The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, April 29, 1876, Image 1

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, ': n- "
$2.50 per year IN ADVICE.
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LOg" tilh -ADVKRT1S1KG.
. dTtr-iemenU iniertea u iouow. :
MUirt, 10 line or lew, on InwMtion S3; enon
.nt Insertion II. Ca.h required in advance
jime adTertuer. wui u .
, , i, ix month.....
... BOO
... -M. I W
jraqiUty notice. In local column, JO oenU per line
!aracn tmertion. -'" ' ' "
Adverting bUta wlU be rendered luartorly. v
'JUllobwor murt be tun ro on
,,71 PCiTOFFlCE. r. ... .
OfflM Honre-From J . m. 'tolp.m. Sunday.
VaafroPmtauth'ul leave. Koto north
10 i ArHve. from the north and ear- full
l. in For Siuialaw, Franklin and Long
ck.fco" WodncJay. For Crawford
Jut Omw Creek .nd Bn.wn.vine t I ,
llitawffl beroady for delivery lialf anhenrafter
.SialrfSnta LetU.n..houlde left rt the offloe
w-- Wore ATTIR80M.
Biwht Chobch.-H. 0. Davenport, parior. Ber
Vlwieverv Sonday at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. ttunday
flSloUtl p. m. Prayer meeting WeiJ Fnday
i..'Cwti-'A: 0. FalrcbUd,PUr. Sexrioee
at 10:SOa. m.and 7:80 p. m.
!ainii-0. X. Whitney, PaiUr. Service. b
pecial announcement.
' HfiiiimaTjODOt No U. A. F:, ana A. .
.Meet. Ant and third Wetaeadaye In each
8nicr. Bum Txiixw No. t) t 0.
F f 0. r. meet. every imwuj iuiug.
!eeUou the 3d and th Wednwday. in each month.
Office on Wiiiamette street, Eugene City. '
fx " BUILDING.. '
,;' , . j E-geaeCity, Or.,
TJnderwood. Brick Building Up Stairs,
M, . v. EeBpecttulIy oflera his services U
SfP'Sthe citizens of this place and vicin
Clltr'rYPitv. in all the branches of his pro-
Mston. - ' ..'.""
The Latest Impiurements in , . . .
Plate Work : .
ixennted in satisfactory msnjMf , - -'
6TOCK IS CASH, and Alt Work Vast be Faid
r on Delivery. , S ' ? "
n r urtrTQTT tiaa rtrtiTirtd Dpntftl ROOmS
I DtrrranUrinUnderwtwd's' building, tugene
City, and respectfally solicito snare oi me puD
VMmnTbj mission, B. Cardwell,
brtanl Hr-ACTA II. If ''' J' I . C -' '
oke in NIntli Stwet, tfc St.
Charl. Hotel, an at He.ldeaco,
Wflcq' Ep Stairs, first NorUl of Astor Botts.
' Tor eovermce of self nnd Ptn'W"n1d
keeoantswill be left in charge of 0. M. OOOPEE,
Xm., the .ton Store, who to fully aor
l7ei towllectttiem. It fully Ied that
alt account, for servico. will be prenented fo pay
aunt in thirty dayK, and collected in aixty. .
Eugene City, April 5th, 167S. - . , r-
; Chas. M. Horn,
irMaia Ppnuririnir done id
the neatest stv'e ad Warranted.
Sewing . macnines, sues,
'Locks. ec' rtepiured-
Guns loaned and ammunition furnished.'
Shop od Ninth Street, opposite Star Brtery.
1 j. S. LUCKEY,
DBALER lit 1(
Clocks, Watches, Chains, Jewelry, etc,
.' Repairing Promptly Executed,
far All Werfk Warrnnted.j
Wrjlswette & Eighth Bts., Eugene City.
rFor Salcr.
Which are nicely locate.! and will be ld at abar
tain. X7. Vlliwooa
Ion and Stationery Storer
bare on hand snd am constantly receiving an
iMOrtment of the Bt School and Miwellsneoos
kooks. Stationery, Blank Books, PortfolU. Cards
Wallets, Blanks, Partmonnaes, etc-, te. All or
ders, promptly Hilled. A. 8. PATTERSON.
rrHX, DO WOEK CHitPEi tLaa any othet
I j in town.
