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    CORVAIXIS, OREGON. Feb. 16, 1897.
The Shoe buyer believes in a combina
tion for Shoes. Combination of dura
bility, comfort and looks. This with
little prices accounts for the popularity
of our Shoe Store.
Ladies Button Shoes, new Last, Coin
Toe, Flexible Soe, $3.00.
Ladies Button Shoe, Coin Toe and
Narrow Square, Turn, Flexible $3.50,
' A line of Children's Shoes, New and
Stylish Lasts. '
Victims of, ja grippe are numer
ous. Chas. C&k, formerly of the
O. & is, 'in town.
R. H. Huston amT family visit
ed relatives in Albany last Sun-
davv : '- . ,
. E. Wilson returned Tuesday
from a brief business trip to Port
land. The search for Jas. Eglin's body
has been abandoned until the riv
er falls. :
vProf. J.
mother at
B. Horner visited his
"Brooks Saturday ud
College tudent8-fentertain-hem-aelves
and the' faculty :3t CkUithorn
hall tonight: "
Guy F. Laws, manager of the
Liverpool flouring mills, was -fit
town Tuesday. . ,
Bom, at Bertha, . Multnomah
county, last week, to Mrs. tdk Ray'
Brandes,' a son. ; ;
Tom Abrams, formerly of 0dr
vallis, is now an employe afthe
tate insane asylum.
M. J. Lee "Eli" the wheel
racer, was in town this week, rep
resenting 5 bike firm.
J Services at, the Presbyterian
' church as usual , next. Sabbath.
A. war,rrt welcome to all.
Geo. F. Robertson,- Blake,. Mc-
Fall & Co.' popular salesman,
pent Sunday in Corvatbsw
C. Schmidt, proprietor, of. the
Occidental, returned Tuesday irora
a brief business top to Astoria.
Peter Lieb, baker at Hodes &
Hairs, was taken to. Portland
Monday ioMWdieartreatBi
Geo. W. Henkle & Co. moved
their stock of general merchandise
this week into the Fisher block.
Ben Woldt, assuming the coun-
cil's action in revoking his license
to be illegal, has reopened his sa
The H. and L. Co. has changed
its meeting nights from, the third
.Monday to the third Tuesday in
each' month.' ; '. '
Ed. Hoizate. now a Portland
banker, has a big new baby boy
to name. His Corvallis friends
suggest "Hasty."
Jerry Nunan, editor of.- the
Grants Pass Courier, arrived in
Corvallis Tuesday and is the guest
of E. Woodward. '
Frank Watkins, teacher '. lit
the Belknap district, attended
tbe teachers' examination at
Corvallis last week.
N. B. Avery returned Monday
from a two months visit with , bis
familv. who are spending the
winter in Oakland, Cat.
It isn't much pertators to be
numbered with the legislators, but
it is an honor much in tenser, to be
a patron of Jesse Spencer.
The Payton Comedy Co played
- three nights this week to fair
house. - Trilby Corvallis Curts
was one of the performers
John Earnhardt, who has been
under the Weather for several
weeksyrith an attack, of la grippe,
is able to oe arouna again
Geo; A. Waggoner and J.B. Ir
vine, .two prominent lighters in
the ranks of the G. O. P., are in
SalenMhisweek as spectators.
J. A. Howard has purchased the
stock and fixtures of the Corval
lis Commission Company and
purposes continuing the . business.
Mrs. R. White, who is visiting
the family of E. Holgate, fell
- down the basement stairs Tuesday,
inflicting painful, but not severe
The college boys are rejoicing
because Harry Kelly has returned
to his studies. He will strengthen
the athletic team - for the spring
contest. -
J. H. Harris & Co. will occupy
the quarters in the Burnett brick
" recently, vacated by Geo. W.
Henkle & Co., and will probably
move next week.
W. F.Oauthorn has disposed of
his general merchandise stock at
Suver. Polk county, and is now
occupying the Geo. Wallace resi
dence in this city.
