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    CORVALLIS, OREGON. Dec. 30, 1S98
Capes 1 Jackets
Over two hundred different
strictly up-to-date.
Plush, trimmed and plain,
Kersey, Beaver.
Prices are right.
Fur Collarettes and Capes, 5 to $25
Our Shoe stock is as complete as
though we earned nothing but shoes.
S. E. Y0UN6 & SON,
Albany, Oregon.
Rev. J. T. Taylor was iu town Tuesday.
Try Howell's extra fine 5 and 10 cent
Be sure and examine our new line of
shoes. Tha Cash Store.
The Corvallis flouring mills wan a si'
yer modal at Omaha .xpasition.
Ed. Williams, the big stock man of
Dusty, was in towu 011 Tuesday last.
E. J. Thompson's congregation sub
stantially remembered Uim on Christmas.
A large number of Albany people were
here Tuesday evening and look in t!-;e
Masonic banquet.
A. B. Miller aud wife, of Michigan,
are visiting with tUe family of R. C.
Miller in this city.
Next Wednesday, Jan. 4, '99, the semi
annual meeting of the O. A. C. Regents
will occur in this place.
Mr. Geo. F. Elgin will have charge of
S. N. Wilkins' business during the lat
ter's absence in California.
Mr. James McCoy, whose home is in
Iudianapoiis, ladiana, is spndiiij the
holidays with ye editor's family.
M. Schmidt, mi e host of the Occi
dental, sold week a piece of property
in Skagway for $1200.
Jehn aud Fred Hunter, sons of Joe
Hunter, are working in thy mines at
Redding, Cal., at 2 50 sack per day.
Dr. Withycombe, wife aad son Earl
went to Portland Wednesday to sijend a
few days with friend-s in tiio .Metropolis.
The providing of more room for the
Corvallb public schools have after
Stiderable talk aud figuring beeH rcl?
to the future.
Dedication of Masonic Tempi?.
The Masonie Temple of this city was
dedicated with impressive ceremonies on
the evening of the 27th inst., the same
being St. John's day.
The ceremonies were conducted by
Judge Cleland, of Portland, Grand Mas
ter of Oregon, wIao in compauy with the
members of the Grand Lodge were pres
ent in a body.
Prominent Masons from over the state
arrived on the 110011 and evening trains,
some having come a week before the
event t be present at the eertmouies, and
Tuesday evening was truly a gala day
in Masonry, one long to be renumbered
by the order in Corvallis.
The special train from Albany brought
! the members of Temple Comruaudsry No.
3, inabody, with the members of Corinth
ian, St. John's Ledges and Bayley Chap
ter, and Brazilian Chapter of Eastern
At 7:30, the hour appointed for the cer
emonies, the Grand Lodge entered the i
hall, headed by the Knight Templar and
Bine Lodge escort, to the strains of a
march rendered by Mrs. Mary C. Eryson.
Grand Master Cleland then dedicated
the temple to the uses of the Ancient I
Order of Free and Accepted Masons.
The following program was then ren
dered: Address of Welcome by Dr. M. M.
Davis. Response by Judge Cleland.
Vocal so:o by Mrs. E. W. Langdnn.
Address by Prof. J B. Horner, "A Vis- j
it to Washington Lodge."
Piano solo by Master Goodnoogh.
The solo of Mrs. Langdon, who is ever
appreciated in Corvallis, entitled "O
Dream of Thee", received a hearty en
core, to which she responded with the
touching ba lad "A Soldier Boy I'll Be."
The sweet voice of this singer never fails
to captivate a Corvallis audience.
After the rendition of the program in
the hall, the members of the order with
their guests, uun-ibering more than two
hundred, repaired to the hall below to j lodging, I2.50 per week. No other ex
enjoy the banquet prepared and furnished j peuses necessary. If interested write for
by the members ef Eastern Star of Cor- ! circulars.
vallis, where the following toasts were j January 25th and 26th will be devoted
responded to: to the fruit-growing interests of the state.
"The Grand Lodge," by J. M. Hudson. ; This eonvention will thoroughly ducuss
In the house of Too Much Trouble
Lived a lonely little boy;
He was eager for a playmate,
He was hungry for a tey.
But 'twas always too much bother,
Too much dirt, and too much noise,
For the house of Too Much Trouble
Was not meant for little boys.