Wit new material, n3 round. Besetting dd ibrm
C wata,
AH wartasite t t 1T iflresi'
Siop onElgMi fit, OBpbaite Hum
phrey'' EUMa--
i T dealer in
Stoves and Ranges,
Tin Ware,
' Shovels and Tongs, '
' Fenders $ Fire Dogs,
Cauldron . Wash Kettles.
, Hoilew, Iron and Copper Ware,
Driven Well k Force Pumps,
Lead and Iron Pipes,
Hose 'pes and Hog'
IN PACT, Ererythin; belonging to my bssi
ness, all of which I will sell at the
Of all Uses 4oo promptly and in a iatisfactlorr
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
By attention to baslnsss and honorable dealin
hope to merit a share or your patronage
'All peisoos knowing themselves in
debted to tne wiU please call and
BECKER & BOYD, Proprietors.
Dried Meat, of all kinds. Tard. Tallow.sto. WU1
ell Beef in chunk, from S to t cent.
AND ' .
In Dorris' Brick Building.
Walton 8c Lynch
Have formed a copartnership for the purpose of
carrying on a general . , .
Grocery and. Provision
Business, and wil! keep on hand a general as
sortment oT t .: : . '
Groceries. ' Provisions,
-.Tobsoca, Cigars,
Vuts, Candles,
Soaps, Candles,
Crockery, Notion .
Wood and Willow Ware.
Green and Dried Frnits,
Cured Meats,
. i Etc., Etc
Tbey propose to do business on a
Which means that
Low Prices are Established
Goods dellTertd trithoot charge tp Buyer
For Which
Eugene City Brewery
I. now prepared to fill all order, for
Come and ace for yonnelf.
A good article feed.
B. C. PENNINGTON, - Proprietor.
mtrta unfTT-ITKOWS I.AKDI.OHD has again
X tnVeo ehar of the A8fOE HOfbE, and liaa
re-Btted and re-fiirnUlied the ame, and will keep it
Mcond to bo house in the Put. You need not fenr
to give him a call, for hie table will be .upplied with
the be the eoantry affords. Charges reatombiu
Come one, come aU.
Real Estate For sale.
Farm and Grazing Lands
For Sale" oft Easy Terms.
Abo, notsB AND LOT Eurme.
Inqaire of
... geo. n. TnfcRsToar.
and Spinning.
rTivren PTTnrHABEDtba MaehinerT owned
H by C. GoodchUd, I am now prepared to nuke
all kinds of
At the Lowest living Rates.
Wasiiisgton, April 3, 187G.
The Demooratio oauous bill was of
fered on Tuesday last by Mr. Payne
of Ohio, and on a motion, to suspend
the rules received only 81 vdtes to
150 against it. Nearly all the votes
for the bill were from the Democratic
side of the house. But as was pre
dicted iu previous letters neither the
Hard-money oor the per tt greenback
men among the Democrats voted for
the bill, and it is now thought that
the finance question will be dropped
as Reno sometime since suggested.
The acuteness of the Republican par
ty leaders has never been more con
spicuously displayed than in the way
they have handled this finance ques
tion. They have lad absolute con
trol of all the departments oi the gov
ernment for fifteen years and were
the authors of the system of financo,
"the direful causo cf all our woe," and
now they deftly make of it a wooden
horse to introduce confusion into the
Domocralio citadel. Their Richard
sons, Chases and Boutwells could not
grapple with the monster they had
evoked and they evaded it Now
that tho Democrats control the llouao,
whose duty it is to grapple with such
questions, tbey force the issue and de
nounce the Democrats as "incompe
tent," because they do not at once
settle a question which Republicans
have been unable to in years of effort.
The Democrats would do well to (bl
ow the example set them by the Re
publicans for so mauy years and for
the present ignore the finance question.
