The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 06, 1876, Image 1

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VOL. 1X.-NO. 26.
o;KtfGENE fclTY, OREGON, SATURDAY, MAY 0,1876. :
$2.50 per year ADYAKCt
,n, ..'J
OURONWf ". I ........
aa.rtl.ement hueKed u follow. :
hKjaare, 10 Ttaes 0 lws, OAS tneertlon 3; each
li1b-,unio'TiiW, V-b require in advance
TimeedvertiWwiUbecliarg4 at th. tollowine
' ;- aUmmtlis.,J
h on. rr., i 00
Tmutont notion fa local column, M cent, per Unt
lar each iiuertlon.
Advertising! bUli Will be rendered quarterly.
All ob wo fcmusib. riDcmoil DELrvnY.
, oflo. Hmirt-fwm a. m.'to p.m. Sunday.
ftoml:loaipm,'; . , ', "
Kail arriTM from the aouth and leaTea iroinff norbk
Mil n. . Arrire. from tlie north and wn roiuj
r Jth at 1SJ T. m. for 8iuila-, Franklin and Lonj
I ... r, n .1. 1 Tl.4mM.VtlU at 1 U.
letter, -ill be rea-ly for aeli rery half as hour after
'a 'rival of trains. LAciuraiuouiu vo uu .u uu
'Uebourbeior. 'frl, - xr
B.rrn CinrwJ. B.'d.1)Tenport1 paator.
Bunoay at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday
School at I p. in. Prayer meeting every Friday
. renin;. .... . . - ,
:iL X. CmJBCii A. O. Faircliild, Faitor. Bervice.
at 10-.Ma-m.aad7.J0p.rn. . '
;aiinii-0. M. Whitney, Faator. Bervice. by
cuu announoeiuoo..
Tknw'Kn if A V and A. M
VeeU Brut and third Welneeday. in each
ci 'BrtHCitn Btrrra TjnAx rTo. 9 I. O.
, f O. F, . Jteetaevery Xueaday evening.
'WHvf Wiuawhala 'EwCAM-Mwrr No. 6,
laieeU on the Jd and 4th Wedneadaye in each month.
oAc-pp Willltmette treet, Eugtne City.'. '
: : i BUlLtHNO.
F.nKpnn Oitv. Or..
ITJoderwood' Brick Buildinir, Up Stairs,
Rcspectlully offers hi servlfp-V.
.the citizeneor this place and vicln
I itv. in all the branches of bis pro-
Mtkw i i' ', , '
'The Lateat ImpioremenU in
Plate Work
faeuuted la a aatisfactory manner.
BTOCK IS CASH, and All Work Must be Paid
;r oo Delivery. '' ,
R, F. WELSH has opened Dental Rooms man iVw In Underwoiid's 'baildinir, Encene
City . and Yen'pectfully Mllolts a ghure of the pub-
Veferesce by prmision,'Dr.J.R. Cardwell,
Portland, Oregon.
Offle on Ninth Street, oppoalte the St.
Cbarlee Hotel, and at Uealdeoce,
tffice Up Stain first North of Astor llous),
Tor eoh'venlenee of eW and patron, all kjolimJ
eeontwill be left in chnnre of tt. M. COOPER,
q., oowwito the itone ntnre. who fully anthor
ieotoeuUeottbe aame. It u lully axpecUd that
all aoeounta for eervice. will lie preaented for pay
Vent in flirty day, and collected in aixty. ,
Kugeae City, April 4th, 10)5. ; -
(o:'Cha8..:M. Horn,
fand Material.. Ueparlrinff done in
the neatest rtr'e aod Warranti-d.
Hewing iuncniuc,
tliuns loaned aad ammunition furnished.
( UWillDf b,u - -1 I'
Shop on Ninth Street. opponite SUr Bnfcery.
tlocks; Watches, Chains, Jewelry,' etc.
Repairing Promptly Executed.
All Work Warra'nted.3
' WDIa-iette i. Eighth bta., Eugene City.
Jgbr Sale.
Wbieh are aicelylocat! and will be aold at at
I - fw . Vbhh. aTtirdaflal nttlCC
gua. Tenaaay
Eaqaire at expreaa orSK.
BoantSlataij Store.
