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OP-PICKING," said young
Durell, as he took a rosy
August annle from his
pocket, and fed It leisurely to the beau
tiful horse against which he leaned.
"Why, yes, it is a rather romantic busi
ness, if you look upon it from a roman
tic point of view. You're an artist, eh?
Come to sketch our little bits of roman
tic scenery? But there's nothing par
ticularly picturesque about our hop
fields. Just suushine and the gold
green of the clusters, and the curling
tendrils reaching out for something to
grasp at, and the air so blue and clear
that one can almost see the straight
lines of the sunshine. Of course, it
look.i pretty to me, for I was born and
brought up upon it; but excuse me
I can't see what there is specially wor
thy of an artist's pencil."
"Do you see those long perspectives
of green alleys," said he; "with figures
running in and out, and the old wom
an sitting among the fragrant heaps,
with the scarlet cloak, and two little
toddles at her feet? And yonder feeble,
bent old man, with water cans on his
shoulders? Why, there are a hundred
bits of genre here, to say nothing of
the background."
And Unyniond took out his millboards
and color boxes, set up an impromptu
easel, and began diligently to paint.
Squire Durell's son looked on with an
amused smile. To bim, the machinery
of the great hop farm was the real
business of life. Artists and such like
were merely pleasure seekers who dis
ported themselves airily on the out
skirts of creation.
"You will find some very pretty faces
here," said Durell, "if you care for
sketching that sort of thing. People
come br -e from all parts of the country
in hop-picking time. Gypsies, tramps,
respectable poor workers who don't ob
ject to turning an honest penny, young
people who come here for the frolic of
the thing, and poor old wretches who
think that every season will be their
last. It's healthy, the doctors say. At
all events It's profitable. In hop season
there Isn't a cottage, a farmhouse gar
ret, nor even a barn untenanted. There
are tents, a white sprinkle of them,
down In the meadow by the vines,
"where people sleep at nights. You can
see them from here. You are staying
in this part of the neighborhood? No?
My father will be very glad to see you
up at the house, If you will honor ns
by becoming our guest to-night."
And raising his light straw hut,
Daniel Durell went his way, the beau
tiful, satln-sklnned white horse follow
ing like a docile kitten at his heels.
"Hugh," he said to a servant who
had come down with a hamper from the
house, "take a cup of coffee and two or
three of these white rolls, with my com
pliments to that gentleman In the white
linen coat who is sketching under the
trees. And, Hugh!"
"Djd you carry the sardine sand
wiches and the basket of apricots and
he young girl In
take 'em, Mr.
was all for call-
ilnded your order.
arid lii.rEfEEEEf. ris fast as I could,
ending notwKear."
Durell smiled.
That's aght," said he, "and don't
forget the cold meat and slices of new
bread for old Dunstable. He grows
weaker and weaker every day, and
there was nothing but the heel of a loaf
id a black-cheese rind In his dinner
isket, for I saw it myself."
's all right, sir," said Hugh.
i.nd then Durell, going up to the great
shrewdly noticed all the hop
prs as they sat and lay around nn-
the shadow of the vines. In the
far niente of the noon intermis-
aud finally came Into the great.
room where the scent of cheese-
filled the air, and the muslin
i fluttered to and fro In the
The sqiuire himself sat there, gouty
but contejnt. Iced claret and cold chick
en wereon the table; forced hot-house
peaches Scented the atmosphere; a plate
of deviled tongue, with curry sauce,
supplied' the fiery element, and delicate
cutlets, breaded and fried In egg, were
brought in. The old gentleman's face
brightened at the sight of his son.
"It has seemed a long day without
you, !.ny boy," said he. "Sit down, sit
down. Do you know, Daniel, I've been
thinking all the morning that I wish
Lou d bring a wife home to the old
She would be company for me
are gone. Why don't you
my lad?"
