The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, April 15, 1876, Image 1

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' ' ; established fq& the sisseimatioj of BsxdctiTic principles, md to' obi u honest umr. bt mmn ok ocr brow
1- . .( !.'-('
$2.50 per year IN AOYANCE.
7 I, 1 PI' YA I 1 7 V
MLYllii I'i
advertisementa inserted u follows t
HSAlara, 10 Unci or lew, oat Insertion 1; each
attteiuenttnaertionli.' Cash, required In advance
Tin alvertier will be cUarjed at the fallowing
rrt"11" '
One eqaar three month" ' ..... 18 0D
" "i : aixrnontlia. ...... ... SIM)
" 11 onejreur ...... U 00
Transient notice in local column, to centa per line
tf tck iaaertion. .
iaVertislhg bille will be renderfcd quarterly.
All lob wV)r must b tkt Hon rm dAivkbt.
,, ,r . ,f ,POSTOFFICE. ,
Ofle Ho'im-Vrom J a. m, to 1 p.ra. Buadays
fri.ttoS:Jp,m. -.. - .
Hail arrives from the aouth and leuvoa iroing north
10 a. m. , Ajriivee (rrnii the north ami Inarm guing
south at :3 p. m. for Mukmw. ianun ana douu;
T itn. eleM at I a.H-' on Wednea 'ay. 1 or Crawt'oida
Villa, Ctuap Creek and iiruwiuTilie at 1 r.u. ....
Letter will be nsulv for delirery h ilf an hour after
m rival of trains, tattera should beleftaith. orHoe
tmehourbefure muila depart. '
1 r.f. ; .-")
, t :
BeVi C.imxif.-H. (J. Daveltport, pa?lor. Sori
Vheaererf Hnnduv at 11 a. m. and 7 p. in, Sunday
Pfhool at 4 p. m. Prayer meeting eveiy Friday
V. 8. Chdech A. 0. Faimhila, Pastor, Bervicea
M, IQ:3U a.m. and 7:50p.m. .
CniTiu-O. il.. Whitney, Faator. 6ervicea by
pedal announcement. .
" KOCi
Euokkr Lona
mi a
A. F. and A. M.
.Veetaurat and
rlnesdaya in eaok
, month. ...
(jois, BfKMrrn ijcttk ujno iio. w i. u.
eneeta on the 3d and 4th Welnedaya in each month.
ailoiiEi: in ; CQCsmioiu at. law,
Office on'VVilianietie' street; Eugene City.
Ml 0;i;A.:. MILLER;
O.'SIshll EuRewi.City, Or.i'; . ' 'j . i
Underwood' Brick Buitdinjr, Up Stnirn.
aijrv Respecting offers his services to
ka, V:v:. the citizens of tli plaennd viein
UjffTTTr it v. In all the branches of his pio
ssion. The latest Impiurements In
Plate Work
cxeunted In a satisfactory manner.
BTOCK IS CASH, and AU Work Must be Paid
r on Delivery.
DR. P. WE13H lian opened Dental rtoom
perirantl In Underwmid'a building. EiiRene
City, and respectiully aollciu a share oi the pb-
Inference by permission, Dr. J. K. Oardwell,
Tortland, Oregon.
.'i $:"! l": -"i. ..; '.I
OflI Ninth Street, opposite tbe St.
v Charle Hotel, aud at Hcsldeiice,
JElTGi-KNIC CITY.' orkgon.
0R. GE0. W. COELL.
Office Up Stain, first North or Astor IIoiikj,
Tor eoawnienee of aelf and patrons all hooka mi
aoeounU will be left in charge of O. M. COOPER,
Eaq.', opponite the aume itore; who is folly anthor
iiei to colltet tbe aame. ' It la tully erpected that
all acoounta for aervicw will be prunterl for pay
ment ia thirty days, and oollected in aixty. ;
u(ene City, April 4th, lb" 5. , .
Chas. M. Horn,
,deal;:r iN guns,,
"and Materials. Uepariring done in
the neattiv'e a'id Warranted.
Semlng Machine", sales,
'LocU. rlc , ttepmred.
GunJ loaned and ammunition furnished.
Shop on Ninth Street, opposite Star Bikery.
Clocks, Watches,' Chains Jewelry, etc.
, Jiepairitj"; Promptly EvicuteJ." . '
rj-lUWerk Warranted.)
' J.S LU''KK7. -
WilUnelU 4 Eighth 8t., Eujene Ciiy. .