Will Fischer's many friends
will regret to learn of his - serious
illness. An attack of la grippe
has aggravated other troubles and
his condition is considered criti
.;;C;:Mf-e re
moved from the Zierolf property
on 3rd street and are now occupy
ing the Mrs. G. B. Smith residence'
on 6th 6treet, where they formerly
The concert by Parsons' orches
tra Saturday night was artistic
and pleasing. A number of
dancers enjoyed a dance program
of waltzes and two-steps after the
Rossland, B. C, is attracting
public attention and absorbing
much of the public money. Ross
land, at present, say people that
are there, is a good place to stay
away: from; ; '
Ready, formerly of Corvallis, a
2:2J yards man, with plenty of
speed, will probably . run under
Multnomah colors this season.
Keady will undoubtedly prove a
valuable addition .10 the team.
Oregonian. ' " '-'-'
II 'A. IMtCOj t IIW a 17BBai
bnel in a number ot criminal
cases, returned irwm Salem Wed
nesday, baving spent several d ays
at the state library, lookiuc up "the
clean law."
County Treasurer Buchanan
has issued another call 1torwar
rants. The amount ot cash on
hand is $2200 and is sufficient to
pay : warraiixs eaaorsea prior? 10
Nov. 9th.-- 1S92. - .1 ,
Joseph Fritz, a Portland tailor
of mahy years experience,. arrived
iu Corvallis Tuesday and will
iiereafter have charge of the mer
chant tailoring department with
Nolan & Callahan. .
Oi At C. boys are planning lor
field day. Heretofore they have
been contented to strive for indi
vidual events, but "this year they
are going in for the cup and have
good prospects for winning it.
Harrv x Rogeers has returned
rom Salem,-where he secured ten.
days' cmDlovment in the state
printing oflice, after two weeks'
trfins for tho job. Harry says
jfaWic employment is not a pri
vate snap.
The churches are gaining on the
saloons in Corvallis. There are six
saloons here, while the churches
are ten in number, .not including
the Salvation army. Another
church, the independent Evangel
ical, is being bail t.
fcThe Derelect," a story in Mc-
Clure's for January, interested the
students of chemistry at" the col
lege. The Kys say that the
chemical operations mentioned are
posstble7and Ihal.the. iwriter is ev
idently a man ol science.
Pavton's band has for its trom
bone player icA. ;C.i stu
dent. Bert Benjamin, who; was
her.' about three years ; ago. " ; His
father recently sold out bis inter
est in the Roseburg Plaindeajer to
Col. Eddv tlie railroad commis
sioner:- - ! ' -
The H. C. Grady, the steamer
that H. F. Fischer is to operate
in connection wftfr'nls extensive
flour manufacturihgplancarrived
ud the river JrOrfrPb'rtland Tues
day -re GiMyis a trim look
ingcyaftahd has a carrying ca
pacity of about lav tons.
f The first annual meeting of .the
Orecon Angora - Goat Breeders
Association will be held -at inde
pendence, Oregon, Saturday, Feb.
2t. An interesting program has
been prepared for the occasion and
all interested in the Mohair indus
try are cordially invited to attend
The delinquent tax sale Satur
day resulted in enriching3 : tbe
county to the extent of about $1
700. The bidding was more ac
tive than was generally anticipat
ed and, contrary to expectations.
the county was forced to bid in
only about $325 of the tota
amount delinquent.
The farmers of Oregon have a
cold mine on their farms, accord
ing to good authorities, that can
be worked only with sugar beets.
The Agricultural College wil
shortly issue an important bulle
tin on this subject that ought to bo
interesting to agriculturist?, epec,:
lally. - These bulletins; are free.
St. Valentine's day increased
the work of. the Corvallis post-
office. The valentines were " pnn
cipally of the "comic' order, al
though an occasional ' sentimental
missive rubbed stamps with its
coarser brethren. Several "home
made" sarcastic valentines, really
clever oneslunushed considerable
A bicycle girl poster that helps
adorn the walls of Ihe Gazkttk of
fice.- calls attention to "Gleim
Hand Protectors" for cyclists. It
is a Denver poster and Mr. Gleim
is a Denver man. but will be re
membered by Oorvallisites as
gentleman connected at one time
with the carriage factory here.
The Speckled Beauty is the
name of a new brand of cigars
being manufactured by Rose
Bros, of this city. They contain
the very best tobacco and sell for
10 cents. We speak advisedly
regarding the merits of thjs new
cigar, lor as we pen tnis item
the smoke from one of them fills
the sanctum with its rich frag
rance. Brady Burnett writes that the
first field events of the Stanford
athletic team will occur about
April 1st with Berkeley. Brady is
fast developing his powers under
the direction of Trainer. King, for-
merlv of the Multnomah club.