I been thinking of It, father,"
ulre's son. "But what would
Br, If I were to marry a noor
Ire set do wn his glass of Iced
Ivldently this was entirely a
of the matter.
aor girl, father, and as
ely as yonder half-opened
Sd. You will perhaps laugh at
e added, "but I have lost my
to one of our hop-pickers."
name Is Mary Bavenel, sir. I
saw her before this season. She
ting t,cps with her aunt, or some
relative a pale, fragile looking
In as beautiful as a dream. And
Ati squire shook his head.
Fn trust you, my son," said he
Uoever you choose to bring here
as welcome as the flowers In
all tMs time the artist, strolling
long to observe tne various
came upon a pale faced girl in
girl with large, melting, wino-ce-5,
straight, pure features and
hair, overhanging her fore-
a mist of Jet
ilavenel!" he cried, In a tone
Miss Ravenel,' " she smiled
lou are astonished to see me
the doctor declared that hop-
1 be the very thing tor
Verna brought me, and
And I am really accom-
5ders In the hop-picking
)wn here and eat some of
is hothouse grapes. They
.daily by an unknown
is," as Aunt Verna
not exactly un-
)urell's son. He
ng all these dellght-
I tell him over and
need of them. I
i a starving dress-
ag of the kind," with
a blush and a smile. "But, oh, he is
so good! And I like him so much! Now
show us, please, what you have been
Mr. Durell came down, In the warm,
red glow of the summer sunset, to the
willow-shaded curve In the river where
Miss Ravenel liked to sit when her
day's work was done.
"I have brought you some of the rare
orchids from the conservatory," said
he. "You told me the other day you
liked flowers."
"I am much obliged to you," said she,
gratefully. "But, Mr. Durell, I have
something to tell you."
"Stop a minute," he said. "I have
something to tell you that I love you,
that I want to make you my wife. Dear
Miss Ravenel, you are surprised at
this? Have you not seen It growing
out of my heart by degrees? My father
Is old and Infirm, but he Is ready to
welcome you with all paternal love,
and "
"You really love me?" she cried, with
wide open eyes. "Mo, a poor, pale, lit
tle hop-picker 7"
"You, my queen and my Ideal!"
"Then," she said, all smiles and
blushes, "I think I ought to repay you
by loving you a littla And I think I
do nay, I am quite certain of it"
"My darling! Oh, my darling," he
"But wait; you have not heard what
I am," she urged.
"You are Miss Ravenel."
"I am General Ravenel's daughter. I
am here by the doctor's order, not be
cause I need the dally wages of a hop
picker. But you won't like me any the
less, will you, for that?"
Mr. Durell stood amazed. Miss Rav
enel the great heiress!
"We are stopping at the Clancllff
Hotel," said she. "I have my phaeton
and ponies there. I will drive up to the
house to see your father, since ho can
not come to me."
"But I thought you were a poor girl,
hiring one of these tents rso much a
night," said Daniel In perp-xlty.
"That's where you were mistaken,"
said Miss Ravenel, smiling. "But hop
picking has done me a deal of good.
Aunt Verna says my cheeks are redder
than they used to be; and I must be
better, because "
"Because I feel so happy," said Mary
Ravenel, coloring like a rose.
And so Daniel Durell found his life's
treasure out among the garlanded hop
poles. Hearthstone.
The Bold, Bad Bug.
I am sitting by the river,
Where the waters dance and quiver
In the breeze,
And the little birds are winging
Overhead and sweetly singing
Till their melody is ringing
Through the trees.
Here together we sat chumming,
While we listened to the humming
Of the bees;
And you said when I made money
As the little bees made honey
I would be your solid sonny
Oh, you tease!
As we sat beneath the willows,
Bosoms heaving as the billows
Of the seas,
Oh, how fond the recollection
That by prudent circumspection
I was winning your affection
By degrees.
All at once a scream went flying
Through the trees,
Seemed to shatter e'en the sighing
Of the breeze;
And the voice which erstwhile charmed
Now with pitying ring alarmed me
Seemed to freeze.
