The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, April 29, 1876, Image 2

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    ti:i i::u.:i city guard.
ATURD A.Y, APR MO. 18704
For CoDgrosi :
Of Dooglaa County.
- For Presidential Elactori :
'HENRY KL1PPEL, ot Jackion.
E. A. CRONIN, of Multnomah.
J7. B. LAS WELL, of Grant.
ForJuugat .
Of Une. ,,
For ProaecntlDg AttortMjr -S.
or Coo..
oat regard to pergonal preferences
Mr. Thompson is a man of ability,
a deep thinker and one whose con
elusions are generally correct.
Mr. Hazard, tbe candidate for Pros
ecuting Attorney is a resident of Coos
county and is said to be well qualified
to fill the position.
Tha MepuMitaa Convention.
a i
For But Senator:
For BeprawoUilTMi '
A. D. BURTON, A. J. CRUZ AN, disconsolate,
''' ' For Count CommlNlooeri.
pj .;!' ' For Clark:
'"' ' ' ForSherlfli
. For Traaanrer:
' ForAaaeaeort
; geo. w. kinsey.
ForSohool SnperinteDdent:
For Burreyon
For Coroner:
On Wednesday evening when the
Republican delegates began to come
in they were in exceedingly good
spirits; they had seen wherein the
Democrats erred in making nomina
tions, and they proposed to profit by
these errors when 'their .convention
shonld meet on Thursday. ' But on
Thursday morning they were Dot al
together bo judilant, thoir cheerful
ness was oozing out. Their caucus of
the night before had demonstrated
to them that if the Dcmooratio party
had made blunders, they were not in
a position .to tako that advantage that
the case required. Aftor dinner and
before reassembling they held another
caucus, and came in looking rather
Nominations were pro
cccded with, and if tbo ticket pro
Iduced is superior to that of the Dem
ocratio Convention in any respect we
fail to see it. . Tbe Democratic party
have a "soft thing" so fur as most of
I the nominations go. The idea of J,
III. McClung attempting to debate
the issues of the day with Gov,
Whitcaker makes us laugh
For brazen-faced recklessness and
Ian nnblu8bing disregard for facts
thore is probably nothing extant that
rivala the Republican platform of
New York, adopted at Syracuse,
March 22d. It says: "We are .lor
thorough retrenchment and reform;
for tho unsparing pursuit, exposure
ThnT)Bmnnrt5n Rial ,Onnvn!nn aD(1 punishment of jiublio frauds and
-which mfltat Salnm on WmW,Uv M5olal di8hone8tf i .(why not dishon-
'.prooeededtodispow of all the busi- t officials ?) for the elevation of the
to come before a Convention this Pulll orvlce nd PUN and effloient
mar Whilfl iI.a -.11 fft- Ktn,rw Bvernmonl; or maintaining unurn
TentionwMonly for tho purpose of -th national credit and honor."
nominating Judicial officers, we had A11 J conceived and
no doubt but that the whole work hr"-ht ln wety dfl-" aftor
would be disposed of. The people "0,KMP DeeD P"- Wash-
uivvii, auu ii a iiuuuiu wuro even
Tha llftt Conrcntlon.
east or mo mountains nave a
tong, tedious and expensive trip to
make to reach Salem, and it waa un
derstood that they would insist on
making one trip answer the purpose.
There was roally .no necessity for a
State Convention at this time, as dis
trict Conventions could have been
made the Judicial nominations with
mocked with more shameless clTront
ery or tantalized with more bitter ar-
casm, it must have been by some
other Radical .platform. Again .it
says: "We .charge the Democratic
party with thwarting the ends .of jus
iioe Dy lis partisan mismanagement
and obstruction of investiaation
. w
out going to Salem to do it. Rut the f1"0" loup U0Dlh of ite ascendency
-Convuntmn h. nrni,Ki Ann io " vret huo of Contfress.''
work as woll as it could have ri,C88 Premon w informed,
done.' Tbe objection that candidates ! 10,lod "aPPlaU8" W as if one
lot electors should not have been put Do,noorall Congress in four months
ro the 6eld until they know who they T,! "p089 ,nJ puni"h 811
were to vote for, ia of no particular
the Radical thieves who have been at
lio treasury and punishing public of
fender." Whew M
The Washington correspondent of
that virtuous (?) and high tonod (
abeot, the San Francisco foti, says
i o . .... . .