Their whole efforts should be to re
store holiest and efficient government;
when this is done it will be time
enough to discuss obtuse questions of
finance. Success can only be attained
by perfect amity and that cannot for
the present be had upon this money
problem, therefore it should be se
verely let alone.
One of the House committees has
been investigating the management
of the Government insane asylum, and
it has been shown that while one
body of Republican patriots were
speculating upon the bones of dead
soldiers, another sot have been mak
ing fortunes by feeding insane men
and women upon rotten beef and
mouldy bread, clothing them in rags
and iorciug them to live in filth that
would turn the stomach of a well
bred hog. Suoh patriots should be
in the language oi the Cincinnati plat
form of 1872, "relegated" to private
ife. :
General Custar has been before the
committee on war expenditures ana
has testified to the corruption of post
traders and to the manner in which
they robbed officers and soldiers to
enable them to make money enough
to pay Orv 1 Grant, Belknap, and the
other black mailers. Several of the
post traders have testified to their
having been assessed and forced to
pay sums ranging from one to tour
hundred dollars tor political purposes.
With the whiskey ring busted and
the post-traders fieed from the system
of blackmail, the campaign fund of
the Republicans will not be so large
as it was in 1S7Z. . .
It has come to light that Robeson
has been construing the bankrupt
house of Jay Cooke, McCnlloch and
Co. as the fiscal agents of the navy in
Europe, and $200,000 of the drafts of
Pav-master General Bradford, who is
kept in plain violation of law in Lou
don, have lately come out as having
been paid out of funds intended tor
other purposes. There has been more
"crookedness" in the navy thaa in
any' other department, but it is harder
to trace because Kobeson has covered
up his tracks too well. Whitthorne
is on Ins track like a sieutn-bouna
and will bag his game before long.
Attorney-General Pierrepont seem
to be on "the ragged edge," for not
only is the committee disclosing some
very discreditable lacts s to Ills de
partment, but there has arisen a ques
tion of veracity between him ana the
President as to the letter written to
the District Attorney in relation to
implicated witnesses and which Bab
cock stole a copy of aod published.
The articles of impeachment against
Secretary Belknap have been prepared
and reported. The evidence is amply
sufficient to codvict bim and the trial
will commenco next week. The
House is now boldio? night sessions
to consider the executive, legislative
and judicial bill ; tome opposition has
been developed among
the Demo-
cratio members
but there is no doubt
tbat the bill will rr ss substantially as
the committee' reported it, and that
six millions of dollars will be saved
to the government by iu becoming a
law. Should it bo defeated, there
.tangibility must reH, ,?pon the lie
publican Senate for continuing the
useless expenditure of $6,000,000 per
anaura.7 The entire force of the ad
ministration seems to be brought to
bear to secure Conkling delegates to
the Cinoipnali Convention and the
Democrats ought to heartily aid in
this movement for no other candidate
except Morton could be so easily
beaten as "the favorite son of New
York.'? i ' ;' . ., i ,
Last night the House elected Messrs.
Lord, Knott, Jenks, Hyndo, McMa
hon, Wheeler and Hoar to raanago
the impeachment case. The two last
named are Republicans aud all are
good lawyers. Secretary Belknap
has employed ex-Senator Matt. Car
penter and other distinguished law
yers to conduct his defence. They
will first plead to Mie jurisdiction,
claiming that Belknap's resignation
prevents impeachment. This is an
interesting question that has nevor
vet been before the Senate and tho
judgment on it will be looked for
with interest by all parties. It is
thought that the legal question raised
will be decided without any partisan
ship. The bill making silver dollars
a legal tender in all sums np to fifty
dollars, and smaller silver coins in all
sums to twenty-five dollars, passed
the house on Friday. The Treasuror
is authorized to issue these coins for
the redemption pf fractional currenoy.
The Chi istiancy resolution, a substi
tute for that of Senator Morton di
recting an investigation of the Mis
sissippi election,' passod the Senate by
a nearly strict party vote. Senator
Key of Tennessee, tho only Democrat,
voting lor the biil. C. S. Bell, for.
merly of Jackson, Mississippi, testi
fied that he had been employed as a
detective in the Interior department
and was sent by the President and
Attorney-General to St. Louis to act
&S a spy upon District Attorney Dyer,
lie says that the Private Secretaries,
Babcock and Luokey paid him to
steal any papers he might find in Dy
er's ofliue that would convict Bab-
cook. .