What a chill of fear came o'er me,
As you threw yourself before me
On your knees;
And you said a bug that harm meant
Was between your back and garment
And you begged the dreadful varmint
I would seize!
But my modesty was riven,
And my blushes ran up seven-
Ty degrees,
And you called me craven coward,
Epithets upon me showered,
And alone left me embowered
'Neath the trees!
So again I here am sitting,
And the same old birds are flitting
Through the trees;
In the same old way they're winging,
And the same old songs they're singing,
And the same old music's ringing
On the breeze.
But I've grown a whole lot older,
If you please,
And I've certainly grown bolder,
By degrees;
And if now I had occasion
I would stop that bug's invasion
Without any hesitation,
Denver Post.
Good Evidence.
Lawyer Why did you discharge that
man arrested for scorching?
Judge Pedals Scorching! That man
wasn't scorching. Impossible! Why,
he only rode a last year's model - of a
low grade wheel. Now, If he had been
riding a Crackadoom, as 1 do
But right there the lawyer interposed,
and the same old endless discussion on
the merits of different wheels was re
sumed. St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Any one who will patronize an excur
sion will laugh at a circus ciowi
few Deaths Attributed to Them, Not
withstanding the Popnlar Fear.
A curious news item gives the results
of an investigation carried on by Dr.
G. Stanley Hall, president of Clark
University, on the things that most ex
cite fear in people. Of the 298 classes
of objects of fear to which 1,707 per
sons confessed, thunder and lightning
led all the rest, although in certain lo
calities, as for Instance, those subject
to cyclones, etc., the fear of the latter
predominates. It may be accepted as
probably true that thunderstorms con
stitute the most pronounced source of
fear with the majority of people, due
no doubt to the always impressive and
not infrequently overpowering nature
of the phenomenon. But is there any
justification in fact for this fear so
far as fatal results are concerned? We
believe there Is not, but, on the con
trary, that many other causes which
barely have a place In Dr. Hall's list
are infinitely more entitled to the dis
tinction as fear producers than light
ning. As proof of this we may cite statis
tics of the United States weather bu
reau. These show that for the four
years 1890-93 the deaths from light
ning numbered 784, or an average of
190 a year. Again, H. I Kretzer, of
St. Louis, found from the record of
nearly 200 newspapers that for the five
years 1883-88 there were 1,030 deaths
caused by lightning, or ah average of
200 a year. We doubt whether of the
number of deaths classified as "acci
dental" In the whole United States any
one group can show so small a num
ber. In New York city alone over 200
people are drowned every year, while
nearly 150 are burned or scalded to
death, and close on to 500 persons meet
their end by falls of one kind or an
other. Comparing the record of 200
lightning fatalities for the whole coun
try with the above records for New
York city, with its total of nearly 1,500
accidental deaths every year, it will be
seen how groundless is the popular fear
of lightning. It Is a survival, an In
herited superstition.
The popular belief that a stroke of
lightning Is Invariably fatal Is also not
borne out by the facts. Indeed, one
record specially devoted to this feature
shows that of 212 persons struck only
seventy-four were killed. Taking It all
In all, there seems to be no more
groundless popular fear than that of
lightning. Indeed, if one can go by
statistics, the risk of meeting death by
a horse kick In New York is over 50
per cent, greater than that of death by
lightning. Yet with all the weight of
statistics agalns Its deadllness, light
ning will probably continue to scare
people as heretofore. Terhaps, after
all, there may be a more direct cause
than the mere psychological one usu
ally ascribed to it, and that Is the fact
that many people of nervous tempera
ment are affected hours before the ap
proach of a thunderstorm and thus
rendered particularly powerless tp
stand the strain which more or less af
fects the most phlegmatic natures dur
ing a disturbance In the heavens. Bos
ton Transcript.
His Ruse Saved Him.
