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ACCORDING to his schoolmates,
Bubber Ramp was a country
cracker. And who knows better
a child's social and financial standing
than Its schoolfellows.
His face was not round and rosy
like other jolly, sweet-tempered boys,
for Bubber was a slender child with
face pale and lanky, straight hair,
streaked in color with the shades of
half-pulled molasses candy. He was
subject to chills and fevers which kept
liim away from school about balf the
time and gave his teacher an excuse
for scolding him whenever there was no
one else in particular for her to scold.
His father was a section master on the
Georgia railroad and they lived in the
"ten-mile shanties," which were built
on the side of the railroad and on the
edge of a deep cut, through which the
wind blew a perfect gale the whole
year round.
But if by living on the cut Bubber
acquired the chill and fever habit, he
also gained the knowledge which en
abled him to save the lives of some 500
people Sunday school children with
their friends and teachers. It was the
picnic of Bubber's Sunday school, but
because It fell on his chill day his
mother said he could not attend. So he
contented himself with walking five
miles up the rilroad to Belair, the near
est station where the train would stop,
with a huge bunch of flowers for his
Sunday school teacher. This teacher,
be it understood, was one of the people
who did not know about Bubber being
a country cracker, but considered him
a jolly, amiable boy.
After handing the bouquet through
the car window, Bubber stood for a
while looking wistfully at the train
load of happy children. Then some
thing occurred which made his school
mates rorget forever that he was home
ly and poor, and this is how it happened.
for their lives after shutting off steam
and putting down brakes. They came
off without a scratch."
"It was a miracle, " said the preach
er. "It was Bubber Ramp," cried a child
ish voice. "I seen him when he opened
the switch."
Then the crowd surrounded the pale
faced lad, pushing and shoving to
shake his hand, to touch him, or even
to get a look at him. What was said
or who said It no one could ever tell,
but in the midst of it all there sounded
the shrill whistle of a nearby sawmill.
"It's 'leven o'clock," said Bubber,
looking up at the sun. "It's 'bout time
for my chill, so I d better be gittm-
"it's 'bout time fob my chill,'1
Southward from Brazelia the road
drops down steadily for five or six
miles. There follows the little rise to
the top of Habersham hill; and then
comes the sharp sag of a mile or more
to Belair and the level valley of the
Savannah. .
John Johnson, or "Yucker," as he
was called for short, was the most dar
ing engineer on the Georgia and had
the best run on the road until he joined
the strike of the Knights of Labor. Af
ter the difficulty was settled and the
Btrikers went back to wdrk, Yucker,
for the sake of discipline, was put to
hauling way freight between Union
Point and Augusta.
There was nothing at Brazeua but
the siding and the dull red station
house, and little else at Belair. It
wasn't often that Yucker had to leave
or pick up anything at either p'tvcw
' and he liked to sail by both -ouiUons at
top speed, nhd loaf fuather down the
"line 10 avAT UP' for rfc.
On this particular day, while his fire
man was taking water at the big red
tank at Thompson, Yucker went into
the station for orders. He found that
there was nothing for him at Brazelia
or Beliiir. He had nothing to leave at
either station, so ho climbed back into
his cab, meaning to go through to
Wheelers to meet the up freight. Some
times he met it at Belair, but whenever
he got the chance he ran by and trust
ed to luck that it would be held for
him at Yheelers.
home." And he hurried off down the
track toward the ten-mile shanties as
complacently as though nothing un
usual had happened.
The following week the Sunday
school superintendent accompanied the
railroad official when he went to tell
Mr. Ramp of his appointment to a bet
ter position on the road. The superin
tendent, in behalf of the people on
board the excursion train, presented
Bubber with a bicycle and a gold
"Why, Mr. Brand," Hid Bubber, re
garding in awed astonishment the
handsome wheel and timepiece, two
things above all others he had most
longed for, "I never done nuthin' but
turn the switch key. Anybody could
've done that. I've been doin' it ever
since I was goin' on seven years old."
Omaha Bee.
The people nt the station were be
numbed with fright. They stared with
horror-stricken faces at the oncoming
engine as some great demon hurrying
to destroy the excursion train with its
load of human freight Paralyzed with
fear, they could neither move nor cry
In the whole crowd there was but
one who could think and act. He was
a slender, pale-faced boy, and he rush
ed up the track towards the coming
"Git out, git out," his shrill voice
shouted to the men In the cab of the
up freight. "Jump and run. Jump and
He was tugging at a switch key, and
they saw what he meanL So down
the men jumped from the engine, while
the boy ran on to the switch. His
hands seemed paralyzed, so long did it
appear before he forced It open, then
he stepped back just as the way freight
rushed by and ran full tilt into the up
freight. There was a tremendous crash.