And sometimes the little fellow
Left a book upon the floor,
Or forgot and laughed too loudly,
Or he failed to close the door.
In the house of Too Much Trouble
Things must be precise and trim,
! In the House of Too Much Trouble
There was little room for him.
He must never scatter playthings,
Must be quiet in his play;
Ev'ry room must be in order
And kept quiet all the day.
He had never had companions,
He had never owned a pet
In the House of Tk Much Trouble
It is trim and quiet yet.
Ev'ry room is set in ordr
Every book is in its place,
nd the lonely little fellow
Wears a smile upoit his face.
In the House of Too Much Trouble
He is silent and t rest
la the House .f Too Much Trouble,
With a lily on his breast.
Household Gods.
Tha ancient Greeks bi-lievod that the Pen
ates were the gods who attended to the wel
fare and prosperity of the family. They
woro household gods in every home. The
household god :f to day is Dr. King's Now
Discovery. For coHsumption.ceughs, colds
and for .-.11 affections eftVraat, chest asfl
lungs it is invaluable. It lias been tried for
a quarter of a century and is guaranteed to
cure, or money returned- No household
should be without this good angel. It is
pleasant to take and a safe and sure remedy
for old and young. Fre trial bottles at
Graham & Wells' drug storo. Regular
size 50c. and 1.00.
All communications for Corvallis &
Eastern R. R. company should be ad
dressed to Edwiu Stone, manager, Al
bany, Oregon.
Take JMotice.
All old soldiers and their families are
cordially invited to be present Saturday
afternoon, January 7, in this city, at the
Grand Army Hall, to witness the installa
tion of Ellsworth Post's officers. The
exercises will Iv.-gia at 1 p. nt. sharp.
The i'ost desires a full attendance
Popular Lectures.
The Oregon Agricultural College will
give a Midwinter Course of popular lec
tures on practical subjects. Among tke
subjects treated will be Domestic Hy
giene, Road Making, Dairying, includ
ing practical instruction in Butter and
C!-:eese making. Crops, Stock Feeding.
Agricultural Chemistrv, Veterinary
Science, Horticulture, etc. The course
will begin January lotii and close Febru
ary 4th, and will be free t- all. No ex
amination or quiz required. Board aud
Many A Lover
Has turned with digut from nn other
wise lovable girl with an oifon:iv breath.
Karl's Clover I!oot Tea mi rifles the breath
by it action 0.1 the bowels, etc., as nothing
ele will. Sold Er year on absolute gunra.M
toe. Price 23 eU. and 50 eU. SM by Gra
ham & Wells.
The best on the nnrket, Twai .
breakfast mash at Bowel. 's.
Sick Headache;,
The curse of overworked womankind are
quickly and .urcly eared bv Karl's Clover
Rout Ten; the great blood Hiritir and tissue
builder. Monuy ivfunded if not satisfactory.
Price 25cts. and 50 ets. Sld by Graham &
"Corvallis Lodge," by J. B. Irvine.
"Ferguson Chapter," by Dr. E. J
Thompson. "Oregon Council," by M. S. Wood
cock. "The Eastern Star," by Miss Bertha
"Our Fraternity," by Hon. J. R.
"Tho Masonic Temple," by Past
Grand Master D. P. Mason.
"The Ladies," by F. E. Allen.
"Knight Templar," by Clay Marsha'l.
"Our Country," by Judge John, Bur
nett. At tke close of the addresses the ban
queters arose and s.uig the national ode,
"A'UCric", accompanied 3y JJrs, J, R,
! such subjects as "The Soils and Climates
Adapted to the Various Fruits," "Box
ing and Marketing Fruit," "How t
Realize the Best Profits from Fruit
Crops," etc.
Letter List.
Following is the list of letters remain
ing in the Corvallis postoffice, unclaimed
December 24th, 1S98:
The ho iday trade was larger than ti Itei, j Brysoa at tha piano,
so ur merchants report. Better artic es The large delegations of visiting mem
were purchased than for several years, u j bers from Albany and ot!-:er valley towns
indication that money is more easy th.-.u gqve materia1 aid to the sucesss of the.
in tne past.
