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"CORVALLIS, OREGON, Feb. 4,1898.
. A few Ladies' Long Coats that are being
"Sold at a great redaction. If you want
large amount of goods for your money
sure and see them. All the capes and
jackets iH the department sold at a reduc-
A gosd servicable umbrella for 50 cents;
1U style in the 75-cent grade, and lots of
Wear teo.
j If you want a better oue, you will Snd
it here at tea same ratio of low price to
good goods.
R and G Corsets in styles and shapes
that will fit any form. A line of French
tiersets, good fitters, made of Freaeh
Cantil, drab and white. All grades to
f'4.50, for $1.00. Have you seen our 50
Cnt and $1.00 line? There are no better
for that price.
Albany, Oregon.
Agents for Buttrick Patterns.
J - ;
IjOgau Hays is in Portland attending a
adding party.
'Ben Woldt, Al Johnson ind Chris.
Germansen visited PortlaaJ this week.
Miss Anna Willis came up from Al
bany Monday, to visit with friends in
this city uutil Saturday.
John Wesley Owens and Miss Lillie :
Douglas, of Linn county, were married 1
at the Methodist parsovage, Rev. I. Peart, j
Officiating. I
S. L. Kline has fitted up a neat cigar !
atid tobaeco department in his store and
will in the future make a feature of that
liiee of goods.
Dr. Sharpies, of Engene, gave an in
Struetive lecture at the c.lege Friday
night on the subject of 'growing, curing !
aud marketing prunes."
Mr. R. A. Harris, representing; the Or- i
egonian. and until recently foreman on
the Telephone-Roister, paid this office a
fraternal visit Tuesday.
A change is noted in the 011 ; cent pos
taPstamps. The new ones are greea in-
Stead of bluv, as formerly, and of the I
same shade as the tne-ccnt stamp.
Rev. Hofnian Iliff, D.'D., will preach
at the Methodist Episcopal church Lord's
day, morning and evening, and remain
during the week and assist in the revival
Born, in Alsea, last week, to the wif.
of "John Hsury," tippiag the beam at
11 pounds, William Jenuiugs Bryan
Clark. Verily, the name is longer than
the tale.
Increase ia business demanded mare
commodious quarters, so Mr. T. D. Camp
bell has moved his stock of gods into
the Ray building, formerly occupied by
the New Yorfc Racket store.
(M'r. Edgar Grimm, lnte professor of
agriculture in the O. A. C, has bon ap
pedntcd a deputy revenue collector for
the Alaska district and will sail in a
short time to assume his duties.
Mr. Uhris Houck, an Oregon pioneer of
1852, died at his home in Albany last
Saturday evening, at the age of 6 years.
A wife, two daughters and a step-daughter,
Mrs. Geo. A. Waggoner, of this city,
survive him.
Messrs. Geo. Webber and Audy Taylor
have disposed of their business interests
in San Francisco and will pass through
Corvallis Monday or Tuesday next, en
tente, for Eugene, where they will proba
bly go into busices.
The subject at the Congregational
church next Sunday morning will be:
''Co operation." In the evening: "The
Crucifixion." At the morning service
aa offering will be taken for the home
xtrissionary society.
Gibs Allphin is night watch on the Al
fefcy and posted in the engineers quar
ters is what purports to be his govern
ment license. There are two words spell
ed correctly, and Gib's qualifications as
a night bird, 'etc., are gloomily set forth.
A letter to a friend in this city from
Ed Zeis, who is now in business in Red
ding, . California, states that times are
Stirring in that part of the couutry, and
sunshine has been the weather clerk's
ilill of fare every day since his advent
The challenge of the Chemawa Indian
girls, issued some time ago to the young
ladies of the O. A. C, to play a game of
basket ball, has been accepted, and the
college team is practicing faithfully for
the contest, which will take place this
Monday night, Hon. Henry E. Dosch,
f Hillsdale, member of the Oregon hor
ticultural commission, will lecture at the
college subject: "Some Horticultural
Problems." Mr. Dosch is a fine speaker
snd thoroughly familiar with his subject
im all its phases.
