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The News of the Week
Found by Our Reporter.
Everything in the jewelry line at Vogle'a.
Dr. J. M. Cain of Monroe was in town
W. A. Wells was in Portland Wednesday
and Thursday.
Ed. Getz haa gone to San Francisco on a
few weeks visit.
Vogle has a fine line of jewelry for the
December trade.
At Spencer's ' yon can get the "cn
haircut alle same foot-ball.
Jesse Spencer and "Tarn" Case are grad
uated tonsorialjartists. See them.
J. L. Underwood, the photographer, is
able to be out again. Same thing la
George Avery and B. F. Irvine, of the
Times, returned from Sprague, Waah., on
M. S. Woodcock has been confined to his
room several days this week on account of
Tne Marine band intend giving a prom
enade concert in the opera house in the
near future.
Mr. Belknap is again able to attend to his
duties at the college.
Mr. Victor Looney of Jeffereon, a former
student of the O. A. C, made the institu
tion a pleasant ca'l last Wednesday.
At Portland, last Tuesday,. President
Bloss delivered a lecture before the state
horticultural society. His subject was
Prof. Coote has commenced an experi
ment to determine the cause of the cnrl-leaf
of the peach. It is hoped that this experi
ment will be the means of discovering some
preventive of the disease.
The horticultural department has recently
planted in its experiment orchard forty
three varieties of pears, many of which are
of quite recent introduction. This makes
in all about seventy fine varieties of pears
now growing in the testing orchard. The
object is to ascertain those varieties which
are best suited to the climate of Oregon, both
as to the production of fruit and resistance
to disease. In addition to this, twenty new
varieties of apples have been added to the
orchard, making 12 varieties of apples
under test'.
The farmers' short course (free) opened
last Wednesday. The prospects are very
favorable for a good attendance. The col
lege library, under the supervision of Prof.
French, open to short-course stu
Mrs. Kose Selling left yesterday for ban I dents in the afternoon when the class is not
Francisco where she intendVmaking an ex-jreciting. Recitations re held in the regu
tended visit. Mar classrooms of the professors. The fol
Pete Callahan has been laid ud this week lowing is the; program for the course: 8.40
with an attack of la grippe, but at this date jto 9:30 Prof. French, 20ectures; 9:30 to
is improving. liusu rrot. vvasnourn 14, irot. ttnstow2,! unfa fnm TWulav I Prof. Covell 1, Prof. Letcher 3: 10:20 to
from an extended visit among friends and ":iu-rroi. iercntoma, trot, knell, rTof
relatives in Pennsylvania. Horner 1, Prof, lulton 1, Prof. Shaw 1;
i . ... . I r res,
among tne creditors ot tne rrantz tsotners
estate by W. E. Yates, the assignee.
Numerous complaints are being made of
the treatment of the horses used by the
street car company. Better add another.
Oliver Gates, formerly of this city but
now of Portland, entered the mechanical
course at the agricultural college this week
Fifteen men are now employed in plant
ing trees on the farm of the Excelsior
Prune Co., located in the Belknap settle
George Fish has rented a dwelling of
Conrad Myer and will move to Albany
11:10 to 12 Prof. Coote 8. Prof. Crate 10
Bloss 2;. 1:30 to 2:20 from Jan. 19 to
Feb. 7, laboratory work in horticulture,
under Prof. Coote.
The football team'has gone into training
for the coming game with the Mnltnomahs
which is expected to be played here on the
19th. Early in the morning the boys take
a run of several miles, after which a quick
cold bath and a good rub is taken. Break
fast is then eaten with justice to the cook.
After breakfast kthe boys proceed to their
regular school duties. In the afternoon a
practice game is played and much interest
is taken in this particular part of the train
ing. Lhe boys nave quite a strong rush line
Reports from Hillsboro,
Minnville and Independence.
West Side United Press.
Hillsboro, Jan. 10. The project of
building the electric motor line from Port
land to Beaverton in this county is again
revived. The plan now adopted is to use
the West Portland steam motor to the sum
mit of the hill this side of Portland and
then leave that line in a branch to Beaver
ton. This will require only six miles of
new road. A company of New York cap
italists are the promoters. The question of
subsidy is all that seems to be in the way o
the extension this spring.
The old donation of Col. T. R. Cornelius,
being a block of over five hundred acres of
the finest land in the county, is to be di
vided and sold in small tracts.