One item of news from Europe is
portentious. it is said that tho czar
of Russia will soon abdicate in favor
of the Czaroveitch. The former has
been the steady friend of the Emperor
William and Bismarok. and the latter
is well known to have an antipathy
to everything German. Several of
the Russian papers are openly advis
ing the Servians and Montenegrins to
assist tho Herzegovinians. The Czar
oveitch is one of the ablest generals
in Europe and is supposed to have
ereat military ambition. The pur
chase of the Suez canal by England to
strengthen her position in England,
and the great accossion to the power
of the German Empire have aroused
the jealousy of the Russians, and it is
thought that this movement portends
au effort to extend the Russian Em
pire to the Bosphorus and consolidate
its power by establishing a Solavio
Empire on the borders of Germany.
Such a resolution upon the part ol
Russia would pluo:;e all Europe into
the bloodiest war of centuries.
Cubshks, Or., April 18, 1876.
To theEdioth Ooabd:
1 see.b? the lust Guard that the ootids
script of the Long Torn postoffice is again
on the wins;. That your readers may the
better understand tbs sitnation I will stale
that about a year ago the people of three dis
tinct points oo this aide of the county peU
tiniwd tlis P. 0. D. at Washinetoo for the
establishment or no office at each of tbem.
Appreciating the necoB.ity thereof Mr. Un
derwood kindly vokintwred his intercession
anrl the nwtitioni were eranted. No sooner
was this done than the boodlam of the Long
Tom portoffiee, fearing a decrease of revenue,
and reeling outraged Decause ine peopie nun
dared to act without first cousulung the
good plwusore of bis royal biuhoesa, Immedi
ately flew to pieces, cursing, without stint,
all of the Inhabitants of the country around
for tbpir audacity. The officials ol the Crow
nrotofficA warn the first obiects of bis dis-
nloasure. 8o outrageous (ltd Ilia coonduct
become that (he eood folks of that place,
fearlul of the wrath to cotno, secured the
services of physician to watch biro, as
shown by the following conrnunication to
il.a riiTiiin at that time: "Tbe Dosimaster
of Lone Tow is on the verge of insanity j
tbat Dr Canada? kfpt his borse saddled
mVht anrl dav It-si his rTBiDtoms becomedao-
tfMrona."eu!. This too. suppressed. la due
e . , - . . .
time our tarn csmo.
In Kruno of Jonel3tl. 1875. article bead
i -na Torn Ahead." be saili lllto our af-
lections, In subiunce as ioiiows: - j nav uio
a postmaster in virtue of sis official capacity
.wore in his owo depo'.r; ao l a Sunday
p. . m r i . I.
vhnnl nrenn ized at which a man was object
ed to as superintendent bcaos be couldn't
prsyetc. A l was me uhij utTiij uu
ls,re Tom at the time, and aa be had re-
CecUMf opoo the good sense and Intelligence
nf n whole eommunitv as well, 1 believed it
bat ah act of jnstice to myself and neighbors
that ail individual who baJ so little toosidr-
aiion for the ferlinirs of others should be re-
hnkfd. In tJnrn cf June 26tb 1 replied,
touching gentif a Wcf ;is' ilstirjTisbinjr,
charactt-riHtics. and cuirzlng bin! as follows:
Ifl saying tbat on Long Tom there is a port
miater who swore in bis own depaty be
(Hnston) asserted what be knew va ra anso-
i , . .. ... i n,h words. 1 charged
j hjm i,B girting a willful lie. The week
following came bi rejoio.W, con'aioing
nothing but a few silly attempts at witticism
and a pitiifu! wail over lbs Ingratitude, of
rtfinoiic re baa served so long 'tod well
Having failed to answer the most material
charge, that of falsehood, I dropped the mat
ter. The affair had about escaped my mem
ory until a few weeks ago he sent me a let.