Jorce. Il ia supposed that tho fit w . le" year8, 1 he ltoPubl1-
Louis Convention will com. n at. a " ,ue J mauircated in
Democrat and adopt a Democratic UeIknftP br'b". Marsh'e stealings,
platform; this being done and the IJaboook, tr,al. ho Tombstone coo-
uandidatos for elector, leing well- tr80t Post-traderaVcontraot, the Navy
kaown-Democrats, thore can be no Yard'' ' 8at nd-but it is
difforenoo which comes firm, in th Uiowt 10 "count, as thU platform
field, . The choice of the convention pM"0'Ur8nt iorProlocl,08th9Pub
io thia rekpeut is a cood one.
As coocorna the nomination of Con
gressman we are well satisGud with
the selection, and there is no doubtot
the . re election of Mr. Lane. His
eonraa ami itin liilitn litia 4 . '
in tftA nMa.Hi rr , 1 that Bolknap wae impeached beeause
la the present House have drawn bkn t.. n il . .
-i. w:. , . , Mrl- BolknaP "'""J o associate
Z.ZV ' wilh Mra- Mar"h.iu Europe, .o. ao.
7,?h i , V, V 0O,,nt of Mr Mar"ha mJ with
opposed to him last fa havs fe t thn r . '
' ,. ... . rrenenman. Mrs. Marsh, to sn te
miSflr ViniTS and douhU cr vn w.v nni "
i. - i V Mra. lielknap, couoooted (he eharaea
r" Wf 1 Committee of New York
,TOp.ruce in uregon ,uJ Marsh was paid 120,000 to go to
1. "- 'u Washington to tesUfy. This, in the
.U8 . ,. w egress Iight 0, ,ut,oquont events, is a plaua
n T 7"" ible statement (?) Mr Marsh, in her
It .a we I known that no man canfio M m tMliGeJ llut(h9al
, r. . ,v " fUlked to Mrs. Relkuap as freely as to
,!... n u ..J. .u; . ",loMwll yot tell ua who paid Marsh
;r,; ::.rTrr "r. bat0; d- Democrat
. t Lw " U " mberof Congress ha, fled to U
Br returning him w. .ha.l a. Zl'Tl "i wh,t or' "J how man
ban., .tin f,...i . l i. 'stuffea II jmooratio jackals" were b-
elves still further honor, and be en- un. i .:,u n il t u l
aKU f M. .i. . . , volved with Belknap, Baboock, Haut-
able to reap benefits that cannot be .u . , - ,
k- v 00n u lba olber RaJioal oflenders.
; 7 " whose
oj'j.voouu wm nua inai mey bave not
the same prejudices to aid them that
Making Ilia Mark.
Hon. Lafayette Lane, member of
Congress from this State, and one of
the youngest members of the House,
is making bia mark in that body.
There are few older men who woul
care to openly attack Sunset Cox
whose satirical style of speaking has
given him a name throughout the
land, but Mr. Lane seems to hav
como out of the contest unscathed!
