian womeu, imported for immoral
purposes, kiiU .Moiuohau uieu, held to per
form servile lubor cootucis, aud demand
such a modification of the treaty with the
Chinese Empire, or such legisu'non by Con
gress, witbin Constitutional limitations, as
shull prevent the furl her importation or lin
migrutioi) of tbe Mongolian race, once un
naiuru!ly estranged but now reunited in oue
indivisible Kepubhc and a common d"8iiuy
R'fonn H necessary in the Civil Service
Kxperieoce proves that efficient, economical
conduct ul Government business is not pos
sihle. if its Civil Service be subject to
Change at very election ; if it be a prize to
be lonuhi lor at the ballot box ; if it be
nnei reward oi pariy zeal, instead ot a pust
of honor, assigned for proud competency and
neiu lor mieiuy in the public employ. I b
dispensing of patronage should neither be u
tax on tho time of our public men, nor ar
instrument fx ineir ambition. Uere again
profession falsified in performance uttest
that the purty in power can woik oo practi
cul or sulutur; relorio.
Reform is necessary even more in the
i- . ,
SenTutive. Uahim-i nr, "M"
" vmn
Final Settlement.
(un it. Pawen. decerned. Notice is hereby inreo
that t rwik Powen, Bilraiaitrator uf mid MtUi, hu
Sled hie account for ftrul wttltment and tlie ttnt
Mender In Bpptember. 1S7S. hu been set fur anal
henring of mii ucoant. . I
Dr order olliun.J.J. waitnn, jr., iouuijt jouje,
FRANK POW'tltS, AdrainiitratoT.
G. B. Donau, Attorney.
Fabulous Jtcduction
. - .. . i .at ; 4
Manuracturlni eaubllshmeot we prop et to
sell our entire stock of , . .
This la a rare chance to bay good, substantial .
Furniture at nominal prices. Do not let your op . '
portunity psas. Cnrae all .
Lower Than Ever I
late uftMitlcf" eondition of tha Eastern and'
California Jlonev Markets I have
Watches, Jewelry & Silverware
Ever brou ght to Oi tgon , and am now enabled to'
nell them at Retail at former W UOLESALE
No Plated Jewelry of any kind IS feept hi my
Ettabllfhment. Every article Is wsrrantetf as rep--rewn
ed. I have also the agency of the anrHallcJ
Diiimond Kpectcles.
To thoi-e intending to send east for Watches, I
will say that 11' they will let me know the name
aud price ol the watch tbey Intend to send for, I
will lurnish the same walch tor the same price.
By all means give me a call before going or
seneiug elsewhere.
jn24 3m 103 Front Hi:, Portland, Oregon.
Hubs, Spokes, Itinis,
Oak, Ash and Hickory Plank.
POtt l'LAND, . ... OREOOM., ,
Je:Sm ' " "''
Assessment Notice. ' .
NOTICE 19 HRREBY GIVEN that at a meet
ing of tbe Board of Directors nf ibe lne
Cciuntv Farmers' Mercantile Association, held on
the 17th day of June, M6, an asseMment of 25
Ier cent on the can itaU twit subsciibee. wa lev
ied. Payable to J. C. JENMNGS, Bee.
Or at Osburn's drugstore to ' ;n.r"-,'Vi
buaincsa toC. llnrbridmand expert toleare'
uun, I will all peraone indf Uted to me br
accuuiit or mote to call aud nettle the eame atone
or ther will be placed in hands fur collection.
T fluOil n , I 1 1 I
n..ih,.. ., ""u an
oiiiurs in
'I'l...:. ..m
ueir oiuces -a nnl r-.:-... . .',
lie trusts. W", ?. Vb-
resident j u
Purchasing Agent.
lie show the d
thr c......r. " F'eeiuinir ouwer
v ucnaiurs UriD Una duuil l '
votes as Urn oiater. , fi ni .",eir
price of libertv. ,s 108
..I.I :. '.
.l .k ... " -uu" """" w uecessarv to to rhn,M ..j
irooiwiiicdpenoJ it commenced ""Wish iu the hearts of the Z'Z
to oe a villus, nJ several further n,l,liii,.n. I r ,nB United State. elv
tvlft mnA -I,.. i .
------ -v-rt-acning rhotorio ! Vorlt. and L W K.b,
haw since Wn made
l.a 1 Oi4 . L .
u xou iu town was iocornorate.1 h .