The engine of the way freight rode over
the other and smashed It Into frag-
Awarded Aa-'y In T3rls tt Curi
ous Reasons.
The city of Paris each year distrib
utes a number of prizes, consisting of
sums of money derived from funds be
queathed by certain charitable persons
for special objects. There are prizes
for the father of the most numerous
family In a given arrondissement; sums
to be bestowed on promising young art
ists, uhsupplled with funds to prosecute
their studies, and so forth. Another
prize has been aided to this list It Is
for the best Instance of a wife's help
ing her husband by work. The founder
Is a M. Achille Couronne, formerly
chief in the Bureau of the Ministry of
Agriculture, whoso hard-working wife
was of Immense help in his career. The
sum bequeathed returns a yearly in
come of over 6,000 francs. The condi
tions necessary for competition are: To
be Parisian by birth, and to have been
married ten years to a husband em
ployed In a state bureau, and earning
not more than 3,500 francs a year.
There were 100 applicants for the
prize, and, as may be imagined, some
little difficulty was experienced in as
signing it Finally, however, the votes
of the committee fell to a Mme. Clerge
rle, who, though the mother of five chil
dren, has never ceased to contribute to
the family funds by working as a flor
ist Legacies of the above character,
however good their intent, do not al
ways have the result anticipated by
the testator, a case In point being the
Goncourt will, which has done nothing
up to the present time but give rise to
fights and dissension. After a series
of legal battles the executors of the
will and the three nearest relatives of
the deceased man of letters have set
tled their differences out of court The
net result is that the relatives get 400,
000 francs and the academy 1,000,000
francs. Galagnani's Messenger.
Spanish Ships Cruised In It for Years,
but Discovered Nothing.
The first European explorer who
looked down upon the broad waters of
the Pacific saw them stretch away
calm and unruffled into the apparently
endless distance of the south, and It
was from this circumstance that the
greatest of the oceans got the two
names by which it has ever since been
known, of "the Pacific" and "the South
Sea." We can fancy what visions of
wonders hidden behind that vale of
sea mist must have floated before the
imagination of Balboa on that peak In
Darien when he fell upon his knees
and thanked God that it had fallen to
his lot to make the great discovery.
It is easy to suppose that his imagina
tion pictured new continents rising out
of the vast expanse of ocean contain
ing empires greater than Cortez found
In Mexico and treasures more rich than
wero ever dreamed of by the Incas of
Peru, anti whatever these might bev
they were all the inheritance of Spain.
But whatever those dreams may have
been, it is certain they were doomed to
disappointment In the first century
that followed the discovery of the
great ocean Indeed, a good many of
the adventurous ships of Spain sailed
the waters of the South Sea, but their
efforts ended in failure for the most
part: the reports they brought back
from their voyages were for the most
part of sea nothing but sea. One or
two, Indeed, discovered and landed
upon Islands, but not one ever reached
the shores of the only continent that
lay hidden in the unknown waters of
the South Sea.
It is easy to understand their experi
ence when we look at a map of that
part of the world, for we shall find that
a line drawn around the globe ten de
crees south of the equator would pass
through more than 20,000 miles of
ocean and lethan 4,000 of land. South
of this line the only large pieces of land
are the south point of Africa and the
narrowest part of South America and
the island continent of Australia. Ex
cept the Island of Madagascar, there Is
no land of any considerable extent in
all the great expanse of the Indian
ocean, and the still more vast extent
of the south Pacific is only dotted here
and there by groups of beautiful but
widely scattered islands, lovely In form
and lavishly endowed with a marvel
ous variety of natural productions, but
so diminutive in size that they must be
sought with all the advantages of mod
ern science In the vast wilderness of
ocean by which they are surrounded.
Harper's Round Table.