Bert Kerrigan, the phenomenal
jumper, will not be able to enter
the contest, because he is only a
Frank Holcomb, . sentenced to I
the penitentiary ior 'two years
from this county, was pardoned !
Saturdav by Governor Lord, Jiol-
como naving servea arjoui , a nan
of his time. Holcomb, as will be
mm f la"
remembered, was captured in
Washington county by onerui
harness from a farmer living near
Albany, in this county., ;
Judge Fullerton handed down
decision sustaining toe aeien-
dants' demurrer in the case of
bhn and Mary Smith vs. the
Corvallis lumber Company.
his suit was brought to '.. fore1
close a mortgage for $2,000, ex
ecuted to the plaintm at -the
time the "company was re-orga
nized and the property taken out
of the ltfnds of Assignee Peet
Saturday ereniuz, February
9ntii. atii. A hall, an old' sol-
ierri' Crtirio fire will le leld.
Music, recitations, story of primm I
exDerience. Katnes aiid possibly
other Jhings t amiue. iustrtict aiul I
eiiienirau.; aunwssiwn ine ccin s, 1
iU f(us raised to be useu m
onville orison srrounds in Georcia.
. o 1
Cnne everybody and bring your
The eiitertainrnent civen last
riday Evening at the college -as-
ibmbly.-ball by the Young Wo
men's ".Christian Association con
nected with t he co lege, was a very
-tnaoyable affair. - Hie program
was given under the direction ot
Miss Helen Crawford, and Miss
Dorat hea Nash, who is in. charge I
of the musical department of tlie
nstitui 1011, and every numDer was
creditably rendered. I
John Warner, Louis
warner, ijouis eis nu
jnarie8 opauiuing, cornjug bbuo
. 0. ....... - .
n u i; 2 1
fiy "rS.?"?' S
t -i ... i - t.
while Ihe boat took on freigRt at
ciuueu 10 oj-reiuu urcii icsa
Albany. They stretehed a htUe
lhe: wharf the boat was steaming
no stream. They yelled -a trio,
but their cries were vain. Next
morning thev "stretched their
egs in a ten mile walk home.
Mrs. E. W. Allen, of Port-
and, ' a member of the North
acme Board of Missions, will
spend Saturday and Sunday in
our city. On Saturday evening
she will give an address at the
resbytenan church on "India,"
illustrated with stereoptican
views. The entertainment will
be one of great interest and
profit. Admission 10 ' cents
children, 5 cents.
Some persons are fortunate
enough to have honors thrust
upon them and one of these is J
r$d Yates, who was. this wees
appointed official v. court reporter
for Ben con and JUtucpin counties, i
vice M. O. W llkins, resigned,
this selection Jadge FullertQH 1
AtA wriselv. Mr. Vate5. in" ad- I
acted wisely,
Yates, m ad-
to being a 'promising
young attorney, is an experi
enced and capable stenographer,
and will fill the position credita
bly and acceptably.
"The United Artizans is the lat-
esf loeal benefieiary order to have
boom in .membership. At its
meeting last Thursday evening a
number of new members were m
it kited and several other Corval
isites are on the anxious seat and
will likelv ba converted within
the cominti month:.' A reinarka.
ble feature of .this, rapidly grow
ing order is the fact that since its
ill November, 1894,
there have been bat two assess
ments, and the second one will
not be 'due until March 1st
Somethine entirely new and
original in the way of spelling
was otlerea last weeK . dv one 01
the candidates who applied to
SuDt. Denman for a teacher's cer
tificate. .4 Jew samples ot tne
applicant's unique lyle are here
given. Sarsapanlla was spelled
carcuparilla, conquerable
speiieu vuu&crauic, yiTOauuuuo,
1 1 J 1 1,1 - MMAAMI. f-J.1a-
maxims, chimneys ana panacea
were written respectively, , preco
tious, tnaxiums, chimnies and pan-
nasea. -Out of the .enure hst of
5ft words, only 12 were spelled
Henry Rust, an old and respect
ed resident 4t Benton county, died
suddenly Monday night at his
iwimn two miles southwest 01
1 .i L.nk nrocimii .tnT hfal
demise and went to bed Monday
night, alter. earing a hearty supper,
apparently well aim hearty. lo-
ward morning he uttered a groan
as if in pain and his wife tried to
awaken lii'ih, but her. efforts were
futile. Dr. 1iggan was sent for,
but beiore uis arrival tne uaueiu
Was cold ill death. Mr. Rust was
was about 55 years of age and
leaves a wife and a large family
of children to mourn his loss.