Mr. Case, a Nebraska merchant.passed
through Corvallis Wednesday on his way
to Philomath, where he is inspecting the
Nichols & Holm stock, with a view of
bidding on it at the sale. His health de
taauds a change from Nebraska and he
will make Oregon his home.
There will be a crowded house loai; ht
to hear B. F. Irvine, editor of the Times,
talk on "Cuba and the Colonists," at the
college auditorium. The topic is time
ly and interesting, and Mr. Irvine is a
very entertaining talker. There is no
admission fee and all are invited.
Archbishop Gross, of Portland, will ad
minister the sicremeat of confirmation
at the Catholic church in this city next !
Sunday. He will speak in tkc morning ( The strength which comes to us from eat
at 10:30 and in the evening at 7:30. The J ;ng nourishixg food is better than sjimula
archbishop is an able and interesting j tion, b.-cause it is now strength,
talker and all are invited to '--.ear him. The health which belongs to a strog
This evening there will be a social j boJ- W ;" nourished by proper fo.d (prop
gathering at the United Eraagelical JcBted' U tho h"nllh lhat M
thurch, the object being to promote the j difference between Shaker Digestivo
tnoral aad socuil phases of tMe Christian Jorfw u limf)ly
4tndeavor work. A short interesting pro- ; Mf n!lture m(vb() streBgth. lt does
m has been prepared tor the evening,
r which a time for introductions and j
ial conversation will be given. The
xercises are under the direction of the 1
L. C. E. No admission nor collection I
ill be taken. Everybody is invited to
Exercises begin at 7:30. ;
Jolan & Callahan's new spring stock j
II arrive early in March. -'- '
Services at the United Evaagelical
church next Sunday as follows: Sunday
school at 10 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m.,
subject "Nature of the Spirit;" junior
endeavor at 3 p. m.; K. L. C. E. at 6 30
p. 111., and preaching :u 7:30 p. m., sub
ject "Evidences of a Christian Charac
ter." It is not in mortals to command great
ness, but they can have it thrust upon
them. Ben Woldt left Corvallis on Sun
day morning's boat for Portland, as plain
Citizen Woldt, and Monday's Tribune
heralded him to the world as a delegate
from the Corvallis McKinley club to the
republican league convention.
Dr. Thompson was callad to Albany to
conduct the funeral service of Mr.Houck,
father of Mrs. Geo. Waggoner, and on
Wednesday he conducted the installa
tion services of Rev. Jas. Thompson, as
pastor of the Brownsville Presbyterian
church. He will occupy his pulpit at
Corvallis next Sunday as usual.
Mr. Frank M. Wadsworth and Miss
Teresa Mackay were united iH man iage
at Portland last Sunday. The groom is
a son of F. Al. Wadnworth, agent at Si-
letz a few years ago, and the bride is the
daughter of Wm. Mackay, formerly sher
iff of Beuton. The young couple will
make their future home at Toledo.
The firemen's band lia; fitted up a nice
practice hall in the roms over the Ga
zetth office, and are practicing diligent
ly. As the orga uzalioa is self-sustaining,
the boys have decided to give a scries of
dances t-. defra) expenses. The first of
Iheis will occur in the opera house to
ut i . , 11.1l will be an invitational affair.
Judge Burnett has received .1 letter
from Brady, brought down by the steam
Alki, which transferred to the Oregon
the passengers rescued from the wrecked
Corona. ThU. additional load tested the
full carrying capacity of the Oregon, and
Brady expressed some apprehension as
to her ability to care for all the f assitn-
Frank Maxson, who ha.s lieen a
resident of this city for the past two
years, left with his family, Monday, to
join his mother and step-father, Mr. W.
N. Parker, in Kingman, Arizonia, where
he ii.-is been offered a position at night
work. During his short stay in Coival
lis Ua has made many friends, wko regret
his depa- ture.
Mr. Bookwaller, of Nebraska, father
of Ed Bookwaltcr, was in the city this
week, visiting Mr. E. Allen. Mr. B. is
manager of gieat tracts of fruit lands on
jjjg piatte river, owned by himself and !
brothers, and which has been divided in- 1
to farms and let to renters. Their rout 1
for the past year was over 300,000 b.sshels i
of fruit, which realized $100,000 in cash, j
Mr. Uook;ilter thinks the future for the
fruit grower is very bright.