P08t'0PFICB tiCILDrSG.'ErjGESECri'f ,1
bar. on band and am eonsUntly receiving aa
aMtntmeot at the IHt 8ebool and Milin
book.. BUttonery. Blaa Book., Portfolii. Card.
Walleta. Blank.. Partmoonaee, etc.. e. All or
en.prwBiity Billed. A. 8. PTTt.R3oX.
13 THE
If bopiatowa. . 1'
hbaw material, all renal. lewrHInf ol aboa
I C onta.
in .rr.ta t a lve? ll. (f ?
Biop caElglitli tU opposite Eaa-
."" ! DEALER IN ' " '
Stoves and Ranges, ;
Tin Ware,
Shovels and Tongs, '
, fenders & Fire Dogs,
Cauldron . Wash Kettles.
Hollow, Iron and Copper Ware,
Driven Well & Force Pumps,
Lead and Iron Pipes,
Hoea Mpes and Bbe
IN FACT, Everything belonging to -my bull
new, all of which I will Mil at the . .
v . ii JOB WORK ,
Of all Vlndi done promptly and In a satisfaction
' Satisfaction Guaranteed.
"By attention to bu.lmmi and honorable dealin
hope to merit a share q( your patronage, .
ja6 , . , TJEN. F. DOURIS.
11 peuons knowitie themselves in-
(iotted to roe wi'l pfdasecull and .
BECKER & BOYO, PrcpKetcrs.
Keeps const axtlt oh hand, . 7
BEEF, " '
, TEAL, ' ' ::..,:!
Dried Meats of Ml klnls. Trd, Tullow'eto.' Will
aell Beef in chunk, from S to J centa.
, la Dorris' Brick Building.
Walton 8l Lynch
Have formed a copartnership for the purpose of
carrying on a general
Grocery and Provision
Business, and aril, keep on 'band a general as
sor'meutof .
Groceries. Provisions, .
, Tobacco, . Cigars,
Nuts, Candles, '
Soaps, Candles,
Orockery, Notion
Wood and Willow Ware,
' Green and Dried Fruits,
Cured Meats, '
Eto., Etc. '
Tbey propose to do business on a
, Which means that ,
Low Prices are Established
Goods delivered -without charge to Buyer
For Which
Eugene City Brewery;
I. now prerured to SU .11 orders for '
Come and ae for yonraeU. A good article need.
B, C, PENNINGTON, - Proprietor;
THI8WEI.L-KN0WN T.5DI.OTtD bu wain
Ultea rharr f the AM TOR HOL ME, nl ha.
re-fitted and re-fornwhM the ww, nd will keep it
wound to no boon in the Sta'a. You need not fir
to irive him a eall. fur hi. UWe will be supplied with
the Iwat tbe country afford.. Charge reawjoablc
Come one, some au.
Real Estate For sale:
Farm; and Crazing Lands
,; : For Sale on Easy Terms.'
Abo, IIOCSE AND LOTS ia Eugma.'
i . Inquire of
Carding and Spinning.
x i Vivr. PCHf BASED the MacMnry awned
H bv C. Coodtild. I am now prepared sua
eS kind of
For eostomert
Atthe'Loiiresi Living Rates.
. 'WASniNCTON oossir.
' Washington, April 17, 187(3.
One of; the gravest questions ever
raised in this country i now upon us.
It is about Halloa .Ivilbourn. He
you will remember wbs imprisoned by
the order ot the House for refusing to
answer questions put to him by
committee of 'that body. lie has
been in iail for about a month and
has sued out a writ of habeas corpus
before Judge Carter, Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court of tile District of
Columbia. On Wednesday Judge
Carter granted the writ making it, re
turnable 'cm Saturday. TheSeargent
at Arms of the House, in whose cus
tody Kilbourn i, on Tl.ursclay ad
dressed a letter to the Speaker, stat
ing that the writ had been served up
on hi in and asking instructions. The
Speaker laid tbe letter before the
House and the question was referred
to the Judiciary committee with di
rections to report by Saturday what
action the House should take. The
Judiciary cdmmfttee decided and have
so reported that the House should
hold Kilbourn and not obey the writ.