;' Fr Sale.
- Dwrx-i-nfa houses, X
Whkh an Biurly lootJ and will be mji at a bar
rain. - Terma et-.y. Kaquii at nirw oft .
" .... ..... , i. B. USOEUWOOD.
i M and
have on band end ss comuntly rweivisg an
swrtmentof the Bt Kchool and Misoelianeona
books, BUtiooery, BUok Books. Portf'li.,'rd
Wallets, Blanks. PartmennaM, etc-, etc.- Ur
ders, promptly dilled. A. 8. PtTTERSitX.
... . is THE
TTTTLLDCt VOBK CHEAP EE than aay otixr
TT shup la tKn- .
Witk botp saaaerial, M round. Seaettiaf aid aboea
I V aaiu.
All warraated t fit aal ltrf'fi '
EHop oa Eighth st, or?uiw Ham
: . parey'8 .Stable.
!.. , r ... . r . I.,.,.,
I " : DEALER IX' ..!..!
! , : : -v.-.,.- . i. . .!.!:
Stoves and Ranges, ' "' ; ;;
; Tin Ware,
1 "I i
1 Shovels and Tongs,
; Fenders ft Fire Dogs,
Cauldron 4' Wash Kettles.
' Hollow, Iron and Copper Ware,
Driven Well & Force Pumps, 1 j.
, . Lead and Iron Pipes, .
Hoso "pes and Hose
IN FACT, llverything belonging to hiy bom
xet, all of which I will sell st the ' " :
5 t job: wobk O A
Of all kinds done promptly and In a satisfaction1
..'. ' fi ' AND ' ! .- ;
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
, By attention tn husitisMM snd honorable dealin
hope to merit a share of your patronage
(0 i i v. ; DRN. P. DoriRis.
,! All pet tons khowintf themselves in
tlcbted c me wi'l please cull and ,
. 3.KD0RRIS. '
BECKER '& BOYD, Proprietors.
' Dried Meats of all kin ls. laitl, Tllow,to. Will
sell ikut m chunk, lium 3 to 5 cents.
AND , .
In Doris' Brick Building.
Walton & Lynch
Have formed a copartnership for the purpose ol
carrying on l general ' '
Grocery and Provision
Buviness, and wil' keep on band a general aa
son ment of 3'v J
Groceries,.' Provisions,!'
Tobacco, Cigars,
1 "' ' ' Nuts, ' Candies,
' . .. Soups, ' . Candles,
" ' Crockery, Nutlon
.'' r Wood and Willow Ware.'
Green and Dried Fruits, i
i rr,i-r 'jEWj Etc.
! Tbey propose to do business on
Which means that
Low Prices ' are Established :
Goods delivered without charge to Buyer
For Vhich
Eugene City Brcwcrj.
I now prepared to fill all orders for
Come and sr for youraelf.
A good article needs
recommendation. t
B. C. PENNINGTON, . Proprietor,
rpm? TV:XT,-OOWN T.tyDT.OrD bis a?ain
L uVm'hanorthAHrOR HOl'HE. and baa
ie-uttal and rr-iiiiaisliel the same, and will kep it
aerond to no house in the Mat. You need not fear
to (-ire bi.-a a .all. tor his table will l utplK1 with
the Imt the cuimtry afiords. Charges rrasonabk'
Come one, -ome oil.
Real Estate For sale.
Farm and Grazing Lauds
JFor Sale .Qn E.'wy Terms.
Also, HOISE AXD LOTS in EufenaL '
. ' Iaqoire ot , i ' j ;''
Carding and Spinnin
fTATINS PURCHASED the Maehinery owned
II by C. Goodcbild. I ata now prepase (
all kinds of
Per enoir
At the Lowest Living Rates.
EUGENE QITY. 0REG0Niie7n "rebel", to designate southern'
. . . V. 'l ' I ' lJ i ' I
i.'i," -'.J h:u .'.T-! n -i tl.