Geo. R. McKeuzie has been experling j
the boaks ot the various county officers
f Line ln county aud has received 555S
for his work. Now the circuit court, i
county c-urt a id county officers arc ask
ig oue another, "W io employed him?"
Comes Clerk B. t Jones and says j
there is not mow, iur ever has been, any
record lu indicate that McKeuzie, or any
other person, v.. -.s ev.r appointed to ex-,
pert tii : : ooks of Lincoln coun t: . ;
U. K. Voglft returned Monday from a !
business trip to Saa Fr-i -icisco. He met
many old Coralli-ites while tSere, j
among them 'Gene Simpson ana his
mother. Mr. Vogle took in the jubilee
celebration, and saw a procession n at,
was tour hoars in passing a giveu point.
"Times are booming i California," said
Mr. Vogle, "with pro.-.pects of improve
ment if they get a little iaiu ia the near
future, for California, like Oregon, de
pends upoii its crops f t r its revenue, and
they are naw badly in need f tneisture.''
The next republican state convention
will be held at Astoria on Thursday, Ap
ril 14. There will be 285 delegates, sev
en coming from Benton county and four
from Lincoln. TI12 first district corigres-"
soinal convention will consist of 145 del
egates, and will be held at Eugene on
April 11. Thos. Cooper is the present
state committeeman for Benton county
and S. L. Kline, congressional commit
teeman. The state committee recom
men Is that primaries be held ou Satur
day, April 2nd, and the county conven
tions on Wednesday, April 6th.
John Long, who disappeared from this
city some two years ago in company with
a Mrs. Brown, and whose whereabouts
has been somewhat shrouded in mystery,
was sesn in San Francisco lately by sev
eral Corvallisites. It is said, by those
who are in a position to know, that Long
and his wife have been in correspondence
ever since his departure from this city.
Mrs. Lang left Corvallis for a visit with
friends in tha east last summer, where
she met a sister of Long, who prevailed
upon her to again join her husband, who
was then in the west. After completing
her stay in Iowa, she visited a brother in
Texas, and later joined her husband in
San Francisco, he having in the mean
time, parted company with the Brown
Judge Hufford returned Tuesday from
Lincoln county, where he has been at
tending court. He was appointed to de
fend Fred McMurray, the Lincoln county
prironer who has been confined in the
Benton county for the past six
mouths for safe keeping, an.'l whose trial
was held in Toledo last week. The Lead
er says that, outside of i"atterson's, the
principal witness, there was no direct
e-rideuce tending to convict McMurray.
After being out several hours, the jury
returned for further instructions. They
again retired and finally reported they
were uuable to agree upon a verdict, the
ballot standing nine for ac-uital and
three for coviction. The case was con
tinued far the term and McMurray re
leased on his own recognizance, which is
equivalent to a dismissal of the indictment
The charge against him is burglary, and
it is not at all probable that he will ap
Pr at the next term of court.
n t DrafCSi t cure sickness. as that
sickness is a result of weakness caused by
fflod not properly digested.
Shaker Digestive Cordial vill relieve the
pang! of indige;tion, and make thin, tick,
weat people as well as if their stomachs
had never been out of order.
Tt is h crpntlo nil to tho. digestion ef na-
lure's strength-maker, fosdV
At druggists. J rial bottle, to cents.
Claude Gatch Elected President
and C W. Fulton Vice, with
out a Dissenting; Vote.
About 2,000 delegates were iu attend
ance at the Republican League Conven
tion which met in Portland Tuesday.
Those from Benton county were Fred JS.
Clark, G. A. Waggoner, Bert Bowersox,
S. L. Kline, Monroe Cameron, M. S.
Woodcock, Geo. Smith, John Daly, Geo.
Egliu, J. Fred Yates, and E. R. Lake,
Corvallis; Rufus Holm, representing the
Philomath club; Miles Starr, Monroe;
L. N. Edwards, Dusty; W. S. Tomlinson,
Wells; W. Vidito and S. N. Warfield, Al
sea. Aside from indiscreet and untimely
speeches by Henry McGinn and Wallace
McCammant, of Portland, the meeting
was harmonious. Charles Fulton, of As
toria, during th day's work made a
grand speech that lifted the convention
from contemplation of factional strifes,
aad that proved a harbinger of peace.