The Forest Grove canning company and
electric light company put a mortgage on
their plants this week to secure the pay
ment of a note of $11,627.77 given te Cap
tain R. H. Lamson last July.
The City election at Forest Grove last
Monday was a hot one. The issue was a lot
of electric lights or few. Three councilmen
were selected who favor light, two who op
pose and one who sits on the fence.
about the first of the month. Albany Tele-1 which averages about 167 pounds each. This
A. W. Rose left Corvallis last Monday
for California, where he yfill remain for sev
era! weeks in hopes of benefiting his fail
ing health. i
The cheapest place to bW everything in
the line of stoves, tinware, furniture, etc.,
both second hand and new, is at the Second'
Hand store.
Con Sullivan went out Tuesday look
ing for an Oregon Pacific train that got
lost in the snow between Mill City and De
troit. He found it.
game promises to be the event of the season
and everyone who -wishes to see a good
game should see this one. Tickets will be
sold as usual to defray expenses, which,
upon this particular occasion will probably
be very large, on account of the cost of
bringing a team from Portland.
.rreacning by Kev, W. U. Kantner on
Sunday at 3 p. m. at Union school house.
Sunday school at 2 p. m. All invited.
Christian chnrch nervinea jlh iihiiaI npvfc
W. H. Currin, manager of R. M. Wade Sunday. Theme at 11 a. m. "Manhood In
& Co.'s establishment in this city, is able to Christ." Sunday school at 10 a. m., and Y.
be at his postfof dutta again after a brief P. S. C. E. at 6:30 p. m. Welcome to all.
pell of la grippe.
Corvallis has an indebtedness of $17,000
and thinks her back is broken. Albany's
indebtedness is now about $135,000.
How about her back?
The Albany Telescope of. last week says,
"E. H. Stock, a popular young merchant of
Corvallis, is in the city in'attendance at the
Y. M. C. A. convention."
George W. Riley is employed in the store
of S. L. Kline. Mr. Riley is a recent ar
rival from Chicago and is a brother-in-law
of Thos. Samuels, of this city,
Rev. George Gelespie of Dallas has been
in Corvallis this week assisting Dr. Thomp conducting the week of prayer ser
vices at the Presbyterian church.
The Orpeum Musical Club, which is com
posed of several young Corvallis musicians,
are in receipt of a New Year greeting from L
M. 1 US PI. Ct. 1 . -.. I
uie iiorm otar orcnestra, oi (jnnsman, uu
Frank Abram Powell, pastor.
Rev. Mr. Starr, of Dallas, who has been
assisting liev. uould in revival services m
the M. E.., church during the week, has
returned home. It is expected that he will
be present again next week and aid the good
work in which these gentlemen are engaged.
Preaching en Sunday in the Congri
gationai cnurcn at lit. m. and 7:3U p. m.
Morning subject, "Paul's Wonderful
Prayer." Sunday school at 10 a. m, in
charge of Superintendent H. T. French. Y.
P. S. C. E, at 6:30 p. m., W. W. Smith,
leader. A warm welcome to all.
At the annual meeting of the Y. P. S. C.
E. of tne Congregational church the follow
ing officers were elected: Pres. W. E.
Chandler; vice-president, W. W. Smith;
recording secretary, Miss Nellie Hogue;
corresponding secretary, W. Abernethy;
M. O. Stemler; choirister,
Public Installation ceremonies of Qui
Vive Encampmeut Ho. 26, of this city, were
had at the opera house, last Friday night.
V. C. Tweedale, D. D., G. M. Patriarch
and Dr. Ellis, G. J. W., of Albany, con
ducted the exercises and when concluded
Mr. Tweedale and Hon. J. K. Weatherford
each made a short address setting forth the
advantages of the order and the benefits to
be derived in becoming a member. Messrs.
Louis Eberhart and Marion Johnson fol
lowed with a guitar duet and responded to
a well deserved encore. A reading by Miss
Effie Handy and a cornet solo by Professor
Kosebrook, which was really the event of
the evening, concluded the program. The
members then repaired to their hall where
the third degree was conferred after which
lunch was served by Hodes & Hall. The
officers installed were as follows:
A. W. Bowersox, C. P.; T. J. Creighton,
H. P.; W. S. Hufford, S. W.; V. E. Wat
ters, scribe; C. E. Moore, treasurer; W. H.