Corvallis has Tour beneficiary
orders that are growing, rapidly.
Since the first of the year proba
bly no; less than 75 or 100 per
sons have menu tied themselves
nriflv-sitio fir mArft nf iKpba orders,
anv one of which offers insurance
at cost. The three older lodges;
the Workmen,- Woodmen and
Maccabees have each a member
ship of oneiiundred or over, while
the Artisans, organized within the
past yean has - a membership ol
about 40. A friendly rivalry ex
ists among these different frater
nities that is of mutual benefit
and it frequently happens that an
active member of one lodge is al
so prominently identified with one made 0f pure terbs, planu and wine, is
or more Of the Others. . H perfectly harmless and will certainly cure
13 DOLLARS iSX M.W?sltuggist price 10 ceBt8 to r?.
Will Likely End Tonight
(Special to Oaibt.)' : " ' . '
Sai,em, Or., Feb. i8.Ure-
, , a:.A atari
Is' forty-day disgracwtll .gd
tomorrow night It is ipossiBie
that a senator may be elected, at
the last minute, and if so, it .Will
probably lie Mitchell, but- the
chances for a special session : at.
... flre.anvthinff but flat-
Sunt G. W. Denman. of Ben
ton conntv.' has prepared, ana
nnhlisheH -a. classified course -of
study for the schools of hi coun;
ty. ,.The course covers
years ; . r'i
. 'A MuiiiiM.M..M(0 nA - M'rU
Vmed for , promotions., ana- nnai
Iwilrbe accented -at the v AjafTiCUl-
tural College ana tate PTina
school. :Supt Dsmn is .nve!
ino; in the riht'dirertiH tOina
teriallr improve ' t&? schools vo-
Mentou. N OTinwest louinaj ..ui
.... . . . n
1 !aet UiiWeun -isaweu ;fXVH
Me Ureg.n fxperunwii
slntlbir is
indeed, timely- It . i. de-roted.,
the subject of flax. i-uiriir,"an iff
dostry which it ceenw iiilit . be
prdtafely crrid n in- Oresou
and which i at present receiving
a deal of attention from : promi
nent citizens all over the Mt.
The bulletin in question treat of
t lie subject in a., general . way, it
being largely a compilation of faetn
and figures relative to the growiig
0f flax, obtained from experience
and experimentation In oiuer
slates and countries, that will be
. . tU nA
1111 Hie iiiatter.. xiiiib iud bvii "u
,. ,. ....
ill Hie maiicr. uut, uk
favors ble
for flax growing HOfegon was de
1., -. , ir.'. 1 .t.
lermmeti years ago, ami wim ure
o "f. . ' fl1 tiallll4T iw
"7 T ;
parent that no real obstacle stands
in the. way of matting flax grow
ing one of the leading Oregon
industries. Those who are now
agitating the matter, it is hoped,
will not: alloW "their zeal to abate
one iota until their enons are
crowned with success. .c i
Rumors have been afloat to the effect
that the O. C & E.1- R- R. - Co. intends
pushing its line across Eastern Oregon
this spring, and people have put more or
less faith in the reports. The comple
tion of the road means much to the val
ley folks, as well as to the people across
the mountains.. Manager Stone, when
asked about the matter,' said' that work
would not be commenced this year.. . k
fThe investment of such a large snm
as will be necesssary to" complete the
road," said Mr. Stone, "will aot .be made
trafess tbe contenmlated improvements
0f the harbor at Vaquina are assured of
being carried out. Tb antlboa . donar
contract partly nthorfod by the last
coagyy ldjfeiaire legtslaUon
to be operative.' S Hsb;det that hejjo-
sidered the re-election of Senator Mitch
ell absolutely .essential' to the completion
of the work 'at - Vaquina.' ' Senator Mc-
Bride has. both ability and influence, but
it is too much to erpect that he, single-
handed, can accomplish the work that
will be difficult for the most experienced
senators. Besides, Yaquina wiU miss the
faithful services of Hermann. If Mr.