C. B. Muorus made a brief address full
of good sense and humor that was well
calculated to allay discord, and W. T
Hame, in response to repeated calls, gave
a frank and g - l-'iatured exposition of
the Portland c'uli factories, assuming for
hii associate a share of the blame.
This put th-- vast crowd in excellent
humor and it would listen no mare to
bitter speeches. It was thought, Mon
day, that I'ultou and Claude Gatch would
be opposing candidates for the presidency
of the league. But .Mr. Fulton, in hap
py term-, himself p'aced it nomination
Mr. Ga'.ch, who was elected unanimously.
C. B. Moores nominated, for vice presi
dent, Chas. Fulton, who was elected
without a dissenting vote. The other of
ficers, delegates and committees were
chose 1 wilhdiit division. A resolution
was adopted strongly supporting the gold
standard, awd re-endorsing the St. Louis
platform a. interpreted by McKinley in
his recent New York speech.
It -.vas almost the unanimous opinion
among the country delegates that if the
Portland factions cannot adjust their af
fair, and if they send two sets of dele
gates to the slate convention, both should
be excluded. Aside from the politicians,
Multnomah republicans say that such a
course will suit them.
The re-ult of the convention was not
a victory for any faction, for the spirit of
the body was emphatically against the
recognition of any republican as a fa&-
tionist. - It was a victory for those who
declare that the money que?tiH is not
issne between republicans, an 4 that
every republican is a gold standard man.
It was a victory for those who refuse to
enroll themselves as for or against any
Talks bv Business Men.
' The Cash Store is a bureau of koliday
goods. Pretty articles, useful articles,
rrticles to look at and articles to wear,
Tys for the children,
GrahalH & WeMs have a fine line ot
st.aione -v and in school books and school
suppliei they carry a full line. Pure
drugs and medicines.
if y0u hare used vour eyes 50 years,
lhev are doubt beginnine to show
signs f wear. Consult U. B. Vogle aad
see if his spectacles will not make reading
more pleasant .
Small's candies are superb. Best ci
gars and tobveco. Fine billiard and pool
J. H. Harris has the most satisfactory
line of dress goods ever brought to Cor
vallis and the demand for them is great.
Stock all up-t d?te.
E. P. GrefFoz's jewelry store carries
useful articles and novelties in silver
and other ware. Rings for all occasions
and all people. Watch cleaning and re
pairing a specialty.
The latest magazines at Gearhard's.
Stationery and school books a specialty.
The lea-'i ig dailies and other periodicals.
Hitks.St Hall feast the hungry. Their
coffee has a mighty reputation and their
dining halls are crowded daily, .
Will L. Edger, proprietor of the Com
mercial Restaurant, one door north of
Small's store, aunounces that the dining
room is open day and night. Special at
tention to families from the country.
Meals 20 cents.
The Greatest Discovery Yet
W. M. Rapine, editor Tiskilwa, 111.,
"Chief," says: "W won't keep house
without Dr. King's New Discovery for can
sumption, coughs and colds. Experiment
ed witls many athers, but never got the true
remedy until we used Dr. King's New Dis
covery. No other remedy can taka its
placo in our lixno, as in it we have a cer
tain and sure euro forceutrhs, cslds, whoop
ing couh, otc." It is idle to experiment
with ather remedies, even if thuy are urged
on you as just as good as Dr. King's New
DUcovery. They, arc net as goed, because
this romedy has a roeord ot cures and be
sides is guaranteed. It never fails to satisfy.
Trial bottles free at Graham & Wells' drug
Portland San Francisco.
The elegantly equipped steamships,
Columbia and State of California, leaves
Portland for San Francisco every five
days. Fare from Corvallis to San Fran
cisco, steerage J4-75I cabin $7.25, includ
ing meals and berths. Eor sailing dates,
etc., or fr rates and tickets to all points
east and south, call on or address
VfS. Stonk,
Agent O. R. & N. Co.,
Corvallis, Or.
A Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that there i-
money on hand at tUe county trearuter's
office to pay all orders endorsed and
market! "Not paid for want of fund-". up
to and including those of N-.v. 7th, 1S9.4.
Interest will be stopped on same froni
this date.
Corrallis, Or., Jan. 26th, iSj8.
Treasurer Benton County, Oregon.
Walnuts, three pounds for 25 cents, at
Hodes & Hall's. All other nuts, three
pounds for 50 cents.
Karl's Cover Root . Tea is a peasant
laxative. Re-ulates the bowels, purifies
the blood. Clears the complexion. Easys
to make and pleasant to take. 15 cts.
Sold by Graham & Wells.
Married and Moved.
One of the social surprises of the new
year, was the marriage of M. L. Smith,
who has for years been employed iH the
store of S. L. Kline, and Miss Melinda
M. Lenger. Net one inkling of the hap
py event had reached the ears of their
The marriage took place at the resi
dence of the bride's parents in this city,
Rev. M. Noble performing the ceremony.
It was a pretty, quiet home wedding.
The young couple are highly esteemed
and hundreds of friends congratulate
them upon their marriage and wish them
every joy. "-
Mr. Smith and wife have been visiting
with his parents, near Philomath, since
Tuesday. Today he leaves for San FraH
cisco, where ha has secured a good posi
tion. Mrs. Smith will remain with her
parents in this city, until her husband
gets settled in their future home.
A "Weary Willie" in Klondike.
I once was On the road, my friend,
A traveling man was I;
My sample case was in my face,
Where I stowed the meat and pie
That was handed me by housewives kind
From out their kitchen d.or.
I lived in style, luid Hp a p le.
And hied to ibe- golden sliore. f
Tonight I -: by lo-.e camp fire, :
And shiver and s';ake and freeze;
An icicle dangling to mr nose,
As I list to the howlivg l.reeze,
And I long for my native ham ami eggs,
And a sight of . those housewives, too.
I'll leave this laad of the setting sun,
Yes, I'll return to you!
I'll bid farewell to ice ad snow,
And skip to a warmer clime;
Up here it's dig from morn 'til night,
And thvi's not in my line.
I'll lay aside the spae and pick,
Let gold hued visions flee.
And strike the road again next spring,
(Oh cooks, remember me!)
Grace E. Adams.
Card of Thanks.
To the many friends and neighbors
who so kindly assisted and consoled us
during our dear wife and mother's late
illness and death, we desire to tender
our heartfelt thinks, and will pry that
heaven's richest bles;ins may be yours
F. M. Johnson and Chit.drbn.
Qucklen's Arnica Salve.
THE BKST SALVE ia the world for
Cub, Bruises, Sures, Ulsms, Soft liheura,
Furer Sor.s, Twtter, Chapped Haud, Chil
blaixs, Cirns, and all Skin Eruptions, and
pojitivcly cures Piles, or u pay required.
It is guaranteed to give pcrf.-.ct satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 cants pr box.
For sulo by Graham & Wells, drujrgisb.
The insurance business of W. H. Hart
less has been transferred to the undersign
ed, who will attend to the sine,
E. R. BRYSOff,
C. C. Harti,ESS. .
If oysters you wjt, ijr ,
Either cocktail or stew,
Fine juicy steak .
And good coffee, loo.
Fresh cakes and pies,
And of light bread the best,
Then drop in at Edger's
And he'll do the rest.
Proposals for "Wood.
Notice is hereby given that the clerk, of j be received a? the office of tke Cervallis Ga
school district No. 9, Benton county, Ore- j n Corvallij, Oregon,
gon, will receivo sealed bids to furnish the The'iaads and premises above referred to
said district in wood tor Hie coming yoar aH(1 " wnich wiH be sold as above set forth,
to-wit: Ten cord? of oak grub wood, nr&vstai n fellows, to-wit: An undi
65 cords split body red fir w-od (old growth) j -1(lcd Hl5 mh m and to the following dus
not less than four foot in length and net less , crjbed tract:
than 3 inches nor more than 8 inches in di- lieeimiirijr in th middle of the Luekia
amoter, orthicknesi; L be at the mute rjver 28 and ia-100 chaias aorth and
school building in aul district on or hctoN
August 15tb, 1-98.