Currin J. W,; J. L. Underwood, 1st W.;
D. C. Thorns, 2nd W.; U. G. Berry, 3d W.
G. W. Shaw, 4th W.; Wm. Broders, O. S.';
S. N. Wilkins, L S.; M. P. Burnett, 1st G,
of T.; Chas. McCullough, 2nd G. of T.
.Last evening the opera house was com
fortably tilled with members of the local
A. O. U. W. and their friends who partici
pated in and witnessed the rendition of an
entertaining program, the principal feature
of which was the address of the grand lec
turer, Mr. Frank Davey, of Forest Grove,
who set forth the many advantages this or
der offers as a protective or insurance order.
Limited time and space forbids the mention
deserved by this affair.
The following officers of Valley lodge No.-
11, K. of P. were installed Monday evening
by M. P. Burnett, D. D. G. C; J.Fred
Yates, C. C; J. M. Porter, V. C.; Moses
Craig, P.; Bo wen LoBter, M. of W.; Wm.
wngnt, jm. ot a.; J. ti. Tunnichffe, M. of i
F.; S. T. Jeffreys. K. of R. and S.: lease
spencer, M. at A. ; James Skipton, I. G.
S. G, Hedrick, O. G.
Former price gents' cork sole calf shoes
$3-75, now $3.00 at J. H. Harris'.
Hood's pills are the best family ca
thartic and liver medicine. Harmless, re
liable and sure.
Vogle can ftt your eyes with a beautiful
pair of lenses and choice of frames from
25 cents to 7.5o. Try them.
Religious services are being held nightly
at the various churches of the city thi
week and are said to be well attended.
Ellsworth Post No. 99, G. A. R.Jand W.
R. C, No, 7, will hold joint installation at
their hall next Monday evening. Old
soldiers and their families are invited to bit
If You have made up your mind to buy
Hood's Sarsaparilla, do not be persuaded t
take any other. Be sure to get Hood's
Sarsaparilla, which posesses peculiar cura
tive power.
Joseph Edwards came in the office yester
day and deposited two big American samo-
lians with our cashier for a year's subscrip
tion to The Gazette, the newsiest paper in
Benton county.
The snag boat Corvallis Sis up the river
about three miles removing obstructions to
navigation. When she has completed the
work now contemplated the river will be
open to navigation as far as Eugene.
Athenian hair tonic will cure that itch
ing and keep the scalp clear of dandruf,
Try a bottle and if not perfectly satisfac
tory, money cheerfully refunded. 50c,
75c. and $1.00 bottles. Nelson Bros, solo
agents, Occidental shaving parlors.
Ed Rayburn has been promoted to the
position of traveling passenger agent of the
N. P, R. R. His territory comprises Brit,
ish Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Ore
con. Ed is an old Cbrvallisite and his
friends will be glad to hear of his advance
- The Willamette rose four feet last night
and is still rising at the rate of three inches
an hour. This is due to the warm weather
of the past few days which has caused the
snow to melt in both the Cascade and
Coast Ranges. Unless the temperature is
reduced soon high water may be expected.
The condition of ditches and sidewalks
in the city show that Chief of Police Taylor
has not been fretting away his official time,
Some of the covered sewers have been op
ened and cleansed of a mass of accumulated
filth, while the open ditches have all been
dug out so that now excellent drainage
afforded throughout the town.
W. E. and J. Fred Yates have a demo
cratic uncle named S. P. Moss, whom Gov
ernor Pennoyer Tecently appointed county
judge of Lake county. How they can . put
up with democratie uncles when it is said
their republicanism is of such a nature that
a window in the south side of their dwelling
would not be tolerated is indeed hard to un
The latest scheme devised by the Marine
band to obtain the regular attendance at re-
hersalsof its Jaembers matrimonially in
dined is to invite their "best girls" to be
present at all rehersals.' Thejscheme works
wonderfully and the boys will soon be able
to resume - their Sunday concerts and a
marked improvement may be , expected in
their musical progress generally.