Thought, at any rate, is not slow in
Philadelphia. The following anecdote
proves it: According to the rules laid
down by the Philadelphia department
of public safety any officer making a
mistake and calling a patrol wagon
tvltbout -cause Is subject to a fine of
two days' pay. Quite recently one of
the best and most efficient officers of
the thirteenth district went to call up
the station house and Inadvertently
called the patrol. He was in an awful
stew for a moment, but while swear
ing at himself for his carelessness he
espied a well-known local character ap
proaching with a peculiarly unsteady
gait. "Stop," said the bluecoat, whoso
brain had suddenly absorbed a bright
idea. "You've been drinking and you
will just help me out of a difficulty."
"What have I done?" asked the man,
"Oh, nothing, only I have made a mis
take," replied the patrolman, "and if
the patrol comes you go to the station
and if it don't you can go along about
your business. I've let you off many a
time. Now you can help me." The
patrol arrived, the victim was hustled
Into the wagon and taken to the sta
tion and locked up for the night Of
course he was discharged In the morn
nlng none the worse for his slumber on
the hard bench. The officer to square
himself handed over 50 cents to the
man and chuckled to himself at the
thought of how he had saved $5 by his
Ingenuity. Troy Times.
Liost Opportunities.
"Talking of lost opportunities for
riches," remarked the retired capita
list, "I count two against myself which
I will regret until my dying day. One
came a number of years ago, when a
man wanted to buy a small lot of
ground from me and offered for 1t 1,000
shares of the Bell Telephone Co., which
he valued at $1 a share. I refused the
bid. The stock has since sold at $750
a share. The other lost opportunity
was even worse. An old friend, who
had been a school companion in my
youth, came to me and implored me to
help him out with an option he had on
a sliver mine in Colorado. He had
raised $8,000 and he needed' that much
more to prevent the expiration of the
option in about a week. I had been
bitten In a number of gold and silver
mining speculations, and I refused to
put up the desired $8,000. My friend
found a man on Market street who had
more nerve than I and took up the
option with the $16,000. Since that
time those two men have cleared $7,
000,000 on that mine, $3,500,000 apiece.
The lightning may strike me yet, but
I doubt whether I will ever recover
those lost millions." Philadelphia
Slaking It Worth While.
It is ever the habit of mortals to
trump up excuses for certain lines of
conduct, but probably none are more
ahsurd than the following:
An Irishman walking over a plank
sidewalk, in counting some money acci
dentally dropped a nickel, which rolled
down a crack between the boards.
The Irishman was much put out by
his loss, trifling though it was. Early
the next day a friend, while walking
by the spot, discovered the man drop
ping a dollar down the same crack.
"It was this way," explained Pat; "I
reasoned thot it wasn't worth me while
to put up thot sidewalk for a nickel, so
I'm dropping down a dollar to make It'
worth me while."
Strange, If True,
"There's a man In town who owns a
clock he has wound every night for
thirty-three years."
"That's nothing. We have a clock
that my husband has forgot to wind
every night or forty years."
The only difference between med
dling and investigating Is that you al
ways Investigate and the other fellow
What has become of the old-fashion-ad
man who .aid, "No, I don't, nuther?"
They Will Not Stop, However, for
Eight Centuries.
In time leap years will go out of ex
istence entirely, but as this will not
occur for over 800 years - we haven't
much personal Interest in the event
In the ordinary course of events 190C
would be a leap year, but It will not
count In the calculation. In other
words, wlflle it does occur It does not
occur, simply because It is not In the
agreement, that it shall occur. The
story is a long one, but it can be brief
ly told so that the average person can
understand it without much difficulty.
In 1582, In the arrangement of the
Julian calendar, ten days were dropped
so as to get things running on the then
new but the present basis of calculat
ing time. So as to keep things running
right It was determined that a year
ending a century should not be bisex
tlle, except every fourth century. Thus
there was no leap year In 1700, 1800
or 1900. It is, or at least was, rather
hard on the ladies, who have special
advantages In leap year, for It Is the
only year that it is proper for them to
propose themselves In marriage, but as
It has always been so In matters af
fecting womankind, men always find
reasons for restricting their privileges.