Mitchell is not returned, the owner of the
road will abandon all present thoughts
of extending the line. - ' "
Prof. Geo. Denman is fast finding out
that a county school superintendent's
pathway is not strewn with flowers. Xast
week thirty young ladies and gentlemen
came belore mm to De examined tor
teachers' certificates. Of the thirty, only
ten came np to the required standard of
excellence, and the twenty unsuccessful
applicants have been busily engaged dur-
ing past few days in attempting to
convince the superintendent that he had
erred in making his ratings., He has
since gone over the papers a second time,
hoping to find some errors favorable to
I the unsuccessful candidates, but no mis
takes. of importance were discovered.
Mr. Denman says he has given them the
advantage of every:doubt and can do no
The examination throughout was tech
nical, rather than general, and the'list of
questions was far more dimcult than
usual. Several of the failures were dnt
to the ambiguottsness of questions in
mental arithmetic.
Prof. W. Gifibrd Nash, musical in
structor m the Conservatory of Mus-
I ie. University ot Oregon, and Miss Ellis,
- of Albany, eav a concert in the'Con-
gregational ciurclrSatni-day aighffwrrs
the Eugene Guard. 1- They were greeted
by a fair audience, considering that other
entertainments Were being given in the
city the same evening.' The program
consisted of piano music by Mr. Nash'j
with Miss JJrriis as- accompanist: on th6'
first -number, and Vocal' solos by- Miss
... -a w..niteiv rendered. Mr.
Nasw'a masterv of thebiano is Hood 'ud
his playing charmed the audience which
plainly showed its appreciation
.BUis is a sweet vocalist and won popular
favor with the audience, which called
her back after the last nnmber.-
When your stomach begins to trouble
you, it needs help The help it needs is
to digest your food, and, until it gets ny
you won't have any peace. 1 Stomach
trouble is very distressing, ycir obstinate,
very dangerous. Many of the most dan
gerous diseases begin - with' simple indi
gestion, .i The reason' is that " indigestion
(not-digestion, ' not-nourishment) weak
ens the system and allows disease germ
to attack it The antidote is .Shaker Di
eestive Cordial, strengthening, nourish
ing, curative. It cures indigestion and
renews strength and health, g It does
this by strengthening the stomach; py
helping it to digest your food, & It nour
ishes' you. Shaker Digestive Cordial is
all genuine stomach .rouble. .;. Sold by
Palatable Lunches, Delicious Coffee and
Excellent Meals served at all hours by
-. . - ' -. . - - : I
CatfdUs and Kiits,
- : 1.
frmmberurCreai Annua f Roduotiort 6al -
5' t- .W-
.There are stttuig indications that the
Q. C. SsCo. will have down town
depot.' company own lots on the.
corner of Washington, and Water streets, .
aad. is. fconsidering the adarisability of
(modeling, the house now occupied by :
Wim Kisor into a, depot,, aad closing up
the present depot in the- subwrbs.
The dhange would suit evecybody. A
eVpot down town would! be more con
venient to travelers, shtppess- and busi
ness hien. ' It would also: psove handier
t railroad mem Fauna- are all right,
bat are hardly the: place- Jsc town de
pots. '.
The only blood purifier admitted on
exhibition at the Chicago World's fair
was AVer's' Sarsaparillay all others being
excluded as secret preparations: and pat-
eat medicines, i With doctors and phar
macists, it has always- been considered a
standard remedy,. -;
; ' '
;? Letter. Us, i L;i ; ..
' Following is the' lis of letters remain
ing in the Corvallis postoffiee, unclaimed
'Feb.M9, tJf-S'.'h V. Jy'''.--.':--1H v s'
Ccrvallis Nursery: Ojv II S :Davis. Mrs
Holcomb, tevi Jrviai Mias.UOUe King,
Roy Logan; harle Miller, F.reds. Pct-
trson, MTir6 W.-Wlight. 'fJ
Kosr. Johnson; r. M.