ter asking ror au explanation. , I answered
that I had no explanation to make, and that
relied upon the troth or each and every al
legation submitted as my only justification.
luriaermore anted Dim why he evaded ue
barge of lying lat summer when the contro
versy beean.' He repllod to the' other
charges, why lit this, the Bast damaging of
il, go npon the record unanswered I He
id not dure deny it pnblicly, but under cov
er Of ao envelope said he tlluded toother
parties. To this I replied, the two assertions
in reference to the deputy and the Sunday
school formed parts of the same proposition
that we were boors and to sustain tbe
truth of it he bad conpled ao incident tbat
bad occurred elsewhere near two years be
fore witb one that bad occurred here insin
uating that ibis was the scene ol both. No
other construction could be placed oo it.
the letter of it the spirit and reason of it
the r (Teot and consequences of it, all point
to tho (nine inevitable conclusion, tlis writ
ten, as wbII aa his nnwrittan. historv of the
west side offices confirms it and clearly points
out the motive tbut impelled it. .'
In the latter of 183 near three years
leforo the establishment or an office at Ibis
place n postmaster in the absence of a Jus
tice of the f twee swore In bis deputy, i his
was known only by the parties personally
concerned and two others in-the service of
the Department until told by one ol them in
conCnlene to Huston.' I Imve charged him
witb fulsxhood inasmuch as no other con
struction could be placed on the. paragraph
in UtMRD of June 19th, 1675. . have proved
is dnnlioity in trying to create the impres
sion hy insinuation that the incidents occur
red at one and tbe same place, and tbat, too,
supplementary to a betrayal of coufldence
most damnable in tho extreme in a private
letter dated February 28th be confesses tbat
tbe party who told bim the secret objected
to Ins using it. it asKod Dim ir toe party so
conBding bad given him permission to ase it
at tbe time, and in tbe manner , and form in
which hedid. I have since ascertained that
be did not. I then told him that the right
to use the secret was in abeyance that
though confided to him it belonged to the
pnrty giving it, and that he had violated the
rules ol honor by divulging it wtmout ins
permission. , lie has charged me who aetng
unfriendly to him. To this I answered that
I bad uniformly spoken well of bim except
in relation to tbe matter In controversy, and
bis coutemptiule habit or poking sticks at
his neighbors. 1 denied the charge, and told
bim that three different postmasters at as
many different times bad threatened to pub
lish him. One of these I persuaded not to
attempt It. Another bad ao article ready,
and by my advice it was destroyed. The third
in transitu to tbe ollice was haouea me lor
revision, but I refused to have anything to do
with it. I culled his attention to the fact,
but be only grew worse, calling mo tbe n
visor of these offices, and so educated bog
Thus you find, Mr. Editor, that I am not tbe
only one tbat has been wronged. I express
ed m v sorrow at Bndintr bim on tbe "ragged
edge" advising bim to keep bis pebbles In
bis pockets, for by doing so tbe luture imgni
yet have pleasant things in store for bim.
I he mora i aavisen, toe . more ne oowieo.
He then threatened me with Ins tongue,
with bis mm. with the courts, with clubs,
powder, if need be.' All this I could stand,
but when be proposed to call together a
whole precinct oo next, general election day,
tbat a whole community might no scanaai
ized on account of a persoual misunderstand
ng betweea two men, the proposition was so
mnnsfroms that I hastily indited the note
quoted by aim. ' As to being champion of
the Kund.j school, i am bat a senoiar mere,
As to beior tbe "Uolialb of all tbe enraged
depaUes," 1 will say they are well able to de-
lend themselves. AS to my came Dcing oe
fore the independent convention with my
consent two fears ego, he is an unmitigated
liar. As to my democracy, it win sot lose
by comparison with his. it is numsn to err,
but I have never beaten a poor uomo orate
near to death to satisfy a personal spito ;
have never held np to ridicule, tbe littlosbort-
comings of my ne ghbors; have tiver said
tbat it was a criminal o!Tice to buy postage
stumps at any other but the place at which
a person receives his mail, in order to in-
creaee m? revenue : have never sooijht to
ruin when 1 could not rule, as be has dooe.