Wasuisgton, Marph 27, 1876. i(
jrarh, the .ranch abused , ond long
desired witness has returned from
Canada.! He arrived on Wednesday
and has been before the Judiciary
Committee. lie, does not seem en
tirely assured oi bis safety, for in giv
ing his testimony hi is restless nfd
uneasy. Tliis is the result of the lo
tion ol President Grant and Attorney
General Pierrepont. . Marsh says that
Mr. Clymer did not tell him to go
away and that bn had no intention of
leaving the country . when he left
Washington, So that it appears that
all. ti e abuse headed on Clymer for
Marsh's disappearance is mere radical
venom, . Mrs. Marsh has also testified
and there is sucL a chain of evidence
from a cloud of witnesses testifying
to substantially the same fuels, that
the conviction ot Belknap is assured
The committee, it is said, w.ll report
tbe articles of impeachment on Wed
nesday. ' ' ' : ;
Ex-Senator Stewart's testlmouy be
fore the Committee on Foreign At
lairs in regard to the Emma mine
swindle is the most amusing and in
teresting ever given sinco Sam Wel
ter testified in 'the great case of Bar
dell' vs. ; Pickwick.' (See Charles
Dickens' reports.) i The ex-Senatoi
clothes hi answers in useless verbiage
that would require the ingenuity of
one of the proverbial "Philadelphia
awyers" to discover the meaning.
He evidently believes with Tallyi and,
"that words were invented to conceal
thoughts." Ex-Minislcr Schcnk is
here but up to to day has been (so he
tiiys) too unwell to appear before the
The Kitchen Cabinet organs have
delighted: in harping on what they
call the want' ot action in the House,
yet tiny say nothing about an act
which origiuated in artopulhoiu Sen
ate a few days ago and which for ut
ter stupidity, impracticability and
want of statesmanship, has not had
its parallel $inoe the session began.
I allude to the bill of Senator Ilaniliti
regulating the tranbinission of third
class mail matter. It will be remem
bered what a faux pat tho earao gen
tleman made last session when he
raised the rate on that species ot'mat
ter from one to two cents per ounce
be now proposes a elidiug scale.
making the price ot this class of mat
ter depend upon the distance it is car
ried, and the postmaster is to be judge
of the price. It adopted, such a law
could only result in total confusion,
besides offering inducements and jp
portuni'.ies to 'postmasters to steal.
Every newspaper jo the country' is
ridiculing the proposed law, and its
author's name will be handed down
as the champion bluuderer of the
limes. Our post office Department
must bo wretchedly managed as there
is a deficiency oi ten million dollars.
It is expected that the Patent office
will soon . receive the atten',ion of a
committee. It seems to be admitted
that no reduction should be ' made in
the force in this office, or in the pay ,
of the clerks, because tbe office is
more than self sustaining and the em
ployes have to be skilled men who
are entitled to good salaries. ..Tbe
work of the committee will be to dis
cover what dinpoHuion is made oi the
large S'liplus received every yeat. It
is thought that some interesting de
velopments, of money paid to outside
parlies, will be made. The law re
quires that each department or bureau
shall publish each year an exact slate
ment giving the name of each em
ploye and the amounts paid to each,
together with other expenses incurred.
This has not been done in the Patent
office since 1861, and there is proba
bly "a large sized bnj under ' that
chip."' Senator Cockling has violated
another bur by appearing before the
appeal board ol the Patent office and
arguing a case ol interference between
patentees.- Oi course the Senator,
vrboM bare word could dism'ss any
member of tbe board, gained the case.
The insolence of Blaine as the Repub
lican leader in the House Las become
almcat unbearable, aod il received a
wholesome check on Thursday from
Mr. Yeatman of North Carolina, who
deprecated the cont'nm! ufe of the
men in ' the Confederate army. He
claimed for himself and bis southern
compatriots as much patriotism and
love of the union as was to be found
among the Republicans. He showed
that no sooner did a scuthero man
become a Republican as Ilolden of
N. C. and Longstreet hadd one,, thnn
at once they were no longer rebels,
all taint being removed, and that the
only reason for the use of this term
was that the people of the somii
would not accept the teachings of re
publicanism. In other words that
they were "rebels" against Republican
domination aod not against the coun
try. Nothing of interest has occurred
iu either House. Tho legislative ap
propriation bill is being discussed and
will bd passed as reported. The Sen
ate will not agree to it and a grand
fight may be expected. Peso.
We print in another column, says
tho New York Jmtld of the lCth
ult., a detailed history ol transactions
as scandalous as any which have lately
shocked and disgusted tho courtrv.