The ladles lose their privilege again
in 1900, but though there will not be
many of those who see 1900 who will
see 2,000, the latter year, ending a
fourth century, will be a leap year.
In this way three days are retrenched
in four centuries, and the remaining
seven days will be made up in a little
over 800 years. After that calendar
years will be like solar years, and er
rors In the calculation of time will oc
cur no more.
The loss of leap years will in thou
sands of years affect the seasons. I
suppose the mathematicians of the
centuries hence will be so expert In
handling figures and making calcula
tions that they will have no difficulty
in keeping things going correctly.
Washington Star.
Rant's Horn Bounds a Warning Note
to the Unredeemed.
SOUL Is worth
more than a ser
mon. True love slays
Love Is never
Too many good
resolutions die in
their infancy.
Shallow brooks
make much bab
ble. It Is grand to right the wrong you see.
The will of heaven never has a cod
icil. Minor sins rarely fall to reach ma
turity. Calling bricks butter will not make
them soft.
If you cannot dispel the mists, climb
above them.
Personal salvation means purse-and-all
Trayer performed as a mere duty,
brings no blessing.
He never wastes words who confines
himself to the truth.
Like the manna, the Bible tastes to
each man ns he wills.
The world, the flesh and the devil aro
Incarnate In the saloon.
If we would not tremble before Him,
Emanuel must be Jesus.
So far from God only saving the good,
He can only save the bad.
The Good Physician never makes a
mistake In the prescription.
Running In debt with no intention of
paying, is genteel stealing.
If you are marching with Christ, you
will have collisions with sin.
Better the tear of godly sorrow, than
the laugh of sinful pleasure.
To preach "the truth In love" Is to
preach against every heresy.
The mannerism of man is the paint
he uses to hide the raw material.
When the wicked make merry, the
devil always leads the applause.
To grasp Christianity often calls for
the surrender of a man's religion.
By the shame of the Cross Christ de
scends to the depths of our shame.
If conscience spoke words of flattery,
Its slightest whispers could be heard.
Praise a fool, and It makes him proud;
praise a wise man, and it makes him
Attending church service and attend
ing to Christ's service are things which
The drilling oil wells by each owner
of adjoining lands near the division
line, so that each may obtain the
amount of oil contained In his land, is
held, In Elley vs. Ohio Oil Company
(Ohio), 39 L. R. A. 7C5, to be lawful
and to afford each of them sufficient
protection against the other.
An Injunction against the plaintiff Is
held, in Sternberg vs. Wolff (N. J.), 39
L. R. A., 762 to be properly imposed
as a condition of a similar injunction in
his favor to limit the power of the de
fendant to make promissory notes or
checks for a corporation in which they
have equal interests.
An Injunction agaKist the proprietor
of a theater to prevent breach of a
contract to furnish the theater and
equipment to the manager of a com
pany for a certain time and to prevent
him from furnishing the theater to a
rival company during that period, is
denied in Welty vs. Jacobs (111.), -40 L.
R. A. 98, as the contract Is not one that
can be specifically enforced.
Persons attending a club banquet at
a hotel on the Invitation and at the ex
pense of the club, which had a contract
to pay a special sum for each plate fur
nished, were held, In Amey vs. Win
chester (N. H.), 39 L. R. A. 760, to have
no right of action against the proprie
tor for the loss of their hats left by
them on a rack at the entrance of the
dining-room, although they had been
registered and assigned a room at the
President McKinley a Pipe Smoker
President McKinley has become a
pipe smoker; Attorney General Griggs
chews tobacco privately; Postmaster
General Smith smokes cigarettes; Sec
retary Gage smokes cigars and chews
tobacco; Secretary Alger la an invet
erate smoker. The abstainers of the
cabinet are Secretaries Day, Bliss and
Good Field for Women Doctors.
One reason why female physicians
nw.n on nlon tl f Til In Rnoslfl fa that tv.
u.i c ov l"-' . ... .UMV l L1Z
country Includes among Its inhabitants
over 12,000,000 Mohammedans, who do
not allow male physicians to treat
Some men would rather be right than
be President, but there are others who
never make an effort to be either.