Hall's - Hair Repewer cures . dandruff
VPl. any and .11 bid.
the roots of the hair, are not closed up. "
G. W. Henkle, successor A to Z. H;
Davis & Co., has removed to the Fisher
brick, opposite tj6 i hotel Corvallis,' which
building he has' secured at a very low
rent and goods will be sold cheaper than
ever. " --: " : '' "
lor In&sts and Childrea.
FNoticeto Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has'; been : appointed administra-.
trix of ftie estate ; of Anna V.- Holgate,
deceased -by the" county . court. ;of the
state of regon for Benton county,. All
persons-Having claims against said estate
are required o present the same; proper-
verifcd;to-me,,at my residence, or at
the office; ef E. Holgate, both in Corval
lis; Oregon, within six months from' the
date of tftfe notice. : : , ' '-
'UaXCiS U1U l.lw WJ w& A-KWtHCSAJ, wy.
- "' jy ' HKLEN I4. HOMJATB, '
'Why'ltaffer with Coughs, Colds and La
rippe when Laxative Bromo Quinine will
cure yoo5n one day . Doea r.ot produea.tha
rioeinf io-tb head like Sulphateot Quinine
Put up in f blett convanient for laiang guar
anteadlBrpareyer; money, rarunaea. Jrrioo
, .. Proposals for Cells."
Nptlcfe'-is hereby given that aealed pro
t)osals?-'-will be deceived; by.; the. special
pommittee ot the - Council of the City of
Corvallis, Oregon, until noon, Tnesday,
February S3, 1807, for the construction of i
two steel cells in accordance with plans
and specifications to be seen at the store
bf J. R, Smith & Co., Conrallis, Oregon.
Said cells to beqeiiyerea ana piaceain
positioi) for iise within 60. day9 from the
date contract i signed, " ' Bids will be
opened in the Council Chamber of the
Cily of Corvallw, Oregon, at 7 o'clock p.
to. on the 934 day of February, 1897.
The jeommittee reserves the right to rer
iect knTv Or all bids. V V. .. . -i '
Dated at Corvallis, Oregon, tuts I2tu,(
day ;6T' February, -1897.
grrXJtlL SMltH,
a. - ) 'V;
- ; - -Coini
VAitT..) '.; -
lifcicated Bromo Quinine Tablet-' d not
affect the head or' produce , noryousnesi like
theSulphate of Quinine., i; Mvssts. Graham
& Wortham are authorized to -refund the
mony in every case where it fails to euro
CouRhs, Colds or La Grippe. Price 24 cents.
pyaWa j
J- :.. ,.r ; Pies and Cakesr.-iK fit
S'::mmtmd Clears;- lj
. CLOSES ; . V'vJ ..." C-'i
Eyg Ffe& 27th.
ij.iMilaadrik, It la cnteklrB rtd- 0
MIX BKOXHKKB, M wmama muaww hbhuii
-''.' Bids for Wood.
Sealed bids' will be seeatved at the of
fice of W. E. "Yates, secretary, until Sat'
urday, Feb. 20, 1897, at 2 o'clock p.m.
to furnish and deliver at such place np
oh the Agricultural College- premises, as
may -be designated by H. B. Miller, pres
ident, on or, before September 1, 1897,
wood described as follows- Two hun
drcd cords oak" grub wood, and three
hundred cordsr of body, old-growth fir
wood.'-aU i said wood to be four -feet
long, and no -es thaa fasr- sr mere
than eight inches in diameter all the
woewi Itobe wfld and- from xaoU
and' soots " Mo -payments- to be made
thereon before Sept. 1, 1897. No bids
is reseryed. '-"-
... Dated at Corvallis, Oregos, this Febru;
aayo, 1897-- s
W. E. Yates,
Secretary Board of Regents.
' Body, Head, and Arms Covered
.'4 With Spot Like Drope
Of Mortar.
Skin Game Off in Layers. Doctora
Useless. Suffered for a Year
Without Relief.
Almost Given Up Hope. Cured in
8 Weeks by CUTICURA. Skin
Nice, snd Clear as a Baby's.