A Washington dispatch of the 22
sayaf . i
One of tie most eloquent and effec
tive ' speeches in advocacy ot the
transfer of the Indian bureau to the
war department, was that ot Repre
stntattve Lane, of Oregon. He ar
gued that the transfer to army man
agement wou'd tend to, maintain
peace, secure additional protection to
tne lives and property of our citizens
reduce tho expenses of (rovernmenl
and in nowise injuriously affect, even
if it did not improvo, tbe condition of
Indians. While discussing the quea
tion ot ' economy, he dexterously
culled attention to the vast amount
of good which a portion ot the money
mus savea couia enect Dy opening
.1.- ' . . I .r i i i
iuu uitvigauun oi me voiumoia and
improving tho harbors of the coast, so
as to develop tbe natural wealth and
manifold resources of Orecon. II
administered a severe rebuke to Cox
of New York, for aspersing the char
nctcr of frontiersmen. He eulogized
their gallantry, magnanimity and in
Diligence, vividly depicted the hor
rors ot Indian barbarities in Oreiron
and Utah, and showed the justness ot
the complaints against tho present
system ol Indian management. Lane
also showered ridicule on tox s ac
count of his observations of th
French policy at Algeria, and his son
limentality concerning tho noblo red
men of the forest, and attributed it to
studious perusal of Cooner s ro
mancea and his experience as a Tarn
many chieftain. This wily and for
cihle extemporaneous speech has
given Lane high rank among tho do
haters of tho House.
Xuttrell, of California, followed
Lane wilh an able speech in advocacy
of tho bill. Every member of the
Pacifio coast delegation, except Page
of California, supported tho bill
which passed theJUouso by a vote ot
139 to Q7.
i ateoah "smells to heaven f
The third nrt v. ilia WWr f.mll.
., u. vu. umtgiair. wne s u j visiog the Demoorwy to follow
former candidacy. ap iu Greeley blander ol 187i We
A to nomioationa Jor this, Ju- are of ;h opinion that the advice of
Acial diatnct, they are probably the Montgomery Blair, who exolu-ied all
beat that could have Uea made, the Demooratio papers in Oregon
Whiie at an iodiridaal the editor of from the mails in 1862, will not be
thu paper baa been openly opposed very acceptable to Dtraocrata, to say
to the nomination of Mr. Thompson, nothing ol his blo wout at Cincinnati
we bare confidence in x the judgment
of tie delegates who went from thia
eonnty, and who placed him In aomi
aatiov Hey were men of age and
.experience ar.d went to Salem de-ter&iac-J
to do their best to ratio
in 1372. Mr. Blair vat a sellout
lCadical and an arerage "Liberal,"
but up to this time hit Democracy it
imperceptible hia iJea of a good
Democrat Vu filled by Horace Gree
ly, and is now satisfied with Mr.
Wasiiisotov, April 10, 1876.
Th ditfcloiures of the lut week. rhilH
they are not io startling at the ftulknup f.
lair, tre or much greator importuci. fit-
fort Mr. .Clymttr's eommittue sit .bus bn
proven thut Pronidoot Unuit hin'ilf wnt i
py to St. Louis to prevent the .cunvicliuii
ol Bubcock. The witnpsi nll. who wi
he spy, trim to protect Urunt, his old cuin-
msnder, but fiis temimony and that of Hub-
cock, Lucky, Uradlxy and Pierrepont ol
Washington, and of Mr. Dyer and Col
HroadliBad, the prosecuting In (Iih
whUltoy CU8H8. leaves very Utile duubt iu tbi
minds of those who have read the testimony,
thut it was the Intention, of the President lo
do all In. his power to protect his guilty sec-
rotary, and he did Uiw after bi spy badJo
formed Lim that there was no doubt of Iib
eocksgadt A. spy was even kept in the
grand ju7 room aad Grant was inlunned ol
II thut was done there, so that from tbe be
ginning he could not have been in doubt as
to Habcoik't 'Connection .with tbe Whiskey
The naval comnlittee Late tnkea an ho
mouse amount ol testimony and bave uu
eartbed such a show of corruption in tbe
maimer of conducting that department, that
tbe country will stand absolutely appalled
wbea it it made public Secretary Ilobetoo
has ool enly diverted the public fund from
their legitimate use, but be .axed millions of
the government mouey ud risked its loss to
usUio the siukiiiK fortuuet 'of tbe bouse of
Jay Cooke, MoCulloch & Co. of London,
when he knew that boase to be .virtually
bankrupt Large aiuountt will be lost by
bit criminal conduct. I be navy yards every
here were ued at politieul macbiout to lor
ward the election ol Radicals and 1 1 funds
that should have bfto expended in huilding
ships was used to secure votes. Ilobesoo'i
friend, Caltrll, was paid Ore per cent, on all
contract!, and ao one dewing to tell any
thing to the navy iktpartutiat ooulj 4n to
without tubinilting to this black mull.