In talking with a practical farmer
the other day about his haying, he re
marked how great a difference was
made In the curing of hay if it was wet
by rains. No matter how quickly the
hay was spread out and dried after be
ing wet, it would be badly colored, and
if put, while at all damp, in large heaps
would rot. The reason for this, un
doubtedly. Is the presence of bacteria
in the rain water which Is gnrKeTcd in
its passage through the air. These bac
teria in any damp body increase with
enormous rapidity. The juices In hay
or other vegetables are free from bac
teria, except where they are cut or
bruised, and as most of these julce3
are sweet their drying down Inside the
outer shell of straw has a preservative
effect. But In the work of gathering,
the stalks of grass or other vegetation
aye usually more or less uruiseu, u
that some air can get to tne juices asiae
from what enters at the base. All
know how quickly cornstalks will rot,
even In the stook, if exposed to heavy
rains. Then, though the stalks may
seem to dry out, there is enough damp
ness Inside to keep the outside bacte
ria alive, and the stalks will rot when
put in large heaps. Green stalks, if
they have been got In without ram,
will keep much better.
The Itfoat Common of All.
The most common of all ailments
L'rom sports of all kinds are sprains and
bruises. The most common and surest
cure of them is by the use of St. Jacobs
Oil, which is prompt in its action.
The Art of Walking.
To be thoroughly graceful long steps
and quick short steps should he equal
ly avoided, remarks a French woman.
A stiff walk is also very ungraceful,
and that is the great fault of English
gills. The walk too stiffly and take
too long strides.
Spanish women have a very pretty
walk, naturally, as also have Italian
country girls and all accustomed to
carrying weights on their heads.
The French are also very graceiui
walkers. Study. your walk, girls.
Take dancing lessons to begin with and
then repeat your lessons before your
long toilet glass. A pretty walk is a
beauty in itself, and every one who will
can acquire this beauty. Do it, then,
at once now without losing another
Good Blood
Makes Health
And Hood's Sarsaparilla makes good
blood. That is why it cures so many
diseases and makes so many people feel
better than ever before. If you don't feel
well, are half sick, tired, worn out, you
may be made well by taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla
America's Greatest Medicine.
Hood's PIUS cure all Liver Ills. 25 cents.
ments. Then it sat down on its own
cab with the forward truck in the air
and one wheel whirling around like a
millstone. The following cars piled up
IB a great heap, and over it all rose a
great cloud of dust
The terrified excursionists scrambled
from their own train rushed over to
the wreck and stood in speechless hor
ror and amazemen. Then the freight
conductor came up and searching
among the crowd led out a slender,
pale-faced lad.
"To this brave boy," he said, raising
his hand to attract attention, "yon owe
the preservation of your lives. But for
his presence of mind" Here1 his voice
choked. With tears streaming down his
face he finished the sentence by mo
tioning toward the excursion train.
"There were more than 500 on
board," said the Sunday school super
intendent "The majority of them
"Not a life lost," cried one of the
trainmen, running up. "Yucker, bis
firemen and both Jmakemen Jumped
A Kins Taken for a Gambler.
"Sir, this is not the first occasion up
on which I have observed the attentive
scrutiny you bestow upon me. May
Inquire the reason?"
"Sir," responded the candid captain,
"you took passage on my ship as
Dane; I don't believe you're anything
of the kind."
The passenger smiled; the smile was
full of perspicacity and confidence, and
was followed with: "Pray tell me, tnen
what you believe me to be?"
At this question Captain Ewing
fidgeted, hesitated, and finally blurted
"Well, to be honest, I think you are a
! cambler. You've well nigh ruined your
self at home, and are now coming to
fleece the fools you'll find on shore."
The young man's smile broadened;
the next minute he turned grave again,
lowered his voice and replied:
"Captain Ewing, as you have studied
me during this voyage, so I have studied
i you. 1 have come to tne conclusion
i that you are a man to be trusted. I am
i Louis Philippe, Due d'Orleans, eldest
son or tnat Liouis i-nnippe a vneans
who was slain by the guillotine on the
seventh of November, almost three
years ago." Ladies' Home Journal.
Fashion Is the idol of the Russian
woman. Art is a stranger to ner. one
loves admiration and flirtation, but her
heart remains cold, though she may be
burning other hearts with the fire of
her eyes. Nowhere is woman more
dangerous than in Russian society. To
begin, a Russian girl seeks a husband
only for the position he gives hr.
Matrimony is only a question of fash
ion, and If a Russian girl cannot find
a husband witnin a reasonaoie ume,
she can fill no place In good society,
and she is ridiculed by all her acquaint
ances; thus, she watches with agony
the approach of the end of her youth.
Every effort Is thus made to win the
grand prize of matrimony. Her friends
are as anxious as she is, and as fear
some lest she may be an old maid.