The report reached the streets Wednes
day afternoon that a small beat had been
picked up in the Willamette river opposite
this place and the occupant probably
drowned. Upon investigation it was learned
KEESEE. At the - residence of William
Knotts, on January 6, 1894, Miss Lizzie
Keesee, aged 24 years, 6 months and 12
Miss Keesee was born about three miles
north of Corvallis, on the farm purchased
by her father when he.first located in Ben
ton county in 1864. Near the house where
she was born may yet be seen the remains
of an old log cabin, in which was held the
brst Oregon legislature. While .quite a
child U-r parents move.! into town whure
an opportunity was afforded of attending
school, and siio continued her residence
here until after her mother's death, which
occurred in 1886; since that time she has
resided with her brother, Wm. Knotts, on
his farm about three miles from town.
During Miss Keesee's residence 111 Cor
vallis she gained many warm friends and
after returning to her country home they
became the recipients of her hospitality on
numerous occasions; in act it became the
rendezvous for the young people of Cor
vallis for a number of years and her death
will bring back to the memory of each,
many pleasant recollections of her hospi
tality. Miss Keesee was a lady of culture
and refinement and was beloved by all for
her many noble and generous traits of char
i he funeral sermon was delivered at the
family residence by W. C. Kantner at 9:30
Sunday morning and, although the weather
was very iuclement, a large number of her
frieuds and neighbors accompanied the re
mains to tne isewton cemetery where the
final ceremonies were conducted by Rev. J,
L. Hershuer.
Hard Times Pricbs.
the regular subscription price of
is $2.00 Per Year,
is $1.50 Per Year.
Anyone subscribing for THE GAZETTE and paying
one year in advance can get both THE GAZETTE and
ClIH 5llK'orriKarC FTDer- their subscriP" one year in
wiv WUMOVI lUCIQ adva
Ivance will be entitled to this offer.
that the boat "Minnie Haha," belonging to
Sam Case bases his right to live on the I Al. Kemp of this city,- had been found
fact that he can imitate a phonograph. The I adrift with sail up and containing a man's
hight of his ambition is to cause a few chil- coat, but a good sensational item was
dren to laugh by the exercise of this "gift." I spoiled by the owner putting m an appear
long as ne connnea mmseit to willing I ance, having walked down the river from
WINKLE At his home on the island three
miles south of Corvallis, Montgomery
- H1K.1C, agea auout ou years.
ine deceased was numbered among the
pioneers of Oregon and was well and favor
ably known in this county, ot which he had
been a. resident for many years.
GATES. At his home on Beaver creek.
about seven miles south of Philomath,
atepnen Uates, aged bo years.
The deceased has been a resident of Ben
ton county for many years, during which
time he has earned the esteem of a large
number of her citizens, all of whom will
regret to learn of his death.
J he best in the world. Tbis is what
W. D, Wor.drin, of Bordley, Ky., says
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. He
spoke from personal experience in the use
of it, himself and family having just been
cured of bad coughs and colds by it. For
sale by Graham & Wells, drueeists.
by local applications, as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
only one way to cure deafness and that is by
constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused
by an inflamed condition of the mucuous
lining of the eustachian tube. When this
tube gels inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect hearing, and when it
entirely closed deafnessa is the result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal condi
tion, hearing will be destroyed ferever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition
of the mucuous surfaces.
We will give one hundred dollars for any
case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that
cannot be cured, by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Send for circulars, free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
3TSold,by druggists, 75c.
Thos. Bell; organist. Miss Gertie Can thorn:
At tneir meeting on Wednesday night, the assistant organist. Miss Faunie Taft. The
Agassiz society (were favored with an inter-1 society is doing a good work, and warmly
eitmg scientific paper on 'I he origin welcomes young and old to its meetings.
ui& uuuiuuuuu wi auiujai iiiu. reau dvi o . . , , - . . ,
P f V T vu ' oervlce.a are Deing nem in tne rresoytenan
uuurvu BiLcruwu auu eveuuiss aurmcr tne
XI T -E ? 1 . - I n
x. d. xranciscoanawiie arrived in cor- week of prayer. Rev. Geo. GillesDie. of
vallis Tuesday from Iowa and have tempor- Dallas, is assisting Dr. Thompson in these
ally taken rooms over the reading room, meetings. Next Sabbath moraine there
Mr. Franciacois a gentleman of means and
intends locating in Corvallis.
It is the correct thing' to always be in
fashion! One of the latest fashions that
will be a baptismal service and reception of
members, conducted by the pastor, and a
sermon by Rev. Geoi Gillespie. Sabbath
schhool at 10 a. m. Endeavor societies at 4
has reached Corvallis is a new style of dres- land 6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7:30.
sing the hair a la foot-ball. Go to Spen-1 All are cordially invited and are welcome to
cer's barber shop for full particulars. I these services.