The tmard reierves the right to reject any
and all bids; and no bids will be received af
ter February tab, 1S98.
W. A. Bdchaxax,
Twenty cases men's and boy's new
spring shoes opened at Nolan & Calla
han's. No Cure No Pay.
That is the way all druggusts sell
IC for Malaria, Chills and Fever. It is
simply iron and quinine in a tasteless
form. Children love it. Adults prefer
it to bitter, nauseating Tonics.
Notice for Publication.
Land fice at Oregon City, Oregon, Jan
uary 8, 1S9S. "
Notice is hereby given that tko following
named settlor has filed notice of bis inten
tioa to make final proof in support of his
claim, and lhat said preef will be m A. ba
fore tho county clerk of Benton county,
Corvallis, Oregon, on February 19th, .1898,
viz: Reman C. Zahn; H. E. 11.4JS, for the
8 E 1-4 of N E 1-4 of Sec. 21, W 1-2 of .K
W 1-4 and N W 1-4 of S W 1-4 of Sec. 22,
T IS S, R 7 W. Ha names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said land, viz;
William Howell, Corrallis, Oregtn.'
Julius West-rfeldt, ' M "
Sari Ilods, - ,
Herman Brayrr, " "
In all the world there is no other treatment
bo pure, so sweet, so sale, so speedy, for pre
aervinc, purifying, ana beautifying tha Skin,
scalp and hair, and eradicating every hu
mor, as warm bath3 with Cuticuba. Boaf,
and gentle anointings with Cuticuba (oint
ment), the great skin cure.
te It sold thTxragbont the world. Forks
fXttuo Chbm. Corp., Bole Prop., Boston., -
All About tlie Skin, Scalp, and Hair," frB.
Hannah Ritly Mason was born
April 10, 1821. in Worth Carolina,
died January 20, 1898, being near
77 years of age. She was married
Sept. 10, 1890, to Peter W. Mason.
Having lived in Illinois some
time they came acress the plains
in 1853 in a United Brethren col
ony, conducted by Rev. T. J. Con
nor. For the last several years of
their lives they resided at Philo
math, where they were familiarly
known as Uncle Peter and Aunt
Kitty. Since his death some two
years ago she has been quite
feeble, and died with very little
suffering. No children were born
to them. She became a christian
some tim before she was married,
at which time she was united Uni
ted Brethren church, remaining a
faithful member till called to join
the triumphant hosts of redeemed
on the other side.
She, with her husband, always
took delightful interest iii the var
ious kinds of church Work, be
coming a life member and dirc
lor in. the missnmery societies.
They were a! ways faithful t it
financial needs. She passed
away confidently and-'fjearHiilly
resting in Christ her life for lile
The funeral was held Saturday
morning. I h 22nd inst ,111 th: M.
E. church, being preach, d by Rev.
B K. Eineiu u. ifuui R. r 22:11, a
xl (if htri own choosing.
For Infants and Children.
A Clever Trick.
It certainly lo ks like it. but there i. r eally
no trick about it. Any 'jo iy can try it who
has lame b.ick and weak kidneys, malaria
or nervous troubl-s. We mean he can cure
himselr right away by taking Electric Bit
ters. This medicine l-mes up tin whole sys
tem, acts as a I'.inuilcnt to the livi:r and
kidneys, is u blood purifier and nerve tonic.
It cures Constipation, nendsehe, fainting
spills,, slee plessness and melancholy. It is
purely vegetable, a mild laxative, and ro-ster.-s
the jJStem t its natural vigor. Try
Electric Uitt'.-r a-d be convinced. Only
;Uc- a bi'ttleat Graham te Wells' drugstore.
Guirdiar.'s Sale of Heal Estate.
Air ordor having been uvid- hy thu cmn'.y
court of tl.O state (ifi g.ll, I'm- Wu-ei (OUB
ty, onth 20th day of Notui.- ber, 1SU7, ia
the matter of the guardianship of Sayre
Rinehart, Earl Rinebart. Carl IviHchart and
Bbillp Rinbliart, kiiuors, which said cause
was then pe ding 111 said court, authorizing
and . lieoits&g tbo guardian of said minou.