Then, when all efforts have failed,
when no more hope remains, she takes
advantage of the sole remedy lert to
her "maiden widowhood." She travels.
She goes to Paris and Nice. She stays
away three years, maybe, then returns
in Russian society, no longer an old
maid, nor even a wife, but a widow.
Nobody asks whom she married, nor
how she became a widow. She Is a
widow; that suffices. And as a widow
Bh. Is received everywhere, and Is
A Pretty Pickle.
There is sometimes good luck coming
out of apparent misfortune. As an 11
lustration, there Is the story of a fire
occurring In a gentleman's country
house In Maine. There had been
prolonged drought, the well was dry
at the time, and there was no other
water within a half mile. The woman
of the house discovered the fire burning
on the roof, and help was as scarce as
water. She began wringing her hands
and saying over and over to herself:
"Here's a pretty pickle! a pretty p!c
klel" The word "pickle" unconsciously
repeated itself, and then, like a flash
came the recollection of a barrel full
of pork pickle in the cellar, saved for
boiling over. She darted down the eel
larway, and soon began deluging the
ronf with brine. Every one who has
tried knows that salt water is an ex
cellent fire extinguisher, and In this
case it worked like a charm. Before
the supply of "pickle" was exhausted
she had the fire out and the home was
saved. She never will get over the
thought that uttering the word "pickle'
turned disaster into relief.
Corsets in Russia.
Bogoljewow, the newly appointed
Russian Minister of Tublic Instruction,
has begun the duties of his office by
issuing a drastic order to the effect that
corsets must not be worn by the young
women attending high schools, univer
sities and music and art schools; they
are to be encouraged to wear the na
tional costume. The Minister says that!
he has spent much time In visiting
girls' schools, and has made the dis
covery that the corset as an article of
dress is distinctly prejudicial to the
health and physical development of the
wearers. '
A doctor may give a patient hpe, but
he charges for the time tt takes him
to give it
Where the Ballets Struck.
Dr. Ludwig Brandt investigated the
deaths of over 100,000 men killed in the
Franco-Prussian war In 1870-71, and
learned that their Injuries were receiv
ed in the following ways: Forty-three
thousand, nine hundred and fifty-two
were wounded in the lower extremities,
83,014 by wounds in the upper extreml
ties. Wounds In the head caused the
death of 11,041; in the chest and back,
11,495; abdomen, 4,553; In the neck,
1.922. Rifle balls Injured more men
than artillery projectiles. Saber wounds
were extremely few In numbers, and
ihe tawbone. of all the bones In the
head, was oftenest Injured.
Golden Weddings.
Only one out of every thousand mar
ried couples live to celebrate their
golden wedding.
A sign before the door of a dentist
reads thus: "Teeth extracted while
you wait."
A farmer neat Cotton burg, Ky., has
trained a terrier dog to remove the
worms from tobacco plants.
An artist in a New York paper pic
tured the Vesuvius in action and en
shrouded in dense clouds of smoke fiom
her neumatic guns. That artist needs
to be informed that the Vesuvius uses
only smokeless air in discharging her
dynamite guns.
A little surprise awaited two women
who recently met in the office of a Chi
cago lawyer. They had never seen each
other before, but ere they left the office
the discovery was made that each had
called to begin proceedings to obtain a
divorce from the same man.
No household is complete without a bot
tle of the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It
is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne
glect this necessity.
The beautiful colors seen tn the soap
bubble arise from the faot that the
bubble, being very thin, reflects light
from the outer and inner surfaces of
the film.
itq Fermanently Cured. No fits or nervouenes
ill after lirst day's use of Dr. Kline's Oreat
Nerve Restorer. Send for FRKK Wt.OO trial
t ,A . ..... e TV tf k'T.!:. TM cwn
I Men street, PkUa-lelptila. Pa.
It has been calculated that oridnary
gunpowder on exploding expands about
9,000 times, that is, fills a space this
much larger as a gas than when in a
solid form.
In the fall cleanse vour system by using
Dr. Pfuuder's Oregon Blood Purilier.
Try Schilling's Best tea and baking powder.
It is said that a striking outline of
the features of George Washington has
appeared in a knotty protuberance of a
tree in Portland, Me. It is not a cher
ry tree.
We will forfeit J1.000 if any of our pub
lished testimonials are proven to be not
genuine. The Piso Co., Warren, Pa.
Ardent in epite of his 80 yeais,
Francis Watkins, of Anderson, Ind.,
proposed to Lydia Bethel, a good-look-
ng young woman of Bethel, O. She
accepted him and they intended to
elope, but his daughters prevented.