C. H. Fearse has ssrved his'' connection
with the retail establishment of S. L. Kline
for reasons better known
to himself. Mr. I Fong Sing has purchased the China wash
Pearse has been employed by Mr. Kline for house of Wah Sing, opposite the furniture
the past seven years, during which time he store of L. Welker & Co. Mr. Fong Sing
has made many friends. has until recently conducted an extensive
Brakeman Van Horn, on the freight train I lundry at Lakeview, Lake county, and is
on the Oregon Pacific, on Friday was 1nite Americanized. He comes to Corval
knocked aff the train by striking against the lis we recommended and will give satis
bridge at Eddyville, falling in the creek, faction to all who favor him with their pat
He sustained serious injuries, but it U ronage.
thought he will recover. The new proprietor gives notice that he
n, m.; fnn,;,k ti. T n n p I not be responsible for any debts re-
installation ceremonies bv the orchestra mamm nnpaid by the former proprietor.
consisting of Prof. Rosebrook. John Spang- Wfth SlnS' Soliciting a share of the busi
ler and daughter Ora, with Charles Pearse ne8S of a11". I your servant,
auditors the public had no objections, bnt
when he endeavors to disturb public meet
ings in order to gratify his idiotic vanities
he finds that he will receive the same treat
ment as ordinary hoodlums' who have no
"gift." At the revival meeting" held in the
Methodist church Wednesday evening he
was making audible remarks in a distorted
voice, believing that his powers as a ventril.
: -A 1 1 3 1 1
uijuini, wuuiu ueceive tne gentlemen in
charge of the meeting as to the author of
the disturbance, but he was quickly detect
ed and summarily ejected. It is only the
densest wit that finds amusement in inter
fering with the quiet meeting of earnest
people. If a person doesn't care to listen,
he should leave or not attend. The major
ity ot young men who attend these meet
ings, although they may not be religiously
inclined, are possessed of sufficient gentle
manly instinct to respect the rights of oth
ers, and so far this is the only case they
have had to deal with. The public have
been mistaken in supposing that Case has
enough sense to keep himself aloof from
decent, orderly folk,
the mouth of east river. While out hunt
ing he had left the boat partly drawn upon
the shore, but the sail being Up the wind
soon set it adrift.
Mr. Albert Favorite, of Arkansas City,
Kan., wishes to give our readers the benefit
of his experience with colds. He says: "I
contracted a cold early last spring that set
tled on my lungs and had hardly recovered
from it when I caught another .that hung on
all summer and left me with a hacking
cough which I thought I never .would get
rid of. I had used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy some fourteen years ago with much
success, and concluded to try it again,
When I had got through with one bottle
my cough left me and I have not suffered
with a cough or cold since. I have recom
mended it to others, and all speak well of it.'
60 cent bottles for sale by Graham & Wells.
as leader was a rare treat to the music ?lov-;
ing people of Corvallla.
From parties in this city who attended a
party given by the Albany social club in
that city last Friday evening it is learned
that an enjoyable evening's entertainment
waa had, and that the young men com
prising the club know how te entertain
their friends.
"May the unseen hand of God walk
Fong Sing.
.Receiver Clark of the O. P. returned
from San Francisco today. While there an
effort was made to secure the release of the
steamship Willamette Valley which is
plastered with attachments aggregating over
$40,000, but his efforts were futile. The
steamer Del Norte, however, has been
chartered to take the nlaca of th Will.-
.. . t- i -
around among tne unsavea sinners oi wr-lette for the present, at least, and will leave
vallis, is a quotation taken from a prayer
made at a religious service in one of our
-churches this week. The author of these
words evidently believes that the day ef
miracles has not yet passed.
W. B. Sorsby will leave .new xotk. ma
few days for Ecuador, in the interest of
radicate of New York capitalists, who
'have large holdings in mines near the city
-of Quito. Mr. Sorsby will be remembered
m the gentleman who spent several weeks
here last summer, the guest of . J. H. Harris.
San h rancisco next Tuesday for Yaquina
with a f uu cargo of freight for valley mer
chants. The Del Norte is a 600 ton steam
er and can be operated at considerable less
expense than the Willamette. A full 'cargo
of grain is now at Yaquina awaiting trans
portation to San Francisco. ,
For the next thirty days we will have
a clearance sale on all holiday goods and
mgs- I WBUatR & Co.