liu'yd np by the proud conscionnness oi
never waving done wrong or injury to my
fellows, save in just retaliation for wrong or
injury sustained, I care not for the enmity
nor friendship of this vile brajrgart, and will
epstwe bim here that "lianquo ' ghost will
not down at bis bidding.": v ;
. j ; J. U. JJaSSOKD. ;
As both tbe parties interested in this
matter have now b-.o heard we suggest tbat
they proceed to settle the matter through
some channol other than newspaper. It
is ont of place to tlms ing personal matters
before tbe public Fd.
Oregon's Great Glacier.
. . From tba Oregvniaa.
UcKenzir Bunas, April 14tb, 1876.
As but a small minority of our citizens
can expect to
celebrate tbe Centennial
season wiid me uuanors, mero ue
many of tbe majority who are casting about
pjr the next thing to see or ao mat waj w$
worthy of so occasion wbicb at best cuo
occur bat once in a lifetime. To a small
imt 'anoreciative number of sucn let me
sogf et visit to the great glacier lying oo
the western slope of the rent' peak of tbe
Three Bisters where, standing ob a vertical
balfaiileof ice, bands and nostrils 'tisg'ioj
with ilwceeewswltoreaa.tbey marimjg'oa
themselves transported to tbe pole without
tbe perils of a northwest passage. Not
tbat the trip will be without its risks, but
thee will be small iu comparison with lis
On July 2Stb, last, with a friend I left
cairp at Lake valley oo tbe McKenzie
wagjo road at 5 A. M, and riditg seven
mie and walking three stood at 9 A. M.,
nn Oi. nr,rtk Mil if fha lu-tr. and a few
days later a iutnbtr of persons starting from
j Dear tbe same pi ace tci-k tbe ascent on foot
in seven, DQurs, by a (di(Tor sot route,' salt
most seem to be quite easy of access..
Once reached the lortbef ascent is bin
pastime, ooly requiring care to avoids the
enjvassos, which in places sre quite Moset tos
gether, but is they seldom intersect by ilg
t aging, tbe pedestrian can pass arouud
those be caunol jump over. ' Tbey vary in
width fiom thirty font to Barrow seams, and
are to common observation bottomless.
From tbe upper or south end of tbe gla
cier tbero is some- bard climbing to reach
the top of the middle peak, but oo one who
has bad tbe courage to reach this poiot will
stop short of the summit., ,
Tbe 'peculiar form of the mountain alone
must account for the existence of so large,
aa tee field at in small ao altitude. Its
length, north and south, is about four miles,
witb an Irregular width of a mile. A bigh.
rocky ridge extending noith for five Biles
Irom middle inuuuuin, supports and soroeos
l.lroiin theiqn oo the west, and the sheer
w ill or tbe norm mountain shades it almost
till noon, wliilu its eutire sarfuoe Is so incline
d plane tlieiMing northward at ad angle of
!f) pVurees. Of us rate of motion little It
knowr, but Its t if abrasion is on the east
em edge where it comes in contact with tbe
bluff of tbe north mountain. , Immense mas
ses of debris .ru carried northward snd dei
posited in winrows upon tbe margin as well
as tbe surface of the ice current Stretch-
Inn westwurd for miles from its northern ex.
tremity, are its anoient moraines, deposited.
at a period in geology more favorable to III
operations than the present. . ,:
YY hen it Is considered that to this agency
we owe the irraoful lines and carves or.
every bill, if not tho alluvium of all our far?
tile valleys, the glacier cboald be an object
ol popular as well as scieuQflc interest., ,.
yuue as interesting, nowever, is tne vol
canic system of this Immediate region, for it
Hre bad not Drat built up tbe mountains,
water could not crumble them down. Hav
ing examined perhaps twenty extinct voice-,-
noes, 1 have fouud tbat in the ros only of
cases one side or the other has blown out
leaving a semicirole or a perpendicular wall
to represent the crater. Thonjh scarcely
willing to believe such to be the case, I fonni
il true of both tbe Middle aod JNortU bis-,
tors. 1 be south mountain, also a volcano,
still retains the perfect form. ''' "';"'.