The House bp I -Write is discussing
that report. Should they adopt it, as
there is no doubt they will do, there
is direot oonflict between 1 two of the
co-ordinate branches ot the govern-
nieut. Judgo Carter is required by
law to issue the writ ot habeas corpus,
for it is a writ of right. When any
one holding a prisoner refuses to obey
the writ, it is his duty to call upon
the executive the Piobideut to en
force the writ and to bring the pris
oner before him. It is also the duty
of the House to call upon the Presi
dent for aid whenever their privilages
or rights are invaded. I suppose
there is little doubt that Judge Car
ter w ill iuaist that the body of Kil
bourn be brought into his court for
him to determine whether he is on
justly held as he claims that te is.
The point in Kilburu's case is that
he declines to auswer the questions
put to him, because (he subject upon
which he was questioned is ono for
judicial, not legislative inquiry, and
he is sustained in his,posiiion by some
of the best lawyers of tho country.
The House refuses to allow the courts
to settle this question. Tbe whole
theory of our government is that the
courts must Buttle just such question j
and I fear the House has committed
a grave error. It 'is not however a
party one, for Mr. Hoar of Massachu
setts was one of the sub-committee of
tbe Judiciary who reported in favor
of holding the prisoner and refusing
to obey the writ. Speculation is rife
in the city as to what President Grant
will do in tbe event he is called on by
Judge Carter tor assistance to take
the body of Kilbourn from the cus
tody of the House. ' The general
opinion hYlhat should Carter call for
aid that it will be given. It is unfor
tunate that in such a juncture the
President and the House should be
long id different political parties, as
the collision between them, should
there be one, will be ascribed ' to that
reason when the probabilities are that
ft wonld occur in any event The
whole subject U cue of great magni
tude and it is to be hoped will be
treated with the due coooi Jerat'ion' it
On Friday the 14th, the anniversary
of Lincoln's assassination, the statue
made by the yolantary contributions
61 the negroes was unvailed with ap
propriate ceremonies at Lincoln Park,'
Tbe statue is of bronze and represents'
Lincoln standing near a monolith on
which is & bust of Washington in has
rdUf. Lincoln Lolas the emancipa
tion proclamation in bis right band
and has fib left extended over a slave
who has just busied his manacles and
is riling from the ground. An lm
mense number of people were a-
aemWed in the Park. IWident
Grant pulled the cord which removed
the coverings of the statue aad Fred:
rick Doagla dtliverel the address.
No new developments of any im
portance have Lena mad More the
cofuOjiUees except those of Whitely,
the Ex Chief Detective, who swears
positirtly that' IUWooV'pot op" the
saf burglary job. His testimony u
C3-5rraed by that of ethers until
there seems bat little doubt that lbs
President's 'most trusted and -'confidential
adviser was engaged in an ef
fort to blacken tbe character of inno
cent citizens and send ' them to ' the
penitentiarjrto protect blmself and
his associate's from the exposure of
their crimes.
The transfer of the Indian Bureau
from the Interior to the 'War Depart
ment is being fully discussed. Wil
shire of Arkansas has introduced i
bill to create a new department with
a Cabinet officer who shall have sole
charge of the Indians. This bill
seems to meet with great favor, and
will probably pass the House, what
Its late will be in tho Senate do one
can tell. The Legislative, Exeoutive
and Judicial appropriation bill is -still
being disoussed. The Republicans
are opposing the reductions at every
step! The bill appropriating $10,000
fcr the Mississippi committee passed
the House and Boutwell will soon
depart on his outrage hunt. He is
merely seeking materials for the
"bloody shirt" campaign, bbt Bayard
and McDonald who are on the com
mittee will prepire the autidote for
his bane. The friends of the Texas
and Pacific bill speak very confidently
of tho passage of their bill. They
say that numbers of Congressmen
have received letters from their con
stituents urging the passage of the
bill upon the grounds given by your
correspondent, that It wonld do much
to relieve the financial difficulties of
the country. Tbe aspirants for presi
dential 'honors are hard at work,
building up strength. Tilden's friendi
have established a bureau of corres
pondence from which they furnish let
tors tree of charge to the Democratic
papers. Of course, these letters only
talk lor Tildcn. Hendricks, Bayard,
Thurman and Davis all have friends
at work for them. Broadhead's friends
olaim that he will b3'the compromise
omiduinle. -Ulaine is still ahead of bis
competitors, the Virginia convention
having expressed a preference for him,
although the editor of tbe administra
tion paper went from hero to Lynch
burg to work lor. Conklmg. South
Carolina will probably make Blaine a
second choice, Bristow being 'he first.