Against a roan's happiness by his stomach
the enemy may be pacified and brought
speedily and easily to terms. That potent
regulator of digestion, Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters, disciplines the rebellious organ
thoroughly. Indigestion arises from weak
ness of the stomach and the food in it, for
want of the power to digest, decomposes
and acidifies, giving rise to heartburn, flatu
lence and pain, besides a multitude of
symptoms both changeful and perplexing.
But peace soon reigns when 'the great
stomachic is resorted to and used with per
sistence. Dyspepsia gives rise to morbid
discomposure of mind, and even sleepless
ness and hypochondria in chronic cases. To
the complete dismissal of these the Bitters
is fully adequate.- Liver complaint, consti
pation, debility rheumatism and malaria are
completely subdued by this genial medicine.
You can get dressed chickens at Wheeler's
every Saturday. Leave your orders during
the week. .. '
Live turkeys at the people's grocery
srore io cents per pound. . Dressed tur-
A telegraph messenger hurried billward
early Monday morning. He almost trot
ted and as the people he met gazed upon
i . , .. . .. -..
mo puenomenon, tney realized tnat tne
yellow envelope he bore in his hand en
closed words of mighty import, and their
hearts grew sick as they felt they might
needs wait till Pape's paper came out be
fore they would know that telegram's con
tents. The messenger was lost to view and
for a few minutes all was still. Suddenly
a streak of red was observed fleeting from
the suburbs of town -down till it entered a
house on Fifth and Monroe, and a voice
was heard demanding "Brady." A door
closed and the excitement grew. Later
groups of young men were gathered on the
corner discussing the situation with pale
countenances but stern visages, while mes
sengers flew hither and thither. A team of
white horses attached to a truck came
rattling down the streets, drove quickly
from house to house, gathering up trunks
and bedding, then quickly sped westward,
Never since George Avery told about go
ing down to Mr. Brown's had the clubmen
at Spencer's been so .thoroughly wrought
up. Had. the carrier brought word that
Dole intended declaring war with the Uni
ted States? Had we become involved with
the Brazilian trouble? Had Pennoyer de
cided to make an armed resistance to a
keys accordinirly.
C H. Fargo & Co. box tip school shoes threatenf m t gold? Bah, Minion !
are the-best on earth for the monev. Trv la, lne ynll
them. T. H. Harris.
The Salem Statesman called H. B. Clem
ent a "Jim Crow detective," and as a result
has a $3,000 . libel suit on hands. This
would indicate that "the freedom of the
press" exists in name only.
think the youth of Corvallis could
lose its mental equilibrium o'er such petty
mattersl No. The Multnomah foot-ball
team had accepted the challenge of the O.
A. C. ; ;--
We have reduced the price on
goods. Call and see us." J. H. Harms.
An article in last week's Gazktte claim
ing the football championship of Oregon for
the O. A C, resulted in the Multnomah
Athletic Association finally accepting the
challenge of our boys. They are to play on
the college campus at 2:30 next Friday nfter-
ternoon. An admissionof 25 cents will be
charged to assist the boys in defraying the
expenses, which will amount to about one
hundred dollars. Corvallis should turn
out enmasse and cheer the orange on to vie.
tory. lue entire team are in quarters at
the dormitory, where they can be und-r the
personal supervision of Manager Blots, who
takes charge of their bill of fare, prohibits
their smoking and sees that they retire reg
ularly at 10 o clock. Every morning at 5
o clock they take a run of three 'milos and
each afternoon football tricks are practiced
Hard study and recitations take up the bal
ance of their time. The food ullotud them
is more wholesome than palatable. Yester
day's menu is said to have been as follows
Fruit odor of oranges. Mush wheat
bran. Meat fried vertebrae of beef.
rreau a la class domestic economy, aqua
pura, vintage '94.
Juice of an oyster, diluted. Soup Ar
nica aux sauteles. 11 vine fish chowder.
ish baked mudsucker. Boiled Porpoise
shoestrings, with lionjsauce, corned tiger a
la shack. Roasts beef, Texas steer, quar
terback of game chicken, coyote a la mas
cott Entrees Ducks' feet breaded, eagles'
wings braized, ground hog pot pie, wildcat
fricassee. Game boiled antelopes a la
scrimmage, half-back of goose roasted,
Vegetables -turn-ups," "beats," beans.