E oily Belli) Ki&ulmrt, U sell the iek-rettof
said miprs iti ad to tHe nml estate herein-
alter ttiaserfbMl, and directir.g that the sale
thereof be made at private sal tin the nian-
tnrr provided fe-r lh sale of real ejtaie at
private sale by executors and administra
tof '-'! - 1 ' .:V
o . Now therefore, under and in pursuance'of
said order, 1 . will, on and after the 5th dSy
tf March,, 1418, proceed to ;ell the undivid
ed one-fifth intcreit of the iaid mineis
above named in and to the said lands and
prenixes hereinafter described, at private
sale.-ltir the highest and best offer therefor
ia ca.-h. Piv nosuls and. o'.vors thereter will
, 24 Mld 3s.ioo chains east of the southwest
comer ef Rowland Chamber's D. L. claim
No. 4 in T. 10 S., R. 6 W., thence south
87 1-2 degrees, east 17'oO-luO chains, thenee
north 1 chain, thence east 3 57-100 chains,
thence north 61-1G0 chains, thence west 3
75 100 chains, thence north 4 chains, thence
east along the Luckiamute river 3 75-100
chains, thonco north 5 degrees east 20-100
chains, thence south S3 degrees, west 18
chains, thenco south 6 degrees, west 4 11-100
chains, thence south 2 1-2 degrees west to
place of beginning, containing 12 60-100
acres, known as the King's Valley flouring
mill property, situated in Benton county,
Dalles City, Oregon, Jan. 28, 1893.
Guardian of the minors above named.
Dreadfully Nervous.
Gents: I was dreadfully nervous.and
for relief took yonr Karl's Clover Root
Tea. It quieted my nerves and strength
ened my whole nervous system. I was
troubled with Constipation, Kidney aud
Bowel trouble. Your Tea sooa cleansed
my sysUui so thoroughly that I rapidly
regained health and strength. . Mrs. S.
A. Sweet, Hartford, Conn. Sold by
Graham & Wells.
County warrants taken at par for mer
chandise at Nolan i'c Callahan's.
Don't annoy othors by your coughing
and risk your li;'e by neglecting a cold. One
Minute Cough Cure euros coughs, elds,
crug, gripp. and all threat and lung trou
bles. Allcn.dc Wo-dward.
Laxative Broi-Ko-Qulsme Tablets move
the bowels gextly, relieves the feverish
conditio.-, and headache, making it the
best ay.d quickest remedy for Coughs,
Col -Is aud Lagrippe. Cure-, in one day.
"No euro, no pay." Price 25 oeuts.
TVerc are three little things which do
more work than any other three little things
civated they aru the ant, the bee and De
Wilt' Little Early Risers, the lastbeiac the
famous little pills for stomach and liver
troubles. Allen & Woodward.
Remember that those 20-cent dinners
at the Commercial RestauraHt can't be
Be not Deceived! A Cong1, Hoarse,
uess or Croup are not to be with.
A do:e iu tiry.e of Shiloh's Cur-, will save
you muck trouble. Said by Graham &
Fiench candies at Hodes & Hall's.
We are anxious to do ft little good
world'and can think of no pleasal'T
tar way tv do it than by n-com menhir
Minute Cough Cur.- a. preventive ei
mot da. Consumption and other perioti
(roubles th-"1 f "ilow aoglected cold;.
simile s7& (! . j " it a
The Royal ia the highest grade baking powder
known. Actual testa show it goes
third farther than may other bread.
ly Pure
Teachers' Examination,
Notice is hereby given that for the pur
pose of making an examination of all
persons who may offer tbeuiteves as can
didates for teachers of the schools of
this county, the county school superin
tendent thereof will hold a public exam
ination at the county court bouse, Cor
vallis, Oregon, beginning at one o'clock
Wednesday, Feb. 9th, i3q8. Teach
ers eligabie to state certificates, state di
plomas, must present recommendations
:c?d make applications at tha saru time.
Applicants not present at the opening
will tot be permitted to take the exam
ination. Geo. W. Djcuman,
Comity School Superintendent.