Oil cures
Oil cures
Oil cures
Oil cures
Oil cures
Oil cures
Oil enres
Oil ouies
Oil cures
Oil cures
Muscular aches.
St. Jacobs
St. Jacobs
St. Jacobs
St. Jacobs
Dewey's Expenses.
Admiral Dewey's expenditures in
powder and shell to sink the Spanish
fleet at Manila, according to his own
official report, was about $45,000. The
cost for the same item in disposing of
Admiral Ceivera's fleet off Santiago is
between $90,000 and $100,000. Ex
perts regard the figures in both cases as
surprisingly low.
Do You
Like Boils
If you do not, you should take Hood's
Sarsaparllla and it will purify yonr blood,
cure your boils and keep your system free
from the poisons which cause them. The
great blood purifying power of Hood's Sar
saparilla is constantly being demonstrated
by its many marvelous cures.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine, fl; six for So.
Hood's Pills cure Sick Headache. 25 cents.
Prosperous Woman Farmer.
One of the most prosperous farmers
in Oklahoma is Mrs. Jane Crumm. who
lives near Calumet. Pour years ago
her husband died, and since then she
andNa 14-year-old boy have cultivated
820 aores of land, and this year iaised
over 5,000 bushels of wheat, besides
corn, oats aud other things. The
widow plowB every day and has paid a
large amount of obligations of her hus
band since his death.
Three Women Relieved of Female.
Troubles by Mrs. Pinkham.
From Mrs A. W. Smith, 59 Summer
St., Biddeford, Me.:
" For several years I suffered with
various diseases peculiar to my sex.
Was troubled with a burning sensation
across the small of my back, that all
gone feeling, was despondent, fretful
and discouraged; the least exertion
tired me. I tried several doctors but
received little benefit. At last I de
cided to give your Lydia E Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial. The ef
fect of the first bottle was magical.
Those symptoms of weakness that I
was afflicted with, vanished like vapor
before the sun. I cannot, speak too
highly of your valuable remedy. It is
truly a boon to woman "
From Mrs. Melissa Phillips, Lex
ington, Ind., to Mrs. Pinkham:
"Before I began taking your medicine
I had suffered for two years with that
tired feeling, headache, backache, noap
petite, and a run-down condition of the
system. I could not walk across the
room. I have taken four bottles of the
Vegetable Compound, one box of Liver
Pills and used one package of Sanative
Wash, and now feel like a new woman,
and am able to do my work. "
From Mrs. Mollie E. Uep.p.el, Pow
ell Station, Tenn.:
"For three years I suffered with such a
weakness of the back. I could not
perform my household duties. I also
had falling of the womb, terrible bearing-down
pains and headache. I have
taken two bottles of Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound and feel
like a new woman. I recommend your
medicine to every woman I know."
Shawl for an Empress.
One of the most wonderful shawls in
existence is a woolen wrap presented as
a wedding gift to the empress of Rnssia
by women of Orenburg, a town in the
southeastern part of the empire. When
spread out it is 10 yards square, but is
so exquisitely fine that it may be
passed through a finger ring, and when
folded makes a parcel a few inches
St. Jacobs
St. Jacobs
No danger in Schilling s
Best tea.
It is delicious besides.
Mary Stuart's Watch.
Mary Stuart made a fad of collecting
timepieces. Among those owned by
her was a coffin-shaped watch in a case
of crystal. Probably the most remark
able one in her collection was the one
bequeathed to Mary Seaton, her maid
of honor. It was in the form of a
skull. On the forehead of the skull
was the symbol of death, the scythe
and the hour glass. At the back of
the skull was time, and at the top of
the head the garden of Eden and the
crucifixion. The watch was opened by
reversing the skull. Inside was a rep
resentation of the Holv Family, sur
tounded by angels, while the shepherds
and their flocks were worshipping the
new-born Christ. The works formed
the brains, while the dial-plate was the
palate. She also possessed another
skull-shaped watch, but it is not known
what became of it.