The scene of these transactions is ro
distant that remoteness may have its
usual I'ttect in blunting public inter
est, and the perpetrators perhaps re
lied on this Very remoteness to cover
up and conceal their misdoings. The
company, which, six or seven veal's
ago, was awarded a monopoly of the !
tur trade in Alaska is making money
by millions, nnd could have afforded
to pay roundly for the illegal favorit
ism by which it was put in possession
ot its bonanza. By law this lucrative
monopoly was requited to be uiven to
those who would make the highest bid
fur it; but, in detiauco of law and
against the official opinions of two
successful Attorney-Generals, Secre
tary lioutwell awarded it to the par
ties making tho lowest bid. Nobody
knows the reason for Mr Boulwell's
illegal decision: but anybody who ex
amines t!ie fuels will see that it is a
decision lor which the favored party
could have afforded to pay a largo sum
of money. It is certain that the bid
most favorable to the Government
was rejected, and that the Alaska
Commercial Company, which put in
the lowest bid, was awarded the piiv-
ilege lor twenty years, in defiance of
law and the official opinions ol Attor
ney General Hoar and Attorney-Gen
eral Akerman. It is the plain duty of
Congress to investigate Mr. Bon'.. well
and give him an' opportunity to ex-
uiaiu mat illegal transaction ami
clear himself of the suspicions which
naturally arise out of the fact The
let.uled statements, supported by
documentary proofs, which wo print
this morning place tho ex-Secretary iu
a light in which he cannot afford to
stand. ... , ,
The price of admission to the exhi
bition in Philadelphia will be 50 cents,
payable in one note. The receivers at
the recording turnstiles i will have
nothing to do with the notes, except
to decide whether they are good or
bad, and to drop them into the boxes,
where eacl) one will register "itself.
An exchange office of the Centennial
National Bank .will bo established
near each entrauce, to change money
lor visitors not having 60 cent notes.
This money changer will be expect
ed to have no more and no less .mon
ey when his work is done than when
he began. The Centennial Commission
after much inquiry and careful con
sideration, concluded that the whole
stem, absence of season tickets and
all was cheaper and more secure
against fraud than any other known.
In order, that the cash in the boxes
may correspond with the indicators,
a dollar" jiote will not be received at
any gate for the admission of two per
sons, nor two twenty-five cent notes
for that of one person. ? .No intelli
gent visitor, however, with the facili
ties afforded, need get into the "cue,"
an arrangement to keep in single file
those about to enter, unprovided with
the required note. In the event of a
resumption ot specie payments prior
to or doing tho exhibition the rule-
will be amended to meet demands.
This is "just how il is" in the New
York SW . opinion: Tho United
States Senate, with its Radical major
ity, aftt-r years of discussion, has fi
lially rvjs-cled lite claims of Pinchbaek
tc a sent in that body cm the ground,
deliberately stated, that the pretend
ed Legislature which went through
the formality of electing him was a
frand. Now if this legislature was a
fraud, it i plain that KetlogV pre
tence to be Govenor of Louisiana is
equally fraudulent; yet on two differ
ent occasions President Grant, with
out any authority of law, has used
the army of the United States to
keep this dishonest usurper in power
despite the electors of the State, who
twice rejected him at the polls.
The T-phnliji who fava thirty abnr-m-'i!i
in tha BlunMnbTir njoatur to
i P.f Cmror In h.l rl..n!i.Lluli. W4 Pfof.
A Letter to JTeflerann'1. Offering to
steal a ii.
'jont -'A
; of Smret Itiatoif" !h Serlbner'a
Camp Oka nob, August 8, 18G3.
Ilr. President Your letters of
1:8th July and 2d August have been
received, ami i have waited lor a
loisuro hour to reply, but I fear that
will never come. 1 am extremely
obliged to you for the attention
given to the wants of this army, and
the ettorts mado to supply them
Our absentees are returning, and I
hope the earnest and beautiful appeal
made to the country in your procla
mtition may stir up tho whole people,
and that they may see their duty and
perform it. Nothing is wanted but
that their fortitude should equal their
bravery, to insure the success of our
cause. Wo must expect reverses,
even defeats. Thoy are sent to leach
t's wisdom and prudence, to call for'.li
greater energies, and to prevent our
fulling into greater disasters. Our
people have only to be true and
united, to bear manfully the misfor
tunes incident to the war, and all will
come right in tho end.
I know how prone we aro to cen
sure, and how ready to blame others
tor the non liilhllmenl ot our expecta
tions. This ia unbecoming iu a gen
erous people, nnd 1 grieve to see its
expression. Tho general remedy for
tho want of success in a military com-
i . . i i fin-
i iiiiiuuur is ins removal, una ia uuiur-
al, and iu many instances proper.