The troubles on the Mexican fcorder
have quieted down, the adherents ot
Diaz biing in possession ot the entire
frontier on the Rio Grande.
NlMO. ,
Gen. Sauta Inua 111 bla Old Age. t .
.J '' ' '
Corrapondcace if tin Cincinnati Enquirer. .
II lives in the Citv of Mexico, in
a third-rate house of two stories, with
courts not more than twenty feet
square, tho pavements out of repair,
the whole tetynir, the story of pover
ty, lie was seated upon a mucn
worn sofa, attended by a Bmart-ap-ncariiKT
Mexican of middle ttcre. and
rose with some difficulty in receiving
r r 1! .J :jfcV.! i
ns. i me coiiipiuiueu uuiiBnit-inuijr ui
his wooden leg, and also of blindness.
He is an old man of eighty Years,
very decrepit, yet in full command of
his faculties; bas a good bead and
face, hot unlike the pictures of Hum
boldt in old age, with broad temples
and an abrupt, square nose, and, at
one time, crood eves. Ho had little
, a rf
to say, but appeared pleased at our
visit; and as we told bun ot trie lour
or five general ofTcers of the Mexican
war still living, he listened with in
terest, but showed no special recogni
tion until the namo of Pillow was
mentioned, whom he remembered
Over the sofa where Santa Anna
sat was Ihe picturo of a beautiful
woman in her tulmessoi youm ana
loveliness.' This was bis wife when
bulb led the fortunes of Mexico. .As
we passed out the court our attention
was called the figure of a woman of
f fty in the window opposite, in plain
dr;as, and devoid of any interesting
attribute. This was she whose pio-
a ST A1
tare had so interested us, Airs, ueuer
al Sauta Annal
The clock for Memorial Hall, which
has been' building aThoro81011. is
completed. ,It bas l.ltH) pit-ces, the
estimated weight of ill being six
tons. Tbe rnsin wheels are four feet
in diameter. The Dendulrtoi ball and
ch. rpetiectivelr. 70O and 800
ponn-la, the rod being 14 feet long
and eonni't ted with tiieclockwprit oy
what is known as gravity scape
n.pnf. and miLi two-second beats.
Tbe rod is ot steel, and to compensate
tor contraction and expansions ea
pje4 in two evlinders. one cf irno
and on? of ateef. wMch I t tb'fr rela
tive expansion upward ,. maintain a
uniform center of oscillation, Sew
Iliven Hey inter.
, ThM Male Case. i
, .And now it, appears tjiat the Jndi
oiary Committee, in looking up evi
dence on which to ground. new art!
cle of impeachment against, Aiplknap,
baye thrown an ugly side-light u,pon
Bristow's connection with that.mnle
case. Tho claim was barred bv the
intuit; oi iiimiieuons, ana .prislow,
wnen Assistant JUtorney-Ueneral in
lo t A Bsked Eelknan if he should
plead it, and, received in answer the
request to, waive that plea, Siibso-
buonllv tho rii'ht of aniwul from
aeoision of the Court of Claims was
waived by order of tho same gentle
man. Here, then, remarks the Ifevf
York Worlde have. Bristol. aa a
public officer acluiff in this mule case
on behalf qf the; GoveVtmeht, resign
ing and prosecuting the claim against
tho Oovernmdht on a contingent feu
and succeeding through the collusion
of his former associates, Suproso hi in
guiltless in this whole transaction-
was his conduct in 'changing sides
and enlisting for a share ot the plun
der professional? Tbe Wotld de
clares it has no desire to blacken Mr.
Drisow's character for integrity,
which it has repeatedly upheld as
ono of tho few virtuous points reliev
ing tbe vilest Administration that
was ever known to our annals; but
the truth is, this whole affair has an
ugly ' look. . It is certainly a bad
feature of the business that tho Gbv-
eminent was cheated by its own ser
vants and that the claim tor winch
the Secretary of the Treasury appear
ed as advocate was utterly woi tblyos.