J. A. Barker
Mrs. J. A. Barker
Lee Brown
S. K. Brown
A. R. Brown (2)
R. D. Cooper
Edward Dyer
f Maud Edwards (2)
Nd Gird
John Irviu
Charley Ingram
Garrett Long
The O. A. C Gee 1 'lub are playing to
large ail 1 appreciative audiences in the
alley towns. Good boys, we knew all
towu and yourselves credit.
John H. Burgard, the genial adjuster
for the Home Insurance Compavy of
New York, was in town last Friday and
adiusted the Kav loss at Dusty, retnri.-
rtlaijdjiy boat Saturday.
Ben Woldt was made happy Christmas
day by the presentation of a very hand
some chaste silver shaving mug and
brush with chaste silver handle, the gift
of some of the C. & E. R. R- employes.
The displays made by our merchants
were attractive, aud exhibited to quite au
exteut improveuie it in the art of show
window decoration. Although inueh of
the wheat in this section remains unsold
ewy one had money to purchase tokens
for friods.
CUitf C. B. Wells has been eonfiued to
his home and bed for three weeks, tke
result of a very large carbuncle ou the
hack of his neck. It came near causing
the chief's surrender, but he has by
main strength pulled through, but he
looks a good deal like the reCfnaat of a
Kansas Cyclov e.
There arc- many people in Benton
County who have no idea of the number
of realty owners or holders in th- county.
The whido naai'er rf persons owning
one or more ht:ne are 1970, divided
among the letters of the alphabet a; fvl
lows; A 5J, B 2 59, C 159, D 52, K 32, F
109, C S5, II 134, I 15. J 51. K 86, L S5. M
168, N 50, O 20, P Sj, Q 2, R 93, S iSS, T
67, U 6, V :o, W 190, Y 13, Z 7.
oceasiov, ami the members -fthe Oitieri
in Corva'lis hope that t -ey may in the j
future reciprocate thsfavor thus extend- :
ed to them by tiieir aiu aud presence. !
The addresses v.-er al
Ogaslo Librai
Morris K. Lott
Anna Palmer
J. A. Parker
Mrs. W. W. Smith
A'ex Simes
J. B. Tidatsou
Robert Williams
Charley Wiley
Claris Weber
Char.ey Wilsc n
J W. Wibon
H. Zapf.
W. fOMXSox, l. M.
Fresh Raisins, Currants, Citron, and
Leixsm Peel, just reteived at Zierolf's.
BuGklcn's Arnica Salvo.
THE BEST SALVE in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulears, Salt Rlicum,
Fiver Sore, Tetter, CMnped Hands, Chil
blaiHs, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and
positively rates Piles, or ho pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or mane; refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale Uy Graham & Wells, druggists.
Export, and General Steadman are the
best five cent cigirs iu the market. For
sale at Hershuei's.
Ovcrcomo evii with good. Overcome
your, coughs aud eolds with 0xo Minute
Cough Cure. It is so good children cry for
it. It cures croup, bronchitis pneumoaia,
grippe and all threat and lung diseases.
Graham & Wells.
Fresh Calitornia Oranges, Lemons,
Bananas and Limes now on sale at W.
& C. Wilsan's.
well delivered and met with "a hearty
welcome by the members of the order.
The toast master, Dr. SI M. Davis,
presiilil with dignity axd filled his rule
to perfection. The address of Judge Cle
land was a scholarly effort. Prof. Hor
ner's "A Visit to Washington Loige"
was very interesting aud instructive, be
ing highly appreciated by his listeners.
Ai: in ad, the dedication of the Masonic
Temple was in every way a grand suc
eca, and the order which stands for so
much that is worthy of the noblest lives
Mr and Mrs. Win Crecs are iu Port-
of hiih merit, j land, this week combining business with
Mr. and Mrs Arthur P. Catsr, of Oak
Ridge, are visiting with friends in Port
land this week.
Brady Burnett writes his parents, un
der date of Nov. 23, from Manila, and
says all the Corvallis boj-s are well. JJJ
Next issue will contain Judge Burnett's
patriotic response to the toast, "Our
Couutry" at the dasonic dedication in
this city.
The la-'.ies of the Presbvteaian church
& CO.
Specialists for Men
As I am contemplating adding other lines, I am
a greatly in need of room. I will, from now until farther
; notice, sell my entire line of
Clothing, Overcoats,
Mackintoshes and Extra Trousers,
This does not mean 15 or 20 per cent, above cost, but
the actual wholesale cost.