Then the aged lover became cool, and
the result was a $10,000 breach-of-promise
suit, which he has jnst com
promised for 13,000.
Mrs. Polly Owens, who was lately
married to William Owens, of White
River lownship, near Noblesville,
Ind., is now living with her 13th hus
band. Mrs. Owens has six children as
the fruits of her former marriages, no
two having the same name. She is
over 50 ye3rs old. She was separated
from the larger numbei of her hus
bands. She is part Indian, her mother
being a half-caste.
Speaking of Spanish girls, a corre
spondent from abroad has said of them:
Spanish girls are convent bred, iheir
education consists largely of acquiring
the art of embroidery, which they
learn to perfection. Early marriages
among them are seldom happy, but di
vorces is unheard of. People unnap
pily married simply separate and live
out their lives as best they can.'
Corks for bottles were first manufac
tured in Spain and Italy, some time
during the fourteenth century. Cork
screws were contemporaneous with
It Immense Deposit of Bltnmen Is
Practically Inexhaustible.
The famous pitch lake or great bitu
men deposit at Trinidad Is situated at
Point Librea, on an elevation at about
a mile from the sea. It covers an area
of nearly 100 acres, and its appearance
Is that of a dull, still, dark waste. It
is regularly circular, and its surface
perceptibly covex; being more elevated
in the center and thence insensibly de
clining on all sides. In the center the
pitch is quite soft in fact, semi-liquid
but It becomes more and more hard
ened as Its circumference widens out.
Except the soft central parts the sur
face Is intersected In all directions by
numerous fissures or chasms, varying
In breadth from two feet to sixteen,
and from half a foot to seven feet in
depth, widening also at the bottom,
thus producing, as it were. Inverted
angular hollows, while the sides are
regularly rounded. These crevices are
at at all times filled with fresh water.
Here and there, where the bitumen is
mixed with earthy matter, grow lich
ens, mosses, grasses, etc. xne wuki
of the lake the pitchpot or chaudiere,
as it is called is at all times soft that
it would be impossible to venture on
it without incurring the danger of be
ing engulfed.
The lake Is government property, and
Darts of it are leased out to private in
dividuals, who have to pay royalties
according to the amount of pitch re
moved, which amount is checked by
the ttovernment. The lake Is, practl-
ahIIv inexhaustible. No matter what
Quantity Is taken out it is replaced by
fresh pitch, which always wells up to
fill the .hole. The surface of the outer
edges of this most wonderful of lakes
Is nulte hard enough to walk upon; but
a curious result ensues if you stand
still for any length of time on one spot.
For some yards around you the pitch
bodily sinks until It forms a sort of
basin. It Is quite different to sinKing
In sand, -where your feet gradually dis
appear without making any apparent
difference in the level of the ground.
Wide World Magazine.
fl Benefactress' $tfld Bet.
From the Evening Xeirs, Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. John Tansey, of 130 Baker
street, Detroit, Mich., is one oi inose
women who always know just what to
do in all trouble and sickness. One
that is mother to those in distress, lo
a reporter she said:
"I am the mother of 10 emiuren
and have raised eight of them, bev-
eral years ago we had a serious time
with my daughter, which began when
she was about sixteen years old. ne
did not have any 3erions illness but
seemed to gradually waste away. Hav
ing never had any consumption in our
family, as we come of good old Irish
and Scotch stock, we did not think it
was that. Our doctor called the dis
ease by an odd name wliich, as I after
ward learned, meant lack of blood.
"It Is impossiblo to describe the feel
ing John and I had as we noticed our
daughter slowly passing away from us.
We finally found, however, a medicine
that seemed to help her, and from the
Money Spent on Cubans.
In addition to the $50,000 appropri
ated by congress and distributed by
General Lee for the relief of the people
ot Cuba, the central Cuban relief
committee appointed by the president
distributed food, medicines and general
supplies to the poor and suffering
Cubans to the cash value of $321,619.
Of this amount $175,032 was in cash
contributions and $146,587 in supplies.
The total shipments of supplies was
9,942,032 kilos, or 3236 tons, of which
quantity 2,856,833 kilos were food, 66,-
753 kilos were clothing, 16,652 kilos
medicines and 4,864 were miscellaneous
supplies. -
The Fields of Sport.
From the fields of sport we go to bed
and get up full of pains and aches.