Pastry turnovers, jam, jelly popovers.
Wines-j-Pond's Extract.
Bath and music.
A bundle of objections to the allowance of
offsets claimed bv cettain debtors of the in
solvent banking house of Hamilton, Job &
Co. were filed this week by Williams, Wood
and Linchicum, as attorneys for Wm.rM.,
Chas. E. and J. W. Ladd, trustees under
last will and testament of W. S. Ladd, de
ceased. Objections to claims of T. Graham,
Oeo. E. Fish, G. R. Farra and M. Schmidt
were made on the ground that they were
debts incurred by Zephiu and B. R. Job, as
individuals, for services performed or for
merchandised, to which the assetts of the
bank were not properly applicable. In the
claims of M. O. Heckart.
teith and G. M. Harris, proof as to nature
and character of offset was asked. George
Anderson's claim for interest on a. San
r rancisco signs draft was objected to.
claiming that to avoid taxation the same had
not been presented for payment. In those
of John Burnett, W. H. Hall, John Weber
& Co., J. M. Applewhite, R. E. Mulcahy,
Wm. Toner, P. Avery and Simpson, Hus
ton & Co., claims for offsets are made on
checks obtained subsequent to the appoint
ment of a receiver, or, if drawn prior to
that time, had not been presented for pav-
ment. Objectors ask for proof as to time
and consideration of these claims. Minnie
E. Lee, admidistratrix, objected to offset of
promissary note signed by J. B. Lee dur
his lifetime. Objections were made to the
claims of R. E. Gibson, R. M. Davisson, Ij.
H. Taylor, Hector Bros., W. H. Hartless,
John Smith, J. C. Taylor, and W. S. MeFad
den, for the reason that offsets claimed
were in the nature of certificates of deposit
assigned to claimants subsequent to the ap
pointment of a receiver and ask for proof as
to time and consideration of assignment and
aver that the court has not the power to al
low such setoffs when? the books of the bank
do not show that tho title had passed.
One looking toward the west where the
hills are covered with snow can see a white
reindeer standing on a ridge of the foot
hills. An observer, specially if he be some
what imaginative can discern- the body.
limbs and antlers of the snowy creature,
lhis animal sentinel of the "heart of the
valley" appears with every snow fall. It is
associated with tho writer's earliest recol
lection and stands "towering o'er the
wreck of time" as clearly defined as in the
days of long ago. Probably a bald spot on
the mountain back of the creature's appar
ent "stamping ground" causes the an pari'
tion but only the too practical device upon
such a common theory of so pretty an effect.
R. L. Sabin, of the merchants' protective
union has begun an. attachment suit against
A. F. Hcrshner to recover claims due cred
itors in Portland aggregating $2,395.49.
Property in Multnomah county and shares
of stock in the Corvallis Carriage Co. be
longing to Mr. Hershuer have been attached
by the sheriff, also his interest in the store
after the claim of she First National bank
is satisfied.
L. . Chase, an architpct, and father of
W. B. Chase, fell Monday evening nnd
broke his left arm above the wrist. The
accident was caused by stepping suddenly
and unexpectedly from the sidewalk down
to a depression while walking on East First
street in Portland. Mr. Chase is 60 years
old, and was for many years a resident of
Mr. C. F. Davis, editor of the Bloomfield,
Iowa, Farmer, says: "I can recommend
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to all suf
ferers with colds and croup. I have used it
in my family for the past two years and
have found it the best I ever used for the
purpose for which it is intended. 50 cent
bottles for sale by Graham & Wells.
ine uwqunous cen u irwiu Donbed up
serenely this week at the court house where
he interviewed the couuty officials with a
view to securing an order for pens, pencils,
rulers, ink, blanks, books flat-opening and
not flat-opening, penholders, etc., etc.
Following is the ht of letters remaining
in the Corvallis postoffice, unclaimed Jan.
10, 1893. When calling for same, please
say "advertised."
Miss Mary Anderson P. H. Bergen
W. E. George Joseph Gray
James Martin W. H. Taylor
C E. Moor, P. M.
Vogle has a fine line of gold pens, warranted.
to rent. Inquire of
Iwo good houses
Nels H. Wheeler.