For no matter what may bo the
ability ot tho officer, if he loses the
confidence of his troops, disaster
must sooner or later ensue.
I have been prompted by these re
flections more than once sinco my
return from Pennsylvania to propose
to your Excellency the propriety of
seleuliug another commander tor this
army. I have- scon and heard expres
sions of discontent in the public
journals at tho result of the expedi
tion. I do not know how far this feel
in j extends in the army. My broth
er officers have been too kind to re
port it, aud so far the troops have
been too generous to exhibit it.. It is
fair, however to suppose that it does
exist, and success is so necessary to
us that noth ng should be risked to
seuuro it. I, therefore in all sincerity,
request your Excellency o take meas
ures to supply my place. I do this
with the more eamostuess because no
one is more awaro than myself ot my
inability for theduliesol my position.
I cannot evon accomplish whist I my
self desire. How can I lullill tho ex
pectations of others? In addition, I
sensibly feel the growing failure ot
my bodily strength. I have not yot
recovered Ironi the attack I experi
enced the p:ist spring, I am becom
ing more ami more incapable of exer
tion, and am thus prevented from ma-J
king tho personal examinations an. I
giving the personal supervision to tho
operations in the Held which' I feel to
be necessary. I am so dull that in ma
king use of the eye of others lam
frequently misled. Everything thjre
toru points to the advantage to be de
rived Ironi a new commander, and I
tho more anxiously ur;e the matter
upon your Excellency from my belief
that a younger ud abler man than
myself may readily bo obtained. I
know that ho will have as gallant and
brave an army as ever existed to sec
ond his 'i Hons, and it would bo the
happiett day of my life to see at its
head a woitliy leader; one that would
accomplish more than I could per
form, and all that I have wished. I
hope yoar Excellency will ittribute
ray request to the true reason, the do
sire to serve my country, and to do
all in my power to insure the suoce-e
ot hur riglhioiis cause.
I have no complaints to make of
sny ono but mysell. I have received
nothing but kindness from those
above me, and tho most considerable
attention from my comrades and com
panions in arms. To your Excellen
cy I am specially indebted forunifoim
kindness and consideration. You
have done everything in your power
to aid mi in the work committed to
my charge, without omit'ng anything
to promote the general welfare. ' I
Cray that your eO'orts may at length
o crowt.el wiih success, and that
you may long live to enjoy the thanks
of a grateful people.
With sentiments of great esteem,
I am yery respectfully and truly
yours, It. E. Lee, General.
His Excellency Jefferson Davis,
President Confederate States.
The warfare between the Pacific Mail Snd
the Panama Railroad Cnmpwn- is waxing
warm. In consqnenca of (be indubteiJoesi
of the former to the latter company, the
Utter demand payment in advance; for
freight transported across the wlhmos, and
the rales have been increased. This erip-
.lf the interest of the I aciDC Mail Lorn
paoy, aod iher bate (rone to law about it.
The Hoom Appropriation Committee)
have struck the Bail ou the bead at last, by
Miihk to appropriate moner for the con
pU-ti-.n of the Navy and War Departments,
llalicock ha anything to do with hand
bnirth.mnnpv an.l in ronaennene. Uab -
exk i expected u resign bis offices about
MrWati ra. i. .
On the 19ih of June, 1875, there appeared
ia tho 'JuarO a paragraph relating to some
slight "Informalities" tn a Sunday school and
t po.'t office oa Long Tom -'but what of
these trilling informalities I " Tbe week fob
lowing tbe publication of thit paragraph a
thin skinned Individual the Ooliatb of Long
Tom and champion deputy rushes into
print with much more soul than truth and
violently assailed the good came, character,
honor, honesty snd behavior of a certain den
izea and P. M. on Loot; Tom.. Hear him t
"There is a resident in the bogs of lbs Coy
ote an idiotic pcnny-a-lioer who see mi to be
terribly Wroth over tbe establishment of
post office at this place. Who de
lights to roust upon me wrongs and sorrow!
he may engcudtti1, is ever and anon creating
discord by eeuking to destroy the rights of
bis neighbors. 1 1 last effort Is now being
nmdo to deprive a large body of bis fellow
c'nizena" (lllotic penny-a-liners, of course, in
the bogs of Coyote, eh T) "of mail facilities
or force them to pay tribute, etc. . .