The next night, by the use of St.
Jaoobs Oil, we are soothed to sleep and
get. up cured.
Smokers are less liable than non-
Emokers to contract diphtheria and
other throat diseases in the ratio of one
to 28. So says Professor Hajak, of
Vienna, Austria.
If vou want the best wind mill, pumps,
tanks, plows,, wagons, bells of all sizes.
boilers, engines, or general machinery, see
or write JOHN POOLE, foot of Morrison
street, Foreland, Oregon.
A Frenohman, M. Bleunard, uses
the X-rays for measuring the adultera
tion of flour with chalk and sand.
Bo Ssya Mrs. Mary Rochiette of
Linden, New Jersey, In this
Letter to Mrs. Pinkham.
I was bothered with a flow which,
would be quite annoying- at times, and
at others would almost stop.
" I used prescriptions given me by my
physician, but the
same state
of affairs
" After a
time I was
taken with
a flooding,
that I was
obliged to
keep my bed.
Finally, in
despair. I
gave up my doc
tor, and began
taking your medi
cine, and have certainly been greatly
benefited by its use.
' Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has indeed been a friend to me.
" I am now able to do my own work,
thanks to your wonderful medicine. I
was as near death I believe as I could
be, so weak that my pulse scarcely beat
and my heart had almost given out. I
could not have stood it one week more,
I am sure. I never thought I would
be so irrateful to any medicine.
I shall use my influence with any
one sufferino- as I did, to have them
use Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Every woman that is puzzled about
her condition should secure the sympa
thetic advice of a woman who under
atanrla. Write to Mrs. Pinkham al
Lynn, Mass.. and tell her your ills
nitptv Mfutut ail n M ra I
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good, use
in time, sola ty oniggistn.
Warning Notes Calling the Wicked to
GREAT heights
are won by lowly
The well-behaved
boy is seldom
Adulation Is the
bridge some walk
over to reach our
good graces.
Morning prayer
opens the gate of
Old Testament
types were prophetic Jewels.
Don't parley with wrong.
The fretting horse galls easily.
There Is no civil service bar to salva
tion. Forgiveness Is Love giving birth to
Blind men can walk over gold, and
not know it.
A rainy Sunday prevents many a
nap In church.
The day opened with prayer will
close with praise.
Garments for church wear usually
have small pockets.
Habits are strong as hell, but Christ
Is mighty as heaven.
Regret Is the compound Interest we
have to pay on hate.
Mercy was not born until Justice
girded on its sword.
The list of man's failings Is the dev
il's choicest reading.
That man is wise who makes a wise
use of his knowledge.
One fact is worth more than a thou
sand Improved theories.
The place where we love to be de
cides what we wish to be.
Walking on the stilts of pride soon
leads to a fall from grace.
' If God knows when you are in trou
ble. He knows when to help.
rinse vour eyes to truth, and you
tumble Into the ditch of error.
iwnrnln( over present troubles
makes us forget past blessings.
Burning Incense on the altar of sec
tarlanism Is not worshiping uou.
Tk nrwiphor who conceals Biblo
truth to please men offends God.
Some people lose all interest in good
work as soon as the bills come in.
a rvmimon task may become a holy
service by doing it to please God.
Rome losses are true gain: the gold
gains in value what It loses in dros3.
Men are willing to pay a high price
for damnation when salvation is free.
The shuttle of rrovidence weaves
mnnv n HIM till I Iflreuu m LUC nxzu v.
Ienorance loves to wear borrowed
garments, and go out riding with wis
It Is the heart-strings of earth that
oftenest point our petition neaven-
Those who are always looking for
favors are not the most willing to give
Professing Christians more often
consult weather bulletins than the di
vine oracles.
Some people are so anxious about
their neighbor's religion that they ne
glect their own.
If you are a fisher of men yon will
have to toll all nlgbt, but Christ will
appear In the morning.
The pulpit that would preach heav
enly ethics without a knowledge or
earthly economics is poorly prepared
for the work.
Most of the Time She Was Confined lo J?' d.
first we noticed a decided change for the
better, and after three months' treat
ment her health was so greatly im
proved you would not have recognized
her. She gained in flesh rapidly and
6oon was in perfect health. The medi
cine used was Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People. I have always kept
these nills in the house since and have
recommended them to many people. I
have told many mothers about them
and they have affected some wonderful
"Every mother in this land should
keep these pills in the house, as they
are eood for many ailments, particular
lv those arising from impoverished or
disenped blood, and weakened nerve
force. ' '
There were 16 shocked and angry
maidens in Whiting, la., when they
learned that the young clergyman of
the Christian ohurch in that little town
was about to become the husband of
Miss Annie Bigelow. He was engaged
to be married to every one of the 17.