In the hotels built in China for the
use of foreigners, the highest stories are
the most expensive because the
Of the bog moss sphagnum there are
no fewer than 215 species, about 600
of "Arrottronf ' Combined Theory and Practice
i Bookkeeping are numerous. Investigate
this new method of teaching. It la extremely
interesting, thoroughly practical.
Going to Business College?
Do not fail to learn what and how we teach.
Oregon. Call. or write. Visitors always wej.
come. A. P, AmxrraoNO, Principal.
m tima. Sold tr drupsiiu.
m cushIri IlT IlsTTajis.
13 Ben Coiiari krrob. Ttnm Qcci. Use
Smoking was not permitted in Eng
land railway carriages until 1846.
In some parts of Norway coin is still
used as a substitute for coin.
There are 27 royal families in
Europe, two-thirds of which are of
German origin.
It is said that the first weeping wil
low in England was planted by Alex
ander Pope, the poet.
The cartmen who haul sand to Rorne
for builders work 19 hours a day for
35 cents, and sleep in the stables with
their mules.
As an effect of the South Wales coal
strike, the Great Western railway has
sustained a direct loss upon a oarriage
of minerals of 138,000.
No restaurant in "St. Petersburg is
allowed to have its bill of fare exclu
sively in a foreign language. By a re
cent edict a Russian version must al
ways be added.
There are 400,000,000 people in the
British empire, and the queen would
have to live another 70 years to enable
her to see all of them pass before hdr,
if marching night and day for all that
A recent report issued in Germany
says that 3,574,501 hectoliters of beer
were absorbed in Berlin in 1897, "so
that each inhabitant drank 206 liters."
In 1892 the average consumption was
169 liters.
The sjstem of vaccination is so per
fect in the German army that smallpox
has been reduced to six oases annually.
All rewuits are re-vaccinated, and
there must be at least ten punctures in
each arm.
It is stated that Turkey lost less than
1,000 men in battle in the Greek war,
but 19,000 died in Thessaly of disease
and 23,000 were sent home invalided
and of the latter 8,000 subsequently
died. Among the dead were 17 army
Why Teeth Decay.
The question to what extent the
alkaline earth salts in drinking water
affect the decay (caries) of teeth has of
late been studied in several quarters.
Statistics have been collected by Rese
in several localities in Bavaria and by
Foerberg, in Sweden. These have re
vealed the interesting fact that the
extent of decaying teeth bears a definite
relation to the hardness of the water;
in other words, to the quantity of cal
cium and magnesium salts in the earth
through which the water passes. The
harder the water the better the teeth;
the smaller the quantity of these salt
the greater the decay of the teeth.
Sudd. Ap. Zeitung.
A Remarkable Plant.
A flower known as the larghing
plant, which grows in Arabia, is so
called because its seeds produce effects
like those produced by laughing gas.
The flowers are of a bright yellow, while
the seeds resemble small black beana
Some farmers are holding their wheat be
cause they think the price will go to $2 a
bushel. The price, however, may go down
and thus great losses will follow. In all
matters delays are dangerous, particularly
so in sickness. At the first sign of bilious
ness, dyspepsia, indigestion or constipa
tion cure yourself with Hostetter's Stom
ich Bitters.
The production of electric energy by
the direct .sutMn; ofi iixe atmosphere is
now ciruimed to be possa'ble with a bat
tery iai which there is a peculiar treat
ment of plates of conapressed giaphite.
No. household 1 (emmplete without a bot
tle of tbe Tarmous Jesse "Moore Whiskey. It
is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne
gleet this necessity.
The first vessel to carry the American
flag around the world was the ship Co
lumbia, which sailed from the port of
Boston September 30, 1787.
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The basin of the St. Lawrence river
covers 530,000 square miles, of which
160.000 are in Canada.