I was afflicted with an ottinatesklni!:;iaj a,
called by some doctors Eczema ai.i " lion
Ptoriaaia. ,Uj body.head, and arms vet mr
end with spots like dro or luottar. a..J
which came off I la Jtt ol dry seal. . 1 tni-
' fared for .over a jcar witaout relief, and -."ii-suited
seteral docLo.-a but without aii, . a i I
. had almost given up hojie, as my eaau 1
bad one. I happened toaco :n t
; aboat CwTfctnu Bkmkiuvs au4' got th.v.i.
" took them according to directions, - 1 iu
tight mtlu I waa'ka well as ever. lcx . '.ut
myself cored, for my skin is as nice a -i .'-ar -as
a baby'av I caanot eapress in woni ine
thanks to yon for what tUe CtmouaA Ua--Diaa
have done for me.
GEO. REABURN, Hanover. Ontario, Can.
CcncumA BmDiaa are beyond all doobt the
greatest skin enrea, blood pnriOers, and humor -remediee
of modem tlmea. They are no l n
drawBMnt ezpenaive ezperinent. A warm bih
withCOTtcuBA Boat, a single application of Cv.
; nctnu (ointment), the great akin cure, and a full
aoee of Ctrticvaa RsaOLvaxT, greateat of blood -periAera
aad humor enrts, will afford lnaunt ra
Hef, permit reatand sleep, and point to a apeedy,
. permanent, and ceonomical enre of the moHor- -
"taring, diafigaring, and hnmillaung of itching,
'earning, bleeding, eealy, pimply, and cro.ted
skm and scalp humors with loss of hair, when
all dee fails.
' ' Sold Ooroet the world. Foma Dave Ajro CaaM.
mr 3 H,,, to Cor. Svery Skin and Blood Humor, bee.
Farmed aad BeeatMrd bf
Restores perfect
-neaitn. visor anu
manhood avd're
moves all obsta
cles fo-marriage.
Rostoces tne
ontlra . nervous
system aStd stops all
vital ioases- Re
moves effects 'of tbe
sins of youth ana ex
cesses of later years.
Removes all effects
of dissipation and re
pairs all waste places.
r. 1 ran Insomnia ana refreshing
sleep. Cures Im
nntrua and restores
fulr vital power.1
. Cures- all. wasting
dimaaea and' restores
,nt to an narta ol tne Doay.
vc-i 1 fe is the only purely
.im bMtiwnt and affords relief from
life Are day's use, It remotes tbe cause
.T... mtfot Wim Cams
T i4xwd. t Loss corerj, mailed
frMlA plain sealeA wrapper far two 2 cent.
Stamps, menuou vuia ,
Sree Wc for Trial Treatment and be Cbevlnced.
. avi sr-n
Coaaplete Set of Abstracts of
. Beaton County.
Conveyancing and Perfecting
Titles a Specialty.
Honey to X-ssji XmpraTCd City and
. Cooatry property.
V. E. WATTERSi Prop.
Office at Curtkttse, Corvallis, Or.
At E. U. WILVS, AX.flA-f , OR.
$5.00 bays a good Mandelin with book.
$9.00 buys a good naw Guitar with book.
$WQ boys 16 choice "cat-gat" Banjo 1st
ii strings.
ILOQjwys 12 choice "cat-gat" Violin K
$100 buys a fine Violin with bow.
SScttbays ono 'doEen' steal Violin lit or
' .' 2nd strings."
S2S.Nbaysia S-drawsr sawing machine;
high arm, light ranning; gnaraateed
-. - fiva yaarsl ' '
OTPricM on Pianos, Organs, Banjos,
. Mat on applieation.
Oym avKK Ptasr Katiohai.: Bank,
CoaVALbus, 0EON.
Will ptactic in all the state and federal cmrts
Abstraotiag, coUeetions Kotmfy public. Con-
vca-aaetax. -.
Does a ceneral practice in ail the courts. Also
agent tor sK the arstctass hMMranin oofnpooies
W. II. MeBrayer and Old Crow Whis-
kys, Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
t :
- R-I P A N S v -
Thef . modern stand
ard Fam3y Medi
cine: Cures the,
common every-day
ills of humanity.
- are three things that we do not
print We Do Print, how
ever, those business-like bill
headii, letter heads, note heads,
statements, circulars, and ele
ft; pant programs, invitations,
and business cards whici you
. see attracting the attention of
' np-to-dale business people.
you Cant Scare Us
. with orders for posters, dodg
; ers, pamphlets, booklets or
X ' " catalogues, no matter What the
quantity Or description.