The mere statement ot ,it 'exhibits it
as a matter of 'ridicule.' ' A firm
which had 'been scHinz mules to the
Government 'claim that at the close
of the war they had 870 mules ready
to deli ver to tho order' ot a subordi
nate officer illegally given, ' and that
because tho Government tailed to
purchase these mules the dealers were
entitled to collect from the Govern
ment the loss which they underwent
in disposing; of the mules at private
sale. Whether they ever had any
such mules or ever lost any money on
them is a very doubtful question, but
if so tho claim on the Government
was merely preposterous. Because
the war, in which' tho poot'mulds
wero stretched along tbo road behind
the armies thicker than the dead
along tbo line of battle, had ceased
and therefore a profitable market tor
mule traders was closed, thu people
were called upon to make good to
the uttermost farthing tho profits
which Thompson and company ex
pected to clear in tnese speculations
on the .continuance qf the public, ca
lamity! This, was a .case of cqnse.
qiiprrtial damages jtyfth a vengeance.
Th'e .jTrorW very hiuch fears jtfca,t in
the event of Mr, Bristow's nomina
tion for the. Presidency nothing can.
prevent the mule from becoming a
prominent figure jn the next canvass.
He will be' celebrated in ' campaign
son ir sud stutnn speech, and will be
displayed Rampant upon JhoiiBands.of
party Banners. . j,ncre wiu pe some
thiiiir in such sudden notoriety, to
compensate for past obscurity that
sinple least; which Senator Nesmitb
so loucliifigly eulogized aa'flhe pa
tient animal witnout the pride ot an
cestry or the hope of posterity."
Among the interesting relics to
be exhibited at the Centennial Expo
sition, is th- printing press at which
Beni&min franklin worked in Lon
don when a journeyman there in,
Xbo London iUlienseum
says that the press at that time bo
longed to Mr. i Watts, Wild street,
Lincoln Inn i lelds, in whose orlice
Franklin was employed. It subse
quently came into the possession of
Mestrr, W y man x sons (men Uox
Wyman) of Great Queen street, Lin
coln's inn, wheuco it passed to
Messrs. Ilarrild k bons, printers' en
gineers,' f Farringtord street, who
exhibited it at their works in 1841.
American ytsitors took great interest
in it, and efforts wero made to bay it.
The IIarnds declined to name a
price tor it,, but consented finally
that the press should be forwarded to
Philadelphia, and that a sum , ot
money by way of acknowledgment
should be banded over to tne mn
ters Pension , Corporation for the
purpose of forjnding the franklin
Pension" for tri Aged printer. The
press was sent to Liverpool tor sbti:
inent.'and held ',here awaiting the
stipulated contribution from America,
. T... 1 L-i.r.
wmcn never came. . pui- vj exmoiv
in? the press and the efforts of chari
table gentlemen, the. sum needed tq
found the "Franklin Pension" was
raised in' England. , The press bas
remained in England all these years,
and will' be exhibited jit Franklin's
native country for ' the Erst time
during the coming summer.
. Mrs. Jackson, widow of.Slooewall Jack-
too, is now Jiiing MSX'baflotte. N' C in
comfort, surrounded by kef neighbors and S
large cireie or adminoc frieoJa.
Mr. Samoel Ileooah will succeed Mr.
Itarvfj Scott, as Collector of Cos tool, oo
tbe first of next moo to.
Senator Bayaref aa . DrAtrraile CaA
tfidate for Presldcal r ,
, ,. . Froas the Herald. (
jjei atof i navafdv baa fiflvfe rnada a
political mistake or miscalculation in
relation to any important subjeet.
On, the, Currency Question t he atanda .
almost alono in never having exhibit
ed tb slightest symptom.of weakness
or vacillation either in te 'Senate or
on the stump, llo , did '.not J wait to
conBiiltwith friend before .deciding
whether hoj-jBroUld-ipjepiytjie back
pay; but spurned and. .Infused it at
once. Ho. is a gcntltjtiian 'of such
high honor and robuatj iplrgrity-that
he is duite incapaWo ct iiositatioa ia
any point of conduct ..which . has a
moral sde. , A man who'shote na
ture thnj recoils tVom trirdmlnbr exboi
diencies commands the! respect of bis
political nrrybrsnrics. -Ilis cnaracter is
a shield which blunts the weapons of
partisan attack' and bis chanocs of
election would bo decidedly better
than those uf any other Democratto
candidate. , .'i,,,
"It 'T
Death or "'De era Sire.
.V '! 11 ".)!
New Yoik Sun. ,, "'
Rysdyk's world-rc'b owned stallion?