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CRBSH l'e fii for unnatural
VlalioSltji.V discharge!, lufiammatioit,
tWm Oniraaued irritations or ulcerations
MMW not io ArUtmrt. of mucous membranes.
gMPnrasts eaniafioii. Painless, and not astria
o1theEvs ChemiolCq. or poisonous.
BjA ciNciitNATi.o B Sol' r trntra-taia,
s1 Circular sent on rNjaert.
Mm P. X. U. Ho. 43, '98,
HEX writing, to advertisers plaaae
meatlon ttaia paper.
Women and the Wheel.
Fron the Gazette, Dela'rarc, Ohio.
The liealthfulness of bicycle riding
for women is still a disputed question
between eminent physioians and health
Used in moderation it surely creates
for women a means of out-door exer
cise, the benefit of which all physicians
concede. Used to excess, like any
other pastime, its effect is likely to be
The experience of Miss Bertha Reed,
the 17-year-old daughter of Mr. J. R.
Reed, 335 Lake street, Delaware, O. ,
may point a moral for parents who,
like Mr. and Mrs. Reed, have experi
enced some concern for their daughters
who are fond of wheeling. In the fall
of '96 Miss Bertha, who had ridden a
great deal, began to fail in an alarm
ing manner. She grew steadily paler
and thinner, and it appeared she was
going into consumption. Rest and
quiet did her absolutely no good. A
physician found her pulse at 104 a
very high rate. Thinking this may
She Ri le Well.
have been due to temporary nervous
ness when he examined her.he watched
her closely, but her pulse continued at
that rate for two weeks. He was satis
fied then, from her high pulse and
steadily wasting condition that she was
suffering from anaemia or a bloodless
condition of the body. She became
extremely weak, and could not stand
the least noise or excitement. In this
condition of affairs they were reccom
mended by an old friend
to get some of that famous
blood medicine. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People. They did
so, and almost from the first dose Ber
tha began to improve. She continued
to take the pills and was by means of
those pills made entirely well, and
more grateful people than her parents
cannot be found in the whole state of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
proved a boon to womankind. Acting
directly on the blood and nerves, they
restore the requisite vitality to all
parts of the body; creating functional
regularity and perfect harmony
throughout the nervous system. The
pallor of the cheeks is changed to the
delicate blush of health; the eyes
brighten; the muscles grow elastic,
ambition is created and good health re
turns. The skin of the reindeer is'so imper
vious to the cold that anyone clothed
in such a dress, with the addition of a
blanket of the same material may bear
the intensest rigors of an Arcticwinter's
Nearly 1,000,000 women in Spain
work in the field as day laborers; 350,
000 women are registered as day ser
vants that is, they work for their food
and lodging. There is no such class
anywhere else.
follow It ITp.
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then regret it, for stiffness and soreness
is bound to follow. Follow it up with
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Astronomers say that in onr solar
system there are at least 17,000,000
comets of all sizes.
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It is the custom of Persian ladies,
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roses at one another.
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Roots crowned. Bridges Made.
Painless filling and extraction.
The waters of the Grand Falls of
Labrador have excavated a chasm 80
miles long.
Seems to Get KIpo.
One complaint seems to get ripe in
autumn, and that is neuralgia. To
soothe the pain, strengthen the nerves
and rid the system of it, use St. Jacobs
Oil, the best known cure.
Copra is a preparation of the cocoanut
made in great quantities in tropical
islands all over the world.
When coming to San Franoiso go to
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American or European plan. Room and
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Try Schilling's Best tea and baking powder.
There is a cafe in Venice which has
never been closed, night or day, for 150
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Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
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The average weight of a brain is
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Cure for Consumption cured inc. Amos
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A scientist looking for microbes says
there are absolutely none on the Swiss
mountains at an altitude of 2,000 feet.
In the fall cleanse your system by using
Dr. Plunder's Oregon Blood Purifier.
A novel cure for consumption, it is
said, has been for some time in use by
Dr. J. B. Murphy, of Chicago. The
remedy consists in the hypodermic in
jection of pnre nitrogen into the lungs.
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