First-class cedar shingles, $2.15 per M at
F. J . Oberer's River Front planing mill.
The residence of Lincoln Chambers, lo
cated in King's Valley, was burned to the
ground Wednesday night, together with its
A Mr. and Mrs. Maxh'eld, recent arrivals
from St. Paul, Minn., have
acre tract of laud, on the old Eglin farm,
from Mr. J. 1. Bryson and will at once pro
ceed to the erection of a commodious two
story residence, the plans for which have
already been prepared.
The Gazette acknowledges a pleasant
call from J. B. Eddy, of Pendleton. Mr.
Eddy is a member of the state railroad com
mission who were yesterday conferring with
Receiver Clark of the Oregon Pacific with
regard to the condition of the road and his
future plan of operation.
Many forget that Corvallis is a town of
refined and aesthetic tastes, rivaling, in
some respects, cultured Boston. "Tommy
Ryan, of Bridgeport, and Billy Smith, of
Boston," says an exchange, "fought six
rounds at the Casino in Boston last Tuesday
night, resulting in a draw." From this we
see that Boston has stolen our laurels in
claiming Billy as her child, when in truth
he is one of us. But such is f al e.
Joseph V. Dory, of Warsaw, III., was
troubled with rheumatism and tried a num
ber of different remedies, but
them seemed to do him any good, "but finally
he got hold of one that speedily cured him.
He was well pleased wiih it, and felt sure
that others similar)y afflicted would like
to know what the remedy was that cured
him. He states for the benefit of the pub
lic that it is called Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. For sale by Graham & Wells.
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole
system when entering it through the mucous
surfaces. Such articles should never be nsed
except on precriptions from reputable phys
icians, as the damage they will do is tenfold
to the good you can possibly derive from
them. Hall's Catarrh Cure manufactured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is
taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio,
by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
S"fiold by Druggists, price 75c. per bottle.
NOTICE is herby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of B. T. Harris.
deceased, by the county court of the state of
Oregon for the county of Benton. All per
sons having claims against saiu estate are
required to present the same to me at my
oitioe in Philomath, Oregon within six
months from the date of this notice.
Dated at Philomath, Oregon, December
4th, 1893. A. J. Williams,
Administrator of the estate of B. T. Har-
riB, deceased.
Travelers "make a note on't."
San Francisco, Jan, 8 H. E. MitcheH,
the Oregon commissioner to the midwinter
fair, has arrived in the city again full of en
thu' .asm for the exposition in general and
for Oregon's part in it in particular. Mr.
Mitchell says: "Oregon's building is all
ready to ship. , It will be here within a few
days. And what is better than that, we
have got money with which to erect it and
to stock it, with a creditable exhibit. We
have got money 'in good hard coin and the
exposition management may reply upon it
that our exhibit will be everything it should
be. We shall net rely entirely upon what
we had at Chicago by any means, but will
augment it in every way and as a matter of
fact, the greater part of the exhibit will be
entirely new. It is true that we have been
a little late iu getting thoroughly started,
but we intend to make np for lost time by
pushing things and pushing them hard."
sumption comes. A
slight cold, with your
system in tho scroful
ous condition that's
caused by impure blood,
is enough to fasten it
upon you. That is the
time ween neglect and
delay are full of danger.
Consumption is Lune-
1 can prevent it, and you can
cure it, if you haven't waited too long, with
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. That
is the most potent blood-cleanser, strength
restorer, and flesh-builder that's known to
medical science. For every disease that has
to be reached through the blood, like Con
sumption, lor Hcrolula In all its lorms, weaK
Lungs, Bronchitis, Asthma, and all severe,
lm goring Coughs, it is the only guaranteed
remedy. If it doesn't benefit or cure, yon
have your money back.
This Creat Railway System
Connects at
With all transcontinental lines, giving
direct and swift communica
tion to all
Eastern and Southern Points
The proprietors of Dr. Bale's Catarrh
Remedy know that their medicine perfectly
and permanently cures Catarrh. To prove
it to you, they make this offer: If they cant
cure your- Catarrh, no matter what your
cast i they'll Pay yon $900 in can.
Lighted and Steam Heated
Vestibuled trains of elegant Sleeping,
Parlor. Dining and Buffet
Cars with
Free Reclining Chairs.
Miking its service second to none in the world.
Tickets are on sale at all prominent railroul tit
For farther information ask
agent, or address
the nearest railroad
EDDY," General Aft.
'. CASEY, TraT. Pass. Agt.,
Portland, Oregon.