He has resigned from the church.
Oo dr n Wedding.
Only on a out f every thousand mar
ried couples live to celebrate their
golden wedding.
Uhall We Keep the Philippine!).
While public opinion is divided as to tht
wisdom of keeping the Philippines, it is,
however, all one way in regard to the wis
dom of everybody keeping their health.
For this purpose Hostetter s Stomach
Bitters is widely used. This medicine is
both preventive and cure for malarial
fevers and stomach disorders.
A ton of gold is worth 120,000. A
ton of silver, at the present rate per
ounce, may be said to be worth about
6,400. "
100 KWAUD 81O0.
The Teaders of this paper will he pleased to
Jearn that there ie at least one dreaded disease
lhat science has been ablo to cure in all Its
itages, and that iscatarrh. Hall'sCatarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment,
flail's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system, thereby destroying the founda
tion of the disease, and civing the patient
strength by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work. Thepro
prietors have so much fattii in its curative
powers, that thc-y offer One Hundred Dollars
icr any casethat it fails tocure. Send for list
of testimonials. Addres3
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Fills are the best.
When coining to San Franeiso go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush street.
American or European plan lioom and
board $1.00 to $1.50 per day ; rooms 50 cents
to $1.00 per day; single' meals 25 cents.
Free coach. Chas. Montgomery.
The Austrian state railway carried
5,100,945 passengers and 2,593,641
tons of goods during the month of
Use Dr. Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier now.
Now that it is all over, women war
correspondents who wore in the cam
paign of Santiago are beginning to be
heard from for the first time. Miss
Roots Crowned. Bridges Made.
Painless filling and extraction.
T H Whiff 271 Morrison,
I. It. WIIllC, Portland, Or.
Buy Direct JOEC
And save middleman's profits. Men's fine tail-or-madc
suits, ?3.95 to flL Fit guaranteed. Cata
logue, samples, self-measurement blanks, etc.,
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Is it Wrong?
Get it Right'
Keep it Right1
Moore 8 Revealed Remedy will do it. Three
doses will make you feel better. Get it from
Anna Northend Benjamin, a Southern your dru!rgist or any wholesale drug house,
girl, is the latest of these, and she is
going to lecture about her experiences
to various women's clubs throughout
the New England and the Middle
states. She was actively in the cam
paign, and to judge from the difficulties
she surmounted in getting to the front
her silence while there or, at least,
her anonymity was due to a fear that
she might be sent away.
torn Stewart & Holmes Drug Co., Seattle.
Make money by succesfui
speculation in Chicago. We
buy and sell wheat on mar
gins. Fortunes have been
made on a small beginning by trading in fu
tures. Write for full particulars. Best of ro
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Chicago Board of Trade, and a thorough know
ledge of the business. Send for our free refer
ence book. DOWNING, HOPKINS & Co.,
Chicago Board of Trade Brokers. Offices in
Portland, Oregon and Seattle. Wash.
" Why
doe3 my take smell so
Too mjch soda or per
haps alum or lime. Use
Schillings Best baking pow
der. "Hunter stones" wore seen in the
Rhine last winter. They appear only
when the river is very low, and the
date of their appearance is then cut
nto them. They are believed to fore
bode a year of bad crops.
Dear Emtor: If vou know of ft solicitor or
canvasser in your city or elsewhere, especially
man who has solicited ior siiuscripiioms, in
surance, nursery stock, dooks or tailoring, or a
man who can sell goods, you will confer a
favor by telling him to correspond with us; or
if you will inserthis notice in your paper and
such parties will cut this notice out and mail
to ns, we may be able to furnish them a good
position In their own and adjoining counties.
The Maledive Archipelago, west of
Ceylon, embraces 14,000 coral islands,
few of which are more than six feet
above the level of the ocean and only
175 of which are inhabited.
A Short Flclit.
The damp autumn nights and morn
ings stirs up sciatica, and then comes a
tug of pain. Use St. Jacobs Oil, and
then comes a tug to cure it. It is a
short fight and the cure is sure.