Jut the InJiaU commiilee have demon
strated even more of rascality than could be
found in the navy deparUiect, in tbe treat
ment ot the Indians. Every tpK-ieS of ve
nality that could be dvi and tbe xit-
enoaofariutt which permeated eftry de
partment of tbe giwerniiixritand even pne-
irateu into tbe very CtimuiittM room where
tbe examination waa b-lug enaJe. L'on-
Kntssman Page of California U on tbe lo
an cmnmmee ami was oue of the tuV
eomniitlr over which WiUbir of Arkanaaa
preaidoj. WiUbira bat been moat industri
ous in bAHiiix ap rrud. He it a g.od
lawrer aod duaVrdands bow to extract tlx
Imth from evetT an nnwilbng wilmae. P4gH
was conlion.lly m Uie babit of brow beatioit
witneaaet More tna coMiiiHIm and had lo
ba reproved more Clan once (ot Bia conduct.
It tii)l! came oat lixt h bad a moo lor
kit action, u ooo uf the wit Mr.
Meeker, a Mrreptadiil of the IltniU. enre
at b bad b.vo liilo. wmJ 'hat 'm (u
kimaall a m.mberol the Indian nnjf. Mker
refu.wd lo give tb name ol bit inlormant.
aod Pap. bliMtervd about br ng him Uki-n
bwlorw tbe k'iua and comp llwi to answer.
bi.t be bat not doit to nur be iol-nd
to. Scale and WiUhire of Arkou. de-
aerTecroJit for the manner i which tht-y
bava cobducted this invcatipatioo.
Tb. poet oCoe committe bave alto
prca that contracu were bochl io th.
cost shameful manner, from the b bet -of-
tlciaJtJp tLe drpartmcct. lex cf tbe paid
employe of the contractor! being in the
very room or tbe I'oalmueler-Ueueral and
another being assistant V. M. General.
Every day new revelations are being made
new luveaiii'atioDt ordered, but the business
of Congress is not neglected on this account.
The House sett daily from noon until five or
six r. M , and bat three uigbt meetings per
week. The discussion on tbe Legislative,
Executive and Judicial bill it prolonged as
tbe Ripublicani are using every effort to de
feat the proposed saving ol six millions of
dollars made by the bill as reported by tbe
committee, but it will fioally pass about us
originally reported. It ' is suid that the
Texas and PaciQo bill' will be reported next
week as tbe only opposition. to it now comes
from tbe Uoioo and Central Pacific rail
roads which do. not want their .monopoly
broken down. ' ' '
Col. James 0. Droadbead of St. Louis;
who it most favorable spoken of us a com
promise candidate before tbo St. Louis con
vention, is in Washington to testify in tbe
whiskey trials. No name . presented to tbe
convention is entitled to higher respect than
that of Col. Broadhead. lie is a geotleinan
of unimpeachable integrity, baa never been
mixed up wilh any disreputable transactions,
was a onion man and a war Democrat, aud
is the peer of any man iu the country" in
ability. Hayard,. Judge Davis and . llen
dricks are much talked of, but it is too goon
to eveo conjecture who will be either the St
Louis nr the Cincinnati nominee. Bluitie
seems to still be ahead of all tbe other Rad
icals, Ibe New York Tribune which is
strongly for Bristow, admitting that Blaine
will get the largost tote on the first 'ballot.
The executive committee is working well. as
the result in Connecticut shows, and the ex
posures being -made here are beiriuninir to
tell. If properly handled, and tbny will be.
the.people will surelv repudiate Radicalism
this lull.