This Is Vnr Opportunity.
On receipt of ten cents, easb or stamps,
a generous sample will be mailed of tha
most popul.-.r Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure
f Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon
strate t5to great rv.epits of &e remedy.
J6 Warren St., New York City.
Rev. JoliEReid, Jr.. of Ortat Fall,Moa,t.,
reeommnnded Ely's CreaM a!ui to me. I
en-? emdiaiizo his stntoiHt-nt. '-It is a posi
tive enrc for eat -.-rh if uejt u -Erected."
Kpv. Franein W. j '.-.ulo. Pastor LVutrulFres.
Church, Helena, Mont.
Ely's Crear?. Balm is the acknowledged
c-ve for catarrh and eon'-ucs ria mercury
nor any mjtseiss drag. Price, 50 cenis.
AVh-Jt plea-urn i there in life with a head
arfto. constipation and billi-a?nessT Thous
and experienc.' them wVo could become per
r.etly lionhlir by using DeWitt't Little
Early Ui-er, the famous little pills. Allen
vfe Woodward.
Afteryt-ar? of untold suffering frem piles,
B. W. rurell of Knitnersville, Fa., was
cured by using a single box of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. Skin disease mch as
i-cz-ma, rash, pimples and obstinate sores
are roadily cured hy this famous remedy.
Allen fc Woodward.
A thrill of terror i experienced when a
brassy cough of cr tip sound through the
I hu.e nt sight. But the terror oon changes
j to relief after One Minute Cough Cure has
;beon administered. Safe and harmless for
j children. Allen fi Woodward.
i '
I Ctfre that Cough with Shiob's Cure.
Tbe Ivet Pnrb rn Relieves Praun
promptly. One million bottles sold last
year. 40 doses for 25 cts. Sold by Gra
ham fc Wells.
"This is a plan that
dees not cost mush,
and is worth all it
TT HERE'S etily ae
kind of printing
that we do net de.
That's the poor kind.
That's the kind you
don't want. But when
you want
clean and up-to-date,
printed on good paper,
with fine ink, from
type that is new, and
of latest face, set in an
artistic and intelligent
manner; in a word,
when you want a strict
ly first-class job give us
your order and we will
do the rest.
Gazette Pub Co,
re Ken.
Miss Allie Hughes, Norfolk, Vn., was
frightfully burned on the face and neck.
Pain was instantly relieved by DeWitt's
Witeh Hazel Salve, which heated the injary
without leaving a scar. It is ths fansoui
pile remedy. Alien & Woodward.
Children and aJults tortured by turns,
oalds, in juries, eczema or skin disease; may
secure instant relief by using DeWitt's
Witoh Hazel Salve. It is the great Pile
remedy. Alit-n & Woodward.
Whooping cough U
the mo-t .list: sninsf
; can hfr cut hwrt by
C 1 rli Curs, which
1 Woodward.
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Your Small Boy
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Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby Riven that the under
signed, Henry Gerhard, this day been
appointed admixistrator of the estate of
Leo Gerhard, deceased. All persons hav
ing claims against the said estate arc hereby
n .tiSed to present tho same, duly'verified as
required by law, at the office of Tates &
Yates, Corvallis, Oregon, within six menths
from the date of this notice.
Dated at Cervailis, Orecrn, January 5, 1893.
Administrator of the estate of Leo Ger
hard, deceased,
without question in
Could do your marketing for yon at our
store. Let him stop here on his way from
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A. S10DES, Headquarters
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Hodes & Hall's
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is a
and is the result ef eslis and
sudden climatic changes.
It can be cured by a pleasant
remedy which ia apjiljed. i
lectly into ike nostrils. Be
iag cjs -kly absorbed it Mvos
wli? at (V ri
Ely's Srssin Bate
is aekr.owler.ijed to be tS. mest thorrngh cure for
Nasal Catarra. Cold ia Ecad snd Hay J ever of ail
allays pain aad inSansiaatian, heals the seros, pro
tsets the njcmbraE from coida, rwVtrta the senses
aCtaateaadfiTicil. Price 60c. atln;ii8ts or byjuJt,
SLT BKCfaSHi- as Wanoprt,)(ew rot.