Miss Daisy Feaiing, the young col
ored woman appointed a teacher in the
Jersey City schools, will retain her
plaoe and the school to which she has
been assigned, according to the super
intendent, no matter what objections
are raised. She is a graduate of the
schools, bright and capable. It has
been stated that the residents of the
district in which her school is located
had filed protests to the appointment of
a colored woman as teacher.
A queer state of affairs has developed
in the City of Monroe, La., which is
building a bridge across the Ked river
at that point. The work on the bridge
is now practically completed, and it
has just been discovered that the
struoture will he 90 feet too short to
reach all the way from bank to bank.
The city has declined to be responsible
for further work on the structure un
less it be made lone enough to be of
use. -
Bicycles are taxed in Shoreham,
Mass., the average assessment this
year being $50. " .
The oldest steam engine in the world
has lust gone off duty after working
120 years. It was built in 17-77.
Bedouins Content with Tents.
When the French came into contact
With the Bedouin in Algeria it was
thought that a ready way of civilizing
him would be to assist him to build
himself a permanent habitation. A
sheik who was thus favored was full
of gratitude to the French engineers
who had built mm a nouse. "since my
bouse was flnlsneV' he said, "I have
r.ot lost a single sheep. I lock them
np in my house every night, and next
morning I find them all in safety."
"Then where do you sleep yourself?"
asked an officer in amazement. "Oh,
for myself a sheik can live only in his
tent!" said the other with dignity.
Hard on the Plcldes.
Virtue Isn't always Its own reward.
The English pickle manufacturers have
been making their pint bottles hold a
little more than a pint to be on the safe
side of an English law on the subject
But when they send these pint bottles
to Canada they run against a law
which provides that any package meas
uring more than a pint must pay duty
on a quart.
There is a period in every boy's life
prior to which he can't be pot to sleep
t night and after which it's difficult
to get him op In the morning.
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California. Fig Svbup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
ail the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fig Syrcp Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
e Company
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"Kest Wheels on KartH."
With 10 per cent discount for cash. 1899 Ideals
22.,"0, ?25, $10, with 10 per cent discount for
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exery where.
...Willamet Iron Works...
Manufacturers of Marine and Stationary Engines and
Ecilers, Saw Mill, Flour Mill, Mining and Dredging
Machinery, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers Water
Wheels, etc Agents for the John T. Noye Co. Flour
Mill Machinery. Huntley Mfe. Co.'s Monitor Grain
Separators and Scourers. Dealers in Excelsicr Bolting
Cloth, Mill and Elevator Supplies, Cotton and Leather
'EeXiing, etc.
Bend your orders direct to us ana get the bone
fit of manufacturers' prices.
Front and Everett Sts.
Cawston & Co.
Successors to H. P. Gregory & Co;
48 and 50 First St.,
Portland, Or.
304 First Ave.,
Seattle, Wash.
A Beautiful Present
In order to further introduce ELASTIC STARCH (Flat Iron Brand),
the manufacturers, J. C. Hubinger Bros. Co., of Keokuk, Iowa, have
decided to GIVE AWAY a beautiful present with each package of
starch sold. These presents are in the form of
Beautiful Paste! Pictures
They are 13x19 inches in size, and are entitled as follows:
Lilacs and
em found or this starch will go
" "or My 4ffim staIcil
Lilacs and
These rare pictures, four in numDer, dv tne renowneu jiasici nn,
R LeRoy of New York, have been chosen from the very choicest subjects
in'his studio and are now offered for the first time to the public.
The pictures are accurately reproduced in all the colors used in the orig
: 1- j mnnnrpa hv cnmnetent critics, works of art.
luala, dill) a . iv. v... - j r . . , , , -
Pastel pictures are the correct thing for the home, nothing surpassing
them in beauty, richness of color and artistic merit.
Elastic Starch
purchased of your grocer. It is the best laundry starch on the market, and
is sold for 10 cents a package. Ask your grocer for this starch and get a
beautiful picture.
1 1 eonneDt WREB El lf Ift tTARP.H AftftPPT UR SUBSTITUTE
We lead and originate
fashions in....
Cor. Second and Stark Sts.
wTTv HE A L TH RESTORER. IrreTeow cm.sioQ. Painless, and not uatrla
- USE IT. VUx,,,,, "'"""r.-I.H
llik C S. a 2tkW 0T Mnt Iq P11" wrapper,
Send for Catalogue. i
Uf II 1 a riunr nn 80 Market St. TXJIUBX writing to advertlier. pleat
WILL S rtlUft GO. 8 rnwcUeo. I YV mention this paper. ,