' IF you doubt this, try ns; IF you
- don't doubt it, then place yonr
order at once.
Gazette Pub. Co.
siA ft ft JLitsWas
rUrcbants are
pCAthcrbone Corset C
sjolo Maanfectnrees. .- . .
-: . x : ran sale t
Naw MOueK
3ty !..) ( mowy
Lrattte. j I uuu int
"pacific by,
A5B "
For fall detail, call on or wftresr
(ks'l Pan. Agent, PortlaiM Otvmxm.
Yaquina Bay Route
ConnaeMag at Taqmiaa Bar with tbe
San Francisco & Yaquina Bay '
Steamship- Faralloa "
.-an from Viiqn!tievrr s dnysfor tan Tiaav
risco, C"Oi Bay,
vjnrFa, inuiuM win
aBauraajued. Bhofcteat rnt betvraua tka
lmna VaUlaj as 'a-llfornia.
Alboi.r -r rolnta Was to
San rno)(i. I
Cabin wrr 5
Round trip, god for M da -a. IrS.
to f on Bnv at 1 P-;t Or oid -:bln.... f
To Humboidt Bar- 0hm ...
itnEit ijivision.
Steamer "Albnny" between Portland and
Corvallis, through without lny-over. Leaves
Corvallis 6:00 a. m. Tudy, Thursdays
aad Sundays; lenve Portland, Yamhill St.
clock, 60 a. m. Mondays,
Pridavs. -.
BDWlKSTOltaT, J. C.Mato,
Manager. Supt. Kivar Div.
Southern Pacific Oomoany
i-M P. SC. I Leave
Portland Arrive I S:1S A. H.
A Ibany Arrire : A. M.
S. Franeiieo Leave I 7:00 P. at.
12;10 A. M. I Leave
11:1 A. X. I Arrive
ABove trains ston af East Portland, Ore
gon City, "W-odhurn, Salem, Turner, Ma
rion, Jtfforsen. Albany. Tangent, Sbeddg -Halsey,
Harrijburr, Junction City, Burena'
nrMwnll. Cottae-e Grove. Prains. and L
stations from Rosebure; to Ashland, inclusive.
Roseburg Mail Daily.
-M A. M. I Leave
4:49 r. M.
12:14 P. II.
8:09 A.M.
ItOS P. M. i tava
6:20 P. H. I Xmre
Pullman Buffet Sleepers:,
Attached to all through trains,
Salem Passenger Daily. .
:00 r. M. I Leave
Arrive 1 10:18 A. tt.
Leave I l0A.M.
:16 PI M. I Arrive
Ir'astiUi DiTUin.
IbUXiau. SiilyBistpt iunliy.
7: A. M.
Arrive I to: 1. 11.
Leave l-Jib P. il.
14:1 p. M.
At Albany and Corvallis with trained tka
flwiui E nifin . f 1 n d
Izptnt trail. BaUySxctptSuiiy.
4:46 P. M. I Leave
PettUed Arrive S:tf A. VL, .
McUlunvUle Leave : A. au .
7:26 P. M. I Arrive
To all poiuts iu the Kiuttci n States, Canada
anu Kurop cau Ws ou...iiiea iubw rwo
from A. K.i Ollliur, agein, i vanis.
E. P KXiKKS, iul. . A r Agent. .
B KOEULEltAtamuei. I', Orefen.
Diseases ef wort eii and ehllitren and gaaaial
praetiee. . -
Office over Allen Woodward's druf store.
Ofioe boara-B to U A. U., and 2 to Sand 7 to
B. af. , .1. .- ;
At residence, corner of fr, and Ranlaon atr
boa is aad oa S-.uilaj.
&. R.FARRft.M. D.
'OBce In firreAllen-s ber, on theoomes
Irkcendairt-Adajns. -
Residence on -tenra reoe irun vi r
h o"fn!e hours 8 to t a. iu. and to I and 7 to
P.M. Allca-UattenoVi saMnytly.
mis t
OfBee -n'petoirs over Flsst National Bank.
StriCtlv First-Class Work Guaranteed
Corvallis. Oregon
special student.
OROH ATOBOIk TM TAlbsn-S. r; -