Suits, formerly $20.00, now $15.35.
Suits, formerly $15.00, now $12.15.
Suits, formerly $13.50, now $11.00.
Suits, formerly $10.00, now $7.85.
Overcoats, formerly $17.50, now $14.65.
Overcoats, lorpierly $15.00, now $12.85.
Overcoats, formerly 12.50, now $11.00.
Overcoats, formerly $10.00, now $7.85.
Overcoats, formerly $7.50, now $6.10.
Mackintoshes, formerly $15.00, now $12.50.
Mackintoshes, formerly $12.50, now $10.00.
Mackintoshes, foimerly $12.00, now $9.80.
Mackintoshes, formerly $11.50. now $9.65.
Mackintoshes, formerly $7.50, now $6.50.
Mackintoshes, iormer.y $6.00, now $5.S0.
We have a few of those celebrated $8.80 and $9.90
suits left, which we will close at a bargain.
The Clothier.
P- S. We have an immense line of HOLIDAY
FLERS and HANDKERCHIEFS, which we are now
and ambitions of men, and enters so ' gave their pastor, Doctor Thompson, par
largely into private and public life, is to j tie ar "fits" last Christmas eve. It is
be highly congratulated upon their hand- j quite probable he will not recover from
some aud s.-.bstantiai home. It is hoped ; them far n.iore than a year. Notwith
that the influence of the order may be ' standing he enjoyed them very much,
largely increased, beginning at this epoch and feels exceedingly gratefxl for the
in its history.
Services as usual at Baptist .church on
Sunday All invited.
Try L L. Howell's I ream of H . ize, the
bost hominy ever prepared.
Clarenca B.nnp, the boss pedagogue of
King's Valley, was in totvu yesterdaj'.
Rev. C. F. C app, of Forest Grave, will
preach at the Congregational chare. 1
next Sunday.
Here is the ulace to buy presents :'"i
the loved ones, both old and van 5.
Tlu Cash Store.
R- v. "foble's son-iu -law, M. C. tl tp-
pers.-it, is no.v visiting '.vih them, and I
is m- h pleaied with our city.
A. J. Joli .so.i, for many years in thv. , f perris wUest at tha Btptist ciuroh j
employ of the Governi:eut Forestry )ast Saturday was a great success. Aad
Coaiudssbn, passed through lownMet-j,, church retnrm thanks to its Utvay 1
dav last oa a tour of inspection of the 1 patrons.
tinnier lanus aiong tne coasi ia uucuu 1 ... , , r n . ,
t;oi-i ."liii,
go:i, calle.t -.i tne uxz?rd we 1 ies-
Tiiese tinvslciMis tiaAM Vieerl
curing weakness and con
HUM ilir.cnts since 1881.
They have the largest and
best eflnipped medical in
astitntion, and the most ex-
tensive practice in tue u. sa.
NO Pay Till
; Unfortunate men who can
not call should write for ad-
rice iad private oocut
at.t. im iEir.
a; : lottmccnSilcniia!: Ko Charge for Consnltatior.
Elevator Entrance.
W. H. McBrayer and Old Crow Whis
kys, Fin-2 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
G. R. FARRA, M. D.
I have a Complete Line of
Groceries, Cigars, Tobacco, and
Fine Christmas Candies.
Examine my stock aud prices, and
you will save money by it.
Young's old stand, Secoud street,
tjtj u truT-Tiji TrtriJUUvnninuinnjrutJinruTruT
Office upstairs over F. L. Miller's store.
Residence on Third street in frer t of j
Office hours S to 9 a. in., aud 1 to 2 and
7 to S p. m. All calls attended promptly. I
Union Laundry, So.,
I many favors received.
Servic - at the Presbyterian church
next S ibbalh as follows: Sabbath school
at 10 a. m. Public worship at II a. ni.
Preaching by the pastor. Topic, "A
Message for the New Year." Y. P. S. C. I
E. at 6:30 p. 111. Evening services at 7:3c.
Topic of special h:trest. A most cordial j A wlljte abgr work ganteed.
N.-.v Year's reeling to all. K.isket lcars-. on Tuesdays and arrive."