On the lOtli of September, last, sooo after
the first autumn ruin, it was my good for,
tune to view from" tbe summit of the north
inosntain the ponfra! features of almost oar
entire State without hindrance front cloud or
smoke. The svyeep of vision seem 3d almost
boundless, Including all tbo peaks northward
upon this range, tne mountain: system oi
Eastern Washington, the Willamotte valley.
coast nngo end ocean on the west and tbe).
spire of Shasta on the south. ' Wlib a target.
neld-glass, Mount lynuall. fpid by Voun
Muir to bo the .highest land incrto
America, might have beon brought la sight.,
, Should any reader of this imperfect sketch,
who poseeses oven a modicum of enthusiasm
be led by it to seek find and a lilce entertain
ment here or elsewhere, yot and I, Mr. Editor,'
will share bis thanks. To view at rbiladel.
pbia the collected evidences of our national,
progress and prosperity will be even a great,
er cause for enthusiasm, aud stolid tho
American in whose brest either scene will not.
kindle tbe patriot, wbile it slides ttjs. par
tisan, sectarian and provincial. i,
Professor T. M, Uutcb has expressed bit
intention of visiting tbe glacier tbn Bummer
in company witb othor gentlemen of scien-t
tlflo attainments, and Mr. Buys, editor of the
Eugene Guard, will repeat bis visit of tail
season, having then only seen enough., to
fairly arouse bis Interest. Prof. ,1'yndalL
"Ob tbe Forms of Water,' makes most ex-''
cedent reading, but, aa to tie child the neo
agerie is better then the picture, buok.-ao
nature outlectures Tyndall. " ' "'
! ,. u. nv, ..i .. p.y.RM-Rgwr"
., , Kewr York City PoiltrW ;
A correspondent ol the Philadel
phia Ledger, writing under! date of'
the first says:'. ' 1. fno it twos
Present indications' point to a bit-
ter struggle in the approaching Demr?
ocratic Slate Convention between thejj
Tammany and' n'ntl-Tanimanr fao-.v
tions from' this city.' .The latter are'
leavini no stone unturned to" rftrtd'1
their atrongest men' jtnd o'. perfect,l
their organization'. With' ; IcadefaV
like John Morribsey, Who hrtVe beert'n
careful to make themselves "popular).
with tho working-men and trades br'-
ganizations,' Mr. Kelly1 wilf BaV3!
plenty ol work: on bin hands uliocr- '
pects to exclude them froin'th'e jCca- J
vention. Morrissey is ' a strong t
Tildon man, and as Kelly, is under- (
stood to be weakening on that point.
it - would riot be : sufpnsiHg if the '
Governor's friends should v'oto to ad-i
mit the former to' seats iu heCon'i
vention. , - ,.,!i. $
It may alsb'be stated' thai tLe'anti-
Tammany fafction have determined
if they cannot haye their ewrt way1 it'
Utica to run an iudependeut caadU'a
date for Mayor at the next election,",:
lb which case it is uhdurstool Coa- (J
trailer Green will be their man.
There is some talk about covert "p"
port for Green from what ara ' called
tbe Custom House Republicans,: but 'J
there is nothing in that, so far asonel
can judge of what is on tbesurfaoaof
things. New York pbliticsi'provcrb- ;
blly, are as complicated as a Chinese ''
puzzle, but one thing usually w plamvi
u .v:i- .t... rik -.tni"rf
have no compunction about joinings '
hands with each other,' under coyer, ,
when it is their mutual interest to do"
so, the more thoroughly to ptuck" tho' f
public goose. " 1 - - '
The Odd Fellows of tVashicgtOQCOunmre -waking
arrangrneDts Tor railroad exenr-
si on to et. Jo on tbnir nxt a 'inivesary," "
A ptil 26. They expect to b "pe ial at ;
half fare rates, and invite everybody. .