"Ilambletonian," died, i Chester,
Orange county, 'recently ' . The horse
was about thirty years' of age. . lie
was the siro of Mr. Bonner'B kin of
the turf, ' "Dexter," 1 and- of . many
6ther noted trotting hordes ' of 'the
country. ,lbe inoomo from U amble
tonian" was over 810.000 a year. iTb
isBtated that at oud time i: 1100,009
was offered, , fox tho horse, JJid waa
bought about teoty-Bevan jr.oars.ago
for' $150, from tie Sjoelcy familyi at
Sugar 1 Loaf, Orange,'couht : Before
Mr. Rydyk'. death, be sheeted 'i
Elace where the old. horse, was to bo
uricd in a fenced in lot with appro-,
priato head stone. Jle lot . a clause
in bis will; that niid'cr po circum
Stances should the.hprse's rernalnfl hi
mutllfttod aaer1 death. ' ffiwjj offeri
have been ruade.'ouo of $50.0, and xrne.
of $1,000, for,,,,JIambletoni!wVhidpi
for the purpoaoN6f frecrying .the
horse in bis. natural shape;, but 'the
offers' were refused by tho 'Ujfsilylc
fa,mily. tT&o grave was dug, and the
famous horse buried .with honors. .
A Cheap War Secretary, .
' ' .'"' BJUnur.8u'n. ' ':. ' 'V.
J Mr. ' W. S. v Campbell, bt Weld;
qounty,. Colorado, sends us a oomma.
nioalion,, addressed .to i-Presidont;
Grantj in .which, having heardiheBays
of Secretary Belknap's disgrace and of
the consequent jacancy of .his office;
be presentshimsalfaa a candidate for
the office of Soctotay. pt Wat.t-j lie
proposes to,do.tko work for ,tbor9ai
sonabjd wages of $isQ a.roonUi.'anJ
says he,', Will turn ,oyei:.'to. the ; Prefll-
aent ne rest oi tne salary, a i9 says
that for the office of poet-trader aS
Fort $ill, Indian Territory, ha has so- ,
lected Mr, A J. Moore, who ha,s,Vepa
on, tho frontier tor some 'ears, andl
nas. iraaea arouna consiuoraoiy, ana
whoj.he knows, will.;bo prompti int
making the payments.' Mr. CAmpbolL
has l,earpod by tli'w time that ho has
boon noiicipatcd, iu tbo.,, War, Departs
mentby the. appojntment.of judge
Taft, bnt a.gcntlernArl of such evident
oo'olness ftid compotrare must be ble.
to boar bia disappointment with forti
" The Post-Trader Bualne-e. ' 5
The San Francisco Bulletin Bays;-
Only .one pbasejbf, tho PoaUrader
business has so far boen considered
the phase which relates to th J bribery
of Government officials. .No doubt
that is large and absorbing .enough
liut. there, is another ot. equal impor-.
fiance: Where does all the money come
irora tuai is iaia to secretaries ana'
ladies who. have political influodoett
Why are these 1 ost-traderships ,so--valuable?
, Because they are moqppo-,
lies of the most grinding character.-
Tbo thousands of dollars given, away
come out of the pockets xtf.tba poor
soldiers.,' A post-tradpcsbip "ia , a, li
cense to prey upon this i class, oil per-
sons. ,It Allows the.Jocky bolder of,
the uQenso. to. charge pretty mudi,
what he .plpases. To hint the soldier
must go or do witbpul the nocessaries,
of life. It is th o money to be pickedi
up in this way jthat sends the favored
jobber, flitting abojit the. irohtier,;
When the small pay, whicq. the boI-.
dier receives is, taken unto considera-j
tion,., the , post-tradersbip'; business -doc.
seem to be the most hqartless;
that was ever devised. .It is, one of,
tho mysteries of our. method of ad-''
ministration that the supplying .' of,
soJier,at distant pqintstiM not been'',
thrown,cpcn to the public, so that ,
these, eryants .of tho ; Government.,
might have, thp benefit ,of competi-,
tion.' Jt oughtpot to be impossible ,
to lay down such rules and regula-4
tions for - .the; transactions . of such,;
matters that dtscipliao would not bo.
endangered or be morale qtj.tho;
troops lessened. '; , , r i,l
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snilliofit about three and a half millioua Io
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