The revolution in Mn e is still Drnirres6-
. ... . ... ...
ing lavoiaoiy lor 1'iuz. IIih goveromunt
papers admit that there are 10,000 men in
the field and railroad communication be
tween Vera Cruz und the !ity ol Mexico
has been interrupted. Tbe Emperor of
uruzil ana lus wile will arrive at New York
in a lew days. I hey will spend some
months in the country. The borne exhibit
ors should hurry up their articles fur the
Centennial, as the buildinzs are about ri-adv
and il is desired to have everything in place
before the 10th of Miy. Nemo.
Democratic .Noiultiatlou..
Following aro tho nominations
made by the Democrats of the vari
ous counties of the State:
Umatilla County.
Ropresentativon, J. L Morrow, W.
Goodman ; County Julre. II. G.
Yoakum; Sheriff, E. (?. Sloan ; Coun
ty Clirk. T. J. CoH'm", -Commission
'.r!, b. (J. Liu'lufoot, Ju'Il'o Wuldron :
Treasurer, G. W. Webb.
Benton County. ,.-
Representatives. G. li. Smith. T. J.
Hitches, John IVient: Clerk. E. A.
Miluerj Sheriff, -W. A. Wells.
Lake County, i
Ilopresentatives, William If.
Averill, Guiney A. Brooks: Sheriff.
Samuel C. Ilotson ; Clerk. Ii. R Hat-1
tan : Treasurer, S. S. Hunks : Assesnr.
G. C. Duncan ; S rveyor, Frnnk
Cheesenian; School Superintcndem. I
v.. j. JicLonnell : Uottnlv t oinmis
eioners, Stephen C. Moss aiult W. II.
Marion County. '
Representatives. F. X. Matthfeu. J.
M. Kitchen, J. M. Seott, John Sav-a-re,
Jaeob MuClain, D. II. Murpliv;
Clerk, Van 1. Hide: Sheriff, P. K.
Murphy; County Commissioner,
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McC0Rmicb:s ; ;
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v. m. ivmser: a.n vevi r. teth
lammiTj Coroii(T Dr. A. il. licit;
Duujflm CountT.
Senators, M D.'an, James C. Hutch
iimon: Kepriwiitaiives. Jnincs I
Boaii, Win D. MeGvc. Win 1. m
and Win R. Smith ; Clerk, Jas J
uiiiarn; Micntr. 1. t , Kice; Troas
urer, William T. Wright j Commis
sionors, jas. Mark, John Stewart
School Supr-rintcmU-nt, Geo. Grubbe
Assesor, K. A. Raner: Survevor. !
S. llalpain ; Coroner, Jas. G. Clark.
Coo Countr.
Joint senator for tho counties of
toos and Uurry ; M. Brown ; Rep
rcsentative, R. II. 1W; Commis
(loners, Win. rnruin. S. Siiinrpn
Clerk, W. II. Jackson ; Slierilt', A. G
t :i n' r . ...
iNeu; ireusurer; jonn f lunairaii
issesor, j. wawineld : llool Su
teriiiteinlent, J. Cocke :
.V. Hall; Coroner, C. B. G.ld
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poruieui, oiuixiy, uulrul. off. nsive. -tc. In
other, a Uryneaa, dry, waUry, weak or iu-
naioetl eyes, rinumir id ear,.,. h.nU.
ii aud couxbiui' to cLar the thioal. ukvm
lions, acaba Iron) ulcers, voice alter!. Dsal
lwaiif, off. oiire bft-aih, impaired null and
taste, d iziue, oieuul d. DresaioD. titklimr
couh, etc. Only a lew ol the anovn ajrap
Iouh are likely io be present in any caw at
vae I'uie.
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IV.....k .. '
awuinpaiuea wun ir. rtei
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i. This thorough e.ur of medication
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diat-aaa that bat erer boon odered to lb
Tha lea.iera of llm lU.liuil rnv
t j
ro the men who have corrupteJ the
ballot bos wherever money wouM
buy Totea or biyooeta couldl control
mem. a; has been proven that t
crooked whiskey stills of the country
were let running to rai a carapaigo
fund, ao.l that tens of thoiands of
dollara were collected rrora the post
traders and corrupt government con
tractors for tLe aame purpose.
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