. .u. uvjjimiiuve; assembly, hs "The
v . r,ue.,e. inetowoison tU lin
me uregoo and California It.ilroad, fur-
uinitaaiiy communication with .11
from Uoseburg on the South to Prii.j
St ho I ill.. I lllam liAin.H ka.i.l '
- ......r .. vu..i.ui-rviui inoiropoinof the State on
l,l,.lt. . I SI... a. ...L. 1 .1 .... . U
of I
. uu.versai onaucliocoas nr.. Tl of Vir!l - .
"orci.0. thoa close,! ly tl, rail " itaU .T' ! 'nJ lh i.
fhistori1,.l.t.,..u i... , . . f.......; ----" .oi-p,
. ..v,vj,i i.jr jmjgfl jjj,,, " lueiiiiiu BOO lor IIOIUCS.
on o: tha ttlomcnt. or,,.;......,- w wlecied a UuJ cUUn -t n.. 1,.1
and trmn,.,l 1. b r"J
lor the prenaration n .1,. .i... . .
wa L.m t m i . - i ----- - iub
1 . . mm anu called l nia'e univeraitv t
fr- "I hasant Hill." Mr. Hristow erwted the h'lj.cent to the cit
aces fable for steamboats to thi ,,t
P. Skiu-1 during the low naiurnf .... v
- .'liner, anu wncre-
nav. I bv iiimiMii.w. k... ...
V-Um 00 the left bank of the Will J. I "
nver, at the site of Ku.en. Citv. r : : 01
8cott seized a claim , ,ha L,,' ZZT u "7 for .bout
iicKe river. . ad Kiiiah Z " ,be "J Judiciou
9 v,vvlvu . iii,iuvcTIIiMk n. r.a
ma be made oavig.
f year. The flns brick
bu Idin stands east ol an.l
cily There is one Hourino-
tflhllant an.l ,:n i r .
, nlll ue 0 ,u... .
niul.l.i....i ., vl
- ' -"wo to 1110 UlStOI'l.ln l,l..- Brat hntw I. ... . .. .! on. .
were u 1 - . iui ... e,. - . u""u"r 01 t,. .t., " ... , Pw,ij
IU..i.. . .. . . "-"u" uouae 10 ,h,lf,.K k..;1, o. cnj , s,x
tuaionce. TLroU!rl,n. .1 ' . 27th d.v of Mar. 1S17 -l,k ki. ..... " IZu . ."V . ."V" 'w i0"""" subslanti.l
.. .. " .7 v.W8Ut ,. ... , w. -uuMu.ngi mj on brick Drintin
01 ice : an niiiur .......
ui woou
0 ineunited States, eleven years a hap
pHv rescue.!! fi-.tin ik a ' . "F
.ralism, ..5 TZ
Otuti's the rnnn it. r - . L 8. u lHH
l.a hn,,....r.::j "fg tyrannies
.- 1 too oiuces 0 tbe Federal
Uovernment iUolf iih t ",",rl
nd fraud, infected K raa ..J:.v ,
ti. with th. contamination 7f m ule d"
lucked last tbe nro.neri- f ..nai
people , the pur..sisorbardti,;::ririous
lU'lurm IS llecesnnr In ........i.-.i. -
cnrroni. .u. ... ,. " """"'l
1.!- ..' T. . . c ,U8 Puo,lc credit aud muiu
.iuiiihiui nonor.
Via ,1, .i.t,in ...-
-. ...ivu L. ma r..,i.,.A r -1. ..
its standard ,.f ..1... -".Zl T
'"'uv iu l 11 h n a n 1 1 j as
idi,w com,,,,,-; .r 01 . .
r "18 treasury forcimr l,.lUn..J " fcat,
in niibli.: : , .,w,,"u nances
"""""i 'aie Attoniev-(jMn...oi
.nisppro,H-iuting pui,i0 (utlh lh;
ry ol the X.r, ennebin,. bis Wends bj t
contige levmJ of the nrnir.a " ' .r
w,th his Dp.rt..M.Dtr.;" a".."" iron
hr0l. .7. "vaw oecrelary I n n e .
barelv escanini? o.ii " "LT v
guiltjeon.plic.Vlo .nT- T !or
a Secretar. r.f tVo, f... ,.T.L 'rv" i
1 . 4 , " "'e11 crime and con-
fessed miiJ.roenort-tbe demoostration i.
complete that Ihe first i. ' ll,n 18
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Th. thrws first named, th. pioo-ra. hat. .1 On (ho 1.7th ult in . fi
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two brothers'
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