Mrs. Mary E. Igsdon, wife of CUnd Sa5t TP Campckli., Ag-cKt
, , . I Secona-Hana .'-lore,
j lygsdou, die-! at the home of her
ipaicsts, r. ana wrs. unvcr wniiaui, , LOUIS G. ALTS1AM, M. D.,
; ni- ! his dace Monday last. la', obse
qi' w- c conducteil b- Rev. 1! J
Kelly. The remains ere consigned to
I their last resting plase in the Od.l Pel- offipe: Over AlleE & Woodward's
They Are Coming
lows cenieieri', zvs 1111 es .-. v . or- J,
vallis. I lie liAZBTTE extena.; sywip-.tliy
to the voun-' liusband id her many rehi-
Uves. ! aaasoii St
Corner Third and
the coast in Lincoln i
in ng i.fc t r tn i'.-m a cr.,,, -.Vlo 1 ".rvrl ftf " '
r tfli-..Mi , lllaa-1 til"
He has bes
.'. cbar ''iiig little wedding took p'ac:
on the 27th iviien Rev. Sf. Noble united
;n the sacred b?3js Mr, Bra n ye 1 C.
Altaian a::l Mi'ss Ani It itfplie'iW. a'
the residence of t'. e bride's mther in
12. 2 5. 7-S-
I. Snndays, 9-10.
Corvallis, Or.
all forest iauds and the products of wood
of all kinds in th - stale of Oregon. It
will him a year to com ete this
Grove A. Peterson, oas of Uentuil
County's successful teachers, j-st closed
a term of school at Buxton, Washington
fcounty, this State. Two of his pupils
completed tlie rigAl&f conrse and grad
uated with ciedit. One of tileSe wit.-, a
girt only thirteen yearo -ld. Mr. PcUr
son sent them thiir diplomas Monday.
He informs us that this girl was the
day rilOf .lilg.
Ju I Clilaud, of Portland, pni i tiii
heitj pr; -it at
Mu.iuie Tctaple
j Cerval fe.
1 flsns: a risit thi; ""ee't
the deicitiou of the
T.tSijy evening.
Regular meeting Of the' Gontji Cub,
Monday, January, ?, iSgg, at iid p. iVj
By order Surah Jacob.-, president, d i
tha Fischer, secretary.
Regular services at the Christian chu- c i:.
Lord's day, January tst, 1899. Preachi
bv th-pastor. Morttitsf ftheoie, "W ate 11
Ca1;? and kisses ackuo.vl- '
leJijud by the Baiter. The cake as a!
I coiiiptiui" it (to'.tt Jrs, Stepbiiiis, while I
, Mrs. Kidder seY'.is td hi SdSaRKfUWi for 1
jtUe kisses. We respactfully tihf Hie ! . RnQtheVtl PaClUC GoinDariV
I " . ; i T 5 1 I T t. -tA I "
OF TliE '
hriohln nnnil he h id over had under 1 fulness." Kveantg, "DilHV in l onvcr
his iiutrnctioii. ! S10B-
S. N. Wilkin?, wife and son left Tues-' Na
clav moraine bv boat for Port and, from j doll bug;
All will be made welcome.
1052 is the number that drew the
Hode's drawing
there overland to California for a mouth's
outing. Mr. Wilkins will co mbine busi
ness with pleasure. The partv will visit
isau Francisco, San Jose, Monterey, Lake
Port',' Petalnma and upper lak?, using
wheels fox a goodly portion of the trip
after reaching4 the Ooldeu State. Mr.
Wilkins has only had a six days' vacation
in four years and feels that he is entitled
to a rest. We hope tnis ta'mily wi 1 have
a successful and enjoyable holiday.
Christmas' joy bdls rang out with
a-hepr to the little ones in all the churches
of this city last Saturday evening. Christ- j earth
mas trees loaded with good aud useful
articles, Santa Claus coraing down chitu
aeys and filling the f.tockings and dis
tributing ifts with his old time gener
osity were familiar features. Songs and
carols by the children, recitations and
readings suitable for the oecasion varied
the interesting programs. Miss Edna
Irvine's recitation at the Presbyterian
church was excellent, eliciting many
favorable remarks.
y at A
Saturday evening. Mr. I'lodes would
like to have tUe person holding the lucky
number present it, and take the baggy
Hon. W. S. Huffird, of Portland, at
tended ihe Masoni; dedication Tuesday
evening, returning Vdnesday. We
enjoyed a pleasant call from hi nt. The
Judge is doi ig a good busines and i
p eased with his nsw bonis.