This thing seems to think that ibis part of
the county should have but oae office as
llii'te is but one person capable of running1 It.
In suylnjr that n Long Tom there is (was)
postmaster who swore in his own deputy, be
averted wlnit he knew to be absolutely
miai, a.u., ai. uiv, air, nuiio- a wuum
much rather be the subject than the author :
of such stuff, I bare s word o two to say :
in e.vp a lation. The patigrapb of June 19, ,
1875, wua true to the letter, yot "Truth" ,
how ironical asserted that part of it was
absolutely falsi." Knowing tbst deputy
"Truth" was angry and ignoran of soma1
fucu in this world wise as he is I con
eluded to let him cool and then ssk bira to.:
explain his charges quoted above, privately.
In the meantime he discovered (bat there'
were and bud been othur deputy postmasters
on Long Tom bosidus his honor. In due
lime 1 informed him that I thought' bis
charges very broad and unjust, lis replied
thai ha would ruly upon the allegations '
made, etc. 1 informed bun that bis allega
tions were entirely false. To this he replied
that they were'well established' facts, some
ol them of common notoriety. Thereupon I .
made this proposition to bim ; That I would
leave the question ol the truth or falsity of
hia churges to my neighbors tbe Very per-'
sons whose rights 1 hud beeu seeking to du-i;
slroy as hesuje aud that be might choose
six, twelve or twenty of them, as he bsw fit
To this be replied like a true tiuuday school;
champion, thus: ' . ..
"Ma. Dam onu-Oo west, Touuj rinn.go weat-
"P. b.-Ooto'I..'"
Now if "Truth,""suronined J. G. II d of
Cheaher pnstoffice were only an ordinary cit
izen 1 might bear bis calumny and contume- :
ly meekly; but he is not, fur besides being,
the champion of tbe Sunday school ol sixty'
scholars, deputy postmaster, tbe Goliath of
all the enraged deputies on Long Tom. who'
sought my scalp last June, and a professor,
ol learning, he was a candidate for School
Superintendent before the 'Tndetendeutoon'
ventlon" two years ago and the nominee for
that position ol the Democratic convention'
the same venf, Now, cons d. 'ring all the'
circumstances, ( leure tbe public to decide
whether bis assertions or mine wore and are.
true.. Tbe statements I make and have'
made I stand ready to prove, aud 1 also
stand ready to prove what l eave quoted of
Truth's communication, to be utterly, shame-,
fully false, unmuhly and unprovoked, for he,
is comparatively a stranger here ant!
neighbor of mine, knowing little of or about ,
me, except what lias beeu stufitid into hit
malicious bead by persons who would rather '
hear him tell a lie about me than bear me
tell the truth about him. I may have com-,
nutted many errors in my lile, yet I claim to
have manhood and courage enough to face
my enemies and to tejl and defend the IrutD
and to denounces hypocrites, dupes and
cowards whenever I ffud them. Yours etc.,
Lomo Tom P. M.
Tli. House of Craat.
The New York World is writing
the chronicles of the House of Grant :
These are the generations of the
llouso of Grant: ..
Grant begat Delano, and Borio, and
Williams, whoso surname, also, was
Landaulet, and Boutwell of Groton,
and Crcsswell, aud Belknap;
And Delano begat Chandler, and
Borie Legal Robeson, and Williams, ;
whoso surnaruo, also, was Landaulet,
begat Pierrepont ;
(Aud the sons of Pierrepont. Bliss
and Sherman. Ia those days, also, i
were letters sent to the rulers of tha
Provinces that they should seek to'1
establish nothing at the mouths of
the witnesses; ,
Even as it was written : Let no
guilty man escape;) And Boutwell
of Groton begat Richardson and Saw
yer, and Cresswell begat Jewell, and
the offspring of Jewell was Hester.
Ihe sons of Grant, r red and L lya
ses, and his brotlier Orville :
Ard Dent, aod Cramer, and Casey,,
which were brothers-in-law, aud Mur
p iy whose surname was Thomas, who
sal at the receipt of customs ;
And Corbin, and Leet, and Stock
ing, and McDonald, and Magaire; and
Shepherd, also, who was the Boss,,
and Durrell, the wicked and unjust
Judge, and Babcock, and Luckey;
Then begao whisky thieves to pre
vail upon the Face of the earth. .
In that ni?hi, a! jo, wis leiknar,
1 Secretary Of ar, lmpeScUed
These are the generation
' House oi Grant