Subject at Methodist E;isc oil church
Lard's day morning, "T.:e New '-Tear. A
starting out to reach another :nile in oar
life." Evening, "fiia greatest
power in tlie court room, me junge.
jury aud lawyer :iast submit to it."
lady who t'.ie ki .es to Lieut. HohSofl
who is expected here next mouth.
The 0- A. C. olee Cl-ib at In lepcu-deiie.-
met :. ith a warm receptiou and
giv J .'s ;d ii ; : . Wade at McAIinn
villetUe bind n:i ler t:u l)'e leadership
o:' .Mr. Feelyatnd isocitixens met them
a' the 'ls;o t a 1 I c i ln:to I theui to the
Hotel Y:n'ii I. President Broadmaa
personady helped to get a piano for the
use of the club. MeMiu:iville people filled
last j the i.pira hoase full and cheerad the boys 1
1 t- the echo. The McMiunville people are j
all right aad don't you forget it. To the
e&tn vula band our -.ys aott tueir uhis
ftn 1 t all of Mc Minuviile's citize is noth
ing hut warm words of praise for the
rial we come accorded th sm.
C:SJ P. M 1 Leave
! At A. M j Leav
7:45 A. M j ArrK'e
Portland. Arff rtr I 0!S0 A. M.
Albany Arrive 8:60 A, M,
S. Franeisco Leave I S:08 1". M.
Above train stop nt all vrintipal statJont
li.iwn Portlxrld and Salf'm, Tnrncr. Ms
r'uta, JctSMvuB. Albany. TaniCfnt. Shedd...
Halsev, HarrifbuEg, Junction City, Eugent-,
Ch'-wt-ll, Cottage Grovn, Drains, and all
-latidiK from KoseburgU) A.shland, inelnyvf.
Basebnra Mail Daiiy.
Bears tho; ) Ttl( Yau Hav9 tiways Bought
s::i5 A. M. 1 I.eae
KS5 P. M. i Live
6.) r. M I Arrive
Arr'-ve I 4:3e P.
Arrive V1MY.
Leave 1 7:30 A.
Wi:'. Irak. Z-J-l- cpt Z-aix;.
worthy persons in this state to
j manage our business in their town and
i ueartv counties. It is mainly offiVe work
I couductf d at borne. Salary straight 900
! a vcar 2nd exnen-scs definite, bona de.
no more, bo less salary. Monthly
$;$. References. Enclose self-addresse4
stamped envelopes Herbert E. Hess,
Prest,, Dept. M, Chicago, 111.
Philippine by Karat Utreal, eaaanMS
i ned by the Qarsmmsat as Ojjeial His
ii.rian to tho War Daoartment. Tho bonk
was wriitwi in array cavips at San Fran-c'yc-t,
on the Pncitic with General Merritt,
in tho bewpttah nt Hunolulu, in Hong
Kons, in the American tranches at Manila,
i:i thi? insurgent camp- with AtEHinaldo, on
the deck of tk Olympia with 9wey, nnd
in the roar of the buttle at tke tall of Manila.
Bonanza fir agests. Brimful of original
picturs taken by gevornitiunt photogra
phera on thv spot. Larsra book. Lw
prices. Big prahu. Freight paid. C-t-dit
givrin. Drap all trashy unofficial war Ixioks.
Outfit troe. Addrt-ss. V T. Barber, Scc'y,
Star Insurance Building, ChieaJOijA
.m a
:i P.
j AlTivo
5:50 P. M
1:06 P. SI
and Corvallis eMltf i witli trains ef ti e
OtajtOII Pacific Kai!rwal.
Sspress Trsis. fi lily Except Suiiiy.
4:59 r
7:W1 P.
S:3.' P.
I Leave
I Arrive
I Arrive
Portland Arrive
SfeMttmvflle Leave
Indcftendeuee l.eatu
8:1S A. M.
50 A. M.
4.50 A. M.
Direct connection at San Francisco
with Occidental and Oriental aad Pacific
mail steamship lines f?r JAPAN AND
CHINA. Sailing dates em applicatioh.
Rates and tickets to Eastern points
and Europe. Also JAPAN, CHINA
obtained fra-ji A. S. PENCE, Ticket
.wnt Corvallis.
Manager. A. G. F & P. A.
Portland, Or.
-T- T
Our Great Annual Sale
of Winter Clothing
Will begin Monday. December 25, 1898, and continue
until Tuesday, February 28, 1899.
Every article in slock will be reduced,
except W. L. DOUGLA? SHOIitS, MON
The following will be our scale of reductions:
20 per cent, on all Men's nnd Boys' Suits.
20 per cent, on all Shoes, Boots and Hats.
20 per cent, on Furnishing Good, Trunks and Bags.
25 per cent, on all Overcoats and Mackintoshes.
10 percent, on Rubber Boots and Oil Clothing.
Remember we have (he largest, and most complete
stock of Men's and Boys' Merchandise in Benton County.
All Sales at Reduced Prices, Spci Cash.
Art Store and Foto Parlors
We have a wonderful taking way.
Old faces made new and attractive.
We Make You a Lifc-Size Crayon for $1.93
Water Colors are pretty, and are a specialty with us.
Our Art Department is filled with a well-selected
stock of Notions, Stationery, Paintings and other works
of vertu.
Call and be convinced that what we say is true.
We will sell for you any art work you may want to
dispose of.
The Photographer,
One door north of Spencer's, Second St.
Very Interesting Place
For Young and Old.
Grand display of
- Eclipsing all former years, in both
quantity, qr-ality and choicestnoyeL
ues, 10 oe nau in me markets.
Bring your littie folks and let them
see the automatic figures.
Big Line of Clothing at Lowest Prices
Just Received, Another Line of
Children's and Boys' Clothing.
Our irade in this department has been
satisfactory. Come and see us and
you are sure of gelling the newest.
AH of our Men's Clothing is sold on a
very small margin To see is to be
Corvallis, Oregon.
t Big Line Men's aad Boys' Shoes.
The English and German Expert Specialists.
Fire Physicians and SurgotM, alt Craduates Iroin tke best Medical Colleges iu
the World.
A part of the Staff af the English and Get-man Expert Specialists and Dr. Meyers
& Co. will make thgir regular monthly visit to
Corvallis, Monday, January 2
Ther will be at the OecidentalaHotel.S
The staff of the English an -3 German Expert Specialists is composed of five
regularly graduated doctors, each a physician who has had many years experieace
in cuting all manner of Chronic diseases.
During the past qaarter f a century the success of this most worthy and
popular institution lias been phenomenal. Diseases which have baffled the skill of
other physiciass aud stubbornly refused to vieTd to ordinary medicines, methods
aHd appliances, are quickly subdued and mastered by the English and Qerisan Ex
pert Specialists Thev hive the largest and best ec lipped nitdical institution in
America. The English and German Expert Specialists are net only competent and
reliable, but are responsible, being backed by avjple capital and ablv mauaaed.
HOM E CURES While it is prsferable in many instances to see a patient,
the EngKsh and German Expert Specialists hare cured thousands of persons whom
they have nevsr seen. If you cannot see the doctors, write th e home office for
question list and free advice in regard to your ailment.
Call oa the Doctors when they come. All ailing pee-p'e should see the
English and German Expert Specialists. A friendly talk, which costs absolutely
nothing, is bound to result in a great deal of g.iod, whether treatment is takea er
The Enalish and German Expert Specialists
.1 Staff of the Most Eminent Physician in the Worlo.
Main Office, 731 Market SS ... San Fraaoiseo.
Will make his headquarters at
Modes & Hall's this year,
Where will be displayed the LARGEST
COLLECTION of choice
Fver offered to discriminating buyers.
Celluloid Toilet Cases.
Albums, at Portland Prices.
Dolls for the little girls.
Toys for the little boys.
In short, here can be had presents suitable for all
Fine Steck of Fresh NUTS and CANDIES.
We cater tn the wants of eaters. We have been
catering to them for many years. We think we know
our business. Our boardera give us that impression
they stav with us. If they didn't get their money's
worth they wouldn't stay.
HODES & HALL, Second St.
Which of These is True 1
" Manners make the man."
"Mind makes the man."
" Home makes the man."
Debate the question, and if you
Deci le that home makes (he
Man, let us help you make the home.
Furniture Dealer. 910 Second St., Corvallis, Or.